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July 29, 2017 | Author: Julian Aleman | Category: Cylinder (Engine), Fuel Injection, Bearing (Mechanical), Piston, Diesel Engine
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ENGINE CAT 3116 Head Installation

The head gasket I used here is thicker because the block deck was machined. The piston potrusion must be between .020 and .035 in. Using a depth guage I had a reading of .038 in. so the thicker gasket was required.


JEM Y CIA LTDA When Installing the cylinder head on our 3116 Diesel Engine we must make sure to perform the proper torque sequence. The normal sequence is an alternating pattern starting at the center of the head. This is a universal pattern no matter what engine model you are working on. The large bolts are torqued first at 45 ft. lbs. then 320 ft. lbs. Check again at 320 ft. lbs. {there is a + or - 15 ft. lbs.} I stick to 320.

Torquing up to 320 ft. lbs. requires a 3/4 drive torque wrench. The smaller bolts are torqued to 45 ft. lbs. once the main head bolts have been torqued. The threads and underside of the head bolt shoulders have to be lightly lubricated with engine oil before installation.

CAT 3116 – CRANKSAFT INSTALLATION AND MAIN BEARING. Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Rebuild: Today we started assembling the Cat 3116 engine that failed back in June. It was put off until now for various reasons so when time permits and nothing else major happens the assembly process will continue. The block has been machined and new sleeves pressed in the bores. The Cam Bushings were installed by the machine shop as well. The first thing to do is install the piston cooling nozzles {as seen above} which get Main gallery oil pressure. They are held in by M8 fasteners and the torque is 18 ft lbs. + or - 2 ft. lbs.



Installing The Main Bearings: The tang on each bearing makes it impossible to put them in wrong. The # 5 Main Bearing acts as the thrust bearing. The other half of each bearing set must be matched up with the corresponding bearing cap. Coat each bearing with a generous amount of Lubriplate grease {my favourite} or any other recommended engine assembly lube. Assembly grease is a good idea if the engine will be out of service for awhile.

Install Crankshaft: Very carefully lay crankshaft into block. Give the Crankshaft a slight rotation so you know it's seated properly in the upper main bearings.

Prepare Crankshaft Main Bearing Caps: Make sure the main bearing caps are clean and install the bearings aligning reference tangs with notches in caps.



Install and Torque Main Bearing Caps: Carefully install bearing caps, they fit snugly in block and don't need to be forced. Lubricate threads and between bolt head and flat washer of each main bearing capscrew. Torque the cap bolt on the TANG side of the bearings first and then the other side to 45 ft. lbs. {Tang is the bent out portion of each bearing used as a reference when installing in the block or the cap} Recheck torque and then turn each bolt 90 degrees starting at the non- tang side of each Main Bearing then move to the tang side. Above you can see we are using a Torque Angle Guage from Snap-On tools. Finally finish off by checking the end play of the Crankshaft with a magnetic base dial indicator which should read between .003 and .009 in.

Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Piston Installation

The piston rings have been installed using a ring expander tool. The ring gaps must be positioned 120 degres apart. Lubricate piston and rings with clean engine oil and tighten ring compressor tool around piston. Lube rod bearings with assembly grease [I am using "Clevite 77" engine assembly grease for bearings/Lubriplate 105 grease is OK as well]


JEM Y CIA LTDA Slide hose over both connecting rod cap bolts to protect crankshaft journals during installation. Rotate crankshaft so rod journals for pistons to be installed is at bottom dead center. Coat cylinder with engine oil or lubriplate 105 and gently tap piston into cylinder until upper connecting rod bearing seats on crankshaft journal.

Note: Install piston with scribed cylinder number on rod and cap facing oil cooler side. The stamped number faces the camshaft side.

Once seated on crankshaft journal remove hoses from rod bolts and install connecting rod cap. The tabs on the connecting rod bearings should mate with each other. We are able to do 2 cylinders at a time since they are both at bottom dead center position on the crankshaft.

Torque rod caps to 40 ft. lbs. + or - 5 ft. lbs. Turn nuts an additional 60 degrees which is equal to one hex on the nut. Each nut has six sides = 60 degrees each. Grab rod cap and make sure there is side movement on the crankshaft journal. Continue installing remaining pistons

Cat Diesel Engine injector installation on a 3116. Before installing MUI {mechanical unit injector}injectors on a 3116 diesel engine the first #

JEM Y CIA LTDA thing to check is the brass sleeve in the cylinder head. It has the job of providing a seating surface for the injector, so any visible wear will require you to get the sleeves machined or replaced.

1. clean out injector sleeve bore. 2. install o-rings on the injector main body and tip and apply a light film of engine oil. 3. seat the injector in the bore of the head and push down firmly on the return spring until a noticeable click is heard. 4. turn injector until it engages with fuel control rack. 5. torque hold down bolt to 9 ft lbs + or - 2 ft lbs.

Use injector seating tool to seat injector into it's bore. 1. the seating tool is supplied by Caterpillar and must be used or compression may leak past injector into the fuel system. 2. re-torque injector hold down bolt when seating procedure is completed. 3. picture shows seating tool set up outside of the engine to clearly see how it works. Torque the three seating tool mounting bolts down to 20 ft lbs then seating bolt{top} to 25 ft lbs wait a few seconds then retorque. The next step is Synchronization which I will post soon. I hope you can use this information when installing an injector on your 3116 Cat Diesel Engine



Injector Synchronization

This is an over view of this procedure, you definitely need the 3116 tune up kit for this and any other adjustment. The kit comes with a very detailed instruction booklet and once you have gone through a couple of settings and understand exactly what is being accomplished with each adjustment it gets easier with experience. Installing fuel Rack The fuel rack has been bolted down with 4 allen head bolts torqued to 9 + or - 2 ft. lbs. Remove fuel shutdown solenoid to allow complete rack movement. Install injector hold downs so injector racks move freely. Don't force injector racks, this will cause damage. The hold downs come with the complete 3116 tune up kit. The hold downs slightly compress the injector spring allowing rack movement. Synchronization Set Up Injectors that have been removed must be synchronized and it's much easier with the rocker arms removed. Place the 3.50 mm block[chain attached as seen in photo above] between injector rack stop rod and injector body on #1 injector. So the #1 injector rack is extended 3.50mm away from fuel shut off position [fuel shut off is when the rack stop pin is touching injector body] Note: #1 injector is preset from factory and cannot be altered, the remaining injectors are set according to #1 injector settings. There is also a synchronizer plunger adjustment that sets rack movement[for the synchronization adjusment only], this tool threads into two rocker arm mounting holes. Using the dial indicator [which is reading fuel rack movement] we can set the adjustable plunger to proper specs. Once everything is set up you go to the injector that needs adjustment. Using our tool kit pliers we carefully clamp onto the fuel rack shaft and go to full fuel position, set dial indicator to zero and let rack go. The reading has to be 3.50 mm [there is a + or - allowed but I like to get it bang on] Now you can see why the 3.50 mm block is left in #1 injector for this adjustment. #


Each injector has a seperate adjustment screw and once adjusted you'll have perfect synchronization and maximum performance out of your Cat 3116 Diesel Engine....


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