Class 5 NCO Sample Paper 10

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NCO conducted by SFO, Students will get help to practice for Exam by Solving Sample Paper....


1. Which of the following is a mixed fraction?

A. B. C. D.

19 8 14 5 2 5 3 21 4

2. What percentage is equal to three quarters? A. 25% B. 50% C. 75% D. 55%

3. Which list shows the first five positive multiples of 2? A. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 B. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 C. 2, 20, 200, 2,000, 20,000 D. 2, 22, 222, 2,222, 22,222

4. Number Y is a multiple of 8. It is between 20 and 30. It is also a factor of 48. What is number Y? A. 26 B. 28 C. 24 D. 22

5. Prateek needs 24 balloons for a party. He has 15 balloons already. Which equation would you use to find how many

balloons Prateek still needs for the party? A. 24 - 17 = ………….. B. 24 + 15 = …………… C. 15 + …………… = 24 D. 15 × 9 =……………….

6. Last summer, 35,786 people visited the zoo in Delhi. How is 35,786 written in words? A. Thirty-five thousand, seven hundred eighty-six B. Three hundred fifty-seven thousand, sixty-eight C. Three hundred five thousand, seven hundred eighty-six D. Three hundred fifty thousand, seven hundred eighty-six

7. 4 km 79 m equals A. 4.079 km

B. 40.79 km C. 0.4079 km D. 407.9 km

8. A tailor had 40 m of cloth. He sold 16.8 m of it and divided the remaining into 4 equal pieces.What was the length of

each piece of remaining cloth? A. 4.2 m B. 11.6 m C. 5.8 m D. 23.2m

9. The graph below shows the number. of cows farmer sold from January to May. Study it carefully and answer the


What was the total number of cows sold in the 5 months? A. 18.5 B. 235 C. 205 D. 230

10. Find the value of the variabley x-y = y , x=8 A. 32 B. 16 C. 4 D. 3

11. Which of the following solids has 2 circular, parallel bases? A. Cylinder B. Prism C. Pyramid D. Sphere

12. Look at this pattern

12, 24, 48, 96 Which rule below describes this pattern ? A. Multiply by 2 B. Divide by 2 C. Add 12 D. Multiply by 12

13. Which sign belongs to the box to make the number sentence true?

196 + 7= 14


A. × B. + C. + D. -

14. How many angles in the given figure are more than right angle?

A. 2 angles B. 3 angles C. 4 angles D. 5 angles

15. How many more unit cubes

does Solid A

A. 5 B. 7 C. 8 D. 15

16. What type of angle is formed between the hands of the clock shown?

A. Right B. Acute C. Obtuse D. Straight

17. The bar graph shows the marks obtained by class 5 pupils in a Mathematics test. The pass mark of the test is 50.

If 10 boys scored 70 or more marks, how many girls scored 70 or more marks? A. 34 B. 13 C. 42 D. 21

18. If 1st day of January was Monday, then the last day of the previous year was A. Saturday B. Sunday C. Tuesday D. Wednesday

19. The graph below shows the type of books that 5 children have. Use the graph to answer the questions below.

How many of the children have more than 6 Sports Books? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

20. The table given here shows the marks obtained by Leena in four subjects. What is the difference between the highest

and lowest marks? Subject Marks English 80 Hindi 70 Maths 75 Science 60

A. 20 B. 25 C. 10 D. 15

21. The scale drawing for a new clubhouse is drawn so that 1 cm = 1 meter. If the scale drawing of the clubhouse is

drawn with an area of 100 square cm, what will be the area of the actual clubhouse? A. 1 square meter B. 10 meters C. 10 square meters D. 100 square meters

22. Which figure corresponds oths following ordered pairs? (3,1) (5,5) {1, 8)

A. A B. B C. C D. D

23. Mary has a new box of 64 crayons. She drops the box and 17 crayons are broken. How many crayons are NOT

broken? A. 47 crayons B. 57 crayons C. 53 crayons D. 81 crayons

24. Thereare l28,490 books in the town library. What is the place value of the 1 in this number? A. Hundred B. Thousand C. Ten thousand D. Hundred thousand

25. 104°F equals A. 50°C B. 55°C C. 40°C D. 45°C

26. Mrs. Aggarwal wanted a carpet to cover the floor as shown in figure. She decided to buy 36 square metre of carpet.

How did Mrs.Aggarwal arrive at this number?

