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Language Why should You Learn C Language?

The Need The C programming language for everybody. It is meant for people who need not be told about it. It is meant for people who do not need to be taught. The C programming language is unique. It is special. It is small. It is great and it is filled with UNIX genius. It is just like a typical UNIX tool which does only one job, but does it well. The C language is small but it is the most challenging programming skill to acquire today. C is meant for people who understand the big picture well. It is meant for technologists, technocrats and people who create and design stuff. Most of the time, what you can do in C, you cannot do in any other language. Think of Kernel programming or Embedded Systems. Understanding C means understanding what's really going on inside the computer. When one understands C, assembly language is at most tedious, but not conceptually difficult. Aside from the pure mathematical thrill of understanding these things, there are practical applications of this knowledge:  Bugs: They'll always exist in software at all levels, so you need to be able to recognize them at all levels.  Security: "A chain is only as strongest as its weakest link." Okay, I've resorted to vague clichés, nevertheless, the most common elements in any software project are the low-level ones. Crackers can break into more places by finding low-level exploits, so that's where you should expect most attacks.  Optimization: Porting your performance-critical sections to C means the ability to do maximum optimization to your code. The conveniences of languages like Java and Perl are costly both memory-wise and performance-wise. C gives you readable code without a lot of secret functionality that you may or may not want.

The Need This is not to say that C is better than other languages, only that it will teach you more. In practice, C code is more difficult to secure, and more likely to have obscure bugs. Using C in place of a higher-level language is always a trade off, but one that should be based on an informed decision. C forces an acute awareness of Computer memory. What makes C so special that it has become the number one all-purpose programming language on this planet? It's a number of factors, really. 

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One can easily memorise all of C's functionality. You won't see many productive C++ or Perl programmers without a copy of the C Language. But once you know C, a reference is hardly necessary. You can keep it all in your head. There are free and/or commercial C implementations for nearly all known platforms. You can do everything in C, where nothing is really easy to do, but nothing is really hard. Compare that to BASIC where everything is easy, but you can't really do all that much. C is all lower case. That rules. C has got grillions of function libraries thoughtful men have written to enable you to live a lazier programmer's life. C is very well-standardised. C is not overly strict, but does a reasonable amount of type checking and such. C can be used for immensely complex, super-high-level stuff because it provides very flexible data structures. C can be used to program on the bare metal since it's got bit-wise operators, pointer arithmetic's etc.

C Language "a language that combines all the elegance and power of assembly language with all the readability and maintainability of assembly language". C is a type of programming language (an artificial language enabling humans to talk to computers). If you plan on programming or would like to learn programming, there are many Reasons to learn to develop C code. Computer Talk : C is a Popularity: Despite being general programming developed in 1972, in March language. Learning C gives 2010, the Programming you a strong foundation in Community index still programming so you can ranked C as the 2nd most move onto other popular programming programming languages like language. C++. Lots of Resources : Because of its age and popularity, there are many resources to help you learn how to program in C. This makes it easy to find source code, user groups, tutorials and books so you will have many resources to help you learn the language.

Many Applications : C code can be applied to a wide range of programs like games, operating systems, and applications. Being able to program for multiple platforms gives you more job skills, therefore making you a much more attractive hire than someone who only programs for one platform.

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