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October 31, 2018 | Author: Arunashish Datta | Category: Vitamin C, Vitamin, Titration, Food & Wine, Cooking
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Investigation Investigat ion of the Eect of Heat on Vitamin C

Arunashish Datta

“To examine the eect of heat on the content of  vitamin C and draw the inferences from the observations”

Investigation of the Eect of Heat on Vitamin C

A report on an investigatory project in chemistry in partial fulllment of A.I.S.S.C.E. – 201.

Su!mitte" !y – #ame – Arunashish $atta Class – %II A.I.S.S.C.E. roll num!er – &&&&&&&&&&&&&&  'n"er the supervision of (rs. Susmita )anigrahi.

$.A.*. (o"el School+ I.I.,. -haragpur.

CETI!ICATE  ,his is to certify that the project entitle" Investigation of the E/ect of eat on

*itamin C is a !ona"e recor" of  or3 carrie" out !y Arunashish Datta of c"ass #II ro"" number$ %%%%%%%%%%%%% un"er my supervision. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &usmita 'anigrahi &harma *Chemistr+ Teacher, *'rinci-a", %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

() ')

Externa" examiner Date$ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%

AC-#456E$7E(E#, I would like to thank my teachers specially my chemistry teacher Mrs. Susmita Panigrahi in guiding me and providing valuable insight on the  project. I would like to thank the school for  providing us with a great lab with all amenities required for completion of the project. I would like to thank my friends who helped me throughout the duration of the project in whichever way they could. Lastly I would like to thank my parents for their wonderful support. !hey o"ered me help and knowledge whenever it was necessary and were integral in the successful completion of the project.

C4#,E#,S &eria" number 'age number



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ii 8.

Certicate 9.

iii Ac3nole"gement

iv .


v :.



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