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August 31, 2017 | Author: Amirul Syakilla AO | Category: Very Small Aperture Terminal, Internet Access, Internet, Voice Over Ip, Wi Fi
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High-end communication • Dedicated network solutions • Least cost routing • Automatic beam switching • Managed Inter...

Description • [email protected] Europe: +31 (0)10 - 713 04 50 • Hong Kong +852 3919 6800

SpeedCast Maritime

ABOUT US By joining forces with Elektrikom, we have become the new SpeedCast Maritime. Our history started in 1985 in Europe with selling wireless communications, such as radios, to the maritime industry. In the year 1999, we started selling VSAT in Asia and continued in the year 2000 to offer L-band and focus on data for the maritime industry. In 2008, we pioneered the first global Ku-band satellite communications network. We rapidly grew to become the #1 leading maritime satellite service provider in Asia. Now we supply Internet and network services to hundreds of vessels in the high end sector (Commercial, Oil and Gas, Offshore, etc.). With ocean-going global vessels, auto-beam-switching for Ku-band is critical. We developed our own software to re-program the modem and antenna automatically for SCPC and pioneered the use of auto-beam-switching for our Shared Services. No human intervention necessary. Our Support offices and field engineering staff are located around the globe with major centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and the Netherlands. We supply a total concept for connectivity on board with VSAT, L-Band and UMTS, based on least cost routing, speed and availability. One single point of contact in the event of a problem, regardless which equipment is the cause. One of the largest portfolio of value added IT services to help you save money and improve your operations.

WHAT IS VSAT? VSAT stands for “Very Small Aperture Terminal.” This phrase “very small aperture” defines the very small opening angle of less than 1 degree in which the terminal has to transmit and receive. A VSAT terminal transmits and receives data via satellite. How does it work? A satellite has several transponders which are pointed to a specific region or area of the Earth, called footprints, for example Europe. A teleport beams the signal up to the geostationary satellite and your VSAT dish receives the information from this satellite and vice versa. VSAT gives you an always online solution via satellite for a fixed price per month. Forget the expensive rates of per megabit charging. BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR AIRTIME COSTS.


But there is more..

• High-end communication • Dedicated network solutions • Least cost routing • Automatic beam switching • Managed Internet security • Prepaid Internet cards • Cloud computing • Redundant VSAT solutions • Corporate VPN • Unique bandwidth optimization

• We are a full Internet Service Provider (LIR) • We have our own teleports spread around the world • We control our own advanced backbone • 24/7 help desk with remote support • Tracking & tracing of your vessel made easy • Global Ku-band and C-band coverage • All certified technical personnel • Installation on-site • IT services • Maintenance services • Cost controlled connectivity • Television onboard • Video conferencing • Video surveillance • Redundant VSAT solutions

Voice services • Low cost calling / VOIP • Voicemail over VSAT • Prepaid telephone cards

VSAT frequency spectrum allocation

C-BAND / KU-BAND / KA-BAND This table acts as a guide only. Band

Frequency GHz

Area Footprint

Delivered Power

Rainfall effect

Antenna Dish On board


3 to 7




240 cm Dome 400 cm


10 to 18




60 cm to 120 cm Dome 130 cm


19 to 40




60 cm to 100 cm Dome 120 cm

SpeedCast provides a full range of C-band and Ku-band services, and is exploring Ka-band solutions. SpeedCast believes that Ku-band will continue to be the standard for high-end maritime requirements due to the small antennas, high-availability and cost. C-band is well suited for customers looking for very high availability. Ka- band is well suited for regional (coastal) and mass-market (smaller vessels) use cases. • Shared Services

• Dynamic SCPC


Bandwidth SpeedCast provides both Shared Service and Dynamic SCPC Service. Our Shared Service is based on the iDirect VSAT technology, the reference in the industry. Shared Service starts with a lower cost than Dynamic and then the cost increases at a faster rate as capacity requirements increase. Dynamic SCPC Service starts at a slightly higher cost, but then the cost increases at a slower rate as capacity requirements increase. Consultative approach: one size does not fit all! SpeedCast is an expert at advising our customers on the best possible solution based on their specific requirements. We are technology and frequency agnostic, and operate the largest suite of services in the market. Let us advise you on the best possible solution for your needs.

