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August 15, 2017 | Author: mcdozer | Category: Cain And Abel, Religious Belief And Doctrine, Religion And Belief
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Input from Jesus on getting closer to Him...


Close(r) to Him Look not at the waves, nor at the wind, at the state of the world, much less listen to their doubtful opinions, but stay close to Me and stand up for Me! (I:17) It’s a fine balance to know when something becomes a distraction, or whether it’s something I want to use to draw you closer to Me. (I:115) Stay close to Me, the One Who can ensure your safety, your health and your survival, wherever you are! (I:129) The desired results of all I’m doing in your life is you – and each of you – becoming that person I want you to be: a person that is close to Me, that trusts Me, that relies on nothing but Me and that won’t be shaken because you stand on Me, the firm foundation, clings to Me, the Author and finisher, and is satisfied by Me, the great Filler of all things. (I:177) You’ve each got your unique talents and calling, your natural ‘swing’ or ‘umph’ or momentum, that thing which is your personal special contribution to this enterprise. Some of you are still looking for theirs, but you’re all going to find it if you stay close to Me, keep coming to Me for every move and every decision. (I:224) Allowing certain apparent injustices to happen either draws folks closer to Me, or they self-righteously harden their hearts against Me. (I:333) If you fail in some area, I’ll use it to draw you closer to Me. (I:361) What is important is that you stay faithful and close to Me. Stay close to Me for true life, and don't let Satan fool you and lure you away from My side! Just stay close, that's your personal secret to success and the key to your future! (I:415) When your emotional priorities don't coincide with Mine, and the things I know are really the best for you, then I'm having to make use of the right you've granted Me to "do whatever it takes" in your life to draw you closer to Me and to get the best possible result and the greatest potential usefulness out of your life, even overriding your personal desires, which are simply not always in line with what's good or best for you in the spirit. So, consider it a compliment and a token of My Love for you when things are going rough in the physical, because that means I'm drawing you closer to Me and into My spiritual Realm! (I:476) Take Me with you wherever you go, and stay close to Me and on My wavelength! (I:484) The important thing is to keep trusting in Me, no matter what, knowing that whatever happens is good for you, and the closer you stay to Me and the more you love Me, the better it will be for you - whatever happens. I just require everyone to do what you can, humbly, and to stay close to Me, to trust that I'll do for you what you can't. (I:559) I want to pull you ever closer, and while I'm proud of the progress you've already made, I also see what's still lacking in your life, and how much closer you could still come, and have got to come in order for Me to really effectively and efficiently use you. (I:560) Staying close to Me may not yield the immediate, cheap thrill of the flesh, but a longer-lasting, more genuine and real satisfaction, which will not only benefit you but others as well. (I:576) Every little progress you make, every step you take that brings you closer to Me, is a bit of new ground gained for the Kingdom, and another victory over the enemy! (I:589) Often the more desperate you feel, the more useless, and the less "holy" you feel, the closer you really are to Me, whereas when you think you're so right and you're so convinced that the other party is wrong, you might actually be in for a big surprise. (II:4) It's not the feelings that count or indicate how close you are to Me. (II:8) Closeness to Me will make you freer than you've ever been. (II:12) You are on enemy territory, and it's scary, dangerous, and not to be taken lightly. Make sure that you're always close to Me, in tune with Me, and not letting go of My hand! Your incapability to make it on your own is actually your forté. It's your safeguard and anchor that keeps you close to Me. (II:21)

Don't keep your eyes on the "impossibilities" of your circumstances, but on Me and the fact that they each come from My hand, only to draw you closer to Me! (II:54)

Your loneliness is a godly loneliness; a solitude I use to draw you closer to Me, to strengthen our ties, to make your faith and convictions grow and enhance our relationship. (II:79) Even My very own people, if they don't stay close to Me, can stumble, and become the very opposite of what they were and were supposed to be, and become My very enemies! The way that churches persecuted other believers shows that anyone who doesn't stay close to Me can turn into an old bottle, and they can move from the arena into the grandstands, turn from martyr into persecutor. It’s pretty easy to stray from the straight and narrow. This should always serve as a reminder to stay close to Me and that "he that thinketh he standeth, let him take heed lest he fall." You can only ensure that My grace will stay upon you by desperately staying close to Me, staying connected with Me and My Word. So if you want to be a blessing to others instead of a burden, and if you want to remain a blessing until the end of your days, make sure you stay humble, stay close to Me! Many have fallen victim to pride and the carnal mind frame of the world, considering worldly values higher than truth and closeness to Me. The line between potentially becoming either a Cain or an Abel is very thin, which should be a reason to always stay desperately close to Me, and to stay desperate for My grace. (II:145) Be not deceived, but stick close to Me and My counsel, and I will let you in on what's really going on, no matter what things appear to be on the surface! (II:146) Always keep on guard by keeping close to Me! (II:148) I use those times when you are alone to draw you much closer to Me than I ever could while you're distracted by others. (II:165)

