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Synergistic Healthcare Methodology

Experience and technology towards a new physiotherapy







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Sophisticated manual techniques The operator’s role Operator training Cutting-edge technologies HCR equipment Physio TT equipment Products containing functional ingredients ingredients

HUMAN TECAR CENTRE The goals of the Human Tecar Centre


SHM: AREAS OF APPLICATION 12 Rehabilitation and pain therapy 16 Sports 22 Phlebolymphology and aesthetic medicine 28 Prevention 34 Disability 40 Veterinary Veterinary science

« The real voyage of disco discovery very consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.» — Marcel Proust



The Human Tecar SHM is an innovative methodology that has changed modern physiotherapy. Through the combined action of sophisticated manual techniques, cutting-edge technologies and products formulated with functional ingredients, SHM activates different therapeutic processes simultaneously, improving effectiveness, speed and duration of the end result.

The origins of SHM Success in the world of sports SHM initially found success in professional sport due to the speed, accuracy, accuracy, precision and reliability of its results. The medical staff for numerous professional teams use Human Tecar SHM to help athletes quickly recover the competitive fitness lost following acute musculoskeletal traumas or chronic disorders, as well as to better manage recovery during training, overtraining syndrom syndrome e or functional overload.

From sport to the physiotherapy centre The results achieved on the sports field and in clinical research meant it wasn’t l ong before SHM made its way from sports medicine to the physiotherapy centre. Today, Today, Human Tecar Tecar SHM is widely used in orthopedic and trauma disorders (in both conservative conservative treatment and post-surgical post-surgical rehabilitation), in degenerative and age-related musculoskeletal disorders, disorders, in biomechanical and postural disorders, disorders, in phlebolymphology and in treating the effects of stress.



« We We hav have e an ambitious goal, which is why we have developed a synergysynergy-based based method. »

QUES  H N I  C    T  E

TE C  CH    N  H  

O  L 


  A     U



O  G    I     E    S   







      A        R        T

  N  G   N

T  R    A  I     N    I     N    



F    U  N   C  

   T  S   C   U T  I O  O N AL P R O D

We believe that physical well-being and health are essential for everybody, that they are rights to which all are e ntitled, and for this reason should be accessible to everyone.

Method:  from the Greek Méthodos (chase, go after), it is the set of processes processes carried out to achieve a goal or certain results. Synergy: is a combined and simultaneous

Every day we work towards this goal through science, research and innovation. Our aim is to reduce the duration of therapy so that we can treat and prevent certain disorders more quickly and effectively.

action, a partnership, partnership, cooperation between several several elements in the same activity to achieve the same aim or result, which leads to better performance than that obtained by the various separate separate elements.


How SHM works Starting from the objective observation of the perfect equilibrium that a biological system enjoys in normal conditions, the basic principle of SHM is re-educational. It is not a question of fighting, but of internally stimulating the tissues and supporting the body in its ability to recover, recover, inducing the body to do all it can to activate natural anti-inflammatory and healing processes.

Functional equilibrium through stimulation of natural body processes The feeling of normalcy and well-being is associated with the body’s ability to quickly recover recover energy following physical exertion or to overcome, in the most effective way possible, the negative effects of trauma or any external or internal factor that tends to suddenly or slowly and continuously change this equilibrium. The human body is able to naturally perform this highly i mportant function by activating homeostatic mechanisms. SHM speeds up these natural processes.

Stimulation of natural healing processes through temperature management SHM acts on temperature, temperature, particularly on its small variations, as well as on very well-identified biological areas to significantly influence the biochemical processes processes that underlie the biological activation of anti-inflammatory and healing mechanisms.


A properly modulated increase in temperature speeds up the body’s natural biological processes in the affected area by acting on inflammation, edema and pain; it improves the transport of oxygen from peripheral arterial circulation to the tissues, acting on the dissociation curve of hemoglobin, and on myoglobin, that helps increase oxygen reserves in the muscle or tissues involved; it accelerates the activity of chemical mediators involved in inflammation processes and is able to positively affect the immune system, both at the tissue and humoral levels; and it also speeds up the activity of tissue enzymes involved in muscle recovery processes following exercise.

Control of physiological processes The underlying principle of SHM is control of inflammatory processes processes (not their inhibition), of pain (not its suppression), and of immune/endocrine/ metabolic response (not attempts to increase it).

« SHM helps the body do all it can to rec recover over.. »


















« One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. » — Elbert Hubbard, A Thousand and One Epigrams, 1911


The operator’s role Together with technology, the human dimension plays a fundamental role at Human Tecar in creating the physiotherapy of the future: accessible physiotherapy that is ever quicker and more effective in preventing and solving problems, and that can be used in other areas of curative medicine. Human Tecar provides professionals with two decades of experience that help them assess needs more quickly and work more effectively. Careful control of the application, and therefore operator training, are an integral part of the Human Tecar culture and represent two essential values for ensuring its greater success. Operator training must start from shared values and, through in-depth knowledge of the method and all its potential applications, achieve a two-fold professional professional advantage: maximize the benefit for the person treated and expand the professional opportunities of the operator.


