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November 18, 2017 | Author: Natasha Shah | Category: Seed
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Introduction The following texts are some of my all-time favourite erotic stories. I have collected them in this way to make them easier to read and prettier to print. This whole collection started out as an experiment in layout and general mucking about with Word an evening I was bored and ended up as the document you’re now reading. The stories were found on free websites in various formats. I have taken some liberty with the formatting to make them all fit in the general layout of this document and I spell checked them to remove the most glaring errors. I did not get the authors’permission to distribute their stories this way. I do not know the email addresses of the authors only their names/pseudonyms and therefore could not ask for their permission. However, since they were distributed through free websites I took the liberty of merely collecting them in a document that will also be free and probably not available to anyone they were not already available to in their individual form already. This, I think, falls inside the intent of the legal term ‘fair use’in most countries. This collection of stories was initially released through the Morpheus file-sharing client on February 3rd 2002. This is the first version of the document. I will probably continue to add to the collection and release updated compilations now and then. Enjoy the stories and remember that the best way of getting more of them is to write the author of a story you liked (if you can find the email address) and tell him or her what you thought. -- The Collector


Contents INTRODUCTION.............................................................................................................................. 1 CONTENTS...................................................................................................................................... 2 Fantasy section.............................................................................................................................................. 3 The Science-fiction section ......................................................................................................................... 43


Fantasy section Fiery dragons, knights in shining armour and damsels in distress are what it’s all about. Add a pinch of elves, a dash of magic and the odd arch-villain and you’ll have a thorough understanding of the fantasy section. Part of what I like about these stories is their naiveté about sex. Sex in these worlds is (mostly) untroubled with accidental pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and other nasty things we normal mortals have to deal with. We’re left with stories where sex is something relatively unimportant and any unwanted after-effects rarely last long. FANTASY SECTION ....................................................................................................................... 3 Troll Rape...................................................................................................................................................... 4 The final ring............................................................................................................................................... 11 A Midsummer night in Lorien................................................................................................................... 35


Troll Rape By Storyteller37 "Hurry up, will you?!" Kilana was obviously nervous from traveling through troll-land. She stood, tripping on her heels waiting for her traveling-companion, Nyla to finish up packing. The two elves have been traveling for five days now, and just last night, they crossed what was officially the border of civilized country. Now they were on their own. Up to this day, they had not seen any of the trolls who befouled this godforsaken area. This, Kilana was glad for. Sure, both she and her companion were able fighters, but when it came down to trolls, they didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Those trolls would rob them, rape then and kill them both, and not necessarily in that particular order. Nyla was just finished packing up after herself. She tightened the straps of her leather armor and heaved her rucksack on. The backpack was so loaded with gold from their adventure that she grew weak in her knees just by looking at the backpack, not to mention walking around with it on her back all day. Kilana had tried to convince her to discard some of the gold, but Nyla was inveterate that way. "You think we will see some action today?" Nyla barked out as she began to walk her first few steps of today. "You better pray we don't, Nyla. We don't stand a chance!" Kilana quickly responded as she tucked her bedspread into her backpack and put it firmly on her shoulders. Kilana was a considerably better packer than Nyla in many ways. In return to having much less in her backpack, she was thusly allowed to wear a better and heavier armor than Nyla without overloading herself in the process. Her chainmail covered her womanly shapes all the way from her slender neck to where her longsword rested at her hip. Underneath, she wore an airy gown to prevent the metal rings from nibbling in her skin. Her shoulders were already starting to show signs from carrying the heavy metal armor around all day. "Wanna start moving, you nag? We have to catch the end of this wasteland before sunset of we'll be an easy target for those trolls." Trolls shunned the light. The legends told of trolls being turned into stone if they were hit by sun. ***** Nyla was tired of walking. She knew she was packing way too much of the gold, but it was too precious to just drop to the ground. She sighed heavily with exhaustion, gazing at her companion who walked easy as a feather just two meters in front of her. "Can we take a little break? My armor is cutting my shoulders." Kilana stopped and turned back and grinned in a smile of superior knowledge. She was just about to say "Didn't I tell you so" when suddenly an arrow came from nowhere and struck Nyla's backpack with a loud smack, tearing the exhausted elven girl to the ground with brutal force. "Nyla! You OK?” Kilana yelled as she threw herself down on the ground and started unwrapping her bow from her backpack. "Yeah, I'm fine. The bastard perforated my backpack damnit!" Nyla was quick to reply as she desperately strained her neck past the bulk of her backpack to try to see where the arrow came from. The arrow of Trollish origins, stood deep in the backpack. It had torn the fabric with it's barbed tip and one by one, gold and silver coins streamed out and fell to the ground next to Nyla.


"Nooo!", she yelled as she desperately tried to gather the gold again. She totally forgot where she was and what was happening, for the next second, a new arrow came flying and burrowed itself firmly into the ground, just a foot away from Nyla's greedy hands. The two elves froze still. Suddenly it struck them like a chilling hand down their spines. The sun had gone down. It was getting dark. It was night soon. The two elves froze like statues, still trying to figure out where exactly the arrows came from. Then suddenly a tall fellow approached them from behind, totally taking them by surprise. It was a troll. The big burly troll stood 8 feet tall, almost twice as tall as the two elves. This was nothing like the common forest-troll the two elves were used to. He was not fat and pale, but strongly built and deep grey of color. Its entire body was covered with long hairs, and his long strong arms hung dumbly along his side. Two small black eyes with brushy eyebrows watched the elves as they lied on the ground terrified. "He’s alone. We can take him," Nyla whispered as she secretly readied her sword, still without making sudden movements. Something was wrong. The troll didn't have a bow. No, there had to be another troll out there. Even if they could defeat the troll alone, they would die from the archer the next second. "Better play along, Nyla. He's not alone." Nyla carefully nodded back to Kilana and let go of her firm grasp around the swordhilt. The menacing troll smiled with sadistic glee as he cracked his knuckles, flexing his bulging muscles to the two elves. A silent murmur of a laughter developed as the troll nodded and decided to speak to his captives. "Now you property of Batur!" He pulled something from his belt that had previously been hidden under his thick fur. A set of shackles. He tossed the metal shackles on the ground and gesticulated to Nyla, ordering her to chain herself and her fellow elf with the shackles. Nyla did as he ordered. She discarded her backpack and eeled her slender body over to where the shackles had dully landed on the ground. They were heavy. They were doubtfully made from ordinary iron. Trolls were excellent miners and blacksmiths. This was probably troll-silver, as elves used to call it. A little heavier than iron but a hundred times stronger. She grudgingly locked the shackled around her legs and proceeded with locking the other end of the chain around Kilana's legs. Now, all hope was over. All the two prisoners could do was hope the troll didn't plan on killing them. At least not just yet. The troll nodded, pleased with his new bounty. Then, he proceeded with speaking in his broken language and baritone voice: "You come with Batur to village." Kilana and Nyla was just about to stand up and start walking, but the troll suddenly pulled a little dagger from his belt and held it down against Nyla's throat. "But first...Batur want to see you naked!" he bluntly let out as he quickly pushed the frail elf down to her knees again. Nyla gasped as the air was knocked out of her lungs. She looked over at Kilana with a sorry look on her otherwise so perty and fast-talking face. A single tear rolled down her cheek. Nyla had never taken off her clothes to anyone before, and she was not about to do so for a stinking troll. Secretly, she reached down to where she kept a sharp knife in her tall boot. She drew it halfway up, and the next time the troll pointed the finger at her, she planned on cutting it straight off. 5

She gazed up at the troll with mixed feelings. She was afraid, but also angry. Her eyes trembled as she desperately tried to predict the troll's next move. "You! Take of clothes! Now!" The troll moved up close to Nyla. Just as he was about to order her one last time, she leapt up and lounged towards the troll with her knife. The troll dodged the blow like he was expecting it, and answered Nyla with slamming his fist in her face, knocking the poor elven girl to the ground unconscious. "Nooo! You fucking bastard!" Kilana barked out obscenities to the troll even though she knew it was both foolish and in vain. Her cursing at the troll would help neither her nor Nyla. Even though Nyla was a bitch and a pain in the ass, she had grown to love her like a sister. While Kilana laid shackled helpless on the ground, the troll bent down next to Nyla and started to cut her leather armor up along the middle with his stone-dagger. The rough leather soon parted, revealing her white skimpy undershirt. The troll grunted and grinned to Kilana as he proceeded with cutting up her friend's shirt too, even though the buttons were visible and easier to undo. It would seem like the troll enjoyed cutting up Nyla's clothes inch by inch, revealing her tender flesh by degrees at a time. Kilana witnessed as the troll quickly tore off Nyla's armor and continued cutting her shirt until he had done it all the way down. With one careful nap, he pulled her shirt away too, and pretty soon Nyla was lying just in her skirt and boots. Her jutting young breasts trembled as the troll swiftly pulled her blue skirt down to her knees in one jerk, revealing her bare ripe pussy. It was tender and fresh like all elves her age, and not a single hint of pubes were to be seen. The troll sighed heavily at the sight of the puerile elf as she lay motionless on the ground. He swallowed heavily and gaped wide open as he stared at her naked young body for a very long time. Kilana suddenly noticed the Troll's cock was growing larger and longer with excitement, appearing from underneath all the hair as a long and thick leathery shaft. His cockhead oozed with a clear liquid that drooled on the ground in front of him. "Sooo... pretty." he mumbled as he sat down on his knees right next to the unconscious Nyla, carefully fooling around her left shoulder with his sharp dagger. The troll hadn't bothered to take off her boots yet, and as the troll was all consumed with the sight of Nyla's lovely body, Kilana carefully snatched the dagger and hid it in her own boot. The troll was done watching. His cock was huge now, pulsating with his heavy heartbeats as it had grown even larger and wider than Nyla's forearm. He started maneuvering around on his furry knees until he straddled Nyla over her tummy. He put his stone-dagger between his tusked teeth to have free hands, and when he had ensured Kilana wasn't up to anything, he grabbed a solid hold around Nyla's petite breasts. They were so small. Not even a handful for the big troll. Still, he proceeded with his plan and stuck his veiny black cock between her tits, brutally forcing a cleavage with her young petite breast he could titfuck. His big heavy testicles rested against Nyla's stomach as he slowly began to stroke his cock between her small tits. They weren't even close to envelope his massive shaft, but he kept on tit-fucking her anyways. He started to breath heavily as he continued to push and pull his massive cock back and forth across her tender chest. Soon, Nyla's tormented tits were red and sore. The troll grunted in discontentment with his little playtoy. This puny elf was not woman enough for his full cock. He continued fucking her cleavage, but soon gave up as he constantly lost his grip around her breasts.


Kilana praised her friend for being unconscious. Receiving such a hellish treatment had to be too hard for even a warrior-elf like herself to overcome. Suddenly the troll turned his attention to Kilana and grinned mischievously at her. While he took his dagger from his mouth with one hand, he pointed his other hand at her and ordered her to start undressing. Not wanting to be knocked out herself, she did as the troll told her. At least one of the two should remain conscious if the troll lowered his guard. Kilana pulled her chainmail over her head and started to unbutton her dress. It was sticking to her skin because of all her sweat, and when she got to undoing the buttons at the middle, her young breasts fell out into mid-air. The troll grunted and smiled as he watched the two breasts bob slightly with Kilana's movements. These were just a tad larger than Nyla's, but Kilana doubted it would hurt any less just because of that. She got to her crotch and undid the two last buttons, spreading the dress to please the horny troll. Kilana was just a few years older than Nyla and a fully-grown woman. Elven females usually bore very childlike looks, but Kilana could be mistaken for a young human hadn't it been for her big pointy ears and her hairless pussy. She gazed at the troll with her big azure eyes, hoping to strike a vein of good in the evil troll, but in vain. The troll instead got up on his feet again and wandered over to Kilana, stopping just a few feet away from her. "Stand up, elf!" Kilana had no choice but to follow orders. Even when she stood up, she only reached up to the big troll's waist. His steamy oozing cock hung in mid-air, just in front of Kilana's face. Even though the troll didn't say anything, Kilana knew what she had to do. She slowly leaned forward and grabbed the troll's cock with both her hands. It was so very thick now. So warm. She carefully pulled her frail hands up and down his enormous shaft, pulling his foreskin up and down, fiddling with the big cockhead with her fingers. She tried to please the troll as much as she could, and perhaps she could bargain with him not to take her to his village. She closed her eyes in disgust and opened her mouth, reaching out with her little tongue. Searching in blind with her mouth wide open and her tongue far out, she suddenly felt his two rugged hands landing in her long hair, tugging her head forward until his massive cockhead bobbed against her mouth. She started begging the troll. She had seen what he did to her unconscious friend, and now she feared it was her turn. His cock was way too much to even begin gaping over, but the troll ignored her muffled cries for mercy and continued to push against her mouth, forcing her refusing lips to part. She started licking the head of his cock, desperately trying to please him. She stuck her thin tongue down the oozing hole in his dick and her mouth became filled with the clear precum. She coughed and gasped. It tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before. Salty and sweat at the same time. Then, just as she felt her jaw was about to give in, the huge prick slid past her lips and into her tight little mouth. The head of his cock filled her entire mouth and as it spasmed inside of her narrow warm mouth, a new spurt of his tepid precum came gushing. The troll bellowed like a bull in heat as he started to push his cock ever harder into her mouth, but to no use. She was simply too tight. Kilana desperately started licking and sucking, running her little tongue along the rigid shaft as it fooled around inside her mouth. Her mouth was filled with cock and precum and some of it started trickling past her lips and down her chin. She felt his warm dick throbbing heavily with every strike of pulse and every time she sucked and licked it, the troll came closer and closer to coming. She had to swallow some of the precum and she felt the disgusting liquids climbing down her throat. Then, just as she started sucking even harder, she felt the tip of his cock slid past her jaw and just an inch down her throat, forcing her to bend her head up in order not to choke on it. 7

As she bent her neck, the troll pushed his cock even harder, and it slid further and further down her narrow gullet, making her gag and quake with surprise. She could no longer breathe. She shot wide eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks like rivers, mixing with the precum around her mouth. Her desperate tries to breathe created a tremendous vacuum, and suddenly Kilana felt the foot-long cock was forced all the way down her tight throat. The troll's massive nuts rested against her chin and the troll was slamming the last inch of his cock in and out of her throat while screaming and bellowing even louder. Then, like a firehose suddenly turned on, the massive shaft down Kilana's throat spasmed and started to pump its hot cum into her belly. The big burly troll dug his big hands into Kilana's hair and roared in lust, his balls trembling with orgasm as he continued pounding his spewing shaft down Kilana's gullet. She was forced to gulp down every burst of the sticky troll-cum or else her lungs would probably have started filling with the sickening stuff. For what seemed like eternity, the troll kept pumping her full of his hot semen until her tummy was all bloated with cum. He finally let go of her head and allowed her to fall to the ground, sliding off the cock. She gasped for her precious oxygen, not minding the even shower of cum still spurting from the troll's now flaccid cock. The troll seemed to have unlimited amounts of cum streaming from his cock, and pretty soon, Kilana was lying in a pool of the white sticky goo. Then, finally the shower stopped. Kilana dared to open her eyes again and gazed up at the troll. He was breathing heavily, and his cock was starting to become hard and long again. Kilana gasped in terror as she realized the troll was not done with her yet. Her ravaged mouth gulped some more cum in between her long breaths for air. Her little tummy was full of troll-semen, and the more she gulped, the more of the sticky cum ran down her chin and onto the already cumdrenched ground. The troll sat down on the ground and picked her slender body up by her waist. His two rugged hands with his long big fingers reached all the way around her tummy. She felt like a sex-toy where the troll slowly raised her high up in the air with his muscular arms. He positioned her on top of his own face and lay back, allowing Kilana to rest against the ground with her legs as she was forced to spread her legs. The troll suddenly let out his big long tongue and ran it up Kilana's crotch, starting to lap all over her pussy in a furious tempo. Kilana gasped in surprise. Her mouth dropped and her breath became shallower as she felt the incredible feeling of the big wet tongue fooling skillfully around her clit. She was filled with disgust, but at the same time, waves of pleasure crushed through her body like violent waves crushing against a beach. She twisted her body against his strokes and suddenly she felt something she had never felt before. Her whole body started shivering as a tremendous feeling began to build up in her crotch. Then, suddenly it exploded, running up her slender body and down again, over and over until she could barely breath anymore. She gasped for air, throwing her neck back and closed her eyes. Then, suddenly the troll withdrew his tongue and lifted her up again. Kilana opened her eyes again and gazed down at the troll, looking at him with mixed feelings. Then suddenly she felt his huge hard cock pressing against her pussy. She gasped with terror and began to struggle, but to no use. The troll forced her down on his massive shaft. Her pussylips were stretched to the absolute limit, and suddenly the head of his cock slipped past them and plunged into her hot trembling pussy with a sudden piercing pain.


She threw her neck back again, this time in pain and agony. She could do nothing to prevent this. She just dully hang in his brutal hands as he pulled her down his entire length until she felt his bloated balls slamming against her butt. Then, slowly and painfully, the troll pulled her up again. But just as Kilana felt the head of his cock was about to slip out of her tight tormented pussy, he brutally pulled her down again, this time even harder and faster. Her slender thighs made a dull audible smack when they slammed against his hairy thighs. Kilana gasped even louder, hauling for air in between the brutal troll impaling her to the absolute limit. She felt like she was about to tear up from the pussy to her ass, but she didn't. Instead, a tiny river of blood started trickling out from her agonized pussy with every thrust she received. She bit her lips together as she felt her betraying juices mixed with his spit allowed his cock to slide in and out with ease, and soon she felt like she just wanted to die right there and then. She was degraded beyond imagine, impaled by the huge cock, completely unable of moving. Every word leaving her little mouth was reduced to whispering whines and pleading sobs, and every attempt of escape was shortened to pathetic waves with her arms and legs, only helping the troll in violating her even more. She started crying again. Her vision was blurred with tears and her mouth was sobbing like never before. She felt the troll was picking up the pace. She felt nothing but pain now, and her whole abdomen was hurting and burning in agony. She gasped and sobbed, daring not to open her eyes again as the troll continued pounding her up and down his massive cock. The troll was ravishing her like a fucktoy. Her tears began dripping down on his chest, but the troll only licked her face and grunted joyfully in response of her pain. He pulled her harder and faster, and soon his breath was getting shallower and damper with every thrust. Then, like a canon loaded and ready to fire, his cock spasmed back like it was ready to burst and suddenly started spewing out tremendous amounts of hot cum. Kilana felt the disgusting sensation of the troll's thick globs of semen filling her womb, shot by shot until she was completely filled with his sticky jizz. Cum began to trickle out between the massive trollcock and her stretched twat, smearing all over her thighs and tummy. The troll let out a loud growling yell of joy as his monstrously huge cock continued to spew out cum. Then, finally he stopped, and let Kilana go. She hung dumbly, supported only by his massive shaft. As the cock softened, she slid dully down and landed on his hairy chest. Kilana was barely able to breathe. She gazed carefully up at the troll, opening her eyes again. Suddenly she spotted the sun starting to reach over the mountains. The troll had been so busy raping her and her friend that he hadn't noticed how early it was in the morning. The troll had fucked her all night long. Kilana gasped as she gazed down at the troll. She must have passed out sometimes during the night. She could not remember riding that horrible troll all night. Then, like an angel from heaven, the light finally hit the unexpecting troll in the face. He shot a horrible grimace as his eyes rolled back and his entire body turned into stone with one split of a second. Kilana lay on his chest for a long time. His cock was still inside of her, and in it's new rocky state, even harder than ever. She struggled and finally got loose from the adamant cock. Her pussy was bleeding and drooling cum. She was barely able to stand up again. Her friend was still unconscious. Kilana wanted to wake her friend up and continue their journey, but she was so tired. Her body was ravaged and sapped of all strength. She fell to the ground and fell asleep. ***** It was the next day again. 9

The two girls would praise luck that no other troll noticed them while they were both sleeping. Nyla was the first to wake up from her deep slumber. She spotted the petrified troll and Kilana's cumdrenched body lying next to it and realized was had happened. She stacked herself up on her feet, but she was barely able to walk. Her ass was burning with pain, and her whole body was cold, naked and ravaged. She slowly got over to her friend and woke her up. It was going to take them all day to regain their strength. The two girls had used up all their healingpotions and still they could feel the rough treatment they had received from the troll. They still pondered on who shot the arrow, but later that day they found another petrified troll, this one squatting down between a large rock, clutching to a bow, not far from their camp. It must have been an agreement. The first troll was going to rape them, and when he was done, the second one would come and take over. Who knew how many times the two trolls would have done this before actually taking them to their clan. Who knew what would happen to them there. Nyla and Kilana shuddered with terror was they gazed back at the troll. Perhaps now they could complete their quest. Still, even if they hurried, they would have to spend one last night in the troll-land before they reached their destination. If the gods were with them, no more trolls would notice them and they could both travel safely through the troll-land. But somehow, Nyla had a sneaky feeling more was waiting for them. The End


The final ring By Scarlett Minx Little did the young ranger know what the Gods had in store for her that morning. As Robyn bathed in the pool in back of the compound she and her companions called home, she marveled at what a beautiful dawn it was. She sank to her shoulders in the cool water, its icy temperature stealing the warmth from her limbs and making her nipples harden painfully. Not that they needed any help to be painful, she thought with a smirk. Looking down, she could see the early morning sun glint off the gold rings that pierced each nipple. Robyn smiled, proud to have finally earned this latest badge of rank which marked her as a ranger Guide. Soon, she thought to herself, I will earn my final ring. The young warrior was sure she would be the first of her companions to earn the rank of Warden, at which point she would be given her own shire to patrol, probably somewhere along the border of the civilized lands and the southern badlands. Robyn let her mind race with heroic fantasies. She saw how she would save caravans and merchants from goblin hordes, rescue nobility and common folk alike from orc raids, and how she would protect the animals and trees of the great southern forests from the raiding parties of ogres and gnolls. These creatures all too often entered the woods to cause mischief or destruction. Her breath quickened as she saw herself using her hard-won skill at arms and her quick wits to harass and demoralize her enemies. Her training had taught her that a single ranger was only so effective in simple combat, but by using her intelligence and wilderness skills, she could cause the enemy great confusion and anguish. By using their guerrilla-like tactics, rangers had often stopped these raids, or so slowed larger forces that reinforcements from the kingdoms of Paete and Wiltzford were able to position their troops to meet and defeat these larger incursions. Robyn smiled at these thoughts, proud to be a part of such an important force of good in the world. Her excitement caused her nipples to protrude painfully and she moaned as she rubbed her callused hand over the ringed nubs. As she did, she could feel that peculiar tingling and wet heat in her groin. She wondered why this seemed to happen so often lately. She still remembered when her druid teachers had told her she had passed her instructional period with them. The ceremony that followed involved her laying on the ceremonial alter, her limbs spread and bound. The druids, in their dark green hooded robes, spreading special unguents over her nipples, making them harder then ever before, and alive with a burning, maddening itch that she longed to scratch. She remembered looking up at them with fear and anticipation as they chanted holy words and hymns to Elora, goddess of the forests, asking her blessing on the rite of passage. She remembered how they heated the silver needles to a fiery red, how they held her as they pierced each nipple slowly, watching to see if she would cry out. Robyn thought back on how she had bit her lip, covered in sweat as her naked body writhed under their hands. Not a single sound escaped her lips, despite the agony she felt. After the needles were withdrawn, gold rings were slipped in the holes, and a magic spell cast to join the ends together. The same spell hardened the soft gold till it was as tough as the clear tear-stones the dwarves of the northern mountains found in their mines deep within the earth. As soon as the rings were in place, the elder druid priestess began to stroke the young woman's inner thighs, causing them to become wet and slick. Her fingers soon found their way to Robyn's bald cunt, and began to caress and play with the sensitive flesh there. Droplets of slippery arousal formed inside her burning furrow, quickly building up and trickling down the cleft of her sex to her anus. Before long, Robyn was panting, moaning in pleasure as the other druid approached, bearing the ceremonial golden bowl. As Robyn watched, the druid priestess reached in and drew out two seeds from the sacred Chula trees. Each seed was dark red and round, the size of a small crabapple. Continuing her erotic massage with one hand, she slowly began to work the smooth seed into Robyn's weeping pussy. Robyn gasped as the large seed was pressed farther and farther inside, stretching her further than ever before. As she lay there gasping and moaning with pleasure, the priestess began to work the second seed into her, all the while stroking her engorged clit. Both druids began a chant, asking the gods to bless the event, asking their favor to ensure the seeds, now properly germinated, would grow into the proud trees that filled the mighty forests of this region. The druid's fingers soon caused Robyn to scream her climax out into the night. The seeds were gently removed, their outer shells softened by the copious vagina secretions they had soaked in. 11

