Car Accident Police General Diary, Bangladesh

May 28, 2016 | Author: Shah M Zobair | Category: Types, Business/Law, Court Filings
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It is a sample for car accident general diary in Dhaka, Bangladesh....


March 23, 2014 To, Officer in Charge Dhanmondi Thana, Dhaka

Subject: File a General Diary.

Dear Sir,

With due respect I, Shah Md. Zobair, S/O: Shah Md. Lokman, 1-F, 2-11, Kalwalapara, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, had a road accident on 15/03/2014 around 12:30AM at SatMasjid Road nearby Road No# 13/A. I was driving from Jigatola to Mirpur and while I came across Road No# 13/A, a truck had hit my private car (Dhaka Metro Ga 214884) at the left side of the car and ran away. Due to the hit I have crashed to the adjacent island of the road. There were no injuries except some major breakdowns to the car. In this circumstance, I would like to file a general diary to inform you regarding the incident. Your kind consideration is highly appreciated. Sincerely yours,

Shah Md. Zobair Address: 1-F, 2-11, Kalwalapara, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216 Mobile: +88 0174-2312808

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