The SHM operator’s skills must include: »

Identifying problems Application knowledge must be combined with professional experience, which also means expertise in identifying problems in order to apply the most appropriate therapy, in this way creating personalized treatment for the person being cared for.


Creating treatment programs The therapist is able to create a detailed treatment plan to ensure quality at the application level and results that are much quicker and more stable than those of traditional physiotherapy methods. It is a well-structured procedure for treating specific traumatic events and, at the same time, is aimed at achieving an optimum psychophysical psychophysical condition, ensuring the achievement of excellent results both regionally and in terms of overall well-being.


Synergy management In SHM, the operator plays a key role in implementing and managing the methodology in order to maximize the synergy between application techniques, equipment and products.

Operator training The Human Tecar International School Basic skills are acquired with Human Tecar training:







the ability to determine the fastest fastest intervention strategy depending on the therapeutic goals set by the doctor. The ability to develop a treatment plan that clearly states the goals, timing and application procedures of SHM. The ability to correctly define the use of technologies, products and the most appropriate structures for attaining results. The ability to accurately and safely manage chronic and acute disorders and obtain rapid results.



Rehabilitation and pain therapy SHM is effective in the early treatment of all nonsurgical osteoarticular and acute and chronic muscular diseases. When the technique is performed according to tested protocols, SHM offers the person being treated a number of advantages, starting with safety: it has no side effects. Repeated and prolonged treatments can therefore therefor e be carried out even over a single day. day. In this way, recovery recovery time is further reduced. The rapidly achieved and sustained results are benefits enjoyed from the very first session: intense analgesic action from working on the nerve endings, tissue drainage from working on microcirculation, microcirculation, and strong functional stimulation at the peripheral p eripheral circulation level from modulation of endogenous temperature. The results obtained are stable over time.

Piero Volpi, Physician

Silvano Cotti, Physiother Physiotherapist apist

Angelo Taylor, Athlete

Head of the Knee Surgery and Sports Traumatology Unit of IRCCS Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Rozzano, Milan. Medical Advisor to AIC (Italian football association association). ).

Therapist of the Italian National Football Team Team and Guangzhou FC. He has worked with AC Milan, FC Inter, Chelsea FC and AS Roma.

Two-time Olympic Gold Medal 400 HS – Sydney 2000 and Bei jing 2008.

“Human Tecar SHM is a very effective technique for rapidly resolving traumatic and functional overload, muscle-tendon and articular disorders frequently found in modern football. The method is easy to apply even in the locker room, and recovery time is fast.”


“I would like to once again testify to the effectiveness of Human Tecar methodology that for more than 10  years  year s has followed followed me me with excellent excellent results in my work in the world of football, where many muscle, tendon and osteoarticular traumas take place. I have successfully experienced its ability to immediately act on pain and inflammation. In a very short time good functional recovery is achieved and footballers  gladly agree agree to the treatm treatments. ents. I think that Human Tecar is unique in its synergy between the therapist’s manual abilities and technological  support. That’s why it accompanie accompanied d me during my various experiences at football clubs, and at the 2006 World Cup with the World Champion Italian National Team as part of Marcello Lippi’s staff, and finally at Guangzhou FC, winners of the Chinese championship and cup.”

“I arrived at the last World Championships in Daegu... with a lacerating pain in the plantar fascia; I could not even run... I underwent treatments with Human Tecar Tecar starting from the first day... several times during the same day... the Human Tecar team did a wonderful job in relieving the pain and inflammation, and got me back on my feet between one heat and the next... We won the  gold medal in the 4x400 relay! It is the best there is... it always makes  you feel at your best. I recommend it to everyone!”

Rehabilitation and pain Rehabilitation therapy with SHM SHM is a physiotherapy method used in the rehabilitation of disorders including: musculoskeletal injuries such as contractures, sprains and muscular elongations, acute and chronic tendinopathy, distortions, synovitis, bursitis, treatment of inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases (arthrosis and arthritis), inflammatory processes of the extremities extremities and spine spi ne with pain symptoms and functional limitation (neck pain, back pain, backache, brachialgia, lumbosciatica, hamstring pain, etc.), treatment treatment of injuries due to functional overload typical of sports and work activities (tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, pitcher’s shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, metatarsal pain, planta fasciitis, etc.), treatment of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) that occurs as a result of eccentric exercise or muscle fatigue, and treatment of conditions that require an easing action on muscle relaxation. Furthermore, Furthermore, by applying a method that exploits, on the one hand, movement of fluids in response to localized differences in temperature in tissues and, on the other, increasing induced tissue oxygenation, oxygenation, the technique is indicated for the physiotherapeutic treatment of superficial edema caused by venous and lymphatic stasis. The trophic action of local temperature temperature increase, even at depth, is indicated for the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases such as diabetic foot, varicose ulcers, decubitus ulcers, etc.