The seeds would be quickly planted, thereby helping to bind the soul of the young ranger with that of the forest. In fact, ever since the ceremony, the forest had seemed like new to Robyn, like she was seeing it for the first time. Nor was that the only change. Robyn's nipples had grown since that night, and darkened to a darker scarlet. Their sensitivity had increased as well. Robyn could only wonder if the same would happen when she had finished her apprenticeship period and the druids would pierce the hood of her clitoris, the final badge she would earn. The thought of this caused Robyn to moan, as her fingers busied themselves between her thighs, occasionally reaching up to pinch and twist her hard, inch-long nipples. As she roughly shoved three fingers into her burning cunt she felt her passion peak, and break over her like a large wave, sweeping her conscious thought away and sending her into another realm. Slowly, as reality slipped back into her mind, Robyn slipped her head below the water's surface. Shaking herself, she washed away the traces of her passion and surfaced. She climbed out and dried herself off quickly. She looked up to see Wuufar, another of the apprentices watching her. He blushed and looked away, the small bulge in his trousers testifying to his spying. Robyn smiled, remembering Wuufar's scream as the seeds were inserted into him on his graduation. In fact, as Robyn reflected, he had been walking strangely ever since. She giggled, thinking that perhaps the seeds were still in place. Glancing at the rising sun, she hurriedly dressed, slipping on the supple leather armor and greaves. Picking up her spear and short sword, she went to find the senior ranger, Dingoo, for her patrol assignment. She found him on the hill overlooking the glade, greeting the sun in his own personal way. Robyn smiled as she admired his naked form basking in the early morning sun. Ridges of hard muscle defined his shoulders and arms. His torso was also well defined, the hard muscles marred by the pale scars from countless skirmishes with the forces of evil. His body was hairless, as were all the rangers, due to the druids' teachings and magical rites. Clearing her throat, she announced her presence. "Good morning, Robyn," he said without turning around. He's always doing that, she thought. Probably knew I was here all along. Dingoo explained the area he wanted her to patrol. She was to cover the hills south of the river Lusmatine, east towards the centaur lands. Robyn listened as he gave his orders. Once she had all the details, Robyn stocked her pack with a week's worth of provisions and set off through the woods. She slipped quietly through the forest, moving as swiftly as only a druid or ranger could. Indeed the only ones faster at woodland travel, without using magic, were the elves. Robyn wondered if any of the mysterious creatures were watching her now. Stopping for a moment, she reached out with her senses, slowly merging her consciousness with that of the forest. As she felt the area around her expanded awareness, she "glimpsed" a brief flash of something at the edges of her view. She looked at the area, but saw nothing except for a single Chula leaf, slowly floating to the ground. Smiling at her developing skills, she set out again for her patrol area. As she approached the river, she reached into her belt pouch and removed a single silver dercha coin. Kimi, the mistress of beasts, guarded the ferry. She ferried travelers across the river, and also bred and raised war dogs that were much in demand by soldiers in the northern armies. As she approached the small lodge where Kimi lived, Robyn could hear Kimi's soft cries of ecstasy coming from inside. One of the ways she controlled the savage dogs was by mating with each of them often. As Robyn stuck her head inside the lodge, she could see Kimi's muscular form on top of one of the huge dogs. From her vantagepoint, she could see the huge red cock of the shaggy war dog slide deep into Kimi's vagina. Her breath became rapid and shallow as she watched the beast mistress get her satisfaction from the large shaft penetrating her. Robyn's hand slipped under the hem of her short leather skirt, gently caressing the hardening bud at the top of her crease. As she watched, the knot at the base of the beast's cock began to swell. While pinching her clit between wet fingertips, she looked on in awe as Kimi rocked back harder, the swollen bulb parting her fleshy folds and slowly slipping into the warm moist tunnel beyond. Kimi grunted and bore down, ensuring the entire knot slipped inside her. Her moans became louder and more frequent as she reached her orgasm with the huge knot inside her. The great dog's legs jerked and kicked, as he shot his load deep into his mistress's waiting womb. Kimi rocked her hips, sliding the knot over her sensitive g-spot repeatedly. Robyn's fingers were wet with her juices as she watched the erotic spectacle before her. She watched as Kimi rolled over, carefully slipping the still swollen member from her cunt. Kimi allowed the great dog to regain his feet and trot away, his shiny red penis slowly shrinking to its normal size. Kimi's fingers collected some of collected fluids slowly running out of her red, puffy womanhood and brought them to her lips. She looked up to see Robyn standing at the doorway, hand groping under her skirt. 12

With a wry smile on her face, she asked, "Can I help you, little one?" Robyn jerked her hand from under her skirt and blushed. "I was just… that is, I wanted… I need to cross the river, please." She stammered with embarrassment. "I have the toll," she said, holding up the silver dercha. Kimi smiled at the young ranger's obvious excitement and embarrassment. "No, the toll is a little higher today, young one. A bit more 'personal', if you know what I mean?" she asked, spreading her legs and beckoning Robyn to come closer. Robyn licked her lips as she saw the sloppy feast before her, still wet with the combined juices of the beast mistress and one of her hounds. On trembling legs, she set aside her spear and knelt between Kimi's muscular legs. She bent down and lowered her mouth to the mistress's waiting treat. She slowly stuck out her tongue, softly licking at the bittersweet fluids rolling down the puffy lips before her. Kimi took the young ranger's head between her hands and directed her eager tongue. Robyn greedily sucked and licked at the warm offering before her. She could taste the two separate tastes in the copious juices flowing over her tongue. She marveled at how the two tastes went together so well, the bitter tangy dog's sperm mixing so well with the sweet, musky juices that made up Kimi's most intimate scents. Robyn sealed her mouth over the entrance to her new lover's cunt, her cheeks hollowing as she tried to slake her thirst at the free-flowing spring of passion beneath her. Kimi arched her back, thrusting her crotch into the ranger's face, grinding and mashing her sensitive clitoris into the tongue and lips fastened ravenously to her burning cunt. "Oh yes, that's it. Clean me little one, eat Zeus's passion from inside me!" Kimi pulled her young lover's head closer, closing her thighs around it to hold it in place. She noisily climaxed again, flooding Robyn's mouth with her sweet nectar. Slowly relaxing, she pulled Robyn up and kissed her young mouth, probing deeply with her tongue, tasting herself and traces of her dog's coupling there. The muscular warrior spent several minutes hugging the young ranger close and running her hands freely over the young woman's body. "You have earned your passage today," she said with a smile on her flushed face. She got up and slipped on a leather tunic. She went outside and quickly ferried Robyn across the wide river. "Remember that I may want you to earn your passage again when you return," she smirked. Robyn blushed and nodded her head eagerly. Once across the river, Robyn set out for the rolling hills that she had been instructed to patrol. She slipped the though the lush woodland, staying inside the cover of the trees for concealment. As she covered her area, she picked up the sounds of a conversation somewhere up ahead of her. She moved silently through the trees, coming upon a small clearing. From her vantagepoint, she could see three figures within the glen, having a discussion and sharing an afternoon meal. The largest of the figures was a handsome centaur, a member of the half-human, half-horse race that owned the lands bordering the forest. The magnificent creature was lying on his stomach, his equine legs folded and tucked underneath him. The second member of the trio was a muscular forest troll, clad all in deep brown leather. His massive build strained the stitches holding his clothing together. His craggy features were weather-beaten and tanned. To his right sat one of the feral satyrs, resting on a small boulder. Between them, several small fish were cooking over a small fire and the friends were passing around several bottles of centaur wine, the powerful magic beverage favored by their race. As she watched and listened, she gathered that the centaur was named Bowsar; the satyr, Pa'Aey the wanderer; and the troll, simply Troll. She hid behind a small tree, eavesdropping on their conversation. "Pa'Aey, lets hear a little music while we eat," she heard Bowsar ask. Glancing around the tree, she saw the satyr reach into his rucksack and pull out a set of pipes. For some reason this sounded a warning bell in her mind but she couldn't remember exactly why. As Pa'Aey began to play, Troll broke out into a light-footed jig, dancing around the edge of the clearing. Bowsar raised up, standing tall and proud. The mighty centaur apparently felt like dancing as well, as he stamped his hooves in time with the lively melody. In fact, as she listened, Robyn felt like joining them. Too late she realized the danger. The magic nature of the satyr's flutes was affecting her, wrapping her in its spell. As the tune became wilder and more primal, Robyn struggled to resist the call of the dance. As the melody changed again, wild erotic images began to form in her mind's eye. Scenes of wild animalistic orgies flashed through her head. Without realizing it, she began to rub the shaft of her spear between the joining of her thighs, further weakening her control.


"What's this?" a gruff voiced asked as two powerful hands grasped her arms and pinned them behind her back. The spear fell from her fingers as the troll thrust her into the clearing. "A guest for our little party?" the satyr asked, pausing in playing his magical pipes. He quickly began again, the magic even more powerful as she stood restrained next to the source of the erotic spell. The centaur walked over and grasped the front of her leather armor. His powerful arms flexed briefly and the knots holding her breastplates together snapped like simple strings. Her ringed breasts fell forward, the scarlet nipples hardening under the hungry gazes of the three friends. "A ranger guide by the looks of things," Bowsar said, "unless she's a full warden?" Reaching down, he pulled down the skirt, revealing her hairless womanhood. "No ring," he chuckled while rubbing the hard nub of her clit with one of his large fingertips. Under the satyr's spell, Robyn watched in horror as her hips bucked against the digit, completely beyond her control. "Not a warden, but then a warden would have known better than to fall under a satyr's spell, as well as having the manners to avoid listening in on other people's conversations." "Please… … I'm sorry. I didn't mean… … any harm. Let me go, okay?" Robyn struggled against the powerful troll's grip, all to no avail. "Since you shared our conversation, it's only fitting that you share our wine." The satyr said, holding a bottle of the powerful magic elixir up to her lips. Robyn tried to turn away from the bottle, knowing that the magic centaur wine was too powerful for a mere human to consume. Desperate to maintain some control, she clenched her lips. "Drink!" the centaur commanded, his powerful fingers grasping her left nipple and squeezing cruelly. As Robyn cried out in pain, the satyr forced the bottle between her lips, pouring a large amount down her throat. Sputtering and choking, she was forced to swallow the burning liquid. Immediately, tingling warmth spread through her body. As the magic wine worked its spell, her thighs parted of their own volition, her breath becoming rapid pants as the lust spread from her now-dripping pussy to the tips of her breasts. The satyr poured more of the wine down her throat and she no longer struggled to get away. As the troll released her arms, his hands went to her nipples, rubbing and tweaking them, causing her to lean back against his massive chest and moan in pleasure. Bowsar's fingers continued their erotic massage of her lower lips, causing her to roll and buck her hips in an obscene manner. "Please… oh please, don't stop," she begged as the magic flutes and wine awoke a lust inside her like none she had ever felt. As the troll laid her out onto the grassy floor, the satyr opened two more bottles of the centaur's wine. While Robyn watched through lust-filled eyes, Pa'Aey worked the necks of the bottles inside her dripping cunt and tight nether hole. As soon as the magic wine flowed into her, Robyn felt as if a raging fire had been lit inside her. She trashed around, trying to drive the bottles deeper into her hungry holes. Finally the troll held her down. "Relax, the wine will protect you from harm, my sweet." Troll said as he nuzzled her neck with his breaded face. Robyn could feel the last of her control burn away in the flames of her desire. When she looked up, she could see the satyr attaching an arrangement of ropes over the back of the Bowsar. From where she was laying, she could see the centaur's mighty phallus emerge from its sheath. She gasped at the enormous size of it. It was already longer than her forearm and easily as big around. The satyr's cock was also erect, long and red with a pointed head. It reminded Robyn of the cock she had seen earlier in Kimi's lodge. Glancing down, she watched as Troll removed the now empty bottles and began to loosen his leather trousers. As he pulled them down, his stiffening cock sprang up. Robyn's mouth watered as she looked at the brown shaft bobbing before her. "Is she ready?" Bowsar asked. "Oh yes!" replied Troll. He effortlessly picked her up and placed her in the cradle hanging below Bowsar's girth. The ropes were arranged so that the enormous cock was resting on her stomach, past her navel. Robyn spread her legs and placed them in the stirrups attached to the ropes, rocking back and forth to rub the huge shaft over the lips of her sex.


"Are you ready to be my mare, young ranger?" asked the mighty centaur. "OH yes… Please mate with me… take me… please!" Robyn begged, desperate to mate, her loins blazing, the heat of the rut upon her. She pulled herself forward, placing the head of the mighty cock at the waiting entrance of her cunt. She tried to push herself onto the massive head, but it was simply too large to go in. Crying with desperate need, she struggled harder and harder. Finally, Pa'Aey figured out a solution. Crawling on his back, he positioned himself below the hanging Robyn. He reached up and poked the tip of his 13-inch dog-like penis at the entrance of her twitching asshole. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back. His strong arms flexed as he pulled her onto his cock and the centaur's at the same time. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Robyn screamed as the two mighty shafts penetrated her deeply. If not for the magic wine douching and enema, she would have been split in two. Robyn groaned as her sex was stretched around the mighty organ. At the same time, the satyr's long cock plunged deeper and deeper into her heated bowels. She grunted as the two cocks drove the breath from her lungs. Never had she felt so full. There was pain, but it only served to underscore her passion. Her eyes became glassy and vacant as she began to tremble from the crashing waves of ecstasy that flowed through her. As the two mighty creatures began to thrust in unison, Robyn felt her mind begin to spin off into another realm filled only with pleasure and passion. None of her sexual encounters had prepared her for something like this. As her head lolled back, Troll rubbed the head of his cock over her lips, teasing her with it. Robyn tried to capture the head with her mouth, but Troll was merciless with his teasing. Finally, Robyn was drooling with desire. She could feel the knot at the base of the satyr's cock pound against the ring of her sphincter. As Troll finally shoved the head of his massive erection inside her waiting mouth, Bowsar bucked harder, forcing a couple more inches into her straining cunt. At the same time, Pa'Aey grabbed her hips and rammed the wide knot past her asshole, locking them together. As she screamed in ecstasy, Troll plunged nearly half of his two-foot long penis deep into her throat. Robyn's orgasm shook her to her core as three massive phalluses filled her completely. As she shook and trembled, the three friends each filled her with their own orgasms, the heated cum filling her ass, her throat, her womb. As the group reached their orgasms tied together by the spell of lust the pipes and wine had cast, Robyn sobbed with release as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her. She trembled and shook, no longer in control of her limbs. Vivid colors flashed in front of her eyes and ethereal voices filled her ears. So lost in pleasure was she that she never felt them pull out of her. They gently laid her down on her stomach. Robyn moaned as she felt Troll place his cock at the entrance of her pussy and push inside. Pa'Aey grasped her head and pulled her lips over his still swollen shaft. She shuddered as she felt Bowsar's mighty cock push against the resilient opening of her anus. She mentally said a quick prayer of thanks to Kaite, the goddess of lust for the magic wine protecting her from harm. As the trio attacked her holes again, she gave the last of her conscious mind over to the raging passion within her. She no longer had any rational thought; all that mattered was the raw primal need to rut. Her mouth emitted only animalistic grunts and squeals as she fucked like a wild beast. She savagely impaled herself on the offered cocks with a fury that amazed the three friends. The orgy continued for hours, each of the forest creatures repeatedly mating with the young girl, in all combinations and positions. As time passed, her stomach began to appear slightly swollen with all the sperm she had swallowed and the viscous mix of fluids squirted out of her openings each time one of the creatures thrust a cock into them. Finally she could take no more, slipping into unconsciousness with a satisfied smile on her sticky face, sperm running freely from her abused asshole and cunt to pool on the forest floor. Her hair was matted with sweat and cum, plastered to her skull like a living helmet. The lips of her pussy were bright red and puffy. The swollen ring of her anus gaped open obscenely, allowing a steady flow of bubbling cum to leak out of her bowels. Perhaps the most shocking sight was of the young girl's clitoris. The tender nub had been so abused that it was a deep scarlet, and remained turgid even now. It parted the swollen labia at the top of her cunt like some vermilion thumb.


When sanity finally returned, she woke up to see the sky full of stars. The twin moons Jonh and Ulo were high in the sky overhead. She was lying on a soft bower of fresh pine limbs and sweet shaer flowers. An elven silk sheet covered her naked form. A fire was burning and she could see a familiar figure crouched on the other side of the fire. As she pulled back the white sheet, the figure stood slowly, revealing a naked form of a large man. He approached her, firelight glinted off the gold rings piercing his nipples and the golden stud through the head of his long penis (the male equivalent of the clit piercing she hoped to win for herself). She smiled as she stretched, feeling her muscles relax and loosen. Glancing down, she could see that she had been cleaned up, and some sweet fragrant oil had been rubbed into her skin. As she spread her legs and caressed her stiffening nipples, she reached up and fondled the rapidly hardening shaft in front of her with one hand. As the man lay down beside her and softly kissed her wet lips, he asked, "Did you enjoy your birthday present?" Robyn moaned as she felt his hardness slowly pry open the lips of her female flower and slowly slide in. Looking into his brown eyes full of love and desire. "Yes, Father, thank you," she hissed as he slowly penetrated her with the full length of his manhood. She was still sore and tender, but what pain there was just excited her more. "Good, your sixteenth birthday only comes once." As his daughter writhed beneath him, Dingoo smiled. *** (II) The next morning, Robyn awoke to the sounds of a squirrel scampering through the limbs above the glade. She had been sleeping with her arm across her father's chest, her head cradled in the crook of his arm. She listened to the rhythmic rise and fall of chest as he slept. Remembering the special love they had shared last night, she trailed her hand down across his chest. Loving the feel of the taut skin atop corded muscle, Robyn opened her thighs, feeling them pull as they parted, still tacky with the evidence of last night's lovemaking. Her hand reached lower, her fingertips grazing the surface of her father's cock. She softly brushed her hand back and forth over the shaft, feeling it slowly respond. As Dingoo's penis began to swell, Robyn quietly lifted her head and slid down his body. Laying her head on his stomach, she opened her lips and carefully brought the swelling glans to her mouth. Her pink tongue lovingly swirled around the large head, her mouth watering as she tasted their passion still present on his cock. Bending her head, she took it into her mouth and began to suck. Her left hand cradled his balls, rubbing and massaging them. As she skillfully sucked the now hard shaft, she began to taste the slightly bitter taste of her father's precum bubbling out of the tip of his cock. The taste of her father's arousal spurred her on. Her right hand had found its way between her thighs, and was busy rolling the hard bud of her abused clitoris between her fingertips. With her own excitement rising, she did her best to pleasure her father, her tongue swirling along the underside of his dick as her head bobbed faster and faster. She moaned as she felt her climax break, fresh moisture wetting her hand as it played between the swollen lips of her cunt. Just as the tremors of her orgasm began to subside, she felt her father's body stiffen, and his cock jerked in her mouth. His salty sweet cum spurted across her tongue, thick and rich like wild honey. She swallowed as fast as she could, eager to devour every drop. A few stray drops leaked from the corners of her mouth, and slowly began to run down her chin. "Good morning, daughter," Dingoo said with a smile. "What do think you are doing, my little one?" He reached down and brushed the drops off her chin with the side of his thumb. Robyn blushed, and reluctantly let her father's penis slip from her lips. "I was hungry." She captured his hand with hers and brought it up to her lips, licking the last drops of his seed off his thumb. Pulling his daughter up to his face, Dingoo kissed her, his tongue parting her lips and licking across her teeth. Finally breaking their deep kiss, he looked into her blue eyes and smiled. "Let's get you a proper breakfast, my insatiable child."


The next half-hour was spent washing the nearby creek, and heating some cold meat and flat bread from their packs over a small fire. Dingoo laid out the area she was to patrol today; noting it was further than she had gone alone before. He described where she was to meet Ruckee, the ranger who was on patrol in that area now. Robyn listened to the words of caution, smiling at his concern. "I know you think you can take on a pack of bugbears single-handedly, my new guide, but you still have much to learn, understand?" Dingoo scowled with concern. "Yes, Sir, I will be careful. Besides, bugbears are solitary hunters and don't travel in packs," she said as she turned and bent down to pick up her pack. SMACK. The flat of Dingoo's sword struck her a stinging blow across her exposed ass. "Smart-ass daughter! You know how costly overconfidence can be. Remember the affair with the gnolls last fall?" Rubbing her burning bottom, Robyn said seriously," I do understand, father, and I will be careful." "That's better. I don't want that to be your last birthday." "And what will you get me next year? Another visit from your three friends?" "Possibly, if I can get those rascals to volunteer again" he joked. Feigning indignation, Robyn remarked, "They had better, if they know what's good for them!" Dingoo laughed at his child's antics, happy that she had enjoyed his "gift" to her. Besides, he thought, after what I saw, I'm not sure I could keep them away from you even if I wanted to. He watched Robyn adjust the straps on her leather armor and shoulder her pack. Reaching down, he picked up her spear and handed it to her. "Travel swiftly, my little guide, may the Forest Goddess protect you." Robyn wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. "I love you, I'll be back soon." She kissed him quickly; afraid that her passion would get the better of her if she stayed in his arms too long. Without another word, she left the glade and slipped noiselessly into the brush. Dingoo watched her go, smiling with pride at the quietness and speed of her departure. He reached out with his inner senses and followed her progress for a few moments more. Wiping a solitary tear off his cheek, he reflected on the druids' lessons concerning the cycles of life and death. Although he knew the lessons as well as any druid by now, he wondered for possibly the hundredth time why it was so hard to apply them to someone you loved. The master ranger looked down at the matted grass where he and his child had spent their night of love. Reaching into a pocket of his vest he pulled out a handful of luomyr-flower seeds. Smiling, he scattered the seeds of his daughter's favorite flower on the ground were they had lain. With luck, a new patch of the fragrant flowers would bloom here soon, a living reminder of the special meaning this place now held. Straightening, he poured the contents of his wineskin over the embers of the fire. Once he was sure the coals were out, he gathered his pack and weapons and refilled his wineskin from the creek. With a last look in the direction his daughter had taken, he turned and headed back to the camp. *** The young ranger guide slipped through the forest, her senses alert to her surrounds. Her path took her southwest, closer to the elven territory and the older portions of the forest. As she passed quietly through the deep forest she took the time to familiarize herself with landmarks as she went. This portion of the forest was relatively new to her, further away from her home than she had patrolled alone before. After several hours, near midday, the nature of the forest began to change. The land began to rise and fall as she entered a series of rolling hills. The ground was rockier and the trees a bit thinner. Before long, she could hear the sound of running water. The air felt a bit cooler as well and she knew she was approaching a large stream or river. Remembering the maps she had studied, Robyn reasoned that this must be the stream Glossamvin that flowed through the area she was to patrol. The land sloped sharply downward, forming a small vale filled with smaller trees and brush. Insects and birds filled the air, and the sunshine was warm on her skin as she emerged from the shadows of the larger trees.


