Commodities and Vedic Astrology

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Commodities and Vedic Astrology...


Commodities And Vedic Astrology The fundamental principle of trading is to buy low and sell high. Any business that does not conform to this stands to lose money, and join the trash heap of failed businesses. Every thing on earth is ruled by one or more planets, and is represented by one or more Rashi or zodiac signs. As planets move in their orbits and transit through the twelve signs, they significantly affect the prices of the commodities ruled over by them. For example, Sun rules over copper and wheat, Jupiter over gold, Moon over silver, Saturn over iron and crude oil. This is only indicative and is by no means a complete list. In Vedic astrology, each sign of 30º is further subdivided into segments of 13º 20’. These segments are termed Nakshatra. Each sign therefore has two complete Nakshatra and a segment of 3º 20’ of the following Nakshatra. For example the first sign Aries has complete Ashwini and Bharani Nakshatra and 3º 20’ segment of the third Nakshatra Krittika. The rest of the ten degrees of Krittika spill over into the next sign Taurus. Nakshatra are important because when planets move from one Nakshatra to another they affect the prices of commodities they represent or rule over. Let us trace the crests and troughs of the prices of commodities in October. Retrograde Jupiter enters Shravan Nakshatra on October third. He is debilitated here so the prices of commodities connected to him will be driven down. We can safely expect the prices of Raw and refined sugar, wheat, barley, gold and silver to fall. On October fourth, Mercury moves to Virgo which is his exaltation sign. He joins Sun and Saturn who are already transiting Virgo. This will push up the prices of wheat, barley, chick peas, sugar, turmeric, cotton, silver, edible oils and soybean. Anyone who buys on third and sells on fourth will make profits. Mars moves to his debilitation sign Cancer on the fifth and will join Ketu. Jupiter aspects the duo fully from Capricorn. Share prices edible oils and cotton prices will fall while sugar, gold, copper, rice prices will move north. Saturn moves to Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra on the sixth October and this will destabilize cotton prices. Oils and wheat will move up. On October 10, Sun advances to Chitra Nakshatra, and Venus enters Virgo. Thus Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all populating Virgo. Cotton, gold, silver, copper, crude oil, sugar (both raw and refined) lentil, wheat, chickpea, sesame seeds, coconut, saffron, camphor, rice and red chilly prices will all move north.

On October eleventh, Mars enters Pushya Nakshatra, and will cause fluctuations in the prices of cotton and silver. Gold prices will rise, and display special agility. Mercury moves to Hasta Nakshatra on the twelfth and drives the prices of wheat and chick peas down. Jupiter becomes direct on October 13 and cotton prices will fluctuate. The market will eventually close high. Silver, rice, mustard and sugar prices will rise. Sun enters Libra on October 17 on a Saturday and becomes debilitated. Mars aspects Sun, wheat, barley, gold, copper, red chilly and cotton prices will rise. Cotton, silver and butter-oil prices will move south. On October 20, Mercury moves to Chitra Nakshatra (Constellation) and will push up the prices of gold, silver, cotton, sugar, mustard and peanuts. Sun enters Swati Nakshatra, on 23rd and cotton, spun cotton, silk, fine cloth, gold, silver and sugar prices will move up. Mustard, chilly prices will also rise. Mercury joins Sun on 24th in Libra. This conjunction is aspected by Mars. As a consequence cotton, sugar, gold and silver prices will rise. On October 28th Venus enters Chitra while Mercury enters Swati. Cotton, gold silver prices will be unstable. IT industry will show fluctuations as well. Rajiv Sethi Bouquets and brickbats at [email protected], [email protected] Mobile consultation 9899589211 The content of this blog is copyright protected and no part of this article in any shape and form may be used for any purpose without the written permission of the author. © 2016 copyright Your website for horoscopes, astrology, daily horoscope, love astrology and everything else.

Astrological principles in Business 23:20 .. by Dr. Shanker Adawal(Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA) Corporate astrology is the application of astrological principles to Corporate Houses, firms, industries, institution, organizations etc. Due to planetary forces, certain companies prosper while others fail miserably. In order to implement measures to ensure the company’s prosperity, the future prosperity, the future prospects of the company have to be studied in detail. For this purpose, the date of incorporation or commencement of business, the birth details

of the Managing Director and one other key person – probably the executive director are essential. It is not possible to discuss in detail about all the corporate astrological principles. The various commodities and companies governed by the various planets and Nakshtra have been mentioned in this article.

The Sun Sign: LEO

Nakshatras: krittika, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarshada Commodities represented: Gold, Ruby, Pearls (pearls are governed by Moon also), Government’s financial schemes, banking business, and financial institutions. In association with Mars, it governs all electrical and electronic goods manufactured – Sun also governs optical/spectacles/glass business, Jewellery/Ornaments, Copper, Metals, Steel. Though mainly attributed to Saturn and Mars - timber works, forest department, trees with thorns land and social/personal relations (public relations department of companies) comes under the surveillance of the Sun. The Sun also governs blood red cloth, shores of a river, red sandal paste, saffron, thick or course yarn etc.

Persons ruled by Sun: Leo born person (23rd July to 23rd August) of those whose birth number is 1, 10, 19 and 28 are aristocratic and live in royalty. Though they earn from speculation, they act as investors and not as brokers. They can draw benefits from the above mentioned commodities or companies dealing in them.

Commodities represented by Nakshtras

Kritika - Sesame, oil seeds, barley dry fruits etc.

Uttaraphalguni - Garlic, sunflower, green/red gram and also black gram (some attribute to Saturn,) and urad.

Uttarashada – Lamps, bulbs, furnances, petro-chemicals, swords, blades and also electronics.

Companies governed: Ashok Leyland, premier Padmini, Maruti udyog, Tata Iron and steel, mukund steel etc.