How I measure success or closeness to Me? The greater your trust in Me, the better off you'll be! (II:166) That’s where I want you: closer! And that's where you're going to be: closer. Closer to Me and closer to My Kingdom, closer to the truth! (II:183) Stick close to Me and get your instructions from Me about what I want you to give to those around you! (II:184) Faith is a drawing power drawing you closer to Me. (II:196) Since you sincerely want to make progress and come closer to Me, I'm showing you your enemy and what hinders you. The pride that makes you think you're better than God, the root of all sin, is what keeps you from truly drawing closer to Me! (II:202)

Your weakness is the very thing that keeps you close to Me! (II:220) I'm even using your faults to draw you closer to Me. (II:231) Loving Me is tool and an instrument to propel you forward for Me, it signifies progress, coming closer to Me, which always means leaving the old behind. (II:262) Everybody needs to experience some pain in life, and it is the pain, not the easy times, that makes you grow and brings you closer to Me. (II:290) Stay close to Me and let Me whisper My Words in your ears! Whatever good you'll do, if it's supposed to be something lasting and truly fruitful, will only be a result of your times spent with Me and of your closeness with Me, your knowing Me. Absorb Me, become like Me by learning of Me, listening to Me, loving Me and spending time with Me! (II:299) Trust Me that each stumble will be another fall upward, closer to Me, closer to My arms, and that I will always be there to catch you! (II:305) It's exciting, when you're aware of those trials and tests just serving to bring you yet another step closer to Me. (II:320) Keep believing that when you go through a trial, a hard time or a test, that it will serve to bring you closer to Me! (II:321) The closer you have come to Me and to My side and shown that you really mean business with Me, the more the devil has withdrawn his appearances of false peace from you, now that you're getting more serious about fighting him, instead of coexisting peacefully! (II:340)

Desperation is good for you; it drives you closer to Me. (II:341) View your "problems" not as curses, but as blessings in disguise, for they are precisely what keeps you close to Me. (III:285) If you don’t stay really close to Me things will just stop making sense. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you fight for that daily time with Me and let nothing and no one usurp it! I keep having to tell you the same thing, because it’s just so easy for you to underestimate the importance of this matter. It’s simply so much easier for you to dedicate your attention to the visible things and people around you, than to invisible Me and My Realm… (2011:50) Nothing draws you closer to Me than the experience of your own insufficiency. (2011:69) Find a treasure much greater than any and all things you might have to let go in this life, and count them not loss, but gains, in that they bring you closer to Me! (2011:113) Make sure you’ll anticipate any potential crisis by staying as close to Me as you can at all times. (2011:144) Draw closer to Me, as I am not only the Mediator between you and the Father, but I also serve as a mediator and helper in your communications with each other. (2012:10) I’m not leaving you that easily, but it sure helps you to stay close, when I allow you to feel a bit abandoned at times when you don’t. (2012:143) Lessons you learn from the fights and daily battles: The weakened state you wind up in when you’ve been knocked for a loop, draws you closer to Me because you realize you need Me, and thus you turn to Me and find strength in Me, finding resulting strength from experiencing weakness. Hence, “When I am weak, then I am strong.” In other words, you become strong through the experience of weakness. Your goal is the strength you find in Me. (2012:166) For My followers and brides, every day is a bit of an adventure to make you grateful that you made it through another day alive and without major disruptions… It thus behooves you to stay close to Me at all times. (2013:20) As things are just going a little uphill, you tend to put your confidence more in yourself and the circumstances than Me, but that’s a dangerous thing to do, because it’s pretty much an illusion. I’ve got to be your strength and what you rely on, otherwise you’ll be just as sunk as anyone else who puts their trust in the flesh. Be glad I’m saving you from that fate by keeping you close to Me by keeping you down to the ground of that reality when your mind and attitude are about to take off into the clouds again… (2013:21) I’m working on drawing you closer to Me through this, closer than you are to anyone else in this world, but as you will see, there’s really nothing wrong with that, but it’s truly the way it’s supposed to be. (2013:34) I honor even the attempts you’re making, and any steps you’re taking closer toward Me, even if most of the times they wind up in your stumbling. (2013:37) If you’re not feeling as close to Me, it’s not necessarily on My account, but you just happened to let Me slip from your mind in all your feverish attempts to please the crowd… So, try to keep Me on your mind a bit more in all you do, and see what it’ll do for you. (2013:43) You don’t have to crawl around through the dirt, when I would give you wings to fly high above it, if you’d just come to Me. (2013:46)

