Catechism Of The Catholic Church

September 26, 2017 | Author: Ken Mendoza | Category: Catechism, Catholic Church, Revelation, Trinity, Ten Commandments
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9he Revelation of God c '+c#c "c1 c#c c$#2c @c FH F>c

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&c$c(0c**c(c, c%c$c, 0c(6c(cB c% c%cc(,*  ,c%c $CcDuenesisc=K! G0cc($ B**c c $c%c c CcDuenesis= [email protected];cc*c$c%(c(c',*cc c ,$ c%c c)c($c(c &c%(c $*c$c$c$c*0c%c (c%(c$*)cc 0c$ *$c' c (c c) c%c", c0c "$$0c)c (c$c*';cc $c*(cc*c( c%c c*ccc$*) c'c',*c*,c* *c

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c%,**cc% )c$ c%c&A$c)* c$c(*$cc$c.c(c%*$0c1$,$c$ 0c c( cc%,**$$c% c c*  cc%c&c(c(0c$c c% cc% )c.c%c c ;c c c$c%c ccc c )* c$c'c%,**c(* ,c* ,c c% c%c c,c(,$ c,**c$c $c%,**c$%c)c c,$c%c

Ën giving us his Son, his only and definitive Word, uod spoke everything to us at once in this sole Word, and he has no more to sa c$$Gc 09+c#c"cc#c !c#c# "2c FKc

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9he 9ransmission of Divine Revelationc 00+c%c#cc#c#%c"cc# c#"$2c KEc

&cB$$c**c(c cc$)cc c(c c c6'*c%c c , CcDX Timothyc !EG0c  c$,c%c1$,$c$ ;cc $c$ *(c c**cc c$c'c((0cB&c% cc c**c $CcD Matthewc H!=>G;cc $c$c, c, cc  ;c 0©+c#c"c " c# 2c K K>0c [email protected] >F0c>Hc

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 ,0c 0cc c"$ ,(cc$c*$*c, c' cc c  cc%c (c c$ c' , c c $;c. cc $c'c'0c,c c c%c cc*c 0c c**c , c%% )*c c c$*) c%c$,*$; c

¬acred ¬cripturec 0U+c%c "c#cc#cc2c = = Hc [email protected] [email protected]

-,$c&c($*%c$c c, c%cc ,;cc $c$c c$c$c cc$cc c c' , cc $c ,  $$c%c,c$*) ;cc*c c$c c,(c, $c'c' c' cc' c c c,$;cc$ c% 0 B*c%c c-6C0c, c%c c.c%c&cLcB cc' cc(, c'0c, c cc*)CcD c-c%c*) 0o+c c"c#cc c,c#2c = > ==>c [email protected]

c ,c(,$ cccc  c' c c*c%c c*c cc,c c,c%c c"$ ,(c%c c c !c=Gc c(,$ ccc' c  c c c  cc, c%c  c'*c%  ,3c Gc c(,$ ccc' c c*) ,[email protected] c(,$ ccc' c  c c c*c%c% 0c  c$0c cc(c'c9$ $c(c c , $c %c c% ($*)$;ccccccccccccc ©9+c#c"ccCanonc !c2c = cc [email protected]

cCanonc%c ,c$c c(* c*$ c%c c$c' $c'c c,c$c(c c:c ,c$ *c

cCanonc$$ $c%cEFc6$c%c c*c$ ( cc Kc%c c';c ©0+c#c"cc$ #c !cc c"#$c! c"#"2c = = = @cc

$ $c) c c*c$ ( c$c c , 'c%c&;c**c%c c6$c%c c*c$ ( cc)*c$cc  )*,;ccc' $$c c c)cc%c&#$c$)c*);ccc' 0c)c**0c cc%c c(c%c c,)$;c ©©+c#c$ #c "cc(c"#$c#c! c"#"2c = E = Kcc [email protected]>c

c'c$ ( ,c'$c *c? c$c1$,$c$ 0c)$c c,$c c,* ( c , c%c)c)* ;c. c c'c &$*$c%c" '0c"60c,6cc1cc c c%c**c c ,$c,$c cc c*c' $$c c c*% cc  $c$,0c c*cc,!= G;cc,,c %0c9 $c**c ccc ,c%H =>>c

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-*%cc cc&c$c%$$c,$cc$c)*c($*%c c c*c%c $*c$c c*cc'cc$0cB 0cc &c$ccCcD£euteronomycF!EGccB c$cc CcDsaiahcE !

G;c1$,$c($*%c%(c  c&c$cB ccCcDM %$$c  c1$,$cc c*c cc*$c&ccc$c c ,cc)$c c cc&; c 3U+cc#c#$c "c1 c#c$"!2c

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&c)*c($*%c c"$$c$c c*)c&0cB c&c%c(0c c&c%c $0c c&c%c1CcD [email protected]!FG;c&c*$ "$$c$c($ ,$c(cB c(c.c c(cD4.GC;c*cc*c$ ( c ($c $c%%*c(c%c&c'$c*  *cLord;c,$cc c'c$ ( 0c1$,$c'c'$c** cLordc$c$c$c ,c&;c 3o+c"c1 cc %c c c-".2c


[email protected]

c ,$c)c)c) c ccc)c%(c&0c*c&cc($*%cis c%,**$$c%ccc%c)c% 'c$C ' , ccc' , c;c1$,$c*$c)*$c  cc$c c)c(cB c(CcD JohncH! HG;c 9+c%c"cc# c !c1 &"c#$c$ #2c

F [email protected]

c)*c$c(0c&c(6$c6'c c$c cc c%%*c($ c%c$c;cc*c$c%(c)*$ c  cc'c $$c c'*cc$ ;c c$cc'c(c)cc ;cc$c c% %,*c&0c*'$c*$c c$ c (;cc$c c$ c*$$0cBcc(CcDEphesiansc !EG0c*'$cc c%);cc$c cc'c$c$ ,*0c $  *0c$*0cc% ;cc$c , cc*); c Ëuod is the infinitely perfect being who is the most Holy Trinity.´ cD c,,$c%c" Gc 0+cc#c#%c"c1 cc2c

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&c)*c($*%c c $*c$c cc'c$cc$ c*)c c  c%c $c%c c*cc%c,$$cc ')$c% &cc($*%cB$c*)CcDX John E!cH;=FG0c'c)$c($*%c(* *cc , ,$*0c'cB$c*)c c'*c  cc)c$ c'*c( cc$)c ,c(CcD[email protected]!=F =KG;c-c$c$ccc c*c 0c&c)*$c  cc($*%c$cc

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&c$c*% c$(c $c%c$c  ccc ccc c*c$ ( c, c$c($ cc$c c*c c$cc( $$*c c$c*cc)c c $*A$c% c%c c  c%c cc%c&cc c$c%c c*c ;c )*cc1$,$c$ cc c$c c$,c%c**c c c($ $; c '+c#c[email protected]""c"c#c c"c#, cc$%"%c !cc#2c

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[email protected] EHc

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DColossiansc=!= G;c 'U+c%c "cc$#c#c! $c#c%2c @F @F=c

**c*c%(c c, c%c c,(ccc$c%c c((cc'c c)c%(c&;c&c$c(cB%(cc  $c%c(CcD~ctsc=K! FG;c**c)c, cc)ccc**c c$cc c *c$$c%c&;c 'o+c c cc" c#c, %c! $c#c%ccc$#c,52c @F

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c,(c$c$ccc c *cc$ ,*;c c(c$ cc( c%(cc ,;c$c, c$c$c%,c  $ ,*c*c'c$c c$,*0c cc'c$c( *0c($cc*)c,(ccc  $cc c c%c  79+cc "cc" c $c! $2c @FF @FHcc @H c

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9he Fallc 73+c c" cc"#cc#%c !c"2c @H @H>c

