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April 3, 2019 | Author: Si Goodwin | Category: Alkene, Hydrocarbons, Chemical Reactions, Combustion, Chemical Substances
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START > What are the reactants needed to make an ester 

They have different boiling points

What are the reaction conditions needed to make an ester 

Alcohol and Organic Acid

Ethanol + Methanoic Acid would form

Heat and Concentrated sulphuric acid

What is a saturated hydrocarbon?

Ethyl Methanoate

What is an example of a saturated hydrocarbon

One that contains only single bonds

What is an unsaturated hydrocarbon?


What is an example of an unsaturated hydrocarbon

One that contains at least one double bond

What colour will an alkene turn Bromine water?


What are the products of  complete combustion


What colour flame indicates incomplete combustion

Carbon Dioxide + Water 

What chemical is used to test for  carbon dioxide?


What happens to limewater when carbon dioxide is bubbled through it?

Lime water 

Why is incomplete combustion dangerous?


What type of reaction transfers energy to the surroundings?

Carbon monoxide is produced

What type of reaction takes energy from the surroundings?


What is sodium hydrogen carbonate used for?


What is an example of an emulsifier 

Making cakes rise

What is one example of an emulsion?


What is the water loving part of  an emulsifier molecule called?


Where is the hydrophobic part of  the molecule?

Hydrophilic head

What are the problems with crude oil use?

The tail

How are the hydrocarbon fractions separated?

Oil slicks and political problems

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