Making her way through the thickets and brush, she approached the fast running stream. Recent summer rains had added water to the stream, making it more like a river than the stream it normally was. The rains and turbulent flow had stirred up mud and sediment, muddying the waters as well. Reaching the bank she began to search for good place to cross the swollen stream. She hiked for about fifteen minutes before reaching a well-used path, which led to a ford across the stream. The stream was now over twenty-five feet across. The muddy water obscured sight of the stream bottom, but judging by the turbulence she saw there must be several large stones placed across the stream as a footbridge. Robyn began to wade out into the water while probing the water ahead with the shaft of her spear. She was careful to try and keep her footing while moving out against the strong, swift current. She had only advanced a couple of feet when she was surprised by a splash. Looking up, she saw a trio of figures on the other bank. Quickly retreating, she scrambled back onto solid ground and went into a fighting stance. On the bank the three figures continued to throw sticks and debris into the stream. Shading her eyes against the glare, Robyn could finally make out the nature of her attackers. The three humanoids were bullywogs, a humanoid frog people, and supposedly the offshoot of some mad wizard's quest to develop a race of slaves. While they were not bred for intelligence, they did posses a rudimentary language and culture. They usually lived near water, content to forage and fish. Normally, the peaceful creatures traded with other races, offering fish and aquatic plants for metal articles or colorful items that they could use as jewelry or decorations. This isn't like them. What's going on here? As she watched she tightened her grip on her spear and tried to figure out the bullywogs' odd behavior. While they were throwing debris into the stream, they clearly weren't trying to hit her. Robyn knew they could toss the sticks across the water to try to hit her if that was their intention. One of the frogpeople disappeared from sight. The other two stopped their assault on the stream, only throwing sticks when she approached the edge of the water to see where their third member had disappeared. They don't want me to cross the stream! Bullywogs aren't normally particularly territorial. What is this all about? The ranger's pondering was cut short by the reappearance of the third bullywog. The green-skinned creature was dragging a large sack. Huffing with exertion, it dragged the sack up to its companions. The humanoids hissed and chirped excitedly, pointing in her direction. Finally they reached some sort of a decision. Reaching into the sack, they pulled out larger stones and began to heft them into the water. While pondering what this all meant Robyn was amazed to see the water become more turbulent and disturbed. "Gods protect," she swore. A large water serpent rose out of the water, its head a good four feet above the surface of the water. The barrage of rocks had forced it from its hiding place around the rocks at the ford. The bullywogs intensified their attack, driving the serpent back underwater. The aquatic monster quickly swam off, its long body occasionally breaking the surface of the water. Robyn realized the frog-men had probably saved her life. In the water, the twenty-foot long monster would have had the edge on her in a fight. The bullywogs hooted and danced on the other bank. They were obviously celebrating their victory over the water serpent. They threw more stones at the retreating form, shaking their thin arms in the air. Robyn had to smile at their antics; giggling as tension of the situation drained out of her. Smiling at the bullywogs, she shouted to them. "Thank you, thank you very much!" The bullywogs hooted back. One of them tossed a length of rope and a bundle across the swollen stream. Opening the bundle, she discovered that it was an oiled leather sack. One of the bullywogs pointed to his back and pantomimed removing a pack. Robyn nodded, understanding what they wanted. She removed her pack and placed it inside the sack. Her belt pouches and wineskin followed. When she was done she tied the sack closed and threw the free end of the rope back over the stream. Grasping the rope, she walked to the water's edge and began to wade across. The bullywogs pulled on the rope as she advanced. Robyn was amazed at the power of the current. Less than five feet across and the water was already up to her waist; the current pulling viciously at her legs and threatening to sweep her feet out from under her.


At the mid-way point the water was up to her breasts; the cold water making her nipples harden and chafe on the inside of her leather chest-piece. Her footing became more and more tenuous and she was forced to rely on the bullywogs pulling her to the other side. Finally, the three creatures had pulled her across. The young ranger sat on the grass, pulling her boots off and draining the water out of them. The bullywogs watched closely. One of them touched the sole of her foot, caressing it lightly. " Hey, cut it out, that tickles!" The bullywogs hissed softly and smiled broadly. The largest of the trio pointed to its own webbed feet and then back at hers. Holding one of her boots, it shook its head sadly. Grabbing her boot, she laughed with her three rescuers. "Yes, if I had feet like yours I wouldn't need to wear boots." The air, which had seemed so warm before now seemed chilly as a light breeze blew across her wet skin and soaked leathers. The sun had moved behind some clouds adding to the sudden feeling of cool. Shivering, she pulled on her boot and stood up. Looking closely at her new friends, she could tell the two smaller bullywogs were males; as evidenced by their smaller size and lighter coloring. The female stood nearly half a foot taller and her skin was a beautiful deep shade of emerald green. She was about four and a half feet tall, about a full foot shorter than the young ranger was. One of the males untied the sack and handed over her pack and pouches, kept dry by the oiled leather. She pulled an oiled cloth out of her pack and dried her sword with it. Satisfied the dwarfish steel would be safe from rust, she resheathed it and put her backpack back on. The female bullywog, clearly the leader, motioned her to follow them as they started to walk down the path away from the stream. The soaked warrior scrambled after them. The sun returned from behind the clouds and her wet leather armor soon began to feel hot and uncomfortable. After a short walk they arrived at a large hut in a small clearing beside a small brook. One of the males got a clay cup and filled it with water from the brook and offered it to the female bullywog. After she drank a small amount, she held the cup out to Robyn. "Thank you very much." The ranger gratefully swallowed some of the cool, clear water. The other male stoked the ashes of a small fire; adding wood to build a small fire. The female said something to her companions with some hoots and clicks that made up their language. The males went into the hut and returned as Robyn was removing her pack. They placed a spit holding several trout over the fire and began to turn it. Robyn watched them begin to grill the fish. The males turned the fish slowly while occasionally sprinkling some herbs over the cooking trout, filling the air with a sweet, spicy aroma. The female came over to Robyn and began to until the knots holding her chest-piece together with her long nimble fingers. "What?" The female bullywog pointed to her dripping leathers and motioned from her to remove them. Feeling a little silly, Robyn removed her leather skirt and boots while the female removed her leather armor. Finally standing naked before the frog-people, Robyn blushed at the bullywogs all stared at her with their large black eyes. The female came over to her and touched her ringed nipples with a trembling hand. "Bruuup?" "I'm sorry, I don't understand?" The female smiled abruptly and walked away into the hut. Robyn stretched, loving the feel of the warm sum on her drying skin. She set her boots and leathers in the sun to dry. Opening her pack, she searched until she found her comb. It was made of ivory and studded with several small poor quality garnets. Combing her hair quickly, she decided to offer the comb to her hosts as a way of saying thank you. She looked over her shoulder and found the two males staring at her backside as she bent over her pack. They quickly averted their eyes when they saw her looking at them. They smiled and hooted to each other. Now what is all that about, she wondered? The larger male called into the hut while the other set the cooked fish on a clay platter. The female returned outside carrying three cups and a blue glass bottle. 19

While the female filled all four cups with more water from the brook, the males dug into the ashes of the fire and removed several brown stones using forked sticks. These were placed next to the fish on the crude platter and brought into the center of the clearing. Robyn came over as the female motioned her to sit down. Sitting indian-style, the young woman felt a momentary flash of embarrassment as her hairless sex was spread and put on display by her position. Looking at her rescuers, she noticed for the first time the large bulges inside the males' genital pouches and the opening to the female's vagina as the lady frog sat beside her. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sharp crack as the male broke open the brown stones revealing sweet ground tubers baked in a clay shell. "Oh yes, my favorite," the ranger exclaimed happily. The frogs smiled at her reaction. The female chirped something to her two companions and they sat as well, one of the males beside each of the females. The men-frogs began to break off pieces of the fish, and held them up to the females' mouths. When Robyn tried to take the food from the male next to her, the female hooted angrily, chastising her. "I'm sorry, what's wrong," asked the confused young woman. The female bullywog leaned back and allowed her male to feed her directly. Pausing, she motioned for Robyn to lean back and let the male feed her. The ranger did as requested; opening her mouth to accept the morsel of fish her attendant gently pushed into her mouth. She chewed the tasty morsel, enjoying the taste. While she ate, her attendant quickly took a bite himself, then quickly got another piece ready for her. The female frog chirped, and rubbed Robyn's shoulder in encouragement. Her hand slipped down the ranger's back, stroking the back muscles; soothing and relaxing the young woman. Robyn moaned as the frog's skin slid across her tense muscles. The green skin wasn't slimy at all; instead it was smooth and silky like a well-oiled glove. Robyn opened her mouth and accepted another morsel. This one was a piece of her favorite treat, baked sweet tubers. She eagerly sucked the chunk off the male frog's fingers. He smiled at her enthusiasm, and ran his slim green fingers around her lips as she tried to lick the sweet, rich juices off them. The quartet continued their meal, occasionally drinking sips of water. As the meal finished, Robyn's partner became more playful, purposely smearing her face with the food. Robyn was shocked at first when he leaned over her and licked bits of the fish off her lips. The frog's tongue was incredible, a foot long and amazingly limber. It was moist and warm, and she felt herself begin to get aroused as he slurped and licked the food off her face. She glanced down and noticed the hard shape of the frog's cock swelling inside his genital pouch. As the frog lay on top of her, he gave her the deepest french kiss she had ever had. She could feel his tongue slip down her throat, soft, warm, and moving with a life of its own. "MMMMM, yeah… " she mumbled around his tongue as she spread her legs and locked her ankles behind his back. Glancing to her right, she saw the other two frogs had similar ideas. The female bullywog had turned her partner onto his back and had coaxed his yellow cock out if its pouch. The saffron-colored prick was a good nine inches long and weeping profusely. The watery precum was dark and thin, running freely over the female's fist and down her arm. Determined not to ignore her own partner, Robyn began to rub her moistening cunt over the male's pouch. She gasped as she felt the tip of his own nine-incher protrude from the slit in his pouch. As he leaned down and began to suck on her achingly hard nipples, she wiggled to get the emerging cock into her cunt. As the thick shaft slid into her, she was amazed at the heat of his precum. It seemed to fill her with a penetrating heat, making her more and more excited. The thin fluid gushed out as she humped the shaft. The male hissed as she gripped his cock with her inner muscles, tightening and relaxing her pussy around it. He alternated between nibbling on her nipples and kissing her deeply. Beside her, the female was riding her partner energetically, cooing with pleasure as he thrust beneath her. The combined fluids of the two ran down her thighs and dripped down to from puddles of the stuff on the male's stomach. Robyn reached over and rubbed it into his skin, wetting her fingers. She brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking the delicious juices off them greedily. The male began to thrust harder, causing her to climb the path to her own peak of ecstasy. "Yes, more honey, fuck me!" "Hoot, hisssssss," he replied, spurred on by her excitement. 20

The frog wrapped his hands behind her and began to pull her onto his prick as he thrust vigorously into her. Robyn reached down and grasped him as he slid in and out of her; effectively jacking him off into her dripping pussy. The copious precum and Robyn's own juices mixed and squished out of her with every stroke. Robyn was unprepared for her orgasm when it broke over her without warning. "Aahhh, Godddddddd!!!!! YES!!! Fuck me," she cried. The male frog thrust into her hard and began to cum. Incredible amounts of amphibian cum shot into her convulsing cunt. The flow was so large that the dark fluid ran out of her; literally squirting as the yellow cock continued to thrust and pulse inside her. As the male frog laid her onto the ground, he slowly pulled his shrinking penis from within her. Robyn lay there gasping for breath, dark cum leaking out of her pussy. The female bullywog crawled over on all fours and straddled the woman's head. She lowered her leaking vagina onto Robyn's face and began to grind the circular opening over her lips. Robyn could taste the mixture of dark sperm and the female's own cum. The resultant mixture had a sharp peppery taste that she eagerly licked up. As the female relaxed the muscular ring which held her sex closed, more and more fluid ran out, until the young ranger could barely keep up with it. Her tongue was a blur inside the female's vagina, licking and probing as far as she could reach. Robyn gasped as felt the female's tongue slither into her own cunt. The warm foot-long member writhed inside her. The feeling was so novel, so unlike any other tongue she had ever felt that the ranger went into a series of rolling orgasms. She tried to please her lover as well, but simply couldn't keep up with all that was happening inside her. She continued to suck out the female's cunt, finally swallowing all the sperm the other male had left there for her. Finally she couldn't take anymore and gently pushed her lover away. The female slowly pulled her tongue out of the woman while watching her jerk and twitch as her final orgasms rocked her. "Oh gods, that was fantastic!" Robyn hugged the female close, kissing her face and smiling uncontrollably. The two males brought over two cups and the blue bottle Robyn had seen earlier. Pouring a small amount into the cups, they handed a cup to each of the females and moved away respectfully. The bullywog encouraged Robyn to drink. The ranger tasted it tentatively, than with gusto as the flavor blossomed on her tongue. It was tingly, filled with tiny bubbles that tickled her nose as she drank. The flavor was that of sweet chetzny berries. Robyn was amazed at the way it seemed to fill her with energy. All her fatigue seemed to melt away; leaving her alert and refreshed. The female smiled and kissed her again, then let her up off the ground. Robyn retrieved the gem-studded comb from her pack and presented it to the bullywog matron. She smiled as the frog hissed and hooted in pleasure. Robyn dressed and arranged her gear as the frog showed her two mates Robyn's present. As Robyn said her good-byes, she promised she would stop in on her way back. The frogs waved as she headed down the path leading southwest. Looking over her shoulder, she could see the female on her hands and knees, a male at either end thrusting vigorously. "Wow, those really are 'horny toads', aren't they," she quipped? Groaning at her bad pun, she tightened her pack and set off at a brisk pace. *** (III) Robyn jogged through the forest, slipping through the brush swiftly and quietly. Thanks to the bullywogs' magical elixir, she felt full of energy and it seemed she would never tire. The young ranger made good progress, stopping only to blaze an occasional trail mark on the side of trees. Before long the land sloped upward and the trees became fewer and further apart. Thinking this was an excellent opportunity to study the surrounding area, Robyn stopped at the base of one of the larger Chula trees. She slipped off her pack and hid it next to her spear and short sword behind some bushes. Grasping one of the lower branches, she swung herself up and began to scale the mighty tree.


At first the ascent was easy, but as she neared the top, the branches thinned and she was forced to pick her way with care. As Robyn broke through the canopy of leaves, she blinked as her eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight. A light breeze cooled her brow and dried the sweat from her long climb. Robyn surveyed the vista before her; she noted the shape of this new territory as well as the types of trees she could see from her perch. In the distance she could see darker clouds forming to the north, confirming her suspicion that it would soon rain. The air was alive with the smells of blossoms and plants, as well as the cool taste of the impending rainstorm. Just as she was about to begin her descent, a flash of brilliant white light caught her attention. She paused, her senses alert. There, there it was again! It appeared to be coming from one of the hills to the south, possibly a league or so away. While this appeared to be outside the area she was supposed to patrol, Robyn felt it was best to check on this odd event. She quickly reached the bottom of tree. Reclaiming her belonging, she looked to the sun to get her bearing and set off to investigate the strange lights. Robyn moved swiftly at first, then slowed as she drew near. Moving carefully to minimize any sound of her passage, she began to search for clues to this sudden mystery. The stillness of the forest was her first sign that something was amiss. Soon, she detected the odor of fresh blood in the air. With sudden misgivings about coming alone, the young ranger crept through the brush, her senses alert for any signs of danger. The hackles on the back of her neck stood up as she skirted a small clearing near the apex of one of the hills. Death, the smell never changes, she thought. The pungent odor brought back memories of the night she had lost her mother to a poisoned arrow during a goblin attack. Scorch marks on several of the trees bordering the clearing, as well as burned grass gave evidence of some type of magical exchange. Waiting patiently, using her senses to detect any attackers, Robyn crouched behind a laurel bush. When she was sure it was safe, she stepped into the clearing, her spear poised to defend her from attack. Several battered shields lay on the ground, bearing the crest of the kingdom of Wiltzford. The first body she examined was a human, wearing the uniform of a soldier from that great northern kingdom. He was lying on his back with several feathered shafts protruding from his chest. Looking closely at the arrows, Robyn was surprised at the markings along the shaft. "Elves!?!" Robyn shook her head in confusion. While the relationship between the elves and Wiltzford could not honestly be called friendly, they were at least peaceful. Something about the body looked wrong, but she could not figure out what it was. Two other human corpses could be seen, both riddled with elven arrows. At the far end of the clearing, four more bodies lay slumped on the ground. Pools of dark, drying blood spread onto the grass below them. As the ranger crept closer, she could see by the clothing and armor that these were elves. Upon seeing the pale blue eyes staring lifelessly into the sky and the tips of pointed ears poking from under golden hair, she knew something was terribly wrong. Humans and elves fighting, it doesn't make sense? The young woman brushed her brown locks out of her eyes as she pondered what this meant. I have to tell Dingoo, this can't be good. It's been nearly a hundred years since the last elf wars. Bending down, she began to examine the body of one of the elves. Noting the clan marks on the armor and swords, she whistled in amazement. Dragon clan! What is a party of elves from the royal family doing this far from elven territory without a proper escort? Carefully not to touch any of the jewelry the fallen warriors were wearing, she began to search for more clues. Two of the bodies bore crest stones of incredible beauty, but she knew better than to disturb them. Most elven treasure was protected by powerful magic curses to discourage theft. These spells often lingered even after the death of the owner, making corpse-robbing of elven dead very rare. Even the thieving kobolds were hesitant to disturb elven dead; such was the power of these enchantments. "Gods protect!" she cried. As she finished examining the last body, Robyn was shocked when the corpse reached up and grabbed her hand. Stifling her cry of shock and surprise, she whipped out her short sword and pulled away from the weak grip. "Please, help… " the elven warrior gasped weakly. 22

Feeling ashamed that she had mistaken him for dead, Robyn sheathed her sword and knelt beside the dying elf. Bright red blood bubbled from his lips and out of the gaping gash across his ribs. "Save your strength, I'll get help," she said as she began to remove her pack. "Let me bind that wound first." "No time… they took the Princess… ." "Who, the soldiers from Wiltzford? What princess? Why were you as far from the elven lands?" Questions raced through Robyn's mind. "No soldiers, orcs. Princess Delia was… … tracking a unicorn, the chase led us here. It was a trap." More blood ran from the elf's mouth and his voice was growing weaker by the minute. "Orcs, but the bodies I see here are… ?" "Orcs!" he hissed in a painful voice. "You must save her… ." The warrior shook violently as if suddenly chilled. Robyn could see the feeble spark of life slowly fading from his eyes. Tenderly, she clasped his hands in hers and looked into his eyes. He smiled as he saw the determination there. Then, with a final shudder, he grew still and cold. Standing, Robyn looked at the human bodies again. "Of course, no blood!" While there were bloodstains around the arrow wounds, missing were the pools of blood such injuries would have surely caused. These bodies must have been placed here to obscure the facts. A clever deception, laying the blame on the humans. She began to search around the clearing, in ever-widening circles. Finally, several broken branches marked the beginning of a faint trail. The orcs had been careful to leave little trace of their passing but the ranger's sharp eyes and keen skills were not fooled. Unicorns, at least it explains how they got this far. An elven princess who could claim a unicorn as a mount would win high favor with the other elven nobles. She would have pursued one to the ends of the earth if she thought she stood a chance to win the loyalty of one of the rare beasts. Turning to head back to the ranger compound, Robyn was dismayed to see how dark the sky had become. Obviously, rain was on the way. It would be afternoon tomorrow before she reached home, and even that meant traveling all night. By then, rain would have destroyed the faint trail that led to the kidnapped princess. She hesitated, unsure of what to do next. Tracking a party of orcs could be tricky, especially ones as unusually clever as these. On the other hand, there was a good chance that the trail the creatures had left would be obliterated by the coming storm. By the time she reached the ranger compound and returned, all hope of finding and rescuing the elven princess might be lost. As she stood pondering her choices, a distant rumble of thunder echoed through the forest. That decides it. I'll follow the trail for as far as I can, then report back. Moving quietly, she began to follow the trail the marauders had left. Occasionally she would stop and blaze a trail mark on passing trees to serve as waypoints for her return. The orcs apparently had set out for some rendezvous to the southwest, nearer to the badlands. As Robyn followed, the skies continued to darken and thunder became more frequent. It was near nightfall when the first drops of rain began to fall. I need to rest anyway. I can wait for a bit and see if I can pick up the trail. If not, I need to head back, she panted while leaning wearily against the bole of a tree. How many leagues did I cover? I must be near the border of badlands by now? CRACK! The sound of a whip came through the twilight, followed by a cry of pain. Suddenly alert, Robyn carefully edged toward the sound. Careful to remain hidden, she crouched behind some small boulders and peered down the darkening trail. Through the rain-filled gloom, she could see four orcs, working their way up the trail towards her. Two of them carried shields and swords, while the next was armed with a large two-handed ax. The final orc was a strange sight, lumpy and misshapen, even for an orc. It wielded no weapons other than a whip, and was using it to drive the other three on. Listening from her hiding place, she could make out the voice of the whip-wielder spurring the others on. "Hurry you miserable worms, Blath Mord wanted the trail scouted all the way back to Grissom's Hollow." 23