Above Deck Equipment

VSAT ANTENNA SpeedCast is authorized distributor for Cobham (Seatel, Sailor [Thrane & Thrane]) and Intellian. Our engineers are trained for installation and maintenance on a broad range of antennas. If service is required, our global network of certified field engineers is never far away.

We Provide Connectivity & Management

Hybrid Solutions with

IRIDIUM PILOT / L-BAND Never again experience downtime if your VSAT is out of its coverage area. When combined with our Least Cost Routing equipment, your connection will never go down. If you lose VSAT signal, the system will automatically switch to Iridium Pilot. Iridium Pilot has the world’s largest and only complete global commercial satellite constellation, therefore you will always have complete coverage for your ships at sea.

Iridium Pilot is surprisingly affordable and has the best value proposition for L-band maritime ship and crew communications, offering a flexible pricing plan and low costs for both equipment and installation.

Satellite Broadband Technology

SCPC • I-DIRECT • DYNAMIC SCPC SCPC stands for Single Carrier Per Channel. Each user gets their own dedicated bandwidth on the satellite which is not shared by others. I-Direct is a shared service based on shared bandwidth. The same bandwidth can be shared by a number of vessels. This lowers the cost due to the efficient sharing of the space on the satellite. Dynamic SCPC is a combination of a shared service and SCPC whereby dedicated bandwidth can be shared within the same group of users.



Dynamic SCPC

SCPC SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) delivers dedicated bandwidth to a vessel whether the users are online or not. The link is established between 2 satellite modems, one on the vessel and one at SpeedCast’s Internet gateway, and is ideal for streaming video or heavy VOIP traffic. SCPC systems have been around for a number of decades and are very robust.

Integrate your vessels through MPLS or Dynamic VPN

Customize your own VSAT network

IDIRECT iDirect Shared Service delivers a broadband experience analogous to a telco’s DSL service. The link is established between a modem on the vessel and our global hub. The technology is based on time division multiplexing for the upload and DVB-S2 for the download and this enables multiple vessels to share the same bandwidth. Very suitable for bursty traffic such as web surfing and having the ability to prioritize different types of traffic, iDirect is a cost effective alternative for all manner of crew communications. We use the latest generation of iDirect technology which is generally regarded as being the best-in-class IP system for maritime broadband due to its investment in continuous innovation.

DYNAMIC SCPC Dynamic SCPC is a development of the SCPC system that combines the benefits of a shared service with SCPC. It provides critical transmission like voice or video dedicated bandwidth with minimal delay on the satellite whilst, at the same time, allowing multiple vessels to share a return link. Therefore dynamic SCPC delivers the same dynamic bandwidth allocation functionality of the iDirect Shared Service, while dramatically reducing required return link satellite bandwidth. This capability has the potential to provide significant cost savings for vessels, barges and offshore platforms with heavy usage. Contact us for more information and find out which service is the best solution for your specific requirements


Automatic Satellite Roaming / Auto Beam Switching

SATROAMING Vessels are able to roam among all the satellite footprints that we offer. Imagine the ability to travel around the world, and have your system up and running all times. Features in our satroaming:

• Management and control for modem and antenna • Footprint overview and your location • Information from our support-team on the screen • Selecting and switching over to several satellites automated and / or manual • Automatic update of the footprints, satellites and roaming information • Always information available on system status

Network Infrastructure

OUR TELEPORTS To reach a satellite an Earth Station is required. SpeedCast has its own global network of controlled teleports in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Malaysia, U.A.E., and USA. We are in control of the total link. To ensure you get the highest level of availability, for both the Internet/data and telephony that we provide, we use our own uplinks in several areas around the world. With these teleport services we ensure that: • Voice connections are of good quality, due to MPLS technology in our backbone • Data connections are redundant and reliable • Uplinking to the satellite is done with high performance and redundant equipment • Traffic bandwidth is guaranteed for SCPC as we reserve the capacity you buy (no overbooking, unless requested) • New feature in our teleport backbone is a virtual firewall, in which you can decide what traffic to allow to and from your remotes. This also includes web-filtering and antivirus. • Collocation of equipment is also possible to support our customers’ networking equipment needs




