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August 15, 2017 | Author: Ices Silva | Category: Jesus, Religious Belief And Doctrine, Theology, Mythology, God
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YOU ARE FORGIVING Fm Eb You are forgiving Fm Eb And you are so good oh Lord Fm Eb Bbm7 C+ Abounding in love to all who call to You Bbm7 Cm7 Dbm7 Cm7 Eb/F Fm But You oh Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God Bbm Cm7 Dbm7 Cm7 Fm7 Eb Bbm Slow to anger a - bounding in love and faithfulness C+ Bb Ab G Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

ALL JOY C7 I came into this house with my head a little low F7 Then I came into the presence of the God of hope G7 He gave me peace, filled me with all joy C C7/E F Fdim G7 Now I overflow with hope in the holy ghost C7 F7 C7 All joy! All joy! All joy! All joy! G7 Pew leaping, heart shaking, soul swelling, pressure busting C C7/E F F# Overflowing joy all joy! G

C7 There’s no little joy in the word, the bible kind of joy can be heard F7 C7

He fills with joy deep down in me, when I spend my time with Him G7 Great joy, full joy, abundant joy, complete joy C C7/E F F# Overflowing joy all joy!

THIS I TESTIFY F C/E Bb F C/E Bb This I testify, until I see it with my eyes F C/E Dm7 C Bb9 F/A Bb9 Your word is true my God, You cannot lie F C/E Dm7 C Bb9 I would have despaired unless I had believed Csus4 C I’d see Your good - ness F C/E Dm7 Csus4 But your word says your mercy will follow me all of my days Bb9 CF C/E Dm7 C Bb9 And I would have despaired unless I had believed Csus4 C I’d see Your glo - ry F C/E Dm7 C Bb But I know if I’m seeking You promised that I’d see Your face Csus4 C F C/E Bb9 My faith - ful God Coda: Bb Csus4 C F C Dm7 My faith - ful God

YOU DESERVE THE HIGHEST PRAISE A We come into Your presence with singing F#m Come into Your presence with praise

Bm D Enter Your gates with thankful hearts D/E D/E We are going to celebrate A F#m All of heaven’s waiting, pow’r is on its way Bm7 D So we shout hallelujah, lifting to You D/E E A mighty roar of praise A D/B A/C D You deserve the highest praise A/E C#7/F F#M B7/D# That we can give and more Bm7 Lord we give our praise D A/E A/G D/F Dm/F That’s what we came here for D A/D D Everything within me, reaches out to You E F#m F#m E To Your power and majesty, grace and mercy too D A/D D There’ll be singing and dancing hearts and voices raised E F#m Bm You have set Your people free D E Now the house is filled with praise Coda: A/G D/F# Dm/F You deserve the highest praise

Who made the promise? My faithful God G G/B G/C Cdim7/D# E D9/F# Who made the promise? My faithful God E/G# Am7 G/B C Dsus4 G/D Every promise He has made, is “Yes” Cdim-M7 Em7 Am7 G/B C6 C#dim C6/D G In Christ Jesus And He who pro - mised is faith - ful G Em C Dsus4 G If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive G Em C If I’m sick in body I will not die I will live G Em G/C Cdim7/D# E When I need a friend who will stand by me, I trust in Him Am7 G9/B C9 G9/B Am7 D He’s not a man that He should lie He cannot fail



G Em C/G G D Dsus D This is my desire to honor You Em D G F Lord with all my heart I worship You G Em C/G G D All I have within me, will give You praise Em D G F C/F C D11 All that I adore is in You

G Em C/E G/B C D Who made the promise? My faithful God Em A/C# F D/F#

G D Am Lord I give You my heart, I give You my soul G/A C/D G/D Am/D G/D G D


live for You a - lone D Am Every breath that I take, every moment I’m awake D11 Lord have Your way in me C D/C /D Bm Em I give You my heart, I give You my soul C D/C Bm Em D11 I give You my heart, I give You my soul