General predictions: Cotton market is expected to flare up when the Sun and Mars join in a Nakshatra. This is a principle to be watched and applied. Connected to corporate astrology, a mention to the recent solar eclipse on 24th October, 1995 is inevitable. It had an impact of increasing the cost of ghee, edible oils, oil seeds, wheat, food grains, apples, carpets, tomatoes etc.

The Moon Sign: Cancer

Nakshatras: Rohini, Hastha, Sravana

Commodities represented: Shipping, exports, alcohols, aerated water, cold drinks (rather than all liquids), salts, silver jewellery, aluminium products, boat clubs, swimming pools. Snow, powdered products, mild perfumes, marine products, conch, coconuts, stout sugarcane, water tanks, whiteness and white things, fishing and fish industry, honey, umbrella (Rahu also governs umbrella), refined clothes etc.

Persons ruled by Moon: Cancerians (22nd June to 23 July) or those born on 2, 11 or 29 will gain from the above mentioned commodities or companies dealing in them. They are cautiously enterprising people and benefit from long

term investments only. Intuition is God’s gift to them and they profit from such intuition and impulsive trading. They are acquainted with highly influential VIPs. Some times, they earn more if they do business in the names of other persons. They are well-informed about the latest market conditions. They earn their fortune from exports or through over-sea connections.

Commodities represented by Nakshatra:

Rohini – Banana, Lemon, sour fruits, food grains.

Hastha – Perfume, camphor, scents, sandal, rubber handgloves.

Saravana - Curd, buttermilk, milk, holy water (say, of river anges), betelnuts, chemicals, medicines, cast iron, lead etc.

General Predictions: Up swing and down swing in the market and daily fluctuation in the share market are governed by Moon and Mercury supported by the benefic or malefic influence of Jupiter – the Significator of plenty and prosperity as well as responsible for slump and depreciation.

MARS Sign: Aries and Scorpio

Nakshatras : Mrigasirs, Chitra, Dhanishta Commodities represented:

Iron, Steel, electricity (all electrical, electronic products), furnace, burning gas, tobacco, cigarette, petrochemicals, metals, copper, cement, (though also under Saturn), stones/tiles/marbles, dynamites, explosives, bombs and missiles, radiators, welding machines, and connected activities, carpentry (wooden work), detergents, plastic processing.

Persons ruled by Mars: Aries born i.e. between 21st March to 20th April and Scorpio born i.e. 24th October to 22nd November stand to gain from the above commodities and companies dealing in them. Similarly persons born on 9, 18, and 27 also benefit. However it is found that Ariens are hasty while Scorpions are sturdy. Ariens are not dynamic enough to take more risks. Scorpions are mature, patient and gain from longterm investments:

Commodities represented by Nakshatras:

Mrigasira – Teeth, horny animals, stag skins arms for hunting, bow and arrows, guns, spears.

Chitra – precious and semi-precious metals, luxury articles, auto accessories vehicles, shops/cinemas, textile industries, safe vaults.

Companies governed: Bharat Petroleum, Indian aluminium, Cochin Refinery, Gujarat Fertilizers, India cement, alembic chemicals.

General Predictions: Ariens stand to gain during transit of Jupiter over Sagittarius. They were advised to unload their unwanted shares before 16.2.96 i.e. before Saturn enters Pisces.

Mercury Sign: Gemini, Virgo

Nakshatras: Aslesha, Jyeshta, revathi Commodities represented:

Silver, pearls (pearls come under Sun and Moon too), emeralds, vegetables, horse trading (race course), construction of palaces, vedanta system of philosophy, doctors/medical practitioners, theatre for dances and laughing (jokes), mixtues of various substances, compounds, birds and trading in birds, gardens/nurseries.

Persons ruled by Mercury:

Persons born between 22nd May to 21st June (Gemini) and 24th August and 23rd September (Virgo) gain from the above fields. Persons born on 5,14, 23, also benefit. They are a class of pure intellectuals like business magnets, chartered accountants brokers, finance, money lenders etc. Most of these persons benefit from the share market. Gemini, though double minded, are great entrepreneurs. Virgo persons are wise investors, business counselors, business administrators. They also gain from financing, leasing, insurance, computer machines, pharmaceutical toy industry transport and communication, brokerage, clubs/casinos, gambling, publications, printing etc.

Commodities represented by Nakshatras:

Ashlesha – pure silver, mercury (quick silver), sugar candy, green grass, juicy vegetables, water animals i.e. water snakes, crabs.

Jyeshta – inflammable oils, chemicals, googal.

Revathi – coconuts, betel, dispensary, films and film actors, books, library, schools.

Companies governed by Mercury: Leasing and Financing companies, Bank, Mutual schemes, Zenith Computers, Vam Organic, Sandoz Pharma, Tata Chemicals etc.

Jupiter Signs: Sagittarius, Pisces

Nakshtas: Punarvasu, Visakha, Poorvabhadrapada.

Commodities represented : share Market, Zink, tin, topaz, paper, chocolates, stationery, printing, book shop, newspapers, banking/financing trusts and other charitable institutions, hospitals, aluminium, gold, capital estate, educational institutions i.e. school and colleges, public service, cows, tradesmen, throne (seat of MD/Chairman of a Company), soft and pleasant stones.

Persons ruled by Jupiter: Persons born between 23rd November to 21st December (Sagittarius), and persons born between 20th February to 20th March (Pisces) and persons born on 3, 12, 21, can prosper from long term investments and long-term financial schemes. Pisceans should be careful because rich dividends may not come on account of Saturn. Sagittarian can reap good income as Rahu can bring unexpected results too.

Commodities represented by Nakshatras:

Punarvasu – gold, silver, jowar, grains and juices.

Visakha – gold, silk, velvet cloth, books, pens stationery, TV’s dancers.

Poorvabhandrapada – gold, skin of trees, medicines. Sweets, ghee, coins, wine, inns, hotels etc.

Companies governed by Jupiter: Paper and pulp industry, tree processing. Tata tea, Raymond woolen, companies dealing in edible oils. i.e. amrit Vanaspathi, companies dealing in food processing i.e. godrej foods etc.

