Building Waste Dumps in MineSight (1)

July 9, 2019 | Author: Jaime Roger Colquehuanca Mamani | Category: Volumen, Geometría, Informática y tecnología de la información
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Building Waste Dumps in MineSight ©Mar 2008 Dr. B. C. Paul Note – Note – These  These slides contain screen shots and demonstrate procedures for the program MineSight by Mintec Inc. Similar procedure outlines can be found in in some Mintec course material or presentations.

I’m going to build a waste dump in this canyon area

To Do This I Will Do the Following • I will create an edit grid so I can put in horizontal planer surfaces • I will create a polygon (close pline) at the top surface of the proposed dump • I will use the extrude-expand tool to project the slope down from the polygon • I will clip my extruded polygon with the surface intersect tool and make it a part of my new surface

In the Data Manager Create a New Grid Set

Name that Grid Set and Click Ok

Set the Grid Set for Plan View and  Accept Defaults Based on Our Project  Area

I Can’t See Anything so I am going to close my new grid set I can still  Attach it to the viewer

I’m Going to Explore for Where I Want My Dump Top I turned off the Surface view so I could see just My contours Then I querried The contour line I was interested in To get its elevation

Now I Will Attach a Grid Set to My Viewer First I click on th Green box to  Attach the Gridset It then asks me Which gridset I left click to Highlight my Choice and Click ok.

Now I Pick My Chosen Elevation from the Gridsets Click on the Little blue Lined chart

Up Comes Your Choice of Planes (Left Click to Highlight Your Favorite)

Now I Will Set Up the Place to Store My Dump For my Organizational Plan I will create  A folder that will Have my dump Stuff in it (You might Choose to Organize Differently)

I’m Naming My Dump Folder 

Next I Will Create My Dump Object

I Will Name My Initial Dump Object

I Will Then Put it into Edit Mode (So I can put my initial dumps shape into it)

I am about to enter the points around the edge of the dump surface I will tell the Computer to Snap my points To the plane Of the edit grid

I Will Now Start Creating a Polygon for the top level surface of my dump

Click to Trace Out the Polygon (That will represent the top level surface of my dump) Note that my Polygon extends Beyond the Topography (That’s ok Because I’m Going to cut The surface  Anyway)

For My Organization I Will Create A Dump Slope Geometry Object and Put it in Edit Mode

Now We Will Select This Polyline to extrude into a dump shape

Left Click My Line to Pick Right Click to Finish Note the line is  A pretty red color

Now Pick Polyline Extrude Oh what a Mystery – you Have to pick  A line to make Extrude active But then it asks You to pick it  Again.

Start Working With the Extrude Window We will give it a Slope and distance To expand (select this option From the pull-down Menu)

Set the Dip Direction in Which to Expand (ie- straight down) Note the arrow Pointing the Direction of the Perspective expansion

Set The Slope I chose to enter My slope as  A ratio In this case 3 Units over for Every unit down

Tell it I Want to Create A Dump Surface Extrude will Create a Second polyline 250 meters Lower and out 750 meters – I will create a Slope surface By connecting Those lines I also want it To create a Top surface for Me.

Now I Will Preview My Dump

I’ll Look Around and Admire My Handiwork

Ok – enough  AdmirationClick apply

The Task Completes

I Like This View a Little Better I turned topo off The surface On Made my dump Solid instead of Triangles  And set the Dump color to Blue (no you don’t Have to copy my Picture)

 Actually I don’t think we’d fill in a couple of place So I would probably go back and adjust my

Next I Would Like to Get the Volume of My Waste Dump • So I can see how much capacity I have at a given time

The Following is a Temporary procedure until a Minesight Surface Problem is Solved • Create an object to store contour lines for your dump surface • Have Minesight create contours for your dump surface • Have only the following layers on  – The topo lines of your pre-dump surface  – The topo lines for your dump

• Link a horizontal edit grid to your viewer  – (you did it before in this procedure)  – Set volume clipping so that you only see the contours for one elevation at a time

Continuing the Temporary Procedure • Create an object for intersecting layers • Create a polygon on each elevation tracing around the dump contour back to the original land contour  – Obtain the area of the polygon (Query should do this once you have a close polygon) Dump contour Trace a polygon In here Original topo

Continuing the Temporary Procedure • You will have polygon areas for multiple elevations (every 20 meters)  – Where the dump goes below the old surface obviously you will have no polygon

• Take each polygon area and multiply the area by 20 meters to get a volume in cubic meters •  Add the volumes up for the total volume • The technique just described is called average end area • (Minesight will do this automatically with one command once the surfaces problem is solved)

I’m Going to Create An Object for my new Surface with the dump

Fire Up My Intersect Surfaces Tool

I Will Select Surfaces to Intersect I can select either By picking in the Viewer On by picking fro  A menu The little blue “worm” is the Window pick – Click it Then click on my General surface Then right click To complete my selection

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