Class IV NSO Sample Paper 4

October 24, 2017 | Author: Nilesh Gupta | Category: Human Gastrointestinal Tract, Water, Dogs, Pet, Earth
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The National Science Olympiad is organized every year to motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding...


1. Which

pair of numbers best completes this table given on the right? Number Number × 10 625 6250 304 3040 158 1580

A. 819


B. 320


C. 405


D. 217


2. We have to

paint all the sides of walls of a cube with different colours. How many colours will be required?

A. 6 B. 5 C. 4 D. 3

3. Which

digit of 5769 number is in the hundreds place?

A. 5 B. 9 C. 6 D. 7

1 Which of the following figures has a perimeter that is of 56 cm ? 4 4.





5. What

fraction of the figure is shaded?

A. B. C. D.

2 5 3 5 7 10 4 5

6. The number of balls

produced by a toy factory in the four weeks of January are given below

First week Second week Third week Fourth week Stands for 5 balls.

What is the total number of balls produced in January? A. 60 B. 65 C. 70 D. 75 7. A class

makes a chart about what kind of pets they have. Pets chart

Type of Pet

Number of Pets

Fish Dog Cat

Which of the following statements is true about the number of pets in the above chart? A. Fish > cat> dog B. Fish > dog > cat C. Dog > fish > cat D. Fish < dog < cat

8. Study the graph

period six months.

carefully and answer the questions. The line graph below shows the number of cars sold over a

Find the difference between the number of cars sold in August and May, is

A. 44 B. 46 C. 48 D. 50

9. 1203

x 1197=

A. 143991 B. 1439991 C. 149911 D. 144991

10. What

is the difference between 2375 and 4954?

A. 2879 B. 2779 C. 2579 D. 2479 11. There are 12

marbles on the floor. Santa picked up 1/2 of the 12 marbles and Amit picked up 114 of the 12 marbles. How many marbles were picked up? A. 2 B. 5 C. 9 D. 10

12. 1.00

a.m. is ____

A. 0100 hours B. 1000 hours

C. 1300 D. 0001

hours hours

13. Monday

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday It

represents 10 toffees, which of the day has maximum toffee consumption?

A. Monday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Saturday

Express 14.

5 of a day in hours 12

A. 2 hours B. 10 hours C. 12 hours D. 22 hours

15. Ramesh,

Sunil, Anil and Bhanu are friends. They all collect toy cars. This graph shows how many toy cars each of

them has

From this graph we can say A. Anil has one-third the number of cars Ramesh B. Three children have more than 20 cars C. Sunil has twice as many cars as Anil D. Anil has one car less than Bhanu

16. Ravi


made a picture given in question using wire. The length of wire is

A. 40 cm B. 70 cm C. 39 cm D. 52 cm

17. Each

expression shown below has the same value. 2×6 3×4 24 + 2 Which of the following has the same value as each of the three expressions given above? A. 72 ÷ 12 B. 72 ÷ 9 C. 72 ÷ 8 D. 72 ÷ 6

18. Which

of the following has the least value?

A. 10 tens more than 20 hundreds B. 10 ones more than 200 tens C. 10 ones more than 20 tens D. 10 ones more than 2 thousands

19. A solid

figure has five faces, eight edges, and five corners. Which of the following figures does it represent?




Rectangular pyramid


Rectangular prism


D. 20. 2

litres 8 ml = ----------- ml

A. 28 B. 208 C. 2008 D. 20008

21. Which

of the following is another name for 23642 ?

A. 200 + 30 + 6+4+ 2 B. 2,000 + 300 + 60 + 4 + 2 C. 20,000 + 3,000 + 600 + 40 + 2 D. 200,000 + 30,000 + 6,000 + 400

22. Find

+ 20

the missing number in the pattern below. 3925, 3950, 3975, ____, 4025

A. 3900 B. 4000 C. 4100 D. 4900 23. What

fraction of the figure is shaded ?

A. Three eights B. One quarter C. One half D. One third

24. There are 7

times as many white plates as white cups. If there are 280 white plates arid white cups, how many white

cups are there ? A. 35 B. 40 C. 240 D. 245

25. Choose the smallest

A. B. C. D.


1 2 1 4 1 6 1 8

26. What

will this box look like if you opened it up if the number opposite faces adds upto 7?





27. The khejadi A. Tea B. Coffee C. Medicines D. Rubber

tree is found mainly in desert areas. It can grow without much water. Its bark is used for making

28. Which

of the following is mixed with oil and applied to wounds to heal them?