« The machine does does not isolate isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply int into o them. » — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


HCR equipment Human Tecar HCR 1001 is an ESTMC® electromagnetic microcirculation stimulator that uses an electromagnetic signal (a medium-frequency radio signal). When applied by contact (and therefore therefore without propagation propagation in space) to biological tissue by means of two specific types of conducting electrodes (high and low impedance), the signal metabolically activates the tissue by stimulating the blood/ lymphatic circulation in more or less extensive body areas, depending depending on whether the aim is to treat the entire body or local, regional or segmental areas.

The principle of the capacitor HCR is based on the physical principle of the capacitor, and therefore on the capacity of mobilizing electrical charges present in biological tissue in the form of electrolytes. These, in turn, can influence the cellular metabolism resulting in a demand for more oxygen and nourishment, thus inducing a greater intake of blood where necessary.

Area where the electrical charges are concentrated

RESISTIVE MODE Low-impedancee electrodes Low-impedanc Freq. 0.485 MHz Physical model of the capacitor reproduced in the energy transfer through non-insulated electrodes.

Bone tissue (dielectric properties)

Active, non-insulated electrode 1st metal armature of 1st type

Return counter electrode + biological tissue 2nd armature of 2 nd type

Muscle tissue

HCR radiofrequency  generator  generator

Area where the electrical charges are concentrated

CAPACITIVE MODE High-impedance electrode Freq. 0.485 MHz Movement of electrical charges (+ions and -ions).

Inner metal part of electrode Return counter electrode

Muscle tissue (areas with the highest concentration of charges)

Insulating material

HCR radiofrequency  generator



Sport In addition to the treatment of acute and chronic osteoarticular disorders, SHM can also help recovery from excessive overwork that can induce muscle pain, in delayed healing of traumas, in sleep disorders, in the possible onset of intercurrent illnesses due to the temporary reduction of immune defences, and the inability to continue training due to insufficient levels of strength, speed and resistance. It is particularly useful for so-called “overtraining syndrome” but equally for those instances in our daily lives where performance close to or above the limits of fatigue is demanded of the body.

Carlo Tranquilli, Physician Specialist in Sports Medicine and Occupational Medicine. Already Doctor, for over twenty five years, of national teams of football, basketball, hockey. Doctor of Italian Olympic team since 1996 specialist in the conception and application of the method Human Tecar – SHM . Director of Science and Sport Medicine Institute “A. Venerando” CONI, Rome, Italy. “This is now a proven methodology in the world of sport at an international level. Being able to properly use a technique and an application method to shorten post-trauma recovery time was already an extremely important development. However, managing the athlete and communicating with the coach, physiotherapist and sports trainer in order to intervene as a  preventive  prev entive measur measure e using a method method that is complex, though extremely intuitive about fitness and the  possibility  possibi lity of reducing reducing the likelihood likelihood that certain functional overload traumas develop, is an even more crucial advance in sports medicine. It has allowed us to make our work known and appreciated by great athletes of leading teams around the world, teams that have been able to derive extraordinary benefits from using this methodology.”


LaShawn Merritt, Athlete specializing in the 400m

Loren Seagrave, Fitness Coach

7 gold medals at the World Athletics Championships, 2 gold medals at the Olympic Games.

Director, Speed and Movement. Director, Track & Field and Cross Country, IMG Academy.

“I have been undergoing treatments with Human Tecar for many years now... I love it! It makes me feel good... I do sessions before and after races, between one heat and another... and every time my body feels better... injury-free. This is Human Tecar... the future! A great team, a great technology... it has helped me over the years to win many medals.”

“I have used Human Tecar to treat my elite athletes for over ten years. The technology is unparalleled with any other modality in sport therapy for acute injury, chronic injury and overuse situations. I am a huge believer in Human Tecar’s fantastic technology and methodology and whole-heartedly recommend it to any physiotherapist.”



Human Tecar Tecar HCR HC R 1001 A highly innovative technology, Human Tecar HCR 1001 is the fruit of over 25 years’ practical experience and four years’ study and research on new materials used in biomedical technology. technology. This new category of ESTMC® tools is equipped with a high efficiency  generator  generator able to ensure greater available power resulting in a drastic reduction of treatment time.The Advanced Emission System  (patent pending), with its production and ability to control the signal gives therapeutic precision not possible with other tools, and also allows latest generation components to be used. This has improved performance in terms of energy consumption and power loss between input and output (almost nil), and has resulted in a device weighing around 7 kg that is easy to transport.

Stimulate energy from inside biological tissues to activate anti-inflammatory healing processes. Technology that helps doctors to treat pain and its causes.

HCR 1001 is a highly sophisticated technology that enables the operator to create even small changes in temperature whose benefits become apparent in the treatment of acute inflammatory disorders disorders and pain. The instrument is equipped with a large screen that displays not only the applied energy values, but also the response in terms of impedance, intensity of current and power generated within the tissues.