Keep on learning, keep on believing, keep drawing closer to Me, and keep on trusting that I’m greater than any and all of your circumstances, and you might get there! (2013:58) If you would draw close to Me the way you should, you would also learn how to love Me and to be loved by Me the way you should. It’s a matter of taking the time and letting all other matters and affairs fade into the background, forsaking them all for Me and letting Me become the paramount Object of your focus and attention. (2013:59) As long as you stay close to Me and make that effort to get My slant on things, you’re fairly safe. (2013:91) Even the seemingly bad things that happen in your life are for your best; they always work out toward drawing you closer to Me. (2013:122) The fact that you can’t quite figure out where things are leading you keep you closer to Me to find My way and explanation of things… (2014:14)

If you feel somewhat closer to death somehow, just let it make you feel closer to Me! Just let the whole experience make you feel closer to Me! (2014:20) It may look like something bad for you since I’m allowing things to make you need Me more than before, but if you keep in mind that the world keeps getting worse, it’ll make sense for you to continue to get closer again to Me. (2014:36) Some negative things happen in order to bring you closer to Me! (2014:51) Receiving some input from Me should keep you closer to Me. Scenes in life that give you a harder time trying to make it without Me, draw you closer to Me, and you’ll see them as an advantage in the long run, since getting closer to Me will turn out as a better status you’ll be in. (2014:55) Be sure I’m keeping you close to Me, even if it seems a bit of a tough road to you. Closer to Me, and closer to the end of the world, or your end in this world… Life in the world as it is can’t last forever, so you might want to get used a little more to what it’ll be like afterwards, when and where you’ll be closer to Me. (2014:56) As long as you feel closer to Me than to the world there won’t be many of the world who’ll understand you… But you’ll have a greater World ready to understand and welcome you after this life is over. (2014:61) One reason of having to go through what you have to is to find your way to get back closer to Me! Forsake all those ways and tactics and techniques that have been developing you further away from Me. If you look at your weaknesses without Me, you may be overcome by them and the enemy will try to use them to gain the victory over you. See, there’s a reason why it’s extremely important for you to stay close to Me, and why you should do it and keep doing it! There’s a method to survive and win the battle, and that’s to stay close to Me! (2014:88) Stay close to Me as the Giver of the Godly Force the enemy cannot win over! Stay close to Me, no matter what goes on! (2014:92) Just see something good in it, that you’re still being drawn close to Me! (2014:93) When You’ve got a rough time, just hang on to Me; ask Me for help, and let it cause you to be drawn closer to Me! Let the tough and difficult times serve you to show and teach you how close I am, and helpful I can be! Be thankful for My drawing you closer to Me! (2014:114) It’s sometimes good to realize that the physical life isn’t perfect and may be a tough life sometimes, and folks may wish it would run differently, but at least it draws them closer to Me, and since life hereafter lasts a lot longer, you’ll be grateful in the end for lessons that brought you closer to Me during your physical lifetime. (2014:125) It’s the time to get back into connection with Me, and doing things to prepare you for what’s coming. Get back into some more action for Me… I think you can tell that this world isn’t going on forever. Be more prepared for what’s coming! And that’s something that requires staying in tune with Me. (2014:144) Stay close to Me, and try to get ever closer, even if times for you are being a bit rough and might even turn rougher. Try to remember to keep Me and My connection with you as the most important and significant factor! Let it help you to grow ever closer to Me, reminding you that the direction I lead My followers is basically out of this world. (2014:149) When the world was looking too good for you to prepare for My coming, or the coming of the AC before that, or whatever crisis, there wasn’t much motivation that made you get closer to Me… So, letting the world become the world again, the way you remembered some of it, just reminds you there’s something better waiting for you and drives you back closer to Me. You need to stick close to Me and cannot just count on things continuing as safely as they’ve been for you, if you neglect the factors that made the safe time for you happen. (2014:150) Even though the present time may be much tougher for you, and so much harder, whatever’s harder in life will draw you closer to Us, you’ll see! (2014:152) Since I, the Father and our saints and heavenly helpers are the only hope for folks like you to make it through what’s coming, you better get closer to Us and learn how to depend on Us and get ready and prepared for what’s coming. (2014:153) Just keep going, and hang on and hold on a little more to Me… come a little closer! (2014:154) Times that aren’t easy and force My followers to become more desperate for Me and My interception, are rather something good than a bad thing. They draw you closer to Me. And trust Me, that’s an advantage you will recognize some day you needed. (2014:156)