General Predictions: If Jupiter aspects the Sun immediately on its entry into another sign, the slump in the cotton and oil seeds market cannot be ruled out. There is over recession whenever Saturn is in opposition with Jupiter. Thursday ruled by Jupiter is also eventful. There will be a general fall in share and commodity market when there are 5 Thursdays in the Indian Month.

Venus Signs: Taurus and Libra

Nakshatras: Bharani, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashada

Commodities represented: Copper, Silk, Cosmetics, high-class cloth, silk, soaps/beauty parlours, all types of decorations, foods and hotels, canned goods, real and imitation jewellery, film industry, photography, music, fancy items, fashion items, diamonds, and pleasant musical instruments.

Persons governed by Venus: Taurus (21st April to 21st May) Librans (24th September to 23rd October and those born on 6, 15 and 24 would gain from the above fields. Librans are more enterprising and commercial minded. Taureans are security minded. They get easy money sometimes without much efforts. Librans have to work hard. Taureans earn from long term investment.

Comodities represented by Nakshatras: Bharani – Chillies, Medicine, Hair oil.

Poorvaphalguni – Wood, shining silks, jowar, silver, gold, royal clothes.

Poorvashada – Sandal, gold diamonds, rose water, perfumes, ice, ghee etc.

Companies governed by Venus: Companies engaged in fine textiles like Bombay Rayon, Bhilwara Suitings, Gwalior Rayon etc. and Vedeocon, Cosmo-films. Hotel companies, Colgate Palmolive etc.

General Predictions: Taureans are warned about their earnings from share with effect from 17.4.1998 when Saturn entered Aries. Advised they must dispose their unwanted shares before that date. Librans would be lucky but are advised not to be over-speculative. Persons born on 6, 15, 24 of any month must avoid jumping to conclusion. With the entry of venus into Sagittaius, the cotton market is expected to fall within 24 hours.

Saturn Signs: Capricorn and Aquarius

Nakshatras: Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada

Commodities represented: Coal mines, lead, chemicals, Steel Plants, Iron compressors, Pumps, Machines, Timber Woods, Brick, Cement, Land, Hardware Items, Automobile accessories, tiles, marbles and oil.

Persons governed by Saturn: Capricorn (22nd December to 20th Jan.), Aquarius (21st Jan. to 19th February and

also those born on 8. 17 or 26 of any month gain from the above fields. Capricornians are basically hard - working and need security in life. Aquarians are fast. Speculative end in enormous losses at times. Trading in Shares and risky market deals should be avoided by these persons, especially those born on 8, 17, 26 of any month. Only long-term investments are helpful. They are amply rewarded by undertaking slow moving projects.

Commodities represented by Nakshatras: Pushya – ghee, gold, turmeric, rice, salt, butter, banana.

Anuradha – Foods, rise, grains, jowar, coconut, groundnuts, chemicals especially those connected with earth.

Uttarabhadra – Drugs, strong wines. Vicious drinks, tobacco, stones, boots, leather, sugarcane etc.

Comoanies governed by Saturn: Tata Steel etc., Bajaj Electricals, Zenith, Escorts Tracotrs, kinetic Honda, Metral Box Rathi Ispat etc.

General Predictions: Solar ingress on Saturdays results in good rise in cotton and oil seeds market. Similarly, Saturn with Mars aspecting the Sun may flare up the markets.

Note: Rahu and Ketu have not been discussed here. However their effects have to be deduced from their placement, association, etc. Keeping in mind the proverb – Shani Vat Rahu Kuja vat ketu i.e. Rahu is Saturn and ketu is mars. Shanker Adawal These are my very preliminary and basic notes on how stock markets are predicted using Vedic Astrology. These are derived from the bible of Mundane Astrology that is Brihat Samhita. Brihat Samhita describes the matter/material associated with planets and then the movement of planets through various signs and nakshatras affects the demand and supply and price movement in commodities and stock market. There are not a lot of learning matter available for Vedic Astrology and I am in process of getting a book called Vyapar Ratna which is supposed to contain specifics on movement in commodities markets. Some information is also derived from Muhurta Chintamani that talks about when we can/should spend/invest/loan money. I apologize that there are no examples, charts or other details in this article as I am still learning. I will try to share information as and when I get it. The tools that are very important are – panchanga and an astrology chart for the morning time for stock market. We need to note the nakshatra, rashi and position of other planets. Rest is driven by the knowledge of astrology. Traders and Timing 

Depending on the Moon transit, traders should keep away from trading if Moon is in transit through their 2nd house (धनहहनन), 8th (अननषट) or 12th house(वयय) Mechanism for prediction

Create a chart for morning time at the opening bell for the stock market

Improvement in the sector o

In its own sign, friendly sign or exalted


Beneficial aspects


Retrograde? (should we not put money in the area if the planet is retrograde?)

Decline in sector o

The governing planet is combust.


Exact conjunct causing गगरह यय द.


Malefic aspects from Saturn, Mars, Rahu

Aspects from other planets o

Aspect from Sun or Sun in the house governed by a planet – indicates favour or impediment from government depending on the nature or Sun in the horoscope.


Moon’s effect causes upward/downward movement, the direction depends on other effects/aspects.


Mercury is similar effect, associated with rumours and indecisiveness if Mercury has negative aspects. Mars indicates high volume trading and fluctuations.


Venus’ effect indicates steady and dull market in the area that it aspects


Jupiter – expansion in the industry and growth. Overproduction, glut, increase supply, reduce cost


Saturn: good aspect will steady the market and long term growth; bad aspect will case long term depression. Commodity prices will grow because of short supply – general frustration due to such price rise.

o 

Conjunctions and aspects of Rahu/Ketu are generally bad.

Nakshatras/Yogas – One should be completely aware of the panchanga. The online panchanga on this site should definitely help. o

There are certain Nakshatra/Yogas when we should avoid. Investment should be avoided in Sharp, Fixed and Mixed nakshatras.