Stimulation levels Stimulation levels can be varied and are managed by the operator according to the rehabilitation program and/or and/or the therapeutic purposes that the doctor intends to pursue. This is achieved by affecting the metabolic equilibrium of biological tissue and is dependent on the disorder being treated. Flexibility of the technology This instrument can be used very flexibly by the operator, taking advantage of the “localization” of its action and the possibility to induce temperature changes in a specific area, a rea, therefore therefore causing a difference in temperature between that area and another one which may be adjacent, very close or far from it.

The SHM operator, whose dexterity is crucial when applying the technique, can rely on safe, adaptable and effective instruments that are an extension of his manual skills and knowledge.





The ability to make biological tissue react effectively as desired depends not only on how the instrument produces the electromagnetic signal, but also on the characteristics of the application electrodes, which are the interface with the body. With two ways to transfer the electromagnetic signal, there are two fundamental responses that the bo dy will give under stimulus of the HCR 1001. High-impedance High-impedance electrodes Treatment of soft tissue (muscle, adipose, vascular, lymphatic). The high-impedance electrodes (also known as capacitive electrodes) create an e ndogenous response that reactivates blood circulation in the soft tissues. This will revitalize hypotrophic muscles from problems such as functional impairment to the recruitment of contractile fibres induced by intense vascularization. And this in addition to all the benefits produced by a slight or intense improved circulatory activity. The high-impedance electrodes are produced with WAFER technology, which involves coating one or more biocompatible materials in multiple layers. This enables the transfer of the medium frequency signal to biological tissue in the t he most efficient way possible. This gives the sensation of immediate internal and deep diffusion of the desired temperature. The range includes various models of different diameters.

Transfer all the capacity capacit y of the HCR H CR 1001 to biological tissue with high-impedance lymphodynamic and thermodynamic (capacitive) electrodes, low impedance (resistive) electrodes and Universal Electrolytic Emulsion.


Treatment of a chronic osteoarticular disorder with a low-impedance (resistive) electrode.



Phlebolymphology and aesthetic medicine SHM is a powerful and reliable technique that acts deep-down simultaneously on the different structures affected. It eliminates the stagnation of fluids in lymphatic and blood capillaries; it restores the elasticity and permeability of their walls; it frees interstitial tissue from edematous engorgement, increasing increasing the blood flow velocity in microcirculation; microcirculation; it resets the temperature necessary for efficient enzymatic metabolism of fats in adipose cells by interrupting the fibrotic reaction of subcutis tissue; and it improves the circulatory conditions and oxygenation of affected anatomical structures. The technique is successfully used in anti-aging treatments and post-plastic and cosmetic surgery since the increase in blood flow, and therefore in oxygen and nutrients, revitalizes tissues. Increased lymphatic drainage allows post-surgical edema to be controlled and the induced temperature reduces the viscosity of collagen giving greater softness and elasticity of both surface and deep cicatrices, with a lower tendency of the tissues to retract following surgery.


Prof. Angela FAGA Full Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Coordinator of the two-year Master’s degree, 2nd level, in Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness. University of Pavia.

“We conducted a pilot study subjecting a group of patients with post-surgical cicatrices to Human Tecar treatments. In all cases we observed an acceleration in the cicatrix maturation process with decreased edema, and softening of the newly formed connective tissue. We have used the Human Tecar technology in aesthetic medicine to treat laxity of facial skin. In all cases patients reported a local sensation of “lightness and tension” associated with a general state of wellbeing during the treatment, with an objective improvement in elasticity even after the second visit.”


High lymphodynamic impedance electrodes These are suitable for causing blood circulation changes in soft tissues with microscopic microscopic variations in temperature, temperature, specifically in the lymphatic drainage of tissues. The lymphodynamic electrodes are used to treat painful disorders with edema and e ffusion, and whenever tissue drainage must be activated by acting only on blood flow velocity at the capillary level. The electrodes are made of a special material that responds better to the l ymphatic drainage activity of tissues and that is sensitive to the smallest changes in voltage produced by the instrument.

The high-impedance lymphodynamic electrodes are produced as a convex model. The convex model offers better and faster treatment of areas such as the popliteal fossa, axillary fossa and small joints of the hands and feet. Every treatment is perceived by the patient in an extremely pleasant and relaxing manner thanks to the special technology with which the high-impedance electrodes are manufactured.

High thermodynamic impedance electrodes These are particularly indicated i n treatments where a marked increase in circulation and temperature are required, such as cases of muscle contracture. Manufactured Manufactured with a different internal material and with a special coating, the high thermodynamic impedance electrodes are made in flat and convex circular shapes.









Low-impedance electrodes Deep selective action on fibroconnective and bone tissue. Reactivation of natural metabolic processes. The low-impedance electrodes (also known as resistive electrodes) are made of stainless steel and create an endogenous response by concentrating the circulatory activity at the osteoarticular osteoarticular and tendon tissue level. This also occurs in areas where there is fibrotic tissue, cicatrices etc. (usually behind those areas poor in electrolytes).