HAVE MERCY ON ME O LORD D F#m7 Em7 Have mercy on me o Lord as You always do G/A D F#m7 Em7 G/A A To those who love Your name who trust in You G F#m7 A/B Bm F#m7 A/B Your mercy endures forever, Your mercy endures forever Bm Em7 G Asus You delight in showing mercy to us all A

D F#m7 How great is Your love, how great is Your mercy Em7 G/A F#m7 Bm7 It covers the earth like endless sea, goodness and favor follow me Em7 How great is Your mercy A D F#m7 How great is Your love, how great is Your mercy Em7 G/A F#m7 Bm7 You lifted me up and carried me, You gave me new life and set me free Em7 G/A D How great is Your mercy, how great is Your love


G Je G Je

Bm C G D C - sus, Je - sus, D C G Bm C - sus, Je - sus,

G Je G Je

D D -

C G/B Am sus C sus

G D C G/B Am G D C Holy and anointed one, Je - sus C/G Bm7 C G Your name is like honey on my lips C/G Bm7 C G Your spirit’s like water to my soul C/G Bm7 C Em Your word is a lamp unto my feet G/D C D Jesus I love You, I love You


D2 D D2 Hear these praises from a grateful heart GM7 G6 CM7 C6 Each time I think of You the praises start F#Ma Em/A F#m/A Em/A Em/D D I love You so much, Je - sus, I love You so much D D2 D D2 Lord I love You my soul sings GM7 C6 GM7 C6 In Your presence carried on Your wings F#m/A Em/A F#m/A Em/A Em/D D I love You so much, Je - sus, I love You so much Bm F#m How my soul longs for You G D Longs to worship You for - ever F#m/A Em/A Em/D D G F#sus F# Bm

In Your power and ma - jes - ty Bm F#m Lift my hands, lift my heart G D Lift my voice towards the heavens G F#sus F# Bm Em A For You are my sun and shield


Christ alone I place my trust Bbm7 Eb Ab9 Fm7 And find my glory in the power of the cross Db9 Eb Ab9 Fm7 In every victo - ry, let it be said of me Bbm7 Eb My source of strength, my source of hope Ab9 Is Christ alone

SAFE INSIDE YOUR LOVE SO BLESSED F#m7 G More than I could hope or dream of D A You have poured Your favor on me F#m7 G One day in the house of God is D Esus4 Better than a thousand days in the world A/D E C#m7 F#m7 A/D So blessed, I can’t contain it E C#m7 F#m7 So much I’ve got to give it away A/D E C#m7 F#m7 G Your love has taught me to live now A/D Esus4 A E F#m7 D A E You are more than enough for me




Ab Ab9 Cradled by Your love like a boat on the sea Fm7 Db Eb Waves crashed and pound but they can’t get near me Db Ab9/C Bbm7 Ab9/C Cause I’m inside a vessel made of Your love Ab/C DbM7 Ab/C Fm Bbm Ebsus Sur - rounded by a presence I’ve never dreamed of Eb Ab Db6/Ab Db/Ab Ab9 And I’m safe in - side Your love Ab/F Eb /F Ab/F Ebsus/F Eb Ab/C I’m safe in - side Your love DbM7 Ddim7 I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than right in here Ab/Eb Bbm/Eb F+/Eb Wrapped uptight in Your eternal love Bbm Ab/Bb Bbdim F+Bb Cause I’m safe inside, I’m safe inside Ab/C BbM/Db Ab/Db Ab/Eb Eb Fsus I’m safe in - side Your love Bbm Ab/C Db Eb7 Ab I’m safe in - side Your love SA LOOB NG PAGIBIG MO

Ligtas ang buhay ko Di ko nais malayo Ang nais koý sa piling mo Yakap ng pagibig mong wagas At akoý ligtas, akoý ligtas Ligtas ang buhay ko Sa loob ng pagibig mo

