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November 30, 2018 | Author: Vineet Badiani | Category: Coffeehouse, Coffee, Target Audience, Target Corporation, Brand
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Coffee Industry - Overview India

- 6th position producing approx 3 lakh tons / p.a.


Consumption in India is growing at 6% p.a. compared to global 2% plus p.a. In

India, the per capita consumption c onsumption of coffee is around 85 grams while it is six kgs in the US. India

has about 170,000 coffee farms cultivating around 900,000 acres of coffee trees. Consumption,

has been increased exponentially. It has almost doubled to 108,000 tonnes from 55,000 tonnes in 2000.

History Café

Coffee Day is a division of India's largest coffee conglomerate,

Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Trading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL)

ABCTCL grows coffee in its own estates of 10,000 acres

largest producer of Arabica beans in Asia

ABCTCL is one of India‟s leading coffee exporters with clients across

USA, Europe and Japan.

UNDERSTANDING CAFÉ COFFEE DAY India's largest coffee conglomerate, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Trading Company Ltd promoted by V G Siddhartha (Founder & Director) Director) 


based in Bangalore, Karnataka

First Café coffee day outlet was started in Bangalore (1996) ( 1996) on Brigade road

A Rs. 750 crore ISO 9002 certified company

Pioneer Pioneer of the café culture and the first to launch the “coffee bar ‟ concept in India. 

Network strength: 1100+ cafés in 150+ cities/towns across India and growing

Cont.. 

Average Footfalls: 400 per café per day

Average dwell time at café: 45 minutes

Meeting place for Young Young or Young Young at Heart people

The place they frequent most after “home and workplace/college”.

A place where they meet friends and colleagues,

In groups of 3 or more


place where they rejuvenate and are free to be themselves rather than a place to be “seen at”

Brand Identity & Image Brand Identity: Coffee

& Conversation For young & young at heart Friendly & Stylish Social hub The Logo : Power of Dialogue  Tag line – A lot can happen over coffee  A perfect place to „relax and dialogue‟

Image: Indian,

Young Place to hangout & have conversations Cherished memories

KEY TARG TARGET ET AUD AUDIENC IENCEE Major chunk of CCD customers falls within the age group of 20 to 30 which accounts for 57% of the overall percentage. 

The group comprises of mainly College going students and young working professionals. 


from the café‟s café‟s product & a place to Hangout with friends the café is the venue for the Business Meeting(13%) , Celebrating Special Occasion (10%) & Just Time Pass (17%)

YOUTH – The Target Audien Audience ce 

Strong Voice in household purchases

Make consumption related decisions in company of friends

Influencers: Peer group, workmates

Access to large amount of money to spend

Likes to seen at the right place pla ce

Socially Active: Active: Hangs out at cafes/malls

Looking for a good lifestyle

Aspiration led purchases

Value Proposition Functional Largest

chain of Café in India with 1100+ Outlets – Accessibility

Economic Good and affordable coffee and food compared to the other Cafes – Affordability

Emotional 

Hang out joint with friends / colleagues - Acceptability

Café Coffee Day – SWOT Analysis Strength: 

Large Number of outlets

In house sourcing

Tie up with Corporates

Excellent Ambience Ambience & Service

Opportunity: 

Large untapped market

Weakness: 

Limited target audience

Limited Offering on Food

Threat: 

Foreign players Georgia Jeans,

Costa Coffee ,Star bucks, etc Tie up with other companies for promotion 

Large unorganized market

Coffee Day – Branded House Coffee Day (Branded House)

Coffee Day Fresh 'n' Ground

Coffee Day

Coffee Day

Square Lounge


Coffee Day Beverage s

Coffee Day Exports

Coffee Day Perfect

Café Coffee Day – POP / POD POP: Good

Hospitality & Ambience


& wide choice of beverages

Friendly and stylish hang-out joint

Strong Tie-ups with corporate

POD: 

Affordable price as compared to competitors

Wide network of cafes at strategic locations

In-house sourcing of coffee beans

Combination of classic coffee + Indian Taste

Perceptual Map High Price

Quality (Poor)

Quality (Rich)

Low Price

Brand Br and Identity Prism (Kapferer) Sender Indian Vibrant   n   o    i    t   a   z Music Lovers    i Hangout Place    l   a   n   r   e    t   x    E



Sophisticated Friendly Environment



Reflection Self - Image


Young Sophisticated Casual

Friendly Non- Intrusive

I   n  t   e r  n  a  l   i   z  a  t  i    o n

For the upward class wanting to have a casual environment to chat

Keller’ss CBBE Model Keller’ Frequent revisits (A place where you can be yourself)

Resonance Pioneers •Good taste at affordable price •

Friendly •Stylish hang-out joint •

Judgment Feelings

Wide choice of  beverages •Affordable price •Relaxed environment •

Efficient Service •Wide network of café‟s •



Salience Rich taste, Coffee & Snacks , Ambience

Learning's Classic learning of how a commodity can be branded 

Vertical integration to get the competitive edge 

Bringing in the Local taste for the product success 

Branding the Customer experience

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