Change Any of Your Subconscious Beliefs in a Minute or Less

July 23, 2017 | Author: Tom Von Deck | Category: Meditation, Faith Healing, Subconscious, Prayer, Chakra
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This is a manual on how to pull and replace subconscious beliefs and programming in accordance with the teachings of Via...


Change Any of Your Subconscious Beliefs in a Minute or Less The following information is from the teachings of Vianna Stibal, the Founder of ThetaHealing™. The document is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Vianna Stibal in any way. For Vianna’s writings, you can buy her books at The first thing you need to do to change a subconscious belief, such as “I am stupid”, is to test for it. Make a loop with your left thumb and forefinger (if you’re right handed) and make the loop as circular as possible. Press the tips of those two fingers together just enough to see them turn a little bit white. Make sure you’re well hydrated (dehydration can mess with the results). “Zip” your energy field vertically by pointing to yourself with all the fingers of your dominant hand, starting with the neck. Move your hand down to your waist (you’re still pointing to yourself), and back up to the neck. This creates the right polarity for effective Muscle Testing. Stick your right index finger in the loop, say “yes”, then quickly pull your right index back in an attempt to separate your left thumb and index fingers. Your hold should not break. Next, say “no”, and do the same. Your right index should slide right through the other fingers, separating the loop. If this does not work, keep trying different strengths in your hold and different levels of force in your pull. Every time you begin muscle testing, give yourself a zip and test some yes’s and no’s as well as statements you know to be true or false. A “yes” will hold and a “no” will break. When your pulls and your results are consistent, you are ready to test for beliefs. If you’re dehydrated and do not have water, press on your kidneys for a minute (don’t hurt yourself). Theta Brainwave meditation: The following is the short version, which works quite well for entering into a Theta brainwave state. After doing this once in a day, you do not have to do the “grounding” part (i.e. going into the Earth). You can just go straight up out your crown, up to God and back down. Imagine yourself as a ball of white light in your heart. Move downward, purifying each chakra along the way while gathering your body consciousness into your ball. Go through your feet, a couple hundred feet into the Earth. Attach a cord to a large rock and the other end to yourself. Go back up, through your feet, visiting and purifying each chakra while gathering your body consciousness into your ball. Go all the way to just under the crown chakra (baby soft spot at the top of your head). Pop out your crown until you’re a few feet above yourself. Look around. Go up, through thousands of galaxies, past the universe until you see, in the distance, the place of light where only God, or pure love, exists. Enter the light. Your brainwaves are in a Theta frequency between 4 and 8 cycles per second. Here, you can ask God any question and you will get an answer, whether it’s a picture, words, a “knowing” or you just find yourself doing something that provides the answer. There’s a lot you can do here but, for our purposes, we’re changing subconscious beliefs.

Before we pull beliefs, the following is information on the different levels on which we hold beliefs: Core level: These beliefs were picked up since you were conceived in this life. Maybe your father said something when you were five years old. You may not think that you’re prejudiced against Native Americans but, if you test for it, it may come up positive in the muscle test. This may be a core level belief based on a movie you saw or something your folks said. Core beliefs are stored in the frontal lobe (watch this spot when you’re performing the technique described below). History level: A belief on this level comes either through past lives or through the memories of the collective consciousness. In other words, it may be from a past life or from a memory of an unrelated person who lived a thousand years ago. History level beliefs are stored in the aura. Watch the area over your left shoulder when you clear the belief and see what happens. Genetic level: Beliefs can be passed through genes. A genetic level belief is stored in a field around the DNA. Watch the pineal gland when you change these beliefs. According to Vianna, this is where the “master cell” is located. The changes begin in this cell and spread to the rest of the body. Soul level: If a belief is held on two or more other levels, then it’s probably on the soul level, too. A soul level belief is lodged in the heart chakra region. If you tested for “I love my mother” and “I hate my mother” and you have a yes for “I hate my mother” (or both beliefs, which is possible), go up and make the following command: “Creator (or God, Source, Higher Power…), it is commanded that the belief, held by me, “I hate my mother”, be pulled from all levels, resolved on the history level, cancelled on the other levels, sent to God’s light and replaced with (the replacement belief that God provides. Wait until it comes). Thank you. Show me. It is done. It is done. It is done. (or so it is, or it is granted, etc…). Come back down and enter the top of your head, exit through the heart chakra (between the nipples) and look at yourself. Now, you need to witness the changes occurring. Something is going to leave your body/aura and something else will come in. You can witness it in whatever “language” your brain interprets the changes in, such as fireworks, white light, confetti or whatever makes sense to your brain. Witnessing is an essential part of the process. God is the healer and you are the witness. Witnessing allows the changes to become real. If you don’t see or feel anything, go up and ask Source for an instant replay. Relax and you will see or feel it. It may be subtle or extremely obvious. The witnessing does not have to occur in real time. When the process is complete, go back up to God and thank Him/Her as a way to “rinse” yourself off. Come back down, go through your body, into the Earth and ground if you haven’t done that in awhile. Test yourself for the old belief, the replacement belief and both of their opposites. When testing for and replacing beliefs, avoid using negatives or contractions such as “no” or “don’t”. However, “I am wise no” is a viable opposite to “I am wise”. Pull “I am wise no”. It may be worth mentioning that when checking for the opposite of “I love myself”, try “I hate myself” rather than “I love myself no”. It’s a better indicator of whether you are holding a dual belief (i.e. two conflicting beliefs).