SpeedCast Virtual Domain Manager

FULL SECURITY OPTIONS The evolution of network security threats is driving the design of security products to include multiple threat recognition systems within a single appliance. FortiGate 1240B multi-threat security appliance from Fortinet is a new generation of secure gateways that fully integrate essential security and networking functions into a single device to identify and stop multiple threats effectively and efficiently. Never before has so much security functionality been consolidated into a single, high-performance device.

WAN ACCELERATION / OPTIMIZATION In our backbone we provide you the possibility to accelerate your traffic by using our bestin-class WAN-acceleration. Combined with the equipment at your remote location, we can increase the WAN-performance tremendously. So what does this platform do for you? • Real time TCP-acceleration, giving you a high performance Internet experience • Intelligent caching and buffering of information, for example windows update or news websites. Do not download the same information 10 times a day, rather only the changes for these sites and files. • As the equipment is not a router, it can be easily implemented, and there is no reconfiguration needed of your current setup • Real-time web interface to view statistics on your satellite-link, so you can measure the performance gain

Bring you up to speed

SATCLOUD Internet is increasing in our daily communication. Nowadays we cannot do without social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Away from home, at sea, there is a great desire to take advantage of these media services and thus to keep in touch with family. Of course an acceptable speed is required for a successful and enjoyable experience. SpeedCast offers this possibility. The simplest solution is web compression. No additional hardware other than a PC and an Internet connection is required onboard. Web compression is installed centrally in our state-of-the-art datacenter and makes the website appear onboard very quickly. Techniques to effectively compress large images are used and on request high resolution images can be made available with one mouse click. If this still isn’t fast enough, SpeedCast offers surfing from the Cloud. The web pages are retrieved in our datacenter and made available as single rendered pages onboard. The connection between the vessel and the datacenter is no longer the limiting factor. It’s as quick as a home connection. Experience it yourselves and apply for a demo account. Engineered and built to perform in the toughest conditions.

Voice Services

SPEEDTALK / VOIP SpeedTalk is our VOIP fixed line phone service enabling subscribers to make and receive calls from remote locations or at sea. By offering voice services at PSTN rates, you can enjoy the most competitive rates with guaranteed quality in conjunction with our VSAT solutions. Prepaid cards for voice.

Onboard WiFi

SPEEDZONE SpeedZone is a “Super Wi-Fi” service offered by SpeedCast. With a typical range of up to 500m, the coverage of this service is more than 5 times the size of a normal 802.11g office Wi-Fi. Using the VSAT link for Internet backhaul and smart antenna technology, SpeedZone offers prepaid users access to the web using any standard browser. And with credit card top-up, the service is particularly suitable for even those requiring 99.9% availability and QOS. It is well suited for the following maritime use cases: • Offshore oil and gas platforms • Onboard vessels

Video Surveillance


SpeedCam is our solution for IP video surveillance over VSAT. Based entirely on IP components, it includes camera, capture, and storage, as well as a suite of user friendly utilities for configuration and remote observation. SpeedCam operates at uncharacteristically low bandwidth for a video application. SpeedCam is suitable to be deployed but not limited to applications such as remote security surveillance on oil platforms or onboard vessels.

Monitoring your vessels


Wonder about the connectivity status and position of your vessel? Our Customer Portal, SMART (SpeedCast Monitoring and Reporting Tool) is a great way to keep track of the connection, IP-traffic and location of your vessels. All the information you need, including weather maps, appears on the map so you can quickly see the status and position of the vessels.

Shipping companies have the advantage of keeping track of their whole fleet. The Customer Portal also includes complete satellite coverage area information, direct link to PRTG for detailed information, billing information can be requested, and there is more to come. Contact us to apply for a demo account.

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