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September 18, 2017 | Author: Sumathi Subramanian | Category: Feeling, Consciousness, Wisdom, Mind, Intuition
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0 Royal Blue/Deep Magenta Spiritual Rescue

1 Blue/Deep Magenta - Chakra 6/Third Eye (Brow)

2 Blue/Blue - Chakra 5/Throat

3 Blue/Green - Chakra 4/Heart

4 Yellow/Gold - Chakra 3/Solar Plexus

5 Yellow/Red - Chakra 1/Root 6 Red/Red The Energy Bottle

7 Yellow/Green Garden of Gethsemene

8 Yellow/Blue Anubis 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Yellow/Violet Egyptian Bottle 1/ Turning Tide 19 Red/Purple Living in the Material World

Blue/Pink - Chakra 7/Crown 20 21 22 23

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Violet/Pink Charity 37 Violet/Blue The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

54 Clear/Clear Serapis Bey 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

69 70 71 Pink/Clear The Essene Bottle 2/ The Jewel in the Lotus 72 Blue/Orange The Clown, Pagliacci 73 74 Pale Yellow/Pale Green Triumph 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 Green/Blue Jade Emperor 89 Red/Deep Magenta Energy Rescue/The Time Shift Bottle 90

Gold/Deep Magenta Wisdom Rescue Olive Green/Olive Green

91 Coral/Olive Green Gretel 92 Coral/Turquoise Hansel 93 94 Pale Blue/Pale Yellow Archangel Michael Magenta/Gold Archangel Gabriel 95 96 Royal Blue/Royal Blue Archangel Raphael 97 Gold/Royal Blue Archangel Uriel 98 Lilac/Coral Archangel Sandalphon /Margaret''s bottle Pale Olive Green/Pink Archangel Tzadkiel/Cosmic Rabbits 99 100 Clear/Deep Magenta Archangel Metatron 101 Pale Blue/Pale Olive Archangel Jophiel 102 Deep Olive/Deep Magenta Archangel Samael 103 Opalescent Pale Blue/Deep Magenta Archangel Haniel

104 Iridescent Pink/Magenta Archangel Chamael 105 Iridescent Coral/Coral Archangel Azreal 106 Misty Pale Olive/Misty Lilac - Archangel Ratziel 107 Opalescent Turquoise/Deep Magenta

Helps transfer deep intuitive insights into practical everyday life. For people who do rescue work during the night - aware or not - brings deep peace and energy. Helps with communication of the inner being. Highly effective for people who are becoming aware of their spirituality and need to stay grounded. Relates to memory, migraines, insomnia, neuralgia, high blood pressure, lumbago, sciatica, the immune system and acute sinitis. May be useful for emergency situations. Eases vocal and communication difficulties by helping to find peace in the conscious mind so that appropriate communication can flow; a powerful reliever of business stress. Relates to colds/flu, tonsillitis, acute infections, pregnancy, teething, underactive thyroid, sternum, throat, endocrine system. Relates to heart and lung issues including angina, asthma, epilepsy, fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, depression and claustrophobia. Helps to communicate feelings more clearly. May also help in decision-making by providing space to find peace in the conscious mind. Relates to adrenals, nerve tissue, skin disorders (jaundice), liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys (re: elimination/cleansing), arthritis, hiatus hernia, diabetes, anorexia; helps to balance body pH and lessens menopausal flushing. Relates to grounding, sexual or reproductive issues; circulation and blood deficiencies, constipation, bladder and fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Do not use this bottle above the waist. Sacrificial love. Powerful energiser, the re-energiser and the basic energy of love. The whole of the material side of life. In consultation in second also indicates anger, frustration. The wisdom to find the space within. Trust within the depth of self, knowledge within the conscious mind. Divine sacrifice. Jesus overcoming the survival issues (B6) to open to the possibility of the final test of faith. Too much thinking disturbs the inner peace. Knowing through inner communications. When you find the peace within the depth of yourself then you can communicate the knowledge to the world. A Teacher''s bottle.

