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We are thankful to Almighty ALLAH who gave us the strength to work on such a project and gain tremendous knowledge. With all due respect I would like to thank our instructor DURIA HASAN who have been a great influence on us through out the project and help us with all the problems we encounter, she taught us and been very polite and helpful. It was indeed due to her effort we achieve success.


 Executive summary  Introduction  History  Achievements  Brand value  Marketing mix  Market analysis of consumer behavior toward toothpastes  Market analysis for Close-up  Recommendations and findings  Conclusion  Appendix

Executive Summary First of all we are Thankful to Almighty Allah who give us strength and ability to work and completed our project. Our project is based on the consumer attitude and behavior for that we had to conduct a survey through questioner. We selected to conduct survey on consumer behavior towards toothpaste and our main target is CLOSE UP. We filled out 100 questioners from different groups people to find out which tooth paste they are using and why. Over all we get the results that most of the people are using COLGATE. As it is the market leader and CLOSE UP holds the second position in the market. All the detailed results are given in the report further with complete market analysis. In the end we like to Thanks our instructor DURIA HASAN who gives us such project to enhance our knowledge and to implement all our studies practically.

Introduction Our project report is based on the consumer behavior towards toothpaste. In which we select the brand Close up that is the product of Unilever. Unilever is one of the world's greatest consumer goods companies. Unilever Pakistan Limited was established some fifty years ago in the then newly created Pakistan. The town of Rahim Yar Khan was the site chosen for setting up a vegetable oil factory in 1958 and that is where the first manufacturing facility was developed. Today, Unilever Pakistan is a force to reckon with. Its contribution to Pakistan's economic development cannot be overestimated. Now operating five factories at different locations around the country, the company contributes a significant proportion of the country's taxes. It employs a large number of local managers and workers. It provides a pool of well-trained and highly motivated manpower to other segments of the company and has introduced new and innovative technologies into the country. It is dedicated to great brands that help people look good, feel good and get more out of life. At the same time it's a company that tries to act responsibly towards its communities and the environment. The aim is to add vitality to life. It's a big ambition, but it's always been right at the heart of our business. Close-Up® debuted in 1967 as a clear red gel with a spicy cinnamon taste and mouthwash right in the toothpaste. A unique brand identity was developed, with Close-Up® positioned as the toothpaste that gives people confidence in those very "up close and personal" situations. It strongly appealed to who consumers liked the idea of toothpaste that could give them fresh breath, white teeth and, subsequently, a little extra selfconfidence. Close-up is the first to combine toothpaste and mouthwash in one and not only freshens breath and whitens teeth, it also contains fluoride to help prevent cavities. That's the Close-Up feeling, the feeling of being your best!

History In the early 1970s, Colgate was king – to the extent of being generic to the toothpaste category. Family health brands were the order of the day, with players like Cibaca, Forhans, Promise and Signal. Clearly, there was ample space for creating pleasure benefits in this health-dominated scenario. In 1975 Closeup was test marketed in select towns at a 43% price premium over Colgate. It was the first Toothpaste + Mouthwash product, the marriage of which was a red, transparent gel. The tests generated positive response and five years later, the brand was rolled out nationally. In communication, the brand projected a westernized up market urban imagery, where the protagonists enjoyed the dual benefits of fresh breath and shiny white teeth. The launch garnered a modest but promising share of 4%. Further, in a strategic move to increase the brand’s relevance credentials, a user/non-user format was employed. This period also witnessed the creation of the most memorable audio-visual burrs – the protagonist’s self-check for breath freshness by blowing out ‘ha-ha’. When he smiled a sparkle would appear on his teeth accompanied with a distinct ‘ting’ sound. The consumers were also assured of the do-goodness of the product when they saw a medicinal looking bottle pouring mouthwash into the gel. Flavour variants (blue and green) for enhanced whiteness and fresh breath were introduced to keep the interest alive on fresher breath and whiter teeth. These variants again pushed the boundaries of visual discontinuity – attractive looking and great tasting pastes, clear gels with coloured granules, green gel with suspended oxygen bubbles. However these variants failed to excite the consumers enough to induce repeat purchase.