"But Tismmon, the rain hide our tracks, it cold and wet. Let's go back?" whined the ax bearer. "I follow orders, Jarthmas, and you will too!" Tismmon said threateningly, holding up the whip to enforce his authority. "You a bung-licker, little one. Blath Mord not always favor you, then you pay," one of the sword wielders muttered venomously. Although he clearly did not care for the smaller orc, he moved to carry out his orders. Blath Mord? Sounds like orcish for White Shade? A clan name perhaps? Robyn wondered from behind the rocks. Just then the weather betrayed her. A bright flash of lightning filled the sky behind her. In the luminous strobe, her shadow was clearly visible on the ground beside the boulders. The small orc happened to spot it and immediately sprang into action. "Elf, elf!!" he cried, pointing at her hiding place. The three warrior orcs began to advance, screaming battle cries. "Oh shit!" Stepping from behind the boulders, the ranger choose her target. Her arm drew back, then snapped forward, hurling her spear at the advancing orcs. The projectile sped through the air, ending its flight by embedding itself in the chest of the ax bearer. Without a word, he dropped his ax and pitched onto his back. Unsheathing her sword and dagger, she moved to attack to the remaining two fighters. At least the little guy is staying out of it, she thought, seeing Tismmon's reluctance for battle. Can't let them get me between them. She advanced, stopping at a narrow spot in the trail with her back to a tree. Raising her sword high, she prepared to meet their attack. The orcs smiled as they charged, happy with the apparent odds. As they approached, Robyn suddenly flung her dagger at the closest orc, aiming below the rim of his shield. He grunted in pain, and looked down at the hilt of the dagger protruding from his ample gut. "Ahhhhhh, elven bitch!!" he cried as he dropped to his knees. With one orc remaining, Robyn knew she finally stood a chance of surviving this encounter. While the massive orc was stronger, she was quicker and had more endurance. As long as she could stay out of the reach of his longer sword, the weight of his shield and heavier armor would win the battle for her. No longer worrying about being attacked from behind, she stepped away from the tree and circled to her right. "Pilfon kill you, elven slut!" the orc snarled in a spray of spittle. Spinning on the balls of his feet, he delivered a vicious overhand blow with his sword, intent on splitting her skull. Robyn leapt to one side, deflecting the blow with her short sword. Sparks flew where the heavier orcish blade met her dwarfish steel. The force of the blow nearly knocked her blade from her grasp. The orc's momentum spun him further around, bringing her face to face with her opponent. Another stroke of lightning illuminated the two fighters' faces to each other. Pilfon's beady eyes were wide with surprise as he gazed on the ranger's features. "You no elf, you human bitch!" he cried with a tone that sounded almost disappointed. "Yes, and you're no goblin. But you bleed just the same, what difference does it make?" Robyn asked through clenched teeth. "A big difference slut, human have no defense against magic," Tissmon cried gleefully. Robyn realized the smaller orc must be a shaman of some kind, capable of casting minor spells. Desperately, she tried to reach the trees where she could try to hide from the spell caster's magic. The larger orc seemed to sense her strategy and moved to cut her off. Suddenly, she heard Tissmon begin an arcane chant. She struggled to beat back the orc warrior when suddenly the shaman's voice cried out a magical note filled with eldritch power. Without warning her limbs suddenly froze in place, rendering her immobile. She struggled wildly, pitting her will against the orc's evil magic. Already she could feel the hold over her weaken. Her moment of triumph was short-lived however, as she watched Pilfon swing his blade towards her unmoving and defenseless head. The spell failed a moment before the orc's sword struck her head from her shoulders. Robyn ducked, attempting to evade his blow. The heavy orc tried to correct his swing when his target suddenly sprung to life. Neither Robyn nor Pilfon were successful. The result was the flat of the orc's sword colliding with her temple. The young girl cried out briefly as an explosion of color and pain blossomed in her head. Darkness followed quickly and she remembered no more. 24

*** (IV) Robyn awoke with a pounding in her head, and the feeling of being cold and wet. She could feel the moisture in her hair and on her face. "Uhhh," she groaned, rolling weakly to her side. "I said get up, whore!" shouted a gruff voice. The command was followed by another bucket of cold water being splashed in her face. Shaking her aching head, she struggled to rise, but succeeded only in making herself sick. As she noisily expelled the meager contents of her stomach, her audience howled with coarse laughter. Finally rising unsteadily, she opened her bleary eyes and tried to orient herself. As her gaze found the shaman, Tissmon, holding a crude bucket, her memory returned. Looking around, she could see she was in an orcish lair of some type. Surrounding her were perhaps some forty or so orc warriors, gazing hungrily at her. With a start, she realized her clothes and weapons had been removed. Reaching up, she covered her breasts from their lustful stares, feeling the hard buds of her nipples rise in response to her fear and the cold. "Oh, your precious rings are still there, my little flower," a regal voice informed her. "There was some argument about whether you should keep them or have them cut out. However, I felt it would be a shame to mar such perfect breasts so soon. There is plenty of time for that later." The cruelty in the voice truly frightened the young girl and she felt her bladder go weak. She spun to face the new speaker, instantly regretting the quick movement, as her stomach threatened to betray her again. The ranger's eyes stared in disbelief at the figure seated on a throne made of bones. "It can't be. What trickery is this?" she asked. Seated on the throne was none other than Pelonar III, king of Wiltzford. "What, no bow for your king?" he said mockingly. "You're no king. Sorcery, magic, what type of illusion is this? The real king would never conspire with orcs or attack an elven princess." Robyn looked closely at the man, trying to find a clue as to his identity. "You see, Princess, she figured it out much faster than you when I took the form of your unicorn." "Let her go, Blath Mord. She cannot hurt you." These words were spoken in a clear melodic voice that took Robyn's breath away it was so beautiful. Looking to the side of the lair, the young girl was stunned to see the elven princess, locked in a large cage. The elven maiden still had her regal robes on, although they were beginning to look soiled and tattered from the abuse they had suffered lately. Her silvery hair was held in place by a platinum net studded with small sapphires. More sapphires adorned her delicate ears and hung from a necklace that rested between the firm mounds of her breasts. The squalid surrounds only served to accentuate her beauty. Robyn marveled at the fact that she had been allowed to retain her jewelry, then nodded, remembering the curse they surely carried. The princess stayed in the center of the cage, obviously avoiding the bars. It must be cold forged iron, thought Robyn. The metal was poisonous to the magical elves, and served to weaken their arcane powers. "Oh, she cannot hurt me, but I am sure her friends could. Let her go? Don't insult me, Princess. This little morsel would fly back to her nest and return with some very unfriendly people intent on saving you." "Who are you?" Robyn asked, totally bewildered. "My name is Blath Mord. It means Ivory Shade in the orc tongue, and is my family name. You will address me as Lord Blath." With that he stood and changed. Robyn and Princess Delia both watched in amazement as the handsome man transformed into a hulking creature nearly twice as wide and half again as tall. Finally, the creature's form solidified into that of an ogre, with slightly different features than either of the two ladies had seen before. The monster's face was more human-like than normal ogres, with a sinister evil cast to his features. "What are you?" Delia asked in a fearful voice.


"I am an ogre-magi, from the jungles south of the Ba'brigsten Islands. Political… ah… difficulties within my homeland forced me to visit your little corner of the world. I do believe I can do well for myself; as well as for my loyal followers." With these words, the orcs began to chant Blath Mord's name. "Enough!" he commanded. "And I am so glad the two of you decided to join that band of followers." "Get stuffed, Blath!" Robyn cried defiantly. The ogre-magi nodded to someone behind her. Before she could react, a streak of fire ran across her back as Tissmon's whip lashed out at her. "AHHHH!!" she screamed as the short orc delivered another blow, this one across the backs of her naked thighs. "You were told to address me as Lord Blath!" Robyn straightened herself and refused to acknowledge his command. "Very well, break her," he said to the assemblage of orcs. Robyn whirled and tried to fight them off as the horde of horny orcs swarmed over her. The sheer press of bodies worked against her and she felt her hands and feet become quickly held. The lustful monsters ran their filthy hands over her smooth skin, pawing at her. She could hear Princess Delia calling for Blath to stop this. Rough orcish hands grabbed her wrists and elbows. After she had managed to deliver several vicious kicks, she found her ankles and knees held as well. "Stupid human bitch!" one of the orcs she had kicked snarled. With that he punched his fist into the girl's stomach, causing her to double over in agony. Another orc wrapped her brown hair in his fingers and pulled her upright. BLAM! Another fist struck her in the side of the face. Robyn saw stars and blacked out as the pain lanced through her head. When she regained consciousness, she found herself on her back, turned cross-wise on the primitive table. Her hands were already tied tightly behind her back. As she struggled, coarse ropes were wrapped around her ankles. The orc warriors pulled her legs apart, stretching them as far apart as possible. The young ranger feared the savage monsters intended to pull her legs out of their sockets. The ropes were quickly tied off, keeping her spread and exposed. Her hips hung over on edge of the table, her shoulders over the other. Knowing what would come next, Robyn struggled not to let her fear show. One of the largest orcs pushed his way between her legs and dropped his leather breeches. His greenish-gray cock was hard and swollen. Its shaft was nearly a foot long. The knobby head was a darker green, and was considerably bigger around than the shaft. "Gangus teach you how to fuck, little girl." With that the orc buried his prick into her defenseless pussy with one savage stroke. Pain ripped through her abdomen as he brutally thrust into her. With every stroke, pain filled her, the head of the beast's cock slamming against her cervix. The large monster leaned over her, putting his full weight behind each thunderous thrust. He reached down, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her onto his cock as he shoved and grunted. Robyn moaned in agony, biting her lip to keep from crying out in pain. The rough surface of the wooden tabletop rubbed and chaffed as her back and buttocks were pulled back and forth across it. One of the orcs handed Gangus a goblet full of wine. He drank deeply, wine running down his chin to drip onto the agonized young warrior's chest. The worst part of the ordeal was the knowledge that Princess Delia could see her as the monster brutally raped her. Robyn's humiliation was magnified tenfold as she gazed up at the Princess's face. The look of disgust and horror she saw on the regal elf's features cut her to the core and hot tears of shame rolled down the sides of her face. After several minutes, she felt the cock within her swell. Gangus howled as his thick greenish-gray cum filled the young woman's abused pussy. Pulling out roughly, his place was immediately taken by another of the orc warriors. This one's cock entered easily, Gangus having provided the lubrication necessary for him to do so. The new orc wasted no time in picking up where Gangus had left off, slamming his prick into Robyn's bruised and tender cunt. The young ranger's view of the Princess was cut off as Gangus stepped between them. He held his still-hard cock in his fist. The shaft was smeared with his pasty green cum. "Clean it, bitch," he ordered. "No, go to hell you bastard," she cried!


WHAP! A broad leather belt slashed across her chest. Immediately, the skin reddened, leaving a livid welt. "Awwwwww!" she cried. Robyn squirmed frantically, trying futility to evade the blows raining down on her tits and stomach. Within mere seconds, her entire upper body was a crisscross pattern of purple welts. Finally, sobbing uncontrollably, she opened her mouth to scream. As soon as she did, Gangus thrust his slimy prick into her mouth. "You bite Gangus, Gangus make necklace from your pretty teeth, bitch," the sadist orc growled. The hulking warrior thrust hard, burying the entire length of his cock in her throat. He smiled as he felt the young woman gag around his prick. Robyn sobbed as she was brutally raped from each end. The foul taste of the orc's cum was in her mouth; the stink of his unwashed pubic hair filled her nostrils as he ground the coarse bush into her face. The orcs groped the helpless ranger; pinching her tits while pulling on her rings until her breasts were stretched into long cones before releasing them. Several of them used their belts to rain blows down on her writhing body. After each of them had raped her at least once, they drained the cum out of her pussy into a goblet. Robyn was forced to drink the contents. Afterwards, the orcs used the belts again, this time between her spread legs. Robyn writhed and screamed, struggling against her bonds trying to escape the burning lashes. Before long the lips of her sex were a deep, livid purple. The bruised flesh was swollen and throbbing. Finally the agony was too much for her and she passed out. Next the lusty orcs untied her and turned her over onto her stomach. Her ass was their next target. Blath Mord walked over and lifted her head by the hair. He showed the Princess her face, the eyes puffy and swollen, cum dripping off her chin and running out her mouth and nose. "Princess, see the fate of those who oppose me?" He laughed and dropped Robyn's head. The orcs began buggering her. Robyn woke screaming, as dick after dick was crammed inside her sensitive anus. Again she was forced to drink another goblet of cum, this one filled from her leaking ass. When she balked, the belts were used to force her submission, this time lashing her back and upturned cheeks. Finally she fell into a pain-filled stupor. Her glazed eyes stared out unseeing, her mouth slack and hanging open as the orcs would occasionally thrust a cock into it to be cleaned, after assaulting her ass. By the time the orcs had finished with her, she was again unconscious. "Take her to the kennels and continue her education," ordered Blath. The orcs untied the hapless woman and dragged her across the filthy, cum-stained floor. The Princess wept as she watched them remove her rescuer. The ogre-magi had taunted her all throughout Robyn's ordeal. The monster was determined to break the elf's resistance. He needed to keep her alive as a hostage, but he was going to ensure she revealed to him the defense secrets of the elven homeland. Robyn came to just as they were finishing tying her on her knees with her arms behind her back. She was kneeling in the mud and filth of the kennel yard where the orcs raised wolves. The huge beasts served as watchdogs and trackers for the orcs. Robyn struggled briefly until the kennel-master kicked her in the side of the head. Dazed, she fell to her side and cried out in pain. "Bitch, I teach you what it means to be a real bitch!" the kennel-master snarled. With that, he pulled her back to her knees with her hair. Robyn trembled as she saw him lead a huge wolf over to her. The wolf sniffed her and growled deep in his throat, baring his fangs at her. The kennel-master slapped her bruised ass and had her lift it higher. Without warning the huge wolf mounted her, his weight pushing her down. She could feel the tip of his pointed cock thrust between her legs as he sought to enter her. "Owwwww," she howled as it brutally entered her battered cunt; roughly forcing it's way into her. "Now you real bitch," chuckled the kennel-master. "You take care of Verbuage too, little slut!" Pulling down his breeches, he shoved his cock into her gasping mouth. He rocked back and forth, pushing it in to the hilt. Robyn cried tears of agony as her ordeal continued. Verbuage finally pulled out, spraying her face with his foul cum. She was blinded as the bitter cum stung her eyes. After the first wolf had sprayed her insides with his cum, Verbuage yanked the knot out cruelly. This was too much and Robyn fainted as the second wolf mounted her. The rest of the pack watched with interest as they waited their turns. Verbuage fetched a cup to drain her cunt when this wolf was finished. He was determined to keep the prisoner well fed while she enjoyed his hospitality. 27

For the next four days, the orcs tortured the young woman. She was kept naked and abused at all hours of the day. The only food she was given was cum drained from her own body after each session. Occasionally she was given a drink of water; but most times the orcs made her lick their piss off the floor or out of cups. Her entire body was covered in bruises and welts. She no longer fought back. Her eyes were vacant and lifeless and she shambled around whenever the orcs took her from place to place. Princess Delia was forced to watch much of the ordeal. The constant presence of the iron cage around her sapped her magical strength and her spirit was being crushed by the cruel torments she was made to witness. Blath was pleased with the progress so far and had decided it was time to teach Delia the advantages of submission. He ordered Robyn cleaned up and brought to him in the lair where the Princess was kept. The table was set with a huge roast deer and assorted other foods. He sat in his throne as the broken ranger was led into the hall. "Bring her to me," he ordered the guards. The young ranger stumbled forward and stopped in front of the ogre-magi, her eyes on the floor in front of her. Her stomach growled, as she smelled the cooked food on the table behind her. The young girl trembled uncontrollably and she felt weak and dizzy. Every movement hurt, even breathing, as her battered body fought to stay conscious. "Look at me, slave," ordered the huge monster. He stared intently into her blue eyes. He smiled as he searched and failed to find a spark of life there. Without another word, he reached out and grasped her nipple rings. His arms flexed and he began to lift the rings higher and higher. He searched her face for any sign of rebellion. Robyn began to scream in pain as he lifted her off the ground by her rings. Blath grinned, as she made no movement to stop him. Her hands remained at her side, loose and unclenched. Blath continued to hold her up. The magic of the rings prevented them from pulling out, but did nothing to protect her from the pain the ogre was inflicting. Finally her voice cracked from screaming and her bladder broke, hot yellow urine streaming down her thighs and calves. Sensing she was about to pass out, Blath lowered the sobbing woman to the ground. He was inwardly happy, knowing he had broken the ranger's spirit. Robyn's legs refused to support her and she slid down to kneel at the ogre's feet. Blath stroked her head tenderly, almost lovingly. "Leave us," he ordered the guards. As they left the room, he turned back to Robyn and asked, "Are you hungry, little pet?" "Yes" "What was that?" he asked angrily. Wincing at the anger in his voice, she whispered, "Yes, Lord Blath." "There, see how easy it was. You are ready to be a good girl now, little pet?" "Yes, Lord Blath." She raised up, eager to feel his hand stroking her hair. It was the first kind treatment she'd felt in days and it confused her. Blath rejoiced at her actions. He leaned over and ripped a leg off the roast deer, splintering the bone as he twisted it off the joint. He ate hungrily; watching the woman drool as she intently watched him eat. When he had eaten most of the meat, he held out the bone to Robyn. "Want some?" The young woman swallowed repeatedly, her mouth watering incessantly. She couldn't speak, she was so hungry; her eyes glued to the meat scraps hanging off the bone. She nodded so hard that it looked like her head would snap off. "Beg, little doggie," commanded the ogre. Robyn sat on her haunches, her hands hanging before her like a dog begging for a scrap of food. Blath laughed at her eagerness and tossed her the bone. The famished woman began to strip the meat off the bone with her teeth. Blath reached under her arms and lifted her into his lap. Robyn snuggled there, cuddling with the monster while she finished her meal. "See, Princess, I can be kind as well." 28

The Princess just shook her head in horror at the sight of Robyn's submission. Robyn finished the meat and set the bone on the armrest of the throne. She snuggled on the ogre's lap. Blath noticed the way she ground her ass-cheeks over his lap, eager to please him. It had been some time since he had enjoyed anything other than the occasional orc-slut or wolf-bitch. The bulge under Robyn's ass began to grow and twitch. "Take off my pants, pet." Robyn slid off his lap and knelt between his legs. As the ogre raised his hips, she slid off his pants. She gasped at the sight that greeted her. The ogre's genitals were large, the three testicles each the size of a small apple. Each of his two cock shafts was over a foot and a half long and still growing. The cocks were almost as thick as her wrist. She bent forward and began to lick each of the heads. "MMM, yes, good girl," moaned Blath as he felt her hot mouth close over the head of his upper cock. Robyn's hands were busy stroking the lower shaft as she sucked. Finally she switched, sucking the other until both cocks had grown to their two-foot length. Robyn took a shaft in each hand and stroked lovingly while her tongue danced across the hairless sack holding the ogre's large balls. She sucked them into her mouth, bathing them in warm spit. Blath enjoyed her oral ministrations for some time, until he felt he was ready for more. He pulled her up and effortlessly lifted her over his head. Robyn spread her legs as his long forked tongue snaked out to lick her bruised sex. He lowered her slightly, until the full length of his tongue was wiggling inside her. The heat and moisture surprised him. He began to eat her with a vengeance, feeling her juices run down his chin. This is an unexpected benefit, he thought in amazement. Perhaps he would wait a while before he had her cooked. Besides, she tastes better raw, he thought with a smile as he felt her pussy clench around his tongue. Finally he felt she was ready for him. He lowered her onto his lap, until the heads of his pricks touched her inner thighs. She placed her feet on either side of his legs and squatted, trying to drive the large cocks into her. Blath lined his lower cock up with her asshole, and the upper one with the opening of her swollen pussy. Robyn lowered herself, impaling herself on the twin shafts. "Ughhhh," she groaned as the huge shafts penetrating her sore openings. She began to hump the large organs, moaning in pleasure. Blath drove his cocks up into her, delighted in his new pet. He could feel her inner muscles grip around his shafts as she began to spasm with ecstasy. The twin cocks pounded into her, filling her with both pleasure and pain. Blath closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her silky openings as they slid over him. Blath stroked her affectionately; caressing her tits and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Her movements sped up and became jerkier as her passion mounted. Her increasing excitement affected Blath well. He could feel the cum inside his balls begin to boil, his sack drawing up as his orgasm approached. Soon the two were covered in sweat as they fucked each other with abandon. He pulled his new slave close and she began to kiss his face and neck. As his orgasm began, Lord Blath whispered into her ear, "You will be my slave forever, little pet." His cocks began to squirm inside her, spraying her pussy and ass with his hot purple cum. Robyn turned her head and whispered back into the ear of the orgasming monster, "At least for the rest of your life!" Blath was shocked at the rage in the young woman's voice. He opened his eyes as the last of his cum pumped into her. He looked into her hatred-filled eyes just as she drove the sharp, splintered end of the leg bone into the side of his neck with all her strength. Robyn ripped the bone sideways, opening a gaping wound. Dark black blood jetted out, covering her in sheets of the hot fluid. Blath convulsed, his actions driving the cocks into her. As the hot blood ran over her clit, she broke into a screaming orgasm. As Blath went through his death throes, she writhed along with him. Finally, her passion subsided and she slid off the corpse. She lifted a picture of water and drank deeply, then used the remaining water to wash the black blood off of her as best she could. The ranger stuffed several baked tubers into her mouth and chewed. Turning around, she searched the ogre's body until she found a small iron key tucked into his belt. Staggering over to the iron cage, she unlocked the door and motioned for the Princess to join her. The Princess just stared at her in disbelief, unable to comprehend the transformation she had just witnessed. 29

"Hurry, Princess, I can't go through that again, I need to get you out of here now," she croaked with her broken voice. The Princess stepped out and threw her arms around the human. Robyn hugged her back briefly, a single sob of utter anguish escaping before she could seal her lips. "No time for that, I don't know how much longer I can stay conscious. We need to get you out of here or all this is for nothing; I couldn't stand that," she rasped. "This way, there is a hidden passage. I have seen the ogre use it several times," the Princess said. She pointed to the back of the lair behind the throne. As Robyn watched, the elf twisted a rock. With a quiet shudder a portion of the wall swung away, revealing a narrow tunnel. "How did Blath ever fit?" "A shape-shifter, remember," the Princess asked? Without waiting, the beautiful elf headed down the passage. Robyn scrambled to follow her, her body aching with every step. The tunnel continued on for several yards before ending inside a small cave filled with the ogre's personal belongings and treasure. She was delighted to find her short sword. The well-worn hilt fit her palm perfectly, and to have it in her hand cheered her tremendously. She used it to fashion a poncho from a filthy blanket. A strip of another tied around her waist served as a belt. The remainder of the second blanket was quickly fashioned into a pair of moccasins. The pair of women made their way over to the entrance of the cave and looked out. It faced away from the main part of the orc compound. They waited briefly while they tried to spot the most successful route of escape. Finally Robyn pointed to a small path skirting the village. Knowing it was only a matter of time before the ogre's body was discovered, they set out to freedom. Using stealth, they were able to make it into the woods unseen. Robyn took the lead, heading towards the north as fast as she could go. The way was rough and the rags around her feet offered little protection. After several leagues, she was limping and starting to slow. Spots of blood began to show through the wool as the rocks and debris began to take their toll on her feet. They had eluded several patrols in the first hour, hiding in the bushes until they had passed. Robyn had just started to believe they would escape undetected when disaster struck. Rounding a corner, they ran into three orcs. The first orc charged them, swinging a morning star over his head. Robyn met his charge and rolled under his swing. Regaining her feet, she opened his back with an overhand stroke. A second slash across the back of his neck ensured he wouldn't trouble them further. Whirling, she groaned when she recognized the spell-caster Tissmon. The shaman gestured at her and released a bolt of magical energy directly at her. The arcane fire sped at her and she gripped her sword in frustration. Suddenly, the Princess was beside her. She raised her right hand and the sapphire ring flashed brightly as the bolt bounced off of an unseen wall inches from the women. It sped back, striking the shaman in the chest and blowing him to small burnt pieces. The other orc dove into the bushes and ran for his life. Robyn stared at the Delia, not believing she was still alive. "Ring of spell turning," she said in way of explanation. "Handy, where do I get one?" asked Robyn. "We better hurry, that other one will bring his friends back. Damn!" Before they left, the Princess retrieved the shaman's boots and offered them to the limping ranger. Delia winced when she saw the bloody condition of her companion's feet as she slipped on the boots. "Are you sure you can go on, Robyn?" "No choice. Come on." Hurrying, they continued their trek northward. After a few hours, Robyn was barely able to keep up with the Princess. She tried to convince the regal elf to leave her, but Delia wouldn't hear of it. Shortly thereafter, the sound of baying wolves could be heard to the south. "They have our trail. We need to reach a stream or river. We're close to where I was captured." Delia agreed, "I know. Let's hurry." The women ran on, Robyn stumbling more and more often. Finally the ranger could feel herself slipping into a trance. She stopped, slapping herself to focus her awareness. 30

"You need to go on without me. I can't go much further. No more arguments, Princess." Princess Delia looked at the ranger's face intently. She started to say something, then thought better of it. Nodding sadly, she acquiesced. Robyn pointed to the northeast. "Three leagues that way is the stream Glossamvin. You need to head that way. There's a family of bullywogs along it. If you can find them, they can help you." The Princess nodded. She hugged the young woman briefly and then set off. Robyn looked around trying to find a place to make her final stand. She leaned against a tree, trying to summon her remaining strength. The problem was that there was so little left to draw from. She breathed deeply, trying to raise her energy. She heard rustling in the brush behind her. Thinking that they'd circled around behind her, she spun around. Her knees buckled as the familiar forms of her father, the Princess, Bowsar, Pa'Aey, Ruckee, and Troll ran towards her. Dingoo reached her just as she collapsed. "No heroic last stands for you, little lady," he said as he scooped her up into his arms. "Father… " was all she said before passing out. "Bowsar, you take the Princess to her people." The mighty centaur nodded, holding his hand out to help the elf sit atop his broad back. "I'm no unicorn, but I promise you any orcs that try to stop us will not live to regret it," the centaur said. The Princess climbed up and wrapped her arms round his muscular chest. With a clatter of hooves he sped off with his charge. Dingoo handed the unconscious form of his daughter to the burly troll. "Troll, you can shadow-walk faster than any of us can travel. Take her back to the compound please," he pleaded with the powerful creature. Troll looked at the fragile bundle in his arms. His heart was torn between caring for her and the desire to visit those who had done this to her. Dingoo sensed his friend's indecision. "Please, you're the only one who can get her back. I need you to do this for me, for her." Troll blinked the tears from his yellow eyes. Nodding, he stepped into a shadow and began to disappear from sight. Before he faded completely away, he turned and looked directly at the elder ranger. "Just save one for me, okay?" With that he was gone. Dingoo smiled a very unpleasant smile. "I will try Troll, I will try." Ruckee and Pa'Aey echoed the sentiment. Dingoo led the two towards the sounds of the approaching wolves. As a matter of fact, both of them were wearing the same unpleasant smiles as their leader. *** Nine Months Later Robyn was excited as she waited for the druid to lead her to the altar. She had recovered from her ordeal, with the help of the druids and a pair of elven healers that the elven royal court had sent to help. She had been sullen for several weeks. Finally one night in her father's bed, she had broken down and told her father of her torture at the hands of Blath Mord and his orcs. He held her as she tearfully recounted the details of her captivity. The next morning she had resumed her duties. She threw herself into her work with a passion and diligence that surprised even the elder druids. She studied diligently, absorbing knowledge and practicing constantly. She drove herself relentlessly. Dingoo was concerned at first that she needed to relax. However the trio of Troll, Pa'Aey, and Bowsar made it their mission to ensure she still took time for fun. They constantly teased and taunted her, leading to many playful wrestling matches that led to activities of a different nature. She grew quite close to the three, especially the mighty centaur.