Rikta/Bhadra tithis, Vyatapat yogas should be completely avoided while making investment, since investment made during this period will not come back.


Vanija Karana is one that is suitable for sellers, but not for buyers. Planets and Areas


Seeds, Agriculture, Cereals (General commodity market),

Power sector, Defence, Medical & Pharma

Indian PSU sector, Government securities, debt fund (ruled by government of the day)

Moon 

Fruits and vegetables, milk products, processed food industry

Pharma sector (? Doubt)

Mars 

Defense, warehousing

Automobile and light machinery

Realty sector

Mercury 

Shipping, transport, railways

FMCG & telecommunication

Publishing, entertainment, sports industry

Malls, commercial sector, office spaces (but not real estate)

Online shopping (flipkart, myntra etc.)

Jupiter 

Education, communication, general consulting (Accenture, Infosys, Wipro etc.)

Banking and finance (for PSU banks, look at Sun too)

Confectionary industry.

Venus 

Finished textile goods, expensive items, high end automobile industry

Hospitality, tourism, Media and entertainment, films etc.

Oil and gas (? Doubt)

Saturn 

Mining and coal, heavy metal based industry, heavy manufacturing

Saturn will govern shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, but Mercury/mars will determine the industry/sales etc.


Rahu 

Heavy electrical industry

Realty sector

Ketu 

Power and IT Sector

Coal Trading in ruled by Mercury and 5th house in general. If you want to make speculative gains, then you need to have stronger 5th, 11th house in your birth chart. Besides ruling planets (Gochara) need to support trading for you. No matter what it is not possible to predict the price of a commodity correctly and consistantly all the time using the planets movement. You need to watch the word consistantly on my previous line. We can map that when moon is transiting on this sign (lets say Leo), the price of Gold will go down. But this pattern will be limited for couple of months but this will change.

I have written this article to help you to choose the right commodities for trading but it does not reflect the price action (upward or downward) for any commodities.

First you need to understand what planets are ruling which commodities: Sun: Gold Moon: Silver Mars: Copper Mercury: Bronze Jupiter: Gold Venus: Silver

Saturn: Iron, Steel Rahu: Mixed or lead Ketu: Lead Note: Crude Oil is ruled by Saturn, Venus and Moon. Note: FOREX is ruled by Venus and Mercury.

In case, if you are having benefic Jupiter or Sun on the transit, then you can see trading in Gold investments can give you good fortunes. In case,. if you are having benefic Saturn, then trading in Crude Oil can give you good fortunes. The following is an example, most people will feel it: 1. A person is having benefic Jupiter but Malefic Saturn on the transit. 2. Benefic Jupiter can give him good profits and he decides to trade in both Crude Oil and Gold. 3. He is successful in trading with big profits in Gold let it be any side he makes the bet, that is long position or short position. 4. He books a big loss in crude oil investments. He tried both short side or long side play. No matter which side is on the trade. Whatever the person does, the market will make exact opposite move to that person. The important point here is same planet is responsible for pushing the price up and down through the same aspect. That's why I see if anyone (astrologer) says that price action can be predicted by astrology everytime correctly, then it is wrong. The pattern might work for couple of days but not all the time since there are so many players in the market. I have explained how the money is lost and gained here. 1. Gold trading is ruled by Jupiter. 2. In the transit, Jupiter would be favorable for 5 moon signs and unfavorable for 7 moon signs. 3. When Gold trading happens in stock market, the traders / investors having unfavorable Jupiter in Gochara will lose their money. 4. That money will get rewarded to the investors / traders having favorable Jupiter on transit. 5. Both upward and downward price movement is determined by the same planet, in this case Jupiter. 6. Jupiter will make sure on how to lose money through Gold trading when it is unfavorable and give big fortunes for the traders having favorable Jupiter. If you are having unfavorable Jupiter and Sun on transit, then it is not possible to make money through Gold trading. At most, you can reach break even, provided other planets are in good position and you have got good natal chart support. In case, if you make money on your gold trade with unfavorbale Jupiter, then you need to revisit astrology - the transit effects of Jupiter would have been nullified by Gochara Vedhas and other benefic planets on transit.

The thumb rule here is by knowing astrology, you can not change your fortune. But you can increase your mental strength to accept the incidents and pass the hard time smoothly. Consequently the bottom line is, if anyone says that they can predict the price of any stock or commodities, keep in mind that your natal chart also need to support that. So it is better to check

your natal chart for trading rather than ordering report for price movement on a stock or any other commodities. In this article I am trying to formulate some Principles which influence the Prices of Gold astrologically. Normally astrologers should avoid giving predictions on Parameters relating to speculation but for astrology sake and for up coming students and Astrology lovers I am writing this article . The charts which are important are the Hindu New Moon Pieces chart, Solar ingress charts together with Paksha Kundalis. According to Vypar Ratna Goyal publication the following points should also be borne in mind while analysing the Prices of Gold. 1. Rahu-Kaal The Prices will take a Reverse turn. 2. The Day you have to see the prices of Gold If Sun in own nakshatra , there will be rise in Prices. 3. Prices of Gold will depend upon the Solar ingress in a Particular Hindu month as per the Monthly Solar Ingress Chakra.