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&)cc c*c c c (c%c c, 0c c(cB1$,$Cc($cB&c$)$C;cc(c9$$$c$c  cc$c c'**c$)c$c*c%(c c$$CcD Matthewc=! =G;c c*(c  cB c$cc c(c,c)c)c c(c $)CcD~ctscE!= G;c U©+c%c"[email protected]""c#c-".2c [email protected] EE c E @c

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1$,$c$c cc%c&ccc,G0c c$c$c%c c-*$$c ;cc$c c  $ *c;cc$ *$c$'cB$c*c$c%c c*c- c%c c CcD Johnc=!=EG;c U+c#c"cc$#5c !ccc-

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ËO Only-begotten Son and Word of uod you who are immortal, you who deigned for our salvation to become incarnate of the holy and ever Virgin Mary (...) ou who are one of the Holy Trinity, glorif ied with the Father and the Holy Spirit, save us!´cD-:  1c$$ (Gc o9+c)cc##c c !c1 c#c#c" cc$#c4 52c EK EKEc EH c

cc%c&c$$,(ccc( ccc *c,(c$,*;c. c$c,(c ** c1$,$c*c(c $cc'c% *$c$c(c cc%c&ccc (  c(( c6'*c%c&c$c ;cc*6'$c,$ c*A$c$ c  6'c%,**c c *c*$c'ccc(c c)*;c o0+c ccc c"c !cc##c c

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$c9$$c($c  c cc"c)c c *cccc'(cc c'c%c c*c c' , c c c*c *cc c c, c  cB c*c c'**c(c,c,CcD [email protected] G;c o6+c-+++ c !cc'5c #%.c%c"c #%c%cc c !c1 2c E> c >c

"c$c ,*c cMother of uodc,$c$c$c c" c%c1$,$cDJohnc !=0cJohnc=>! G;ccc'c'$c)cc c  cc(c ,*ccc$c ,**c c *cc%c&c c ;cc$c&c($*%; c o'+c#c "cc-$$##c  .c$#2c EHK E> c Hcc

&c%*c$c"c%(c**c  c cc c" c%c$c;c cc cc, cc($$c$c$*%c'$ cconceived im ($c  0c 6$c c cc%c&ccc  c%c c( $c%c1$,$c$ 0c"c'$c$)c%( c*c$c%( c ;c o7+c c "c #%c

#cccc#c !c"## 2c E>@ E>Ec H ==c

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"cc*cc0c1$,$0c, cc(cc$ ,*c( c9 $c c**c'(cc(c c$);c *c$ c c  (0c1$,$c$ 0c cc$c  new Eve0c c ,c( c%c**c c*)0c'c' cc( #$c*)c $cc c c c cc%c;ccc" 0c"c$c c%,c%c c,0c $c($ c% c*: ; c 090+cc#c""c"cc!c !c"c#c %"%2c =

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c c*%c%c$ c$cc)* ;c. c'$c)$*cc c *c*%c%c1$,$c*$c,$c c  cinvisible mystery of his divine so $c$c(c$c$ c CcDJohn=E!>G;c, (0c)c ,c$*) c($c(* *c%(c c$$cc c$, *%c%c$ c$ccmystery of redemptionc,$c) c  c1$,$c0c$0cc$,%%cc%c $c(c c$*) c%c%**c c$  c%c c) c$c*c%c&;c 09©+c cc1 c#cc c! cc$%"%c !c"2c


&cc%c c(c%c$cc)c c ,$;cc'6cc c $c%c c$cc(c9  c%c $c ( %c c$%**c ,c c*c$ ( 0c,*( c' cJohn the Baptistc'c'$c c*$ cc $ c%c c $;c.c c%c9 cc c,*c* ,*c* c%c c$$c%c) ;c 093+c#c "cc1 "c#c#, cc$%""c !cc,c#c!#%c [email protected]""2c @ c [email protected] FEc

 cChristmasc c*c%c)c$c$'c% cc c'6$$c%cc3c ccircumcision%c1$,$c$cc$c%c$c*c   c$cc%, c%c,c- $(3c cEpiphanyc$c c(%$  c%c c"$$c8c%c $*c c**c c $3c c  prese temple,c(ccc$(*$c**c c  c%c $*c' c $c, c' c $c)3 cflight into Egyptcc   $c*(  c c c*%c%c$ c'**cc,c c$c%c$, 3c  cdeparture from Egypt**$c c9,$c c'c"$$cc c ,cc% )c* ; c 09+c#c "ccc!c [email protected]""cc(#B#c#c"2c

@@ @Ec FEc

c c,$c%c$chidden lifecc: c1$,$c$ cc c$*c%ccc9$ ;c$c**'$c,$c c c c%**'$ *$$c cc%,ccc*c*%c(6cc0c$(* 0c'6cc%(*c*);c$c c c"cc c1$0c$c% (c%c$c%**cc c c ;c"cc1$c c' c% c c($ c%c1$,$c)c ,c cc c*' 096+c%c[email protected]""cc! [email protected] cc-,#"$c !c#c! cc! 5""c !c"".c>Lukec33?2c @ @Kc F c

c,, c$c,*c*%cc c  c cB- $(Cc%c$c 0cc'c'$c' , c$c c cc,(c( c B c(c%c&c'c 6$c'c c$c%c c'*CcDJohnc=! >G;cc c*(c(c ccB$c*)cCcDMatthew  c$c,c(;cc $(c%c1$,$c$cc%,c%c,c $(;c 09'+c#c cc#c! $cc$# "c [email protected]""ccc"2c @H E cc FFc

c (  $c%c1$,$cc c$ c ,* c c (  c%c(cc$cc c (  $c%c $*cc c$ ;c cc c$cc c c($$c)c(cc c ;c$ 0c c'c(0c$$ $cc$c) c*($c  c%c c$,(cc%c$c%**c*);cc,c, $c$*%c c $c($ ccc$*c'cc c* ,*c$$ c%cLent;c 097+c c"cc c $c ccC5 $c !c1 c #$c#c, 5c#, c,%[email protected]""2c E= EFc FKc

**cc) cc1$,$c c c c8(c%c&;c)c c'$ c%c$$c$c**c c) cc c c c,* $$c( *ccc 0c c8(c*$c c $c'c c c' cc,(*c  ;cc (c c($ $c%c c8(c 09U+c%c[email protected]""c$#!"ccC5 $c,%c$#"c !c"5"c#c$#"2c EK c FKc

1$,$c(c$c'$c' csignsccmiraclesc cc' $$c c c% c  c c8(c$c$ cc(0 c c"$$;c $(c*0ccc c(c c*$c**c)*$cc*'c, c c c%c,$c$**c%(c c$*)c%c$;cc )c, *(c  c$c$$c',*cc) ,$c)cB c,* %c $c'*CcDJohnc= [email protected]=G;c 09o+cccC5 $:c#c# %c[email protected]""c," c c"c ""2c = @cc FKc

1$,$c$c ctwelve0c c%, ,c' $$$c%c$c$, 0cc(c (c$$c%c$c($$cc%c$c,  c c 0 $$0cc c,*c,cc)c c,;c c $c**0c c)cB c6$c%c c8(CcDMatthewc=F!=>Gcc$$,( ' c c($$c c6c c% cc $c  cc c$  c$c $; c 009+c#c"cc$#5c !cc#"!5# 2c E Fcc FHc

)c**c c$%, c$'$c% c c !cB c cc c)0c ccc c(c1$,$0c c cc c $c* ($c c

1$,$cc c*$c c'c)cc&c c"$$cc", cc, cc%,*%**c cc)c c $c% )c   ;cc )c$* c'c%,**cc, c $c';c, (0c$c c% %,*c) 0cc%%cc($c%c$c9 c  c  *c%c(6c ( c%c**c cB $$$$c(( cc(c,c c%$ c) CcDHebrewsc>!= G;c 006+c#c#"cc#c [email protected]""c #cc$c[email protected]"#$2c [email protected] HFcc >@c

