Compliance Checklist for Garment Industry

July 4, 2016 | Author: Ali Azam Khan | Category: Types, Legal forms
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Compliance Checklist for Garment Inustry (Some points applicable only for Tamil Nadu) Statutory Registers Updated Form 7 (White Wash Register) Form 9 (Compensatory Holiday) Form 12 (Adult Register) Form 15 (Leave With Wages) Form 16 (Health Register) Form 25A (Muster Roll) Form 25B (Time Card) Form 26 (Accident Register) Form 26A (Dangerous Occurances) Form 28 (Exemption Register) Form 29 (Particulars of Room) Inspection Register Form 1 (Workmen Register) Form 1 (Suspension Register) Form D (Equal Remuneration) Form B (Deduction Register) Form C (Unpaid Accumulation) Form II (Deduction for damages) Form VI (National & Festival Holiday) ESI Accident Register Form 10 (Overtime Register) Statutory Returns Submitted within date Form 12A EPF Monthly Return Form 2A Nomination Forms Submitted Form 5 EPF Addition Return Form 10 EPF Deletion Return Form 3 ESI Return Form 1 ESI Nomination submitted Form 2 (Licence Renewal) Form 23 (Annual Return to IF) Form 22 (Half Year Return to IF) Form 2 (Half Year Return - Subssistance Allowance) Form 2 (Half Year Return - Conferment to permanent statuts) Form A (Labour Welfare Fund) Form C (Unpaid Accumulation)

Licence Renewal Inspector of Factory Licence Renewal Plan Approval from IF (Revised) Testing Safety Pressure Vessel Inspector of Factory Registration No. Report Examination of Pressure Vessals Fire Licence to Production Fire Licence to Diesel Storage Plan Approval from Fire Service TNPCB Consent Order to Air TNPCB Consent Order to Water Plan Approval from TNPCB Local Panchayath License (Municipality/Corporation Etc.) Plan Approval from Local Panchayath E.S.I. Code No. E.P.F. Code No. CEIG Approval for Genset Stability Certificate Water Testing Certificate Calibration Certificate to All Weighing Machine Calibration Certificate to All Scales Calibration Certificate to Metal Detector ROC Memorandum of Articles / Partnership deed PAN Numbers Memorandum of Articles / Partnership deed Displays Factory Act Abstract Minimum Wages Abstract The Payment of Wages Abstract The Payment of Gratuity Abstract The Maternity Benefit Act Abstract The Payment of Bonus Abstract ESI Abstract EPF Abstract Form 11 Weekly Holiday Notice Notice Nearest Hospital, Fire Station, Police Station etc. Notice Important Officials Phone Numbers Form V (National & Festival Holiday)

Standing Order (Tamil & English) Needle Control Policy Voluntary Work Policy Sexual Harrassment Policy Health and Safety Policy Child labour abolition policy Anti discrimination policy Urgent Business need policy Zero abusement policy Working hours policy Broken needle policy Sexual harrassment policy Hiring / Recruitment policy Environmental policy Security policy Buyers code of conduct Workmen Committee Members Photo with Name Health & Safety Committee Members Photo with Name Canteen Members Photo with Name Transport Committee Members Photo with Name Harrassment & Discrimination committee Members Photo with Name Unit Work Flow Organisation Chart with manpower details Weekly Holiday Announcement Excise Certificate Exemptions 75 hour O.T. Exemption Exemption for Time Card Exemption for Ambulance Exemption for Creach Building Name Sign to All Rooms / Area Indicators / Direction from Security Gate onwards Storage above Storage limit Carton Box etc. Aisle marking Aisle width minimum 112 cm. Indicators Arrows in the passage Aisle without block