Stay close to Me, no matter how good and easy the times may be! (2014:158) When your days feel and seem like rotten, it’s a good time to come close to Me and have Me fix things up for you. (2014:161) The closer you are and will be to Me, the better off you’ll be. So, come closer! (2014:167) If you’re going through rough times that draw you next to Me, looking and asking for help, you’re getting closer to Me than when all things run perfectly and normally. When you need My help more desperately, you’re growing closer to Me, and, believe Me: That’s no disadvantage! (2014:170) There are reasons why it pays off to stay and stick close to Me and not drift too far away without paying attention to dangers that could snap up on you. (2014:174) Be close to Me! Don’t get too tied up with this world anymore, since most of its chief’s effort is to draw and pull you away from Me! If anything this lesson’s supposed to teach you, it’s for you to stay close to Me, not to let the enemy sidetrack you and lure you away from Me. Even if things aren’t working out for you the way they used to, just recognize that it just might mean you ought to stay closer to Me! (2014:178) Stay close to Us and realize how dependent you are on Us when the enemy pretty much rules the world in which you’re living! (2014:197) Allowing you to become a little afraid is just the fact that We know that it’ll draw you closer to Me and Us, which is a factor that will definitely raise up your possibility of making it through the rough future. (2015:6) Staying closer to Me than before is definitely a good move! Stay close to Me! Try to stay as tuned to Me and My Spirit as much as you possibly can, for you need Me a bit more than ever before, and that condition will continue to grow as time goes on. I use defeat to draw you closer to Me. Hard and tough times will draw you closer toward Me. These factors sometimes help you to improve and behave better. And thus, it’ll all work out to draw you closer to each other, as well as closer to Me. – One of the advantages of desperate times. (2015:12) Only with My Help you’re able to make it. That’s precisely what should get you closer to and more dependent on Me and My Strength and Capacity. (2015:14) If you cling close to Us and even get closer, the better off you’ll be in the end. (2015:20) Hanging on to Me and becoming more dependent on My and Heaven’s help should draw us closer, and get you more into My gear and way of doing things. (2015:32) Maybe if you’ll keep a little closer to Me, it’ll get better and easier, and you’ll make it in the end! (2015:35) A tough life for someone who knows Me is a sign that he needs to get closer to Me. (2015:36) Stay close in spirit and let Me fill you as soon as you need something! If it’s getting more difficult with circumstances around you, don’t let it distract you too much from Me, but learn to fight to stay close to Me anyway! Do all you can to stay close to Me! The closer I am to you, the more the light will shine through. So, don’t let yourself drift away from Me, but do all you can to stay as close to Me as you can! I know sometimes it’s hard, but you’ve just got to learn how to make it to stay close to Me in spite of it! Getting, leaning and staying close to Me is more important than ever. So, make an effort right now to learn to get and stay as close to Me and the heavenly Spirit World as you can! (2015:45) When life gets rough, it’s a good occasion to get into serious connection with Me to either ask for help or some revelation as to what’s going on. It might also mean that you should get into some desperate prayer to beg Me for My help and salvation out of a serious mess situation. So, one way or the other, it means you should cling to Me, come closer to Me and seek Me more than before… take Me more seriously. (2015:50) I want you to enjoy life as much as you can, in spite of the hardships, but I also need you to learn and keep it mind, that a lot of the positive things in life depend on your connection with Me, that you make sure you don’t neglect it, but stay close to it, and even get closer to Me than before, since the times coming pretty much demand it, if you want to make it through them. (2015:52) I’m definitely going to need some followers who manage to stay close to Me during those dark days of the Endtime. (2015:53)