1$,$c'$c,$c%c$ * c c c (*;cc c 0cc) c c$cB c,$c %c$c CcDJohnc !=FG3cc c'$c  ( cc(  c c%c$c ;c')0cc*$c% *c $c$ , cc c' c$c'c cc c$ % )c'**c*c%c&c(c(;c 00'+c)[email protected]""c #c"#&"c!#ccc c1 c#c"# 2c HK >=c


1$,$c)c  c% cc cc&0c c)c'cc%(c c$ ,,$c)c'6c'c%,*%**c c($$ )*c($*%c$cG0cB$c$c(c-*c'cis poured out;;;CcDMatthewc F! HGc,$c c,$ c$c cB((*CcDX Corinthiansc==! Gc%c$c$%cc$  , c$c$ *$c$c$ $c%c c'c) ;c 0©0+c#c#ccc5 %ccc1#c !c1"$#2c F= c

+$ c cc'c c$ c%c c$c,( c%c1$,$cB'c$c c, c%c%CcD [email protected]!= G0c c,(c' &c(c% %,*c c c'**c%c c c%c,c$*) ;c1$,$c c c, c cc,c$ $cc$c-cB(c  CcDahilippiansc !HG;c 0©©+c#c#cc""c !cc"#!c !c"c cc ""2c [email protected] F=Kc F

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1$,$c%*c%%c$c*%c$cc9 c$%0c  c$0cc(c c%c,c$$c' c c %,**cc%c$c*)c,  B c c[email protected]!=Gc%c cc%c&c*c**c%c,( c' c c ;cc$*c$%c%c$ 0c %0c

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% c% c$c,c'c1$,$c$'c($*%c c c$ *$c' cc,(c% ,$c'c)*c$c*c$c  c$ $c c)cc'$c$ c c c cc%c c ;cc$c cc'c'cc$c,( c$cc c)*$  c%c&cc$  *c $c%c,$c%c c ;cc$$c,$c$c ccc)$c,$c cc%cccc c%c,$;c ËFrom thence Pe shall come to judge the living and the dead´c 033+c c "cc

[email protected]""c c52c FFH FKEc FH c

$c cc%c c$($cc%c$ 0c cc%c$c,0c c*%c$ c($ ,$*c($cc c'c $c6 $ cc$ccc $ccc c,;cccc'**c ,cc*c, c'cc c6'c c ( ;c-,$c%c $c'   0ccB(0cCcDRevelationc

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% c c%*c$(c,)*c%c $c$$c'*c c*,$c(c%c$ c'**c 6c* ;cc'**c(c c% )c  c,$cc c$ c1,( ;c,$c c8(c%c&c'**cc*:; c

036+c cc"cD5cc5c#cc#2c FKH FK>c FH= FH c

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c*)cc c*c c$c c%$$c% cc cc$c%c c"$ c*c c'c$c%(c c c c c '$cc*%c' c c cc cC;cc c$cB$ c c,c $Cc DualatianscE!FGc$c  c'c( c) %c&;c 037+c%c#cc$"" "c !cc c#cc %cc"##,2c FHK F> c KE

[email protected]

c c)$*c 0c ccc c cc$  c, c$*;c(c c)c c, *c cc%c (0c'c  cc*$c$$c$c c'c, $c,$c c$ cc% c$c  c$c c$$c'cc**c&cB CcD RomanscH!= G;cc , c'c6'c(c ,c$c $0c'cc)*$c c.c c,$cc'cc $cc c,;c 03U+c#c#cc#$"c !cc %c2c F>= F>@c

Bc*c Cc$c cc(c%c c c$c%c c"$ c*c ;c1$,$c*$c**c(c c* cD$ *cc  c%c, ;cc'c$ ( c*$c%$c c(c$c c c%c$ 0c%c c0c%c&c c c c%c&*cc c 03o+c#c"%$, "c#c"c c"cc %c2c F>E K =c

cc(c$(*$c%c c*c !cliving waterc'c$$c%(c c',c c%c$ cc'cc

c,c$cc($ cc$c(,c$ccc)$*c* c c$c$ cc )cc)c$ ,*c* c'cc*cc$ %c% ;c 06©+c#c "cc$#c c"#%c#ccc"cc"#c"##$c !c"## 2c KKE KKFc KH cc

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9he Church: people of God

bod of Christ temple of the ¬pirit c 063+c%c"ccccF c !c1 ;2c KH=c H

H Ec

c,c$c cT*c%c&Ac,$c c*$c&c c$ %cc$)c(c cc$* c, cc(6c (c cc  cc c, c%c c cc ccc c*c ;c 06+c#c#cc##""c !cc c !c1 2c KH c H Ec

c($cc((c%c $c*c ,c% cc$ cc- $(;c$c*c$c%c $ coriginc&c c 3c%c $chea  $challmarkc c cc%(c%c c$$c%c&3c%c $clawc c'c((( c%c*)3c%c $cmissionc cc c$* c%c * c%c c'*3cc%c $cdestinyc c8(c%c&0c*c,cc ;c 066+cc#c#%c "cc c !c1 c"#cccc! "c !c"c#"c ":c  c#cC52c [email protected] KHFc

c*c%c&c  cc$ #$cpriestlyc%%c$%c$c c :cc$ cc c*c c c%%c$ ,*c$ $cc$ A$cpropheticc%%c'c' cc$, ,*c$$c%c% c cc,%**c c  c% ccc c, ' $$c c ;cc*c%c&c$cc$ckinglyc%%cc($c%c$)0c(  c1$,$c$ c'c$c8c%c c,)$c( $) c%c**0c$**c ccc c$,%%;c 06'+cc#c#%c"cccc, %c !c"2c KHK K>=c H H Fc

c$c$ c, $c$c% %,*c*c c($*%ccc ( c'cc($c%c c*c ;c c $c'0c $c' c*) (,c$c cc*$c c(c$**cc c,$ 0cc, c(c ($*)$cc ;cc%(cc0c c, 9cc c)$ c%c $c(($cc $c%, $; c 067+c c"cc#c !c"c, %2c K>

K> c H Kc

$ cB$c cc%c c0c c,CcDColossiansc=!=HG;cc,c*)$c%(c(0cc(cc%c(;c$ cc c, B'*c$ CcD c,,$ G3cBcc(($c%(0c$c c'0ccc c$(c($ *c$CcD c($cFc H Hc

c$c**c cB-c%c$ Cc,$c cc($*%c**c($*%ccB,$CcD Mark !=>G;ccc$c*)c c, c c($*%ccc)*$ c) ;cc$c)c($*%c,c%cc cc c,%cc' c$c*ccB$ %cCcDE (6cc c%, %,*c( c%c**c c*c%c&;c.*c c (cBCc9$$$c c, c%c cBCc' c c( ( BCc($:$c c$  c%c c 'cc c$*c* $;c

06o+c%c"ccc#cc$c !cc %c2c K>K K>Hc H > H= c

c$c$c**c,$c c*c c$$cc cc'c$c c,0ccccccc(($;cc*$c, *$c,  cc c.c%c&0c c$( $0c c) ,$0cccharisms;c ËWhat the soul is to the human body, the Holy Spirit is to the members of Christ, that is, the body of Christ, which is the C hurch.´ 0'9+c#c#c#"$"2c K>> H =c

$($cc$*c% $c%c c*c c'cc$ 'cc),*$c%c cc%c $0c c$c%c c'* 0cc ,*c,c%c c,;cc$( c%c$($c$c c$$* c%c c"$ , (;c

9he Church is one hol  catholic and apostolicc 0'0+c%c"cccone2c [email protected] H= c HFFc