Active electrode


Return counter electrode


Ève Grinsztajn, Ballet Dancer Principal Dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet. “After a Human Tecar session, I not only enjoy good muscle and joint recovery, but I am also relaxed and full of new energy.”


Prevention In physiotherapy, prevention means stopping even the slightest inflammation, contracture, muscle fatigue or stress from turning into an acute or chronic disorder that is harder to treat, with consequences that can affect affect one’s quality of life. Human Tecar SHM has been adopted as a prevention technique not only in high-level professional sport, but also in occupational medicine, thanks to the speed with which it can eliminate even complex problems.


Christophe Fautrier, Head of Manual Therapies Les Thermes Marins de Monte-Carlo, Monaco, France. “The SHM technique of Human Tecar is of great utility and regularly applied in our care centre. The treatments, which can be repeated more than once a day, and the customizable procedures enable the person having the treatment to recover rapidly.”

Alessandro Biffi, Physician

Raffaele Beltrame, Air Force Pilot

Gabriele Rosa, Physician

Health Director of Progetto Benessere Ferrari.

Italian Air Force Squadron Leader, Department of Experimental Flight, Pratica di Mare, 2002 to 2013. Currently test pilot at EADS CASSIDIAN, Germany.

Cardiologist specializing in sports medicine. International-level trainer, C.I.O Rosa & Associati.

“It is several years now since we introduced SHM for treatment of muscle and osteoarticular disorders in the Ferrari Formula One Team, as they are often subjected to major overwork. overwor k. Just think of the pit crew during pit stops… and more generally to the 14-15 hours of continuous work that a GP demands of all the members of the teams involved. The benefit is shortened recovery time and, above all, being able to intervene to prevent these disorders from recurring. We subsequently extended these prevention techniques to company employees through the Progetto Benessere Ferrari, and have attained excellent results in terms of  satisfaction and appreciation. appreciation.”

“After needing to cancel a training “After flight in a Eurofighter because I developed severe neck pain and  stiffness, I was recommended recommended Human Tecar treatment. The following day I was back flying and able to perform high g-force maneuvers with no  problems at all. I believe this is an extraordinarily extraordina rily effective therapy that is especially effective at helping one to prepare for heavy labour as well as recover from managing l arge workloads and high levels of stress.”

“In carrying out our projects around the world and especially in African countries, in what is called “Discovery”, i.e., selecting, developing and optimizing the performance of athletes that have allowed us to set world records and win the most important marathons in the world, we were accompanied and assisted by Human Tecar SHM. This allowed us to prevent, treat and optimize the competitive  performance of our athletes in extremely difficult environmental conditions such as those of the training camps in forests or on high  ground, as in the case of Kapsait, at  3000 metres.” metres.”


Electrodes and Smart Use handpieces To perform a refined treatment that gives immediate results, it is often necessary to change type and diameter of electrodes, several several times. This is especially true when treating inflammatory disorders and pain, where small changes in temperature can immediately affect the outcome. All electrodes are designed to be used with handpieces that have a Smart Use connection so they can be immediately changed. Each electrode handpiece is designed with an ergonomic shape and special materials that make it light and easy to use, especially when combining HCR and resistance techniques.

Universal Universal Electrolytic Emulsion Universal Electrolytic Emulsion is an indispensable element for applying HCR. This technologically advanced product reduces skin resistance, improves improves the sliding of the electrode over the skin and ensures high tissue moisturization. The use of Electrolytic Emulsion is essential for creating the necessary conditions for mobilizing the electrolytes present in tissues. An inadequate product or an insufficient quantity of Electrolytic Emulsion immediately creates a sensation of surface heat that hinders the intense activity necessary to achieve the therapeutic result.

Electrode handpiece. Very convenient for body and facial treatments whe re mobilization or a resistance technique is required.


Cylindrical electrode handpiece for localized treatments in difficult-to-reach areas of the face and body.

High and low-impedance electrodes of different diameters for precise and accurate therapeutic application.


Physio TT equipment Human Tecar Physio TT is an ESTMC® electromagnetic microcirculation stimulator stimulator that uses a technology inserted in special thermal bands made of a “resistance tissue” connected to a control unit that adjusts its intensity. intensity. It is able to homogeneously diffuse light and effective heat over vast areas of the body by emitting an infrared signal at approximately 1400 nanometres. Physio TT consists of seven different types of thermal bands, each of which is controlled by one or two


microprocessors microprocessors that physiologically modulate the microclimate created within certain areas of the body. Each thermal band is independent and the temperature developed within a specific area varies between 36° and 38°C (beyond if necessary) and penetrates to a depth that results in an i ncrease in local body temperature. The body reacts to this stimulus by increasing segmental blood circulation and thus metabolism in an entirely physiological manner.




