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English Spanish Arabic TRICKS HOW quickly check DAMAGE TO TELEVISION | | Channel Articles, Tips and Tricks TRICKS HOW quickly check DAMAGE TO TELEVISION - Tricks check quickly the damage can be an alternative television beginning in analyzing the damage. Lots going on punitive damages that are generally the same for all TV brands. For example in the case of damage to television as star of life and death, Raster No, not the full picture, Figure shrink right and left, Blooming, No Raster, Bright, contras do not work and others.Here's the trick to check the rapid decay television for many brands

How to measure the voltage of the TV * Connect the black wire (-) to negative ground PCB transformer secondary section Switching (for TV china) or tuck in the wire without wrapping the CRT tube. * The red cable to the following point: - Voltage 180v: Legs + elko 250V at PCB RGB. - Voltage 110v / 130V: B + Flyback / FBT or foot Elco 160v + - Voltage 12v: Leg rightmost IC 7812. - Voltage 5v: Leg rightmost IC 7805. - Voltage 33V: B + Foot Tuner blog ___________________ Checking Rapid Damage Television, various brands: AKARI-IC 14M88R Regulator not functioning. Check transitor voltage optocoupler. AKARI-IC 1437RMD Regulators did not work. Check zener diode ZD812 (18V), C815 (100uf/25v), C820 (1uf/100v) AKARI 20M88R Raster erratic, sometimes enlarge and shrink compensation; IN4148 (D809) Regulator AKARI 14-20

TR regulator (D1710) is always broken when replaced, damage fedbeck oftocoupler namely R801; 47k ohms, the value is changed. Image is unstable, embossed lines as horizontal OSC incorrect, replace C horizontal driver 10uf/100v AKARI-IC 14M88R (sakura) Regulator is not stable, sometimes standby. 6V2 Zener diode check in VR B + (Short) AKARI-IC1439 RMD B + drop, heater no sound normal: check C561, R443 AKARI-IC1439 R2N -No Raster, normal Fcc: check R411 AKARI-CT14W9 AN-5534 Vertical Dingin.Defleksi not open vertical drop AKARI 20M88R Raster sometimes bigger sometimes smaller D809 IN4148 Replace Reg. AKARI CTV14 Sounds good ZILOG IC die. IC TA 8690AN good. Q06 = REPLACE C3289. AKARI14-20 TR Reg. always dead (D1710) when a new replacement. Fedback Optocupler replace damaged R810 = 47k. If the image is not stable switch C driver Hor. 10uF/100V

AKIRA-CT21PF9 AV can not, try to check pin 42 IC LA76810 AIWA A14-S1 Increased brightness dark picture though. Replace R614 R ABL = 150k AIWA C20 KER Only raster images and only briefly so black and white colors CHANGE IF AFT = 656 AIWA A14-S1 Picture dark despite brightness / contrast is increased, try changing R ABL R 614 (150K) AIWA C20 KER Only raster briefly appeared and then disappeared, so black and white colors. IF replace AFT: 656 AIWA-C142KER Vertical lines only. check voltage 12v AIWA-C143/203 Picture red. Replace the Eprom and Adjust RGB. TV AIWA C20 KER Only raster, briefly disappear, black and white. CHANGE: IF AFT; 656 AIWA A14-S1 Dark images, alter, R ABL 150k Advante TV 21 " TV turns on / no blue screen / picture key on the bottom left. Press and hold the TV remote display 5 seconds

and then release DIGITEC DM1720A1 Unable to save the program. Check Travo AFT (9074) and VIF (90P3), D712 zener 5v ic memory close MN12C20ID DIGITEC BLACK BEUTY BB2071 TV star did not want to, replace C76; 180N in regulator DIGITEC / POLITRON DM14303 Star slow blink and shake image and the image width narrows, replace C518; 100/35v, C514; 330/d5v, C515; 680/560pf, R511; 5k ohm / 1%, R517; 15k ohm / 1% DIGITEC DM15031A The picture looks white when first turned on, the panel did not berpungsi, voltage drops, replace R557; 330 ohm/1watt BLACK BEAUTY DIGITEC BB2071 TV will not start, Voltage 300V and 115V normal, FBT flame only briefly, Teg normal Oscilator.Hor IC 12V to Replace C76 = 180N regulator DIGITEC / POLYTRON DM 143 031 Picture flashing / shake, start slow, width decreases, replace C518 = 100/35V. C514 = 330/35V. C515: 680/560pF. R511 = 5k. R517 = 15k DIGITEC DM143031A When lit picture looks plain white, button does

