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Chapte Chapter 11 Chapterr 11 Industry Key Issue 1 Where Is Industry Distributed?

Europe 

The Industrial Revolution originated in Britain during the late 18 th  century century because of the combination of entrepreneurs capital ra! materials and available labor" Three#$uarters of the !orld%s industrial production is concentrated in four regions& north!estern 'urope eastern 'urope eastern (orth )merica and 'ast )sia" Western 'urope has ma*or industriali+ation regions in Britain the Rhine# Ruhr ,alley the mid#Rhine and northern Italy" Britain%s is the oldest of these industrial regions although it is no! attracting high#tech industries especially -apanese companies" .ost British industries locate in southeast 'ngland today" The Rhine#Ruhr has been important largely because of coal and iron deposits and steelma/ing" The mid#Rhine includes parts of 0ermany and rance and has been important because of its pro2imity to large consumer mar/ets" The 3o valley of northern Italy began !ith te2tile manufacturing and has benefited from lo! labor costs"

Eastern Europe 

The oldest industrial areas in eastern 'urope are the central industrial district !hich is centered on .osco! and the 4t" 3etersburg industrial district !hich !as one of Russia%s early nodes of industrial development" 5ther industrial areas in eastern 'urope include the ,olga industrial district particularly important for petroleum and natural gas and the 6ral industrial district !hich has become a main source of ra! materials but lac/s energy sources" The Ku+nets/ is Russia%s most important industrial region east of the 6ral .ountains" 5utside the former 4oviet 6nion there are important industrial regions in eastern 6/raine and 4ilesia !hich includes parts of 3oland and the 7+ech Republic"

North America 

(orth )merica became a ma*or industrial region later than 'urope" Te2tiles !ere important in the 6"4" by 189" .anufacturing has been traditionally located in the northeastern 6"4" !ith its numerous ra! materials" These areas include (e! 'ngland the .iddle )tlantic the .oha!/ ,alley and the 3ittsburgh#:a/e 'rie region" The !estern 0reat :a/es have also become important especially because of the dominance of 7hicago as a mar/et center" 7anada%s most important industrial area is the region around the the 4t" :a!rence ,alley benefiting from its location and the availability of cheap hydroelectric po!er"

East Asia 

'ast )sia has become a ma*or industrial region since the second half of the ;9th  century century by ta/ing advantage of its large labor force" -apan emerged first follo!ed by 4outh Korea Tai!an and 7hina" The latter is no! the !orld%s second# largest manufacturer and has the largest labor force"

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