If Solar ingress is taking place at the time of Krishna Paksh then there will be bullish trend in the prices. If Solar Ingress is taking place in a Particular day and Amavasya is also falling in that Day then there will be rise in prices. . 5. At the time of Solar ingress the Nakshatra gives us indication of Rise or fall in prices according to Sankranti Muhuratha and are of 3 kinds 15th Muhuratha, 30 Muhuratha and 45 muhuratha. 6. The Day of ingress and the Nakshatra Results are seen from another chakra. Brihat Samhita clearly says the Gold should be Purchased , when Sun is in Leo and should be sold after 5 months to gain profits in general. 1. Natural significators of Gold are Sun , Jupiter and Aries sign , Karka for Price is Venus . When ever Sun is forming a rajyoga in a good house the prices of Gold will become Bullish. 2. When Sun enters Sagitarius the prices of gold start to go up. When ever Sun is in Kendra from Aries Gold should be sold to make profits. When ever Sun will ingress in 6/8/12 house from Aries it has the chances for the gold to drop normally, but if forming yogas then the prices may go up. When in a friendly sign the chances of Gold to go up are there . 3. Jupiter and Sun remain in a sign then prices will go up. Like in the Month solar Ingress of Sun in Cancer on the 16th July 2014 4. Solar ingress chart of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra given importance to see the Placement of Sun and affliction on it.the Paksha Kundalis to be seen accordingly. Some more Parameters for rise in Prices 1. Mars Retrograde then the prices go up by 15 to 25 % Mars will be retrograde on the 2nd March 2014 till 20th May 2014, the chances are that the prices may not come down and could be stable from this Parameter 2. Mars in Taurus , Leo, Virgo and Capricorn ,Rise in gold prices , Mars Retrograde till 20th May 2014 and in Virgo till 14th July 2014 . Therefore Prices can fall after Mars ingresses in Libra on the 14th July 2014

3. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Leo After 14th Jul 2015 Jupiter will be in Leo and in Leo navamsha maximum prices of Gold expected . 4. Sun In Libra then gold prices go up , hence from 17th Oct to 16th Nov. Prices can go up, but should not be afflicted, but since Sun will be afflicted by Saturn, the prices may not go up. 5. Best time to purchase Gold is when Sun in Leo 16th August to 16th Sept. 6. Rahu and Mars together in a sign will be together on the 4th Feb 2014 till 25th March 2014 and then for a day on the 14th July 2014 7. Jupiter Retrograde Bearish and Bullish Jupiter will be retrograde on the 7th Nov 2013 to March 2014 .Jupiter in own nakshatra on the 25th April , the prices will rise again after fall. 8. Rahu in Cancer steep rise. 9. Sun in Bharini, Krittika, Punarvasu Prices will go up Sun will go in Punarvasu from 6th July 2014 10. Venus in Rohini and Saturn in Krittika then Prices go up. 11. Jupiter Exhalted and in Leo Navamsha is good for Price rise for Gold.

12. Sun Forming yogas and unafflicted in Aries . Down Fall in Gold Prices 1. Sun in Anuradha nakshatra . Sun Goes in Anuradha nakshatra when Sun is in Scorpio and in the 8th house from Aries , Hence the Prices can be bearish when Sun ingresses in Scorpio. 2. Mercury in Pushya nakshatra in Cancer sign. 3. Mercury in Gemini

4. Jupiter in Bharini in Aries sign 5. Venus in Punarvasu nakshatra in Gemini and starting cancer sign. 6. Venus in Jyestha nakshatra. 7. Saturn retrograde Gold drops and aspects Sun at 180 degrees maximum fall, hence 11th May 2014 maximum can fall. 8. Jupiter ahead of Sun and rising in east . 9. Mercury after Sun immediately west rising 10. Saturn combusted in the west 11. Mars leaving Taurus sign 12. Jupiter in Rahu nak.shatra Jupiter is at the moment in Rahu nakshatra and Aries sign afflicted together with Sun, the prices have started to fall at a steady pace from 14th April 2014. Sun is afflicted along with Aries sign in the Solar ingress of Aries . 13. Jupiter R from 7th November 2013 to 7th March 2014 14. Gold prices go down when Saturn and Jupiter are at angle with Pluto, they peak high when they are all conjunct, also when Jupiter and Pluto conjunct and Saturn trine. At the Moment Saturn is aspecting Pluto and aspecting Aries sign as well and afflicting it , hence the prices will come down. 15. Combustion of Jupiter bad for gold Prices Prices were at the top and all time high in Sept 2011 at $1923

1. Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Sign Aries control Gold as mentioned above , Bad aspects 180 degrees is 7th Aspect and 3rd Aspect 90 degrees create low prices , until new Positive aspects start , Mars ingress in Aries the prices of Gold come down. And a clearly a bearish influence. Saturn will be at 180 degrees with Sun on the 11th May 2014, hence prices are bound to fall . 2. Commodity does not flourish till a malefic is in the sign, except Upchaya from the sign if malefics then the Price goes up, 3. When a Particular sign comes in the influence of a Powerful malefic then it Perishes 4. Inimical to Aries Saturn in the 7th house Exhalted aspects the Venus Price and aspects Mars 5. Rahu in Libra makes it cheaper, hence till 15th July 2014 Prices will remain low broadly speaking. 6. Transit of Jupiter in Gemini will make it cheaper, for the first 5 months. When ever a Planet signifying Gold is in inimical sign Gemini and aspected by malefic Rahu they will Plummet, if the sign ruled by the said Planet comes under benefic aspects of luminaries , the Prices will rise 7. Approximately every 2 years Sun meets with Planet Mars exact conjunction in Aries , then Gold exhibits bad volatility . Gold fell further as Sun Mars Combination moves into exact opposition with Saturn in April 2013. Prediction for Solar ingress in Aries till 15th May 2014

Let us have to look at the Hindu New Moon Pieces chart along with Solar ingress in Aries. which are important In this chart Sun and Moon are placed in the 5th house in Pieces and making a Karmadhipati and Dharmadhi pati yoga and aspected by R fallen Mars hence the Prices may go up. if you look at the chart below of Gold for the month of April Gold prices went up due to this Dharmadhi pati and Karmadhipati yoga. As per solar ingress of Sun in Aries , Sun and Aries sign is getting afflicted , hence the Prices may drop. The Paksha Kundalis of the 15th April and 29th April are also not condusive to give good results for Market to be bearish for Gold. on the 11th May 2014 Saturn will be at 180 degrees to Sun when the prices may further drop. Prices of Gold will improve when Jupiter and Sun Transit in sign of Cancer after 14th July 2014.