There are some beliefs that don’t pull easily or they eventually come back. That means that there is a “key belief” that it is resting on. You’ll need to dig to find the key belief. When you pull the key belief, the other one should disappear also. The exception is when God needs you to keep the belief (I’ve experienced this only twice after pulling a key belief) or when you haven’t really found the key belief. A good way to find a key belief can be found in the following example: “I am prejudiced against psychics” couldn’t be pulled. The following interview occurred. What is your first thought or impression when you see a psychic? I don’t know if they’re going to be accurate. What’s the worst thing that can happen when someone’s not giving accurate guidance? I can’t rely on them. What’s the worst thing about not being able to rely on people? I have to do things myself. What’s the worst thing that can happen when you have to do things yourself? Nothing. I like doing things myself. What’s the WORST thing that can happen when you have to do things yourself? Maybe I can’t do it myself. What’s the worst thing that can happen when you can’t do things yourself and there’s no one else to lean on? Then, I’m helpless. We tested for “I am helpless” and got a no. We then tested for “I’m scared of being helpless” and we got a yes. We pulled that one and checked for “I am prejudiced against psychics” and it was gone. Bottom beliefs are often in the form of “I am separate from God”, “I fear being separate from God”, “If I (blank), I will be separate from God”, “I fear being alone”, “I am alone”, “I’m stuck”, “I’m helpless”, etc… It’s good to check for the belief, “It is possible to be separate from God”. The fear of hell is very common. You’ll be surprised. Once that is pulled, it still may be necessary to check for beliefs like “if I (blank), I’ll be separated from God” or “I’ll be punished if I (blank)”. When you’re digging for a bottom belief, go to Creator and ask where the bottom belief is so that you’re sure you’re finding it. It’s better when someone else is interviewing you, but you can do it on yourself, too, as long as you’re not avoiding something you do not wish to see. After each question, go with your “gut” answer to the question rather than your intellect. The first thought is the right one.

It’s helpful to mention, as a side note that, after the “digging session” in the last example, we looked for “I’m scared of giving people the wrong guidance”. This subconscious program came up positive. It wasn’t psychics he did not trust. He had distrust in his own ability to receive reliable guidance from God as well as a fear of being helpless. Before you start the process of changing your subconscious programming, check for the following first to make sure your healing experience is successful: God loves me I love myself I deserve to be healed Instantaneous healing is possible Healers are evil I am prejudiced against healers I retain my healings for the benefit of myself and others. Check for the opposites of all these, too, as well as variations of the same statement. Sometimes the wording matters. If you find “recurring themes” in your life, then check yourself for beliefs. If you can’t succeed at your business, check for a fear. “I’m scared to achieve my goals”, “I’m scared of failing at my goals”, “If I have a lot of money, I’ll be separate from God”, “I fear having a lot of money”, “It’s dangerous to have money”, “I have a vow or oath of poverty”, “To be spiritual, I need to renounce money”, “I’m scared of being widely known”, “I care about what others think of me”, “the economy’s bad” and “It’s hard to afford the things I want” are all common. Check for prejudices and beliefs about rich people, as that can sabotage your own ability to make a living. Check also for “rich people have power over me”. If you’re rich, then you should still check for prejudices against rich people. If you’re impatient in traffic, check for that belief: “I am impatient with other drivers”, “people were placed on Earth just to piss me off” or “people are always getting in my way”. If you have trouble getting a date, check for fears about that as well as fears of loss, fear of attaining that goal, fear of sex, feelings of unworthiness and fear of failing. If you are rejected often, check for things like “people reject me” and its opposite. Look for specific recurring events involving rejection. They may come from beliefs (“When I love a man, he always moves to Vegas and I can’t see him”). Any troubling experience can give you clues as to which beliefs to test for. When you’re not doing that, you can find a list of affirmations and test for all of those and their opposites.

Anyway, you can use the Theta brainwave state for all kinds of things from Manifesting to physical healing to psychic readings and for many other applications. Vianna’s book, ThetaHealing, contains all the techniques. It can be ordered from You can also look for a Theta Healing teacher in your area on that website. There’s no substitute for inperson training.

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