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COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS Student Center Room 07B, Andres Bonifacio, Baguio City

CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY Term: [ ] 1st Semester [ ] 2nd Semester ; School Year 20


2X2 RECENT PHOTO MUST BE DECENT, FORMAL AND BE TAKEN OVER A Pls attach another 2x2 picture on the second page. Write your name on the back and staple both on rightmost top.

I ______________________________________________________ of the school of _________________________________________________________, a bona fide student of Saint Louis University, hereby file my candidacy for the position of I assure that I possess and have met the qualifications of a candidate for Election in the Kataas-taasang Sanggunian Ng Mga Mag-aaral / Supreme Student Council as stipulated in Article II of the KASAMA/SSC By Laws of 2000 pursuant to Item A5, Chapter V of the SLU Student Handbook, 2004 edition and as duly certified by my School Dean and the Dean of Student Affairs. Furthermore, should my certificate of candidacy be approved by the Honorable Commission, I shall uphold, adhere and submit myself to pertinent election laws and guidelines as promulgated by the Commission on Elections and the Congress of Louisians.


POLITICAL PARTY: ________________ _________________________________________________ Student ID Number: ______________________

School: _____________________________________ Gender: __________________________ Age: ________________________________________ Course and Year: __________________________ High School: ___________________________________________________________________ City Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Home Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________________________ Place of Birth: __________________________________________________________________ Contact Number: ___________________________ Email Address: _________________ Facebook: _______________________

I hereby affirm that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I am fully aware that any culpable misrepresentation or concealment of information made in this document shall cause the invalidation of my Certificate of Candidacy and probable election to public office in the Kataas-taasang Sanggunian Ng Mga Mag-aaral / Supreme Student Council without prejudice to any administrative and disciplinary sanction/s that may be imposed further, in accordance to the SLU Student Handbook.

__________________________________ SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED NAME DATE:_____________________________ DISTRUBUTION: [1] FOR COMELEC


CERTIFICATION OF CANDIDATE’S ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS Pursuant to item A5, Chapter V of the SLU Student Handbook, 2004 edition and Section 6, Article I and Article II of the KASAMA/SSC By Laws of 2000, I hereby certify that , a ca n di da t e for the position of ______________________________ in the KASAMA/SSC General Elections for the Academic year 20___-20____ is a student with a minimum load of eighteen (18) units except candidates from the Graduate School, Schools of Medicine and Law and senior undergraduate students in their last academic year. The student has been enrolled in Saint Louis University for at least one (1) year, except for those running for first year positions and has passed his total load during the previous semester and summer prior to his election and in conformity with pertinent institutional practices I hereby certify that the aforementioned student is [ ] QUALIFIED for public office in the KASAMA/SSC General Elections.

[ ] NOT QUALIFIED to run

SCHOOL DEAN School of Date NOTE TO THE DEAN: Please verify that the student have passed all his/her total load during the previous semester and summer, in accordance with the provisions of item A5, Chapter V of the SLU Student Handbook duly concurred by the university administrat ion before affixing your signature.

CERTIFICATION OF THE CANDIDATE’S MORAL INTEGRITY Pursuant to the provisions of Section 6, Article I of the KASAMA/SSC By Laws of 2000 and to the records available with this office, I hereby certify that who is applying for eligibility to run for public office in the Kataas-taasang Sanggunian Ng Mga Mag-aaral / Supreme Student Council, is of good moral character and had not been subjected to any disciplinary measures and/or sanctions for any violation of pertinent university rules and regulations during his/her stay in Saint Louis University. ______________________________________________


PERSONAL/CHARACTER REFERENCES The following people can confirm that they have known ______________________________________________________. Should there be any specific questions, please feel free to contact the persons herein provided. Name: ______________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ Contact Number: __________________________________

Name: ________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________ Contact Number: ____________________________________

NOTE: It is advised that the persons whose names appear above are one of candidate’s advisers/instructors and/or president of organization the candidate is a member thereof.

APPROVAL OF THE CANDIDATE’S QUALIFICATION AND ELIGIBILITY TO RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE Having been verified that with ID number has met the qualifications for candidacy for the position of in the , this Honorable Commission hereby approves this Certificate of Candidacy to run for public office. COMELEC CHAIRMAN’S PRINTED NAME AND SIGNATURE (Not valid without the Official Seal of the Commission on Elections) Date:

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