A. Black pepper B. Cumin C. Turmeric D. Red chilli

29. Which

of the following statements is true?

A. Grasses are non-flowering, plants B. All roots are found underground C. Money plant is an example of creeper D. Some plants can grow completely under water

30. Which

of the following is not a function of worker-bees in a bee-hive?

A. To look after the baby bees B. To collect nectar from flowers C. To make the bee-hive D. To lay eggs

31. Which

for honey

of the following animals have ears that look like fans?

A. Mouse B. Elephant C. Rabbit D. Crocodile

32. In

which of the following animals, ears are not seen?

A. Cat B. Elephant C. Giraffe D. Frog

33. What

must have happened to the water in the tumbler X in 10 minutes before it reached the state in the tumbler Y ?

A. The tumbler was placed in a refrigerator B. The tumbler was heated on a stove C. Ice tumbler were added to the water D. The tumbler was left untouched

34. -----------covers

about 75% of the Earth and is one of the most abundant substances on Earth

A. Water B. Salt C. Land D. Metal

35. When

Puneet was on vacation in Kashmir, he could see clouds passing by.What are clouds made up of?

A. Hot steamed water B. Hot air C. Sand & water D. Tiny water droplets

36. The name of International A. Air India B. Indian Airlines C. International India D. Both (A) & (B)

Airline of India is

37. The train

route from Goa to Kerala has a total of 2000 bridges and 92 tunnels.Why do you think there are so many bridges and tunnels? A. To increase the enjoyment of travelling in B. To make the travel adventurous C. To cross the rivers and mountains D. To protect the train from accidents

38. Which

a train

of the following animals can be used as means of transport?






A. (a), (b) & (c) B. (b), (c) & (d) C. (a) & (e) D. (a), (b) & (e)

39. Which

one among the following is a moving heavenly body with no heat or light of its own?

A. Star B. Moon C. Earth D. Both (B) & (C)

40. How long does

the Earth take to make one complete revolution around the Sun?

A. 24 hours B. 28 hours C. 240 days D. 365 days

41. Jobs

of which of the following people do not help to save the Earth?

A. Solid waste technician B. Air pollution inspector C. Sewage plant worker D. Hunter

42. Short,

irregular, flat, and long are the four types of bones in the system

A. Skeletal B. Muscular C. Nervous D. Circulatory

43. ‘a’,

‘b’, ‘c’, & ‘d’ in the given flow chart are

A. a Teeth b c d

Stomach Pancreas Small intestine

B. a Mouth b c d

Oesophagus Pancreas Small intestine

C. a Mouth b c d

Liver Duodenum Large intestine

D. a Mouth b c d

Stomach Small intestine Large intestine

44. Which

body organ saves the body from poisonous chemicals?

A. Lungs B. Kidney C. Liver D. Stomach

45. Kerosene does

not dissolve in water. They are called

A. Immiscible liquids B. Solute and solvent C. Solvent and solution D. Miscible liquids 46. Suman

tries to push in the plunger as shown above, but finds that she cannot do so. What is the reason?

A. Water cannot be compressed B. Water has no definite shape C. Water has no definite volume D. Water occupies space

47. The metal

used to make an aircraft must be _______ and ________

A. Waterproof and heavy B. Flexible and strong C. Light and strong D. Hard and shiny

48. Pochampalli

district is in Andhra Pradesh. Most of the families in this district are weavers. The special cloth that they weave is called A. Tassar silk B. Pochampalli C. Coudrouy D. Denim 49. In

which jobs do people wear uniforms?

A. Pilots B. Postman C. Lawyer D. All of these

50. In

many traditional occupations different kinds of tools and skills are used, Which of the following things are needed for making beautiful Pochampalli sarees? A. Charkha, cotton thread B. Loom, needles, silk thread C. Loom, needles, cotton thread D. Both (B) & (C)

1. A 6. B 11. C 16. D 21. C 26. B 31. B 36. A 41. D 46. A

2. C 7. D 12. D 17. D 22. B 27. C 32. D 37. C 42. A 47. C

3. D 8. B 13. C 18. C 23. C 28. C 33. B 38. D 43. D 48. B

4. C 9. B 14. B 19. B 24. A 29. D 34. A 39. D 44. C 49. D

5. B 10. C 15. C 20. C 25. D 30. D 35. D 40. D 45. A 50. D

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