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company profile Process Automation & SCADA System Specialist

About Us Our Vision

Our Mission

To become the most preferred, internationally recognized control & SCADA system subcontractor / system integrator in Indonesia & Asia Pacific region, that is known for superior engineering competence and best value for money services.

To help our client design, implement, maintain, and make the most out of their control & SCADA systems.

Process Automation & SCADA System Specialist.

To develop and empower the best control & SCADA system engineers and technicians

To contribute to education and advancement of control & SCADA system engineering field.

Founded in 2010. based in Bandung, Indonesia. Process Automation & SCADA System Specialist.

Provide Engineering & System Integration Services, as well as Complete DCS, PLC, ESD, SCADA & Telemetry Packages

Experience with and Support from World’s Top Vendors.

Experience in Various Industry Verticals Oil-Gas Production & Pipeline, Refinery & Petrochemical Plant, Power & Facility Management, Cement & Bulk Material Handling, Water Treatment & Distribution, Marine, General Industry


Hardware & Software Product 01

Distributed Control System (DCS) Honeywell Experion LX, Siemens Simatic PCS7, Rockwell Automation plant PAx


Electrical & Motor Control


Softstarter, VSD, Genset & hydro power controller


Honeywell (ML 50, ML 200, ML 200R), Rockwell Automation (Micro Logix, Compact Logix), Schneider (M221,M340), Siemens (S7-1200, S7400,S7-1500)

Field Instrument and Actuator Field Transmitter, Process Instrument, Control Valve& electric actuator

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)



SCADA & telemetry system

Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) Honeywell HC-900 SIL-2, S7-300F, S7-400FH, Modicon Quantum Safety, AB Control Logix

Experion HS&HciX, WinCC&Simatic HMI, Wonderware, Viieo Citect, FTView



Distributed Control System (DCS) Distributed Control System (DCS) is usually used as “Main PlantControl System”in“ProcessIndustry” Honeywell Experion LX

Hardware & Software Product Shutdown System (ESD) 03 Emergency Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) is used to prev ent hazardous situations from occurring. It can initiate the shutdown of a plant, unit, or piece of equipment if required

Rockwell Automation Plant PAx Honeywell HC-900 SIL-2

Modicon Quantum Safety (SIL-2)

Siemens Simatic PCS 7 S7-300F (SIL-2) & S7-400FH (SIL-3)

Allen Bradley Control Logix (SIL-2)

Logic Controller (PLC) 02 Programmable Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a “Multipurpose Controller” that can be used in Machinery Control, Factory Automation as well as Continuous and Batch Process Control.

Small PLC for Simple Equipment or Process Unit Medium PLC for More Complex Equipment or Process Unit High-End PLC for Plant Automation or High Performance Equipment (w/ CPU Redundancy)

Full Redundant System (PSU, CPU, Communication, I/O)

ML 50 Family


ML-200R & H-C900

Micro Logix

Compact Logix

Modicon Quantum

AB Control Logix with Redundant IO

Modicon M-221

Modicon M-340/M-580




Control Logix

Triconex TMR Systems

S7-400H/FH with ET200M


Hardware & Software Product 04 SCADA & Telemetry System HMI/SCADA Software, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Satellite Terminal/Modem, Internet Telemetry System.

Experion HS & HCiX

WinCC & Simatic HMI

Vijeo Citect, Wonderware, Magelis


Electrical & Motor Control Pressure, Temperature, Lev el, Flow Transmitters, W ireless Transmitters, Process Analyzer, Chart Recorder, Paperless Recorder, Control Valv e & Electric Actuator

Softstarter & VSD

Genset & Hydro Power Controller

FTView & Panel View

Schneider Electrical Products

Instrument and Actuator 05 Field Pressure, Temperature, Lev el, Flow Transmitters, W ireless Transmitters,

Process Analyzer, Chart Recorder, Paperless Recorder,Control Valv e & Electric Actuator

Honeywell Field Transmitter (Wired & Wireless)

Honeywell Process Instruments

Control Valve & Electric Actuator

Services & Experience

Engineering & System Integration Services Subcontracting Control & SCADA System Package Upgrade/Retrofit and Migration Solution Life Cycle Services Industrial Software & Information System Development Services


Services & Experience Project

Engineering & System Integration Services Subcontracting

Client •

SCADA Pipeline Project (ChevronPacific Indonesia)Dumai Oil Terminal Control System Project (Chevron Pacific Indonesia)