Achievements Closeup has truly been a challenger brand in the toothpaste market. Its biggest achievement has been its ability to carve out a distinct, differentiated segment. When launched in the 1970s, Closeup was the first gel toothpaste in Pakistan and the first toothpaste with mouthwash. For the first time, people had the option to brush with transparent, shiny, bright red toothpaste. For the first time, too, toothpaste tasted good – spicy clove and icy mouthwash. Closeup emancipated mornings from their boring white toothpaste routines. While others offered cavity control and strong teeth, Closeup offered the cosmetic benefits of superior fresh breath and shiny white teeth. This was based on a strong and relevant consumer insight that people are conscious of how their breath smells only when they are up close – especially with the opposite sex. With the dual benefits of fresh breath and white teeth, the brand allowed people to get over their insecurity of bad breath and get closer to each other. Closeup didn’t just promise the young romantics fresher breath and whiter teeth, it also promised them the confidence to get up close to the person that mattered the most. Closeup appropriated the world of happy smiles, of happy couples having fun together. Consistent communication in this genre helped create a distinct, aspirational imagery for the brand that has remained strong over time. Say ‘gel’ and people will say Closeup. Mention ‘red, shiny paste’ and people will say Closeup. Talk about ‘confidence, youth and romance’ and the answer is Close up again. This brand has remained singularly focused and clear: the red gel, young people, close-ups of refreshing breath and overall, the confidence that’s eternally desirable amongst outward-looking people in a growing nation.

Brand Values Disruptive, differentiated, emotional, energetic, focused are Close-up’s signature qualities. While the product upholds the value of balancing pleasure and performance, the brand operates on the values of innovation and authenticity. Operating in the emotional arena of confidence, the brand essentially aims at owning the cause of ‘empowerment’. By delivering the desired oral state, the brand endeavors to be the shot in the arm for a person’s self-confidence.

Recent Developments This is a category characterized by low involvement, large amounts of flirting between brands and family choice – which means that there’s just one tube for the whole family. Lack of individual choice creates a big challenge for a brand that’s positioned on individual need. The best advertisements ever on the brand, where the high ground of the fresher breath benefit has been portrayed with the thought that when the Close up guy opens his mouth, magic begins to happen. This again is a melodious foot tapping advertisement that is on the lips of all, young and old.

MARKETING MIX Product: In an industry where technology has almost come to a stand still and toothpaste is just toothpaste, the one big strength of Closeup is its distinctive product. In a world of white pastes, Closeup owns the mind space of bright red gels. While white pastes use calcium carbonate, Closeup gel uses silica as its base. Silica is considered a more efficient abrasive and an ingredient that’s non-reactive to other elements, in the formulation – like flavours or actives. Close up is offering the following five types of toothpaste in market: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Close up Close up Close up Close up Close up Close up

(Crystal with soft blue granules) (Lemmon mint) (Menthol chill) (Red hot) (White teeth fresh breath) (Milk Calcium nutrient)

Price: Toothpaste

Quantity & Prices 130 grams

75 grams


Close up (Crystal with soft blue granules)

Rs 55

Rs 35

Rs 15

Close up (Lemmon mint)

Rs 55

Rs 35

Rs 15

Close up (Menthol chill)

Rs 55

Rs 35

Rs 15

Close up (Red hot)

Rs 55

Rs 35

Rs 15

Close up (White teeth fresh breath)

Rs 55

Rs 35

Rs 15

Place: • Close up is easily available at every retail store & super store. • Their target market is people of every age group including children, teenagers & old age. • Mainly it appeals more to youngsters, teenagers.

Promotion: For promotion of their products they use certain channels: • • • •

TV advertisement Newspapers Magazines Radio…etc

Closeup advertisements are much awaited for they paint a beautiful world of fun and youthfulness, free of day-to-day worries. Closeup advertising is the all-song, all-dance.


Market Analysis of Consumer Behavior toward Toothpastes We conducted the survey through questioners to analyze the market and consumer behavior towards toothpaste. The results are shown below with the help of graphs.

OCCUPATION 70 60 50 40 30


20 10 0

63% questioners filled by students, 22% by employees,10% by house wives and 5% by people related to different occupation. This shows that most of our research is based on students age group between 15 years to 25 years.


40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10%

Colgate Close up Macleans Sensodyne Forhans Others

5% 0%

This graph depicts about the consumption of different toothpaste in the market. That shows Colgate is used 37%, close up is 24%, macleans is 17%. Overall Colgate is the market leader in toothpastes and close up is the second largest brand consume in Karachi.