The core technology of Physio TT was developed in collaboration with Sahlgren University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, where where the initial goal was to find a quick and effective solution to treat patients with metabolic problems of localized fat in specific areas of the body. Clinical research has shown that there is a close relationship between the correct and constant establishment of a local, deep microclimate at 37.5°C 37.5°C that Physio TT technology creates, and changes i n some biochemical parameters directly involved with the metabolism of fats. By varying the application time of the bands on the body, it was possible to see its immediate and important benefits in the field of sports as part of muscle recovery methods based on stimulation of microcirculation and local temperature. Today, Physio TT is used in physiotherapy to treat metabolic problems of localized fat, and in sports physiotherapy as post-training treatment for muscle recovery.




Disability SHM is highly valued in the world of disability due to the benefits it offers in improving quality of life, and has been used for many years in high-level professional sports as a methodology for treating acute and chronic disorders, for prevention and for muscle recovery. recovery.


Franco Molteni, Physician Clinical Director of Valduce Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, Villa Beretta, Costa Masnaga, Lecco, Italy. “Human Tecar Tecar SHM added an operational procedure for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems associated with disabilities caused by injury of the nervous  system, particularly as a result of stroke and spinal cord injury, that has made the  physiotherapist’s work much easier. It therefore plays a role in defining the rehabilitation  program that must take into account the complex needs of the patient, which are often disregarded or not sufficiently focused on.”

Antonio Spataro, Physician Health Director of the Italian Paralympic Team, London 2012 “During the 2012 London Paralympics in London 2012, when the Italian delegation won some 28 medals, the healthcare facility that I managed used Synergistic Healthcare Methodology to manage muscle and tendon disorders, in this way ensuring rapid recovery, preventing injury, and maintaining  good health, health, thus allowing our extraordinary athletes to compete in optimum conditions.”

Alex Zanardi, Athlete Two gold medals at the 2012 London Paralympics in the time trial and in-line disciplines. “I had always considered  physiotherapy  physioth erapy practic practices es as a useful remedy to be used when problems occur… Today Today I know that this is a very narrow way of seeing things... Human Tecar has really shifted my horizons. I discovered its unquestionable advantages in  greatly facilita facilitating ting the recov recovery ery  process  proces s after training, training, which which for an “old man” like me is really important... Thank you, Human Tecar...!!! Tecar...!!!””


Physio TT. A new physiotherapy for wellness and getting back into shape. Physio TT is an innovative and effective instrument that acts on local fat deposits and is suitable for advanced wellness-oriented physiotherapy, getting back into shape and prevention in the broadest sense of the word. Physio TT works by increasing the metabolic processes involved involved in the use of localized fat that is normally more difficult to e liminate since it is found in confined areas. The thermal bands of Physio TT act on the tissues affected by localized fat, increasing the temperature from about 32°C (temperature (temperature of the areas normally affected by localized fat) to 37-38°C for 45 minutes, thereby transforming the triglycerides into glycerol or, in other words, energy useful for the body.


Physio TT activates the metabolic processes that transform fat into energy in the body by increasing the local temperature and activating microcirculation. The The localized fat is rich in triglycerides, fats fats that the body i s unable to use as energy, leading to their accumulation. Physio TT facilitates lipolysis by activating the enzymatic processes that transform triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. It is a “useful” energetic energetic substance that, once it is biologically available in the blood flow, reaches the liver and supplies “ready energy” while keeping glycemic levels high (gluconeogenesis processes), processes), allowing the body to consume the available reserves more quickly.



+ 25-73

Weight loss Kg

10 PHYSIO TT Treatments

TOTAL 20 20 DAYS  DAYS 6.8Kg


Localized slimming As shown on the graph, a reduction of excess centimetres has been demonstrated and, by combining the treatment with a controlled diet, it is possible to achieve weight loss in 80% of cases. The use of Physio TT in Synergistic Healthcare Methodology is an essential tool for helping active people and those in the world of professional or amateur sport achieve muscle recovery, improving the quality of training programs and the prevention of musculo-articular traumas.





Reduction of centimetres  6 







5.9cm 8.7cm












7.2cm 5.2cm



Without DIET







8cm 6cm


Without DIET


Physio TT in muscle recovery after exercise Muscle recovery is a very important element when managing training programs to achieve top performance, particularly for the high-performance athlete. In a world where competitive engagements are increasingly important and close together, together, muscle fatigue can cause profound changes in the contractile properties of the muscle and even dramatic reductions in strength and shortening velocity, velocity, which is closely related to the inability of the muscle to implement rapid recovery recovery mechanisms. The central nervous system limits the effects of fatigue by implementing various strategies. Its goal is to optimize strength while ensuring its economy during activation of tired muscles, at the expense of the ability to perform very intense and repeated muscular actions, typical of high performance.

The goal of SHM in muscle recovery is to manage thermal variations (hot-cold) in order to accelerate the elimination of catabolites produced by intense exercise, exercise, and to act on muscle pain. In an initial 30-minute phase, Physio TT increases increases the temperature temperature and microcirculation in deep tissues by acting on inflammatory catabolites biochemically. Ten minutes of Fatigue-relieving Solution applied with special bandages or functional stockings performs a specific adjuvant action for several hours, lowering the temperature and creating a vasodilationvasoconstriction effect that gives a prolonged sensation of “light legs” whose benefits can be felt on the next training day.