An emissary from the Princess brought her a new spear and a rare treasure that was the talk of the compound. The elves had sent a shimmering suit of elven chain-mail armor. This type of magical armor was exceedingly rare and for it to be given to a human was a sight seldom seen in the course of a lifetime. She rarely wore the treasured gift. It was something that made her uncomfortable. Now it was the night of the spring solstice. True to her word, she had earned the rank of warden; the first of her group to do so. She waited impatiently as the two new guides, Co'Lar and Tene' went through their own ceremonies of initiation. Both women had been flawless throughout the procedure. Robyn's heart beat wildly in her chest as she waited her turn. Compounding her excitement were the magical unguents the druids had spread over the lips of her sex. They tingled and glowed. Her clitoris had swollen to its largest size, pushing it out beyond its hood further than she had ever seen. It took all of her willpower to keep from rubbing her hands between her legs and giving herself the relief she craved. Finally the druid called her out and led her to the altar. Unlike the ceremony for her nipple rings, this time her arms and legs were left unrestrained. With all her friends watching, she lay back atop the altar top and spread her legs as wide as she could. A gasp came from the crowd as they saw the inflamed condition of her sex. She was so excited that clear nectar ran freely from between the puffy lips and pooled on the obsidian stone. The elder druid took a red-hot silver needle and grasped her clit between finger and thumb. Robyn inhaled sharply, her brow furrowing with the effort of not cumming right then. The druid pushed the glowing needle into the base of her clit and slowly began to push it through the base of her turgid lovebud. Robyn tensed as the fiery needle penetrated deeper and deeper. Finally, with a hissing noise, the tiny lance erupted from the other side. The druid withdrew the needle and picked up a gold ring. He reached down; preparing to insert it into the fresh piercing. "Hold, Druid," commanded a new voice. The crowd parted as the Princess Delia entered into the circle and made her way up to the altar. She smiled down at the trembling ranger and then turned to address the druid. "I am sorry to interrupt. Please forgive me." "Princess, you honor us with your presence," the druid G'dfether stammered. "Am I to understand that any ring will serve as the symbol of her rank?" "Yes, your highness, that is correct," replied G'dfether. "Then may I contribute something to the occasion?" With those words, she removed the magical sapphire ring from her right hand and knelt between her rescuer's outstretched legs. The crowd drew near, not believing the Princess was bestowing such a rich gift on the young woman. She began to run her finger up and down the length of the weeping gash before her. At the top of her stroke she would flick her fingernail across the surface of Robyn's swollen clit, making the ranger gasp and writhe in pleasure. Finally, she spoke a magic command and a small gap appeared in the circle of gold. She deftly threaded it through the piercing and again spoke the magical command. The gap disappeared, leaving the sapphire bauble hanging from her clit. G'dfether spoke the magical chant that would strengthen and join the ring to her body. There was a bright flash as the magic of the ring combined with that of the druid's spell. The burst of eldritch energy coursed through Robyn's body, igniting a powerful explosive orgasm that seemed to go on forever. G'dfether smiled and proclaimed the ceremony over. He had the sacred brazier lit and sweet herbs were burned in honor of Kaite, the goddess of lust and fertility. The golden horns were sounding, signaling the start of the solstice fertility festival. He pulled open his robe, revealing his erection. He stepped to the head of the altar and rubbed it across Robyn's lips. She responded by opening her mouth and suckling greedily at his staff. As she did, Delia began to lick her clit while inserting two fingers and pumping them into her overheated pussy. As the druid thrust into her mouth, Robyn reached out and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper into her. Delia added two more fingers, finally folding over her thumb and slowly working her whole fist into the ranger's pussy. Robyn squealed as the fist pushed into her. The pressure was so intense as the elf's knuckles rubbed over her G spot. The Princess waited until her lover was shaking on the edge of another orgasm. Without warning, she bit into her clit and pulled on the ring with her teeth. As G'dfether felt her cum, he shot his own orgasm into her sucking mouth, feeling her swallow it hungrily. 32

Stepping away, Robyn was able to look around. The solstice orgy was underway. From her position she could see the revelers all around her. The satyr Pa'Aey was playing his pipes as Co'Lar sucked his pointed cock. Tene' was crouched under the centaur Bowsar, fondling his mighty penis while running her tongue over the broad head. Looking between her legs, she could see Delia busy licking her discharge while her arm still pumped in and out of her pussy. Kneeling behind the Princess was Ruckee, driving his studded cock into her royal cunt, spurring the elf's own passion on. To one side, Robyn saw her father with Kimi, the beast mistress. Dingoo was on all fours with his face buried between her thighs. Kimi had his head in her hands, using his tongue for her own pleasure. Robyn took in the orgiastic sight around her until the large form of Troll and his huge cock blocked her sight. She smiled up at him, opening her mouth as far as she could. The large cock filled her mouth and began to push down her gullet. As she felt the shaft slide further down her throat, the Princess began to work the fingers of her free hand into Robyn's winking asshole. Robyn felt herself spinning as the orgasms crashed on top of one another. As she felt the Princess's other hand make a fist inside her ass, she screamed her orgasm around the thick cock filling her mouth and she… *** EPILOGUE … and she sat up in the bed. With one hand she covered her mouth as her other hand brought her off, all four fingers pushing themselves, and her now-torn panties, deeper and deeper into her pussy. She tried to muffle her screams and moans of ecstasy as she came again and again from her erotic dream. She fell back into the pillows, her breath and pulse racing as she came down from her sexual high. Listening, she couldn't hear her foster parents and she hoped they were out for a morning horse ride. Mindy and Jay frequently rode in the morning, enjoying the sunrise as it started the new day. Teresa gasped and thought to herself, Get a grip, girl! Where are these dreams coming from? This was the fifth time this month she had awoken from an erotic dream to find herself masturbating wildly. She hoped her new parents didn't discover her activities. They'll think they adopted a nympho, she giggled. She rolled out of the bed, pulling her wet fingers from inside her cunt. Blushing, she brought them up to her mouth and licked them clean. Blushing at the erotic spectacle she presented in her vanity mirror, she peeled off her nightshirt and tossed it onto the rumpled bed. She groaned as she pulled down her ripped panties. The fabric had been shoved deep inside her and was dripping wet. She pulled them down and stepped out of them, leaving them on the carpet at the edge of her bed. She paused to admire her body in the mirror. Her pert breasts were high and firm, already large for a fifteen-year-old. Her tits were capped with pink nipples, the puffy aureoles sitting like mounds atop the swell of her breasts. Her labia were a dark pink and still moist and swollen. Teresa was naked except for a gold chain holding her most prized possession: a sapphire ring that had been inside her basket when the Sisters at the orphanage had found her. She had worn it for as long as she could remember. It reminded her of her dream and that made her pussy start to heat again. Giggling she ran to the bathroom to take her morning shower. With luck she could play with the water massage hose and cum a few more times before her parents got back. As she left the bedroom, a pair of yellow eyes followed her hungrily from under the bed. They watched intently, following her firm buttocks as she ran out of the room. For a few minutes the house was quiet. Then the sound of the shower could be heard from the bathroom. The bed shifted slightly and the impossibly huge form of Troll crawled part of the way out from under the shadows beneath the bed. He snatched up the torn panties and brought them up to his nose. "Sniff… Ummmm, so much like her mother," he rumbled in his deep voice. "Another one for my collection," he said as he stuffed a corner of it into his mouth. As he tasted the fragrant juices soaking the cotton, he pawed his growing erection. Perhaps he would visit the mare in the stables before Mindy and Jay returned from their ride. Troll knew Teresa would soon turn sixteen. Then she could safely return to the other side.


He had brought her here to avoid a magical curse cast by the arch-mage Borchar. Troll and his friends had ensured the evil wizard no longer posed a threat. However, to defeat the curse she had to enter womanhood first. Since time passed more quickly in the earth realm, only two years had passed back home. Still, both Robyn and Bowsar complained of missing their daughter's formative years. Troll would be happy when he could reunite Teresa with her real family. As he listened, he could hear her moans as she entertained herself in the shower. "So like her mother indeed," he chuckled as he crawled back under the bed. As he opened another shadow gate to the stable, his deep voice echoed unheard through the house, "Here pretty horsey." The End


A Midsummer night in Lorien By Redvenom The forest creatures were momentarily silenced as a mounted rider moved almost soundlessly into the sun-drenched glade. The man was clad in the garb of a ranger, complete with a worn and faded cloak that had seen much better days. Pin pricks of light reflected off the dark close-woven chainmail rolled into a neat bundle behind the rider. Strapped to the saddle of the massive warhorse a helmet peeked out from under the shadow of a large axe in its worn leather sheath. Despite the warlike nature of the his belongings, a casual smile was on the face of the rider as he nudged his huge steed forward, enjoying the warmth of the sun. If there were observers present, they would not have failed to notice the care with which the man guided the iron-shod hooves from trampling the delicate clumps of wild blooms that sprouted everywhere. Satisfied with his find, the rider halted in front of the large weathered stone monolith which dominated the glade. Standing several times the height of a man and weighing several tons, the way-stone had been set in ages past as a marker. Ancient script still flowed across the grey surface of the stone, cautioning all unwelcome visitors who would enter and despoil the woods of Athel Loren, the last enclave of Elves in the Old World. Covered in virgin forests since before the appearance of humans in the Old World, the forests of Loren were old beyond the measure of men and have been home to the fabled Wood Elves for more than a three thousand years. History records several meetings between humans and Elves, though not always in pleasant circumstances. The tragic endings of foolish humans who have dared the guardians of the forests litter the histories of Bretonnia and the Empire. Men have learnt to respect the archery of the Wood Elves. An uneasy peace has settled in between the Elves and Men for more than four centuries. Still, in current times, few men travel close to the forest and none pass the forbidding monoliths save perhaps appointed emissaries of King Louis of Brettonia. Even then, these few men tell of unseen guardians and watchful forest spirits following their every move. The rider seemed unconcerned with such fears as he dismounted, unpacking belongings from his saddlebags, uncovering a small loaf of hard bread and a waterskin. As the man began to eat, a small woodland squirrel, braver than its kin, appeared nearby in expectations of a feast. With gentle slowness, the man placed a small lump of bread on a convenient stone before retreating several yards to continue his lunch. When he looked again, the bread was gone. With lunch completed, the man arranged his cloak and waited. Dusk came. As the dying rays of the sun began to wane over the treetops, a slim figure appeared as if by magic beside the mononith. The man watched, marvelling at the stranger's woodcraft. There was no warning sound or movement. The figure was just there in an instant. Finely chiselled features and silvery blonde hair showed beneath a hood of grey-green. An Elf of Athel Loren, no less. With an experienced eye, the man also noted the strung bow resting loosely in the newcomer's right hand. A Glade Guard, guessed the man. One of the many scouts who keep watch on the forest borders. Standing slowly, the man raised his right hand in greeting. 'Peace and fair weather, friend,' he greeted the newcomer in Brettonian tradition. The accent, though diluted from many years of wandering, was of Kislev, the icy kingdom north of the Empire. Receiving no reply from the elf, the man continued. 'I am Kael and I have wandered far in my journeys. By your laws, no human may pass beyond the way-stones without leave from the guardians of the forest. I would like such leave for I have an quest to fulfil.' 'And why should Elves grant you leave to trespass on our sacred land? If it is magical baubles you seek, it will be wise to seek them elsewhere.' Despite the coldness of the tone, the voice was of such musical quality that Kael was left in no doubt as to the origins of the speaker. It was difficult to tell if the speaker was male or female. Voices to bring tears to the eyes, his father had once said fittingly. 'I have not come seeking a treasure but to return one.'


Taking care to keep his hands in sight, Kael moved to his saddlebags and brought out a well-wrapped object. Beneath the soft doeskin, a soft gleam of gold shone in his hands. Kael noticed that the Glade Guard had intense violet eyes as the Elf moved forward to observe the object with new interest. Kael noticed for the first time that he was speaking to an Elf woman. The round brooch was of gold with a cunning design of vines curling around the rim, set with berries of jade. The workmanship was exquisite, and far beyond the talents of mere human craftsmen. 'This brooch is from a friend and companion named Finnlas. A kinsman of the forest. He fell in battle with orcs in the Border Princes south of the Empire. It is his wish that this be returned to his kin that dwell in Loren.' Recognizing the origin of the object in Kael's hands, the Elf turned about and signalled with a hoot of an owl. 'I am Emer. Come, we will move quickly. We have many miles to travel' As Kael moved towards his horse, the Elf woman added, 'Leave your horse behind. He will be cared for.' Though loath to leave his faithful charger behind, Kael nodded and followed the slim figure into the forest. As a wanderer for many years, Kael had learnt his woodcraft by dint of hard experience where it was a matter of survival to be able to hunt and move silently. He had been proud of his skills until he watched the Elf woman glide like a phantom from shadow to shadow. Avoiding gravel and dead leaves with effortless skill, the Elf walked as if on air, leaving no trail behind her. Behind her, Kael laboured to keep up, feeling as clumsy as an Orc by comparison. *** Kael was led to a tall Elf who stood alone beneath a beech tree of awesome size. Kael realized at once that this was no common Elf. Though the finely chiselled face was ageless in the way of Elves, deep wisdom glimmered in the keen blue eyes. Though clad in plain grey robes lacking in finery, an aura of authority seemed to radiate from the figure. Emer moved forward to converse briefly in Eltharin with the tall Elf before turning to Kael. 'This is Fionn. Sire to Finnlas,' Emer said. Clearing his throat, Kael introduced himself, 'Peace and fair weather. I am Kael Darkmane of Kislev.' The intense blue eyes focused on him as if taking his measure, missing nothing. 'Peace and fair weather, man of the the North. You have news of my son?' 'I fear I have brought ill news indeed,' Kael answered as he produced the brooch he so carefully carried on his long journey from the Border Princes. The blue eyes flickered momentarily but did not not dim. Turning quickly, he gave a curt command to Emer in Eltharin before continuing. 'Come, we have much to talk.' Following his lead, Kael ascended a spiralling stair seemingly grown from the sides of the ancient beech. He soon found himself outside in a treehouse of prodigious size, so cunningly constructed it was not visible from below. Entering through a side door, Kael moved into a cosy, unadorned room. Two low chairs were present, and Fionn was already seated. With a wave, Fionn indicated that he should do the same. Hands flat in front of him, Fionn spoke, 'My son Finnlas. Tell me the manner of his passing.' 'It was a fortnight ago. Finnlas and myself were scouts in the pay of Baron Grunewald, a minor noble with a castle in the western region of the Border Princes. We had news that a large horde of Orcs of the Broken Skull clan were moving across the border towards the villages of Torteim and Blumendorf. The Baron ordered twenty outriders, including myself and Finnlas, to escort the villagers to the safety of Castle Grunewald.' 'We were on the roads for three days when we were attacked by the vanguard of the Orc horde. We fought a rearguard action for several hours losing half our number until we reached the ford of Glass Water some ten miles from the castle. Finnlas fell as we attempted to hold off one of several charges from the Orc horde. I carried him back to the castle. We held out for five days before the horde dissipated after several attempts to assault the castle walls.' 36

Handing the brooch over, Kael kept silent as Fionn turned the brooch over and over in his graceful fingers as if reliving past memories. 'You have done my kin a noble deed, Kael Darkmane. You have my thanks. Please remain at least awhile and sample our hospitality. We will speak again.' An Elf guard appeared as if by magic at his side. Taking it as a dismissal, Kael rose and followed the guard outside to where a feast was in progress. *** Taking leave of his hosts, Kael retreated to the tree-house he had been assigned. Emer was waiting for him. She was now clad in a simple but elegant white gown that threatened to become sheer where it caught the light. Her lustrous silvery-blonde hair fell in long, silken tresses to the smooth, satiny skin of her bare shoulders. She was, Kael admitted, absolutely stunning. Feigning nonchalance, Kael made a slight bow, 'And what can a clumsy human do for you, Emer?' 'You fascinate me, Kael Darkmane,' declared Emer, her violet eyes sparkling with interest. 'I have seen the weapons and armour on your horse and they have seen much use. A warrior who is familiar with our ways and customs is rare indeed.' 'I learnt much of your people from Finnlas. I also learnt much of life from him.' A smile crept across her face as she added, 'I saw you share your bread with the squirrel in the forest. I liked that.' 'You were watching me?' 'Yes, since before you entered the glade of the monolith. Do many humans have green eyes like yours?' He blinked as he noticed her staring at him intently. 'In Kislev, my homeland far to the North, most of the people have blue or grey eyes. I sometimes feel I am an oddity.' 'Your speech and mannerisms are similar to those of Brettonian knights that I have observed. Are you a knight as well?' Kael smiled, not surprised at her astute hearing. 'Knights can be pompous, arrogant windbags sometimes. I try not to sound too pompous most times as I would not be mistaken for one.' Seeing that she would not be satisfied with his answer, he relented. 'I was once a knight in my homeland of Kislev. The Order of the White Wolves. But no longer. Now I travel and try to meet people of note.' 'The Whites Wolves of Ulric,' Emer murmured. 'I have heard many stories about their courage in battle. Mostly from the Brettonian visitors. Tall, strong men in wolf furs who could slay a northern gray wolf with bare hands.' 'An exaggeration, but such fanciful tales are useful against foes who would otherwise not be fearful of the Order.' She sat down on the bed before continuing, 'Tell me about the things you have done and stories of the lands outside the forest.' 'While I cannot claim to be a skilled teller of such tales, I have seen much since I left my homeland of Kislev. My travels have taken me to the Empire, Brettonia, the Worlds Edge Mountains, the Badlands, Border Princes and now Athel Loren. Where should I begin?' 'We have time. Tell me everything', she declared. Kael sat back on a low chair and began recounting his varied experiences of five years of wandering. The savage battles with the goblin tribes in the wilds of the Border Princes... Riding the endless steppes of the badlands... The bustling cities of the Empire... The underground majesty of the Dwarven Halls of Caraz-A-Karak... It took him awhile to reach his current whereabouts and it was far into the night when he exhausted his tales.


Much to his surprise, Emer was not bored in the slightest. Instead, she clung at his descriptions of faraway places, as if seeing the numerous adventures, people and lands through his tales. She moved closer and Kael was unsure if Emer was aware of his growing unease at her proximity. Kael was only too aware of the smoothness of her ivory skin, her silken tresses of silvery-gold hair and the distracting curves of her body. He quickly dismissed the thoughts that were forming. 'Tell me why you left Kislev'. 'You have sharp wits, my lady. Yes, why would a knight of one of the Old World's most esteemed and renowned Orders want to leave?' Kael closed his eyes momentarily, recalling the memories. 'I did not wish to leave but was bound to. I was much younger then, and foolish. I was... attracted to a lady-in-waiting of the Princess Katarin. Natasha was her name. Beautiful girl, about your height. Could steal a man's heart with a smile. Anyway, the Order has strict vows on celibacy. Those who break those vows are no longer worthy to be knights. At least that was what my Knight Commander told me.' Kael smiled weakly. Those memories still hurt, sometimes. 'Your leaders cast you out for loving a another human?,' said Emer, her violet eyes disbelieving. 'The way of civilized humans is strange, Kael.' 'Perhaps it was fortunate that I had to leave my home. I have visited places few of my countrymen will ever see. I have seen and done things that I had not even dreamed about when I was a knight.' Emer moved across to the open window. As if in greeting, a gentle breeze glided through her impossibly fine hair. 'Kael, how old do you think I am?' 'Finnlas once asked me the same question. Difficult to guess, as I know that your people have lifespans far in excess of mere humans. You appear to be no more than 20. But you could also be my great, great-grandfather's age were he alive today.' This brought a smile from Emer as she moved back to the center of the room, hugging herself with her slender arms. 'I have aged 120 years in your reckoning. But I have never set foot outside the borders of Athel Loren. I have not seen the great cities of Altdorf, Nuln, Middenheim. I have not seen snow glisten on distant hilltops nor seen the sun set on the shores of the Great Sea.' Kael nodded. 'I understand now, what made Finnlas travel from this fair place to the Border Princes.' 'I envy you, Kael. You have lived your life to its fullest, like most humans. Despite the shorter lifespans, or perhaps because of it, your people have achieved much more with their lives than even the Elder races, ancient though we may be. While we ponder the ways of the world, humans live it.' Emer moved closer until Kael could feel her warm breath against his cheek and smell the scent of wildflowers from her hair. 'We live long but uneventful lives. Your visit has brought more excitement to Loren than anything for a long while.' A mischievous smile played over her mouth as she noticed his discomfort. 'Do you find my appearance pleasing, Kael of the Darkmane?' Kael swallowed before speaking. 'I used to think Natasha was the fairest creature in the land,... but not any more.' 'I am many times your age, but I have yet to love a human,' Emer said, approaching him, her hands touching his face. Unconsciously, Kael found his fingers playing with the long lustrous strands of her silken hair as Emer leaned towards him, her body warm beneath the sheer gown. 'I have little knowledge of human customs in acts of love. But I wish you to show me what you shared with Natasha.'


