CAPE Caribbean Studies Definitions of Important Terms

May 8, 2018 | Author: smartkid167 | Category: Norm (Social), Socialization, Value (Ethics), Institution, Society
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Society is the largest group or unit to which an individual belongs, which infuences how we behave and has a group structure subdivided into social institutions consisting o intangible entities such as belies and values on which all other groups, such as social organisations, are patterned. Social institutions are a group o cherished ideas and belies that we have as a society about how we want our lives organised. They make up the institutional ramework o society, consisting o inherited ideas and traditions. Social organisations are the groups that are ormed in a society because o the cherished ideas and belies we hold about dierent aspects o social lie. Culture may be dened as those aspects o a liestyle that may be peculiar to a particular society as well as popular culture, made up o material processes, creations and practices. “Culture is the accumulated store of symbols, ideas, and material products associated associated with a social system, whether it be an entire society or  family.” !ohnson, "##$, p.%&' (alues represent how strongly we eel about certain )ualities and how we rank the importance o these )ualities. These )ualities are ranked highly as dispositions or )ualities that people in society should possess. *orms are e+pected behaviours that are associated with sanctions  rewards or punishments. Socialisation is the process through which we learn the values, norms and behaviours that are acceptable in our society and culture. -ctive socialisation occurs when individuals bring hisher own dispositions and attitudes to bear o decision making and does not passively adopt society/s values and norms. http://www.s /essay-questions-caribbean tions-caribbean-studies -studies and here http://www.s /caribbean-studies-pp2-20 tudies-pp2-2004 04 http://www.s /caribbean-studies-pp2-20 tudies-pp2-2006 06 http://www.s /caribbean-studies-pp-200 tudies-pp-2007 7 http://www.s /caribbean-studies-pp-200 tudies-pp-2008 8 http://www.s /caribbean-studies-holmw tudies-holmwood-test ood-testelopment-2!08474

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