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November 22, 2017 | Author: monoplomo | Category: Calligraphy, Symbols, Crafts, Typography, Art Media
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Child, Heather. The Calligrapher’s Handbook. Drogin, Marc. Yours Truly, King Arthur: How Medieval People Wrote, and How You Can Too. Dubay, Inga. Italic Letters: Calligraphy and Handwriting. Dubay, Inga. Italic Letters. Eager, Fred. The Italic Way to Beautiful Handwriting, Cursive and Calligraphic. Fairbank, Alfred. A Book of Scripts. Fairbank, Alfred. A Handwriting Manual. Fink, Joanne. Lettering Arts (Library of Applied Design),. Frankenfield, Charles ,Stoner and Henry. Speedball Texbook, 21st Edition. Furber, Alan. Layout and Design for Calligraphers. Goffe, Gaynor. Calligraphy Made Eaasy. Goffe, Gaynor. Calligraphy School (Learn as you go) Gourdie, Tom. Calligraphy for the Beginner. Gourdie, Tom. Handwriting for Today.

Gourdie, Tom. Handwriting Made Easy: A Simple Modern Approach.

Hoare, Diana. Advanced Calligraphy Techniques: Ideas in Action. Hufton, Susan. Step-by-step Calligraphy: A Complete Guide with Creative Projects. Jackson, Dick. Copperplate Calligraphy. Johnston, Edward. Book of Formal Scripts. Johnston, Edward. Writing & Illuminating & Lettering. Kastin, Judy. 100 Keys to Great Calligraphy. Knight, Stan. Historical Scripts. Krimm, Gerald. A Copperplae Manual: An Inroduction to Writing with the Pointed Pen. Kuiseko, Ryokoshu. Brush Writing: Calligrapy Techniques for Beginners. Lehman, Charles. Italic Handwriting and Calligraphy for the Beginner. Lincoln, Abrahan. Hunt Speedball Calligraphy Workbook: An Italic Notebook. Lunniss, Vivien. Celtic Calligraphy. Martin, Judy. The Complete Guide to Calligraphy. Merehan, Aidan. Celtic Design: A Beginner’s Manual. Meehan, Aidan. Celtic Alphabets (Celtic Design)..

Gourdie, Tom. Calligraphic Styles.

Nash, John. Pracical Calligraphy.

Haines, Susanne. The Calligrapher’s Project Book.

Noble, Mary. The Calligrapher’s Companion.

Halliday, Peter. Calligraphy: Art and Colour

Pearce, Charles. The Anatomy of Letters.

Halliday, Peter: Creative Calligraphy: A Do-It Yourself Guide to Decorative Lettering.

Pearce, Charles. Little Manual of Calligraphy.

Harvey, Michael. Creative Lettering Today.

Reaves, Marilyn. Brush Lettering: An Instructional Manual in Western Brush Calligraphy.

Hewitt, Graily. Lettering for Students and Craftsmen.

Rivers-Kennedy, Betsy. Insights into Left-handed Calligraphy.

Sassoonm, Rosemary. The Practical Guide to Calligraphy . Shepherd, Margaret. Calligraphy Alphabets Made Easy. Shepherd, Margaret. Capitals for Calligraphy: A Sourcebook of Decorative Letterring. Shepherd, Margaret. Using Calligraphy: A Workbook of Alphabets, Projects and Techniques. Slevinsky, Lynn. Marker Lettering I. Slevinsky, Lynn. Marker Lettering II. Slevinsky, Lynn. Marker Lettering III. Stoner, Charles. Beautiful Italic Handwriting Made Easy. Studley, Vance. Left-handed Calligraphy.

Svaren, Jacqueline. Written Letters: 29 Alphabets for Calligraphers Thompson, Tommy. Script Lettering for Artists. Thomson, George L. New Better Handwriting. Trudgill, Anne. Basic Skills (Lettering Workbooks). Webster, Patricia, ed. The Calligrapher’s Handbook. Wellington, Irene. Copy Book. Wellington, Irene. The Irene Wellington Copy Book. Whalley, Joyce Irene. The Student’s Guide to Western Calligraphy: An Illustrated Survey. Wilson, Diana Hardy. The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Technqiues: A Comprehensive A-Z Diretory of Calligraphy and a Step-by-step Guide to Their Use. Winters, Eleanor. Mastering Copperplate: A Stepby-step Manual for Calligraphers. Winters, Eleanor. Calligraphy in Ten Easy Lessons. Woodcock, John. A Book of Formal Scripts.

Wotzkow, H. Art of Hand-lettering: Its Mastery and Practice. Zapf, Hermann. Creative Calligraphy: Instructions and Alphabets. A New Instruction Manual for Learning the art of Calligraphy.

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