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CELLS ALIVE SYSTEM The CAS Energy Function has an international patent

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The starting point of CAS (Cells Alive System) The clue to development was the phenomenon of freezing rain Thirty-five years ago, I had an opportunity to talk with an American pilot from whom I heard about the phenomenon of freezing rain. It is when rain freezes as it hits an object during the cold months. It was then that I realized that nature has energies that have not yet been explained and that those energies cause a wide variety of phenomena. I wondered if I could make this phenomenon artificially. I visited university professors at their research facilities to ask if they could help me with the development of energies on the earth. Some professors would not listen to my proposal of joint research, because those areas were quite new to them. As there was not any reference book or literature, I had made a lot of equipment Norio Owada, President without success and I was just about to give up development, an idea suddenly came ABI Co., Ltd. to me. It was that the freezing rain phenomenon might have to do with the magnetic energy from the earth. The initial step of development, was a dielectric freezer that uses weak energy in order to freeze fresh cream. The dielectric freezing method achieved excellent results for freezing cakes. However, it could not achieve the results that satisfied those involved in the agricultural,fishery, dairy, livestock and food processing industries, because it was only an extension of quick freezing. I was eager to develop technology with producers from both the primary industries and food processors whom were satisfied, and repeated the process of trial and error. Working in cooperation with doctors from the medical field, I was able to successfully develop CAS which is entirely different from the quick freezing technology.

Using medical technology, bring food back to its original freshness ABI Co., Ltd. is trying to "develop technology that returns food to its original freshness to an extreme limit." In an effort to develop technology of this kind, we are making the following proposals to those people who belong to the primary industry of agriculture, fishing, diary, livestock and processed food among the food industry: Following the basic principle of ABI let us return food to its original freshness. And "Let us return processed food to fresh food that has been just made." Cooking professionals are saying, "CAS frozen foods are fresh" as soon as they cut it with a knife. Our producers are pleased to say that they can deliver, not only seasonal food goods, but the "taste of food just prepared" to customers with confidence. We would like to explain the difference between a quick freezing machine that aims to improve the quality of frozen food and CAS whose aim is to "return food to its original state and freshness." ABI Co., Ltd is challenging and will challenge "freshness" without end.

Version-up of tastes − we will equip your freezer with CAS-2. A quick freezing machine freezes water molecules in food within 30 minutes. We have conducted tests at our research center on professional Japanese dishes, French dishes and Chinese dishes. We came to realize that it is important to keep the core temperature of food materials between -10℃ and -30℃, depending on the food material. ABI Co., Ltd. is successful in developing a system that can upgrade the taste by equipping the CAS system to quick freezing machines (such as rack type, tunnel, spiral and alcohol freezing,and brine freezing) with producers from not only Japan but also other countries. We have started to market the system under the brand name of CAS-2.

Why does the primary industry and food processing makers adopt the CAS function? The reason for an attaching the CAS function to the existing rapid freeze machine is that improving a taste without using an additives, and because it wants to offer quality pleased with by a consumer. Many people such as ambassadors and staff members of governmental agencies from Ireland,England, Mexico,


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Canada, Spain, Middle East countries and China, as well as Japanese governmental agencies and opposition parties come to our research facility to make effective use of the world's resources. We would like Japanese producers to realize countries around the world have started to seek high quality and good tasting food goods. The Japanese standard of food has always been "standard of good taste, safety, security and health." I am now aware that the fact that producers of the world have chosen the CAS functions to produce higher quality of products shows that the Japanese brand is now the world standard.

New function It works as hybrid of rapid freeze machine and suppress consumption of electric energy, and it is the newly developed for a purpose whether you bring quality close to it fresh state.

System to share technology with customers in order to stress quality When ABI Co., Ltd. delivers a CAS System to the primary industry and food makers of other countries as well as Japan, the company provides the customers with services of the system.Using the internet communication, the ABI Center always monitors how the CAS system functions of customers are using. Monitoring includes functions, temperature and usage methods of the CAS functions at the site in order to stress freshness. As soon as there arises some irregular function from the system and inconvenience occurs, the center will advise the customers on how to correct them via e-mail. The use of a fish-eye lens camera enables the center to always communicate with the customer. Also to provide them with advice on processing technology while monitoring the usage conditions of the CAS function.