Overcoming self deception. The knowledge to find the transformation within. The wisdom to find the service within. The deeper we go the more we get to know ourselves. To build up new energy. Regeneration of energies. Before B89 was born, this was the Energy Rescue bottle. Energy in the conscious mind with spiritual healing service underneath. Helps with communication of the inner being. Highly effective for people who are becoming aware of their spirituality and need to stay grounded. Relates to memory, migraines, insomnia, neuralgia, high blood pressure, lumbago, sciatica, the immune system and acute sinitis. May be useful for emergency situations.

Kindness in service; compassionate and understanding. Spiritual love. Intuition for transformation. Brings self love and love fr Effectiveness. Communication. Service to the world. Transformational communication. Angelic Beings. Nurturing and protect

Cleansing on all levels. For beginning something new. Helps to see things anew - shine the light on a subject, maybe it isn''t what you thought. Brings clarity and vision to issues.

Self acceptance. Tender caring. Loving clarity within. A very powerful bottle To free the ''sad clown''. Blue calm and peace within. Communications and nurturing of inner emotional desires.

To bring clarity into difficult emotional situations. Will the fear obscure the way of the heart or will happiness and understand

Love of nature. Peace within the depths of self, communication of the heart at a conscious level. Feeling of Heaven. The nature of the celestial. Energy for healing love. To attain healing energy. Helps to bring the body/mind together again during states of extreme fatigu

The solar plexus bottle. To embrace one''s own confusion. For deeply traumatic times. Overcome the fears and confusions to

Feminine Leadership of the heart. Developing feminine leadership qualities. Issues of the Heart. Releasing fear from the hear To gain trust in one''s own intuition. Leads to deep insights through practical (spiritual) experiences

Communication of deepest joy. Getting in touch with the inner intuitive layers. Supports the ability to make use of insights ga Surrender of the individual will to the Divine Will. Facilitates moving from a state of hope to a state of faith as all judgements

The alignment of your soul consciousness or true aura with the self. Only by loving oneself first can love for the entire ''family Communication of the higher self with the self. A desire to replace survival and security issues with a peace that passeth all u The ancient wisdom of the golden ray dawns in the conscious mind. Clear seeing into our innermost depths. Facilitates the re Transformation through interdependency. The transmutation of negativity at a conscious level while we are bringing a new level of co-operation from within

A step into the waters of life. Transmutation of sexual problems created by anticipation and expectations. Love opening into The alchemical possibility of embracing our wholeness. Letting go of the deepest levels of fear. A transformation for the deep The opening to a new level within our being. Cleansing of the emotions and the communication of the feeling in the world. Th

O-live. The hope in us is rescued in the face of difficulty. Samael the Archangel reminds us not to deny what we don''t want to The support and the higher will. The light at the end of the tunnel begins to glimmer in the distance

It is as it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being. Deep insight, insight, ecstasy, upliftment. Reciprocal maintenance and the inner alchemy of the heart. I knowingly participate in the unfold of the plan on earth. The creative absorbency that may be accessed by each of us. The love of the mother. The sea of consciousness opens before

Brings self love and love from above. ngs. Nurturing and protecting. Balanced communication.

happiness and understanding be the realisation as the heart finds its way in the world.

ng states of extreme fatigue or disconnectedness.

he fears and confusions to reveal the gold of wisdom and true value within yourself.

leasing fear from the heart.

to make use of insights gained in this way. of faith as all judgements and attachments are surrendered to live in accordance with the Divine plan.

love for the entire ''family of man'' be realised. Love in the little things and the wisdom to connect with that. a peace that passeth all understanding. t depths. Facilitates the refinement of our innermost essence.

ations. Love opening into the world. ansformation for the deepest levels of suffering. the feeling in the world. The female leadership from within the depths of the self meets the Higher Will.

eny what we don''t want to see.

f the plan on earth. nsciousness opens before me as I let go of the past.

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