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Computer Science...


Computer Science

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Your UNIX/Linux: The Ultimate Guide, 3/e Sumitabha Das

Published 02/29/2012 ISBN: 978-0-07-337620-2/ 800 pp.

Your UNIX/Linux: The Ultimate Guide, written with both users and programmers in mind, is the ultimate UNIX/Linux text. Both pedagogical tool and exhaustive reference, it is well-suited to any course that includes UNIX or Linux. A strong pedagogical framework sets it apart from similar texts and allows beginning students to gain a firm grasp of fundamental concepts, while chapters on advanced topics inspire the more experienced reader to move beyond the basics. Nearly a thousand exercises and self-test questions provide a way for students to test and reinforce their understanding of the material. Other Formats: CourseSmart eBook ISBN: 978-0-07-737464-8


Object-Oriented Software Engineering: An Agile Unified Methodology, 1/e David Kung

Published 01/25/2013 ISBN: 978-007-3376257/ 704 pp.

Object-Oriented Software Engineering: An Agile Unified Methodology by David Kung presents a step-by-step methodology that integrates modeling and design, UML, patterns, test-driven development, quality assurance, configuration management, and agile principles throughout the life cycle. The overall approach is casual and easy to follow, with many practical examples that show the theory at work. The author uses his experiences as well as real-world stories to help the reader

understand software design principles, patterns, and other software engineering concepts. The book also provides stimulating exercises that go far beyond the type of question that can be answered by simply copying portions of the text. Other Formats: • CourseSmart eBook ISBN: 978-0-07-50843-2


Introduction to Programming with Java: A Problem Solving Approach, 2/e John Dean and Ray Dean

Published 02/01/2013 ISBN: 978-007-337606-6 / 864 pp.

This book teaches the reader how to write programs using Java. It does so with a unique approach that combines fundamentals first with objects early. The book transitions smoothly through a carefully selected set of procedural programming fundamentals to objectoriented fundamentals. During this early transition and beyond, the book emphasizes problem solving. For example, Chapter 2 is devoted to algorithm development, Chapter 8 is devoted to program design, and problem-solving sections appear throughout the book. Problem-solving skills are fostered with the help of an interactive, iterative presentation style: Here’s the problem. How can we solve it? How can we improve the solution? • A conversational, easy-to-follow writing style. • Many executable code examples that clearly and efficiently illustrate key concepts. • Extensive use of UML class diagrams to specify problem organization. • Simple GUI programming early, in an optional standalone graphics track.

• Well-identified alternatives for altering the book’s sequence to fit individual needs. • Well-developed projects in six different academic disciplines, with a handy summary. • Detailed customizable PowerPointTM lecture slides, with icon-keyed hidden notes. Other Formats: • CourseSmart eBook ISBN: 978-0-07-753274-1

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Java Programming: A Comprehensive Introduction, 1/e Herbert Schildt and Dale Skrien

Published 01/20/2012 ISBN: 978-0-07-802207-4 / 1184 pp.

Java Programming: A Comprehensive Introduction is designed for an introductory programming course using Java. This text takes a logical approach to the presentation of core topics, moving step-by-step from the basics to more advanced material, with objects being introduced at the appropriate time. The book is divided into three parts: • Part One covers the elements of the Java language and the fundamentals of programming. An introduction to object-oriented design is also included. • Part Two introduces GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming using Swing. • Part Three explores key aspects of Java’s API (Application Programming Interface) library, including the Collections Framework and the concurrency API. Herb Schildt has written many successful programming books in Java, C++, C, and C#. His books have sold more than three million copies. Dale Skrien is a professor at Colby College with degrees from the University of Illinois-Champaign, the

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Computer Science University of Washington, and St. Olaf College. He’s also authored two books and is very active in SIGCSE. Other Formats:

• CourseSmart eBook ISBN: 978-0-07-758824-3

Java Data Structures/CSII

JavaScript A Beginners Guide, 4/e John Pollock Published 02/15/2013 ISBN: 978-0-07-180937-5 / 512 pp.

