Bordon Et All -- Biogeosystemics - I. SBE & SBEG Nature of Human Life on Earth

May 2, 2018 | Author: Jnanaved | Category: Electromagnetic Radiation, Photon, Light, Qi, Electricity
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B I O G E O S  Y  S T E M I C S I. The

Sonobioelectronic and Sonobioelectrogravitic Nature of Human Life on Earth -- Why Pilot-wave Subquantum Mechanics and Information Is Not Enough A. R. BORDON D. H. HASLER




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Life Physics Group – California

Earth is a biosphere

It hosts life, from the microscopic to the complex, all of  which are oscillating biological entities. In other words, Earth is a bioelectric life medium – one in which all life forms indexed to the biosphere depend upon the life belt of the planet, the approximately 25-30 mile band of active electromagnetic media that range from several miles below the surface to some 20+ miles up. Biological life is upon the Earth, in myriad forms and sizes, vertebrate and invertebrate. All of them are bioelectronic oscillating entities. Life, we are now convinced at LPG-C, can and should be represented as linear and as nonlinear life cycles. This applies to, we now have strong reasons to believe, all life on Earth and to biological life everywhere in the universe. In 1944, Erwin Schroedinger (whose quantum cat made him a near household name) asked the question, What is Life? And he used it as the title of a seminal book (1). His answer was dead on center, but did not go all the way to source. Is there really free energy? Schroedinger wrote, .

"It is by avoiding the rapid decay into the inert state of `equilibrium' that an organism appears so enigmatic....What an organism feeds upon is negative entropy."

And he went on to further clarify in a footnote that “negative entropy” to him was really “free energy.” 1


When it came to Life, the second law of thermodynamics looms large over the entire landscape. And entropy was the direction in which all things must go under an upward causal chain: left to its own devices, anything and everything would become disordered and, in the case of living things, die. Schroedinger, however, realized that living systems not only appeared able to avoid the effects of  entropy altogether, but also to maintain and increase organization – which meant living systems were negentropic (producers of negative entropy, the good entropy). Then, in the late 40s and 50s, along comes Albert Szent-Györgi (2), who recognized that energy and organization were closely and inseparably connected to each other, each deeply devoted to the other in a coupling and decoupling as thermal energy that becomes random thermal motion and free energy available for work Living systems, however, often display adiabatic expansion, in which processes neither gain or lose heat. So the question of available and unavailable energy becomes blurred. Ma xwell’s Demon

Enter Maxwell’s demon – the hypothetical gnome who could open a microscopic trapdoor between two sections of a container full of a fluidic material (gas or liquid) at equilibrium to let fast molecules through in one direction, and the slow ones in the other, so work can then be extracted from the system. Something like this already happens in living systems and solid state devices. Mae Wan Ho (3) tells well how this happens in biological membranes. She puts it this way: Typically, an electrical potential gradient of some 107V/m is maintained across membranes, embedded in which are enzymes involved in the vectorial transport of ions and metabolites from one side to the other, as for example, the transport of Na+ out of, and K+ into the cell by the Na+/K+ ATPase. It has recently been demonstrated that weak alternating electric fields can drive unidirectional active transport by this enzyme without ATP being broken down. In other words, the energy from the electric field is directly transduced into transport work by means of the membrane-bound enzyme. Moreover, randomly fluctuating electric fields are also effective, precisely as if Maxwell's demon were involved in making good use of the fluctuations! ([3] p. 52).

The problem with Maxwell’s little gnome is that it does not take into consideration the geometry of form and the storage capacity of the organization of the form. Szilard, and much later, Brillouin , showed that “the demon does require information about the molecules, in which case, the energy involved in obtaining information would be greater than that gained and so the second law remains inviolate” ([3] p.53). What kind of information? Again Ho provides a telling answer. Information, she argues, “is already supplied by the special structure or organization of the system in which energy is stored” (p. 53), and goes on to offer the example of biological membranes, “excitable structures poised for relaying and amplifying weak signals into the cell.” A living organism is quite literally organized tissue of many kinds, with heterogeneous, quite dynamic structures over multiple space/time domains. No cell is static, and all cells have their characteristic anatomies and dynamics. These cells also have mechanical properties and electrical 2


When it came to Life, the second law of thermodynamics looms large over the entire landscape. And entropy was the direction in which all things must go under an upward causal chain: left to its own devices, anything and everything would become disordered and, in the case of living things, die. Schroedinger, however, realized that living systems not only appeared able to avoid the effects of  entropy altogether, but also to maintain and increase organization – which meant living systems were negentropic (producers of negative entropy, the good entropy). Then, in the late 40s and 50s, along comes Albert Szent-Györgi (2), who recognized that energy and organization were closely and inseparably connected to each other, each deeply devoted to the other in a coupling and decoupling as thermal energy that becomes random thermal motion and free energy available for work Living systems, however, often display adiabatic expansion, in which processes neither gain or lose heat. So the question of available and unavailable energy becomes blurred. Ma xwell’s Demon

Enter Maxwell’s demon – the hypothetical gnome who could open a microscopic trapdoor between two sections of a container full of a fluidic material (gas or liquid) at equilibrium to let fast molecules through in one direction, and the slow ones in the other, so work can then be extracted from the system. Something like this already happens in living systems and solid state devices. Mae Wan Ho (3) tells well how this happens in biological membranes. She puts it this way: Typically, an electrical potential gradient of some 107V/m is maintained across membranes, embedded in which are enzymes involved in the vectorial transport of ions and metabolites from one side to the other, as for example, the transport of Na+ out of, and K+ into the cell by the Na+/K+ ATPase. It has recently been demonstrated that weak alternating electric fields can drive unidirectional active transport by this enzyme without ATP being broken down. In other words, the energy from the electric field is directly transduced into transport work by means of the membrane-bound enzyme. Moreover, randomly fluctuating electric fields are also effective, precisely as if Maxwell's demon were involved in making good use of the fluctuations! ([3] p. 52).

The problem with Maxwell’s little gnome is that it does not take into consideration the geometry of form and the storage capacity of the organization of the form. Szilard, and much later, Brillouin , showed that “the demon does require information about the molecules, in which case, the energy involved in obtaining information would be greater than that gained and so the second law remains inviolate” ([3] p.53). What kind of information? Again Ho provides a telling answer. Information, she argues, “is already supplied by the special structure or organization of the system in which energy is stored” (p. 53), and goes on to offer the example of biological membranes, “excitable structures poised for relaying and amplifying weak signals into the cell.” A living organism is quite literally organized tissue of many kinds, with heterogeneous, quite dynamic structures over multiple space/time domains. No cell is static, and all cells have their characteristic anatomies and dynamics. These cells also have mechanical properties and electrical 2

potentials that respond to environmental influences and changes. There is no steady state, but only a conglomeration of spatiotemporally organized processes with characteristic time ranges for resonant energy transfer between molecules; and these processes are catenated. Where from does energy come to the organism? And in what form does this energy come to its cells?

A. The Electrical and Electromagnetic Life of the Body  Unable to sleep on a hot, muggy summer night last year, the senior author switched on the television. A movie, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, had started. Professor Waldman, a character in the movie, was a medical scholar who had been censured for his rebellious ways— he had diverged from accepted academic research. Played by John Cleese, his face loomed on the screen as he explains to Victor Frankenstein, a medical student, played by Kenneth Branagh, “for thousands of years the Chinese have based their medical science on the belief that the human body is a chemical engine run by energy streams.” Then he goes on to explain how they “…insert needles like these into the flesh at various key points to manipulate these electric streams.” The amazed Frankenstein marveled in silence. “I see, so electricity is the key.” He finaly said. The Chinese have known about and worked with the body’s electrical nature through instruction by unknown sources, possibly from the Indus valley through the highlands and high plateaus of the Himmalayas. What, we wondered, has modern science discovered about the flow of  electricity in the body? In addition to the blood stream, the nervous system and the lymph system, what evidence is there for an invisible river of electrons that provides for life and health? Electricity is the key. This will be obvious when we get to it next. But, where does it come from? That is saved for later. The Nature of

Electrical and Electromagnetic Energy in the Body 

In spite of the fact it is a fight for scientists to gain recognition and acceptance for their work in proving the electrical nature of the body, there are numerous patents filed, papers published, books written, and web pages devoted to the subject. The research of the following scientists stood out for me. Each breaks new ground in better understanding how our bodies work to keep us alive and well. Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist not immunized to controversy stated in 1999, “life depends on signals exchanged among molecules” (4). Obviously these signals travel at speeds near or at light’s speed. As Benveniste points out, however, the current accepted theory states that molecules communicate only when a ‘key’ or molecule finds the right ‘keyhole’ molecule. He had been a scientist for years before the absurdity of the theory dawned on him — it suggests a random and cumbersome process that would be far too slow to account for the speed of reactions in the body. Benveniste’s research is based on the hypothesis that molecules vibrate. These vibrations are tools of a communication system by which biological functions are controlled. These vibrations are the speed of  electromagnetic signals. Water functions as the medium through which high-speed transmission of  messages between molecules is possible. “We can now understand,” said Benveniste, “how millions of  biological molecules can communicate at the speed of light.” In addition, identifying the specific electromagnetic frequencies for different molecules allows modern science to diagnose and heal using sound or light to produce the specific electromagnetic frequencies needed—a discovery that continues to be ignored by established medicine. Electrical currents produce magnetic fields at electromagnetic frequencies. As a result, the terms electricity, electrical current and electromagnetic fields are often used interchangeably. 3

