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Durrat Al Bahrain bridges, Bahrain

Who we are > Atkins is a multinational design and engineering consultancy, providing expertise to help resolve complex challenges presented by the built and natural environment.

Quality delivery Atkins implements a comprehensive range of fully certified and integrated quality, safety and environmental management systems that distinguish us from our competitors. This means we can guarantee unrivalled performance standards. All of our Middle East & India operations are externally certified to all three internationally recognised QSE management systems:

BS EN ISO 9001:2000 – Quality Management System Whether it’s the concept for a new skyscraper, the upgrade of a rail network, the modelling of a flood defence system or the improvement of a management process, we plan, design and enable solutions. Founded in 1938 by Sir William Atkins, Atkins employs over 16,000 staff based in more than 200 permanent offices worldwide. Projects have been undertaken in more than 150 countries. As of June 2009, Atkins generated an annual turnover in excess of £1.5 billion.

Atkins is the UK’s largest engineering and design consultancy and the world’s 11th largest design firm and the largest UK engineering consultancy in the Middle East. We have the breadth and depth of expertise to respond to the most technically challenging and time-critical infrastructure projects and the urgent transition to a low carbon economy. Our size brings significant value to our clients, allowing us to harness an unrivalled pool of creative, professional people to produce outstanding solutions to challenging problems.

BS EN ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management System OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series We have a regional Business Quality Director to oversee the administration of the business management systems, including the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS). Each office also has a Quality Manager. We are able to integrate quality procedures into all the projects that we deliver on behalf of government ministries, local governments, hotel and leisure project operators, major real estate developers, national oil companies, contractors in the oil and gas sector and private clients.

What we deliver > Atkins has designed over 170 bridges as part of the UK National Rivers Authority National Road Building Programme.

Building bridges is an expression for many forms of positive human endeavours. At its basic functionality it connects communities together. For transportation purposes bridges create a lifeline for island communities they not only carry passenger traffic but also the essential utilities such as water and power supply. Although people’s experience of bridges is mainly transitory in nature, they often form an indelible part of the environment as they are typically designed to last for 100 years or more. Bridges therefore, have the potential to be beautiful iconic structures for the location in which they are created, reflecting the technology of the time and human potential and aspirations of that era. Our engineers and designers have a strong track record of delivering world class, high quality bridge design.

Atkins can provide additional consulting services as needed at short notice including: environmental, sustainability and specialist engineering skills. Working in diverse geographic regions we can rapidly mobilise our expert global resources to support a project as necessary. We have bridge design teams in several key locations around the world including: UK, UAE and Hong Kong.

Bridge services in the region > Atkins has recently designed over 100 bridges throughout the Middle East.

Atkins has a dedicated bridge design team in the Middle East that has delivered detailed designs for over 100 bridges on 50 projects in the region with an estimated total length of 70 km and a combined deck area of 870,000 m2.

Our bridge design experience extends from being: • Design managers • Lead designers • Design sub-contractors • Alliance partners • Joint-venture partners

We understand the complexities and demands of bridge design works and have a large regional team that is able to commit to a bridge design project at short notice.

• Specialist consultants We are a true multidisciplinary consultancy. Our bridge teams frequently work with the wider Atkins Group, adding value to many infrastructure projects.

We are ideally placed to offer our clients a comprehensive consultancy and design service for bridge design and engineering solutions. Whether as part of a broader infrastructure design package or as a stand-alone bridge or viaduct project, Atkins can provide a complete client service from project inception to successful commissioning and operation. Our bridge design services in the region include: • Project and programme management • Definition of project objectives

• Development of project brief • Development of conceptual solutions in masterplan studies • Environmental and sustainability assesments • Full engineering design from concept to detailed design • Procurement advice to clients • Tender process and construction supervision • Tender designs and value engineering alternatives for contractors • Construction technology services to contractors • Independent design checking • Inspection and assessment of existing structures • Expert witness and dispute resolution

Dubai Metro viaducts, Dubai, UAE

Plan >

Each project cycle starts with consultation to define the project objectives, scope, brief, budgets and programme. This process involves Atkins’ client, any future owner/ operator, relevant government and municipal authorities, and other stakeholders, such as masterplanners and cost consultants, appropriate to each particular project. We combine the outputs of the consultation with our knowledge of local construction technology, materials availability, durability and sustainability requirements and costs to produce initial optional concepts for selection by the client. Our designs are developed to a level of detail necessary to validate that the key objectives are met, capital costs and programme are defined and that the project outputs meet expectation. Where aesthetic impact is a key decision criterion, we can prepare preliminary 3-dimensional renderings in-house. The selection of a preferred concept by the client allows us to complete the planning process by preparing an approval in the principal document that confirms the form of the approved concept and sets out the basis for design for the bridge. To suit the preferred concept, our multidisciplinary teams can plan, specify and assist in the procurement of all required ground, marine and geophysical surveys and investigations.