Principle of CAS CAS is an abbreviation for "Cells Alive System." CAS is a function that reproduces fresh and good tasting food and food materials. Magnetic-field-energy-generating equipment developed by ABI generates weak energy evenly in the quick freezing equipment, by doing so it enables CAS energy to produce good tasting food that may be kept, and then freezes the food. The pictures taken by an electronic microscope shows a clear difference in the tissues. The key to good taste is the principle of CAS, by preserving the original taste of food and food materials flavor, fantastic appeal and eating enjoyment without any drips occuring from the food itself.

Free Water

Water molecule


fig.1 Explain for minimizing the ice crystal with cluster model

A quick freezer with the CAS system functions freezes water whose red food coloring matter is loosened, while taking enough time. The CAS functions has the ability to freeze water evenly.

A quick freezer without the CAS system functions freezes water whose red food coloring matter is loosened, while taking enough time. As the freezer has not any CAS function, the red food coloring matter and water are frozen separately.

Satoru Kurita,Doctor of Science Advisor for the Research Center, ABI Co., Ltd. 2

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Countries of the world are now paying attention While people are afraid that food resources of the world are running short, the minister and the chief of Food Ministry of Ireland came to Japan and concluded a technical support agreement between ABI Co., Ltd. and the government of Ireland to provide their nation with fresh tasting seasonal foods. While people are afraid that food resources of the world are running short, the minister and the chief of Food Ministry of Ireland came to Japan and concluded a technical support agreement between ABI Co., Ltd. and the government of Ireland to provide their nation with fresh tasting seasonal foods. Not only in Japan, but also in the whole world's food supply conditions are growing tight. Under such situations, many countries have started to introduce the CAS system. With the minister and the chief of the ministry of Ireland attending the ceremony for the technical-tie-up agreement between ABI Co., Ltd. and both governments of Ireland and Britain, we can see that they realize the important the potentiality of CAS. In addition, Japanese governmental agencies as well as agriculture- and marine product-related governmental agencies of the world often visit our research center to negotiate technical tie-up agreements. I myself (Norio Owada) am also invited by governmental agencies from Asian countries to give them technical guidance and advice. Judging from the above examples, we can see that the desire and scope for the use of CAS have been expanding worldwide. To the world of medicine, to the world of science and to "application to the world of food" at which we are aiming.

Japanese newspapers and magazines as well as Irish newspapers has been published the report for the memorandum between Irish Government and ABI.

The CAS promotes to the Ireland fisheries.

Signs of technical support with the Irish Government and ABI.


The Irish Government Business Affairs (Enterprise Ireland), the

This proven technology

Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education (GIFHE) in

is also transferred and

Britain and ABI have agreed to supporting the latest freezer and

used in the food indus-

refrigeration technology towards the fishery industry in Ireland.

try. The technology

Mr. Frank Ryan of EI's Director, Mr. Lynton Perry of GIFHE's

will demonstrate how

Director and President Norio Owada of ABI signed the

food products when

memorandum in Tokyo on 27th of June, 2006. EI will encourage

thawed, can return

the use of CAS (Cells Alive System), which does not destroy the

from a frozen state to

cells at the time of freezing, for the Irish fishery industry. It will

its original state, will be

also offer customer information and support to GIFHE which

taught to Irish fishery

will introduce the CAS system. GIFHE will introduce CAS into a


demonstration center from now on by giving assistance and

resources of the earth

instruction to the Irish fishery, who wishes to adopt the CAS

are running short. With this technology the Japanese consumer

system. ABI will also provide their support. "With ABI and GIFHE

will also be able to enjoy eating delicious seafood from Ireland.

Photo caption: (from left) Enterprise, Trade and Employment Minister Miche'al Martin, President Owada, Chief Executive Officer Ryan and Director Perry

united the memorandum will have a huge impact. The Fishery

This will also be able to be exported to the rest of the world, " said

Industry can be strengthened using this technology," said Director

President Owada."It is a great pleasure to learn about ABI's new

Ryan at signing ceremony. Although fully supported this

technology with EI. I believe that this is brand new technology

idea."CAS has proved its technology through the medical field,

never seen before," said Mr. Perry of GIFHE with great

such as organ preservation and tissue reproduction treatment.

expectation for the project.