Robert O. Becker broke new ground with his research in healing using electricity. He started by showing the electrical nature of the nervous system and the brain. In his book, The Body Electric, he stated: “Our work on nerves and the brain was leading toward a whole new concept of life whose implications only gradually became apparent” (5). Becker also found that bone healing and growth a re set in motion by a tiny charge of electricity. Becker found all the functions of life could be explained by electricity. The crystal structure is a key to understanding the electrical nature of cells. Becker and Selden explained, “The electron microscope has shown us crystal-like structures of previously unsuspected complexity in all living cells…” (6). He then went on to describe a system of electrical transmission hidden within the biological structures of the body. For example, the sheaths surrounding the nerves are not merely insulation as described in established biology but are “real wire” that “reach into each area of the body to create a normal electrical environment around each cell, or a stimulatory one when healing growth is needed.” Becker went on to boldly say that “those embarrassing little oddities … the chemical-mechanistic theory could not explain are beginning to be understood by…this new paradigm” (6). Modern allopathic medicine is ignoring an important key – to not only understand how the human body functions but also a key to better help it to heal. Franz Morrell also proposes an electromagnetic system to explain how the body can transmit large amounts of information extremely fast. How much information? Morrell, a German researcher, inventor and author, states: “In a single cell the amount of information being transmitted per second is so great that it would take a hundred years to read if it were printed” (7). A contact of ours in Europe surfaced a few years ago with more evidence of the electrical river in our bodies. By e-mail he sent a news story from Science & Vie, a French magazine, stating: “White cells (leukocytes) kill bacteria and pathogenic fungus by electrocuting them.” (unknown author [8]). This research came out of Switzerland. The researchers did manage to get details of their discovery printed with a letter published in  Nature (9). The exchange of sodium and potassium across the cell membrane is explained as being or creating a pump as an essential function to sustain life. A physicist in Greece, Panos Pappas, a physicists, begged to differ: the pump hypothesis is not complete, as it does not account for the differing amounts of sodium in relation to potassium going in and out of the cell. What, then, is the missing ingredient? The missing ingredient is electricity! The going get rougher here, as mainstream science does not accept transmutation—one element being changed or transmuted into another. Both a French and a Japanese scientist, Louis Kervran and George Ohsawa (10), showed how sodium can be transmuted into potassium with the addition of oxygen and…electrical energy! We were struck by Pappas’ sense of wonder and awe as he explained how electricity sustains life and creates the chemical reactions our bodies need. After tracking a trail of reactions in the body, Pappas exclaimed, “This makes understandable the wisdom of positioning the adrenal gland on the top of the kidneys” (9). Or as Daniel L. Kirsch and Fred N. Lerner summed it up, “atoms are bonded electrically. Further in our rudimentary training we learned that there are voltage potentials across the membrane of all cells. They do not, however, speculate on the staggering significance of these facts” (12).

The Body’s Use of Light and Sound to Generate Electricity  All religions agree—a life-force sustains us and referred to as the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, Divine Father, the Qi or Chi, and simply the Force, among other names. Most cosmogonies describe this forming-power as Light and Sound. Much as any one else, we welcome the experiencing of this Light and Sound inwardly using contemplative techniques and extension neurosensing. How does this Light and Sound manifest physically? And where do they come from?


Let’s start with a level of information that places us in 4-space/time on Earth. We begin with Hertz and his discovery of the “photoelectric effect.” This effect means light interacts with matter to create electricity—when light strikes a substance, electrons are discharged. Later, light became photons as both particles and waves that move at the speed of light. Light radiation from the sun comes in varying wavelengths or frequencies. The energy or electrical potential of  photons varies according to the frequency of the radiation they carry. We absorb photons with their varying frequency or degrees of energy directly from sunlight and to varying degrees from plants depending on their health or nutrient content. Photons from the sun are absorbed not only through the eyes but also the skin. Now considerable research confirms the existence and importance of the acupuncture points and meridians for conducting light to the body. And the acupuncture points and meridians have also been shown to be more electrically conductive than surrounding tissue. Light produces electrical currents in the body that, in turn, produce electromagnetic fields. The reverse is also true—electricity generates photons so our bodies emit light! Biophotons is the term used to describe light emitted by the body. DNA is in every cell in us, and can absorb, store and then reemit light—it is the body’s electrical transformer (13). A photon, says Fritz Popp, is a process rather than a particle. It is an electromagnetic field that can be measured. His measurements show that the millions of reactions within a cell each second can only be explained by the speed of light—neither thermal radiation or chemical reactions can account for the work done by the cells. “Photons are the real regulators of our biological systems,” he told us at a colloquium with members of LPG-C in 2000. One photon can trigger millions of reactions in one second and the reaction rate increases with the number of photons available. Healthy cells glow with the dance of biophotons. Biophotons, explained Popp, substitute for the sun during the hours when we’re not exposed to it—they can deliver an equivalent intensity! As one researcher states: “We are in a very literal sense light beings as ancient mystical teachings profess.” (14). What about the body’s use of sound? We thought of Richard Gerber’s admonition back in 1988: “Remember the universe was created by sound. Very shortly scientists will be saying this,” a reminder to us in the publication of his Vibrational Medicine (15). Sound absorbed through the ear or the skin is translated into electromagnetic fields. We think of sound and light as separate phenomena but they’re simply the same energy— detectable at different frequencies and wavelengths in two different media. Light in frequencies above, below and within the visual spectrum is both absorbed and emitted by the body. (16) So too is sound both absorbed and emitted from above, below and within the audible range. “Small sophisticated tuning forks,” (17).is how a publication described the DNA in cells (Burton Golberg). Biophysicists Glen Rein described experiments with a composer who brought the infrared light spectra of DNA into the audible range (18). Apparently when DNA sequences are converted to sound, they sound musical. Live blood cell analysis and other measurements show that this music has a greater healing effect on the body than any other kind of music, excluding the RA system of sounds (18). Just as we emit light, we all emit sound as well—to varying degrees depending on our health. If  you care to apply the discipline and practices of Qigong masters in China you have a high level of  sound at your command. Conversion of EM biosignals into sound showed their discipline and practices result in sound signals from their hands one hundred times more powerful than that of a non-Qigong practitioner, and one thousand times more powerful than those who are ill (17) and (51). “A human being is a very complex, uniquely fine-tuned sonobioelectronic and electrogravitic entity.…the body continually broadcasts the frequencies of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life” (51). When sound frequencies naturally occurring in the body are missing and restored, it heals itself.


The Life Electric:

Electricity is Nourishment

Observation does wonders. We asked ourselves, how would light and sound work as electrical nourishment? We discovered that disease does not start with vitamin deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. It was clear that chemical deficiencies - be they hormonal, vitamin or mineral - show up at a later stage in the sequence. The body’s first signal that all is not well is electromagnetic. Damaging frequencies are stored in cells. These damaging waves may build up unnoticed for years. Chemical changes begin to appear later. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens take hold. It took the senior author many years to recognize that an unhealthy lifestyle—poor diet and lack of exercise, emotional and mental stress, and environmental pollutants age the body faster than necessary. This type of lifestyle was creating biofields with damaging frequencies that could be detected long before physical symptoms erupt. Drugs are often the treatment of choice when disease is diagnosed. W. Langreder, another German researcher warns, however, “They [drugs] act in the body by suppressing damaging waves from a sick  organ and forcing them into healthy tissue” (19). In other words, damaging waves are created by the body’s electrical response to stresses. These damaging waves are stored and build up until a physical symptom or illness erupts. If we suppress these damaging waves with drugs rather than release them by stimulating the body to heal itself, they “move first to the jawbones, which steer them on to the teeth.” Tooth decay is an early warning signal of disease. From there he warns, “A chain of complaints follows which neither the patient nor the doctor connects with the earlier allopathic [drug] therapy—the seemingly quick  healing that has, on the contrary, caused the problem.” To restore health, the flow of energy in the cells in the form of electromagnetic waves or oscillations must be reestablished. This is not usually an instant process. Time and patience are necessary to coach the body back to electromagnetic equilibrium for health. Better-known therapies that work to balance the body electrically or energetically to allow for chemical balance include acupuncture, homeopathy, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), chiropractic, lymphology, accupressure, massage, Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, color therapy, nutritional products brimming with photons, and many bioelectric devices. Where is the AMA on all of these therapies? Well, since there is little or no double-blind studies and recognized researchers producing them, there is not scientifice evidence to speak of, or to point at as rationale for pronouncing their disrepute through silent ignoring and benevolent neglect – the absence of profitable treatments not withstanding. Is there anyone out there seriously looking at the body electric, someone of sufficient stature to matter? Björn Nordenström, a professor emeritus of diagnostic radiology at the Karolinska Institute and Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, is one—he has been using electricity for cancer patients. He has an immaculate and quite prestigious reputation as a former Chairman of the Nobel Assembly and the inventor of the needle biopsy. In 1983 he published a landmark book,  Biological Closed Electric Circuit Clinical, Experimental, and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System. In it, Jacques C. Hauton, D.M.D.Sc, Professor of Biochemistry, Institut National de la Santé, France, writes in the book’s preface: Nordenström's theory offers important implications throughout the entire range of normal and pathologic physiology. With profound conviction, I dare assert that no vital process can be fully understood without considering this new electrophysiologic theory. A vast field of multidisciplinary research is opening before us. Numerous concepts which today are confusing, including chemotaxis, are here clarified. … I cannot resist emphasizing the fascinating and broad medical scope of this book, i.e. a new view on carcinogenesis and a therapeutic mode against cancer which theoretically offers possibilities against diverse


inflammatory states, fractures, atheromas and neurologic complications of  various diseases. Moreover, this book offers new scientific bases which will reorient future research on a wide range of hitherto poorly understood processes, e.g., acupuncture, oral galvanism, meteorologic influences on human beings, types of adipose tissue, diverse secretory mechanisms, diurnal cycles and embryogenesis. This list of disparate functions leaves unmentioned many other applications. In particular, extrapolation of the theory at the intracellualar level offers many possible consequences. The coming years will see a wealth of  experimentation derive from this new approach to electrophysiology. Its full importance is today impossible to appreciate. For example, disparities of findings noted heretofore between in vitro and in vivo work can now be assessed anew. The implications of Nordenström's theory appear far-reaching even beyond today's most enlightened suspicions.