Each Atkins project starts with a detailed client consultation.

Sowwah Island bridges, Abu Dhabi, UAE Atkins was appointed by Mubadala to carry out the design of bridge connections from Sowwah Island to both Abu Dhabi and Al Reem Islands and to design the road network for Phase 1 of the project. The road network on the island consists of both roads at grade and elevated roads supported on bridge structures. For Phase 1 the total length of the elevated road is approx 4.0km. To meet the tight programme for opening of the initial buildings of the development, Atkins was employed directly by Mubadala to carry out the concept and part of the preliminary designs. We were later novated to the EPC contractor to complete the detailed design and provide technical supervision of construction. Atkins’ concept design identified a precast pre-stressed beam with composite insitu concrete slab solution as being the most cost effective to meet the client programme. After novation to the contractor, very few changes were made to the initial concepts thereby validating the initial advice to the client.

Bridge concept designs

Durrat Al Bahrain Island bridges, Bahrain Located on the southeast coast of Bahrain, the Durrat Al Bahrain project covers an area of 20km2 (5km x 4km). Atkins was appointed to design the masterplan and provide complete design consultancy and site supervision services for this ambitious project. The project includes 3.5km of curved bridges over water connecting the many islands of this project. The design criteria defined by our masterplanning team included limiting the aesthetic intrusion of the bridges. The bridge team developed a concept design that kept the bridges at low level and minimised the structural depth. Cathodic protection to the bridge soffit reinforcement was specified to ensure the durability of the structures. The design solution included standardisation of details for a precast pre-stressed concrete deck which allowed completion of construction of the bridges ahead of programme.

Design >

As well as designing artistic structures, our bridge team also takes into account the sustainability and buildability of structures while focusing on budgets and deadlines. This is often achieved through a collaborative effort between engineers and architects who need to make the right choices in terms of structural form and materials to be employed. This allows them to determine an aesthetic solution providing the highway section and span arrangements to meet any navigational clearances taking into account the construction methodology and the project requirements and constraints. The Atkins bridge team in the Middle East is able to produce design solutions for complex landmark signature bridges as well as conventional bridges. From this base we have completed design projects across the entire region.

We strive towards enhancing the splendour of nature through bridges that demonstrate technical excellence combined with artistic sensibility.

Business process

Systems and standards

Design services

We understand that our design delivery must be aligned carefully with the client programme. To ensure that relationships are maintained we assign one of our specialist staff to manage the bridge design process, whether this requires a dedicated project manager for a project comprising mainly bridge works or a technical manager reporting to the project manager for a multidisplinary project.

For structural analysis of bridges completed to date and viaducts we have typically employed:

The services delivered by our bridge design specialists in the region include:

• Advanced finite element modelling using LUSAS

• Concept design of architecturally-led footbridges

• Solid modelling with timedependent effects for prestressing construction staged effects using RM2006

• Concept design and verification of concepts for cable-supported road bridges

We then develop the design of the chosen scheme further, in order to meet all necessary local approval criteria and to facilitate the cost effective procurement of contractors and operators necessary for delivery. Our specialist staff have the training and experience to deploy an array of software tools, both proprietary and in-house, for analysis and design to suit the requirements of each project.

• Solid modelling with embedded profiled pre-stress in ANSYS-CivilFEM • Second-order buckling analysis in both LUSAS and SAP2000 Similarly, we utilise both SAMLEAP and in-house tools to verify design sections for reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, for steelwork and for composite sections. The majority of our designs for clients in the Middle East region are undertaken to British Standards or AASHTO to suit the requirements of the approving authorities in the local market. Looking to the future we are training our staff in the use of Eurocodes, building on our UK offices’ involvement in preparation of published Eurocode Bridge Designers’ Handbooks.

• Preliminary design of cablesupported road bridges • Full design of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete road bridges and viaducts • Full design of pre-stressed concrete rail viaducts • Independent checking of bridge and viaduct design • Assessment of existing reinforced and pre-stressed concrete road bridges To complete our design service offering we deliver our designs with comprehensive technical specifications for bridge works that reflect the allowances made in the design and detailing for the harsh environmental conditions in the region.

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE Trump Tower development on Palm Jumeirah is accessed from the commercial boulevard in the northern side and residential boulevard from the southern side by two link bridges.

Atkins’ full design services for these bridges met the client aspirations that architectural and landscape design for this project should not be impacted adversely by the bridges.

Link bridges interface with the existing boulevard viaducts at one end and with the building podium at the other requiring careful consideration of support locations and joint design.

The design was completed to a tight schedule, including obtaining design approval from the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority.