GOD IS THE STRENGTH OF MY HEART Ab Eb/Ab Db/Ab Ab Eb/Ab Whom have I in hea - ven but You Db/Ab Db/Eb Ab Eb/Ab Db/Ab Gb6/Ab Ab/C There is nothing on earth I desire beside You DbM7 Ab2/C Ab/C Absus/Bb Absus/Eb Eb7 Ab Ab/C My heart and my strength many times they fail DbM7 Ab2/C Absus/Bb Bb7/D Db6/Eb But there is one truth that always will prevail


E F#m E D My Jesus, my Savior, Lord there is none like You A/C# D A/E All of my days, I want to praise F#m G D/F# Esus4 E A The wonders of Your mighty love A E F#m E D My comfort, my shelter, tower of refuge and strength A/C# D A/E Let every breath, all that I am Never cease to worship You

Db6/Eb Db Ab/C Cm7 Ab/C God is the strength of my heart Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Ab Ab/C God is the strength of my heart Db Ab/C Fm Eb/G God is the strength of my heart and my por - tion Ab Bbm7 Ab/C Absus/Db Db6/Eb Ab For - e ver

TIMES OF REFRESHING C2 C2/E F9 Times of refreshing here in Your presence F/G C2 C2/A F Gsus G/F No greater blessing than being with You Em7 Am7 G D/F# Dm/F My soul is restored my mind is renewed Em7 Am7 Dm7 F/G G C F/G There’s no greater joy Lord than being with You

A F#m D Esus4 E Shout to the Lord all the earth let us sing A F#m D Esus4 E Power and majesty praise to the King F#m D Mountains bow down and the seas will roar E F#m E/G# At the sound of your name A F#m D Esus4 E I sing for joy at the work of Your hands A F#m D Esus4 E Forever I love You forever I’ll stand F#m D E A Nothing compares to the promise I have in You

EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY GM7 D2 D G A/C# D2 In Your presence, there is fullness of joy Bm7 Em9 G/A At Your right hand there are pleasures evermore D2 D/F# G A/C# D You surround us with Your fa - vor O Lord Em7 Em7 A6 B7 The earth is full of Your goodness Em7 A9 D2 The earth is filled with Your love A/G GM7 A/G GM7 Exceedingly, abundantly Bm7/E Em7 G/A A9 Far above all we could ever ask or think A/G GM7 A/B Bm7 Exceedingly, abundantly Em7 F#m7 GM7 A7sus You give us all things to enjoy

FILL ME LORD F C/F Bb C Fill me Lord, fill me up Oh Lord F C/F Bb C With Your joy, joy unspeakable Gm7 F/A Bb C You are all I need, You’re all that I want Gm7 Bb/C C F Fill me up Oh Lord


D A/C# Bm D2/A As the deer panteth for the water G A D A/D G/D So my soul longing after thee D A/C# Bm D2/A You alone are my heart’s desire G Em7 A7sus A D A/C# And I long to wor - ship thee Bm Bm/A G C#7/G D2/F# You alone are my strength my shield Em Em/D Em/C# F#sus F# To You alone may my spirit yield D A/C# Bm D2/A You alone are my heart’s desire G Em7 A7sus A D And I long to wor - ship thee

ALL I WANT IS MORE OF YOU D Em A D/A G/D D Jesus I am thirsty, won’t You come and fill me GM7 A/G F#m7 Bm7 GM7 A/G F#m7 Bm7 Earthly things have left me dry, only You can satis - fy Em7 GM7/A G6/A All I want is more of You D/F# G A/C# G/B A All I want is more of You, all I want is more of You D/F# G A Bm7 Nothing I desire O Lord C G/A (D-2nd time) But more of You, more of You

I BOW MY KNEE Eb Bb/D Ab/C Eb Bb/D Ab/C I bow my knee, I give myself Fm7 Eb/G AB Fm/C Bb Ab/Bb Bb/D

As a living sacrifice for You Eb Bb/D Ab/C Eb Bb/D Ab/C I lay me down before Your throne Fm Eb/G Ab Fm7/Ab Bb Take my past, I will stand for You Gm Fm Eb/G Ab Let Your blood wash over me Fm Eb/G Ab Let Your blood wash over me Fm Eb You have cleansed my heart Ab Fm7/Ab Bb Ab/Bb Bb And set my spirit free Eb Bb/Eb Ab/Eb You are my Lord Bb/Eb Ab/Eb Bb/D I’ll love You more CM7 Bb/C Cm7 And follow You Fm7 Ab Bb Ab/Bb Bb No matter where, no matter when