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cc,c%c$ 0c$cc$ c$  , cc:cc c'*0c$,$$ $ccD subsistit inGc c *c,0c) ,$$c%c cc c$$cc((,c' c(;c*c ,c $c,ccc c c%,**$$c%c c($c%c$ c$c ,$ c**c c*$$$c%c c'c) c c c$ *c**c*c'$cc$c ; c 0'3+c c#c !E0c G;cc1'$c% 0c,*6c c $ c*$0c$c*cc$$c &cc c*c) ;c 079+c#c"cc, c#c8""c,cc# cc#c  H =c

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9he Faithful: hierarch  lait  consecrated lifec 077+c c#cc!#!2c HK= HK c

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Ãar  Ãother of Christ Ãother of the Churchc 0o'+cc#c""c"cc""c'5c #%cc c !cc2c >[email protected] >FEc >[email protected]

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@G;c -c 'c(cc   (c cc )E. c ©9©+c#c"cc$#5c !cc$c-, %.c> c-flesh.?c#c#c$ #c "cc#2c >> cc = = c

c$, c%c cfleshc$c c* *c%(,* cc c$ *$cc%c c$, c%c c;cc (cB%*$Cc%$ $  c%c'6$$cc( * ;cBc%*$c$c cc%c$*) CcD ,**G;c.c*)cc&c c c%c c%*$3c'c (c%*$ccc c(c%*$3cc'c*)cc c$, c%c%*$c'c$c c%,*%**( c%c c c  cc 

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 *c*%c$c  c*%c'c$c(( *c% c ;c c'**c)cc;c c'**ccc%cc$ccc ,*c $c%c$ c'c$c c1,c%c c*)cc c;c$c ,*c?,( c'**cc%(cc c%* c?,( ;c ©9U+c#c"cc##cD5$2c = = =

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ËTrue and subsistent life consists in this: the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit, pouring out his heavenly gifts on all th exception. Thanks to his mercy, we too, men that we are, have received the inalienable promise of eternal life.´ cD c*c%c1, ©09+c#c"c5# %2c = @ = @=c = Ec

, c$c c$  c%c $c'ccc&A$c%$0c$$,c%c c *c$*) 0c, c'c$ **c)cc%c ,%  $$c%c);c ©00+c c#cccc" "c,5c!cc5# %2c = @ c

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""c !c1 2c = @F = @Kc

&0c'*c$cB**c c(c c CcD© [email protected]!>G0c) *$$c$c c c,(c$c cc%cc$$* ,c$$;c%0c c$c c,(c$c'c%*c9*,$c($*%c%(c((,c' c&c%c c c(( c%c c ( *c$cc%,$$c c(%,*c*)c%c&; c ©0+cc#c "cc!#cD5$c ""2c = @H = E=cc = H = >c

c%*cc,)$*c?,( c$$ $ccc$ c%c$$cc *c( 0c'c cc1$,$c'**c$$,cc c,?,$ CcD~ctsc E!= Gc'cc ,$c$c c1,c%c c*)cc c;c% c c*$ c?,( 0c c$, cc'**c$  , c'c c$,*c)c c c ,*c?,( ;c ©06+ccc"cD5$c 2c = E c

$c?,( c'**c(c c cc%c c'*cc*c&c6'$c ccc c,;c ©0'+c#c"cc c !ccc#"c#ccc#2c = E

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% c c%*c?,( c c,)$c $*%0c%c%(c $cc c0c'**c$cc c*c%c$ c' c cc%c ccB'c CcD© aeter @[email protected];c,$0c c%,**$$c%c c8(c%c&c'**c(c, 0c  c$c c$0c c % )c*:  *c%c&c cB, c**c $cc$ 0c $cc)cc $cc CcD Ephesiansc=!= G;c&c'**c ccB**cc**CcD X Co c *c*%;c

ËAmen´c ©07+c#c"cc$#5c !cc c-Amen.cccc c c !"" c !c!#2c = F= = F c

c'c'cB~menC0c'c*$c*,$c c*$ c6c%cc ,0c$(c%c c$c%c c'c$ ( 0c $c%c c,0c9$$$c,c% cc  *cB$Cc c' c'c%$$cc c0c ,$ c,$*)$c(* *c % )[email protected]!=EG0c$ c c;c

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c##$#c  $% c ©0U+c#c"cc5%2c = FF = K c

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c* ,c$c c$c cpar excellencec$c c$,(( c 'c'c c ) c%c c,c$c cc c$c*6'$c  'c**cc'c%*'$;c,c c* ,c$ c ,$c c'6c%c,c( c0c' cc ,c$c,; c ©©9+cc#c "cc"##$#c  $%c ""2c = KFc

c$( *c(c$$ $cc c((, c%c c%, $c%c$ A$c( c ,c c* c%c c$ ( ($ c$**c  c%c c,$ 0cB, *cc($CcD X Corinthiansc==! FG;c   c (c

c #"#c %"%ccc5c !ccc c  1Eccc

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c,cc c* $c c* ,c$cc$ *c*cc'ccc $cc c$cc%, cc c, c c :c%%c ($*)$ccc$ ,*c$%3c cc($ $c* cc c cc c) c%c c (($c%c c,3c c$$cc$ $c cc c$c%c$ c c; c

Pow is the liturg celebrated? c ©3'+c c"cc5%c,#2c ==E c

c* c%c c* ,c$c ')c' c$$cc$(*$c'$c(c$c cc c cc,(c,* ,;c c$ ) $c%c c*c$ ( cc$c%,**c)*cc c$cc'6c%c$ ; c ©37+c $cc cc"##$#c"5"c $2c ==EF == c ==H>c

(c(c%(c c $cD* 0c' 0c%0c0c'0c* G3c $c(c%(c$*c*%cD'$0c 0c6c%c (c%(c c$ c%c$*) cc c*c) cD c$$)c $0c c$%$0c c*cc%c$0c c$  $ $(c%c'cc( )cc,*0c'c 6c,cc$ ccc(c c$c%c$c$)cc$ %c ©3U+c#c"cc4c,cc# "c#cc "ccc,# c !cc"##$"2c == @ == c ==> cc

 $cc'$cc)c*$*c*6cc c* c%c c$( $;c 0c)c%c c$(*c $cc*cc *,0c c$c$$c  c c'$c%c c c(cc)c*%c c $c $;cc* ,*c'$cc  $cc$ $%c$c cc(%,*c$$cc$%c$c cc, c' c c$%; c

©3o+c#c#cc#c! cc c"c !c"55c#c$"cc5#c,# "2c == F == Hc ==>=cc

c$cc(,$cc*$*c c' c* ,*c c c(,$ c$ c c%**'c ;cc$,*c%(c c c c 9 $0c'c%*c%(cc ,cc* ,*c$,$;cc$,*ccc, %,*c9$$c%c;cc( c[email protected]

c c%c c* ,*c$$c$c,c'c$c c%, cc6*c%c c c* ,*ccc$c $c,*( c * c%c$ 0c c%$ c%c%$ $; c ©©+c#c"cc! c !cc5#c%#2c ==FH [email protected] ==>E ==> c

c c* ,*cc c,c* $c c'*c($ c%c$ c%(c$c  c c$c ,cc*;cc$ c $c c ' c$*c*)c c-*$$cc"0c c" c%c&;cc,c*$c6$c c((*$c%c$ $c'c*)c%c$ ' c(0cc'c*)c' c(cc*; c ©3+c#c"cc 5%c !cc "2c ==KE ==KHc ==>Fcc

c ,c%c c,$0c'c$c c,*cc((cc%c c,0c$c cc%c$ c' c$c0c  c,;  ,c%c c,$c c($ c%c$ 0c'c'c* cc c,$ 0c$ %$cc $%($c c'*c%cc ;c (*c%c$*($0c c**c 9 $0cc$c%(c c $cc$ ,*c($  $;c

here is the liturg celebrated?c ©+c) "cccc#"cc c c,#cc5%2c ==K> ==H=c ==>K ==>Hc

c'$cBc$ cc , CcDJohncE! EGc%c c'c) c$c c c9*,$)*c cc*c,$c$ c$c c ,c  (

,c(c$ $cc c'*c,c(c (*$c%c c*)c&cc c c%c c*c ;c *$$0c  c *c cc*$cc'c c((, cc c c* c c* ,; c ©6+c#c#c"#c,5"2c ==H=c ==>H ==>>c

cc c,$$c%c&0cc$(*c%c c,c  c*)$cc  c*c$c'**c$c%c c)*c1,$*(;c)c**c c c'c c,c* $c c,$ cc'$$c$ c'c$c ,*c$ cc c *; c ©'+c#c#cc5c#"c"c"#c,5"2c ==H


c!c c* 0c c *0c c*c'c c$c$(cc c*c*$cc6 0c cc%c c$c D G $ 0c c(0c c $(*c% 0cc c%$$*; c