Health Drinking Water At least4.5 Litres water provided per day per employee Water Testing Certificate Drinking water not in plastic pot Drinking Water, Cup availability Drinking Water centre (one place to every 150 employees upto 500) Drinking Water centre (one place to every 500 employees above 500) Water Cooler / Heater available at every canteen, dining hall, rest room etc. Drinking Water Signage in English and Tamil Locate from 20 feet away from toilet Locate maximum 50 meteres distance from work spot Drinking Water vessale cleaned at least once in a day Water Reservoir or Tank Cleaned at least once in a week Water centre cleaning condition Water Vessal Cleaning log sheet Water Centre Incharge person with cleanliness Suggessation Box Register Toilets Toilet Seat to Every 20 Women Toilet Seat to Every 20 men upto 100 Toilet Seat to Every 50 men beyond 100 All toilet seat with proper privacy and lock facility Urinal Accomodation Min. 61 cm for every 50 employees upto first 500 Urnial Accomodation Min. 61 cm for every 100 employees for above 500 Effective water Sewage system Soap/ Towel Bathroom Lock Water tap Dust Bins

Buckets with mug at toilets Toilet White Washed once in every four month Tiles/Mosaic floors washed with Detergent or disinfectant once in four month Daily Cleaning Log sheet provided Adeaquate Water Tabs No smoking Sign in Gents Toilet Awareness Quotes in Toilets Ladies / Gents Toilet Name Sign in Dual Language and Picture Spittoons Adequate Spittoons Sipittoons filled by Sand or Suitable disinfectant Spittoons covered by bleaching powder layer Spittoons scrapped or cleaned at least once in every day Others 500 Cubic feet for every employees Disposal of Wastes and effluents Room Temperature Lighting facility Trees on factory campus Safety Guards Metal Glows on good Condition Rubber Mat to ironers Rubber Glows to ironers Ironers wearing slipper Motar Guard Needle Guard Eye Guard Sharp Tools Paddle Mat Scissors and trimmers are tied Sharp Boxes Mask Needle disposal once in six month Broken Needle Register Welfare Officer

Welfare Welfare Welfare Welfare

Officer Officer Officer Officer

as per rule Intimation Letter to IF Appointment Order display Display

Dining Hall Dining Hall with sufficient Space Dining Hall with Sufficient Chair/Table Water Facility Ambulance Room Doctor Visit Nurse Medicines Medicines Issueing Record Creach Sufficient Space Creach Attender Creach Children Detail Daily Register Cradle Toys Postures Wash Room Facility Toilet Milk Eatables Available Drinking Water Ventilation Chairs for mothers Shady plaground for older children First Aid First Aid Boxes with All medicines First Aid Boxes Location List First Aid Box Daily Checklist First Aid Training employees (20 %) First Aid Trainer Name & Photo List First Box once for 150 employees First Aid Stations

Fire Sufficient Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher all in good Condition Fire Extinguisher Location List Fire Extinguisher Service Checklist Access area without hindarance

Fire Extinguisher kept in 3 feet Fire Signage in Tamil & English Usage Guide in dual language Fire Extinguisher Colour Background Marking Space beneath marked Space beneath kept empty Refilling Service Done Fire Certified persons photo Evacuation Drill (External) Every Six Month Evacuation Drill (External) File Evacuation Drill (Internal) Every Three Month Evacuation Drill (Internal) File Sufficient Fire Safety trained employees Fire safety trained employees name & Photo List Fire Buckets to Diesel Storage Area with Water and Sand Fire Buckets to Boiler Room with Water and Sand Fire Buckets to Genset room with Water and Sand Fire Buckets to E.B. Panal Board with Water and Sand Fire Buckets to Motor Room with Water and Sand Fire Buckets to Appropriate place. Fire Tray with sand Diesel Storage area floor filled by sand Evacuation Plan in all Floor / Area Emergency Exit Emergency Exit on Open Emergency Exit Signage Emergency Exit with outside open facility Emergency Exit Board Light with UPS Connection Emergency Light to All room / Area Adequate Emergency Light to All staircase Emergency Light to All Exit & Emergency Exit Emergency Light daily On/Off Log Sheet Emergency Light Location List Emergency Light kept on 6 feet hight Sufficient Spare Emergency Light in stock Emergency Electricity Switch off System (floorwise)