Flow in my friendship, flow in my soul Bsus/F# B/D# A/C# E/C# E/B Prosper my business, pros - per my home Bsus/F# D# B A/E E Pros - per my friendship, prosper my soul A C# B A/B AM7/B A/B B E9 And I will praise You till ev - ery breath is gone A B A/B E F# I’ll work beside You to make my nation proud and strong G# E/B Whatever it takes, whatever I do AM7 May others see not me but You F#m7/C# F#m F#m7/C# B One life, one light, one plan, one stand A G# A/B E Bless the work of our hands


BLESS OUR COMING IN E B/E E B/E Bless our coming in, bless our going out C#m7 B/A E/G# E B Be my portion Lord, let the river Bsus B/D# A/E E F#m/E E Flow in my business, flow in my home Bsus B/D# A/E E F#m/E E G#

F2 A Bb2 C Just one glimpse of His glory F2 F2/A Bb F/A Just one touch of His hands Gm7 C C/E F C/E Dm And I will ne - ver be the same Eb2 Bb/C C (BB/C) Cause God’s spirit is flowing through my veins Bb/C C C/F F C/E C/D Dm C Bb F/A And we sing glo - ry to the Fa - ther, glory to the son

Gm7 Am7 C/D Dm/C Bb2 F/A Gm Holy spirit fill us up, until we are one GM7/C C/F F C/E C/D Dm/C Bb2 F/A Like a fire burn inside us, consuming every pain Gm Gm F/A Bb2 F/Bb C/Bb And as we lift our voice in wor - ship Gm7 C6 F2 A Bb2 Bb/C C We will never be the same

FIRST LOVE Fsus First Fsus First

F Fsus F BbM7 Csus C/E love, first love my soul longs after You F Fsus F love, my first love BbM7 Csus I want my heart to stay so true Gm7 Csus C/E F F/A Bb9 Because You first loved me Jesus, You will always be Gm7 C F Fsus F9 F You will always be my first love

YOU HAVE SAID F C9/E Dm7 C You have said you’d pick me up when I fall down Bb9 F/A Gm You have said having loved Your own F/A Csus4 C You’d love us till the end Bb A BbM7 Oh You have said there is no one Bdim7 BbM/Db Who can snatch me from Your hand F/C C C/Bb F Bb/F F May it be to me as You have said Bb/C


For Your ways are good C9/E Bb/D F/D Bb6/9/C Your yoke is easy and Your bur - den is light C/F F C9/E You have plans for me to give me hope Bb/D F/D Bb6/9/C And my fu - ture is bright Bb Bbm/Db Your words are life, your promise is true F/C Bb F/A Gm7 What you have said you are faithful to do F/A Bb6 Bb C/Bb F/A Bb/G F/A Bb6 I am ser - vant, may it be to me C7 F Bb/F F F/Bb Bb F/Bb Bb6 Bb/C As You have said You have said I’d be the head and not the tail You have said all my needs are met Your supply will never fail Oh You have said Your word is true And it always will prevail May it be to me as You have said You have said that by Your stripes I have been healed You have said just to ask and in Your name I will receive Oh You have said You’d bless my work And my joy will be complete May it be to me as You have said

GIVE THANKS Am/C F C9/E Give thanks with a grateful heart Dm Am Bb Give thanks to the holy one, give thanks F/A F EbM7 Gm7/C C Because He’s given Jesus Christ, His son

C/Bb Am7 Dm7 C/D Dm7 Gm7 And now, let the weak say I am strong Bb/C C Bb/D C/E FM7 Let the poor say I am reach Am/E Dm7 C/D Eb Gm7/C C/E Because of what the Lord has done for us Bb/C F FM7 GM7/F C/F F F/C F Give thanks