not function panel voltage drops and voltage 22V 12V also anjlok.Ganti R557 = 330 ohm DIGITEC DM172021 Can not save the program. Nice transformers AFT (9074) and VIF (9073) is also good. Checks Dz 712 Memory IC 5v close MN12C201D FTC FUJITEC 1459 Smaller image on the left / right, color B / W, B + voltage drops CHANGE 517 = 33/160v FUJI ELECTRIC 29 "TA8659 Abysmally color, red color disappeared replace R729 at pin 2 (8k2) FUJI ELECTRIC 21 "TA7680 Tuning shifts, searching the road continues to check capacitors in PIF (68 PF) FUJITEC-FTC1499 Horizontal sliding right. Check transformer driver horizontal SoundMAX GOLDSTAR TV standby LED flashes RU2K close STR Replace D 6707 and D IN4007 and C 330 = 470/35. GOLDSTAR / LG TV often die alone. when the flame is turned on but not for long. Replace elco Hor 10UF/100v GRUNDIG T22-3229 Panel buttons do not berpungsi, normal OSD. Change R140 (820k) with 486k

GOLDSTAR-Soudmax Color disappeared. Replace cramic pin 11 of IC TDA8690 GOLDSTAR-C14D22 No sound, tuning menual not stop. Check Q06 (C3198) GOLDSTAR-C14D22 Standby / protectionism, led flashing. 6v8 zener diode check on the PSU, check SE 110 GOLDSTAR-CA14A95C Tuning menual not stop. Replace UCOM GS8334-02B GOLDSTAR-CA14A62 Figure thinning replaced PIF Remain the same: check Z201 (CF5, 5MHz) GOLDSTAR-CF14D20 Picture sometimes colored / not. Check R73 at the foot of Q07 bases GOLDSTAR-CF14D20 In the star led flame, kept dying. Check pin 9 S6707, FR813 (1ohm) and ZD803 (9V1) GOLDSTAR-CBS4821 Color is lost, when there is a new hot color. Replace MC144111. GOLDSTAR-CF14A170D There is no sound. Check L201 (SIF 6.0 Mhz),

capacitor (82pf) GOLDSTAR-Soudmax Blanking, RGB VCC good. Replace TA8690 GOLDSTAR-Soudmax Standby, LED lights blinking. Replace diode IN4007 RU2k with D, C330 (470uf/35v) GOLDSTAR / LG Live TV for a while and then come back stanby. Replace Elco Driver Horizontal (10uf/100v). Cinema Goldstar TV 20 " TV turns itself off (standby) and can be revived, but only briefly. Change is all around elko Horizontal driver. JVC AV-K SERIES KT21T2 There is a line of white screen blanking lines on Switch C = 428 100UF/50v JVC C 20 RNs TV turns on and return to standby. replace R751 = 100k JVC-AV-G201 Horizontal fumble, so the party-blang images replace C550 (100uf/16v) Jhonson CTV147 Picture defect in the vertical. as vol. plus the added image shake replace C119 = 470/50v ****

PANASONIC-TC20T8 Regulator not working (dead): Check Q8 1 (C5253/C4804) and Q805 (A1512/A733) PANASONIC (AN5601) No colors, if at Fine tuning there. Trans checks delay amplifier (C1685) PANASONIC-TC1613R Tuning slide (misses) and not Syncron, sounds good. Check R125 (3k3) replace with 1K2 PANASONIC-TC2088DX The contrast could not berpungsi, sometimes appears a vertical line, a nice picture. Check Resistor ABL (37K) PANASONIC-TC1450 Blanking / protectionism. AN 5600 switch There was no sound. Check Q1112, Q1113 (N4212), replace C114 PANASONIC-TC2088 Bright, contras, color berpungsi / OSD normal Replace Resistor ABL (63k). Panasonic TV Quintrix F series 21 " Do not want to star. Replace C832 with 470mf/16v in the 7805 regulator GOLDSOUND PANASONIC TC-SERIES Picture when the TV is there if only dimmed