A. She measured the length of the room from one corner to another B. She added 6 ft and 6 ft C. She found the distance around the room D. She multiplied the length of the room by the width to get its area

27. After removing some squares from a big square, the following figure is obtained. The length of one side of a small

square is 3 cm. Find the area of the figure

A. 68 cm2 B. 603 cm2 C. 612 cm2 D. 729 cm2

28. If ‘Ram is good’ is coded as ‘I am beautiful’ and ‘Bad boy’ is coded as ‘Blue sky’, then ‘beautiful sky’, means A. Ram is B. Ram good C. Ram boy D. Good boy

29. Anita and Chris are solving this problem.There are 4 bags of oranges. There are 6 oranges in each bag. How many

oranges are there in all? Anita wrote 6 + 6 +6 + 6 = Chris wrote 6 x 4 = Whose answer will be correct? A. Only Anita B. Only Chris C. Both Anita and Chris D. Neither Anita and nor Chris

30. Monika is facing North. If she turns through an angle of 360o in the anticlockwise direction, she will be facing A. North B. South

C. East D. West

31. find the figure from the answer set (i.e. fig. A, B, C, D) will continue the series given in the problem

A. B. C. D.

32. Tina used small squares to make each figure shown in the arithmetic pattern below.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 = small square Figure Number of small squares

1 6

2 8

3 10








If the pattern continues, how many small squares will be in figure 10? A. 20 B. 22 C. 24 D. 2

33. find out the correct figure which will be the adjoining part of the given figure

A. B.

C. D.

34. The picture below shows how Karuna plans to create a tile border around the edge of a table

If the pattern is continued all the way around the table, how many tiles with dots in the centre will be needed ? A. 8 B. 9 C. 11 D. 12

35. Monica is getting dresMonica is getting dressed. She can choose from the clothes shown belowsed. She can choose

from the clothes shown below


Skirts How many different outfits of one shirt and one skirt can Monica make? A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8

36. How many faces does this box have?

A. 2

B. 4 C. 6 D. 5

37. Which of the following is true for an equilateral triangle? A. One of the angles measure 90 degrees B. All of the angles measure 60 degrees C. Two of the angles measure less than 60 degrees D. Two of the angles measure greater than 60 degrees

38. It you rearrange the letters WOMCOS, you will have the name of a A. River B. City C. Bird D. Mountain

39. According to this diagram, how many students have more than one favourite type of book?

A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 8

40. If


means addition, 5


A. 2 B. 3 C. 5 D. 1

41. Look at the pattern


means division, then

? If this pattern continues, what will be the next figure?

A. B. C. D.

42. Look at this pattern

What are the next three shapes in the pattern? A. B. C. D.

43. figure P and Q are related in a particular manner. Establish the same relationship between figures R and S by

choosing a figure from four alternatives

A. B. C. D.

44. The computers that are used for scientific and special purposes are A. Micro computers

B. Super computers C. Analog computers D. Mainframe computers

45. The deleted files and folders are moved into A. My computer B. My documents C. Network places D. Recycle Bin

46. Find the odd term out A. Scanner B. Pointing device C. OMR D. Printer

47. Julie has a newly formatted floppy disk that holds 1.44 MB. Which tile will not fit on this disk? A. Amphibians 1.00MB B. Birds 1.10 MB C. Fish 1 30 MB D. Reptiles 1.80 MB

48. This option can be used to cancel the previous action. This is A. Cut B. Undo C. Erase D. Paste

49. Clicking the ‘Back” button as you move around the Internet will usually send youA. To B. To C. To D. To

the last page visited the help screen the Home page the list of bookmarks

50. A spreadsheet application can do which of the following best?

A. Design an Internet site B. Draw a butterfly C. Place a photograph into a report D. Average student grades

51. Input device used to select or highlight is A. Keyboard B. Mouse C. Printer D. Monitor

52. Cray X-MP, Cray-2, Cray-3 are examples of…………………………. A. Mini computers B. Mainframe computers C. Super computers D. Micro computers

53. The shortcut for copy a file is A. CTRL+C B. CTRL+O C. CTRL+P D. None of these

54. A device that reads the information contained on a disk and transfers it to the computer’s memory A. Monitor B. Screen C. Disk drive D. Keyboard

55. Letters, numbers, and symbols found on a keyboard A. Icon B. Keys C. Screen D. Menu

56. 1 Nibble= A. 8 bits B. 4 bits C. 1000 bits D. 100 bits

57. The

that we use today is the generation computer

A. Fourth B. Second C. Third D. Fifth

58. A device used to provide input to computer by touching A. LCD B. TFT C. Monitor D. Touch screen

59. MS-DOS, Windows 98, Wincows XP are examples of A. Windows B. Operating systems C. Documents D. Icons

60. Which of the following should never be placed near any computer hardware or software? A. Magnets B. Paper C. Coins D. Masking tape

1. C 6. A 11. A 16. A 21. D 26. D 31. D 36. C 41. B 46. D 51. B 56. B

2. C 7. A 12. A 17. B 22. D 27. C 32. C 37. B 42. B 47. D 52. C 57. A

3. B 8. C 13. A 18. B 23. A 28. D 33. A 38. B 43. D 48. B 53. A 58. D

4. C 9. B 14. C 19. D 24. D 29. C 34. A 39. D 44. B 49. A 54. C 59. B

5. C 10. C 15. C 20. A 25. C 30. A 35. B 40. A 45. D 50. D 55. B 60. A

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