Signage Emergency Electricity Switch Off No Hindrance Emergency Switch off Access Area Chemical Users Awareness Medical Certificate to Canteen employees Committees Workmen Committee Workmen Committee Meeting Workmen Committee Meeting File (with Circular, Agenda, Minutes, etc.) Workmen Committee Meeting Photos Health & Safety Committee Health & Safety Committee Meeting Health & Safety Committee Meeting File (with Circular, Agenda, Minutes, etc.) Health & Safety Committee Meeting Photos Canteen Committee Canteen Committee Meeting Canteen Committee Meeting File (with Circular, Agenda, Minutes, etc.) Canteen Committee Meeting Photos Transport Committee Transport Committee Meeting Transport Committee Meeting File (with Circular, Agenda, Minutes, etc.) Transport Committee Meeting Photos Harrassment & Discrimination Committee H & D Committee Meeting H & D Committee Meeting File (with Circular, Agenda, Minutes, etc.) H & D Committee Meeting Photos H.R. Personnel File to All Application Form Passport Size Photo Educational Qualification Certificate Age Proof I.D. Proof Address Proof Technical Certificate Previous Company Experience/Relieving order Old Salary Slip ESI Nomination Form 1 PF Nomination Form 2 Gratuity Nomination Form F Factory Act Nomination Form 34

Track Record Appointment Order Insurance NDA with Signature Employee Manual I.d. Card to All Adequate Swiping machine Punching Card to All ESI Card to All PF Slip to All Awareness Programme Stress Relieve Counselling Meetings Performance appraisal Leave Card Full & Final Settlement Exit Interview Gratuity Bonus Salary Breakup Salary on Date Induction Programme Induction Register

Manpower Manpower Departmentwise Male/Female Strength Report Presentism Report Late Report Absentism Report Daily Staff In-Out Register Is there Under Age Contract Employees Punch report Leave card to each employee MIR (Material Issue Register)

Salary Salary date before 7 every month Bank Salary Account to all Salary Registers with employees signature monthwise Minimum Wages Basic D.A. Other Salary Breakups

Over Time Double Salary to Over Time Any unwanted deduction for employee Unpaid salary are reversed Pay Cover Availability

Security Adequate Securities Lady Guards Staff Movement Register Visitors Note Others In-Out Register Material Inward Register Material Outward Register Vehicle Movement Register Visitor Pass Visitor Slip Guards Knowledge about their Roles & Responsibilities Securities Personnel File Securities Uniform/Cap/Shoe/Belt etc. Securities Knowledge about Fire Evacuation & Fire Safety Security Agreement file (If outsourced) Security Salary register file (If outsourced) Security ESI, PF Challan (If Outsourced)

Housekeeping Adequate Housekeeping Employees Lady Housekeeping employees Gents Housekeeping employees Housekeeping Supervisor Areawise work allocation Housekeeping Time Schedule Toilet Cleaning Log Sheet Brooms Availability Broom Stick Availability Water Mop Availability Thread Mop Availability Buckets Availability Phenoil Availability Harpic Availability Soap on All toilet & Bathroom Towel on All toilet & Bathroom Tissues & Hand Wash Shampoo Availability on Visitor Restroom

Daily Cleaning Schedule MSDS for apropriate place.

Maintenance E.B. E.B. Service Card Electricity Board Cardonned off from work place E.B. Meter Reading Register E.B. File Rubber Mat to E.B. Panel Board Rubber Mat to All swtich Board Authorized Persons Photo Display on E.B. related Rooms Caution board and danger signal on Electricity related Rooms Electrecians File C or B license certificates of Electrecian Rubber Glows to all Electrecian Safety instructions Displayed on E.B. Related Rooms

Broken Wire Loose Wire Broken Switch Boiler room Boiler room cardonned off from work place Fire Safety Instruments availability Authorized persons Photo list

Genset Genset Running Note Genset File AMC to Genset Gloves Safety shoes Ear Muff Tray of Sand

Machinary Machinary Detail Machinary File (Machinarywise) with purchase, service etc detail. AMC to all machinary Machinary Service Card

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Personal Productivity Equipment (PPE) Issue Register PPE Awareness Logistics All Staff Bus/Van R.C. Book Copy All Staff Bus/Van Insurance Copy All Drivers Licence Copy Transport In - Out Time Register Transport Travellers Name List Transport Committee Transport Agreement Copy Load Van R.C.Book/Insurance Copy Company Drivers Licence Copy Company Van Trip Sheet Book General Fixed Asset Stock Register Diesel Consume Register White Petrol Consume Register Gen Set Usage Note Gen Set AMC Electrical Plan AMC to Computers AMC to Swiping Machines

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