Market Analysis for Close-up GENDER



This diagram shows the consumption of Close up with respect to gender.

OCCUPATION 80% 70% 60% 50%





house wives

20% 10% 0%

This shows the ratio that 75%students, 20.8% employees and 4.2% house wives are using Close up.


Yes 42% Yes No

No 58%

This diagram is related to that how much persons are brand conscious towards Close up. As the result shows 42% are brand conscious and 58% are not.

SATISFACTION This shows that 96% people are satisfied with the use of Close up.

No 4% Yes No

Yes 96%

PRICE ANALYSIS price in terms of quality 100% 80% 60%

Fair & reasonable



20% 0%

83% people are saying in term of quality the prices of Close up are Fair and reasonable while 17% are saying it is Expensive.

QUALITY ANALYSIS Quality in terms of price 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%

Good Satisfactory Not satisfactory

67% people agreed that according to price the Quality of Close up is good, 29% saying it is satisfactory and 4% are saying it is not satisfied.

CONSUMPTION PERIOD less than a year

50% 25%

2 years

more than 2 years 25% This diagram shows that since how long people are using close up continuously.


41.60% own experience TV advertisement

50% 8.40%

word of mouth

This shows how people get attracted toward Close up.

Recommendations and Findings After analyzing the market for consumption of Close up we find that; • Close up is the second largest brand in Karachi consumed by different groups of people. • Close up is more used by females than males. • Close up is more popular in youngsters like students, teenagers etc. • Close up is not the market leader in Karachi /Pakistan its because of not much promoted as Colgate. • Although close up is not the market leader but still people have very good image of it and it has the potential to become a Market leader. Recommendations: • As to lead the market it should be promoted more and more mainly through TV advertisement. • Unilever should review its marketing strategy to compete with its major competitors. • Close up should adopt some promotional offers as well.

CONCLUSION From our market analysis of consumer behavior toward tooth paste we get the results that CLOSE UP is holding the second position in market after Colgate. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the best way to keep your teeth healthy and fresh. Using Close-Up® gives you the confidence to be 'upclose and very personal' to that special person or people in your life Brushing with Close-Up starts with a blast of flavor that you can actually feel freshening your breath. As you brush, Close-Up gets your teeth cleaner, whiter and brighter, so you're ready to smile, ready to laugh . . . ready for anything! Close-up is the first to combine toothpaste and mouthwash in one and not only freshens breath and whitens teeth, it also contains fluoride to help prevent cavities. That's the Close-Up feeling, the feeling of being your best!


ASALAM-O-ALIKUM, I am Taqdees Tahir with my group member Shahid and Huma. We are conducting a survey on consumer behavior toward toothpaste. We would like you to answer few questions, which only take 3 minutes of your time. Name: ______________________________ Gender: (a) Male

(b) Female

(a) 15-25

(b) 25-35

(d) 45-55

(e) 55 above

Age: (c) 35-45

Occupation: (a) Student

(b) housewife

(c) employee

(d) Other (specify) _____________ Your living Location (Area)________________ Your monthly income lies


(a) Below 5000

(b) 5000-10000

(d) 15000-20000

(e) above 20,000


Which toothpaste you use? (a) Close up

(b) Colgate

(c) MacLeans

(d) Other (specify) _____________ Are you brand conscious? (a) Yes

(b) No

You use it because of: (a) Quality

(b) Price

(d) I am brand conscious

(c) media attraction

Are you satisfied with the use of it? (a) Yes

(b) No

If no, why? (a) High price

(b) quality dose not meet your standard

(c) Not easily available What makes you to buy and consume it? (a) Quality

(b) Price

(d) Availability

(e) Promotional offers

Based on the quality what do you (a) Expensive

(c) Taste

think of price? (b) Fair and reasonable (c) Cheap

Based on the price what do you think of quality? (a) Good

(b) satisfactory

(c) not satisfactory

Since how long you are using this brand? (a) Less then a year

(b) 2 years

(c) More then 2 years

How you get attracted towards it? (a) T.V Advertisement (d) Own experience

Thank you for giving your time

(b) Newspaper

(c) word of mouth

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