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Tata GeMS – Marketing Exam: Cases Please read the following market information, and answer the question below. Submit your answer in a word doc Times New Roman-11 point font size, you name clearly mentioned on the top right corner, you answer should be precise and not exceeding 1 page per answer. Caselet -1: Big Bazaar Big Bazaar, in an attempt to redefine experience (and consumption) is mulling over an idea of renting clothes for occasion wear and sell second-hand clothes. The initiative (details not yet out) will allow customers to hire high-end clothes, bags, jewelry and other accessories for a fraction of a price. Q1- Analyse and suggest whether this business idea would work in India based on your understanding of Marketing, providing a clear logic behind your suggestion. Case-2: Old Spice Old Spice, currently owned by P&G, came up with its first product, a fragrance called Early American Old Spice for women in 1937. Later, in 1938 Old Spice for men was launched. The brand has a vast variety of male grooming products, which include the famous after shave lotion, shaving preparations (creams, foams, gels, etc), deodorants, antiperspirant, talc etc with a major presence in the American Market. History: In India from 1937 to 1993, the Old Spice was manufactured and marketed by Menzes Cosmetics Goa. Then P&G took over the brand and in 2001 again the brand was given back to Menzes cosmetics. In between the brand was licensed to Marico Industries but later the agreement was terminated. The After Shave lotion, as a product, created the brand for Old Spice as a whole to such an extent that Old Spice was generic name for After Shaves in India. The cool Cologne and Lime fragrance was a run-away success and the trade mark of the ship was unique. After shave is sort of an alcohol based perfume used for healing of cuts and nicks caused during shaving. It was considered as a premium shave supplement and only selected upper class used it. Lower class and rural people were still using either dettol (or similar antiseptic liquid) mixed with small amount of water or traditional “Fitkari” to heal the cuts and nicks during shaving. The After Shave Lotion from Old Spice has also been used in the Indian Army in the Kits the soldiers carry to the warfront areas, since Old Spice have the lotion packaged in unbreakable plastic bottles unlike other Antiseptics which are available in glass bottles.

But, then all of a sudden this brand was put in the back burner. The ads stopped, no new products, no marketing and slowly the brand’s visibility went off. Due to lack of any activity, the brand faded out. Current Scenario: The first men product of Old Spice, the after shave, in a buoy shaped bottle was a great success and created market leadership for the brand. Currently Old Spice has 56% market share in the After Shave market. In India, however After Shave is a 60 crore INR market. The product acquired a major presence in Indian market since its launch. This was the time when people accepted this product quickly and as a result it was preferred product of the 1940 – 1960 generation. The setback the brand is currently facing is that the current generation looks at Old Spice as Out of Fashion brand or “My father’s brand” and prefers other new brands like Gillette (this is also owned by P&G) or Axe over Old Spice. The second issue which the brand is facing is due to the technology advancement from the old single blade razor, (which resulted in more cuts and nicks during shaving) to new generation twin blade and 3 blade razors, have resulted in slow / declined market for After Shave lotions. Since the current market for entire after shave lotion is limited to a 60 crore INR, the advertising budgets available are very low for all the players in the After Shave Market Old Spice – Other products: Old Spice has other products such as shaving preparations (like creams, foam and gel) and Deodorants in India. Shaving preparations’ is a 250 crore INR market with Vijon used by barbers as the market leader. Amongst the creams, foam and gels, Indian market is more focused on creams and gels. Western countries graduated from creams to foams to gels. However, Indian markets graduated directly from creams to gels and thus foams found a less scope. The gel market, being new concept, has not expanded in India as it has done in the Developed World. Deodorants, on the other hand, are observing huge growth of 25% yearly and is currently a 700 crore INR market. Old spice is leading in deodorant market in the US. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qu 1. How to make the OLD SPICE Brand relevant to the new generation, who consider it as “My father’s brand”? Suggest a strategy to the Marketing Head to enhance the sale of the after shave lotion? .

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