Sun in Aries on the 14th April 2014 and is Afflicted by Rahu and Saturn R Mars will also aspect Sun and Aries sign . Venus in the sign of Saturn and who is R. Jupiter is in inimical sign but in the 2nd house and has exchange with Mercury who is placed in the 11th house, but Mercury is aspected by fallen Mars and R , hence market will fall. When sun will be in Taurus Navamsha with Ketu the Prices will again slide low. In the Paksha Kundali of 15th April Aries sign along with Sun are afflicted , hence the prices continue to fall. Saturn is aspecting Pluto as well Paksha Kundali 29th April and Eclipse in Bharini nak and Mars aspecting Gold will fall jupiterin the 12th house will not be able to sustain it

On the 11th May Saturn and Sun will be degree opposite at 180 degrees and Gold can fall dramatically, but Jupiter then will be in own nakshatra may stagnate the prices, or prices may stop to rise. 15th May Paksha kundali again bad affliction of Mars and Venus as well .

Solar ingress chart Aries

30 days Chart of gold showing the trend as discussed above , Prices falling after 14th April 2014. The above analysis is on the basis of

varoius Books like Vypar Ratna and

other Books . This a mere Prediction indicative of

the the prices may vary according to the above Parameters and hold good for about 7080 %. The readres are advised not to invest upon this analysis, The Text is merely for Astrologiacal point of View for Upcoming astrologers and Astrology lovers. God Bless.

There are many hidden secrets of astrology , which are like individual patents for astrologers , as those are worth millions of dollars in today's world so, nobody would disclose them here or on internet just for the sake of publicity. Coming to this question , I believe that there may be thousand genuine Indian astrologers who would be knowing very simple theory to predict the rise or fall in commodity prices. I had partially disclosed the formula in my website article here .

Acharya Varahmihir's 1500 year old theory on rise and fall of commodity prices is still valid and that worked during year 2008 when crude oil fell from $ 120 to $40 and the same planetary situation started in June 2014 is causing crude oil fall from $112 to $45 and other commodity prices fall. Mind it that during both periods ( in 2008 ) and now in 2014-15 , all commodities are experiencing fall in prices. So the planet effect is not limited to crude oil only. I personally used this prior knowledge for choosing the time for purchasing my flat and investing timely in Indian equity , benefiting hugely for this knowledge.

Do not expect that people will reveal such secrets on or anywhere else , rather they would be using it secretly for themselves. The real astrology is so sharp , incisive , accurate and transforming that very few can understand , keep it within themselves and use it judiciously in deserving situations instead of publicising it or making huge money or getting celebrity status, which

weakens the ability to predict correctly in future events. It is more like NSG ( Nuclear Supplier Group) closed group, which does not allow proliferation of nuclear material or technology as spread of real astrology to general public will create more harm than spread of fake astrology. The flip side of this is that fake astrology and fake astrologers rule the market of believers and earn big money at the cost of gullible public. Previous 30-year price graph of Iron Ore is taken from following website : 30-year price graph of Oron Ore is shown in the picture below :

Red lines indicate the price graph for year beginning with mid-April, for synchronizing with astrological year starting with Mesha Samkrānti. Red dot indicates mid-April (Mesha Samkrānti). Highest annual rise was in 2009 (mid April 2009 to mid-April 2010). Mesha Samkrānti D1 chart for this time should be made with Kundalee Software's Medini mode's "MeruWorldChart" by typing "2009" as year and not changing any other default figure. In this year's chart, we find exalted Sun as lord of 9H, Saturn as 2L + 3L in 9H of Sun, and yoga gover 1L + 4L Jupiter in 2H with Rahu. Jupiter is neecha, but under 49' (82%) aspect of Saturn. Hence, Saturn controls 2H almost completely. Saturn is inimical to Jupiter, but since Jupiter is debilitated (neech), it is in complete control of Saturn. This is how neecha planet sometimes becomes highly benefic. In Horā Chart (D2), Saturn is svagrihi in 5H with high aspects on 2H and 11H.

Although D9 is not used for finances, but its Vimshopaka is high and therefore it may be experimentally tested. In it, we find Saturn exalted in 3H but a malefic. In D60, neecha Saturn is combust in exalted Sun in 11H. Saturn is related to iron. This year, iron ore price rose by about two hundred per cents ! D-2 is most important for finances. Worst year was 2011, in whose D-2 chart we find svagrihi Saturn in 6H with three enemies ! Monthly forecasts can also be made from Samkrānti charts. For 2010, the chart shows steep fall in iron prices in first quarter of year starting with Sun's entry into siddhāntic nirayana Mesha. Here is the reason : Vrish samkrānti's D-1 chart shows Saturn in 6H as lord of 11H and 12H and retrograde : highly malefic for iron and for 11H of profit. D-2 shows 1L + 12L retrograde Saturn in enemy house of Jupiter with house lord Jupiter svagrihi there in 2H : very bad for iron's monetary worth. Then, Mithuna Samkrānti entry chart also has a highly malefic Saturn : 5L + 6L Saturn sitting neutrally in 12H in D-1, and in D-2 also Saturn sits in 12H as 10L + 11L inimically with house lord Jupiter. In both D-1 and D-2, Saturn sits malefically in 12H : highly malefic bhāvottama, which increases the malefic potential of Saturn. -VJ People are charmed by the business and financial astrologers for variety of reasons. The traditional business houses solicit the services of family astrologers who not only presage future of family but also help concluding the deal of profit yielding transactions. The traders of the present time, also look forward to some incredible predictions doled out by the commercial astrologers from time to time and try to synthesize them with the behaviour of stocks or commodity markets. They also corroborate these forecasts in fixing the market trends. As per astrological precepts, unless material gains are promised in the natal chart of an individual, the prosperity is hard to come. There always has been desire of a person to live a comfortable and blissful life. However, affluency does play dominant part in providing exuberant life style for which the past karmas are much to say in it. However, there are specific celestial laws which bestow wealth and riches to the native. The horoscope presage source and time of acquiring wealth. Besides, configuration of heavenly bodies relating to wealth in one's chart translates unequivocal opulence effects. a rudimentary principle is that the houses above the horizon are of much greater significance as they portray the prosperity. The wealth is attributed to 2nd and 11th house irrespective of ascendant. While the fifth and 9th house signify speculation and fortune respectively. The permutation and combination between the lords of these houses insinuate the possible avenues for acquiring wealth and riches. The dignity and intrinsic qualities of the planets determine the mode of sourcing the wealth.The interpose of the lord of 6th house with the consortium of the planets representing the wealth giving houses, procreates gains through share markets, lotteries and other speculatory pursuits. The influence of the lord of the 8th house bestows windfall gains and

