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September 21, 2017 | Author: Giovanni A. Medrano Nicolas | Category: Chief Operating Officer, Employment, Salary, Motivation, Self-Improvement
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Yovanni Andrés Medrano Nicolás Work of English Class Development Case study: Case study: Selecting a Chief Operating Officer Case study: A car manufacturer Matricula 2011-1108

Yovanni Andrés Medrano Nicolás 2011-1108

Case Study: Selecting e a Chief Operating Officer Three Companies are looking for a senior manager-a Chief Operating Officer who will be responsible for managing the company’s day-to-day operation, and making sure that all operation are efficient and effective.

Company A is a Cigarette manufacturer that has to modernize its production systems in order to become profitable, in an industry that has an increasingly bad reputation

Company B is a software developer that employs a lot of young, creative, talented and rather undisciplined people

Company C is a private television cannel whose objective is to broadcast programmers that get as big an audience as possible in order to maximize advertising revenue

Which of the following candidates might be the most suitable for the positions? Here are some extracts from their letters. Candidate 1 .My Skills involves helping businesses achieve their objectives. Throughout my career I have ensured that my subordinates successfully executed the strategies developed by senior management, delivered results and maximized revenue.

Candidate 2. I see my skills as being able to communicate with and motivate people to help them develop and accomplish their objectives, while also working effectively in teams.

Candidate 3. At this stage in my career, in a challenging new position that involves setting objectives and deciding how the organization can achieve them. I would then concentrate on measuring the performance of the staff.

Candidate 4. My career demonstrates ability to analyses problems, find solution and implement them. I also have strong communication skills and experience in explaining difficult decisions to employees, investors, journalists, and so on.

Answers For the company A, I will recommend the candidate number 4 For the company B, my recommendation is the candidate 2 For the company C, the most suitable candidate might be candidate 3


Yovanni Andrés Medrano Nicolás 2011-1108

Imagine you work for a recruitment agency or a headhunting firm. Write an email of 50-100 words to your boss recommending your choice of candidates for the positions above and outlining the reasons. These are my recommendation for the different companies. The first company need a person able to resolve problem who has experience looking for solution to problems but also the candidate need to know how communicate this news solution and how transmit the way to implement them to their subordinates, that’s why I recommend the candidate number 4 because he had the experiences in bringing solution to deferent’s problems but he know how to communicate and those ability will help to the company to find solution for modernize its production system. For the company B I recommend the candidate number 2 because it will be provide the motivation and the communication that the young people that work there need for been able to accomplish their goals And for the company C I recommended the candidate number 1 because this candidate knows how to achieve goals but more than that he know how to make that their subordinates executed the strategies in the company so if he have these ability he will make his team reach the result and maximized revenue through them

Case Study: A car manufacturer The senior managers of a car manufacturer sense an increasing level of dissatisfaction among most of the different categories of staff. The company has the following groups of employees, with different benefits:       

Senior management ( high salaries, free company, company restaurant,25 days annual holiday) Designer (High salaries, free company car, company canteen, 20 days holiday) Production-Line worker ( Fixed salary, company canteen, 20 days holidays) Secretarial and administrative staff (Salary according to experience, company canteen, 20 day holiday) Sales representatives (low fixed salary plus commission on sales, 20 days holiday) Canteen and restaurant staff ( 20 days holiday, free meals in canteen) Cleaners (hourly wages, plus 8.33% extra as holiday pay, no other benefits)

The managers meet to consider ways of increasing staff motivation. They have to decide wheter any of the following suggestions would be appropriate for different groups of employees:     

Building sport facilities Establishing a profit-sharing programmer Giving longer paid holidays ( such as an extra day for every year worked over ten years) Offering cars at discount prices Offering career training

Yovanni Andrés Medrano Nicolás 2011-1108       

Offering early retirement Paying a higher salary Paying productivity bonuses Reducing the working week (e.g. to 35 hours) Setting up a crèche for employees’ pre- school-age children Spending some money on decorating the organization’s premises (e.g. with plants, pictures) Subsidizing the staff canteen

Writing Write an email of no more than 100 words to the CEO, outlining and justifying your choice of improved benefits These are the benefit for each group of employees: Senior management: Giving longer paid holiday, building sport facilities and spending and spending money on decorating the organization’s premises these are the plus benefit that I will include for these group of employees because they have good benefits already but this are things that helps them to get motivate in their environment of work. For the other groups of employer without including the canteen and restaurant staff and the cleaners would be appropriate to offering cars at discount price to motive them to effort on their job an keep working hard on it, but also setting up a crèche for employees’ pre-school-age children because this will be a extra help for them and will take of a expense from their budget, but another benefit will be part of the sport facilities. And for the rest of the employer: be part of the sport facilities that going to make them feel that there are part of the company but also a its going to include a paying productivity bonuses for their. These going to help them to feel that their job is important for the company.

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