Lump-sum or manday-based engineering services subcontracting, may include Engineering Design, Programming, Panel Assembly, Site Installation, and Commissioning

• Perawang Gas Offtake Station SCADA System (PGN) • Meter Kalibrator System Medan & Batam (PGN)

• Supporting Vendors and System Integrators in Project

• Toka Tindung Pow erhouse Control System ( Toka Tindung Gold Mine) • I ntelligent MCC for North Duri Dev elopment ( Chev ron Pacific I nd )

Execution. • Scope of Services : - Engineering Design & Documentation - System & Marshalling Cabinet Fabrication / Assembly - PLC/DCS Programming, HMI/SCADA Programming - Factory Acceptance Test - Site Installation - Site Acceptance Test - Commissioning - Maintenance Period • Experience with Various Vendor Brands & Multiple Industry Verticals • Reasonable Manday Rate or Lumpsum Price

• Panaran Gas Offtake Station Control System (I DLP / Trangasindo) • NI PSEA New Resin Plant Control System • Delta-V OI S Graphic Modification for Tie-In Pad 29/30 Project (Geo Dipa Energi Dieng)


Services & Experience Project

Control & SCADA System Package Supply complete DCS, PLC, PAC, ESD, and SCADA & Telemetry System package. Including hardware, software, engineering, fabrication, site installation, and commissioning • Scope of Work & Supply

Material ⁻ ⁻ ⁻ ⁻ ⁻ ⁻

Controller (PLC/DCS) Hardware HMI/SCADA Software and Engineering Software Cabinet, Component, and Accessories Server, Workstation, and Networking Hardware Field Instruments, Actuators, Drives Local Panel, Junction Box, and Cabling


⁻ Engineering, Programming, and Fabrication / Assembly ⁻ Site Installation, Testing, & Commissioning ⁻ Accommodation & Transportation • Support from Major Vendor • Experienced in Multiple Industry Verticals

Client • Emergency Shutdow n System (ESD) & SCADA System for SPBG (3 Site) • HVAC Control System for RFCC Cilacap Project • PLTD Trisakti I (20MW) SCADA System • PLTD Trisakti I II MFO SCADA System • PLTD Bali (2x40MW) SCADA System • PLTD Lombok (10MW) SCADA System • Tank Ov erfill Protection System RU I V • Lock Hopper Control System (LHCS) KPC RU I V * • N2 Plant Control System KPC RU I V * • Automatic Chemical Dosing System with SCM (3 unit) • Silo 10 Control System Upgrade* • Packer 667 Control System Upgrade* • Packer 668 Control System Upgrade*


Services & Experience Project

Upgrade/Retrofit and Migration Solution Optimum solution for Legacy System : Upgrade, Retrofit, or Migration • Optimum Upgrade/Retrofit Path ⁻ Partial upgrade or migration ⁻ Partial Retrofit ⁻ Total Upgrade or Migration ⁻ Total Retrofit • Reverse Engineering Capability ⁻ Upload and Study/Evaluate the latest programs from existing Controller. ⁻ Generate detailed control description and wiring termination / interconnection from available original documentations, that often incomplete or separated. ⁻ Collect and Study/Evaluate information from operators and process engineers regarding problems and performance of existing system. ⁻ Confirming the validity of available documents & drawings by inspection & testing in the field. • Methodology to Ensure Safety and Minimum Down Time

Client • Lock Hopper Control System (LHCS) KPC RU IV Cilacap • Nitrogen Plant Control System KPC RU IV Cilacap • Air Dryer Control Panel Upgrade (3 Unit) RU IV Cilacap • HMI/SCADA Upgrade Lube Oil Complex (LOC) III RU VI Cilacap • HMI/SCADA Upgrade PSA Process RU VI Balongan

• Turbine Control System Retrofit PLTP Dieng Unit I * • Semen Kupang I I Plant Automation System ReEngineering & SCADA System Upgrade • Silo 10 Control System Upgrade • Packer 667 Control System Upgrade • Packer 668 Control System Upgrade


Services & Experience Project

Life Cycle Services Maintenance, troubleshooting, and modification services for existing system. Blanket or Long-Term Maintenance Contract. • Supporting your Operation & Maintenance and help you get the most out of your Control/SCADA System. ⁻ Scope of Services ⁻ Modification & Partial Upgrades ⁻ Troubleshooting and Performance Improvement ⁻ Assessment and ReDocumentation ⁻ Maintenance Contract or Blanket Contract ⁻ Spare Part Supply • Reverse Engineering Capability • Experience with Various Vendor Brands & Multiple Industry Verticals

Client • PLC program modification Compressor Station Sekernan & Belilas • TCS(SolarTurbine)-DCS Integration Compressor Station Belilas • Blanket Maintenance Contract PCS & ESD Compressor Station Sekernan & Belilas. • PLC Cable Rectification Compressor Station Sekernan & Belilas.