 1 c)' Ec()cc (Ec cc E E c ©7+c%c"cc c %"%c !c"c,#c,%ccc# 5c c# "c5#c# "2c = = Ec = K = >c

c$'c$c  c c,% (*c$$c%c c($ c%c$ c cc9,$ ccc$*c* ,*c  ;c (c %0c $c$$c%,c9$$c(c),$c*$cc,* ,$cc'$c  cc :ccc'%,*c)$ (*(  ;c ©U+c#c"cc c#c#"""c%ccc$"c !c#%2c = >c

c$c%* c c c$ *c 0c  c$0c c((,cc c% ccc c$( $c)c%(c c$ * $0cc(( $%cc, cc$ *c$,$$;cc,c$c *cc %cc  c cc, c**c c,   ©o+c"c%5c$$#,ccc5%2c = = Fc

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" (c $c"#c##$#c - O$(,(cc %(Q cc ,O$ 0cc  M 0cc V c%(P,(cc cc " (P,(;c ©69+c c#cc"##$"c !ccc2c = = = ==c

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c c*c) c- $(c'$c %,cc),$c'$!cwater,c$c$c$,c%c*%cc%c 3ccthe ~rk of oah0c' %c' 3ccthe passing through the Red Sea, 'c* c $*c%(c c$*)3ccthe crossing of the Jordan River,   c c($c*c'c$c c(c%c *c*%; c ©6+c c, 5c c!!$c "c!5# "2c =

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c(* c%c,(c $c$cc c$,$!cthe object chosen0c cc ,cc c3cthe intentionc%c c$,? c,$c%c'c c$,? c%($c c 3ccthe circumstancesc%c c 0c'c*,c $c$ =K>Ec =H = =H c

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Structuresc%c$cc$*c$ , $cc$  , $c  cc c c c)c*';ccc c9$$cc% % c%c$   c c c$#c $$%c

c   (c()c Ec 90+cc#c "cc" #c$" c !c$#c ""2c =HKK =HH c =H> =H>=c

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,  c$c9$c* ( *c'c c $c%c c(( ccc(*$c(**c* c($c c c ;c%0c*  c (cc c%c$c%c c :$;cc$,*c$ c c*c%c cB,*c%c*'Ccc'c c*' 0cc

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2c => => Fc => Ec

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2c => K => >c => c

c((cc)*)$!c$ c%cc( c%c c%,( *c $c%c c$0c c)*( c%c c$ ,*c %c$$cc$ 0cc ccc$, c%c**;c 9o+cc#c c!cc$ "c $c#B# c !cc $$ c5

2c =>= =>= c => Kc

c($ c(* c*: c%c c((cc$c%,cc $c* *c((, $c'c%cc( c cc% %c ( c,$c' , c% c c,)$*cc%c c c,(c%(*; c 09+c c "c c##cc,55c#, cc $$ c5

2c =>[email protected] =>=Kc => Fcc

**c(cc'(cc c c*cc*c  c c,c  cc( c c((ccc$ c?,$ c c%c c$c%c'c c)c$*c$$* c$,c$c cc%c c'c%(*cc c(( ( c c  c' *$c$,*c 6cc )c cc,*c*%c$c%c$c$$*; c   [email protected] c 00+c c "c" %c"c" #cD"2c => H =>@@c =>[email protected] =>EEc

 c$,$c$*c?,$ c'c c$ $c c cc c $c%c c$c$c  ccc%c$ c $*%;c, ( $*c?,$ 0c'c$c*6c c c((ccc c c9$c%c,  0c'c c)$c c $c  c** 'c$$ ),*$c c c' c$c c,;c 0©+c c#c"c$#cA#%c,#"2c =>@E =>@ c =>E cc

**c$$c?c@F =>@Hc =>EF =>EKcc

cc$%,*c$*cc(cK= =>KEc =>HFc

c'c'c$c%,cc c c*%ccc%c$ ccc c(*c $$c%c c$ *$;cc(cc  c" 9$$;c 1 c()[email protected]  ( c ©©+c#c"cD"!# 2c =>HK =>> c

=K cc

1,$ % c$c c($ c9** c'6c%c&#$c*);c c$c c(%,*cc%* )c c%c&c'c 6$c'c,c$$cc *cc,c'*c;c c$c, c, cc($c%c cc%c c*c c'c$cc( c%c,$cc c $$c )c c,$cc- $(;c1,$ % c$c cc%c c%c$$c%c(0c  c$0c% cc$ cc%c c' c   ;c ©3+c#c"cc5#c#cD"!"2c =>>F =>>Hc



 cc$c c , ,$c% c  c&c)$c,$c c(6c,$c  $cc $c  c*%cc*c c cc$c*);c c$c** sanctifying or deifying gracec,$c c$ %$cc):$c,$;c c$csupernaturalc,$c c$c *cc&A$c ,  $,$$$c c* $c%c c ** cc c'$c%c,(c$;c c %c$$c,c9;c ©+c#c c4"c !c5#c#c2c =>>> c

@ Ec

@ Ec

-$$c ,*c0c cc ,*c$cD% $c%c$%c,($ $G0c$( *c$cD% $cc cc$( $($cD% $c  cc c%c c((cc%c c,Gc(c'cc c$c%c$  c  c(c c 9 ($ $cc c$$* $c%c*%; c ©6+c#c"cc# "c,c5#c#c$#c! $2c

= c

&c$0c$cc* $c,c%c$$;c c$$c c cc$c%c,(c%(0c**$c%c $c   %(c 'c $c% ;c ©'+c#c"c$2c

F = c


c*c( c%$c c c c c($c%ccc;c. cc c&0c'c%c,$*)$cc c*c c( c  )c) c%*c%(c(;c')0c&c)$c,$c c$$* c%cÃatthewc09?2c

> = c

[email protected] [email protected]

$c'$c(c cc&c$c cc%c) c  c9$ $3c cc c(c c),*cc((, c'$c' c c(c' c$ ( $c%c$0c%c 6$0cc%c$,* 3c c%%c(c$%$0c)c**c c$ ,*c$ %c%cA ' c c% c$%c%c$ 3cc c6c c($$cc)'$c(c c(; c +cc#c#%c "c#c" c8"c"c cc c5c c "c1 ccc#cc! $2c

= E = >c

[email protected]

)c$c$c c cc c(*c, c c$6c c , 0c$**cc' c$c&cc$c,;ccc c , c$c $cc$c c cc(*c, c c(c 0c c,c c% %,**cc cc&c,  c'$;c c c$( c (0c ,(c$c

[email protected]


 0c'*c$ c c*c%c$,$ 0c$c c, c c$, cc$  c(cc c%(*;c,* c,    cc%$ c c ,c ,c%c(cc c%(*0c,*c(* 0c c $c%c $0cc($ c$ ;c 6o+c#c#cc"c !cc #cc#"2c