acquistion of wealth through inheritance. An adage of astrology on wealth epitomised in Jhatak Bharnam says that the planets posited and aspecting the second house and the lord of the 2nd house symbolised as dhana(wealth) karaka, when influenced by each other while in transit, it indicates the right time to realise the wealth. If the planets involved in contribution happens to be fast moving ones, the conjugation during the transit is going to be rather frequent. The progressed dasas of these planets are another angle to fix the point of acquisition of wealth. Electional Astrology(muhurta) is yet another facet of astrology that plays effective role in shaping the success in a well begin venture. As selection of right and opportune time is like seeking mandate in reaching out to favourable consequences. Although Electional astrology is a subsidiary to horoscopy, it has distinct place of its own in astrology. In the modern time, a person yearns for most propitious moments because a failure procreates more losses and pains in this competitive world. The reverse leave telling effects on a business but starting a venture at an auspicious moments is like harnessing the cosmic energy to ones advantage. The Electional astrology has assumed tremendous significance, more so in present day life. We all know that value of time is immeasurable. The celestial forces procreate every object in the nature at a particular moment, develop it for a certain length of the time and dissipate it on appointed time. To comprehend this phenomenon, it is essential to understand the heavenly currents that influence the recurrent activities. It is suffice to understand that we are living in an environment of vibratory energies which regulate the cyclic functions of creating, developing and destroying. The radiation's emanating from the celestial bodies though invisible, it greately affect the proceeding relating to life cycle. The sun which unites energies, has the predominance over the solar system and thus is the prime force in governing the life process. The Electional astrology though simple in its application, it serves most useful purpose. The knowledge of celestial's concepts are exceedingly important to fix the favourable time for those who wish to celebrate a function or launch a new project etc. Terrestrial changes are reflection of celestial occurrences. These modulations are more noticeable in the field of mundane matters, political and commercial activities of the nations. A mundane chart of the nation. political party, business concern or for a specific event is drawn to delineate the effects of heavenly bodies perse. In this scheme of things, the trans saturian planets are also included as in mundane astrology, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have assumed greater importance. Being distant, slow and weighty planets, their effects last for a much longer period. Besides, they are the integral part of the solar system and also seen playing dominant role in commercial activities part from the terrestrial affairs. Navamasa is most valuable harmonic division of vedic astrology. Navamasa plays exceptionally important role in outlining the results. The dignity and strength of a planet get altered due to its corresponding position in the navamansa chart. Just as the status of planet in navamansa support the prediction in natal astrology, so also in commercial astrology, it brings forth startling effects. In mundane astrology, eclipses have substantial contributions in pronogisticating the events of grave nature. The sun and moon are also the determinants in causing the eclipses. These luminaries also regulate the markets functions which are greately influenced by these eclipses. The effects of eclipses, at times, are surfaced after many months and persists for years and that is why it is more significant from the point of view of market trends. The occurrences of eclipses coupled with configuration of major planets, impel far reaching consequences. There was a total lunar eclipse on the 1st/2nd night of September 1997 and was visible in Asia including all parts of India.. During the whole year 1997, major planets like Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune remained in Capricorn sign. At this juncture severe drops were registered in the indices of major stock exchanges of the leading nations of South-East Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore

etc. India was no exception. The currencies of all these countries plummeted as compared to American Dollar. Therefore, grouping or movements of outer planets and corresponding eclipses are to be closely watched as these are generally found to coincide with the important events in the countries associated with such sign. The monthly market trends are based on the solar ingress as the sun regulates at the solar month. Besides, the sun 's entry into the first degree of Aries sign every year is very significant because it holds clue to what all is going to eventuate or turn out to be during the impending year and in what prospensity. The position of planet at the time of solar ingress, impart critical role in predicting the year long activities. The application of Sarvatobhadra chakra in delineating the price fluctuations has been found quite effective. In this Chakra, the nakshatras hold the fixed yet key positions while the transits of planets through these nakshatraspresage the behaviour of various markets and chart out the pricing trends of the commodities denoted by the planets and nakshtras causing vedhas, sign , nakshtras and planets suffering vedhas. It is important to note that the planets and sign involved in vedhas should otherwise be engaged in aspects during the transit. In the absence of which a vedha ends up in frivolity. On the face of it, the Sarvatobhadra chakra looks plain and simple but in practise, it is not so as delineation through it depends upon many complicated factors, such as speed and motions of the planets which springs sudden shift in vedha from one direction to another direction that may either fritter away the effects all together or get reversed. This is however compact yet versatile system which unfolds complete market behaviour. Besides, it also provides significant clues to other mundane affairs. In 1997, the gold and silver markets moved in opposite directions inasmuch as there were series of slumps in gold prices while silver showed buoyancy. The movements are tested over chakras and results are quite positive. The business astrology is also related to study of the prospects of a business concern presaged from the horoscope drawn on the date and time of its incorporation. This segment of astrology has not been popular, like the other disciplines, which is primarily due to fact that accurate data of formation of company is generally not available. However, the general approach is that when a company is incorporated and assumes a separate entity, a heavenly figure of that epoch is drawn which is termed as company's chart like a natal horoscope. If a company commences a new venture or undertakes expansion, the chart of that movement is erected to assess the prospects of that ventures. In the absence of the basic details, 12-00 noon time, when the sun is at zenith is taken as time of formation of the company. The chart also helps to predict the results from the Moon sign and in Vedic Astrology it is reckoned as equal to the Ascendant. The unusual behaviour of the three markets including gold and silver have illustratively been dealt. The planetary conjunctions and aspects formed during the said period have fully supported the market trends. The same effects are also checked through the Sarvatobadhra Chakra and it was proved that the market fluctuations in respective of bullion and stock share were in consonance with the cosmic laws and astrological percepts. In fine, it is true to say that in astrology, each business and activity of trade house can be graphed as every trade do have time of birth. i.e. when it was initiated. It is equally possible to ascertain whether a venture will succeed or otherwise by knowing when it was commenced. If the begining was made on a propitious time and the promoter holds promise in his horoscope, the chances of success are exceedingly high