Moving her body against him, Emer reached out behind her. The gown fell free as her delicate fingers undid a hidden clasp. Very gently, Kael pressed his mouth over hers, inhaling her sweet breath as he explored her body. Emer began to moan softly as he moved to kiss her soft throat and his hands found her firm, perfect breasts. The pert nipples erected satisfyingly to his caresses. Emer gasped, thrusting her chest fowards to accommodate him as his mouth clamped around first one, then the other nipple, nibbling gently. Kael moved one hand lower, over her flat, smooth belly until his fingers found the silken hairs. He explored slowly, with Emer moaning and nibbling at his neck, parting the soft lips of her labia before venturing first one, then two fingers inside the velvety softness. His fingers came away wet with her juices. 'Take me now,' she panted urgently as she pulled him hard against her body. Kael nudged himself around, nosing at the entrance opened to him, coating himself with her abundant juices. He teased her until with a fierce lunge, she impaled herself on him, crying out in Elvish at the friction of his entry. Locking her sleek legs around his waist, Emer rode him, moaning incoherently at the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. The wet, wonderful frictioning of the member inside her soon drove her to a fierce orgasm causing her to cry out in her passion. Her slender legs trembling from the after-effects, she clung on to Kael as he continued to move against her. Emer orgasmed twice more, her body shaking uncontrollably, before he laid her down on the bed, their bodies covered with a sheen of sweat from the exertions. Turning her over onto her stomach, Kael moved behind her. His still-hard member glistened with her juices and twitched with his excitement as he prepared to take her from behind. This position was unfamiliar to Emer, which aroused her immensely. Reaching back, she guided his member until it pointed as a spear into her sex. Kael admired the beautiful curves of her buttocks for several long seconds before thrusting his hips forward. She moaned as his member lodged inside her and began to part the slick walls of her vagina. By this time, rivulets of moisture from her engorged sex had trickled down her sleek legs in shiny trails. Kael moved slowly, enjoying the feel of the hot wetness, but Emer was growing impatient. Moaning in her passion, Emer began to thrust her buttocks back against his strokes, trying to get him deeper inside her. She screamed in pleasure as she felt him lunge forward, his hard length parting her vaginal muscles deliciously as he hilted himself against her. As he sawed his member in and out of her wonderfully tight tunnel, Kael freed one hand to touch her firm breasts which bounced so erotically with each thrust inside her. Moaning and crying out from the double stimulation, Emer clawed at the bedspread beneath her, her knuckles white from the effort. This time when she came, the passion totally overwhelmed her senses. With long-drawn scream, Emer flung her head back violently, sweat flying from her matted hair as she felt her vaginal muscles clench and relax in powerful spasms. The feel of her inner muscles milking him was more than his control could handle and Kael felt his member pulse powerfully as he climaxed into her. Her body continued to tremble as he collapsed on top of her prone form, feeling the sweat against the satiny skin of her back. Sated, they drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep in each other's arms. *** Kael was awake before the soft knock sounded. Years of living with danger a mere instant away had honed his survival instincts well. Beside him, Emer stirred as he sat up, senses alert. The concerned face of a tall Elf guard peeked into the dimly lit room. If the guard was surprised at Emer's presence, he hid it well. 'Dress quickly. A war-party of Beastmen has been seen moving towards us.' Dragging on his boots, Kael joined Emer and the rest of the Elves beneath the tree-house. In the darkened gloom, he saw the faint glint of weapons being drawn and readied. Kael saw deadly seriousness in the faces of the assembled guards. A long blade was passed to him. It was an Elvenmade weapon of outstanding balance, light but near unbreakable. None of the Elves spoke. The tall silver-haired Magrig who appeared to be the leader of the troupe whispered something to Emer who nodded, slinging her bow over her shoulder. The Elves started moving into the forest, melting away swiftly and silently into the shadows. Taking his arm, Emer led Kael as they followed the others. Not having the ability to see in the dark, Kael suppressed a curse as a low branch dug into his scalp, trying to keep up with the furious pace of the Elves.


Suddenly, they halted at the edges of a clearing, ringed by dense undergrowth. The other Elves lay nearby, well hidden. Straining his ears, Kael could make out distant voices in the harsh discordant tongue of the Beastmen. Occasionaly, one of the Elves would slip away to peek into the clearing. Emer moved forward to consult with Magrig. Kael edged forward until he was looking into the clearing from behind a large oak tree. There were at least a dozen of them. Well armoured as well, with most having vests of chainmail. A few wore round steel helmets as well. Most bore cruel chopping swords of crude manufacture. Several had spears tipped with jagged heads of beaten iron. Emer appeared beside him and whispered, 'They bear the device of an axe dripping blood. Magrig says a shaman is among them as well' Still looking at the Beastmen, Kael nodded. 'Blood Axe tribe. A clan from the western Badlands. I have fought their like before in the Border Princes...' Kael was cut short when another Beastman stepped into view, clad in rough animal furs and bearing many amulets. Scars cris-crossed its weathered face. In the flickering light of the torches, a tatoo of a flaming eye was visible on the creature's bald head. A crooked staff topped with an eerily glowing green gemstone rested in its scrawny arms. Kael was left in no doubt that the new arrival was the shaman. Only the shamans of the beastmen bore such a tatoo on their foreheads. Suddenly the gemstone on the shaman's staff flared, outshining the flickering torches. The shaman, as if sensing danger, whirled around. With a guttural curse, the shaman hurled a spell directy at the hidden Elves. Magical fire erupted on impact as the spell struck. Two of the Elf guards were caught by the expanding flames. One was thrown against a tree, his face badly burnt. The other who was closer to the flames ran screaming into the clearing, his hair and clothes alight. A beastman sword cut him down. The suddenness of the attack over, the remaining Elves unleashed a hail of arrows at their foes. Several fell, clutching the green shafts that sprouted, as if by magic, from their bodies. Snarling savagely, the remaining Beastmen charged out of the clearing, waving their weapons and eager to come to grips with their hidden opponents. Casting aside their now useless bows, the Elves drew their swords to meet their foes. The forest now rang with warcries and clashing steel as a furious close quarter battle began. For the moment, Elf and Beastman were united in their desire to kill each other. Pointing directly at where Kael stood, the shaman unleashed another ball of fire. Pushing Emer to the ground, Kael covered her with his body as the spell struck an obstructing tree. Nearby bushes flared into ashes as he felt the waves of heat erupt from the impact. A charging beastmen bearing a huge axe followed the direction of the spell, bellowing loudly. Rolling to her feet smoothly, Emer launched an arrow with practiced skill. The arrow took the Beastman in the chest, the impact of the shaft nearly lifting the burly creature off its feet. Growling in pain and winded by the arrows, the Beastman charged in a frenzy, closing the distance between them and waving its axe wildly. Stepping in front of Emer, Kael braced to meet the Beastman's attack, sword held loosely. The wounds had slowed the creature, and Kael deftly sidestepped the first wild swing of the huge axe. Batting aside the clumsy swing with his forearm, Kael rounded the wounded creature, grabbing at the massively jawed head. A sharp twist and he had the satisfaction of hearing bones snap in the thick neck. Dropping the still-twitching body, Kael grabbed the fallen axe in his free hand and sprinted towards the figures struggling in the gloom. His sword moving with lethal grace, Magrig the Elf leader had already slain two Beastmen when a spear impaled his left thigh. With a cry, he sliced at his attacker, sending a bestial head rolling even as his wounded limb failed him. Crumpling to the ground, he was desperately trying to fend off two other Beastmen when Kael reached him. Unaware of his presence, the Beastmen had their backs to Kael when he attacked. A sweep of the axe took the head off the nearest foe. A crushing boot to the back dropped the other to his knees as Kael kicked out savagely. Magrig's sword impaled the Beastman as it struggled to stand. Turning at a sound, Kael barely avoided having his right eye gouged out as a jagged sword flashed past his face, drawing blood. Another Beastman had joined the battle. Parrying the sword with his axe, Kael swept his own sword low, cutting through the creature's leg at the knee. As the Beastman fell howling, Kael broke its neck with the butt of the axe.


To his left, Kael saw an Elf fall, mortally wounded. His slayer, a huge Beastman champion with curling horns, continued to hack savagely at the dying Elf. In a rage, Kael leaped over the sprawled corpses and charged the creature. Turning at the sound, the Beastman growled and swung around to face him. With a shower of sparks, axe and sword met as the Beastman parried Kael's first stroke. Flipping the axe blades over expertly, Kael trapped the sword blade between the blade and handle of his axe. A quick twist broke the weapon and Kael buried the elven blade into the beastman's chest. Kicking the creature away from his sword, Kael searched the shadows for more foes only to find the battle ended. Looking around, Kael counted three wounded and two dead among the Elves. All the Beastmen lay dead, including the shaman who had received at least six of the green shafted arrows from Emer's bow. The creature had first attempted to shield itself with magic. Unfortunately, his strength had failed before Emer had exhausted her quiver of arrows. Kneeling beside Magrig, Kael saw that the spear had penetrated the fleshy part of the Elf warrior's left thigh. Though the pain showed in the corners of his blue eyes, no sound came from the Elf. Lips clenched with effort, Magrig jerked spear shaft downward, impaling his leg further until the spearhead was clear of the wound. Taking a small knife from one of the scouts, Kael worked the spearhead loose with the patience of much battlefield experience. His hands were slick with the Elf leader's blood before the iron spearhead could be separated from the shaft. With both hands on the wooden shaft Kael took a deep breath and yanked it clear. Blood gushed from the wound. Immediately, Emer and another Elf scout bound two pads of soft cloth over the wound. *** Kael kept his gaze level as Emer smeared a stinging poultice on the cut on his cheek just below his left eye. Patting the gash affectionately, she checked him over for other injuries. 'Where else are you hurt?', she asked. 'Nowhere else, I'm fine,' he said. 'Your skills are impressive. A little crude, mayhap, but impressive never the less,' Emer commented. Kael effected a slight bow. 'The White Wolves are not really into classical swordplay. My instructors always insisted that war is work, not art.' 'Ruthlessly functional, in other words,' Emer grinned. Kael dismissed the warlike talk with a shake of his head as Emer continued to fuss over him, cleaning the dark stains that covered his hands and face with scented oils. She nuzzled his cheek as she worked, rubbing her breasts against him. Her silvery hair brushed against his face as she bent over him. Kael could feel the hardened nipples against his chest and realized that the excitement of the battle had triggered more than just her nursing instincts. 'Lie back', she said, her eyes sparkling. Pushing him flat on the bed, Emer began to undress him, dragging the soiled garments off and tossing them aside. Kael watched entranced as she disrobed as well, her body sleek and taut, flushed from the night's adventure. Her nipples stood out in firm arousal as she straddled him, her hands busy exploring every muscle on him. She spread the scented oil over his chest and his stomach, kneading skilfully before moving lower. 'Mmmmm... So strong...' she murmured. Her small fist grasped his deflated member which promptly began to react to her ministrations. ' big!' she declared as her skilled hands brought his phallus to full alert. Growling, Kael grabbed her slender shoulders as his mouth found the deliciously swaying orbs of her breasts. Emer moaned erotically as his tongue rasped over her erect nipples, causing sparks of pleasure to spread from her breasts. She freed one hand, gliding over the silky smoothness of her stomach before nestling between her sleek legs. With a cry, Emer ploughed her delicate fingers into her spread-open vagina, working frantically. Kael felt his member harden like never before as he watched her silvery public hair began to glisten with her juices as she took herself.


Before she attained her orgasm, she stopped, panting from her efforts. Glancing at his manhood sticking up stiff as a flagpole, she smiled wickedly. Balancing herself on her arms she moved atop him, positioning her engorged sex above his phallus. Emer teased him for several long seconds, moving him just inside her lips, coating the tip of his member with her juices. Kael reached up, pushing her breasts together, then licking down the cleavage before moving to the hardened nipples. With a choking cry, she impaled herself on him, letting her full weight drive the long, hard length into her moist tunnel. Her body trembled from the pleasure, steadily becoming unbearable as she rode him like a horse. Her abundant juices flowed freely as she mashed her sex against him, drenching his hips and staining the bedspread beneath. Emer flailed her head around, her hair flying wildly as the tension built up in her taut body. Suddenly she arched her back, crying out in rapture as her orgasm overtook her. Kael caught her limp body as she collapsed on him, panting in the aftermath of her climax. *** Leading his horse back to the clearing on the western fringe of Athel Loren, Kael glanced over at the small troop that accompanied him. Fionn and his folk. Many of the Glade Guards that had fought alongside Kael were present as well. Magrig, his leg bound but unwilling to be made an invalid, had insisted on following the party. 'I am sad to be leaving the this ancient forest. For a time, the worries of the outside world did not burden me,' he said as Fionn walked up alongside. 'Nonsense, friend Kael. Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is just a place. You are welcome to return at any time of your choosing. Loren will ever be here. But here...' Fionn said as he produced a brooch adorned with a sparkling green gemstone from the folds of his robe. 'It is an old custom among us, that true Elf-friends should bear some token of Loren. A gift between friends.' With some amusement, Fionn watched Kael as he accepted the gift, a look of wonder on his face. 'A watchstone, that. Made by my brother Lyndar the Smith. It has some small power to shield its bearer against hostile magic. A useful possession for the roads you choose to travel.' Grasping hands with Magrig in a warrior's grip. Kael could see unspoken understanding in the deep blue eyes. A rare understanding that could only come to warriors who had risked death together and survived. 'Be fortunate in life, man of the North,' the Elf said as their hands parted. Beside him, Emer reined her horse impatiently, eager to begin her first travels outside the safety of the forest. Her favourite bow was slung across her back. Two quivers of yard-long arrows hung on the saddle of her grey elf-horse. Despite his many stories of the crudeness and dangers of the world, Emer had chosen to leave Loren with him, to the horror, he was sure, of many of her kin. Looking at her impossibly fine features, Kael wondered what Tzar Bokha and the clergy of Ulric would have said had he brought his Elven lover back to the court of Kislev. The thought put a smile on his face as his horse began to trot on the daylong journey to Quenelles in Brettonia. The End


The Science-fiction section Imagine worlds where what magic enables in fantasy, science enables almost as well and sometimes better. Vast spaceships, laser guns and weird aliens abound can be found here. Much of the same of what I wrote about the naiveté in fantasy also applies for the following stories. Again, sex is even in extreme cases rarely a life-changing experience to say the least. Also, Sci-fi tends to promise into the future, while fantasy concentrates more about the here and now. Sci-fi becomes either inherently optimistic and would be a philanthropist’s wet dream or would make an Orwell-ian commit suicide. THE SCIENCE-FICTION SECTION .............................................................................................. 43 The flight to Yavin...................................................................................................................................... 44 Leia heats up Hoth...................................................................................................................................... 49 Embedding Maria....................................................................................................................................... 53 The ROR'TUKOR ...................................................................................................................................... 57


The flight to Yavin By Darth Ridley Luke Skywalker entered the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon just as Leia was storming out. As he stepped aside to let the young princess pass, she looked back at him and said, “Your friend is quite a mercenary. I wonder if he really cares about anything… or anybody.” The angry young woman walked off without another word. Luke quickly realized she must have had an argument with Han. Now she probably thought the whole group of them were selfish mercenaries. “I care,” Luke called back at her, in a weak attempt to repair the damage done. Realizing it was no use. Luke turned and sat down in the pilot’s seat next to Han. He gave a little sigh as he rested into the comfy chair. This seemed like the first chance he had to relax since this whole adventure began. Still thinking about the beautiful princess, he asked “So, what’d you think of her Han?” “Trying not to kid,” Han replied while making a minor adjustment to their course. “Good,” Luke responded. The smuggler might not be interested in Leia, but Luke definitely wanted her. Han thought about Leia for a second, reconsidering what he said. “Still... she’s got a lot of spirit. I don’t know, what’d you think? Do you think a princess and a guy like me...” “No,” Luke responded with a serious tone in his voice. Han smiled at Luke’s answer. He didn’t think the kid was the type to make a comment like that. If anything, their recent ordeal showed there was more to the young farm boy than meets the eye. “Well, we’ll arrive at Yavin in about half an hour. I’m gonna try and sleep a bit until then. Go find Chewie and ask him to take over the controls here,” Han said as he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. “Sure thing,” Luke replied before leaving the cockpit. Luke found Chewbacca, Han’s Wookiee co-pilot, assessing the damage they withstood during their escape from the Death Star. He was clearly not pleased at all the damage he’d have to repair once they reached Yavin. “Chewie? Han wants you to go help pilot the ship.” Chewbacca growled a response, which was hopefully an affirmative reply. Somehow, Luke figured it was a little more colourful than that. Luke proceeded to the Falcon’s cargo hold as Chewie stormed off to the cockpit. Princess Leia was sitting at the Dejarik holographic gameboard with her head down in her arms, apparently sleeping. The two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, appeared to be shut down in recharge mode. Sleep seemed like a good idea to Luke too. He quietly sat down next to Leia and was about to put his head down when he heard a muffled sob from the princess. “Leia?” Luke whispered quietly. The princess sat up and wiped some tears out of her eyes. “Oh, hi Luke. I must have drifted off,” said Leia, trying to cover for what she was doing. “Were you crying?” Luke asked with concern. “No, of course not. My eyes must have been watering a bit while I was asleep. That’s all.” “I know you must be upset about Ben dying too. You know I’m upset. He was a really great man, but I think you’re right. There’s nothing we could have done to save him.” Luke said, trying to comfort Leia as she had comforted him earlier.


“No, it’s not that. It’s just… I was thinking about Alderaan,” Leia admitted with a sorrowful tone in her voice. Luke suddenly realized why she had really been crying. “Oh, Leia! I’m sorry. I had no idea. Alderaan was your home, wasn’t it?” “It was, Luke. They blew it up... and for what? Governor Tarkin destroyed it as nothing more than an example. He did it as a personal attack at me, because I wouldn't tell them where the rebel base was. It’s my fault. It’s my fault Alderaan is gone!” With that, Leia could no longer hide her tears. She rested her head on Luke’s shoulder and he held her close. “Leia, don’t ever think it was your fault. I’m sure the Empire would have done what they did regardless of your actions. It’s not my fault Ben died, and it’s NOT your fault Alderaan was destroyed. The Empire has taken so much from all of us. They murdered my aunt and uncle, they destroyed Alderaan, and they killed Ben. At least we’re still alive. Together, we can stop them,” Luke said with confidence in his voice. Luke’s powerful words struck a cord in Leia. “You’re right, Luke. Artoo is carrying the technical readouts of that battle station. We’ll find a weakness, I’m sure of it. Then, we’ll make sure there will never be another tragedy like what they did to Alderaan.” Luke was impressed with Leia’s strength. She suffered an unimaginable loss, and was still able to go on. Hardly anyone could find the strength to do that. She was quite a remarkable woman. Leia looked up into Luke’s eyes. “Thank you, Luke. Thank you for rescuing me, and thank you for your kind words. Thanks for everything.” She then gave Luke a quick kiss on the lips. She quietly stared deep into his eyes, as if searching for something. “Leia… ” Luke started, but then Leia kissed him again, only longer this time and much more passionately. As soon as they broke the kiss, Luke asked, “Leia, what are you doing?” “Don’t ask questions farm boy, just kiss me again.” Luke didn’t argue, he just took Leia into his arms and kissed her deeply. With his right hand he grabbed her left breast. He could feel her stiff nipple through the thin material of her white senatorial gown. He quickly removed his hand and pulled himself away from her. “I’m sorry, Leia. That was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that,” Luke said, ashamed of his bold action. “It’s okay, Luke,” Leia explained. “It felt nice. Only, if you’re going to touch me… .” Leia reached over and placed her hand on Luke’s crotch. She could feel an erection forming in his pants. Luke jerked back, taken off guard by Leia’s touch. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Luke, we may not succeed. We could be dead in the next few hours. Don’t you think we should enjoy what little time we may have left?” Leia explained while inching her body towards Luke. “No, it’s just that… what if Han or Chewie catches us?” he asked while looking in the direction of the cockpit. “So what if they do? We’ll show them what kind of reward a real hero gets,” Leia said wickedly as she began to unfasten and pull down Luke’s trousers. His now rock-hard cock popped free from it’s confines and bumped up against Leia’s chin. Leia smiled up at Luke and touched his cock with her right hand. She ran her fingers gently up and down its length. She then gripped the base and began stroking it up and down. Luke leaned his head back and groaned. This was like a dream come true.


A drop of precum ran down the bottom of Luke’s cock. Leia stuck out her soft pink tongue and let it run onto the tip. She closed her mouth and savoured the taste. She then rolled her tongue around the head of Luke’s penis a few times before licking the whole shaft. Finally, Leia opened her mouth wide and devoured the entire cock, swallowing the whole thing down her throat. She tightened her lips and began bobbing her head slowly up and down on the shaft. Luke placed his hands on the sides of Leia’s head, gripping the tightly wound buns of her hair tightly. Obviously liking what the princess was doing, Luke encouraged it by helping move her head faster and faster. “Luke... don't do this, Luke… ” a faint echoing voice suddenly called out from thin air. Luke jumped with surprise, almost causing Leia to gag on his cock. He looked back toward the cockpit, thinking the voice came from there. “What is it, Luke?” Leia asked, looking up at him after giving his cock one last lick of her tongue. Realizing no one was there, Luke replied, “Nothing. I thought I heard something, but I was wrong.” “I told you not to worry,” she assured. “Want to return the favour now?” “What?” Luke asked. “I want you to eat me out, silly,” Leia replied with a soft giggle. She sat up and leaned back in the seat. Luke reached down to the bottom of Leia’s dress and ran his hands up her legs, hiking her skirt up at the same time. Leia shivered slightly as her smooth legs were exposed to the cool, recycled air of the ship. She reached down and pulled the rest of her skirt up, exposing her panty-less crotch. Leia ran her hand up and down her wet slit, her entire body quivering as she stimulated her clit. Luke just stared in awe as the princess slowly pleasured herself. “Well, are you or aren’t you?” Leia asked ask she spread her thighs further apart. Not needing any more encouragement, Luke lowered his head to the princess' slippery mound. Not exactly sure what to do, the inexperienced young farmboy flicked his tongue against her warm wet slit. Leia grabbed Luke’s head and ran her fingers through his messy blond hair. “Oh, yes. That’s good… oh!” Leia cooed as Luke’s tongue ran across her budding clitoris. “Luke.... stop… .” the mysterious voice called out again. Luke lifted his head and sat up, looking around. He stared at the motionless droids and then back at the cockpit. There was nothing. “What? Why did you stop?” Leia asked, slightly frustrated. “I thought I heard something again… a voice. The droids are in sleep mode, right?” Luke asked. Leia looked around the hold of the Falcon, trying to figure out what Luke must have heard. “I don’t see anyone Luke… are you sure you heard someone?” “Yes... at least I think I did… it sounded like… nah, that’s crazy.” Luke said, shaking his head. “Are you okay?” “I’m fine… but doesn’t this seem… wrong somehow?” Luke asked. “Maybe we’re going too fast. We can stop if you don’t really want me,” Leia offered reluctantly. He considered for a second. Something did seem wrong about what he was doing with Leia, but it was all just too good to pass up. “No. You’re so beautiful. I want you more than anything,” Luke said before he grabbed Leia and kissed her passionately. The two broke the kiss and Leia said softly, “Then let’s not waste any more time.” Leia stood and sat on top of the Dejarik gameboard. She spread her legs widely and invited Luke with a “come hither” look. He wasted no time in climbing up on top of Leia and shoving his erect cock deep into her warm inviting hole.


