Chem Lab Oxidation Reduction

September 7, 2017 | Author: Mayara Halper | Category: Redox, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Elements, Chemical Substances, Atoms
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Date of experiment: 04/02/12 Date of report: 04/03/12

Title: Oxidation – Reduction Activity Series

Purpose: To determine relative oxidizing and reducing strengths of a series of metals and ions. Oxidation and reduction reaction occur simultaneously side by side. A reduction reaction occurs only if an oxidation reaction occurs and vise-versa. Electrons are given in oxidation while in reduction electrons are gained. Oxidizing agent is a chemical substance which has a large tendency to gain electrons, while reducing agent is a chemical substance causes other substances to be reduced and itself oxidized. Procedure: For this lab was used metals and substances provided in the lab oxidation-reduction pack, and some extra materials. Using the well-plate and the correct amount of drops and the right metal on the right well, to see the reaction with each different substance. Observations: This experiment required some time and patience to analyze the results. For each well required a different substance and a different metal to be inserted in the well. Different metals react faster or slower depending the substance they are added. Na2SO3 with magnesium  bubbles appeared around the magnesium piece and we could predict a reaction. MgSO4 with zinc  No reaction observed Zn (NO3)2 with lead and aluminum  No reaction observed FeCl3 with lead and aluminum  reacts with foil, the piece dissolves in the solution and the lead piece seems to be oxidizing. CuSO4 with iron  the screw seems to be oxidized quickly; it changes the color of it to a pinkish tone.

Questions A. Based on your observations make an activity series of the metals used. List them in such a way that the most active metal is on the left and the least active metal is on the right. Remember, sodium and copper are metals, too. Aluminum
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