Change R 525 = 120k / 470K PHILLIPS GR1225 TV is slow to start and no squeal at FBT dark picture and sound appears a bit long.replace the C254 and C5524 = 82n/100v = 220uF/35v POLYTRON / DIGITEC There is only horizontal lines, IC TDA 8360/61.Ganti R 401 = 2M2 ohm Minimax POLUTRON SERIES MX1452G TV tough turns Replace C507 = 10/50 with 47/100v POLYTRON / DIGITEC BlackBox SERIES There is a vertical line TV stand. Part Hor. C 2.2 / 160V and R 3K9/2W drop checks C 390 and 470n/250v POLYTRON Grandmaster GM 1481 Picture of sync, no TV logo in the middle. Replace R452: 50k1 / 8 watt **** TV Politron Minimax MX5203R TV standby power light is blinking. Check the B + voltage, replace diode D505 and C507 to B + POLITRON-GM1483 OSD does not exist. Open R723 and D732 POLITRON-P in P Tuning shearing and blanking, OSD nice. Check

tuner (digital 5v) POLITRON (Regulator TDA8380) B + is not stable. raise Filter regulator for 15V 2200uF part priner POLITRON-GM1492 Menual Tuner road continues. Replace transformer AFT with E08L POLITRON (AN5435 = TDA3565) Vertical shake, V.hight less. Replace AN5435 and R127 (13k) POLITRON-BB1740 Tuning slide, VIF good. Band switch checks Transistor T708 (BC548) POLITRON-PN20123K Protectionism, star lived and died (Vcc good) Replace IC 4558, Vertical amplifier POLITRON-GM1490 Horizontal sliding phase (black line), check R449 (68) to pin 12 POLITRON-LFS1465 Preset berpungsi not, check R18 (10k) at pin 19 (UPC 1363) POLITRON-PN14123KAG Can not star, VCC good, replace the TDA 8841 POLITRON - Old Thick black lines up and down both AV and in the Channel positions. Replace Plyback (FBT).

POLITRON / DIGITE BLACK BOX SERIES Only the vertical stand, replace the horizontal component C 2.2 / 160v and R 3k9/2watt, C390 ato 47n/250v GRAND MASTER POLITRON GM1481 Picture out of sync, it appears the logo of the TV station amid restricted black lines.replace R452; 50k ohm 1/8 watt Minimax Politron TV 21 " Sometimes the star, sometimes not. Replace capacitor regulator section leading to the horizontal driver transformer with 100mf/100v value. **** SHARP C.14JO Just show up as light / spots, replace: Q604 u / ration 12v and that led to tunernya. SHARP EXPRESSION 51X220 Only sound, no picture, sometimes to standby. Change: resistor divider u / 180v R621 1 ohm SHARP-51R200 In the star lived and died / LED to red. Check R502 voltage Vertical SHARP-14R20MKII In the star led green living and dead became

red. Check transformer driver horizontal SHARP-20U200 Sound crackle-gresek, nice pictures, sounds locked in D / K. Replace and adjust, eprom 24C08 SHARP-14S20B/14R/B No OSD, picture slide right. Pin 5 checks AFC path FBT SHARP-20A2-S Picture Blooming, color bagus.cek service parameter Adjustment SHARP-C1424AU So the 250V B + rise (resitor, elco, diode transistor, Vcc good). Replace STR 41 090. Regukator not work. check TR3279, D706, R705, R706, R707 SHARP 20x20 TV terprotek, when the indicator light turned red flame, then green, red back again. - Reset IC EEPROM. how do Jumper J137 to J138, and then turn on the TV, wait a moment for wiriting IC EEPROM, until the TV turns normal. - Turn off the TV, unplug the jumper. SAMSUNG-CB3339Z Blanking: check 5v voltage section (7805) SAMSUNG-BIO-CB3366Z