CHANGES IN BLOOD CHEMISTRY Tests carried out before, during and after treatment with Physio TT

Increased metabolism

Feeling of wellness















1,50 1,50







1,50 1,50










Treatment safety 





























The controlled temperature microclimate created by applying Physio TT thermal bands improves both microcirculation and muscle activity: it has a thermal effect which results in muscle relaxation; an analgesic effect that leads to the removal of catabolites produced by the tissues; and a trophic effect  since it supplies nutrients and and oxygen to the tissues.



Veterinary science The experience gained in and out of the world of human sport combined with extensive research in physiotherapy, has resulted in SHM being able to rapidly provide ‘functional physiological balance’ when treating acute or chronic osteoarticular and muscular disorders. This effect is also present when when SHM is used in the world of veterinary medicine and has completely changed the veterinarian veterin arian approach to therapy for small and large animals. . Today the vet is supported by a new resource that can help him significantly reduce treatment time. As in professional sports, hippiatric veterinary veterin ary science uses SHM for prevention and muscle recovery before and after intensive training and close competitive engagements.


Alessandro Centinaio, Veterinary Surgeon Head of the Horse Ambulance Ambulance Service of the Global Champions Tour. “I started using Human Tecar in 2005, exploiting the human experience to then transfer it to the veterinary field. For years Human Tecar has been our partner for the Global Champions Champi ons Tour, Tour, the most prestigious equestrian  show jumping jumping competition competition in the the world. It is used in our mobile clinic for treating acute and chronic disorders in horses, as well as during preparation and post-race recovery, fundamental aspects considering the close competitive engagements and the need to  prevent  prev ent overload overload problems. problems.”

Roberto Gottarelli, Veterinario Veterinary Health Director of the “Toscana Tour”, 2011 and 2013 editions. Chairman of the FEI – Fédération Equestre Equestr e Internationale – Veterinary Commission – “Pony European Championships” 2013 edition. “To get the most out of a horse in competition, it is necessary to participate in highly selective competitions that are often close to each other, where what matters is arriving prepared. Generally,  physiotherap  physiot herapy y can help impro improve ve times and therapy with Human Tecar in particular optimizes  performance,  perform ance, contributin contributing g in an absolutely extraordinary manner toward repairing orthopedic lesions of hard and soft tissues. Currently, together with scans and ultrasounds, it is by far the most effective instrument for protecting the orthopedic condition of a sport horse.”




« What is odd in life is that if you do not want to accept anything but the best, very often you are able ge gett it. » — W. Somerset Maugham


Human Tecar Tecar has developed a series of cosmetic products containing functional ingredients that provide greater effectiveness and performance of the application by complementing and extending the synergistic action of SHM, making it more effective. Like the equipment, the products are the result of research and decade-long experience in the field of competitive sports. They are also fundamental for treatments applied to other areas of medicine. Based on natural active ingredients with a high concentration and aromatherapy properties, and with olfactory stimulation derived from their composition, the products effectively meet the needs of modern physiotherapy, aimed not only at solving specific problems, but also at ensuring people treated with SHM recover their energy and vitality, together with a general state of wellness.




« True progress is made only when the benefits of a new technology are for everyone. » — Henry Ford


HUMAN TECAR CENTRE From SHM to SHE: The Synergistic Healthcare Experience. Commitment to research, innovation and training are the foundations of the place where the Human Tecar mission begins. The Human Tecar Centre.

The goals of the Human Tecar Centre 1. To stand out in the field as a modern centre that makes all the most advanced physiotherapy physiotherap y techniques used in i n high-level professional profes sional sports accessible to everyone. 2. To develop a new physiotherapy able to assist other areas of medicine such as phlebolymphology, fitness, stress-r stress-related elated problems, and anti-aging in general. 3. To turn a physiotherapy treatment treatmen t into a true wellbeing experience. 4. To be more easily recognized in the field for people needing both curative and preventive treatments.


REFERENCES From the mid-90s, Human Tecar has helped numerous athletes at national and international sporting events, and SHM has been adopted by the most prestigious clinics, hospitals, universities, federations, sports clubs, organizations, companies, doctors, physiotherapists and veterinarians in many countries. Sporting events that Human Tecar has participated in: 2012 London Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics at Nike Hospitality. 2004 Athens, 2000 Sydney, 1996 Atlanta 1996 Olympics. Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010, Turin 2006, Salt Lake City 2002, Nagano 1998. World Athletics Championship Moscow 2013, Daegu 2011, Berlin 2009, Osaka 2007, Helsinki 2005 at Nike Hospitality. In tennis, at ATP Wimbledon and Miami at Nike Hospitality, and international matches in Rome and Paris. From 2000 it has been at the Moto GP and Superbike World Championships at the Clinica Mobile of Dr Costa, Ducati Corse. From 2005 at the Formula One World Championships with Medex Group, Medical Partner of the Ferrari team.