• Standby Genset Control modification for Blackstart Operation at VALE I ndonesia

• Troubleshooting & PLC program modification Floating Crane FC.Lotus 668, FC.Tekko, & FC.LCM Jaya. • HMI & Wireless Comm. Link for Ship Unloader A/B PLTU Tanjung Jati. • Various troubleshooting & maintenance serv ices at Refinery Unit


Services & Experience Project

Industrial Software & Information System Development Services • Custom industrial software development services, beyond traditional SCADA system: ⁻ Industrial Internet of Things & cloud SCADA applications ⁻ Mining operation information system ⁻ Equipment/Fleet tracking & web monitoring applications ⁻ Industrial embedded system development • Software/Application Type: ⁻ Embedded System Application ⁻ Web & Windows (.NET) Application ⁻ MS Azure Cloud Application

Client • RCC Merauke VTS Visualization Software (Bakorkamla) Radar, AIS, & Camera Integration.

• Speed Aw areness Monitoring (SAM) System • Diesel Pow er Plant & Genset Fleet Remote Monitoring Softw are • Sistem I nformasi Operasi Produksi Laut (SI OPL) > Dredge Ship Operation Monitoring


Project Location

Tidore Toka Tindung






Duri Sorowako


Sekernan & Berlilas

Perawang Balongan Lampung

Cilaca p







Featured Project Oil and Gas Production & Pipeline


Metering station, storage tank (with ATG), booster pumps, shipping pumps, on-off control valves, offtake station, meter calibrator, Gas compressor station .

Power & Facility Management


Diesel Power house control system, SCADA PLTD, generator control modification.

Refinery Petrochemical and Chemical Industry


LHCS controls catalyst regeneration sequence in CCR Platforming Unit (UOP Process), Nitrogen Plant control system, Purwakarta Resin Plant, tank overfill protection.

Cement, Mining & Bulk Material Handling


Engineering design, control panel assembly, PLC&HMI programming, Site installation,testing & commissioning.

Industrial Software & Information System Development


Data accuisition, AIS base station, TAS (Terminal Automation System), Coastal Radar Kelvin Hughes, Weather station, Map with vector format, Vessel static data & voyage (AIS) Information

Pharmacy, Food & Beverages


HVAC, Utility, Production Process, Control System


Featured Project Oil and Gas Production & Pipeline Oil and Gas Pipeline CPI Production SCADA Pipeline&Project CPI SCADA Pipeline Project


CPI Dumai Oil Transfer Control System (DOTCS) Project

Blanket Maintenance Contract TGI


Featured Project Power & Facility Management Diesel Powerhouse Control & SCADA System


Engineering & Consultancy Project in Dieng Geothermal Power Plant


Featured Project Refinery Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Lock Hopper Control System (LHCS) Upgrade Pertamina RU IV


Tank Overfill Protection System Pertamina RU IV Cilacap


Featured Project Cement, Mining & Bulk Material Handling Semen Kupang II Plant Automation System ReEngineering & SCADA System Upgrade


Silo & Packer Plant PLC Upgrade Holcim Narogong

Troubleshooting, Modification, Upgrading Coal Ship Unloader & Floating Crane


Featured Project Industrial Software & Information System Development PT. Timah Offshore Mining Operation Monitoring : Application


PT. Timah Offshore Mining Operation Monitoring : System Architecture

RCC Merauke VTS


Featured Project Industrial Software & Information System Development Oil Well Monitoring System Pertamina EP Field Tanjung


Speed Awareness Monitoring (SAM) System for Coal Mining Site


PT. SMARTADECO INDONESIA Jl. Adipati Kertabumi No.7 Bandung 40115 : (022) 2503649, (022) 4265050 : (022) 4265074 : [email protected] M. RASYID RIDHA | Engineering & General Manager [technical & sales inquiries] T: 0852 2068 6891 E: [email protected] BILLY HAMZAH FADLI | Bussiness Manager [operational, marketing & sales] T: 0812 2080 3357 E: [email protected]

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