*c'c$ cD%**c G0c  ,0c* ccc c c $;c cc (c$ ccc%$ cc c $cc$$ $0c*c , c c c' cc(cc*$$cc%(*c*%cc*;c,* c* c$,* ( *cc(*c$, c')c c%c ($*)$cc$ , $c%c$ $$0c$6$$0c**$$0cc*c; c '9+c#c#cc"c !c#"c #cc2c



 $0cc) ,c%c c  cc c% c %c&0c)c c%$ c$$* c%c c, c%c c*cc *$c%c c% c%c (;cc)c c, c c*)cc$ c c*c$cpersonscc$cchildren of uodcc c) $$*0c%c c$*cc$ ,*c$;cc$,*c$* c%c (cc$, *c$*cc*c (c' c, c,$*c c%$$cc c$  c%c*%;c c ,*c c)c c($$c%c, c c*cc c$ c% ;c '0+c c#c#"c c#ccccc"#c!#2c

@c  $cc $c(*cc9(*0c0c%(*c $$cc  cc c*%c%c c,; c '©+cc!#$%c, "c#c#," c5




(*c $cc(  c, c c$*, 0c,$c c%$ c) c%cc$ c$c c%**'c1$,$cc*)c(!cBc'c*)$ c (c c(c$c c' c%c(3c')c*)$c$cc, c(c c(c$c c' c%c(CcD Matthewc= [email protected];c $c(, ?c c*#$cc c%**'c1$,$cc' )c$  c%c*%0c)cc c$ c*%cc c$ *c($ ; c '3+c c" c# %c,c8"ccc# "c""c !cc" %2c




,  c$,*c*'$cc9$c$cc$)0c$ c%,( *c,(c $0cc?,$ cc%c)*,$0c*'$0c$ , ) *c%c$,$ ;c**c $c'c9$c,  c$,*c$6c c $ $c%c c((, c%c c'c $ cc $$c cc$cc c , c, c&0c, c(cc, c c'*;c '+c#c#cc"c !cB"cc5#c cc# "2c




$c$,? c c,  c$,*cc $cc,  c$c$  )$c%c&cc%%c c**c** c%c c ,*cc$*c*%;c$c** c*,$c*)cc$)c%c#$c(*0c c cc, c c) 0c( c%c 9$0c #$c, 0cc c c c9$c$ , )c $(; c '6+cc"c#cBc! ,c c ,%cc# "2c


[email protected]


c :c$c*cc$c c cc c*'$c%c)*c,  $c'c cc c c c($c%c c( *c &c c c(CcD~cts of the ~postlesc ! >G;c cc () ( cc E c

c( cC

c ''+c%c$"c$#c!c,c"2c


F c

@=H @ cc

,(c*%c(,$ cc$ c,$c c$csacred;c(c $cc,(c*%c)*)$c c )c c%c&cc c( $*c* $c' c c 0c'c$c $c$*c;c c$c c*'%,*c%cc *c c$ cc c,( c;c  c c c c%c c$cc c*$$c%c c ;cB+c c$*c c cc c ,$CcDExodusc @!KG;c '7+c%c"cc5$#c!"c !c" "c#c !c" %c c  "c c"c $2c

[email protected]

F c

-,$cc$c c* ( *c%c$*%cc$c$ c c c c*%cD cA$c'c c c*%cc  c%c  $c c6**;c 0c%c$(c$$*c%c c*%c%c 0c* ( c%$ccc c*cc c, cc )c, 

 c$  c%c$c c,$;c 'U+c#c"cc "c !c"$2c


c,$( c($cc* ( c,*c,  c$c c(c%c$$c c$c ,cc c%%$0c%c%  *A$c$% 0cc , c c c c%c c,* c ;c 'o+c#c4c !c"$c$#%c,c$ "2c


c,$( c($c(,$ cc  c c c) c%c c%%$;c&)c c$$* $c'c c  c'c$c% c% ) c(cccc'c$c(( cc%%$c*c%cc(0c c$$cc'c c9, c%c  $*, c$$ cBc)c0c%c c **c 9$  ;CcDEvangelium VitaeG;c.c * *c($cc$,%% 0c,   $*%c c$,c($c,$c c c$c c c c $c%c c((c0cc(cc%( c' c  ,(c$0ccc c()c% )*c%(c c,* c c c$$* c%c%(c($*%; c 79+c#c"c! ,c,%cc!!c $$#$2c


[email protected]

@ = @ Fc c%% c((( c%$c$c)*c c c c(*c*'!c 6c

direct and intentional murdercc cc 3c


direct abortion0c'**c$cccc$c($0c$c'**c$c cc ;c  c c $c$c$c c* c%c9((, %(c c(( c%c$ccc 0c c,(cc(,$ cc$*, *c$ cc  cc$c  3 c


direct euthanasiac'c$$ $cc, ccc c c*%c%c c0c c$60cc $cc ccc cc c=c

.c(,$ c 6c$*ccare of our own physical healthcc  c%c $c, c)c ccult of the bodycc)c6c%c9$$ )cc c,$c%c,$c'c,$c)c$,$c(c c,(c* cc*%0c$c'**c$c c,$c%c%0c* *0c  76+cc#c"!:c$#:c c"%  5#c8$"c c$#c#"c c5 "c$ #%c5$#2c


> c

cc(**c* ( c'c cc c c$)c%c c *cc%c c$cc%c $ 0c' , c$   c$*cc$**c  c%c c$,? $c'c(,$ cc*c%(cc$ ;c 7'+ccc#"#c#c # c !c 5#"c# c,! c#c#!c#2c


c $* c%c$c$c(**c *c' c c$ c%c ccc' , c9$$)c$6$c c(cc;c-%c**' %cc c% c 0cc(,$ c)%c  c cc$c ,*c;c 77+c#c#"c#c #%c c"c! cc, %c5%c !cc$#c" 2c



c!c6cc$ c 60c $(0c  ,0c)*0cc c$ *: ;c(,  $cc(, * $c %cc ($$*c*c%c$  *c , c(*c$$;c 7U+c#c#c$"c,c5c cc%52c


cc)cc c c*)c c*$ c(( $c%c c *c*)$c' c c0c)c**0c cc$,$ c' c cc  c (c c( c c*)c&;c 7o+c c#cc, "c !cc#"c c,c#2c

@ @ =c

c$c%c c c(,$ cc  c' c*)cc$ ;cc( c$c( c)c  c c$c c( $  c c$, c%c c;c U9+c#c "cc

c#"4c !c%c" cc5#c c#2c


@ @c

cc*(cBBlessedcc c(6$CcDMatthewc !>G;cc**c%cc%c cc,c c((* c%c $c%c)c%c$(c)*c$,%%;cc*$c,c c'c*$cc c'$c)*ccA$c;c$c  ,

$ c cc( $c%c c( 0cc( *c$$c$ c ; c U0+c#c"c#cc"c 2c

@ E @ c

cc $c'*0c'c$c @E=c

c) ,c%c$  c)*)$cc $cc$*% ($ c$cc9$$c%c,(c%(c c '$c$*% );c  ,c%( 0c'c$c, c, cc$ $0c$c$$c c)c $c*; c o9+c#c#cc$#"c#c#cc5c !c#"%2c

@E @EKc

cc(c($c c#$c$$*!c cc%c&0c c*c%c c$( $0c0c$*% 6'*0c c c%cc$ ),$c$ , $0c c9$c%c c(*c) ,$0c$**c c) ,c%c (c'c$6$c c)c c$$$c ,c o0+cc#c#%c"c% c#c cc#"%2c

@EH @ c


$c%**'$c%c$ 0c c(*c%c**c$  0c**c c $cc**c c*)c$ *cc6c' c c , *c$  $c%c ) cc$ c*c'c*$c (c c)c ($*)$c c&c*c' cc,)c ccc(6*c( cc(c*)cc?,*c$  0cc%c,(c $c$  cc ; c o©+c#c#cc#c""c#5#"c#"%2c