And that was in 1983. In 1992, Nordenström publishes a paper that was quite seminal to the efforts of several of us in the then budding LPG-C coop (see Nordenström 1992). In it, Nordenström lays out a picture then beyond its time in relative relevance and subquantum validity. Its abstract said it well. The basis of our physical world is electrical. The unified electromagnetic field can appear to us as particles, i.e., matter, at certain densities of wavelengths. A close interrelation therefore exists between matter and electric energy. This knowledge is extensively utilized in technology. Various tools and instruments are electrically powered, utilizing the exceedingly important principle of closed electric circuits. Corresponding closed electric circuits and functions also exist in biology but are more sophisticated and complex. Unfortunately, these aspects are almost unrecognized. The principle of   Biologically Closed Electric Circuits (BCEC) and some of their structural and functional effects are described. The Vascular-Interstitial Closed Circuit  (VICC) is one specific BCEC system. It functions as a circulatory system in addition to the mechanical circulation. Its efficlency partly depends on its capacity to provide bidirectional transport of  ions. The VICC is an in vivo electrophoretic-dielectrophoretic system that is powered by metabolic energy or injury currents. A VICC activation leads to transports of metabolites, new structuring and healing of an injured tissue. Examples are also presented of the process of healing. An abnormal, e.g., prolonged activation of VICC may also induce pathology. Neoplastic formation of cells and tissue can also be healed by the use of artificially applied electrophoresis or an artificially applied electric field. as will be described. Our world once developed from electrical energy. This is probably the reason why the BCEC systems make primary differences between nonbiological and biological matter (p. 285).

The therapeutic application of an electric field is exquisitively described. And the first paragraph of the paper could well have been written just yesterday, in view of its relevance and accuracy. BCECs, or biologically closed electric ciurcuits, are crucial mechanisms that allow energy to flow and, in particular, biological tissue to differentiate and to perform their various functions. However, first, we need to make the basic BCEC principles become intelligible and understandable in terms of subquantum energetics and subquantum information. To paraphrase Nordenström (49) empty space is actually filled of energies of one unit form and multiple frequencies, including energetics beyond the gamma range. This energy manifests in 4space/time as gravitational, electric and magnetic components. Summatively, the various wavelengths 7

and amplitudes make a unified electromagnetic field (EMF) in two superdomains (4-spacetime and Quantum-potential). In space/time, this unified EM field expands and manifests in 3-dimensional space in a spiral motion that forms field vortices and torsional form as particles and atoms. But the EMF in reality expands in three dimensions as a spiral motion that forms so-called field-vortexes. They are known to us in 4-space/time as dynamic electrical fields, manifesting both electrical and magnetic components. A field-vortex can obtain local condensation to a degree that it appears to us as particles (matter). We will explore in considerable more detail the physics of this phenomenon. In the meantime, let us continue looking at the consequences of such phenomena in human terms. All living systems contain numerous functioning electrical circuits. They exist in all bodily functions and…determine the well being of  Table 1: Electrical Measurements of the Human the body. Today, Russian scientists are Body  considered to be leaders in electromedical research. For instance, the so-called Healthy cell: At least 70 mV (milliVolts) “Kremlin capsule,” an electronic pill that Diseased cell: 15 mV range becomes active in the stomach is said to be a key means of keeping aging and ailing Nerve cell at rest: -70 mV changes up to +40 mV former Soviet leaders and present Russian Cell membrane leaders alive (27). Information on the electrical potential: = 2,000 Volt power line Internet states: “It makes possible drugless, Fat: two layers one Insulating quality is vastly more efficient non-traumatic, non-chemical, non-toxic, millionth of an inch than all man-made materials non-allergic treatment. No negative thick make up cell consequences or side effects have been membrane: observed” (28). The one draw back, as we Body walking 20 mV: beneficial negative ions see it, is retrieving the launch capsule once beach/forest: it is expelled with feces. Environmental and Nutritional Factors

Body in a thunder/ Difference in potential from feet to head: from lightning storm: normal 260 V/m to 20,000 V/m so can attract lightning. DNA resonates at:

50+ billion Hz (50+ GigaHertz)

Much of the information in this Body cells resonate at: 1,520–9,460 kHz or 1,520,000 Hertz & section is patently anecdotal and based on up experiences and small N experiments. For Number of cells in the Each cell is kept separate instance, Fritz Popp has developed a system body is approximately by a watery fluid and a sol/gel solution 100 trillion: to measure whether a food or substance is toxic or to what degree a substance is Cell renewal rate: 7 –10 million per second beneficial to the cells. The greater the Water transmits EM 10,000 water molecules for capacity of the food to store light, the information: every protein molecule. greater the value to our health. As an Water content of body: – brain: 90% water, – body: 70%+ water example, Popp used his testing method to Cellular water is – 66.6% of the body’s water resides compare eggs raised by two different different in that inside cells methods. Free-range eggs are considered it is composed of – 33.3% of the body’s water resides superior because the chickens are allowed liquid crystals: outside cells to live naturally—to wander and to feed on greens as well as grain. The industry producing eggs for the mass market, on the other hand, keeps chickens caged and unable to move about. In his testing he did not find any difference in the chemical composition of the eggs—nutrients appeared to be equal. He did, however, find that the free-range eggs transmitted more light (13). Electrically speaking, they provide a greater benefit to the body. Ultimately, then, the free-range eggs provide more chemical nourishment for the body as well.


Reporting on Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s research in Towards a New Alchemy, Nick Begich tells us how ingesting raw amino acids, the building blocks for protein, boosted the energy or electrical readings of the acupuncture points dramatically (29). Other foods that boost the energy flow are fresh vegetables and fruit—especially organically grown. The water we drink should still have a high degree of electrical energy. Flanagan, among others, describes water to be the most electrically alive when its whirling flow has not been impeded and it retains a ready supply of naturally dissolved colloidal and ionic minerals. Raw foods are superior to cooked because of their photon energy. This has also been shown to be the case with Kirlian photography, which is another method to measure light emission (30). The late German researcher Hans Nieper, M.D., speculated that “the electrically active beta-carotene possibly plays an important role in the effectiveness of raw foods” (31). Supplements with beta-carotene were shown not have the same effect with Multiple Sclerosis patients as the raw food. With a dependence on processed foods and synthetic food supplements, it’s easy to see how modern diets lead to electrical starvation. Flanagan also noted that emotional states cause our electrical readings to fluctuate widely. And, here’s some of the environmental factors that interfere with the electrical activity of the body: synthetic clothing; indoor air from synthetic carpeting, drapes and upholstery; electric saunas, forced air heating and electric baseboard heating; cigarette smoke; aluminum; and building materials that shield or distort the natural energy fields from the earth and the universe. Long term exposure to metal toxins such as mercury interferes with the electricity of the cell as well. Additionally, not all electricity is necessarily beneficial. Considerable evidence now exists on effects of power lines, transformers and appliances transmitting on human life; this also extends to the use of high voltage, and 50 or 60 cycles per second alternating (AC) current that emit harmful extralow-frequency (ELF) waves; these do not occur in nature. Most bioelectric devices for healing, on the other hand, work to duplicate the natural electricity of the earth and the body to help generate healing (3) (32). Electro-Therapy


Table 2: Outputs of Electro-Therapy Devices Micro-current technology (Beck): 50– 100 µA in blood. Patent #5,188,738: up to 100 µA Pacemaker: 100 µA Wound healing experiments: 200– 1,000 µA FDA approved for Bone Growth: 10 µA DC CES devices: 10 to 500 µA TENS devices: 60 µA with shorter pulse

Many of the electromagnetic devices used by established medicine for diagnostic purposes, such as the electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain wave activity and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to search for tumors, generate more electricity than the bioelectric devices used as therapies. X-rays, in particular generate ionizing radiation. These ionized molecules can then form new ones that can be toxic to the body. Dr. Becker, a pioneer in electromedicine, stated: “It is now evident that a wide variety of  waveforms, pulse shapes, frequencies, and current densities will give considerable pain relief” (3). Two devices in particular have gained FDA approval. One is the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit used for sports injuries and pain relief. The other is a cranial electrical stimulation (CES) unit. They have proven effective as therapy for addictions and depression. The use of electricity for bone healing is not as widely known. An associate of Dr. Robert Becker, C. Andrew Bassett, M.D., obtained FDA approval for the use of 


Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF) for healing difficult bone fractures (33). A pulsed magnetic field therapy device for animals has also been used effectively by veterinarians for many years (34). One of us got in touch with Benjamin Lau, a medical researcher at Loma Linda University. He told Dr. Bordon in April 1999 that had conducted research on sports injuries in the mid-80s using a Pulsed Magnetic Field device. Despite the fact he was getting promising results, funding to continue the research was explicitly denied and refused (35); Robert Becker’s research also suffered a similar fate at the beginning of the 1980s. In The Body Electric, Bob Becker and Gary Selden wrote that “the lab ceased to exist on New Year’s Day 1981” (5). There were others who also suffered the same lack  of funding, and yet, their response was unique to their personalities and personal commitments. Two such researchers come to mind – Bob Beck in southern California and Hulda Clark in Canada. Despite the lack of research funds for electro-medical research, both Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. and Hulda Regehr Clark, N.D., Ph.D. persevered. Their approach was to bring bioelectric devices directly to public attention, through books and the internet. Both also have brought bioelectrical healing into the home with instructions on how to build devices. In her best-selling books, Clark provides information on how to build a Zapper. In (34), Clark stands bravely before entrenched medical opinion: “Electricity can now be used to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in minutes, not days or weeks…learn to build the electronic device that will stop it immediately. It is safe and without side effects and does not interfere with any treatment you are now on.” The Zapper emits a frequency that is lethal to specific pathogens but safe for the human body. It is well known that the human range of  frequency or range of bioradiation is from 1,520 to 9,460 nonionizing kHz. The pathogen range of  frequency is much lower - from 77 to 900 nonionizing kHz. Bob Beck was a retired physicist who lived and kept a small lab in Anaheim, CA, risked his reputation as a distinguished scientist to bring the benefits of micro-current and pulsed magnetic field devices to the public domain. Beck’s achievements include the invention of the flash bulb, a miniaturized SQUID device capable of measuring low levels of electromagnetic radiation and research on the brain leading to the Brain Tuner, a CES device. Beck’s interest and attention was summarily blocked, with the only remaining printed evidence on electromedical devices being the micro-current research of two medical doctors, Steven Kaali and William Lyman, both M.D.s at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine; they filed US Patent Number 5,188,738 filed in 1993. Again, electricity proved “to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect the normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids” (37). On a CBC radio broadcast on March 30, 1991, Lyman explained that the level of current was considered safe as it was about the same as pacemakers which have been used safely for many years (38). After discovering this patent, Beck developed a non-invasive device to pulse micro-currents into the blood. He designed a device that could overcome the natural impedance of the skin, and also produce enough voltage to create the necessary microcurrents in the blood. The objective was to ensure there was no heat loss and the blood would not be ionized. The blood bioelectic device evolved into an apparatus with two electrodes placed over the arterial pulse points on the wrist. At this location, the arteries come sufficiently close to the surface to allow the electrical pulses to reach the blood stream. Later, realizing the lymph holds about 10 times the amount of viruses and bacteria as blood, Beck invented a direct current pulsed magnetic field device to use on lymph node sites. The strength of  the pulsed magnetic field was geared to create the same level of microcurrents in lymph and tissue as the blood electrification unit. This level as stated in the patent is 50 to 100 microAmperes of current. He further stated that “there are no known side effects since milliAmpere currents applied to skin are much lower than those in FDA approved TENS, CES and muscle stimulators which have been in safe daily use for many years.” Beck himself does not sell any devices. Instead he publishes how to build them and also recommends a company that manufactures them for those who are not technically proficient (39). 10

B. The Bioelectronic

and Bioelectrogravitic Life of the Body 

Here again we pick up with the work and the explanatory constructs produced by Björn Nordenström. With him, curiosity began with the origin and composition of the "halo" disturbance that would occasionally be seen around lung malignancies on routine x-rays. It was never present with tumors that were benign. None of his radiological colleagues could offer an explanation for this curious phenomenon, nor did elicit much interest. Most consider it to be an artifact, but Nordenström thought it might represent some sort of energy disturbance that could provide an important clue to the nature of malignancy. Since then , he has devoted his efforts in a multidisciplinary approach of  innovative basic research, animal and clinical investigations to the study of what turned out to be his  Biologically Closed Electric Circuits (BCEC), a model which proposed and demonstrates in fact the existence of a previously unappreciated electrical circulatory system in the body. This system is very much like the Chinese system of meridians and acupuncture points. Björn Nordenström's credentials are impeccable - as Chairman of the Department of Radiology at the Karolinska Institute, as President of the Nobel Assembly that selects the Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, and as pioneer in the development of the balloon catheterization and needle biopsy techniques responsible for breakthrough advances in diagnosis and treatment. In several books (50) (51) (52) and some 50 scientific papers, Nordenström has dramatically expanded the BCEC model to provide a panoramic perspective of how these networks can also communicate with the external environment – ranging from why the tail of a cat acts as an antenna to detect danger and how animals keep their fur clean, to the origins of life, and the universe. Just as a cat's tail can receive subtle energy signals, there is good reason to suspect that the thousands of acupuncture points in the body may function in a similar fashion, much like a sophisticated radar system. Acupuncture points that have been known since antiquity have been demonstrated to have electrical characteristics different from surrounding skin areas. These electrical properties can be influenced by mental processes and force fields emanating from chi gong masters, and the latter can be readily visualized using Kirlian and even conventional photography. Similar subtle energies generated internally may act in an analogous fashion. Thus, EEC waves may not simply reflect the noise of the machinery of the brain, but rather signals being sent to specialized sites in the body. Such a paradigm could help us all underestand a variety of well acknowledged but unexplained mind/body phenomena, such as placebo and nocebo effects, the spontaneous remission of cancer and other healthy rewards reported in individuals with strong faith. It is clear that thousands of year ago, a well developed system of medicine existed based on the premise that health depended on the circulation throughout the body of  chi (Qi), a vital energy that traveled through prescribed pathways called meridians. Illness resulted when the normal flow of  chi was blocked, and such imbalances could be corrected by inserting needles (acupuncture), or applying lodestones (magnetic fields), at specific sites where these meridians were close to the skin. Health was also impaired if the level of  chi was deficient, or there was a disturbance in the balance of its complementary components  yin and yang. While Western medicine has generally disregarded or scoffed at such notions, the numerous benefits of acupuncture, magnetic field and other subtle energy therapies have been increasingly verified and accepted. The energy emanating from chi gong masters has been show to exert the same influence on AT synthesis as a magnetic field, and the ability of  certain healers to produce voltage surges of 100 volts and more in recipients several feet away has also been convincingly demonstrated in scientific studies. Nordenström now suggests that the forces flowing in BCEC's may be thought of as chi, with positive and negative charges that are comparable to  yin and yang. He offers other analogies with


ancient Oriental concepts of how the chi in Nature can affect human health, performance, and possibly aging. Life span varies greatly in animals, plants, and even different tissues in humans, and it is believed that the life of a cell is genetically predetermined by limiting the number of times it can divide and reproduce itself. This process of programmed cell death, called apoptosis, is specific for each cell. Nordenström suggests that bioelectromagnetic forces can influence either regression (apoptosis) or proliferation (regrowth and survival) by explaining how a tree preserves its life during the cold winter by altering metabolic activities to sacrifice its leaves in the fall. In the spring, apoptotic regression is replaced by proliferative regeneration, when energy preserved in the tree is activated by heat to again produce the same kind of leaf. He shows in one Kirlian photograph how even a leaf that is "dead", still have energy in the form of a surrounding corona or halo. This repetitive cycle of death and rebirth constantly takes place in other systems, and in the Chinese view of Nature, are interrelated to provide balance, as in the Sheng and Ke cycles of ongoing regeneration and destruction for the five elements and their associated organs (52).

Structure and Function: Nature of Electrical and Electromagnetic Energy in the Body  Biologically closed electric circuits (BCEC) are key mechanisms permitting energy to flow and biological matter to differentiate and to perform various functions. The basis of our physical world, as previously stated, is electrical. The unified electromagnetic field can appear to us as particles, i.e., matter, at certain densities of wavelengths. A close interrelation therefore exists between matter and electric energy. This knowledge is extensively utilized in technology. Various tools and instruments are electrically powered, utilizing the exceedingly important principle of closed electric circuits. Corresponding closed electric circuits and functions also exist in biology but are more sophisticated and complex. Nordenström’s principle of Biologically Closed Electric Circuits (BCEC) and some of their structural and functional effects as a circulatory system (in addition to the mechanical circulation) works as efficient bidirectional transport of ions. The Vascular-Interstitial Closed Circuit (VICC) is one specific BCEC system. It functions as a circulatory system in addition to the mechanical circulation (49). The VICC is an in vivo electrophoretic-dielectrophoretic system that is powered by metabolic energy or injury currents. A VICC activation leads to transports of metabolites, new structuring and healing of injured tissue. An abnormal (e.g., prolonged activation of VICC) may also induce pathology. Neoplastic formation of cells and tissue can also be healed by the use of artificially applied electrophoresis or an artificially applied electric field. What about naturally occurring, self-induced electrophoresis-dielectrophoresis? Could the process of electrophoresis-dielectrophoresis be self-induced? If so, where will the electric field come from? Will it be from a natural, non-manmade or from a manmade, artificial source? If it could, will, say, the VICC respond to the activation by self-induced means, and will such an activation have the same healing effects as those from artificially applied electrophoresis or an artificially applied electric field? These question lead us here into issues and the physics of the sonobioelectronic and sonobioelectrogravitic nature of life on Earth. The issues were clearly delineated in the epilogue of one of the latest books of the senior author ( The Coming Longevitality Of The EARTH Human COBE  Biomind ) (53), coauthored with Robert Neil Boyd and Adrian Klein. In closing a contentious final chapter on the physics of subquantum electrogravitics of a vacuum-fed biological human COBE, the book authors argued that: 12

Both the brain-bound and the asomal conditions of consciousness, have reference to the same Information matrix, and undergo ceaseless dynamical modeling processes in the direction of incremental gains of complexity and perception, similar to the processes we have already physically ascribed to subquantum structures and dynamics, as being pro-active precursors of all quantifiable and "ponderable" forms of matter and energy. Regretfully enough, the incompleteness of most of the existing quantum models resides in their failure to address exactly such information-related processes, a failure which is even more blatant in the "officially approved" versions of physics. We are probably facing the ultimate gap that theoretical physics has to solve, by casting an experimentally consistent and physically falsifiable bridge, from the already achieved subquantum paradigm of reality, to the originating Information Source(s). We are currently investing all our efforts in this challenge (p. 182) (53).