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to CAS and seeking for the results of CAS ability. A scanning electron microscope clearly shows the difference between a quick freezer with CAS system and a quick freezer without the CAS system.

Food materials frozen by quick-freezing equipment with the CAS system

Food materials frozen using quick-freezing equipment





"Wasabi" (Japanese horseradish)

"Wasabi" (Japanese horseradish)


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Energy around us I am impressed with CAS, a new revolutionary technology which artificially reproduces energy within the equipment by paying attention to the weak magnetic energy from nature. Encounter with Mr.Owada


Toshinori Maihara, Doctor of Science, Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University

It was seven years ago that I began developing a new observational equipment to be installed to the Subaru Telescope at NAOJ Hawaii Observatory that I first met Mr. Owada, president of ABI Co., Ltd. In order to remove thermal noises, the new-type spectroscope equipment needed to be stored in a large refrigerator with a capacity of about 4.86m2 on the condition that it would always be used under -50℃ and in a low temperature environment. I visited Mr. Owada at his office and asked him to cooperate with my project though my project might not be helpful for the food industry. Without thinking of any profit from business, he was kind enough to cope with my project from operational tests from the new-type spectroscope system to installation of the equipment to the Hawaii Observatory at the Mauna Kea summit. Finally, we were successful in operating the system at the dome of the Subaru Telescope.

CAS and application of nature's energy phenomenon

While I was testing this research and development project under the cooperation of ABI Co., Ltd. and discussing it with him, I was surprised and impressed to see that this company had been developing CAS functions for the last 35 years. It has recognized the energy phenomena of nature, and has established a revolutionary technology to preserve food materials that keeps to original taste and flavour of food in the food industry. Achieving good results in the research of keeping biomedical tissues in the medical field, while also still continuing new technological development in this field, CAS is applying the technology to other fields other than these fields. Many people hesitate to start development in using energy phenomena from nature because it is difficult to theorize it. Mr. Owada, however, has made full use of his own imagination and creativity, preceded experimental verification and achieved good results by piling up proven results. Without the "Owada" type of idea and ability to get things done, the CAS system would not have been invented. As an expert of astrophysics and from the viewpoint that I am involved in nature's energy phenomena of the earth, from time to time I talk with Mr. Owada about important roles and effects of our solar energy and magnetic field. There is an opinion that migrating birds know the direction by the position of the sun and the stars but it is generally proved that they fly several thousands of kilometers without making any mistake while feeling magnetic fields from the earth. Therefore, if it were not for magnetic fields from the earth, migrating birds could not fly nor carrier pigeons return to their nest nor fish migrate. Thanks to the boon of solar energy, on the other hand, plants produce carbohydrates and glucoses of high-energy substances from carbon dioxide in the air through the photosynthesis process. Thus, magnetic fields of the earth and solar energy play important roles in order for man to survive. From these viewpoints, I expect that, while ABI Co., Ltd. is attaching importance to the CAS functions as a new idea that reproduces and uses nature's energy phenomena that they have developed, the company will further develop the technology to apply not only to the food and medical care fields but also to other engineering fields by making full use of the "Owada way" in developing the idea.


ABI/メニュー編/表1,4/01-16 07.5.15 11:14 AM ページ6

Experimental proof in the medical field CAS has begun to contribute to the fields of medical care, organ preservation and cell tissue reproduction. Encounter with Mr. Owada When I paid attention to the CAS functions of ABI Co., Ltd., I had been encountering a tall wall because I had tested a variety of methods on freezing, preservation, reproduction and implantation of periodontal membrane, but I could not get any satisfactory result. On that occasion, a professor who was involved in research for cardiac transplantation at a university introduced me to Mr. Owada, president of ABI Co., Ltd., who had developed the CAS functions, one of the technologies to preserve tissues. Dr.Toshitsugu Kawata, Obtained doctorate in medical dentistry Lecturer at Hiroshima University Hospital (Department of Oral Health and Development), Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Hiroshima University

Application of CAS to the medical field and realization of freezing, long preservation, reproduction and implantation of teeth