There aren’t nearly as many folks whose help you can reckon with these days, which draws you closer to Me and My help, which – trust Me – is the best option for you to choose. (2015:56) Cling to Me and pay all the attention to Me that you can manage, for now is the time to get into that and cling more tightly and closely to Me than you ever had to in this life! (2015:60) I’m usually a lot closer to those who are not feeling that much at home in that world down there, even if it’s pretty much what their memory of experience would bring back to them… but they still somehow expect something better than what can be received or experienced down there. (2015:61) Come closer to Me, and soon you will see: things get easier that way – relying on Me to solve the problems or at least help you make it through them. (2015:67) The closer you get to Me, the greater your chances will be to make it through these times there on Earth, where you’ve never really felt too much at home, but things are starting to get even worse somehow. (2015:68) Don’t just see your weakened state as something negative, but since it draws you closer to Me and strengthens your attitude and conscience of dependence on Me, you should see it as something positive, drawing you closer to Me and driving a greater need for Me into your conscience, which is something quite necessary for you in your world’s future and upcoming fate. (2015:73) Just see the tough and hard times you’re going through as times to draw you closer to Me! The closer to Me you are or get, the better off you’ll be in the long run; you’ll see! (2015:80) The hard times are drawing you closer to Me and make you avail yourself of My help, and thus prepare you for even harder and tougher times you might have to face in the future. See the good sides of those bad times, of drawing you closer to Me, which is pretty much the best thing that could possibly happen to you! Even if some of the current situations around you tempt you to worry a bit: use it to let you be drawn closer to Me, and don’t let any of those nasty situations irritate or drag you down! The closer you get to Me, the greater and more awesome your life will be! So, don’t be too shocked or dismayed by the rough times you’re finding yourself having to go through, but remember that these draw you closer to Me, and thus will result in positive force in your life, rather than the negative it may initially seem to you. Just get closer to Me, and feel more at Home Here, where you’ll wind up after you’ll have been through that spectacle down there, just as I had been, but eventually, like Me, you’ll wind up in the better Place far beyond the temporal world, and far superior… So, stay as close to Us as you can, and you won’t regret it, I guarantee. (2015:84) I know, it’s a tough battle, and a hard one to get through, but the closer it draws you to Me, and the more it makes you depend on Me and causes you to rely on Me instead of yourself and your own abilities, the more of an advantage of being taught wisdom that’ll help you through the times to come! (2015:86) I know your life’s taken a rough turn, and, well, it takes some time to deal with it and handle it, but most of all, stay close to Me, and get closer! You may not have a big clue about what you’re supposed to do with the rest of your life, but just stay close to and in tune with Me, and I promise, you’ll find out! (2015:89) Being drawn closer to Me will turn out to be a definitely positive thing for you, you’ll see! What draws you closer to Me, makes you more humble, more desperate, and feel more dependent on Me. (2015:95) Drawing you closer to Me means and results in greater communication with Me, but also greater dependence on Me, fueled by growing faith that I won’t let you down! (2015:100) The purpose for all that trouble and worries and frets about it: to draw you closer to Me and help you to gain solid trust and confidence in Me, believing that I’ll see you through whatever rough times should come. (2015:103) Learn to stay close to Me throughout the days! A time is coming when you won’t be able to make it on your own anymore. (2015:104)

Make an effort to stay close to Me, in order to overcome the enemy’s doubts and attacks, and not be caused by thoughts of things from your visible world to be sidetracked… Try to get a glimpse of what’s awaiting you Here! Surviving what’s coming will depend on your connection to Me. That’s why I’m pulling you so much closer these days and am working on making you more aware of your dependence on Me. (2015:107)

If life has gotten harder for you than it was before, don’t just see it as a disadvantage, but see it as an opportunity to come closer to Me! Let that serve as a blessing to others, who might find Me through our closeness! Coming closer to Me is a great advantage in your life, and you’ll eventually see it as the greatest, and as what will help you most making it through life in that world run by the enemy. So, whatever draws you closer to Me, even if it’s the negative situations you’re being confronted with in your life in that world, see it as something positive, anyway, since it tends to draw you closer to Me… the positive result of the negative happenings, with the end-result of the best thing that can happen to anyone, of being drawn closer to Me, getting onto the channel from Above more, and through becoming more dependent on Me, becoming a lot more positive and fruitful than when things were still working out alright for you in the system. (2015:112) Even if there’s an ugly time right now, don’t let it bring you down, but let it draw you closer to Me! So, if life is not so great for you right now, let it draw you closer to Me and teach you that that’s the way things will turn out alright: by sticking close to Me… to “abide in Me,”… “and I in you!”(Jn.15:4)! (2015:118) Drawing you closer to Me and making you more conscious of the degree to which you need Me, and will need Me and My help in times to come, are definitely some positive things when you know what I know about the future ahead of you! (2015:121)

