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Civil Engineering Objective type questions 1.The performance of a specific task in CPM is known as a) dummy

b) event

c) activity


2. The final technical authority of a project is a) ssistant !n"ineer

b) !#ecutive !n"ineer

c) $uperintendin" !n"ineer

d) Chief !n"ineer

%. Time and pro"ress chart of a construction is also known as a) &ar chart

b) 'antt chart

c) Mod Modifi ified mil milest estone one char hart

d)a d)any of the the abo above

(. n invar tape is made of an alloy of  a) Copper and steel  c)  c) &rass and steel

b) &rass and nickel d)ickel and steel

*. The drop manholes are "enerally provided in sewers for a) industrial areas

b) lar"e townships

c) hilly townships

d)cities in plains

+. The first sta"e of natural process of slud"e di"estion is a) acid fermentation

b) acid re"ression

c) alkaline fermentation

d)none of these

,. Tricklin" filters are used to remove a) suspended solids c) or"anic matter

b) colloidal solids d)patho"enic bacteria

-. The dan"er for workers descendin" into a deep sewer is due to a) deficiency of o#y"en

b) to#ic "ases

c) inflammable "ases

d)any of these

. /hat is the detention time for the domestic septic tank0

a) 12 hours

b) 2( hours

c) 2- hours

d)2 hours

1. #y"en sa" curve relates to a) aeration

b) deo#y"enation

c) reparation and deo#y"enation

d)none of these

11. The detention period for plain sedimentation tank is usually a) ( to - hours c) 1+ to 2( hours

b) - to 12 hours d)2( to %+ hours

12. Ma#imum permissible colour for domestic supplies based on cobalt scale is a) * ppm

b) 2 ppm

c) 1 ppm

d)2* ppm

1%. ne de"ree of hardness of water means a content of salts of  a) 1.2* m"3litre

b) 12.2* m"3litre

c) 1(.2* m"3litre

d)1+.2* m"3 litre

1(. The fluoride limitation for drinkin" water is a) 1.* m"3litre

b) 1*. m"3litre

c) 2. m"3litre

d)1+.2* m"3 litre

1*. 4ate of filtration in slow sand filter is a) 1 lit3m23hour

b) 1 lit3m 23minute

c) 1 lit3m23day

d)* lit3m23hour

1+. 5ow turbidity of water is detected by a) turbidity tube c) baylis turbidimeter

b) 6ackson turbidimeter d)hellipe turbidimeter

1,. 7ron and man"anese can be removed from water by a) aeration of water

b) dechlorination of water

c) boilin" of water

d)filteration of water

1-. /hat is the p8 value for neutral water0 a) 1

b) ,

c) 1


1. The normal avera"e annual rainfall over the whole of 7ndia is estimated as a) -- cm

b) 11cm

c) 21, cm

d)2 cm

2. Chose the non9ri"id dam in the followin": a) coffer dam

b) rockfill dam

c) arch dam

d)buttress dam

21. The most efficient channel section is a) semicircular

b) rectan"ular

c) trian"ular

d)half he#a"on in the form of trape;oid

22. n earthen embankment built on each side of a river< some distance away from its banks< to control flood is called a) dyke c) 'royne

b) earthen dam d)spur

2%. The best instrument for measurin" the velocity of a stream flow is a) pitot tube c) surface float

b) price=s current meter d)subsurface float

2(. Mat is a shallow foundation supportin" a) only one column

b) number of columns in one row

c) number of columns in more than one row d)piles

2*. The ma#imum differential settlement in case of foundation on clayey soils is restricted to a) 1 mm

b) 2 mm

c) % mm

d)( mm

2+. $heet pile walls are used as a) uplift preventin" devices

b) retainin" walls for water front construction

c) load bearin" foundations

d)seepa"e preventin" devices

2,. The wei"ht per unit volume of a sample of soil mass is called a) dry density

b) specific "ravity

c) bulk density

d)unsaturated density

2-. Permeability of "ranular soil varies a) inversely as "rain si;e c) as s>uare of "rain si;e

b) as "rain si;e d)inversely as s>uare of "rain si;e

2. ?ailure of the stability of slopes "enerally occurs alon" a) a vertical surface

b) a hori;ontal surface

c) a curved surface

d)all the surfaces

%. The an"le of internal friction of round9"rained dense sand is about a) *o to 2*o

b) 2*o to %o

c) %o to %*o

d) %2o to %,o

%1. Two steel parts at ri"ht an"les are weided with fillet weld of 1 mm si;e. The throat thickness of the fillet weld should be a) ,mm c) 12mm

b) 1mm d)*mm

%2. The effective hei"ht of bearin" stiffeners is a) more than d

b) less than d

c) ., d


%%. The minimum thickness of plates in a steel stack should be a) %mm

b) *mm

c) +mm


%(. s per 7$9-91,(< the ma#imum lon"itudinal pitch allowed in bolted joints of tension members is about a) 12 times thickness of plate

b) 12 times diameter of the bolt

c) 1+ times thickness of plate

d)1+ times diameter of the bolt

%*. 7n a prestressed member< it is advisable to use a) low stren"th concrete only

b) hi"h stren"th concrete only

c) low stren"th concrete but hi"h tensile stren"th d)hi"h stren"th concrete and hi"h tensile stren"th %+. Partial safety factors used for steel and concrete in limit state desi"n are a) 1.* and 1.*

b) 1. and 1.*

c) 1.1* and 1.*

d)1. and 1.

%,.  retainin" wall retainin" a surchar"e< if overall hei"ht of the wall is 8< then the width of the base slab would be a) ., 8

b) .** 8

c) .* 8

d).( 8

%-. The ratio of ma#imum shear stress to avera"e shear stress of a circular beam is a) 23%

b) %32

c) %3(


%. The thickness of the flan"e of a tee beam of a ribbed slab is "enerally assumed as a) depth of the rib

b) width of the rib

c) thickness of the concrete toppin"

d)half the thickness of the rib

(. @esi"n of 4.C.C cantilever beams is based on the resultant force at a) fi#ed end

b) free end

c) mid9span

d)mid9span and fi#ed support

(1. @iameter of main bars in 4.C.C columns shall not be less than a) +mm c) 1mm

b) -mm d)12mm

(2. /hat is the modulus of elasticity of concrete mi# M 2*0 a) 2* 3mm2

b) *, 3mm2

c) 1*
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