As periodontal membrane frozen by a program freezer with the CAS functions can preserve stable cells without giving any damage, it has enabled us to freeze, preserve long, reproduce and implant teeth for the first time. It is considered that CAS technology may generate the following phenomena by further accurate control in such technical fields as freezing, preservation, reproduction and implantation of biological cell tissues, and preservation by super-cooling and implantation of organ in the bio and medical world. He uses CAS technology 1 The technology controls deposition of micro ice crystal (hydrogen band of water to preserve periodontal molecule) that does not damage cell membrane and preserves the freshest possible cell membrane that is necessary tissues. in implanting teeth a n d 2 The technology releases super-cooling, accelerates the spread of freezing, prevents heightens unstable recovery ratio of periodontal essential elements of the cell from dispersing during the freezing process and helps membrane to 80 percent. As cellular cytoplasm in its evenness and stability. a venture capital, he manages 3 The technology keeps and stabilizes the hydration structure of food ground substances a teeth bank called Three including protein and hydration structures of enzyme. Brackets. I would like to further brush up CAS technology in the medical field and make utmost efforts to keep fresh cell tissue structures and essential elements even after freezing, preservation and reproduction of such structure and elements. Evaluation by Dr. Kawada: The pictures using an electronic microscope proves that cell tissues frozen by the CAS functions clearly remain and have a higher ratio of reproduction.

Frozen sample for the program freezer with CAS function

Frozen sample for the conventional program freezer


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Good tastes of CAS Agricultural products The people of the primary industry can provide consumers with these agricultural products in a fresh condition by building a local processing factory.

Have a good look at downy hair after defrosting. Only CAS can do this.

We can provide consumers with sweet as if it has just been picked corn to enjoy at any time.

The pumpkin increases sugar content and becomes more delicious after harvesting. We can provide you with the most delicious pumpkin at any time.

We can supply good tasting spinach to consumers.

We can deliver the mangoes to consumers directly from the local field in a surprisingly sweet condition.

Consumers can use avocadoes as fruits or for cooking in a good and sweet condition.


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Good tastes of CAS food materials fish and shellfish Fishery operators can provide consumers and restaurants with seasonal raw fish, grilled fish and cooked fish by processing as soon as they are caught. Compared with traditional frozen fish and shellfish, ours are "this is fresh", says a chef of Japanese dishes. This is a new system that replaces an old chilled system.

The season of a rock oyster is short. CAS can send the seasonal taste of a rock oyster to consumers at any time of the year.

We can send the good and seasonal taste of red sea bream to customers any time of the year in the form of raw.

The people of the world can enjoy, fresh cuttlefish which tastes as if it has just been caught.

This mackerel pike has been stored for one year in a harmonic vibrating freezing store after freezing with CAS. You can still eat it in the form of raw fish (sashimi).

The color returns to this transparency after defrosting.

This is the internal organ of a mackerel pike that has been stored for one year but it is not dissolved. A traditional chilled method allows it to dissolve.


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Good tastes of CAS food materials livestock An American large stock producer says, "ABI's CAS functions for livestock do not allow fat to get oxidized after defrosting, and generates good color of meat after defrosting. So it is still 'fresh' even after defrosting." The CAS for livestock is introduced to producers of livestock worldwide.

The portion of this bone usually becomes black due to contamination. Meat stored for four years is not contaminated. It can be used and delivered for steak after defrosting. And delivered to consumers after processing it with CAS.

This 2 year old preserved pork cutlet is almost the same quality as fresh pork, you can sell it coated with breadcrumbs or after frying. Notice how the batter is firmly attached.

In an experiment by a large meatpacking company, the meat was preserved for four years and defrosted. Notice frash color of the meat, remains tasty and very juicy.

Have a look. This is giblets of a chicken. The picture below is the frozen by CAS and the above is the defrosted. The delicious tasting chicken that can be deliver for grilling, raw meat(sashimi) and smoky meat to customers any time.

Ham makers usually slice meat at midnight and deliver to each super market. CAS does not allow meat to oxidize or to produce any drips after defrosting, therefor ham makers able to process meat during business hours.

From ordinary frozen hamburg to butcher's hand made hamburg. Getting an idea from this hamburg, you can create a new business of process food such as a cooked dish and grilled dish.


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