Whatever draws you closer to Me, don’t see it as a negative, but as a positive experience. (2015:126) Even though you’re weakened, with no income of your own through any jobs… consider the fact that this might bring you closer to the way I want things to be for My followers, than the opposite, where folks are strong in their own flesh and investing it all into their efforts in earning money… (2015:138) In a way, troubled times draw you closer to Me and strengthen your trust in Me, because you just need Me more desperately and you become more dependent on Me. (2015:140) The best that can happen to you right now is to get prepared for tough times, and learn how to handle them, letting them cause you to lean closer to Me and My help, which is what you’ll surely need in the days to come. (2015:143) If you don’t feel like you’re having enough strength to make it, just realize that it will bring you closer to Me! (2015:145) If you feel like you’re in extremely hard times during which you can’t make it on your own, don’t view it too negatively, but as something to draw you closer to Me and make your dependence on Me and your help from Above stronger, because you’ll need it, according to the way the world is headed. (2015:146) The tough times draw you closer to Me and your heavenly help, make you more desperate for and dependent on it, and well, that’s what you need for the times to come. (2015:157) You’ve gotten closer to Me, and you should keep staying headed that way! (2015:162) It’s not one’s physical abilities through which they’ll manage to stay faithful to Me and in My service, but when someone’s turning weak, not being able to rig everything up in their own strength draws them closer to Me. (2015:177) You’re pretty much bound to staying close to Me. My role in your life is what’s becoming most important right now and in the days to come. Drawing you closer to Me through needing Me and My input in order to cheer you up and help you make it through those rough days somehow is supposed to make you get more used to the way the days and times of the coming future will be. (2015:190)

Drawing closer to Me will make it all more worth it, more precious… (2015:211) As rough and as tough as circumstances may be, let them teach you to cling more to Me and help from above, and let them draw you closer to Me! (2015:214) Hardly knowing how to make it through rough times should get you to cling closer to Me and My strength, power and help from Above, and that of Heaven, that’s available to you! (2015:238) It’s important that you stay in tune with Me as much as you can, and you know that the advice of My Word says constantly. (2015:241)

I’m allowing circumstances to tie you closer to Me and make you dependent on Our help from Above! (2016:3) The enemy will keep trying to make circumstances around you as tough as possible to discourage you and cause you to lose hope and be tempted to give up and quit. But instead, let it all make you stronger in your resistance against him, and

let it draw you closer to Me, avail yourself of that plenty of help from Up Here, and remember that you can’t lose if you don’t give up, because that strength, Power and Source of it available from Up Here is much greater than his. (2016:6) The best way to get prepared for any drastic changes in life is to stay close to and dependent on Me and all the help from Above you can get. (2016:13) Keep your mind close to Me and Our heavenly Home, and let it bring forth in you the joy that will also attract others and will want them to accept that offer I made through My sacrifice on Earth, and the Father’s! (2016:36) Let the rough times down there draw you closer to Me Up Here, your permanent Future Home! (2016:43) Don’t the rough times somehow draw you closer to Me? Getting through the rough and tough times draws you closer to Me, than just basically striving for your own advantages when things are flowing normal. It’s hard, having to go through tough times, but can you see a glimpse of their purpose, to draw you closer to Me and get your vision set a bit more toward the Hereafter? (2016:46) Things not going so rosy is just what draws you closer to Me and makes you more desperate and dependent on Me, which I’ve been telling you, is the only way to make it through those days to come… so, preparation. (2016:58) Sometimes I allow My followers and believers to go through hard times – even harder ones than they thought they were able to bear – in order to draw them closer to Me and make them need Me more when they had quite independent natures beforehand. Doesn’t it draw you closer to Me when you feel you can hardly make it on your own anymore? (2016:63) Life isn’t easy, but that’s what should draw you closer to Me. Once you realize your need for Me, well, it just draws you closer. (2016:69) The tough times cause you to cling closer to Me, and thus make you more receptive for all I’ve got to offer you – the Strengths of the Spirit, preparing you and getting you ready for the Thereafter. (2016:73) The lack of confidence whether or how you’ll make it through even the next few days, weeks or months, much less years is something that will draw you closer to Me and make you more dependent on Me, which is a necessary process for the times to come. (2016:79) Come closer to Me, and you will see: it all won’t end up dreadfully; even if there are the most dreadful times coming of all of history! The closer you get to Me, the easier things will be. (2016:82)

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