Leia whimpered softly as Luke began to pound his hips back and forth, driving his penis in and out of her. She tossed her head side to side as Luke began to pump faster and faster. He was now slamming harder into her. Leia began sliding off the table, so she wrapped her legs around his back for support. For several minutes, the two fucked like wild animals. Luke grunted loudly with each thrust, no longer worried about anyone hearing them. He lowered his head and covered her mouth with his, and he probed her mouth with his tongue. She responded by pushing her tongue back up against his, and the two rolled their tongues around each other at they fucked vigorously. The grip Leia had on Luke with her legs began to weaken, and she began to slide off the table again. The two stopped for a minute to reposition. This time, Leia hiked her skirt up over her butt and leaned over the table. Luke was amazed by how perfect the princess’s ass was. He rubbed his cock up and down between her buttocks, causing her to moan. “Luke! Stop!” the phantom voice called out once again. However, Luke paid no attention this time. He was too mesmerized by Princess Leia's gorgeous body. Leia squealed as Luke rammed his cock back into her. She gripped the edges of the gameboard, bracing herself. Her cunt made loud squishing sounds as Luke’s prick continued to piston back and forth. Leia shook uncontrollably on the table beneath the onslaught, grunting and groaning like a wanton whore with each meaty slap of her ass against Luke’s groin. She pushed her hips back to meet each thrust, pushing herself harder onto Luke’s cock. Luke grabbed Leia’s beautiful, white buttocks and pulled them apart, kneading them like dough. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Leia’s body was rocked by the impact of Luke’s savage fucking. Luke grabbed her hips firmly and slammed forward with all his might as he and Leia simultaneously cried out in climax. The Tatooine farmboy pulled his cock out of her and allowed his thick, creamy cum to splatter onto her ass. After several large spurts, Leia’s slick slime-covered buttocks glistened under the interior lights of the Falcon. Exhausted, Luke collapsed onto the princess, his cock still wedged between her ass. The two lovers let their sweaty bodies press up against each other for a few minutes. They rested there, panting loudly from the exhaustive sex. They closed their eyes and began to drift off to sleep. Suddenly, the intercom came on and they heard Han’s voice. “We’re coming up on Yavin. We’ll be landing in a few minutes.” Luke and Leia’s eyes snapped open. “Sith spit!” Leia cursed, “Get off me Luke. We need to get cleaned up.” Luke stood up and looked at his tunic. It was covered in his own cum, the cum that previously covered Leia’s ass. “Blast! Look at my clothes. It’s all over me!” Luke exclaimed. “Don’t worry, we’ll think of something,” Leia said as she stood up. The remainder of Luke’s cum began dripping down the back of her legs. “You’re a mess too!” Luke said in a panic. Already taking charge of the situation, Leia pointed at a brown poncho that hung over some empty storage crates. “Is that yours? Put it on, it should cover the mess.” “What about you?” Luke asked as he was donning the cloak. Leia looked around, not finding anything to clean herself up with. Running out of options, she just used her hands to scoop up the cum on her backside. There was nowhere to put it, so she licked it all off the palms of her hands. She still had a lot of the sticky goo on her, but she was clean enough to avoid suspicion. The two finished dressing and sat back into their seats just as Han entered the hold. “Just making sure you two are awake. We’ll be landing soon,” Han said. “Thanks Han,” Luke responded. “Well, it was nice resting for awhile. Good thing I had Chewie to fly the ship. You two look exhausted. Didn’t you get any rest?” 47

“Ah, no… I guess we got ourselves just a little too worked up,” Leia said, grinning at Luke. “Well, it’s your loss. See you two when we’re on the ground.” Luke and Leia looked at each other as Han went back to the cockpit, both with naughty grins on their faces. He didn’t suspect a thing. “That was close,” Luke said. “Yeah, living dangerously is always a little risky.” “But fun,” Luke added. The two felt the Millennium Falcon shutter while entering the atmosphere of Yavin 4. As they were in each other’s arms, kissing passionately, Luke heard the mysterious voice once again. “No, Luke. No!” Luke broke the kiss. Now he was sure that he heard a voice and it sounded a lot like Ben Kenobi. A sudden feeling of guilt swept over Luke, as he finally sensed that he had done something dreadfully wrong. He looked down at Leia, who was lightly kissing his neck. But how could doing something that felt so good also feel so wrong? The End


Leia heats up Hoth By Syren Callista The medical facility in Echo Base on Hoth was beginning to warm up from rising tempers as a heated argument erupted in the recovery room. "Why you stuck up... half-witted, scruffy looking... NERF HERDER!" Princess Leia Organa shouted, her voice rising with each word. She glared daggers at Han Solo, the man who got her so worked up with his immature tauntings. Everything about her screamed anger, her posture tense and awkward with a barely controlled temper as her fists clenched and unclenched. She was just as disturbed by how angry Han was making her as to how much she had let him upset her. Han, for his part, took a few steps away from the incensed Princess before responding. "Who's scruffy looking?" he replied, doing his best to look hurt by the angry outburst. "Must've hit it pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh kid?" he asked Luke Skywalker, who lay on a bed with a slight bemused expression on his recently scarred face. Nodding her head, an idea popping up as the rebel Princess moved towards the reclining Luke and turned to look at Han. Forcing herself to be calm and letting her hands unclench, she moved closer. "Well I guess you don't know everything about women yet," she snapped out and then grasped Luke gently with both hands, kissing him firmly on his mouth. Her heart threatened to jump into her throat at her sudden actions and a warm flush spread immediately across her skin, a surprising stirring happening between her legs. Needing to be alone to figure out why this simple kiss had gotten her so excited, she pulled away from Luke quickly and stomped from the medical bay, leaving a stunned young farm boy, a smug looking smuggler, and a chuckling Wookie behind. Hopefully none of them noticed the huge flush that had almost magically sprung up across her cheeks. So concerned was she to get out of the medical bay before her tormentor noticed her strange reaction that she did not even pay attention to the direction she was walking. Taking several abrupt turns into different corridors, she finally stopped to find out where she was. "Oh great," Leia muttered to herself, realizing that she was in one of the undeveloped sectors of the base. Finding the nearest sliding steel door, she keyed in her access code and stepped through the threshold into an enormous icy cavern. "Wow," the awe-struck Princess muttered. The ceiling of the cavern was covered in fearsome looking stalactites, dangerously sharp, pointing downward like wicked daggers aimed at the floor. More majestic looking stalagmites littered the cavern floor, their tips smoother and not nearly as dangerous as their hanging cousins above. It was no wonder that the Alliance hadn't tried to convert this cavern into something, it would've taken incredible effort to clear away all the icy obstacles, not to mention the danger of falling stalagmites to the crews. Further looking about, Leia could see that the cavern had been used for some minor storage, with large durasteel crates placed close to the entrance. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Leia wandered to the nearest crate and opened its lid, peering inside. She discovered there was nothing of interest inside; merely an abundance of thermal blankets. On an impulse, Leia grabbed two of the large black blankets from the crate and spread them out on the icy cavern floor. Once done, she sat down on them, closing her eyes. She could tell just by how cooler the air felt on her face that her cheeks were still flushed, and was suddenly reminded of why they were flushed in the first place. Luke. Those lips. Kissing him... As Leia reminisced about this moment that was anything but intimate, yet had affected her so deeply, her arms shrugged out of her thermal vest, letting it fall to the blanket, and began to unzip her jumpsuit. All of this time on Hoth had been lonely for the Princess. With no personal relationships to speak of, young Leia found herself jumping at every opportunity she had to explore her needy body which so desperately craved the touch of another being. Her cold hands worked inside of her jumpsuit and cupped her breasts, eliciting a gentle moan from her soft red lips. 49

A bead of sweat ran down Leia's face, clearly a cold sweat. Even though much her body temperature was rising, it was much too cold in this cavern for her body to actually sweat. Leia was acutely aware of the sweat, and through slitted eyes she noticed the way her deep breathing and hot breath raised tiny puffs of mist in front of her face. Longing for more contact with herself, Leia pulled her arms free of the thermal jumpsuit and removed her white leather gloves. The Princess of Alderaan sighed gently as her ripe young breasts were released from their confines and exposed to the chilling air. Her nipples hardened almost instantaneously from the bitter cold air, while her slender fingers wandered over the stiff nubs. Slowly letting herself lie back onto the blanket, Leia started reaching around, searching for something to assist her in her lustful needs. Her hand left the blanket and jerked away as it made contact with the freezing ice floor. While her other hand still worked at her soft breasts, squeezing and caressing, her searching hand closed on a piece of ice the size of a hydrospanner. It wasn't sharp, she could tell, as her thumb pressed over its smooth round end. Smiling more now, Leia drew the piece of ice to her and let its freezing end trace against her erect nipple, the coldness of it such a sharp contrast against her hot skin that she gasped loud enough to make a stalactite at the far side of the cavern crash to the ground, breaking apart in a shower of icy shards. Ignoring it, ignoring everything but the electric sensations coming from her body, Leia let the frozen piece of ice wander to her other nipple, again teasing herself, bringing her nipples into the hardest state of erection that she'd ever felt. Leia raised the shard away from contact with her hard nipple and then groaned deep from within her throat as icy droplets of water dripped on her nipple, her body heat having caused the miniature stalagmite to begin melting. No matter to her, Leia thought, as the cavern was absolutely filled with other stalagmites for her to use. The melting tip of the stalagmite in her hand traced under the curves of her firm breasts as Leia further teased herself, her breathing becoming deeper and raspier. Finally needing more, Leia dropped the stalagmite and devoted both hands to slide under the waistband of her jumpsuit, pushing it down over her shapely hips, then down to her knees. Sitting up, Leia looked down and was not at all surprised to see the huge wet stain in the crotch of her panties. Why not add to it, Leia thought, as she once more picked up the discarded stalagmite she had used on her chest and carefully moved it to her crotch. Taking a deep breath, she pressed the tip against the thin material of the panties. Her hips jerked on their own impulse as the ice came in contact with the puffy entrance to her most intimate of places. Pressing the stalagmite more against her swollen pussy, Leia started moving her hips up to meet the icy probe. Pulling her panties aside, Leia jumped as she pressed the tip of the stalagmite into her cunt, shaking uncontrollably as the thin piece of ice slid into her core. Sliding it in several inches, she whimpered suddenly as she felt the tip break off inside of her, and she jerked the rest of it out, examining the broken off end. Barely disturbed by this, Leia brought the stalagmite to her mouth, and gently began to suck on it, letting her lips nurse at it the way she would suck a piece of candy. A pussy flavored piece of candy, she thought, as she swallowed the liquid that came from the rapidly melting stalagmite, triggered by her very hot oral orifice. Much too soon for her tastes, the stalagmite was reduced to barely the size of a twig, and beyond capability for further uses. Standing up, Leia stepped out of her thermal jumpsuit, but left her boots and her panties on. Goosebumps formed all over her naked skin. Walking away from the blankets she had set down, Leia set her sites on a small stalagmite that was jutting forth from the icy floor. Rising up much of her legs, its tip at just below her waist, Leia thought it was perfect for her needs. She just needed two more. Carefully looking around, Leia bent down to break off a thin piece of a stalagmite that was nicely rounded, and about as thick as two of her fingers pressed together. She broke off a nearly identical piece from another nearby stalagmite and approached the stalagmite that was imbedded in the ground. What would Rebel Command think of her now, she thought to herself with a wicked smile. Princess Leia Organa, standing only in white boots and soaked white panties, with her nipples sticking out like little stones, and two stalagmites in her hands that she prepared to use on herself, as well as an enormous stalagmite in front of her that she planned to fuck herself silly on.


Still with flushed cheeks, Leia manoeuvred herself over the stalagmite and used its tip to nudge her panties away from her pussy. Taking a huge breath, Leia bent her legs and let the icy phallus slide into her cunt, first one, then two, and then three inches inside of her. Gasping for breath as though she had just run the Aldera marathon, Leia raised herself up, sliding all but an inch of the stalagmite from her now dripping pussy before dropping back down on it, letting a further four inches slide into her steamy box. Pausing for a moment, she rubbed one of the other stalagmites in her hand against her stretched pussy lips, collecting her tangy nectar on it. She then brought it to her lips, sucking noisily on her own pussy cream, imagining it to be the cock of a man who had just boned her like crazy. That is when she began to fuck herself on the stalagmite, riding it up and down, gyrating her hips just slightly to get the full effect, all the while sucking on the icy rod in her mouth. Her juices streamed down the icy phallus as she thrust herself hard down upon it. It did not break, nor did it lose its hardness by melting, for she had chosen it well. Each downward thrust was harder, and each thrust squeezed just a tiny bit more of the stalagmite inside of her, making her even wetter while it, in turn was coated with the film of her vaginal secretions, making the icy shaft very slippery. Had she looked down, she would have seen just the faintest traces of steam emanating from the heat of her cunt sliding along the freezing length of the stalagmite. Dipping the smaller stalagmite in her hand back down along her cunt, she once more coated it with her juices and licked it clean just as before, totally immersed in her fantasy. And in this fantasy, the Princess was just about to be joined by another man, as the forgotten stalagmite she held in her hand moved around behind her. Leia stopped in mid thrust with the stalagmite buried inside of her tight pussy, as she pushed the other against the entrance of her ass. Barely, just barely controlling her urge to force it in as far as it would go, Leia let herself relax and breathed deeply as little by little the icy rod slid into her rear entrance. Slowly working more of the rod into the steel-like grip of her rectum, Leia began again to slide up and down the large stationary stalagmite, working herself up into a frenzy as she pumped the other slender pole into her ass and yet another in her mouth, fucking herself in all three holes. Faster and faster she rode the stalagmite, and harder and harder she slammed the smaller one into her ass, riding her phantom lovers as hard as she could. All at once Leia screamed out in the cavern as a mind-shattering orgasm hit her, her pussy clamping down on the stalagmite filling her, and she could barely move. Leia trembled there, impaled upon an enormous pole filling her insides as her explosive climax washed over her, and her juices flooded out from her stuffed hole, pooling beneath it. Sighing ever so softly, Princess Leia let the smaller pole slide from her ass, dropping it onto the cavern floor. She then shakily straightened her legs, letting the much larger stalagmite slide free from her satisfied cunt. Sinking down to her knees, she panted for breath, each one making more little puffs of mist against the frigid air. Still hot from her climax, Leia barely noticed the temperature around her, and instead bent her head towards the stalagmite that had just been her fantastic lover, and ran her tongue slowly along its length, her stomach fluttering as she tasted the mixture of her juices and the melting water. Moving around in a small circle, she let her wet tongue lap up every droplet of her nectar that she could find on the stalagmite, and gave a little disappointed sigh when there was no more. Just then becoming aware of how cold she was, Leia crawled quickly back to the blankets to get off of the ice, and looked down at her soaked vagina. "I've got to get with someone real," Leia said aloud to herself. Just as she was about to start cleaning herself up, she was startled nearly to death by a voice crackling over the comm system in the room. "Princess Organa, report to the Command Center immediately!" Relieved that it wasn't actually someone who had found her, Leia stepped out of her soaked panties, and tossed them away across the cavern. Struggling back into her thermal jumpsuit and pulling her vest-jacket back on, the young Rebel rushed out of the cavern the way she had entered. In her hasty exit, Leia failed to notice the herd of wild tauntauns that loped through the deserted corridor on the edge of Echo Base, nor the alpha male that picked up the scent of her cunt-stained panties in the empty cavern and seemed to take quite an interest in them.


Racing through the blessedly abandoned corridors, the Princess quickly made her way back to the Command Centre. Bumping into Han Solo inside, she just crossed her fingers, hoping that neither he nor anyone else would notice the afterglow of her sex and the deep flush of her cheeks. "Princess, we have a visitor," General Rieeken began, starting the chain of events that would soon lead to the evacuation of Echo Base. The End


Embedding Maria By Emton 'Shit!' was Maria's first thought. 'This isn't happening. This can't be fucking happening.' Maria released her grip on the pressure-door button and allowed herself to catch her breath. That was four inches of pure steel between her and that damn xeno. The alien could pound on the other side all it wanted because it was not getting in that way. Getting back to the drop-ship was a definite no-no. With the APC gone it was twelve clicks on foot over open terrain with the aliens taking numbers to rip her to shreds. Add to the equation a pulse rifle nearly out of ammo, a sprained ankle and, oh yeah, she was the last one alive in the squad. She'd last as long as the average snowball in hell. The mission was fubar and only her survival mattered. Technically there was still a chance: seal off the section and wait for search and rescue to get their thumbs out. Maria tasted blood after all the running and swallowed hard as she got back on her feet, gripping the rifle tightly. Inching her way along the corridor, she recited her bug- hunter mantras like a good grunt: check for airducts, watch for shadows and don't bunch up (like there was anyone to bunch up with). Each one and a myriad of other bits of single-serving wisdom had been bought with the life of at least one marine before her. Just like the one she was currently obeying: if all else fails, run, hide and wait. It wasn't the typical approach for a marine but he who fought and ran away, got to kick ass another day. The faint red glow of the second pressure-door button was barely visible but her fingers found the small disc and pushed. The sudden lurch just as they started to close was Maria's gripe numero uno with whole installation. Nearby xenos always seemed to pounce when startled or when there's rapid movement nearby and doors were no exception. You could walk slowly through a dormant group with hardly a care, only to have your intestines handed to you when you activated a door. The door closed, however, and Maria sighed in relief. They hadn't radioed since this morning so that left the standard seventeen days in this hellhole before search and rescue would send a mop-up crew to have a look around. The bugs weren't getting through the doors so if she could just keep from doing something stupid she'd be okay. "Fuck," Maria muttered, "even kids have made it in these kinds of situations. Get a grip, marine." She was a marine with a secure perimeter and nothing was more dangerous than a marine backed up in a corner. Except perhaps, the reason the marine is in the corner in the first place. Maria flipped a switch and the red emergency lighting was replaced. The antiseptic look of the fluorescent lights gave the hallway that cheerful "everything's just dandy, go back to sleep" look. 'Go to sleep here and you'll never wake up again,' she thought. 'Just like those civvies in the off-duty rooms.' Christ, that place had been a mess. The lucky ones had probably not even known what happened. The few who were awake enough to try to defend themselves, were now decorating the walls. Xenos were funny that way. Some of their victims they just offed on the spot, others were pulled back into the nest for implanting with the next xeno generation. No one knew exactly what made you a breeder and what made you a threat but the eggheads had mentioned something about pheromones. They came up with a spray that was supposed to make the bugs think you were already impregnated and not worth attacking. It had taken about five seconds before that theory was shot to hell: aliens 1, eggheads nil, marines up the proverbial river. Room 1 was clear: nothing spectacular except a few bunks and what looked to be a makeshift hospital. 'Must've been some tough civvies to last long enough to need a hospital,' she thought. Then again, miners *were* tough. Odd that there were none around, though. The second room nearly made Maria believe in Santa again. It wasn't exactly a gourmet kitchen, but there were enough rations and cooking gear to put her Meals-Ready- to-Eat to shame. She'd have to count it all up and divide the rations. There was probably plenty for the two weeks and then some. If the first two rooms were lucky, the third - and last - was a fucking blessing. Showers! After all the bad karma she'd had lately, it was only fair but *damn* what a break. 53

It was all like a hero's welcome. The heated tiles below her boots and the clean, beige walls almost beckoned her to strip right there and get wet. Better yet, she actually could. The perimeter was locked up tighter than a chastity belt and apparently she was the only one on the inside. The realisation stunned her. She was safe and could relax! The pulse rifle fell to the floor as did Maria in a sobbing heap. She was exhausted. The adrenaline rush always did this to her after a mission, only this time the mission wasn't entirely over yet. Sgt. Gomez and she had a little ritual after every nestwipe. As soon as they got back to the ship, they'd strip naked and hump like rabbits in Gomez's quarters. It was even a squad joke. "It ain't over til the little lady screams." It wasn't much of a joke anymore. The squad was gone and she'd done enough screaming for the rest of her life. Even Gomez was gone. Toughest son of a bitch in the whole USCM was currently xeno-lunch about twenty meters below. Right after they'd smoked the queen and started to pull out, a few lucky bugs had caught them off guard by dropping from the ceiling. Weird things too, running on all fours and even barking like dogs. Rumour had it that the embryos implanted by the spider-like facehuggers could adapt to the host's DNA and got certain characteristics from it. True or not, dogs were just not something the squad had prepared for. Sharp fangs and acid splash had taken them out in record time, leaving only Gomez and her. More of the fuckers had come from a different hall and Gomez had yelled for Maria to save herself as he flipped the safeties off two grenades. The blast blew her into an adjacent chamber, hence the ankle. She half ran, half limped for all she was worth towards the safety of the heavy pressure doors separating the mines from the installation. She didn't know how many of the things were left or if there were any more than the one that had chased her. At least the queen was a smoking hole in the ground and the egg-chamber was one big barbecue. If only the bugs had the good sense to realise when they were beaten she'd be halfway to the seedier pleasure-houses on Arcturus by now. Trembling fingers fumbled with the buttons of her fatigues. Sweat-soaked garments were discarded and her naked feet touched the warm, friendly tiles. It was a pocket of safety in the middle of chaos. The water warmed quickly and Maria balled herself up under the warm spray. She was too exhausted to do anything but let the warmth spread through her body. She didn't love Gomez, but he was more than a friend. Their after-mission ritual was a thing of convenience rather than tenderness. A good oldfashioned fuck was a great way of relieving tension for both of them. Besides, human company was much more preferable than paying a visit to Athena, the squad android, for such things. Especially since the sexist bastards at HQ only supplied female androids for relief. The memories of intimate times with the sarge warmed as much from within as the water warmed her from without. Maria found herself feeling a need for her pussy to be filled, her breasts suckled and her ears sweet-talked to. Preferably in that order. A hand travelled between her legs, stroking her slit but not penetrating. She was too tired for anything more than the slow waves of comfort spreading from her gentle caresses. Never quite touching her clit, her hand moved slowly and delicately, evoking familiar relief in the middle of hell. The water was tepid when Maria heard a noise. Or did she? Suddenly she was cold to the bone and huddled up in a corner of the shower like a frightened animal. All her senses were working overtime, heart pounding in her chest. Slowly, as in a nightmare, a black shadow rose outside the curtain, long tube-like protrusions from its back marking the silhouette of an all too familiar demon. Her marine instincts took over. She jumped into a crouch and kicked with all her might directly at the back of the head through the shower curtain. Sometimes that threw the things off. Her foot connected. The alien screamed and fell back. Again she tried to kick but misjudged the distance. The creature took the opportunity and jumped toward the shower, ripping the plastic curtain down over Maria and knocking the wind out of her as its bulk pressed her down. Clawed fingers ripped away the curtain. She stared straight into the mass of glassy teeth hanging inches above her face. Long strands of saliva dripped from the fangs when the demon opened its jaws. The inner jaw slowly extended.