Dubai Metro overhead gantry cranes

Dubai Metro, Dubai, UAE Atkins was appointed by the civil works contractor as the lead designer responsible for all civil works associated with the Red and Green Lines of the Dubai Metro. As part of the commission we were responsible for carrying out the detailed design of 60km of precast segmental viaducts with decks erected either span-by-span using overhead launchers or in balanced cantilever using ground mounted cranes or overhead travellers. We also provided detailed construction technology support on the precasting and launching aspects of the decks and pier cross heads. This technology was introduced for the first time in the UAE on this project allowing construction of the viaducts with minimal traffic disruption and to meet the challenging construction programme. Sophisticated 3-D analyses were carried out for the curved deck spans using LUSAS software employing solid elements to model the through-girder section to investigate stress distributions around the open section under different load conditions. Complex time dependant studies and rail-structure interaction modelling were also conducted successfully to cater for the continuously welded rail in the design.

Developing bridge solutions for road, rail and pedestrian traffic.

We develop bridge solutions that meet the project-specific requirements for road, rail or pedestrian traffic based upon the balance of function, aesthetics, buildability and cost derived from a practical understanding of client needs.

We administer bridge delivery processes through procurement, construction, testing and commissioning to ensure the project is fully operational as soon as feasible and delivery of the client’s objectives in full.

Depending on client requirements we can provide expertise to: • Undertake the engineer’s role in administering construction projects • Operate an effective change control system • Provide supervision services • Provide operational Health and Safety and Environmental (HSE) monitoring • Review contractors’ technical submissions • Witness commissioning and review operations and maintenance manuals • Undertake defects liability period inspections • Verify completion of maintenance activities • Full project management on the client’s behalf

Glasgow Bridge, Glasgow, UK

Enable >

Bridge repair and replacements, Muscat, Oman Following extensive damage caused by the Gonu cyclone to the coastal road and wadi outlets around Muscat, Atkins was engaged by the Muscat Municipality to undertake hydrological studies, road realignment and design of eight bridges to replace the culverts destroyed by the cyclone. A key driver for the bridge design solution was repeatability of use of the deck design. Based upon the wadi geometries, a 30m span and a post-tensioned precast concrete beam with insitu composite slab was recommended by Atkins and accepted by the client. To provide a cost effective solution, Atkins re-verified the foundation arrangement to suit the appointed contractors’ piling equipment. Extensive damage from the Gonu cyclone, Muscat, Oman

Ting Kau, Hong Kong, China The Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong is one of the few multi-span cable-stayed bridges ever built and, with 1177 m of cable-supported deck, it is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world. Our role on the project included conceptual design and initial design competition, through to working drawings, erection analysis and site supervision. We carried out much of the global analysis of the bridge, providing the design actions in deck, cables and towers. We also designed the deck steelwork including both the main angleshaped longitudinal edge girders and cross girders, together with the composite deck slab.

Bahrain Bay, Manama, Bahrain Atkins was appointed by Bahrain Bay PJSC to provide design and construction supervision services for infrastructure for Bahrain Bay Development. Bahrain Bay is a privately funded development with a high density mixture of commercial, residential and retail spaces all set around the Manama waterfront. The development includes two road bridges carrying wide boulevards across the central canal of the development and one road bridge connecting to a smaller island forming the focus of the development. As part of our multidisciplinary design, we provided full design services for the three road bridges developing concepts in coordination with the client’s masterplanner so that both functional and aesthetic criteria could be met. For the canal crossings, bridges pier walls at low level were designed with a surface pattern to match the concrete block quay walls. Slender columns above the walls are also designed to have minimal impact on the canal’s pedestrian environment. . The concrete box girder depth was dictated by the services contained within, with the edges curved to reduce the apparent depth. For the focal island access, minimal visual intrusion was paramount therefore requiring piles and pier columns in the seawater channel and setting of the deck soffit 700mm above high water level. A cathodic protection system was therefore specified for the bridge soffit and pier/pile reinforcement.

Medway bridge design and refurbishment, Kent, UK The original Medway bridge, constructed in the 1960s, comprises 21 spans of pre-stressed concrete beams and twin three-cell box girder construction with an overall length of almost 1 km and a main span of 152.4m. It carries both carriageways of the M2 motorway over the River Medway in Kent, UK. Key items of work included: • Replacing the entire suspended span over the river • Repairing the supporting pre-stressed concrete half joints • Re-assessing the approach viaducts • Control of working methods and construction or demolition sequences was also critical to the design

The design and refurbishment of the old Medway bridge illustrates the need for accurate record drawings. There is an obvious need to produce flexible design solutions to account for potential unexpected details encountered on site. This is particularly difficult under fixedprice, design-and-build contracts where the programme pressures are often even more acute. It is therefore vital to promote good working relationships with all parties and frequent liaison with the site engineers to ensure proposed design solutions are suitably buildable and economic.

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Cover image: Jumeirah Garden City, Dubai, UAE – Signature bridge concept design


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