A careful semantic distinction has been made in this work, as it also was in the book (53) between organism longevity and the biofield-related longevitality of its constituent parts, down to the cellular unit and its cytoplasmic components involved. Genetic and epigenetic code activities must be carefully described in the specific biomolecular/  morphogenetic range they apply, avoiding extrapolations into the higher-order implication levels of  information complexity which are certainly involved in consciousness dynamics. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that determinant coherence effects, ruling biomolecular events, may be analytically addressed as holonomic analogues for informational processes governing high-level coupling and the integration of consciousness with multimodal neural network activities in the brain. The brain's quantum coupling efficiency of information field configurations to energetic events running at the physical range of the biosystem, implemented by hyperdimensional subquantum mediators, has been amply investigated by Boyd and Klein. Quantum brain contacts the contents of an ontologically distinct, informational environment, the contents of which the brain has been exactly evolved to process. However, a brain is not required for consciousness – at least not to produce it. What is currently described and defined as consciousness is now described and defined by our evolving Working Model as a property of share-distributability of all matter condensates in both space/time and quantum/subquantum domains capable of entanglement as a never ending continuum. However, much like gravitation, it also behaves like a field, with field-like properties and characteristics. And, very much like gravitation, it is anti-symmetric to light and behaves like a medium that is extraspatial but it is manifest in space, absorbed by matter under certain conditions and by way of a specific structuring of matter. Thus, in space, so called inert and vivified matter are recognized as nonliving relatively independent condensates and as life-bearing unit-structured condensates regarded as corpoconscious. Nonliving matter is share-distributable through two interrelated means of physical integration – interconnectivity (interconnecting all matter to its source) and tautologic refractivity (interconnecting all COBEs [complex oscillating biological entities] to their source – subquantum and beyond – as well as to each other on the basis of an exquisite and relatively simple, yet exacting biogeosystemics of biocommunication).


II. Structure & Function:

The Physics and Biophysics of Sonobioelectronic and Sonobioelectrogravitic Nature of Life on Earth In the SQ perspective, the critically coherent COBE is seen as an implicated bitemplaic polycausal holonomic projection of informational essence into space. The time and gravielectric components of this highly complex structure are under common subquantum (SQ) origination and control as a combinatorial metastructure of hyperdimensional consistency. The idiomaterial Universe view is inherent to our defining the infinitesimal SQ entity, which, in the SQ model, extends into pure information fields encompassing an infinity of manifestation potentials. This results in an asymmetric monistic determinism of enfolded informational configurations upon the energetics involved in conventional causality, turning them into chains of time-bound sequences that are perceived by the COBE observer, which itself is seen as embedded in the hyper dimensional implication whole, by resonances occurring at a holographic interaction level. The phenomenology of  perception is best described in terms of this resonant tuning between self-conscious observer (the core function of  the COBE) and the events that are ceaselessly reconfiguring enfolded layers of a kaleidoscopic, dynamic and interconnected background at different levels of implication. The self's perception modalities extend both upon upward sensory-derived signal matrices integrating it into its environment, and downward, direct, extra sensorial, representational inputs. Running in SQ regime, these convergent Information channels synchronously affect quantum events seen as their confluent expression in the domain of space-time-defined energy - which is their observable manifestation range in the Euclidian projection of the extended, projective informational space. The intertemplaic connection (in Dr. Bordon's expression in [53], the "handshake") reflects our asymmetrical determinacy upon observable features and behavior patterns of the COBE as a range of 


complexity, with polyvalent integration in the infinite array of implicate domains. It's quite reasonable to describe bitemplaic junction resolutions forming at interaction sites between proximity distributions of these implication domains. The biosystem itself is such an intertemplaic junction effect, hence our ability to identify at its resolution level the interplay between its overlapping entelechial components. The seven superdomains described in (54) were characterized as being intricately intimate aspects of a Unum – a term coined to mean an intelligent, dynamic, highly integrated and purposeful information whole by all appearances. Most surprising, its functioning as integrated whole had all the makings of a supersystem of superdomains whose design and collective functions schemed to project, promote and support the lowest of all superdomains – 4-dimensional spacetime. This design delivers what can best be characterized as ratchet effect: a T-boundary creative impulse undergoes a resonant harmonic feed-forward transform process that culminates in templaic mirrors – one of which is an interference pattern quantum-potential of another in 4-spacetime. All six “higher” superdomains contain the seventh – 4-spacetime. The last of the seven, according to our Working Model, remains a domain of much mystery and a place wherein it is supposed that nothing could be smaller than a quantum. From that physically unsupported assumption, many theorists reached the view that the Planck length must represent the lower limit of smallness in our Reality – the limit of the infinitesimal that separates us by an established diameter of such smallness that it is beyond the microscopic. From a perspective (read that to mean, a position of observership) in spacetime, we say that anything beyond this smallness and the length of the diameter of the hole that connects or separates this other space from that which is our space must be the quantum. It was further assumed at the beginning of our awareness of  the quantum that nothing could be smaller than a quantum. So from such an unsupported assumption, theorists reached the view that the Planck length must represent the lower limit of smallness in our Reality. Many, however, have gone further to suggest that there are fluctuations and activity beyond this limit, and that they must be caused by particles smaller than the Planck limit. We have thus seen the rise of a subquantum level of recognized manifestation – because it is now possible to see beyond the Planck length with subquantum microscopes, and a subquantum picture of the world has been repeatedly proposed by many serious researchers in the past. Such second-order physical events - if  true - seem to imply that there can be entities smaller than the quantum, that quanta can be subdivided, and that there may exist somewhat "counterintuitive" charge values, smaller than the so-called "elementary" charge. Since then, further evidence has emerged. For example, we have experimental evidence supporting the presence of fractionally charged quasi-particles and composite fermions in an electron gas, under Fractional Quantum Hall Effect conditions. At the same time physical evidence has come from collider experiments which indicate that even so-called "quarks" must have substructures, indicating that quarks are composed of many much smaller entities. The existence of spherically symmetric stationary fields of charged sub-currents and subfields inside the electron, has been already suggested by some proponents, in increasingly convincing subquantum representations. The Mobius transformation solutions of the Maxwell equations lead to an understanding of various entities which can travel with any speed from zero to infinite velocity, this understanding leading to an infinite fineness of the vacuum's structure, pointing to subquantum entities with the same propagation properties as those indicated by the nonlinear projective Mobius transformation solutions of the Maxwell equations, as opposed to the more commonly understood Lorentz transformation solutions, where propagation velocities are limited to the speed of light, in the given media. The physical vacuum is a space/time sequence contending both aggregative and nonaggregative, nascent information sources, where such information is stored and carried by superluminal aether fluxes leading to n-degree entanglement states at the level of the matter/energy domain. These subquantum fluxes result in the Quantum Potential, and the quantum information field, of standard Quantum theory. 15

A. The Vacuum-Plenum

of Dark Energy and Information from the

Infinite to the Infinitesimal The vacuum has many physical properties which imply a substantive media. For example, the vacuum has: A modulus of elasticity A stress tensor A sheer tensor Magnetic permeability coefficient Magnetic susceptibility A bulk modulus A modulus of conductance A modulus of compulsive enforcement A characteristic E/M wave impedance of 377 Ohms The vacuum has many other known and measurable physical properties which are not found in the above list. All these measurements, and others, strongly imply the existence of a substance. Indeed, were one given the parameters of the substantive vacuum without being informed as to what was being measured, it would be easy to think that some sort of material was being described, rather than a "vacuum." It has been experimentally demonstrated that the so-called "vacuum" has a memory. This discovery was made possible by the extremely sensitive micro-field measurement abilities of the Malvern laser electromagnetic measurement system out of the UK (59; 204). Many similar observations have brought forth the questions, " How can a supposed nothing have any sort of  memory?", and, "What is it that is holding the information we are observing, if there is nothing there to hold it?". Since that time, many additional unexpected experimental results, and instrumented observations, have demonstrated the active role which eidetic information has at all levels of physical existence. Local information-guided measurements were produced over decades of astrophysical and laboratory observations, by Kozyrev, Mishin, and others, beginning in the 1960s, which demonstrate a vast variety of mechanisms which will act to measurably liberate some sort of entities which are interpenetrating with, and clinging to, normal matter. Kozyrev observed that the following processes acted to liberate something which had been previously unaccounted for, something internal to matter, with direct and physically observable instrumentable consequences under the following circumstances: * the deformation of any physical object * the encounter of an air or water jet, with an obstacle * the operation of an hourglass filled with sand * the absorption or emission of light * friction * burning * the physical actions of an observer, such as a movement of the head * the heating or cooling of an object * phase transitions in substances (evaporation, solid to liquid, liquid to vapor, etc.)


