Chen Xiaowang--5 Levels of Taijiquan

November 24, 2017 | Author: krisno | Category: Tai Chi, Chinese Martial Arts, Sports, Science, Philosophical Science
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The Five Levels of Taijiquan with commentary by Master Jan Silberstorff...


Jan silberstorffs illuminating commentary on chen Xiaowang's Tbe Fiae Lewls of Taijiyan guides the Taijiquan student from the first step, through to the deepest Iercls of skill. A meticulous study that will engage the most advanced reader.'


- Dayid Gdrrl and Dayidine Siau-Voon Sim, authors of Chen Style Taijiquan: The Source of Taiji Boxing andThe Essence of Taljiquan, UK

Taijiquan Grandmaster, Chen Xiaowang, has often said that no language fully captures the richness of all that is Taiji

- even Chinese. But here, in this landmark translation and analysis of Chen Xiaowang's text on the five levels of Taijiquan, Jan Silberstorff has captured the essence of Taijiquan's progressive training in English. Jan's uniquely insightful commentary and explication of an accurate translation of Chen Xiaowang's writing on the topig marks a turning point in the scholarship of this sublime discipline. Imbued with a rare depth of view into authentic Chen family Taiiquan - the original martial art from which all sryles of Taiji emanate - The Fiye Leyels of Tatjiquan makes a substantial contribution to the field, as the essential guide for any Taijiquan studenr's practice and progress in this ancient martial art.' -

Beruick, Founder of True Tai Chiru, Cbinese martial drts instructor, & Sword, Taijiquan: Chen Taiji 38 Form and Applications andTai Chi for Kids, Wasbington, DC, USA


and co-author ofTaijiquan Hand

'For many, beyond the basic learning of movements and sequences of a Tai Chi form i1,is difficult to ascertain one's development, particularly once it goes beyond a year or tyvo. The Fiye Leyels of Taijiquan sets out clear, definitive guidelines on how best to evaluate and improve your progress. Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and,

lan Silbertorff set out a blueprint not only on how best to train but, more

importantly, what progressive steps are necessary for effective achievement.'


Ronnie Robinson, Editor, Tai

Chi Chuan


Oriental Arts Magizine, UK

'This book is one of the most helpful guides to clearly evaluaring a person's progress in learning the martial art of Taijiquan. Jan has provided a precise way of examining this process of moving from beginning to advanced levels of practice. He has included the original lectures by his teacher Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, thenineteenrh generation Gatekeeper of the original Taijiquan tradition. In these lectures Grandmaster chen identifies the stages ofdevelopment from being stiffand uncoordinated, struggling to learn the basic choreography to the requirements for the highest level of mastery. Jan has inteqpreted and made cornmentaries Rlled with examples that make the book entertaining as well as illuminating for the reader. This book provides pracitioners of all styles of Taijiquan with concrete milesrones based upon specific physical skills and their mental associations that enable a person to develop from beginning to advanced level.'

- Bill Helm, twentieth generation

disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang Ddoist priest dndfounder of Daoist Sanctuary San Diegq UM

Cr^ndmast-r fh.,-, diro* ang


flv Lr-vr-L5 o{

TAIJIQUAN with commenta ,y by fuf aster Jun $ilb.r stot{


runrluted bg (hristinu




This edition published in 2Ol2 by Singing Dragon an imprint of)essica Kingsley Publishers I 16 Pentonville Road London Nl gJB, UK and

400 Market Street, Suite 400 Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA a

vv. s ingi ngdrago n. c om

First published in Cerman in 2006 by Lorus-Press

Copyright @ Lotus-Press and lan Silberstorff 2O06, 2Ol2 engiish translation copyright O Christina Schtrlz 2Ol2 rights reserved. No part ofthis publication may be reproduced in any material form (including photocopying or storing it in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this publication) without the written permission of the copyright owner except in accordancewith the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or under the terms ofa licence issued by the Copyright'tit'ensing Agency Ltd, Saffron House, 6-10 Kirby Street, London ECIN 8TS. Applications for the copyright owner's written permission to reproduce any part of this publication bhould be addressed to the publisher. , A11

Warning: The doing of an unauthorised act in relation to a copyright work may result in both a civil claim for damages and criminal prosecution.

Llbrary of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Xiaowang, Chen. The five levels of taijiquan


Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang ; commentary by

Master Jan Silberstorff "First published in German in 2006 by Lotus-Press." ISBN 978-1-848 l9-093-r (alk. paper) 1. Tai chi. I. SilberstorffJan. II. Title.

GV506.X53 2012

613.7'148:dc23 2011045988

British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library rsBN 978 r 84819 093 I eISBN 978 O 85701 O79 7 Printed and bound in the United States



fnuoduction to the Five Levels of Gong Fu in Taiiiquan


Chinese Odginal Text


Translation Commentary on All Five Levels

7 8

Level 1 of Taijiquan


Chinese Original Text


Translation Commentary



Level 2 of Taiiiquan


Chinese Original Text

Translation Commentary

42 44 49

Level 3 of Taiiiquan


Chinese Original Text


Translation Commentary

63 66

Level 4 of Taiiiquan Chinese Original


Translation Commentaty

Level5 of Taiiiquan

77 78 78 80


Chinese Original Text


Ttanslation Commentary

87 88



f ,"{uce to the C"rrna" Ldition It

is my special privilege and joy to heartily recommend this book

to you. Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang's Chinese original text has an enormous depth to it, which is not easily recognized at first sight. It is a wonderful motivational tool for daily practice and for the understanding of Gong Fu in general, and Taijiquan-Gong Fu in particular. The translation of this article by his master student Jan Silberstorff is a successful transformation of Chinese knowledge into clear and understandable language. In his commentary Master Jan Silberstorffexplains the original text down,-to'the finest detail, so that no questions remain and no uncertaintywill hamper your training. The book has been laid out so that dvery chapter begins with the Chinese original text and its word-for-word translation. The explanations in the commentary follow. We decided to indent the word-for-word translation by Master Jan Silberstorff and set it below the heading 'Translation'. This simply serves the ease of reading and we hope it will make it easier for you to follow the text and commentary. I wish you much pleasure in reading. I hope you gain motivation and a deeper understanding of the old art of Taijiquan. Cordially,


Joachim Stuhlmacber

Publisber of tbe German Edition


l"t rad,, ction to the f ive L.rr-lu o{ CangF" rn I a\,1uan 4






PF=t*tE#Hgae rrr*, " tfra J\&+lEl+4Et+ElEl#i84, 0,4..#frHt, A T fr{if4fotilif, {F'frZ^ffi,*Efi €t6* iEli, HHE| EFE =, X-, r.19ff &+S{n[ERff **

ilEffiE,AB! XaF*tLffiru#€, tu, e'HitHn[€E + H, frlfitHn{$Effi aB, Elft,g.nfr.-* Pffiiu**, tE 6tu* &9 ff & +Wln$4* fl ffi trz r'4 ffi * e, ffi* * E, ff.ztft,-&*, )t9lB9. ffia ( BIrfi a frr\a " fi a--,t 5trA.
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