Commodity prices: What the stars foretell Nidhi Nath Srinivas, ET Bureau Jul 5, 2009, 01.10am IST

What can one say about the market a day before the Budget? What can one say about the market anyway, given zero long-term policies in most commodities? Since commodity-related businesses in India are largely bhagwan bharose, the only thing to do this week was get a fix on what forces higher than the government (fingers crossed) portend for the future. And who better to consult than one of the oldest families in the business of star-gazing for business.

Meet Varanasi's Tripathi family that has been predicting commodity prices for five generations. Well known for its two best-selling astrological calenders - Thakur Prasad Panchang and Chintaharan Jantri, the family has an enviable collection of daily spot market prices in India and New York going back 200 years. The youngest professional astrologer of the Tripathi family, 31-year-old chemistry post-graduate and MBA student Anurag says commercial astrology is surprisingly accurate. In trading, timing is everything. Following the family tradition, Anurag claims he can predict the specific dates when to buy and sell. He uses mathematical theories based on what he calls 'irregular planetary combination theory' to predict when a commodity will hit highs and lows. To prove his theory, Anurag drew up for me price charts going back 40 years plotted with corresponding planetary positions. They looked impressive. But as there was zero chance of my understanding the nuances, I went straight to the nub of the matter. Here are his predictions on gold, silver, cotton and soya oil. Gold Gold is influenced by Saturn, Mars, Sun and Jupiter and its sign is Leo. Gold's bull run started in 1973 and ended in 1980, during which Saturn moved in Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. In November 2006, Saturn came in Leo and gold was at $650. It went up to $1032 in March 2008. Saturn will remain in Leo till September 2009. There may be a bull run in gold from October 2009 till January 2010 due to Mars transit in Cancer. But this bull-run may be short lived and price will fall due Saturn's effect. Silver Silver is influenced by Saturn, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars. Its sign is Cancer. Silver's bull-run started in 1973 and ended in 1980. During this period, Saturn moved in Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. In November 2006, Saturn came in Leo when silver was at $12.50. Now it has gone up to $21.20. Saturn will remain in Leo till September 2009.

In September 2009, Saturn will come in Virgo. It will enter Hastha Nakshatra on December 17, where it will remain till January 2011. Saturn will leave Virgo in August 2012. The bull-run will go bust during Saturn's transit in Virgo. There may be a bull run from October 2009 till January 2010 due to Mars transit in Cancer but this may be short lived. Prices will fall due Saturn's effect. There will be a solar eclipse on July 22 in Cancer. Due to this, gold and silver market is expected to become bullish from July 25 to August 15-20. On August 31, Saturn is going to set and Jupiter will be in Aquarius. Bullion will fall between August 31 and September 15. After September 15, bullion prices will rise. On December 17, Saturn will move in Hasth Nakshatra. Bullion will fall again. Cotton Cotton is influenced by Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon and its sign is Libra but the main influence is Jupiter. Long term price movement in cotton is determined by Jupiter and Saturn but short term movement is decided by Venus and Mercury. There will always be a bull run when Jupiter cruises in Scorpio and Pisces because these are fierce signs. There will always be a bear run in cotton when Jupiter cruises in Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries, which are mild signs. In May 2010, Jupiter is moving in Pisces. So there may be a bull run from April to October 2010. Jupiter remains in Pisces till May 2011. In May 2011, Jupiter will move in Aries. There may be a bear run from May to December 2011. Jupiter remains in Aries till May 2012. There may be good fall in prices during this period. Mars will move in Pieces Navmansh on July 13. Prices are expected to go down during July 13-22. Due to July 22 solar eclipse, they will drop from July 25 to August 5. On August 31, Saturn is going to set and Jupiter will be in Aquarius. Cotton will fall during September 1-9. Then prices will rise till September 30. Prices are expected to rise from December 23 to January 31, 2010. Soyabean Soyabean is influenced by Saturn, Mars, Sun and Jupiter and its sign is Scorpio. The bull-run in soya oil started in 1973 and ended in 1980. During this period, it was mainly affected when Saturn moved in Gemini and Leo. In November 2006, Saturn came in Leo. At that time, soya oil was at $0.28/lb. It went up to $0.69/lb in February 2008. Saturn will remain in Leo till September. Due to July 22 solar eclipse, prices are expected to go down during July 16-23. They will rise from July 25 to August 12. On August 31, Saturn is going to set and Jupiter will be in Aquarius. It will stay bullish from September 5-30. Should we believe Anurag? Since the dates he mentions are close, it would be easy enough to determine that. Anurag says he is now trying to predict hourly price movements. I decided not to ask him. No point being greedy. With such incredibly high political risk, and six months the new long term,

most of us would be thankful for a weekly grab on the market. Meanwhile, "even though the stars are blind," to quote Paris Hilton, let's hope the Budget shows us some real love tomorrow.

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