* dissolving and mixing rates of chemical substances * the "fading" death of plants * "non-light radiation" from astronomical objects * changes in human emotional states and states human consciousness. All these events are liberating some sort of entities from their clinging existence, as normally found in the vicinity of various objects. Apparently, these behaviors can arise because the mass of the liberated entities is so small, it is very easy to move them. Even an act of will can liberate these entities into motion. The resulting release of entities, under these circumstances, registers directly on various forms of instrumentation. All the items in the above list were proved experimentally by Kozyrev, under very stringent and rigorous conditions (55). People at the time, had no reason to accept Kozyrev's brilliant results, until now, when they are seen as integral to the subquantum paradigm, and represent the earliest such experimental evidences. Kozyrev attempted in several other ways, to bring public attention to these entities and their properties, such as his published and verified astronomical observations of "mass density waves", which are exactly waves propagating in an interstellar media composed of very small entities. Remote non-local information-guided activities, including remote non-local information coupled variations in weight, pH, and so on, have been recently discovered to be fundamental to the functioning of the universe at all scales, at all levels, in all regards, at all times. Presently, the combined results of all information related physics experiments have shown that there are both local and non-local "hidden variables", implying that there is a motional portion of the media, and a quasi-static component. We have found that information transfer events have four distinct velocity regimes: subluminal, luminal, and superluminal, and infinite velocity. The first velocity regime can be applied to information transported by way of normal matter. The luminal information transports are most probably due to standard Lorentz transformation transverse electromagnetic propagations. The superluminal and infinite velocity regimes, we must attribute to transports by subquantum infinitesimals, as allowed by Newton's equations, and the bilinear (Mobius) transformation solutions of the Maxwell equations. Normal electromagnetic waves ride on the subquantum, where infinitesimal SQ entities with fractional charge and fractional masses are supplying the physical environment which the "elementary" particles and forces are operating in, according to subquantum canon of collective behavior principles (as described for example, by the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattice model). Such sub-Planck behaviors are not presently detectable by standard instrumentation, but they are still effecting, in a deterministic way, all our presently accessible observables, such observable events attesting to the event-controlling information-based potentials which are ubiquitously present in the SQ background, which comprises the actual substance of the physical vacuum. In fact, all the physically measurable properties of the "vacuum" are the direct result of the physical behaviors and properties of various SQ entities that inhabit "free space", which when averaged produce the accustomed measured physical values associated with the "physical vacuum, such as the permittivity and permeability values of the media, which in turn determine such things as the speed of light at the given time and place. The Planck -Einstein

Scale, Living Superconductors, and a Biophysics of Sonobioelectrogravitic of Running Integrity of Human COBEs Let’s begin here on the infinity side of things, and state outright that we are living in a universe that exhibits accelerating expansion in (approximately) four space-time dimensions, with a de Sitter −52 −2 spacetime metric with cosmological constant Λ = 1.29 × 10 [m ] (56, 57, 58, 59, 60). 17

A small cosmological constant is equivalent to a small vacuum energy density (dark energy density with equation of state w = −1) given by

(1) In quantum field theory, the cosmological constant counts the degrees of freedom of the vacuum. Heuristically, we may sum the zero-point energies of harmonic oscillators and write:

(2) The sum is manifestly conflictive at best. The natural maximum cutoff to impose on a quantum theory of gravity is the Planck frequency, leading to the Planck energy density of the vacuum:

ρP = EP /l3P =

c7_ = 4.6 × 10113[J/m3]. 2 G h

This prescription yields an ultraviolet enumeration of the zero-point energy that is 122 orders of  magnitude above the measured value, eq.(1). This is the well-known cosmological constant problem.

A Natural Scale for Vacuum Energy in Living Superconductivity  What is the domain of physics and phenomenology that provides a natural scale for dark energy? In fact, the observed dark energy scale from the vacuum-plenum is very similar to typical energy scales that occur in solid state physics in the physics of superconductors, except that the superconductors are solgel phases of  living, crystalline superconductors. The principal idea discussed in recent papers (61, 62, 63) is that this is not a random coincidence, but that there is a deep physical reason for this coming from a similar structure of the theory of  superconductors and that of dark energy. A possible model in this direction is the Ginzburg-Landau theory of dark energy as developed in (62). In that model vacuum fluctuations exhibit a phase transition from a gravitationally active to a gravitationally inactive state at a critical frequency, similar to the superconductive phase transition at a critical temperature. On the experimental side, there is an interesting possibility arising out of this approach, namely that superconductors could be used as suitable detectors for quantum fluctuations underlying vacuum energy (62, 63). Moreover, there are also indications that living superconductors could also be suitable detectors of such quantum fluctuations and are suitable means of drawing on underlying vacuum energy (53, 64, 65, 66). We took Beck and de Matos to task: If one begins from an Einstein-Hilbert action that leads to an inverse cosmological constant problem, we found, as they did, that the cosmological constant comes 18

out too small by 120 orders of magnitude! So we too regarded the observed dark energy density of the universe as the geometric mean of two values of vacuum energy, one 120 orders of magnitude too large and the other 120 orders of magnitude too small – in the same fashion as Beck and de Matos did in 2008, with one difference: we were not looking at dark energy values in cosmological terms; we were looking at living superconductors becoming suitable detectors, extractors and users of vacuumplenum energy for health maintenance, MPO (manifest production observership) effects, VEEOM (vacuum energetic encoding of object matrices), and other purposes. The corresponding mean energy scale is the Planck-Einstein scale, corresponding to lengths of about 0.037mm, a natural scale both for dark energy in cosmological terms and vacuum-plenum energy in a biological framework, and living superconductive materials. Very interesting things happen out of the fact that the relevant length scale for quantum fluctuations is the Planck-Einstein scale in superconductive materials. Basically, the Beck and de Matos model for quantum fluctuations in the superconductor is like a model of quantum gravity where the Planck mass m P = (ħc/G)1/2 is replaced by a much smaller value, the Planck-Einstein mass m PE = (ħ3Λ /cG)1/4. Formally replacing the Planck mass by much smaller values has also been discussed in the context of extra dimensions (67). The approach here does not require extra dimensions but just a superconducting environment. We also observed under gnosive conditions the formation of ember-like clusters of particle-like superconductive sparks, similar to the so-called Tao balls (68, 69, 70) in this context, a phenomenon that is so far unexplained in the usual theory of superconductors, but which can be understood using the Beck/de Matos approach. Planck -Einstein Scale

– Scale transformation for superconductors

The Planck-Einstein scale corresponds to the geometric mean value between the Planck scale, lP , which determines the highest possible energy density in the universe, and the cosmological length −1/2 scale, or Einstein scale, l E = Λ , which determines the lowest possible energy in the universe [22, 23]. The Planck-Einstein energy density is the geometric mean ρPE = √pρP ρE between the two energy densities, and the Planck-Einstein length lPE = √lP l E  is the geometric mean of the two length scales in the universe (71, 72, 73). We noticed that the values of Planck-Einstein quantities correspond to typical time, length or energy scales in superconductor physics, as well as to typical energy scales for dark energy. In previous papers by Beck and de Matos (61, 62, 63) they showed there could be a deeper reason for this coincidence: It was possible to construct theories of dark/vacuum energy that bear striking similarities with the physics of superconductors. In these theories, the Planck-Einstein scale replaced the Planck  scale as a suitable cutoff for vacuum fluctuations. Beck and de Matos proceeded on the basis of the hypothesis that when proceeding from a normal to a superconducting environment it makes sense to consider a scale transformation from the Planck length to the Planck-Einstein length, which keeps many features of the quantum physics invariant. Quantum gravity phenomena that normally happen at the Planck scale l  P only could possibly induce related phenomena at the Planck-Einstein scale in a superconducting environment. Due to our 2 scale transformation, the gravitational constant G = ħc/m ρ formally becomes much stronger in a superconductor if  mP is replaced by the much smaller value m PE. Similarly, frame dragging effects and gravitomagnetic fields could become much stronger as well, in line with recent experimental observations (74, 75, 76). The vacuum energy density of vacuum fluctuations would become much smaller as well (of the order of dark energy density). Re-interpreted in terms of the scale transformation, this means that for superconductors the Planck scale m P as a cutoff for vacuum fluctuations is formally replaced by something of the order of 


the Planck-Einstein scale, since the critical temperature Tc = 1...140 K of normal and high- T c superconductors is of the same order of magnitude as the Planck-Einstein temperature T  PE = 60.7 K . Therefore, our use of the scale transformation hypothesis makes sense for vacuum fluctuations and vacuum energy as observed in a living superconductor superconducting environment. The relevant scale factor is of the order l  PE / l ρ  ~1030.

Calvet’s Background Field and Natural Measures Carlos Calvet is a prototypical European, born in Spain, raised in Germany, fluent in several languages (Spanish, German, and English), early education in German, Gymnasium in Spain, university in Spain, doctorate in biology, acquired deep interest in how the universe works and in interstellar travel, including exotic propulsion systems, invited by Hal Putthof to the Austin, Texas, Institute for Advanced Studies, and participant in several projects in the 1990s. Calvet offers the following definition for his theory, “the Background Field Theory (BF-theory) is a figurative approach to describe in a uniform way fields of force, interactions, physical phenomena and elementary particles at quantum level” (77). What does that mean? “In this sense, it is assumed that there effectively exists an "absolute void" beneath the "perfect vacuum," so that above the absolute void, there is a background field that consists of virtual gravitons, linked together by means of superstrings, thus building a 3dimensional matrix.” What is of great interest to us in this essay is Calvet’s expression of natural constants in terms of Planck units. Calvet took on the universe from the infinite, then headed to the infinitesimal. The universe is, in principle, the “absolute void” (77). Above the void, there is a field of virtual gravitons he called the  Background Field that, according to him, has in principle a 3-dimensional structure. Our universe is therefore a combination of the absolute void, the Background Field (BF) and different particles. What has been called "perfect vacuum" is in this sense, the combination of the void and the BF (77, 78). Virtual graviton(s) (VG) in the background field (BF) are linked together by means of (super)strings. The virtual gravitons themselves are strings. In the simplest theoretical framework, each VG consists of six string halves, so that each VG is able to couple to six other VG. In this case, each string, half of  one VG, is connected to the homologous string half of an adjacent VG, so that two VG are always connected by one complete string, consisting of one half of one VG and one half of an adjacent VG. In this case, the smallest 3-dimensional arrangement of VG in the background field is a cube, with one VG at any vertex so that 4 VG build a cell. In each cell, any VG is linked by means of 6 complete strings to VG of adjacent cells. A 3-dimensional arrangement of such cells builds a background field with levels, and each level corresponds to a surface of a virtual graviton. Each level consists of a high number of field lines built by rows of virtual gravitons. Adjacent field lines and levels are linked together by means of  strings, so that the resulting structure is 3-dimensional. Furthermore, the background field fills any hollow space in our universe, even the space between quarks and electron orbits, in a fashion that resembles a hyperfluid in behavior and characteristics. In the remainder of this section on Calvet’s background field theory, we are going to concern ourselves with interactions in the BF, interactions in spacetime, holes in the background field and tunnel effects.