Yet You touch me with Your loving hand Bb Eb Saying child, I’ll always be there


TOUCHED BY THE LIVING ONE F C F C Jesus, bright and morning star F F/C Bb F/A C F Csus C Je sus, You’re knocking at my heart Bb Ab G Fm Cre - ator and sustainer, Master of all I see Bb/F Gm/Eb F/Eb Cm/Eb D (Csus) Alpha and Omega, yet You’re mindful of me Dm Bb Touched by the Living One, the first and the last Gm Dm You’ve been there from the beginning, enthroned at the sea of glass C Am Your voice is like a trumpet, Your face shines like the sun FM7 Asus/E Asus A Your eyes are like a blazing fire, faithful righteous One Bbm Who is man that You are mindful of Him GbM7 Who am I that You should care Bbm

F C/F A BbM7 C I hear Your heart, I reach out to You C/E F C/F E F/D C If there’d be no one else, I am here wanting You BbM9/D FM9/A BbM9 Csus4 Oh lover of my soul, my passion cries C F/D F/C BbM9 I will seek You with all of my heart F/A Gm7 Csus F Bb/F F I will seek You with all of my heart Gm F C/E F G4 Bb I love You for who You are, not just for what You do Gm F C/E F9 Fsus4/G F/A Neither for what You give, I just want You Gm F C/E F9 F9/A Bb9 I love You for who You are my joy is to be with You Bb9/D Bbm/Db C F Bb/F F Oh Lord, You are my heart’s desire

I WANT TO BE MORE LIKE YOU F Am7 Bb Bb/C I want to be more like You

F Am7 Bb Bb/C C/Bb I want to be more like You Asus4 A/C# Dm C/E F I want to be a vessel that You work through Gm7 F/A Bb Bb/C C F (Bb/C) I want to be more like You

In the light of His glo - ry



ALWAYS IN THE EYES OF MY FATHER LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH G C2 D Lord I lift Your name on high G C2 D C Lord I love to sing Your praises G C D C C/D I’m so glad Your in my life G C Dsus D C/D D I’m so glad You came to save us G C D C G You came from heaven to earth to show the way C D C G From the earth to the cross, my debt to pay C D Em7 G/B C From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky Dsus D C/D G C/G GM7 C/G G Lord I lift Your name on high

TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS F C/E Dm F/C Turn you eyes upon Je - sus Bb F/A Gm C Look full in His wonderful face F Am Dm Bbm/Db And the things on earth will grow strangely dim F/C Bb F/A Bb/C F

C F/C C C/E Always in the eyes of my Fa - ther F Dm G Always in His sight C/F F A A7/C# G C/E Gsus G He looks upon me with favor, love blazing bright C F/C C C/E His eyes are upon me to help me, F Dm G Tender compassionate gaze F/G G F A A7/C# Dm I’m the object of His mer - cy G F/G C/G Bb Gsus G The focus of His grace C F It does not depend on my desire but its enough that I know G F That You desire mercy where else can I go C/G F/G C/G F/G But to You, Oh Lord, Gracious and merciful God C/E F C/F Bb C/Bb F/Bb To You Oh Lord, my soul cries out F Em7 F/D G/E FM7 G Csus C God has been mer - ci - ful to me

I am lost in Your presence, I am love sick, I am crazy For the only one that matters, You have answered all my questions

FULLY SATISFIED F C F F/A My soul is satisfied with Je - sus Bb C Bb F/A EbM7 Eb Csus4 C Bread of heaven, Man - na from above F C F/C Dm My soul is satisfied with Je - sus Bb F/Bb C Am A7/C# Dm F/C Filled to overflowing, content in knowing You Bb C C/C# Dm My soul is satisfied, fully satisfied Bb/G Gm/C F My soul is satisfied with You BbM7 Am7 BbM7 Bb6/C Fully satisfied, fully satisfied, fully satisfied with You

