Calibu Diesel-Electric Power Plant

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Holy Angel University College of Engineering and Architecture Angeles City

Occupational Safety and Health Management of  Calibu Diesel-Electric Power Plant

Group Members: Cabal, Anne Charmaine S. Mallari, Patrick Kevin M.

P-301 TTH / 1:20-2:50PM

Dr. Ruby Henson Instructor

I. Background Mission:  Recognizes the responsibilities towards its stockholders and shall endeavor to carry out its operation at the cost  –  effective manner, and extend fair compensation, benefits, and privileges to its employees.

Vision: To provide continuous supply of electric power to cater the power requirement of the customers through the state-of  art automation in the operation of its generating units, and to be the  – art catalyst on the progress of the region particularly the province of Pampanga.

Calibu Diesel-Electric Power Plant is a part of the company, Angeles Power Inc. (API) that is located at Angeles Industrial Park, Calibutbut, Bacolor, Pampanga. The starting construction of this power plant was at April 22, 1993, and even if it hasn’t completed yet, it already start an operation by May 19, 1994. After almost 3 years, the power plant has completed its construction by Jan. 24, 1997 with a Plant capacity of 30MW. Layout of the Power Plant:

Calibu Power Plant, is build on a compound and the power plant itself, keeps a green place since they plant trees around the compound to avoid noise pollution because the operation is more than 30db than the normal. And the power plant is located at near subdivisions which really need a noise limiting for the residences not to disturb.

The layout for the machines for the operation of the plant is in a large warehouse where the office of the operation is on one side.

II. Problems and Strategies Statement of the Problems/Objectives: Problems:   

How the workers in the power plant are having their safety? What are mostly the common hazards during the operation of the Power plant? Is the machine safeguarding is followed in the plant?

Objectives:   

To know the OSH of the power plant and the safety of the workers To know the hazards that can occur on the power plant before, during, and after operation To identify the machines used and safeguarding

Alternative Courses of Action: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is strictly observed in the power plant. Because of  its operation of high voltage and the large equipments and machines used for the operation.

PPE used in the power plant:

Hard Hat  –  used on elevated rooms but depends on the working location. It is also used as a protection for the 13.8kV electric shock.  – there are 3 kinds of gloves used in the plant. Gloves – there High tension gloves  –  used on 7.5kV switches Chemical Gloves  –  cleaning of plates which used hydrochloric acid and costic soda  – for formality Rubber Gloves – for Safety Shoes –  Shoes  – to to prevent electric shock from the ground Boots Coats –  Coats – rain rain protection Chemical suit –  suit  – used used when using the chemical HCL and costic soda. Clothing for welding Goggles –  Goggles – used used for grinding Gas Mask  Face shield Welding Mask   

        

Mechanical Hazards

As they stated, since 2001 no accidents and injuries have occurred on the power plant. Since they only have 37 st employees, 1 1 aid practitioner, authorized driver and a CPR practitioner so, they are safely observed. They posted tagouts and lockouts for the safety of the workers.

They are also complete in medical supplies. And the location of the power plant is near the hospital so in case of injuries and accidents, they can easily recover and having an authorized driver for urgent.

Machine Safeguarding

Machine safeguarding is observed also because of the heavy machines used in the plant.

Machine guard is placed on some parts of the machines used that needs serious safety like the propeller at the back of the machines used to process the oil, the tanks are covered with the safeguard in case of falling.

Good house rules and electrical safety is posted on some areas of the plant compound because, some of their workers are beginners and are students (they take part time jobs or OJT of  their course) for their safety during work hours.

II. Analysis/ Evaluation Rule 1080: Personal Protective Equipment and Devices

1081: General Provision 1081.01: Every employer as defined in 1002: (1)Shall at his own expense furnish his workers with protective equipment for the eyes, face, hands and feet, protective shields and barriers whenever necessary by reason of the hazardous nature of the process or environment, chemical or radiological or other mechanical irritants or hazards capable of causing injury or impairment in the function of any part of the body through absorption, inhalation or physical contact. (2) Deduction for the loss or damage of personal protective equipment shall be governed by Article 114, Book III, Labor Code of the Philippines, and Section 14, Rule VIII, Book III, Omnibus Rules Implementing the Labor Code. 1081.02: All personal protective equipment shall be of the approved design and construction appropriate for the exposure and the work to be performed. 1081.03: The employer shall be responsible for the adequacy and proper maintenance of  personal protective equipment used in his workplace. 1081.04: No person shall be subjected or exposed to a hazardous environmental condition without protection.

Rule 1200: Machine Guarding 1202: Provisions of Guards All moving parts of prime movers, transmission equipment and all dangerous parts of driven machinery shall be effectively guarded, unless so constructed or located to prevent any person or object from coming or brought into contact with them. 1202.02: Removal of Guards: (1) No person shall remove or make ineffective ineffectiv e any safeguard, safety appliance, or safety device guarding a dangerous machine or machine part unless such is authorized and the machine is stopped for the purpose of immediately repairing and adjusting such machinery, guard, appliance or device. (2) Warning signs with standard color shall be installed near the machine being repaired or its guards removed. (3) Upon completion of the repairs or adjustment, such guards, appliances or devices shall immediately be reinstalled before the machine is used. Rule 1410: Construction Safety 1412. General Provisions 1412.04: Machine Guarding: All moving parts of machinery used shall be guarded in accordance with the requirements of  Rule 1200. 1412.09: Protection of the Public: A safe covered walkway shall be constructed over the sidewalk for use by pedestrians in a building construction work less than 2.3 m. (7 ft.) from a sidewalk or public road. 1412.20: Personal Protective Equipment: Personal Protective equipment as required in Rule 1080 shall be provided the workers. 1415. Construction Equipment 1415.02: Brake Controls and Safety Devices: (1) Every crane, crab and winch shall be provided with a brake to prevent the fall of the load and to control operation when the load is lowered. (2) Every handle or lever of a lifting appliance provided for controlling its operation shall be provided with suitable locking arrangement to prevent its accidental movement. (3) Every lever or handle provided for controlling the operation of a lifting appliance shall have upon it clear marking to indicate purpose and mode of operation.

1415.08: Safe Working Loads: (1) Safe working loads shall be plainly marked on every lifting appliance and in case of a crane with variable operating radius, safe load at various radii of the jib shall be marked on the jib displayed in the driver's cabin or fitted with an automatic safe load indicator. (2) In every derricking jib, the maximum radius at which the jib may be worked shall be plainly marked on it. (3) No lifting appliance shall be loaded beyond its safe working load.

IV. Recommendation The group recommends training for machine safety and using of PPE because it’s in the employees/workers for the machines to be operated and even if there are no cases of injuries or accidents, it’s still not sure if it’s safe. The group also recommends more machines safeguarding specially on the machines regularly used, and large machines that is dangerous without guards. V. Conlusion:

The Calibu Power plant is known for its electric producing. And we can say it is a safe workplace because of there is no cause of injuries or accidents happened in the plant. Since there are only less than 40 workers of the plant, it is only a small power plant but it is operating well. The safety of the workers is good since the used of PPE is much observed and they care for the safety of their workers.

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