Blanking (normal Vcc). Replace IC chroma M52309SP SAMSUNG-CB2039Z There is no channel (33V, VT Normal). check voltage 12v SAMSUNG-CB3862X Picture is only in the middle, check IC Vertical, vertical elco out 1000uf/35v SAMSUNG-CB3366Z SMR 40 000 Damage, replaced broken again, replace the driver module HIS 6169 SAMSUNG CS5085 Vertical bottom less, erratic lines, screeching sound standby time, replace C407 330/50v Samsung plano 21 " Just below the frequency channels that can be received, the frequency above which can not. Replace the 30V zener diode that connects to 100V VT Tuner **** SONY-KV1415GE Can not save the channel. Replace UCOM M34302M8-712SP SONY-KV G14P1 Dark screen, OSD there. Check ABL R857 (82K)

SONY-KV1415GE Horizontal Tr heat, check Horizontal OSC pin 27, replace CXA1213BS SONY-KV1430E Vertical white line defect center of the picture there, Check C854 (220uf/25v) filter 12v Sony KV29MNT 29 " The screen on the vertical take less full, vibrating, long normal Replace trimpot vertical Sony KV29MNT 29 " First normal picture, long fumble image / raster only just Replace TUNER. SANYO-CG20SR1G (Glaxy) Blanking. Check Eprom (A81DC-PD07), Replace with 24C08 SANYO-KV-G14B1 Protectionism, in the star lived and died: Check C623 (220uf/50v) SANYO-C14C11U (14U) Standby continued, unwilling star Check R555 (47k) SANYO CAP 3002 Short horizontal transistors, voltage up to 200V B + more, replace R555; 47k ohms on the optocoupler SOLITRON SM37-98

Do not want to star B + just 45V, replace D 81 zener 4V7 SOLYTRON-SM3725 In position appears chnnel AV Voice: Q1006 checks to pin 12 of IC 4053 SOLYTRON-SM3792 Tuning can be stopped, but the channel is not saved: check-30V supply memory SOLYTRON-SM3730 Sometimes it can sometimes death star, check 15V, C853 (4.7 uf/50v) SABA-MF522 Blanking images, sounds normal, replace the AV switch TE2014 also check the jumper pin 10-13 SABA-MT5253 Protectionism, on the star survive death, normal 9v voltage: Checks Vertical IC TDA 1771 SABA-MF5222 Tuning shifts to try to replace LA7550 LA7555 SAMSUNG CS 5085 The reduced image + lines erratic buzzing sat standby Replace C407 = 330/50v Sanken ST BAZZONEYE 2181 TV only standby button is not functioning. 24 v and +12 v voltage drop. Replace C 541 and C = 553 = 100/35v 470/16v SANSUI SV-2050J Picture vibrate, bold stripes appear dark. check

C 708 = 220/50V, C 517, C 518 = 100/160V. also check CF902 = 503 SANYO CAP3002 Dead TV, If TR regulator is replaced, then the TR Horizontal short, B + voltage switch R555 47k rose in the optocoupler SANYO CG21 XS2 TV tekunci in STANDBY. power could start but decided to come back protectionism and change jumper J830 FBT. SHARP C14JO Raster only a small box in the middle of trying to check the path to the current Q604 12V.ganti 12volt to the tuner SHARP EXPRESSION 51X220 Protectionism (voice there for a while and then returned to standby) check R621 = 180V R divider 1ohm WONDER SHARP 14 ". Vertical IC often burned check R503 = 220 Ohm and R (508) = 1.5 ohm SOLITRON SM37-98 Power supply died. + 45 v B. replace Dz 81 = 4V7 SONY KV20xxx Direct sound big blank image CHANGE R627 = 4.7 ohms with a value of 5.5 v Sukira-CE1493