MOVE ON ME E9 C#m7 There’s a river filled with power A9 F#m Flowing down from the mountain and filling up the valley E9 C#m7 You have saved me, you have changed me A9 F#m7 A/B As I drink from your fountain and I bathe in your sea G#m7 Move on me, fill me with Your spirit once again E G#m7 A9 A9/B F#m G#m7 Cover me, with the power of the river that flows from the mountain A9 A9/B E Lord I believe, move on me I am hungry, I am thirsty, I am longing for the moment

Letting go now of the old life, wash away all the sin stain In the sea of forgiveness, make me whiter than the winter snow As I sing of Your beauty, and I worship You with kisses

I CRY HOLY GOD D G D/G D D/G C/G In the pre - sence of a holy God D G D/G G D/G C/G There’s new meaning now to grace D G D/G G D/G C/G You took all my sins u - pon Yourself Em Am D I can only stand amazed C/D G D/G G D/G C/G C/D And I cry ho - ly ho - ly holy God G D/G G D/F# Em7 C D How awe - some is Your name G D/G G D/G C/G Ho - ly ho - ly holy God D/F# Em Am A7/C# Dsus D How majestic is Your reign C G/B Am7 And I am changed C/D C/D D G Em C In the presence of a ho - ly God

BECAUSE YOU ARE GOD EB/F Bb Eb/Bb Bb F/Bb Eb Because You are God, you can do a - ny - thing

F Bb Because You’re my Father, you will Eb/Bb F/Bb Eb9 Eb Gm F Because You cre - a - ted the world, the skies, the stars up in heaven Eb C C9/E F Because You had laid out my days before I was born EB/F Bb Gm EbM7 F/Eb Gm Bb F/Bb Bb Because You are wise and good kind, full of com - pas - sion Bb/D Eb Cm7 Eb/F Cm/Bb Bb Because You are God, You can do a - ny - thing


F C/E D/F# G C6/G Gsus4

In everything that You do, You are kind and true F C/E D/F# G C6/G G F When trouble comes my way, I can count on You F/G C G/B I know that I know, You will never leave me C C/E Dsus D You are my help, You are my security D/G G C/A G/B Em7 Great is Your faithfulness, great is Your faithfulness Oh Lord C/A C D C/D Everywhere I go Your love is always there D/G G C/A G/B Em7 All of Your promises they are for sure they’ll never fail Am7 G/B C6 CD D G Great is Your faith - ful - ness, Your faithfulness Oh Lord

IN YOUR PRESENCE LORD C/E Em7 C D In Your presence Lord, You heal my soul C/E Em7 D/F# G With Your mighty touch, I’m made whole C/E Em7 C Em9

I will worship You, all my days Am7 Am7/G D/F# You have set this captive free G(add9) G Bm7/F# Je - sus, Je - sus C6 C Em7 D/F# Faithful Lord always with me G(add9) G Bm7 Prince of peace, glorified C/E D/F# You’re the mighty son of God G A7/E C C/E D/F# You’re the first and the last G A7/# C C/E D/F# The one is for - ever and ever G A7/E Lord of my life C C/E D/F# G You heal this heart of mine

YOU ARE HOLY A6/B Am6/E E G#7/D# You are ho - ly, ho F#m7 E DM7 Lord there is none like You A6/B Am6/E E G#/D# You are ho - ly, ho F#m7 A6/B E A6/B Glory to You alone

G#7 C#m7 ly G#7 C#m7 ly

E B/E E/A G# I’ll sing Your praises for - ever F#m7 Bsus4 B Deeper in love with You E E7/D C#m7 Am6/C Here in Your courts where I’m close to Your thrones A6/B E I’ve found where I belong

I give my heart to You, my soul to the core C6/G Cm6/G Em7 Your love captivated me now You I so adore C#m7(b5) G/D Now I find no place I’d want to be Cdim7/D# Em7 G/D Than to be with You more, and I say Lord C C6/D G C6/D I love You so much more than before


G6/C Bm7 G6/C Bm7 So much love, You’ve poured into my heart G6/C Bm7 Am7 C6/D I don’t quite understand why You care so much for me C6/C Bm7 But I want You to know C Cdim7/D# C#M7(b5) That I wont shy away anymore Am7 C6/D G C6/G And I will love You too forever more