Brief TOC

1. Introduction to JavaScript

2. Placing JavaScript in an HTML File 3. Using Variables

4. Using Functions

5. JavaScript Operators

6. Conditional Statements and Loops 7. JavaScript Arrays 8. Event Handlers 9. Objects

10. The Document Object 11. Window Object

12. Math, Number, and Date Objects 13. Handling Strings

14. JavaScript and Forms

15. An Introduction to Advanced Techniques 16. HTML 5, Libraries, and More

Appendix A. Answers to Self-Tests

Communication Networks

Data Communications and Networking, 5/e Behrouz Forouzan

Published 02/17/2012 ISBN: 978-0-07-337622-6 / 1264 pp.

Data Communications and Networking is designed to help students understand the basics of data communications and networking, and the protocols used in the Internet in particular by using the protocol layering of the Internet and TCP/ IP protocol suite. Technologies related to data communication and networking may be the fastest growing in today’s culture. The appearance of some new social networking applications is a testimony to this claim. In this Internet-oriented society, specialists need to be trained to run and manage the Internet, part of the Internet, or an organization’s network that is connected to the Internet. As both the number and types of students are increasing, it is essential to have a textbook that provides coverage of the latest advances, while presenting the material in a way that is accessible to students with little or no background in the field. Using a bottom-up approach, Data Communications and Networking presents this highly technical subject matter without relying on complex formulas by using a strong pedagogical approach supported by more than 830 figures.Now in its Fifth Edition, this textbook brings the beginning student right to the forefront of the latest advances in the field, while presenting the fundamentals in a clear, straightforward manner. Students will find better coverage, improved figures and better explanations on cutting-edge material. The “bottom-up” approach allows instructors to cover the material in one course, rather than having separate courses on data communications and networking. Other Formats:

Available for Spring ©2014 & EARLIER • •

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Computer Networks: A Top Down Approach, 1/e Behrouz Forouzan and Firouz Mosharraf

Published 03/07/2011 ISBN: 978-0-07-352326-2 / 960 pp.

This new networking text follows a topdown approach. The presentation begins with an explanation of the application layer, which makes it easier for students to understand how network devices work, and then, with the students fully engaged, the authors move on to discuss the other layers, ending with the physical layer. With this top-down approach, its thorough treatment of the topic, and a host of pedagogical features, this new networking book offers the market something it hasn’t had for many years- a well-crafted, modern text that places the student at the center of the learning experience. Forouzan’s Computer Networks presents a complex topic in an accessible, student-friendly way that makes learning the material not only manageable but fun as well. The appealing visual layout combines with numerous figures and examples to provide multiple routes to understanding. Students are presented with the most up-to-date material currently available and are encouraged to view what they are learning in a real-world context. This approach is both motivating and practical in that students begin to see themselves as the professionals they will soon become. Other Formats:

• CourseSmart eBook ISBN: 978-0-07-326451-6

• CourseSmart eBook ISBN: 978-0-07-744538-6

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Computer Science • •

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Computer Networks: An Open Source Approach, 1/e

Available for Spring ©2014 & EARLIER

Digital Offerings for Computer Science

Ying-Dar Lin, Ren-Hung Hwang and Fred Baker

Published 01/24/2011 ISBN: 978-0-07-337624-0 / 768 pp.

Ying-Dar Lin, Ren-Hung Hwang, and Fred Baker’s Computer Networks: An Open Source Approach is the first text to implement an open source approach, discussing the network layers, their applications, and the implementation issues. The book features 56 opensource code examples to narrow the gap between domain knowledge and handson skills. Students learn by doing and are aided by the book’s extensive pedagogy. Lin/Hwang/Baker is designed for the first course in computer networks for computer science undergraduates or first year graduate students. Other Formats:

• CourseSmart eBook ISBN: 978-0-07-732075-1

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