@ = @ >c


&)c$$c$ c$  c%%cc c c? !c,* 0c($ , 0c% 0c0c$  , 0c0c $c$$cc9$$$c%c c)c%c*,$ ;c$c6$c%c $c(( c$ c c$*cc(*c  c %c($c


o3+c 5cc"#%"c %c-% c"#c c $$c#%.c%c "cc"8c $$#$c! ,c#c""c#5#"c#"%


* ,c c**c 9 c%c c+*,c$cB,c$**c c(( c,* CcD Exodus !=EG0c c c%c c,c( %**'$c c(*c $c%c c*cc'c$ ( $cc$$c c$9 c((( c$c($$c**c$$c$ o+c#c"cc" ",%c !cc# %cc5#c c#"%2c

@ Ec

$%c$c c$c,c c( c$ c%c c c%c c$0c)*c,  c$,*c$6c c cc)( c, %c$  ;c c$,*c*$c c$, *c*$* c c) c c$c%c c)c %%$$c$ c$  c( c)0c$   c($cc $c'cc c'6$ c(($c%c$ ;c o6+c#c#cc5

"c !c D5#c c cc"8#%c"c 2c

@F @F=c

@>K @>Hc

c$c%c?,*c*)0c'c%c $c'cc :c$c$ %cc c$( c%c" (0cc, 0c%* 0c$ $$c c c c%c*%;c o'+c#c"cc$#5c !cc D5#c#2c



c?,*c c$cc '%*c(!c, )cD c(, ,*c$*% )c%c c$,$$Gcc )cDc$$c c c $( c(c6c c$*c c'c&c$c$ *$c 'c $c 'c($c%c c?,*c cc9*, %c (;c o7+cc"cc$ #c c5#c,"2c

@FH @F>c


c,* c%c $0c'c$cc$ c%c$$*c% cc( 0c$c? )*c(**c *c'c c$ $,$$c' , c9 *c$$,3c'c c$c c c, c%c$*%$$$c, c%c$,$c$$3cc' c( $c  c%(  c%c(* 0c  c$0cc cc,$c%c c% *c$; c oU+c#c#c$$ #c$#"c !c,c  2c

@K @K c

)c c c%c9(*0c c$ *: cc  c c$c $**c((*c'cD cc  c%c c?, (*$( ccc c)*( c%c $c ,*c$c

,*c c% c%cc*c cc)c c (0c% c9,$ c**c* ( c(*c $0c$,$$cc$'c c $ c cc ccc%(c(%,*c$)$c%c $;c c $c'c c*:cc,$c$ ,*c%, %,*$$;c 69©+c#c#cc !!""c#5#"cc5%c !c$##52c

@H @>=c

E c

$c!c,* 0c)0c*(0c$ 0c%c,$cD  0c,G0cc$9,*c $c%cc, $c%c( c'(c () (cc E c

c( c c 693+c#c"c"c! c,%cc"c $$#$2c

E = E c

c$) c((( c c

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c%( c)cc c(c(,$ cc c c$)c%c c((c;c $c  c(,$ cc ,ccLc' c c*( $  cLc*$c(* ;c, (0c%( c(,$ cc((, c$ *cc*c' c$,,*,$c$ c%c(*c * ( c $cc c%c c$;c 6©'+c#c# "c8""c,c:c,#%c#c"#c#2c


[email protected]

c , c$c, %,*0ccc $*%c c$*,c%c$ ,*c, ;c c c c c9$$c%c c , cc' $c c (*( c9$$$c%c c , 0c($ c$%**cc c, c%c $ c'6$; c$cc c%, c c%c * $c)c ,(c%% ;cSacred artccc ,cc, %,*c$,*c)6cc*%c c($ c%c&c(c)$*cc$ 0cc*c c*)c%c&0c c cc)0c'c$c c$,$$0c)$*c-, c%c, cc); c c((c () (cc E c

c( c 'cE c(1 &c c 6©7+c#c"cAc,%ccc $$#$2c

=E =Fc

H @ c

c c((( c [email protected]@c


cccc  c%ccc*$cc,(*cc ,$ c   c%c**c,c$c c$ ,*cc( *;cc%$ c c c c(c%c c8(;c 66+cc#c "cc#%c !c"" c ""2c

[email protected] [email protected]


 $$c$$ $cc$6cc*%c%c ;c c%($c,$cc, $c,$c c cc%c1$,$c'c $c' c c

$**c$$;c  $$c(,$ c9 c)c cA$c($;c 666+cc"c#4"55c5c c1 2c

[email protected] [email protected]

FEHcc c,c)$c 6$c c&c,$*0c)c**cc* c c,$ cc'c$ c**'$cc c  cc$c c c ;cc c$ c)c) c($cc$c%c)c 6$;c 66'+c#c"cc#%c !c#"2c

[email protected]> [email protected]


$c$c  c%(c%cc'c:$c($ c(( *c  c&c$c&;c c$cc(* *c$ $ c!c c$$c& 'c$6cc)$c(c*c$(*c,$cc$;c cc   c c c# c !c #%c 667+c#c"cc$ #c !c# cc5#c c#%2c

F F =c

c c,c c$c ,c*)c c  c c*c c $c c*c%c&c'c c;c c% cc  cc $ ,$c, ,c%cc c(,*$3c c c(*$c (* 0c$ ,ccc$c%c c$ ,*c* $cc9 cc

 (1c c E c 66U+c#c#cc" "c !c"#c#%2c


FF cc

c!c cWord of uodc'c)$c,$cB c$,$$c6'*Cc%c$ [email protected]!HG3c cLiturgy of the Churchc  c $ cc((, $c c($ c%c$*) 3c ctheological virtues3cceveryday situationsc,$cc (c'cc,

Ë love you, Lord, and the only grace  ask is to love you eternally. « My uod, if my tongue cannot say in every moment that  love heart to repeat it to you as often as  draw breath.´cDc,Mc%c$0c c1c"cGc cEc c E c 66o+cccc#cc!!c#%"c !c#%52c

[email protected]

c c,c cc),$c'$c%cc  cc c c%% c$ *0c$*cc,* ,*c 9 $;cc" $ ,(c c $6c%c$c c%* c%c $c'$c%cc c c  c%c$ *c% ;c c$c% c$ $cc $ $c c9* 'c$c*'$c* c c1$,$c$ ;c 6'9+c#c"cc#%c !c c#%2c



c'c%c,cc$c$ c,$cc$c c c&c,c c, c$c(c*c%c'cc Lc c*$ c(* *cLc 1$,$;c$c,( c$cc%% c c*c'cc'c c*c c $c,$c cc c,c ;c%c* ,* c$ %(,*!cB,c,cc1$,$c$ ;Cc 6'0+c#c"cc c !cc %ccc#%2c



c c*c c$c c c"$ c%c$ cccB'cc c6'c'c cc$c'c, CcD RomanscH! FG0c c c)6c(cc(*c(cc)c$!cB(0c*c UCc 6'©+c c"c"#c#%c ##2c

[email protected] FK>c

FH c

-,$c%cc$,*c c' c c c%c c*c 0c c,c*)$c cc c"cc' c"0c c % B(%Ccc)6c cc' c;c"cc%% c$'$c,$c cB.Cc'c$cc0c ccc*c" ;c 6'3+c c "ccc#%c c #%2c


FH cc

)c**c' c cHail Mary,c cc' c'c c,c$6$c c $$c%c c;c c"c$cc  cR c~kathistosc(0c caaraclesis0cc c($cc *$c%c)$c$ c  $;c 1 )c c E c 6'+c c#cc"#"c5"c! c#%2c

[email protected] FHEc



c$ $cc,c(*$c%c;c.c*$c$6c (c c c%c c*c c%c,$cc%c c'*c'*;cc ($ c9* c$)c c&A$c*;c c c((,c%c$ $0c ,, c c$ c%c c,0c c)c)*c %% %cspiritualitiesc  c c,$c'c c*)cc c c c'c%c; c 6'6+c c#c#c"cc#%2c

