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Employee Benefits Overview at Avaya India When it comes to industry leadership, few can match the global presence and impact of Avaya India. We work equally as hard for our employees, to provide comprehensive and flexible benefits that most closely meet their needs. From health plans to education assistance, Avaya provides support that sets global standards in employee benefits. Following is the Employee Benefits Overview at Avaya India:Benefit Type Description 1 Flexible Benefits Company leased accommodation as per Company scheme. 1.1 Company Leased Accommodation (CLA) The rental amount is adjusted with the flex benefits.

Eligibility All Employees



If the employee is staying in a rented apartment, s/he can save tax All Employees by producing the rent receipts.


Leave Travel Assistance(LTA)


Car Policy

LTA will be paid upto 10% of basic salary. All Employees The amount of allowance is tax exempt as per the limits prescribed under the tax rules.  Employee can buy a car through company car policy. 15 level &  Employee can save tax on the Monthly Rental amount that s/he above pays for the Company leased car.


Petrol Allowance, Vehicle Maintenance & Driver's salary

Company Owned Car: Employee can save tax by producing bills towards Fuel allowance/ Vehicle Maintenance upto INR 1,80,000 PA (for Non metro cities) & INR 2,40,000 PA (for metro cities)& driver bills upto Rs. 1,20,000/- PA. The perquisite tax out of this transaction will be borne by employee.

Employee who has availed the Company Car Policy


Petrol Allowance, Vehicle Maintenance & Driver's salary

Employee Owned Car: Employee can save tax by producing bills towards Fuel allowance/ Vehicle Maintenance as per the below limit: 1. For car with CC upto 1.6 liters INR 21,600 PA 2. For car with CC above 1.6 liters INR 28,800 PA 3. Driver's Salary INR 10,800 PA

Employee who has Self owned car


Children’s Education

Employee can save tax upto INR 1200/- annually towards 1 child's tuition fees. Employee can save tax upto Rs. 3600/- for 1 child (If in boarding school)

All Employees


Medical Reimbursement

Employee can save tax by producing original doctor's receipts and medical bills for domiciliary expenses for self or dependants upto Rs.15,000/- per annum

All Employees


Telephone Reimbursement

Employee can save tax by producing bills for 1 Landline & 1 Mobile All Employees Phone upto Rs. 60,000/- per annum


Professional If an Employee opts for any course that is aligned to any future Job All Employees Development Scheme in Avaya can save tax by producing bills pertaining to the course. Maximum limit for claiming tax benefit is 20% of TTC. Prior BU head approval is required for claiming this benefit


Gift Coupons

Employee can opt in/out once in a financial year. If Employee opts for Gift coupons, they would become eligible to receive Gift coupons worth Rs. 4999PA which will be tax exempted. No bills are required

All Employees

2 2.1

Mediclaim Insurance Group Medical insurance


Personal Accident Insurance


Life Term Insurance

3 3.1

Other Benefits Superannuation


Provident Fund

 Includes Coverage for employee, dependent parents, spouse and upto 2 children  Sum assured per family is Rs.5 Lakhs per annum  Exceptions for higher amount of coverage at Management discretion. Covers pre-existing diseases also No upper age limit criteria for coverage of parents

All Employees

 Maternity Benefit available from day 1 Coverage that provides for loss of pay on account of any accident.. All Employees Only employees are covered under this policy. Covers aspects like total and partial disability as a result of accident. In case of accidental death, employee is paid two times the Total Target Cash (TTC).  Insurance coverage is 2 times of TTC in case of accidental / natural death of employee Employee can opt for Superannuation contribution. This is voluntary.  Contribution is calculated as 12.5% of basic salary.

All Employees

Compulsory contribution of 12% on basic salary.

All Employees

The employee can voluntarily contribute additional 8% towards PF 3.3


Applicable after completion of 5 years of service at the rate of 15 All Employees days last drawn Basic Salary for every completed year of service Payment of Gratutity is paid on Resignation/ Termination of service from Avaya


Employee Referral

Ranging between Rs.15,000/- to Rs.35,000/-


Relocation Allowance

The Relocation is applicable to associates at all levels who are hired All Employees from outside Pune and need to relocate to Pune to take up employment with Avaya.


Food coupons

Employee will receive coupons worth Rs. 1100/- per month (13,200PA) which will be tax exempted

All Employees

All Employees


Time Off


Annual/Privilege Leaves

Employees are entitled to 18 days of privilege leave in a fiscal year(Oct'01 to Sep'30) A maximum of 21 privilege leaves can be carried forward.

All Employees


Sick / Casual Leave

Every employee is entitled to 9 days leaves (either sick or casual) per year.

All Employees


Maternity Leave

84 calendar days

All Female Employees


Paternity Leave

3 consecutive working days Applicable for employees completing 6 months in Avaya

All Male Employees


Public Holidays

8 days 2 days Optional Holiday

All Employees

5 5.1

Continuing Education Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

Applicable for employees completing 1 year Reimbursement of fees for graduation courses upto Rs.1,50,000/and post-graduation upto Rs.3,00,000/-

All Employees

Note:1. All above benefits and eligibility will be as per the Company’s prevalent policies which may change from time to time without notice. 2. Benefits listed above are Taxable perquisites depending upon the Tax rules in force from time to time. 3. The present benefits are subject to and governed in accordance with Indian statutes, rules, ordinance prevailing from time to time. 4. Flexible Benefit: Flex benefit package of an employee is determined by the HR at the time Job offer/Pay hike, once employee accepts the same, s/he can allocate the money of this package to various items like House Rent allowance, Medicalim, LTA, Petrol, Driver etc

Disclaimer:- The policy may be revised from time to time at the management’s discretion to align with changes in tax laws or other government regulations or market practices.

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