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May 10, 2018 | Author: Prima Lestari Situmorang | Category: Expert, Learning, Teachers, Data, Design
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 Journal Review :

The Development Of Interactive Multimedia-Based Learning Media On

Subjects The Journal Material Economic Adjustment Service Company  Name/ NIM

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17 November 2017


The Development Of Interactive Multimedia-Based Learning Media


Sintia Yuliandari dan Eko Wahjudi




The Development Of Interactive Multimedia-Based Learning Media On Subjects The Journal Material Economic Adjustment Service Company


Journal of Economic Education, State University of Surabaya

Vol. & Page

9 pages

Theoritical Basis

The Education is a requirement that must be met by human beings. With education can improve the quality of human resources are owned as executor of development. Efforts to improve the quality of education through teacher even do always prosecuted can foster a spirit of student learning. Teachers should be able to make learning more interesting and innovative so as to encourage students to learn optimally, i.e. with the use of media of instruction that can be used by the teacher in the learning process  –  teaching.   teaching. Sadirman, dkk (2011) stated that the learning media is a tool that is used to transmit messages, information, or materials to learners or recipient of the message. The goal in this research was for : 1. Knowing the process of developing interactive multimedia based learning media on subjects of economic adjustment  journal verse material service company class XI IPS

2. Knowing the student response against media interactive multimedia-based learning that have been developed Method

This type research is development research with the development model which consists of three stages, namely the stage of definition (define), stage design (design), (desi gn), and stage of development (develop). The type data consists of quantitative data and qualitative data with the data analysis techniques was done through quantitative descriptive analysis technique that consists of data analysis, data validation and test


Subjects in this research is the students of XI IPS SMA Negeri 3 Bojonegoro by doing a test run to 20 students


This research was begun by three phases namely through stage definitions (define), in which the author tries to find out the  problems occurred by determining what material is most difficult to understand by students then proceed with the task analysis is to find out what learning objectives to be achieved (via identify basic competencies,






terminated the formulation of learning objectives. After that second stage is then came into (design), the researchers designed the media that will be tested to the students and finishes with the development phase (develop) is to do a study by material experts and media expert Instruments

The use instruments was the open questionnaire and the close questionnaire . the open questionnaire consists of sheet material examination by an expert examination sheet material and media by media expert. And the close questionnaire consists of question form validation by experts and media material and question form the opinion of students


As for the results in this research indicate that interactive multimedia-based learning media developed worthy of use in the learning process. Material from the expert feasibility study earned media value of 84.85% and media expert of 86.18%, while from the opinions of the students obtained the value of 90.83 criteria

very worthy. Strengths and Weakness

The strength in this research are: 1. The author was able to decipher the live of interactive multimedia based learning systems by including some of the opinions of experts and research previous 2. The problem described clearly and the solution of the  problem seem in this title of the research so s o that readers can easily understand the discussion of the research 3. Authors







researchable, he would first conduct an observation with the questionnaire, on what material the students have difficulty learn. This is an excess which may provide  benefits on teachers and students in learning the material against the journal adjustment service company

The weakness in this research are: 1. There is still an error in the writing, as in it page of 5 the author states that the examination sheet material by experts, media should review sheet material by material and expert on things. And so in the page of eight,

the first paragraph, the

development of a draft media interactive multimedia-based learning. The Word development it's not supposed to be used as a noun is the subject/offender that is the developer 2.

The phrase research use is by still done repeatedly  –   reset, such as repetition, the question form validation by expert material and question form validation by media experts, We recommend that you written enough the phrase validation by experts and media material

3. This research is not written that how many student who were subjects in this research, whereas it is also necessary so that readers know that the amount amount of a particular person, research development of this deserves to be used

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