Interactions in the Background Field The BF could be eternal in absence of particles, but in our universe, it changes constantly. If a neutral fermion moves, it interacts constantly with virtual graviton of the background field. One part of  the kinetic energy of the fermion is transferred hereby to any interacting virtual graviton on its


trajectory. For any interacting virtual graviton of the BF, one real graviton (RG) is formed (i.e., it becomes a gravitational wave). Consequently, any moving fermion is loosing constantly kinetic energy. A fermion interacts always with only one virtual graviton at a time. If such a fermion has a kinetic energy Ek, any RG that is produced by interactions would have the potential energy of a VG of  the BF, plus a minimal kinetic energy that is necessary to loose the six strings that anchor the VG in the BF: (1)

E(RG) = E(VG) + Ekmin

where E(RG): Potential energy of a produced RG E(VG): Potential energy of an interacting VG Ekmin: Minimal kinetic energy of a fermion, necessary to loose the 6 strings that anchor a VG in the BF. This minimal kinetic energy is therefore equivalent to the potential energy of 6 strings (since to loose 2 string halves, we must apply the potential energy of 1 string): (2)

Ekmin = 6 E(S)

where E(S): Potential energy of a string. In order to overcome the force of the 6 strings that anchor a VG in the BF, according to [1], it is necessary to apply a minimal force. This force corresponds to the inertia of a punctual particle since it represents the smallest possible resistance of the space: (3)

Fi = 6 E(S)/l = Ekmin/l

where Fi: Inertia of a punctual fermion. l: Minimal length, a minimum force must be applied, in order to loose the 6 strings of a VG The minimal length "l" probably corresponds to Planck's Elementary Length since the length of  a VG string is probably the smallest length that can exist. The constant interactions with VG withdraw a punctual fermion kinetic energy, so that its kinetic energy becomes always less. With each interaction, according to [2], a particle looses the potential energy of 6 strings: (4)

E'k = Ek - 6 E(S) = Ek – Ekmin

where E'k: Kinetic energy of a punctual fermion after a neutral interaction. A neutral fermion is therefore constantly decelerated by the inherent resistance of the BF. Furthermore, there is a minimum velocity at which a neutral fermion can move through the BF. To achieve this minimum velocity from the "absolute rest," it is necessary to apply a minimum force in order to overcome the resistance of the BF. This force is again the inertial force. A particle can move through the space, only if it is accelerated to the above mentioned minimum velocity. Supposing a punctual fermion is in a certain instant overcoming inertia from the absolute rest, it will achieve a minimum velocity, interacting each time, in a minimum time, with 1 VG at a length, equal to Planck's Elementary Length: (5)

Fi = m vmin/tmin = 6 E(S)/l where Fi: Inertia of a fermion m: Mass of a fermion 21

vmin: Absolute minimum velocity that a fermion can reach in the BF tmin: Minimum time, necessary to loose the 6 strings of one VG in the BF l: Planck's Elementary Length Each time a virtual graviton from the background field interacts and produces a real graviton, the BF changes (it contracts due to the expulsion of 1 RG out of the matrix of the BF). When a fermion crosses the space, the global contraction of the BF is proportional to the total amount of interactions with VG of the BF. As a result, in our universe, space is constantly contracting and a constant momentary reduction of the BF takes place. Since in the space, there is an almost unlimited number of  VG, the BF is reorganized constantly by the surrounding VGs. To do this, the free ends of the string halves of those VG, adjacent to the VGs that were converted into RG and left the BF, do connect each other thus producing again an intact, although contracted, BF. Interactions between

Spacetime and the Background Field

According to convention, the field lines of a positive charge are directed outwards (out from the charge), while the field lines of a negative charge are directed inwards (into the charge). This can be explained by a positive charge constantly interacting with VG of the BF, exciting and converting them into virtual photon(s) (VP) that are radiated in every direction. This radiation produces field lines that are directed outwards and are linked together by means of strings as in the BF. On the contrary, a negative charge interacts with VP from surrounding EM fields and converts them into VG that can be incorporated again to the BF. The direction of the field lines of an electric field is equivalent to the flow direction of the VP in the field. Therefore, the field lines of a negative charge are directed towards the charge. A positive charge interacts with VG of the BF, thus producing VP that build an electric field. The stronger the positive charge, the more energy the produced VP have and the stronger the resulting electric field is: (6)

E(VP) ~ q(+) E(VG)

where E(VP): Potential energy of a produced VP q(+): Positive charge of an interacting particle E(VG): Potential energy of an interacting VG For this reason, the charge of a particle and the strength of its electric field are two different phenomena. Without the BF, positive charges would not be able to build electric fields. They would be potentially positive, but effectively neutral, since they could not interact with VG and produce VP of  the corresponding electric field. On the contrary, a negative charge interacts with VP from surrounding EM fields, thus absorbing their potential energy and converting them into VG that can become again part of the BF or interact with surrounding positive charges. Analogous to [6], the potential energy of a produced VG is here indirectly proportional to the negative charge of an interacting particle: (7)

E(VG) ~ E(VP) / q(-)

where E(VG): Potential energy of a produced VG E(VP): Potential energy of an interacting VP q(-): Negative charge of an interacting particle In summary, the total field strength of an electric field is directly proportional to the number of  VP that build the field and to their individual potential energy:



Fe ~ n E(VP)

where Fe: Electric field strength n: Number of VP that build the electric field E(VP): Potential energy of a VP in the electric field A charge can build an electric field, only if the space is full of virtual particles. In our universe, VP emitted by positive charges can interact with negative charges and be converted again into VG of  the BF. Therefore, our universe is a great electromagnetic circuit in balance. Since the EM force is known to be approximately 1041 times stronger than gravitation, a VP must therefore have approximately 1041 times more potential energy than a VG in a gravitational field: E(VP) = 1041 E(VG) (9) where E(VP): Potential energy of a VP E(VG): Potential energy of a VG This means that the potential energy (tension) of a string in an EM field is approximately 1041 times higher than that of a string in a gravitational field (see section 3 below). For this reason, in EMinteractions, VG are not converted into real photons in concordance with the case of neutral interactions, where VG are converted into RG. To produce a real photon, it would take approximately 1041 times more energy than in a neutral interaction. Therefore, EM-interactions produce only VP or convert them back into VG. Decisive for the spinning direction of an electric field is furthermore the direction in which the virtual photons (VP) of the field are moving (and not that of the virtual gravitons, or VGs). Two equal charges repel each other because of the tension of the strings between the virtual photons of the two fields. Two positive charges repel mutually because each positive charge radiates VP. Since VP are linked together in an EM field by means of strings, and these are very strong according to [9], VP cannot change from one field line to another. Therefore, if we try to approach two positive charges, the strings that maintain the VP linked together in each field produce a tension that tends to separate again both charges. This mutual repulsion is furthermore maintained by the VP, both positive charges are constantly emitting. Any electric repulsion or attraction is therefore proportional to the total tension (e.g. potential energy) of all the strings in the corresponding electric fields. Since every VP is linked to the corresponding electric field by means of 6 strings: (10)

Fq ~ 6 n E(S)

where Fq: Attraction or repulsion force of two electric charges n: Total number of VP in both fields E(S): Mean potential energy of a string in both fields Two unequal charges attract each other because the positive charge produces VPs that can interact directly with the negative charge. In this sense, two unequal charges support each other and a flow of VP from the positive to the negative charge takes place. There is also a flow of virtual gravitons from the negative to the positive charge that is probably only partial, since a part of the VG might return to the BF due to their extreme volatility. Remembering that there is a flow of virtual protons from the positive to the negative charge, if  we try to separate two unequal charges from one another, the strings in the combined electric field become tensed and a resistance appears since we are working in the opposite direction to the movement of VP in the field. On the contrary, if we approach two unequal charges, we work in the direction of the VP in the field, so that no tension appears. Since the tension of the strings increases if  23

we separate two unequal charges one another and it decreases in the opposite direction, two unequal charges always tend to attract each other. According to the above model, in a neutral atom, there is a closed circuit of VP between protons and electrons. Protons absorb VG from the BF and produce VP that interact with electrons and are again converted into VG. A positive ion has an excess of protons that produces an excess of VP that leaves the atom along field lines. On the contrary, in a negative ion, the excess of electrons interact with surrounding VP and a negative electric field appears by means of field lines of VP that enter into the atom. In consequence, an atom is electrically neutral if there is no interchange of VP with the surrounding space. Without the BF, any positive charge or ion would be electrically neutral since there would be no VG to interact with and no VP could therefore be emitted. Negative charges would also be electrically neutral in this case, since there would be no VP to interact with (77).