TV standby normal B +. replace D606 Sukira-CE1493 Vertical full less interference on the 33V voltage drop voltage check pin 42 of IC TDA8361 **** TOSHIBA-2545DE (TA8808) Regukator and relay unstable. Horizontal oscillator checks out, replace the crystal with a 500F2 503F30. Thosiba-20N3XE (BOMBA) Color disappeared, normal picture. Replace IC TB1231. Thosiba-1450XNE (Dramatic Vision) Regulator is not stable: Check D873 (zener 16v) regulator. Thosiba-2955DE Automatic search good, colorless images, sounds ugly Check Adjust L671 in SIF module TOSHIBA-2840XH Vertical defects. Check resistor, capacitor elco, IC, driver feedback Vertical normal stress out 34 volts Tohsiba bomba 21 " TV standby itself, sometimes can star Check the voltage at the B + regulator, if not replace the optocoupler normal.

CHINESE TV Regulators silent even without load, check the capacitor in the power base (15N) Chinese TV Masda. The green color is lost, the voltage khatoda R, G, B normal and balanced but voltage on R-out, G-and B-out out of the IC LA76818 unbalanced. Replace IC LA76818 ********* Damage in general on China TV - If TR often die due to very hot try changing the supporting components, probably worn elco. - If the voltage rises, try to replace R in the string of Adjustment Reg. 100K, 150K, 47K R - Voltage slowly rise, try to replace TR A1015. - TV can sometimes be life and often drop, image narrow and frivolous, try to replace the trimpot 2K2. - TV can be ON and the screen flash but then the screen shut down briefly, then turns back so keep alternately try to replace diode IN4148 - The voltage does not exist or does not appear, nor the voltage drop and no sound on the inverter transformer, or TR also always try to replace broken after replacement optocoupler and C 2kV.

- The TV is on normal, TR sudden death but not hot, try changing R1K2 and C dumper (2000kv). - Images can not be saved / in auto search, try changing C 60pf or 30pf but can also exist in data errors or VIF38 VIF.SYS.SW, 9. - Picture is not synchronous, switch 50V 1uF elco coupling the IC picture. - TV and can not just standby ON, no OSD, remote does not work, try to check IC eeprom - Colors can be lost due to damage data or try to replace elco 0.47 uF 50V parts croma - TV only blue screen no OSD, one color is missing, check the IC images - No OSD, the TV does not work. try to check R 150K and TR C1815 for vertical sync. - Picture is only a horizontal, vertical IC checks - Flyback broken: TR Short horizontal participate, so the B + voltage drop, Flayback issued fire, R charred. Damage Goldstar TV - STR S6707 often die / short, check elco 35V220uf (suply STR), R 37 ohm - Voltage drop / pump-up, check the IC SE110/115. Opto coupler PC817 - B + Drop and will not turn on, replace elco B + 160V220UF and 100uF. - Tv continues to be lit briefly Standby position, check all elco drive voltage, horizontal oscillator

- Image shift, can not save automatically, check images and AFT coil, replace C ceramic 60pf - Only the OSD, picture and no sound, check the IC switching AV / TV tuner LA7222 close. - Picture bloming or try to replace some of the light to voltage 180v elco video - TV Channel is always on top, so changing the function button panel, Memory ICs usually broken. Disturbances in Tuner Disorders of the tuner probably happens is that the channel would not locked and that only certain channels. Let you do find a semi auto, observe whether to stop or continue the program or not. If the press can not be unlocked then there is damage to the transformer IF components (eg, 6019, 498U, Eo8L, 9074 and others). If the broadcast can be stopped and locked with both the damage to his TUNER. Try changing the IF then check back and see if the program is good or not, or if it can be locked. If there is a change of color and sound means Tuner has been damaged. Voltage at Tuner also must fit and stable. Disorders of the IF components make TV can not lock TV channels, interference with 33V voltage shift will make the broadcast. Besides disruption also caused tuner IC program does not work.

So the trick to check the rapid decay of Television and some damage problems that often occur on the TV and repair solutions. Carefully inspect each component associated with the damage, including solder that may have come loose and bouncy. A few of the first reviews I quickly checked Tricks Television damage. New! Click the words above to edit and view alternate translations. Dismiss Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder Turn off instant translationAbout Google TranslateMobilePrivacyHelpSend feedback ກ

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