From 2004 it has been at the most important York, Berlin, Berl in, London, international marathons: New York, Amsterdam, Boston, Chicago and others. From 1998 it has been at the Football World Cup: South Africa 2010, Germany 2006, Korea 2002, France 1998 and many other to support national A series and Under-21 football teams. In veterinary medicine, it has been used at the Global Champions Champi ons Tour, Toscana Tour.

Some federations, orga organizations nizations and sports clubs: Italian Football, Swimming, Golf, Volleyball, Fencing, Rugby, Rugby, Canoeing, Winter Sports Federations, Judo, Karate, Martial Arts Committees, American Football, Football, Equestrian Sports, Institute of Science and Medicine of Sport of CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) in Rome, Italian Paralympic Committee, Bahrain Olympic Committee, Kenya Federation Federation of Athletics, Athleti cs, China Federation of Athletics, Russian Judo Federation, Finland Federation of Skiing and Volleyball, Volleyball, Italian Air Force, Fiamme Gialle, Fiamme Azzurre, Carabinieri, Italian Ministry of Interior, Cuirassiers of the President of the Italian Republic, Frecce Tricolore, Tricolore, Alpine and Army Training Training Centre, AC Milan, FC Internazionale, FC Juventus, AS Roma, SS Lazio, Parma Calcio, Udinese, Cagliari, Palermo, Chievo, Torino Calcio, ACF Fiorentina, Chelsea, West Ham U.F.C., Manchester City,


Club Atletico de Madrid, Atletico Bilbao, FC Barcelona, Al Ain FC, Guangzhou FC, PAOK Salonicco BC, Monaco FC, Sunderland AFC, Toronto Raptors, EA7 Olimpia Milano, Leicester Rugby, Benetton Rugby, ASM Clermont Auvergne Rugby, Lampre Merida Cycling, Caja Rural, PBC CSKA Moscow Basket, Benetton Rugby Treviso, Volley Bergamo Foppapedretti, Leicester Rugby, Genoa Cricket and Football Football Club, Mens Sana Basket, U.C. Sampdoria, Sisley Volley Treviso, Pallacanestro Cantù…

Some universities, clinics and hospitals: Rome Sapienza University, Rome Tor Vergata Vergata University, Catanzaro Magna Grecia University, University of Pavia, University of Milan, University of Ferrara, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Policlinico Gemelli in Rome, University of Messina, Campus Biomedico Rome, Kansas State University, Geneva University Hospital, Center for Preventive Medicine in Sports at University of Turin, L.U.D.E.S. Lugano, Switzerland, Milan San Raffaele Hospital, Gaetano Pini Milano, Rome Umberto Primo Hospital, Sant’ Andrea Hospital Rome, Villa Stuart Clinic Rome, Quisisana Clinic Rome, Villa Claudia Clinic Rome, Valduce Hospital Villa Beretta, Koelliker Hospital Turin, Hospital of Bolzano and Bressanone, Beata Vergine Hospital Mendrisio, San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital Rome, Istituti Clinici Zucchi Gruppo San Donato, Gruppo Segesta Rome, Habilita Gruppo Sanità, Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, Italian Diagnostic Center, Cagliari Hospice… Some professional athletes:  Kenenisa Bekele, Edna Kiplagat, Gatlin Justin, Bernard Lagat, Lauryn William, Alonso Fernando, Felipe Massa, Tirunesh Dibaba, Taoufik Makhloufi, Alessandro Ballan, Gianluca Zambrotta, Nancy Langat, Nuria Fernandez, Kostner Carolina, Lebedeva Tatjana, Filippo Magnini, Eunice Sum, Bekele Tariku, Andrea Lalli, Martin Lel, Lagat Bernard, Haile Gebresilassie, Wanjiru Samuel, Andrea Bargnani, Valeria Straneo, Oliver David, Robert Cheruiyot, Vittorio Podestà, Feliz Sanchez, Carl Lewis, Maniscalco Stefano, Ivet Lalova, Hamid El Mouaziz, Janeth Jepkosgei Busienei, Pertile Ruggero, Giorgio Rocca, Kirui Abel, Kirwa Yego, Rafael Nadal, Luol Deng, David Torrence, Renaud Lavillenie, Angelo Taylor, Monique Van Der Vorst, Marco Melandri, Melandri , Valentino Rossi, Simoncelli Marco, Marc Genè, Martinez Chema, Priscah Jeptoo, Vanessa Ferrari, Alex Zanardi, Merritt LaShawn, Carmelita Jeter, Nesta Carter, Joel Brown, Mo Farah, Mercy Cherono, Wallance Spearmon, Damiano Cunego , Sergio Parisse, Martin Castrogiovanni, Amantle Montsho, Taoufik Makhloufi, Sanya Richards, Manuela Di Centa, Maurizo “Manola” Zanolla, Asbel Kiprop, Phillips Dwight, Tina Maze, Deborah Compagnoni, Valnetina Vezzali, Kristian Ghedina, Giorgio Rocca, Aries Merritt, Ezekiel Kemboi, Maxim Mirny…

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