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Direct participation on the industry trends in Bio-IT domains Specially designed for undergraduate and postgraduate life science students Wide range of Life science topics Multidisciplinary skills sets imparting Most advanced theory and practical sessions Custom made sessions for students, academicians and researchers Flexible duration- One day to ten day schedules Opportunity to individual and group Participations Free molecules on career guidance and higher studies opportunities. Other Academic Services Course Delivery: We under take courses delivery responsibilities on subject based, semester/ curriculum dependent from life science undergraduates and postgraduate colleges and universities. Infrastructure development: laboratory reagents, Software, and other scientific infrastructure procurements for the colleges and universities offering Life Science & Bioinformatics Courses. Content Development: Academic content development and elearning packages for Life science courses.(Teach plans, Teaching Modules, curriculum preparation, auto visuals kits, teaching aids etc.), Career Guidance: Facilitating the Campus interviews and industry visits.(Higher education admissions in India and abroad). Industry-Academic relations: We help bridging the academic and industry relations for mutual beneficiary of men power and knowledge exchange programs.( Industry visits, campus placements, Industry driven guest lectures and seminars), R&D activities CBRI offers the wide variety of informatics research (Databases, Software’s, Data Analysis) for Life science and Pharmaceuticals industries to help enhancing their process and product development. Other Services Data curation: We offer comprehensive data curation services that help users build their own dedicated databases and user-friendly from-end tools to access desired information. Databases: We provide the most comprehensive, high data centric, annotated and integrated database solutions for the Life science industry and research clients.


Software: Our products are of self driven (researched, conceptualized, designed, developed and marketed) by the eminent and Multidisciplinary scientific team of CBRI Business analysis and Contract research: We help you process your scientific data more meaningful and accurate. Our data processing and analysis services are emerged from the most optimized protocols designed, developed and processed by the eminent team of professionals. Academic Collaborations: We are glad to serve the prestigious colleges, universities and deemed universities across the country. We have establishes a proud relations/memorandum of understanding with the life Science departments of these colleges/Universities.

Center for Bioinformatics Research Institute

Industry driven Training

Upcoming Events: Scheduled more than a dozen knowledge workshop in all major cities of India. Launching an International/dual country research based diploma/MS program Soon admissions are open for one year industry acceptable computational biology training program. (Designed in association with the countries premier Bioinformatics industry, research and academic organizations feedback an requirements). Intuitive, highly integrated and user friendly computational Biology softwares and data centric product for Indian undergraduate and postgraduate bioinformatics and Life Science students. (Designed based on feedback and curriculum requirements collected from half a dozen universities, faculty, academic experts and students).

Diploma & Certificate Courses

Workshops & Seminars

Contact US: Center for Bioinformatics Research Institute 203/1, Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai600026 Tamilnadu, India www.cbrichennai.com [email protected] +91 44 42046770 9176673779 6

Project & Thesis

Research & Development

Student monitoring

Corporate Training

Career & Placement Lab Infrastructure Development. 1


About Us We, at CBRI, a Life science Informatics institute are innovative in providing highly innovative and integrated informatics and business solutions to the Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and biomedical industries across the globe to assist them enhance their process, products and Business Developments. “CBRI” is a self funded lifescience Research and Development (R&D), Contract Reserch Organisations (CRO), Business process outsourcing(BPO), and Academic organization with Major focus in advanced Bioinformatics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics,Genomics, Proteomics, and Cheminformatics.

Professional Training, Diploma/Certificate courses, Industry driven projects/thesis, Seminars, Workshops, Faculty and Corporate training, Content and course curriculum development, Infrastructure development (Software’s & Tools development), Students Mentoring, Career Guidance, Industry- Academic Relations

Focus Areas:

Academics CBRI academic wing is established with a major focus of bridging lifesciences industry and academics through quality based education in bioinformatics, Chemiformatics and other omics technologies.

Message Vision The narrow down the gap between lifescience industry and academics through value based education, research, career guidence and academic consultation. Mission Adopting new and unique methodologies for achieving the Excellence in all lifesciences training activities thus are becoming a lunch platform for today’s ad tomorrows scientific world. CBRI Team Multidisciplinary and Highly skilled manpower Highly qualified and Dedicated Faculty (Postgraduate, MBA, PhD’s) Holds industry and research experience Constant involment in the R&D projects

WHY CBRI: Broad range of training services, Flexible and custom made courses and trainings, Industry driven courses, Projects, workshops and seminars, Direct participation of the industry and Research experts, Dedicated and highly qualified multidisciplinary men power, Standing at the edge of most updated technology trends, Transparent and easily approachable management


Molecular Biology Computational Biology Data curation Biological Database Bio-IT Software’s Omics Technologies (Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Proteomics, Drug Discovery, Immunoinformatics, viroinformatics) Biostatistics and Algorithms

Objectives: Providing the need based and industry driven training. Custom and trilor made courses for individual/ organizational needs. Help imparting the multidisciplinary/informatics skills for Lifescience graduates, academicians and researchers, Providing the quality education at affordable cost Imparting the scientific research skills and Making them the students to be potential candidates for or the prosperous Bio-IT industry and higher education opportunities. Bridging life science industry and Academics. Academic services: We are a group of Biologists, Computer Engineers, Chemists, Statisticians and Business men Have been working for renewed Bio-IT research Centers, industries and Academic organizations at various challenging positions have a common goal to achieve excellence in Bio training and career guidance with a Major focus in Life Sciences.


Diploma / Certificate program Providing the need based and industry driven training Custom made courses for individual/organizational needs Help imparting the Multidisciplinary/informatics skill for life science graduates, Academicians and researchers Most advanced theory and hands on practical sessions Designed and delivered by Industry and Research experts Full time, part time, onsite and online delivery Quality education at affordable cost. Programs: Diploma, Certification programs, Need Based courses. Summer training, Corporate Training and Faculty training. Focus areas: Bioinformatics, Genomics, Computational biology, proteomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Drug designing, Homology modeling, Molecular modeling, Chemoinformatics, Algorithms and Bio-IT Software’s & Database Development.

Projects / Thesis Industry acceptable approach in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology projects/thesis for all the Life science students and researchers. Industry driven real time research projects Custom made projects for individual/organizational needs Exposure to industry and research practices Literature survey, Concept building and protocol developing exposure Most advanced theory and hands on practical sessions Designed and delivered by industry and research experts Expert guidance in thesis and documentation Model presentations and Viva preparations Full time, part time, onsite and online projects delivery Projects: For undergraduate and postgraduate life sciences and Bioinformatics students, M.Phil, PhD research scholars, industry and academicians projects Focus areas: Genomics, computational Biology, genome analysis, Path genomics, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Chemoinformatics, Microarray, PCR & QPCR, Algorithms and Bio-IT Software’s and Database development, Business analysis etc. Workshops / Seminars An exclusively designed and industry acceptable short term theory and hands on practical sessions to provide an excellent opportunity to expose to the Bio-IT Industry & Research practices while the students are at college.


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