Fear paralysed the woman as the alien held her down and examined her, sniffing her face and biting at her hair with its small inner mouth. The shower was still pouring water on them and the water droplets made a drumming sound against the exoskeleton of her attacker. The clawed hands probed her neck then her shoulders and between her breasts almost down to her stomach. Maria was too afraid even to breathe while the alien probed her. At length the prodding stopped. She wasn't sure any more whether the drumming was the water from the shower or the beating of her own heart. When the alien withdrew slightly and looked down on her, she mustered all the strength and courage she could and drove a pointed fist deep into the soft flesh of the creature's throat. The shriek was deafening and while clutching its throat with one hand the alien lunged for her with the other. The open hand connected and the world became black. *** Maria awoke in a very warm place. She was in a small round chamber with soft, rubbery walls and slightly firmer floor. The chamber was a cylinder only tall enough to crouch in. Its diameter was slightly greater than her height. She silently thanked God she wasn't claustrophobic. Everything was warm to the touch and covered in the same transparent mucus that also covered her naked body. At first disgusted, she tried to wipe the slime off but it was hopeless. The film, strangely, had no smell and resembled thick water more than anything else. She wiped as much as she could out of her short hair and left the rest. The only light came from the other side of a semi- transparent membrane covering a slim opening in the dome. Maria turned toward a slit in the wall and gently pushed at the thick film that covered it. Instantly there was a wet noise outside and something slithered toward the chamber. She recoiled back to the opposite end, heart again pounding. How the hell was she going to escape this place? The slithering came closer and again she saw the shadow, this time on the thin layer covering the slit. Something touched the membrane and it was ripped open by the same type of clawed hands that had probed her before. The alien slowly penetrated the slit in the wall and slid forward into the dome with her. When it was through, the slit closed for a second as if in a gulp mimicking her own but when the lips of the opening relaxed, the membrane was whole again. Should she attack? Enraging the beast might make her death quicker. Much as she wanted to, she just couldn't get herself to do anything but sit and watch. She drew her breath. For some reason, she wasn't as afraid of the creature as before. Death was inevitable. With any luck, it would be quick and painless. 'Why isn't it attacking?' A horrible thought crossed her mind. Her Hands flew up to her chest, feeling for a lump or protrusion. She felt nothing. Nor was her throat sore. She hadn't been implanted, at least not yet. The squad had made good work toasting all the eggs seen, but some drones always tried to hide a few. Perhaps one was being brought here now. 'Why the fuck is it just sitting there?' As if answering her question, the alien reached out and grabbed her leg, pulling her toward and under it. Maria closed her eyes and waited for the final blow, but none came. Again the probing began, the claws kneading the flesh of her arms, shoulders and breasts this time while the inner mouth lightly touched her face. The small chamber was much more cramped than the shower and the creature was even closer than it had been previously. Lying almost on top of her, it coated her with more of the room's mucus. Its body above her was warm, like the soft floor below. Maria felt like she'd had more than a drink too many. The insect-like body on top of her should have terrified her but the fear was faint. She mused idly if it was the peace of the damned that dulled her. Before long she even began to feel comfortable sandwiched between the warmth of the creature and the floor. Her hands went up to the alien and her fingers did a little probing of their own. The rubbing continued for awhile. Something deep inside her was screaming in terror but the voice of reason was all but gone. She arched her back and pressed her chest against the alien just to see what it would feel like and was rewarded with almost gentle caresses of her breasts. Dammit if memories of Gomez weren't flashing through her mind! She was getting excited. A new stiffness against her knee got her attention. She looked down and was mildly surprised to see the creature had a penis. Not entirely unlike a man's but the head was smaller and the base was thicker. They weren't supposed to have those, she thought. The workers and soldiers were females. Only the... Only the breeders were males. 55

That registered. There would be no facehugger for her, no eggs brought to the chamber to impregnate her. She made a lazy attempt to break free from the bug and turned around to crawl... where? She was on all fours ready to get away but in her haze forgot where the opening was. Suddenly she felt a very insistent claw on her shoulder. She turned slightly, but felt a pair of jaws close on the soft flesh of her neck. Saliva flowed around her throat and droplets slid down and off her breasts. Another claw, this one on the other shoulder, pressing her down with the alien still lightly biting her neck. She was still on her knees, with her face almost touching the floor. She could feel the weight of the alien settling on top of her, its cock poking her thighs. The little voice of panic was still there but she shut it out. It wasn't so bad, she told herself. It was actually quite nice. She repeated the thought in astonishment. It *was* nice. She felt the tip of its cock resting just between her outer lips when the creature suddenly curled its back and drove it fully inside her in one slow but forceful stroke. The bite tightened, as did the claws. Slowly at first, the alien started fucking her with periodic but insistent thrusts. A moan escaped Maria's lips. This was just what she needed. Tension left her body as she gave herself entirely to the wonderful feeling of the dick inside her. No one was talking sweet little words in her ear, but two out of three wasn't bad at all. Why had she been so afraid? 'The mucus,' she realised. It was a drug. 'To hell with it,' she thought next. The alien was bringing her pleasure. In a way it was *her* beast. There was something perversely safer in being fucked by an animal than a human. She started kneading her breasts and teasing the nipples along with the thrusting. The fucking increased in tempo. The alien wasn't pausing between strokes, but kept a steady rhythm, driving its cock deep within her on every thrust. Maria couldn't help but grin in sheer ecstasy over the energy the alien put into its "lovemaking". It was heaven. Before long, the thrusting slowed a little, but increased in force. Still biting her neck, the alien had moved its hands to her hips the better to impale her. Maria was almost on the edge herself, hands now braced against the soft walls to be able to thrust back against the wonderful cock giving her such pleasure. With a mighty shove, the alien buried itself deep in her pussy. She came immediately after, feeling something thick sliding out of the pulsating cock and into her. It wasn't semen. It felt more like a slug of some sort, but it wriggled so deliciously inside her that she threw all worry to the wind. Half a laugh escaped her and she was a bit disappointed to feel the alien pulling out. In an ecstatic daze, Maria writhed in the warm mucus. She didn't have any idea what would happen to her but didn't much care. If this was what breeding with the aliens was like, she'd happily do it again - if she could. The End


The ROR'TUKOR By Pyro Princess Leia Organa Solo had arrived on the wookiee homeworld two days ago with Chewbacca, hoping that she'd be safe on this planet from the mysterious Nogrhi creatures who kept trying to attack her. Leia counted on Chewbacca and his wookiee allies to protect her from harm if the Nogrhi followed her to Kashyyyk. Meanwhile the Princess chose to become more familiar with the planet and its native customs, having never visited Kashyyyk before. Tonight was a pleasant night on Kashyyyk, with a cool breeze running through the airborne wookiee village as everyone gathered inside the large central hut for the night's special activity. Shaped like an upside down cone, the hut wrapped around the thick trunk of a tree some 500 feet in the air. The tilted walls were filled with open windows, not sparing more than a few inches for structure support that resulted in a complete view of the surrounding huts and exotic wilderness. Shortly before preparing for bed, Leia had been asked by Ralrra, one of the wookiee guides, to come to the main village hut and witness the Ror'tukor, a special wookiee activity carried out once every season as a rite of passage for young wooks coming of age. It was an opportunity Leia had chosen not to pass up, rushing to the main hut with Chewbacca. Inside the hut, Leia sat on a long wooden bench against the wall. Chewbacca stood to the left of Leia as her personal escort, for Han had asked him to never once leave her side while on Kashyyyk. The Princess wore a light grey tank top and a matching pair of panties, the simple sleeping clothes she had brought with her when she came to Kashyyyk. She had considered changing into something more appropriate before going to the main hut, but Ralrra had told her it would not be necessary. The four wookiee elders of the village sat in prestigious looking chairs to the right of Leia. The sides of the circular hut were lined with many other hairy wookiees, mostly males of large, impressive muscular builds. A few female wookiees sat in one corner, lustfully watching the activities taking place in the center of the hut as they waited their turns. Leia stared in wide-eyed amazement at the spectacle taking place before her. A female wookiee was bent over, supporting herself on her hands and knees above another male wookiee while he slid his huge dark-skinned cock in and out of her fur covered vagina.Another wookiee stood behind her, working his giant prick into her ass as his hands gripped tightly around her furry buttocks. A third wookiee stood in front of the female, his cock being sucked deep into her mouth as her body rocked back and forth. Leia couldn't believe what she was seeing as she watched the male wookiees taking turns fornicating several female wookiees in all sorts of raunchy sexual acts. Ralrra, who unlike other wookiees could speak clear Basic, began to explain to Leia more about this activity called the Ror'tukor. It was an ancient Wookiee custom taking place on the ninth night of each season. The young wookiee males who had reached a certain age would take turns having sex with each female in the village, as a sign of them entering adulthood. A female would often take on two or three males at a time, testing their stamina and virility, pushing them to their limits as one female after another took on the young wooks until the male could handle no more. It was an honoured custom witnessed publicly by all in the village. As Leia listened to Ralrra, she watched wookiee women of all ages, young and old, taken in every way possible in every hole possible with dicks 4 or 5 inches wide and a foot long. Leia could imagine how the women must feel, for she had already taken Chewie to bed twice in the past before marrying Han, and felt firsthand ‘wookie love'. Leia smiled, reflecting on those fond memories as her pussy began to cream with excitement. Chewbacca and Ralrra failed to notice Leia's growing arousal. After about 45 minutes of hardcore wookie sex, five young well-built wookiees stood up and walked together from the other side of the room toward Leia. Throughout the night they had been eyeing the Princess. There was a moment while the room became silent before the elder sitting next to Leia spoke in the wookie language. She couldn’t understand him but he appeared to be addressing the five young wookiees standing before them. The wookiees all replied in unison, each with deep voices. They must be military, Leia thought. Chewie gave a growl at their response and eyed them intently with an angry disapproving look on his face. Leia noticed Chewie's reaction, but didn't understand what had angered him. "What's going on?" Leia asked Ralrra in confusion. 57

“These wookiee warriors have requested for you to participate in the Ror'tukor," explained Ralrra. "Me? But... I'm not a wookiee. This is not my custom," Leia replied. "And besides, I'm married." "That is true, Leia Organa Solo, but these wookiees have pointed out that the Ror'tukor requires the participation of ALL healthy females in the village... and since you are currently residing in the village, they expect you to participate as well," continued Ralrra. "I am sorry I did not consider this beforehand. But the elders seem to agree with these young warriors, and I think it would be wise not to insult them." Chewie rose to Leia’s side and gave a loud snarl but she placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him from going any further. “No, Chewie. It's alright.” She turned to the Basic-speaking wookiee translator and to then to the elders. “I am honoured that you'd ask me to participate in your ritual, and I don't want to insult your customs, but I...” "Please, Leia Organa Solo," Ralrra interrupted. “I understand your reluctance, as do the elders. But this is only a sexual ritual, not a mating ritual. The intent is not to impregnate, only to ‘brake the seal’of the young ones manhood so they may procreate in the world. Unlike other species, sex is only instinctive in the female wookiees, and therefore must be taught to the male when they enter into adulthood. What you saw earlier was merely an example for the young ones before they themselves take part. Only five youths may enter into adulthood during the Ror'tukor, and with our increasing birth rate here on Kashyyyk we now hold this ritual every ninth night of each season. Also, very few women qualify for such an honor, which is why multiple males must take on one woman at a time. For a woman to qualify she must be of great beauty and great honor, as well as good health. You, Princess Leia Organa Solo, more than qualify.” Leia blushed from the compliment but was a bit uneasy at the prospect of being fucked by multiple wookiees. After all, she could barely endure Chewie when she was younger. The elder wookiees turned to her and one spoke. Ralrra translated, “He said that not only should it be a great honour for you but a great honour for all our people as well.” Leia forced a smile and stepped forward, unsure as to how exactly she could go about this situation. Chewie snarled again in protest. "I'll be alright, Chewie," she assured him. "Though they choose you, they are ignorant, so guide them,” Ralrra advised her. Leia looked at the five young wookiees, her heart pounding and mind racing, her nipples erect under her thin grey top, clearly showing her growing excitement. As she moved across the room, she stuck her admirable chest out. Many of the wookiees quietly watched her breasts sway slightly under her tight grey shirt. She began to run her hands down her body, not fully realizing how sexually aroused she had already become. Leia stepped in front of one of the five wookiees at the end of the line and looked at his body up and down. He, like all the others, stood a good three feet taller than her. Her hands shaking, she reached out and ran them along the giant beast's body, down to his crotch, coming into contact with his limp penis hidden beneath the long strands of fur. Her fingers recoiled for a moment then reached out again and ran them along the thick shaft. “This is what I’m looking for,” she said to herself as she gripped the hardening cock in her hand. She saw the prick of the wookiee next to him emerging from its furry crotch as well and she and reached for it with her other hand. Princess Leia fell to her knees and began to stroke both cocks simultaneously, waiting for them to become fully erect before sucking them deep into her mouth. She heard another wookiee grunt as it stepped behind her. She stuck out her ass, hoping for penetration, but then remembered these young wookiees knew not how to have sex. Leia let go of the cocks in her hands and leaned backwards, pushing her panties to one side, revealing her tiny puckering asshole and wet vagina. The tall wookiee with charcoal-colored fur stood motionless with his massive cock hanging semi-erect between his legs. Leia reached further back and took hold of the giant meaty cock, guiding it to the entrance of her dripping wet pussy. With a soft moan, Leia slowly worked it into her tight hole, pushing back onto the cock as much as she could just to get the head in.


This wookiee must have figured it out by now, for he abruptly grabbed onto her waist, holding her in position, and jerked forward, pushing in the first several inches of his massive rod. Leia let out a low, passion-filled moan before pushing further back onto the cock, taking in 6 inches of the 4-inch wide monster. She continued to move back and forth on the cock, each time taking more and more into her. With her balance being held by the wookiee, she returned her attention to the two mouth-watering dicks in front her, each now fully erect with anticipation. Taking hold of each cock with both her hands, she began jerking the throbbing poles as she leaned forward, ready to taste them. The horny Princess began to the lick the black, leathery shaft and bulbous head, running her wet red lips along it, smearing them with pre-cum. Taking it fully into her mouth, she sucked dutifully on the enormous cock, caressing the shaft with her tongue while gradually taking more in with each bob of her head. Her jaw was stretched to its extent and she could feel the head running along her tonsils as she took it into her throat. Leia’s other hand was hard at work, stroking the entire length of the other wookiee's penis, playing with the head with her thumb, teasing the piss hole. As she masturbated the cock, it became longer and wider in her hand, she could no longer fully grip the shaft. Sliding the first cock out of her throat, Leia switched over to the other and eased it into her mouth, first gently sucking on the head, lovingly licking it and massaging the soft skin with her wet lips. Leia repeated what she had done on the other wookiee's dick though with more vigor as she was becoming even hornier and eager to suck on such a big cock. She worked with fervent lips on the slick shaft as she sucked in more. Soon she had the entire foot long penis in her mouth and throat. Her nose was buried in the thick brown fur of the beast's crotch as she enjoyed the feeling of the cock pounding deep into her cunt. Leia pulled away slightly only to suck it back in again, fucking the cock with her head as her free hand massaged the hot leathery testicles of the other wookie's cock. Leia felt the wookie's cock in her mouth begin to shudder only a moment before the first blast of cum shot into her waiting throat. Leia pulled the cock out of her mouth and gripped the shaft tightly with both hands, jerking as she was sprayed with long strings of creamy white sperm. She closed her eyes during the barrage of sticky cum as it covered her face. Leia felt the other wookiee’s cock rub up against the side of her face as blasts started to erupt from it as well. She turned her head and opened her mouth, holding the cock at the entrance while it ejaculated into her mouth, filling it quickly. Leia swallowed the strong bittersweet cum, though the wookiee continued to spray her face with more hot semen. The Princess let out a moan of ecstasy, her hands groping her breasts through her grey tank top and pinching her nipples as her face was continually bathed in sperm, all the while the wookiee behind her pounded furiously into her ass as he tightly held her hips in his furry hands. After about a minute Leia felt the last blast of cum hit her cheek and she opened her eyes, thick wookiee cream dripping off her face and onto the floor. Leia held the moment for second, enjoying the most intense sexual experience of her life, then began to lick the cum from her lips, wiping some off her face and devouring it. The extremely horny Princess turned her head and looked back at the wookiee behind her when he suddenly lifted her body off his cock and repositioned himself at the opening of her vagina. He immediately shoved his meaty pole into her sopping wet pussy, causing Leia to scream out, “Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me you big hairy wookiee! Shove that giant cock in my pussy!” The wookiee increased his pace as he rammed hard in and out for repeatedly for several minutes until he reached an explosive orgasm. Leia felt her cunt flooded with sperm, overflowing and dripping down her thighs and legs. She reached back and frantically rubbed her clit as the semen flowed over her hand. An intense orgasm overcame her trembling body just as the wookiee finished his. Leia felt the cock slide out her pussy and she was laid onto the floor, sperm covering her backside and seeping from her widely stretched vagina. Slowly she sat up, her hands caressing her pulsating pussy. The three wookiees she had just fucked stepped away and the remaining two stepped forward. Leia smiled and stood up, her hands covered once again in sperm before she licked them clean. “And then there were two… ” she whispered to herself as she walked with shaky legs toward the two remaining wookiees. Despite what she had already been through, Leia still wore her messy tank top and soaking wet panties, which she continued to rub herself through. Both wookiees were already erect, though no male in the room wasn’t after watching Princess Leia get gangbanged. Even Chewbacca embarrassingly found himself hard with excitement as he stood next to Ralrra and the elders.


Leia pushed one wookiee till he was standing across from the other, and she then moved between the two. A long 14-inch cock arched proudly in front of her, the base of it level with her navel. Leia first dropped her panties and stepped one foot out, reaching up onto the wookiee’s shoulders, lifting herself up. The wookiee held onto her waist as she wrapped her legs around his. The cock was rubbing against her stomach, making Leia even more excited. With the wookiee supporting her fully, the Princess began to stroke the massive phallus, running her hands along the slick, black surface. A wide smile over took her face as she played with the cock. Grabbing hold of his shoulders again, she lifted her body higher until her pussy was dangling above the penis. Leia reached down and guided the cock into her pussy, which accepted it easily. She let out a long deep moan as she slid all the way down the cock, barely taking in all 14 inches. Leia turned her head and looked back at the wookiee behind her and motioned for him to approach. As soon as he came within distance, she grabbed onto his soft cockhead and rubbed it against her swollen asshole. Slowly she fed it into her tight anus, her ass spreading wide from the large bulbous head. She let out another strained moan and encouraged the wookiee to proceed. “Come on, fuck my ass, you big furry stud!" The wookiee stepped forward until Leia was sandwiched between him and the other wookiee. The head of the penis was fully in Leia’s ass now. “Okay, now shove your cock in all the way," she winced. The wookiee spread her ass checks even further with his large hands and pulled back slightly only before pushing forward again forcefully, burying in 6 inches on the first thrust into Leia’s ass. “Oh shit! Yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!” Leia screamed as the cock slammed into her again. The wookiee repeated again and again until his entire giant member was filling her anus. Hanging in mid air with both her pussy and ass full of thick wookiee cock, Leia wiggled her waist, getting pleasure from just the feeling of being so amazingly full. “Now fuck me!” She commanded, “Fuck me hard!” First the wookiee in front pulled out half way then thrust back in, then the other wook pulled out of her ass half way then filled it again. Leia’s body was rocked each time, pressed tightly against both wookiees. Soon they worked it so that they pulled out all but the head before thrusting back again, sending Leia into a frenzy each time. The wookiee in front of Leia was nearing an orgasm so Leia leaned back against the other wookiee behind her as the entire cock pummeled her cunt, the thrusts moving so quickly that it was almost a blur. With one final thrust, the wookiee in front let out a loud bellowing groan as he climaxed, sending Leia through another mind-blowing orgasm. Only a moment later though he pulled out and shot heavy, thick spurts of cum across Leia’s body, coating her with it. Unexpectedly, he grabbed hold of her grey top with both hands and powerfully ripped the shirt from her body, then he continued to shoot long thick spurts of cum up onto her naked breasts. The horny Princess smiled widely, rubbing her body with her hands as if she were taking a hydroshower back home on Coruscant. The wookiee stepped away after finishing while the one behind her lifted Leia off his cock and laid the Princess flat on the ground. She spread her legs wide, ready for a powerful fucking. Holding himself above the Princess with his body straight like a board, the mighty wookiee resumed his assault on Princess Leia’s ass. Each thrust was complete, sending his entire 12-inch member deep into her bowels. By now the incredibly thick penis had stretched her ass wide enough so his fucking was unhindered and at least as fast as the previous wookiees. Leia’s eyes were closed tightly as her mouth hung open screaming and moaning all the while as she was constantly hit with multiple orgasms. Eventually the wookiee pulled out and unloaded on her back, completing Leia’s massive wookiee sperm shower. Slowly Leia pushed herself up on her weak hands and knees, thinking she was finished, but then she noticed several other wookiees approaching. She looked over at Chewie and the elders curiously. One of the elders said something she couldn’t understand. Ralrra stepped forward. “You have performed beyond all expectations and have won the attraction of all wookiees!” Leia looked about the room and was surprised to see that all the wookiees, male and female, were masturbating as they eyed her intently. Ralrra continued, “Now, let us show you our gratitude!” Leia smiled wickedly, “Oh, it’ll be my pleasure.” Throughout the night Leia was made the fuck toy of countless wookiees, male and female, being fucked in no less than two holes at all times. Her ass and pussy were stretched so wide she could take multiple cocks in a single hole, though they weren’t the largest of wookie cock. Pulsating dicks constantly surrounded her face as she jerked off two and sucked on one, alternating frequently as they came on her face or in her mouth. Only Chewbacca resisted taking pleasure in the Princess, honorbound to his friend and her husband, Han.


By morning, Leia lay asleep on the floor in a large puddle of sperm that surrounded her. When she awoke and slowly stood up, she noticed the room was all but abandoned except for Chewie, fast asleep in the same spot he was at last night. Leia realized he must not have fucked her last night. She walked over to him, staggering slightly, and squatted down in front of him. Not wanting him to feel left out, she reached into his furry crotch and took hold of his soft cock, stroking it until it became erect in her small delicate hands. Leaning down, she sucked on it lovingly and completely, filling her warm hungry mouth. Chewie awoke just as he came, filling Leia’s mouth with his hot sperm. She eagerly swallowed all of it, then looked up at Chewie, deep into his eyes, and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. Leia rose to her feet. “Come on Chewie, let’s get some rest back at our hut.” Chewie got up, surprised by Leia's actions, but not ungrateful. Leia looked up at him as they walked out of the hut, holding hands. “You know what Chewie, I’m really enjoying my cultural studies,” she giggled. The End


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