Condensate Line Sizing

March 17, 2019 | Author: emmanuilmoulos6339 | Category: N/A
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Spreadsheet calculation for steam condensate line sizing...


Pipe Diameter  Mass Flow Rate of Condensate Condensate Pressure Before Flashing Flasher Condesate Header Pressure

14 Inch 120000 Kg/hr 40 Kg/cm2G

583.14 583.14 psia psia

5 Kg/cm2G

85.34 85.34 psia psia

Constant A


Constant X


Constant B


Weight Fraction of Condensate flashed to Vapour 

264552 lb/hr  


Flashed Steam Flow Rate

23946.59 Kg/hr

52792.65 lb/hr  

Flashed Condensate Liquid Flow

96053.41 Kg Kg/hr

211759.35 lb lb/hr  

253.27 ° C

487.89 ° F

Temperature of Flashed Condensate Flashed Steam Density Flashed Condensate Liquid Density Density of Mixture (Flashed Condensate/Steam)

3.01 kg/m3

0.19 lb/ft3

910.81 kg/m3

56.86 lb/ft3

14.88 kg/m3

0.93 lb/ft3

For Turbulent Flow Friction Factor


Pressure Drop of Flashed Condensate mixture

0.59 psi/100ft psi/100ft

Velocity of Flashed Condensate mixture

4437.05 4437.05 ft/min ft/min

Line Size is adequate

Assumptions: 1. Most of the flow patterns for steam condensate headers fall within the annular or dispersed region on the baker map. Rarely flow pattern falls in slug flow region. 2. Flashed steam is less than 30% by weight. 3. Vapour-liquid Vapour-liquid mixture throughout the condensate line is represented by mixture conditions near the end of the line. Method: 1. Amount of condensate flashed is calculated. 2. Further to above the density of the mixture (condensate+flashed steam) is found out. 3. Using two pressure drop correlations, pressure per 100 ft. is calculated. 4. Also, Also, the velocity of the mixture in the line of specified specified size is calculated. If  the velocity is lower than 5000 Foot/Min., the specified line size is said to be adequate.

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