E2 C#m7 In Your presence Lord, I find the peace I need F#m7 Bsus B In Your presence Lord, my fears subside E2 C#m7 In Your presence Lord, I find the way to carry on F#m7 Bsus B In Your presence Lord, my strength revives E2 F#m7 B7 E2 Fall on me, holy spirit, fall on me, holy spirit E A9 F#m7 B7 E Pour on me, Your fresh anointing holy spirit, fall on me In Your presence Lord, I find the help I need In Your presence Lord, there’s comfort for my soul In Your presence Lord, I fall down at Your feet In Your presence Lord, I yield control G#m7 A9 You’re my heart’s desire, You’re my destiny F#m D Bsus B I belong to You through all eternity





EVERY MOVE I MAKE G C Dsus Every move I make I make in You C You make me move Jesus G C Dsus C Every breath I take I breath in You G C Dsus Every step I take I take in You C You are my way Jesus G C Dsus C Every breath I take I breath in You G Am7 Bm7 C D7sus Waves of mercy waves of grace G Am7 Bm7 C D7sus G

Everywhere I look I see Your face Am7 Bm7 C Your love has captured me G Am7 Bm7 C D7sus G Oh my God this love, how can it be G C D C La la lalala, la la lalala, la la lala, la la lalala

Paanyaya ito Manahan ka sa amin, pusoý bukas saýo Pagharian mo ang buhay ko Sa aking paghahangad na magbago Halina na Oh Hesus, mahal naming lubos Sa puso’t isipan, buhay koý ikaw lamang Halina Oh Hesus, mga salita ay tanggapin Halina sa aming piling


WE INVITE YOUR PRESENCE E Esus` E Esus We invite Your presence, Your welcome here with us E Esus E/G# E/A Bsus Settle in among us, find in us Your rest C#m A Make Your self at home, do as You please B/G# C#m7 E/A F#m/A Bsus Help Yourself do anything You want from me A G#m/A F#m/A E/A B/A G#m7 C#m7 Come Lord Je - sus come, come receive our love F#m B E/B F#m/B F#m/E E /D Let us say again, You mean every - thing to us A B/A Ab Ab/C B/C# E/C# C#m Come Lord Jesus come, accept the words we bring to You F#m7 BE B E You are welcome here with us HALINA PANGINOON

Bb7 F7 Bb7 I know He rescued my soul, His blood covered my sin F7 Eb/F F7 Bb7 F7 Bb7 F7 I beli - eve, I believe. My shame he’s taken away Bb7 F7 Eb/F Bb7 F7 Bb7 F7 My pain is healed in His name, I belI - eve, I believe C Bb I’ll raise the banner (wo-oh-oh) Bb/C C My Lord has conquered the grave F Bb Dm C My redeemer lives, my redeemer lives (6x) Eb Bb/D You lift my burdens I’ll rise with You C Gm7 F/A C I’m dancing and rejoi - cing and lifting up Your name


Gm/Bb Gm/C Gm

Going to the grace throne Gm/Bb Gm/C Gm To get some mercy Gm/Bb Gm/C Gm Gm/Bb Going to the grace throne, going boldly Cm Eb And I’ll receive mercy and find grace F D/F# To help me in my time of need

LIKE A LITTLE BABY G G9/B Like a little baby taking His first steps C9 C9/D Lord, that’s sometimes how I feel G G9/B Knowing You have called me, wanting to and yet C9 C9/D Lord, I’m glad to hear You say C G/B D G Come, let’s run the race together, come I’ll take Your hand C G/B D C/D Come, there’s no need to be frightened, come I’ll help You to stand CM9 D/C Bm7(b9) Em7 Here I come to You, on the run to You Lord CM9 D/C Bm7(b9) C D Em7 Here I come to You, straight into Your heart Oh Lord I come D7sus4 Cm/Eb Em7 Cm/Eb Coda: Straight into Your heart Oh Lord I come

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