FH F> c

F>E F> c

c$ c%(*c$c c%$ c*c%c, cc;c+*c%(*cc$c ,**c((c,$c c$ c c%$ %ccc c,;c $$0cc,$0ccB$ ,*c Cc$  , cc$*c%ccc*c c; c 6''+c#c#"c#c c c#%2c



ccc'c, c cc%cc c*c$c cc( c%c%%c'c c($c c;cc,c

%c* ,*ccc,$ c ;c c*$c*$c*cc c0c$,c$ccBcCc c(0cc( $ c   c c c !c !c #%c 6'7+c#c$"c#c$ c"#,c! c#%2c

F>K F>Hc

K c

c (c$c$, *c%cc, c c,c$$c c c% %,*c c ($c%cc c c,$c  ,*c )c0cc%cc% c(*$0c c ,c%c c,$0c,c,$ 0c c$0cc%$ $c%c c* ,*c ËWe must remember uod more often than we draw breath.´cD c&c%c::,$Gc 6'U;c#c#cc8"" "c !cc!c !c#%2c

F>K F>>c

$ c  c$c$)c c%($c%c9$$cc*)c!c)*c0c(  0cc (* )c;c ((c c**c%c (c$c c** c%c c ; c *  (c c E c 6'o+c c#c #c#%c,c",2c

K K Ec



*cc$$ $c cc' c c cc%c c ;c)c c($ c c0c')0c c$$c'  c$c c(,$ c*'$c$c%(cc$*c% ;c. c  cOur Fatherc1$,$c$c , c,$cc% c%(c%c)*c;c 679+c#c"c$# 2c

K K Hc

K @c

"  c$cc%,*c%* c  c$c)c**cc c.c%c&cc c-*;c"  c$c , 0c(   $ccc cc,c% 0c) c,c cc% %c,c'**c c%**'c$ ;c c$cc%$ c$ c 'c c,c%c*)c' 670+c#c"c $#c#%2c

K > K=>c

K Ec

[email protected]> KE=c

 (* )cc$cc$(*c:c,c&cc$*cc*);c c$cc% c%c&0cc(( c %c,c% c,c'c c $ 0c$,$c($*%c c c*)c'**c%c c 0cc*$c$cc,c c c%c c*c ;c c $c%c  (* )cc$c c ( c$c%c%$0cBc'c (c$c%Kc

-,$c1$,$0c,c(0c$c,$c c c A$c$cc$c c(6$c,$c$c*; ,$c*c c c  $(*cc%**c ,$ 0c' c?%,*c$$,cc,(*c*$$0c' c c  c%cc*)cc;c 6U3+c c"cc "",c c#""c1 c#"c-#.2c

KK> KH c


K>H H cc

.cc)6c cB Cc,$c cc%c&c(c(c$c)*c(c c,$cc,$c$c c(6$c(c6'c c ) 0c 0c* $c,$c c c$c($ c' cc)c'c$$c%c'cc'6$cc,$c c$c c c$c $c* cA$c0c'cc %c'c%c,cc$$c%c c cc c;c 6U+c%c cc"#%c- .c#2c

KHF K> c

H =cc

cB,Cc9$$$cc  **c'c* $c' c&;c.c'cc c c 0c'ccc*%c(c' c ccc  c $ c'ccB$Cc*ccc$cB,Cc&c'cc%c  ;c  c% 0c'c*$c$cB,Cc c,$c c,c%c$ %cc(,*  ,c%c $cc$$ $c'c)c, cBc cc([email protected] G;c 6U6+cc#c"c !c $$ c#c$"" c cc#%c c1 c#"c- .c#2c

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H =c

cc cB,Cc c$cc((c*$$c%c c :0c'c%*cc, c$,(($c c?cc1$,$Acc%c c, cc cB,c Cc$c cc' c**c*cc%c**c*c  c c(c6'c cc ,c&ccc c c, 6U'+c#c "cc#"c- c#cc#.c$#2c

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$c**c9$$c$c c cc*c, cc'c%c!c&c $$c) ;cc9$$c%$c c c(? &0cc*$c c$c$cc c $c%c c?,$ ;c)0cc c A$c,$0c$  , $c,c ,c(*c 'c 'c' c'*c'cc$ **cc ;cBc' c$ cc&CcD [email protected][email protected]'c*)c*cc $c(*;c c'(c  (c

6U7+c#c"cc"c !cc

;"c #%2c

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H Kc

c $c$)c  $c(c c&c c ;cc%$ c 0c(c&  0c'c,$c 'c(c%c$c*3c c$c 6c%$ c%c c*);c$c  $c$,$ cc ,*c' c'c, c c$6c%c(!c c$ % c%c$c(0c c( 8(0cc c%,*%**( c%c$c'**;cc*$ c%,c  $c$ c c c c%c($c,c' $$cc, c9  c%c,$0c c%)c,$0c c$,$ c,$cc (  $0cc c%c,$c%(c c)*c; c 6UU+c#c "c-# c,c%c(#$.c$#2c

H K H= c

H Hc

c**'cc(6c*c c(c%c&c$c)c**ccc%c$c  c 6'*$c&c$c*;c c% 0c&c)*c$c "$$cc' chisc*c cc$ c%c(c$cc*c cc'cc',*c'**;c 6Uo+c c"cc(#$c !c1 c$#c %cc"c#ccc 2c

[email protected] H= c

c(6c*c c(c%c&0c'c**$c,$cB c*$$CcDX ThessalonianscE!KGc$c c$c  c,c $(*c$ c( c 0c c$c c$6cL' c,c*)$cc,c$cLc  c c(c%c&cc6'cc*$$cc)c(;c 6o9+c#c "ccc#"4c! cc"c#%"c-%cC5 $c $.2c

H=F H =c

H >c

c,c$c%c c%*c(c%c c8(c%c&c ,c$ A$c ,cc*;cc,c$c*$c  c c 8 $c%(c'cc ,c*A$c$ % cc c cc ,c c(( ( c c c$)c%c?,$ cc c-  ,$;c$c  c$c cc%c c cc c-!cB(0cc1$,$CcD Revelationc

! G;c 6o0+c%c#%c-%cc,c c c#c#"cc"cc#.2c


H Kc

HF c

c'**c%c c c$c  cB**c(cc$)CcDX Timothyc !EG;cc $c1$,$c(!c c% *c%,*%**c c$)c'**c%c$c  ,c c c, c,c'**c c  c%c$cc% c c9(*c%c c-* $$cc"cc c$ $;c.c$6c  c $c*)c *:cc c$c c$c*cc);c c$c ,cc  c'cc$cB' c$c c'**c%c&CcD Romansc= ! Gcc B$ %$ $$c cc CcDHebrews= [email protected];c 6o©+c#c"cc""c !cc c-1c"c"c#%c c#%c,#.2c

H H [email protected]


$6c&c' c c%**c ,$ c%c*c%c c*c,$( c'c$c$$c%c,$c**c'c:c'cc& c$0c $$;c.c$6c*$c%c cc c6'c'c c c$c  c?,$ cc$* c(c**'c c,c%c$(c c(c 6o3+c#c"cc"!#%c"#c""c !c"c 2c

[email protected] [email protected]


cB(c$c c*)ccc*c, cc)c'c  c($c%(c c(, c%c&CcDMatthewcE!EG0c $c  cc

[email protected]

.c$6c&c,c c c c*)c,$c*ccc c'c%c (  ;c.c$6c c*c c c*c,$c6'c'c c$   'cctrialc  c(6$c,$c'cc$$ccctemptationc  c*$c c$cc c0cc c c0c 'cbeing temptedccconsentingc c (  ;c$c  c, $c,$c c1$,$c'c)(c (  cc$c;c c
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