Holes in the Background Field The resistance of the space is indicated as inertia. Since this resistance is based exclusively on the presence of VG in the BF, it is easy to imagine that if there was no BF, the resistance of the space would be equal to zero. In a space without resistance, fermions would no longer interact with any virtual boson and there would consequently be nothing that could stop their movement (except other real particles eventually). The result would be that the velocity of any real particle or body would become infinite with the time, since the time necessary to pass through such an empty space would tend to be zero. In such a space, light would have no longer to oscillate around any virtual boson, since there would be no virtual boson at all. In consequence, light would be no longer be a wave but linear and its speed would become infinite. There would further be no difference between bosons and fermions, since they would be in fact not even present (if we tried to find a particle, we would need an infinite amount of time). Particles would then cross this space with an infinite velocity so that a portion of such empty space would look like a "hole in our universe." Such holes could effectively exist near singularities or other very energetic regions of our universe. In this case, the "absolute void" would emerge through a hole in the space and we would immediately recognize the BF due to the increase in its contrast with the hole. Since the absolute void has size but no resistance with respect to moving particles, such holes could be crossed by photons and fermions in a time almost equal to zero (at the border regions of such holes, a particle would probably first accelerate before its velocity tended to be infinite). A hole in the BF would also mean a complete interruption of fields of force, since virtual bosons in fields of force are linked together by strings. The considerable tension between these strings would probably avoid that part of the field of force which "evaporates" in the absolute void of the hole. On the other hand, fermions and free bosons (i.e. light particles) could pass through such holes easily because they are not linked to any field by means of strings. In consequence, if astronomers detect certain galaxies or celestial formations that do not influence each other mutually according to the known laws of physics, this could mean that there is a hole in the BF between these formations. In such a case, the mutual attraction, as well as any electric and magnetic field, would be interrupted by the hole. Holes in the BF could probably best be found at the borders of the universe or in its geometrical center since these are probably the most energetic regions that can exist according to the Big Bang Theory. In consequence, between us and the "other side" of the universe (e.g. on the other side of the center of the Big Bang) there could be a hole in the BF. We may be able to see the light from the other side of the Big Bang, but the information of those light waves would probably be a bit "fuzzy" because of their path through such a singular hole (77).


Tunnel Effect

The Tunnel Effect is by definition the propagation of EM waves with overluminic velocity 3 (faster than light speed) and has been experimentally described. In this sense, this phenomenon is probably a small variant of the above described holes in the BF since both phenomena have the same effect (overluminic velocity). In consequence, it is logical to assume that both phenomena do also have the same cause (holes in the BF). Therefore small holes in the BF would probably be easy to produce in hollow conductors, either because a concentrated beam of EM waves makes field lines of the BF move away each other or because the BF is weakened due to the existence of some EM field (see also 3 in Discussion above). If the Tunnel Effect is a tiny hole in the BF, in this hole, resistance is equal to zero, and photons can trespass the hole without any disturbance, so that their speed is accelerated beyond the speed of  light. Of course, such artificial tiny holes in the BF are probably not perfect, so that there will always be a certain resistance. Therefore, particles will probably need a certain time to accelerate from their ground speed to overluminic speed. For this reason, in such a small space, we cannot expect very high velocities, and in effect, a typical value that has been measured here is 2c or 1.7c (77). Gravitation as a Combined Force of Mass Attraction and Q uantum  V acuum

Repulsion In (81), Calvet made another point important to our task on this essay. Gravity, an intrinsic aspect of life on Earth, is a constant force with an inverse relationship with the vacuum density-matter equivalent; it is also the square of Planck time. Newton’s gravitation, expressed as: F = G _m1_m2_ 2 d

(11) -11


-1 -2

includes the constant G, with a value of 6.673x10 m kg s . Calvet found that the units of G could 3 also be represented by the inverse by the inverse of “mass-density” (kg/m ) multiplied by the inverse of “square time”. In this sense, G can be expressed as: (12)

G = _1_ _1_ δ t 2

where δ is mass-density in kg/m and t is any certain or specifiable time. As a universal constant, G can then be seen as containing elements ( δ and t), which themselves are constants, such that a medium corresponding to these values had to be found, that is constant in space and time of the whole universe. And the only medium that fills the bill is the quantum vacuum (QV). Thus, as G has been substituted by a function of QV energy, and δZP reflects the value of the “ZPF mass-density equivalent,” they can 3

be calculated exactly as a mass-density that can be understood by definition as a Planck mass in a Planck volume. In agreement with Calvet (81) and Puthoff (83), we can now say with more confidence that: F = __1___ δ ZP t 2 ρ

_m1_m2_ 2 d 


where gravitation is a combined force and that the QV-component (to the left) is opposed to the mutual gravitational attraction of masses (component to the right). The sense of this apparently complex 25

gravitation-generating system in the universe is probably that of stabilizing gravitation, thus avoiding unbiased extreme mass-attractive forces, by opposing a constant reaction effect through quantum vacuum. As Calvet himself put it, “if there were no QV in the universe, G would be equal to 3 -1 -2 1 m kg s (since it would mean that there is no QV reaction) and gravity would be much stronger 11 than it is at present (exactly 6.673x10 times stronger, since that would be the reverse value of  G). In this case, the universe would probably shrink to a spot (Big Crunch), since there would be no effect able to stop a gravitational mass collapse” (81) (pp. 4-5).

B. Is the Vacuum


What Is and

East Texas

What Isn’t

It was almost preposterous, but the caller was quite adamant. What Is: Digital


There were lights that would glow at night, reddish, greenish balls of light skating near the ground at the entrance to the property. You could see them sometime even during the day, when the sun was covered by clouds. Then the North Texas – In the shade, daytime pictures began to arrive, and some video samples as well. In some pictures, the energetics were quite evident, from string-like to arm size, in every conceivable shape and form, bright, colorful, eerie. The year was 1995 and the caller was from north Texas. The subject of the call and the pictures was what we had, at least in house, come to call  subquantum bleeds – manifestations of  ostensibly subquantum energetics that was evident and detectable, even by human senses, in the immediate environment under varying conditions. The pictures began to arrive not just Wisconsin from Texas, but soon thereafter from Wisconsin and Montana and Oregon and Washington and Vermont – in these United States. Then from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. Then from other places as well. The photos speak for themselves, and these are only a few of the many sent to us. 26

What Is: The physical properties of vacuum domains It was soon obvious to us we were dealing with physical phenomena that was, at least in the frame of reference of our local spacetime, anomalous. We had, since 1995, learned that subquantum vacuum domains, which are local formations of a non-homogeneous physical vacuum, are transformers of gravitational energy into electromagnetic energy and the reverse and of both these types of energy into mechanical and thermal energy. This grasp and understanding facilitated a host of interrelated phenomena production, some with quite dramatic effects, while others were curiosities appearing as seeming coincidences. More specifically, we refer to MPO (manifest production observership) effects, and human-precipitated VEEOM (vacuum energetic encoding of object matrices) phenomena on demand. Vacuum domains have volume and a corresponding boundary surface. The equations of the non-homogeneous physical vacuum model together with the equations of the electronic theory of  matter and continuum mechanics, as well as the conditions on the surfaces of the vacuum domains and at infinity, make it possible to formulate typical boundary-value problems of mathematical physics. The solution of such problems can help us obtain theoretical physical properties of the vacuum domains in any media and fields, such as those of the Earth (84). Vyacheslav Vyatlov, Scientific Fellow at the S. L. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Division, offers the following properties of physical vacuum domains: 1. Penetration into matter or passage through matter in any of its phase states: plasma, gas, liquid and solid. 2. Self-luminescence, emission of electromagnetic waves in a broad frequency spectrum, and absorption of electromagnetic waves. 3. The presence of their own electrical, magnetic and gravity fields inside and outside the vacuum domains. 4. Intense rotation of the gas inside the vacuum domains with a change in the magnetic and spin fields of the Earth. 5. Two types of explosions with the preservation of the vacuum domains: explosions as a result of an electrical discharge inside the vacuum domains, and contact explosions as the vacuum domains penetrate from the gas of the atmosphere into the electrically conductive rock of the Earth, as well as in passage through the Earth’s ionosphere (84, p. 12). Our digital photographic and video evidence bear out these properties. Shipov (85) expresses the current physical ideas about the nature of the physical vacuum: “At the beginning of the twentieth century, with the development of Maxwell-Dirac quantum electrodynamics, on the one hand, and Einstein’s theory of gravitation, on the other, a new level of reality – the physical vacuum – had already appeared in theoretical physics as an object for research; in the process, theories differing in nature were producing different ideas about it. While the vacuum is considered as empty fourdimensional space-time produced by Riemann’s geometry in Einstein’s theory, the vacuum (globally neutral) in Maxwell-Dirac electrodynamics is a kind of “boiling soup” made up of virtual electron particles and positron antiparticles. Further development of quantum field theory demonstrated that the ground state of all quantum fields – the physical vacuum – is formed not only by virtual electrons and positrons but also by all the other known particles and antiparticles in a virtual state. In order to unify these two different ideas about the vacuum, Einstein put forward a program that came to be called the


Unified Field Theory Program.” On page 74, Shipov further tells us, “it is becoming clear now that the unified field theory program has grown and overflowed into physical vacuum theory, which is called upon to explain not only the phenomena of objective physics but also psychophysical phenomena.” Does this mean observership (the phenomenon defined by our Working Model as participatory interaction between matter and observer as complex oscillating system in a specifiable level of  manifestation) has a role in vacuum theory? We are not quite there yet, but are now heading in that general direction. In October 1974, international teams of scientists in the United States and Switzerland discovered a new particle –  J   / Ψ . It proved very heavy (some three nucleon masses) and long-lived. They were called quarks. A characteristic feature of these particles is the fact that no one ever saw them in pure form – only in combination with other particles. Quantum chromodynamics is then created. In this theory, quarks correspond to electrons, and gluons (particles with zero mass and a spin of 1, which effect the interaction between quarks) correspond to photons, but carry a new charge that is referred to a now as “color.” Quarks has three varieties of “color,” and gluons have eight. The open particle  J   / Ψ was composed of a quark and an antiquark of a new type called charm, or c-quark. Then it turned out, after numerous observations and calculations, that neither quarks nor gluons (i.e., the entire color world inside us and in the surrounding matter) ever escape into outside space: they are locked inside hadron particles. This phenomenon was called confinement (or capture). In quantum chromodynamics, the physical vacuum is considered as a lattice, at the nodes of which are located pairs made up of a c-quark and a c-antiquark connected by a "string"; i.e., these quarks at spaced some distance apart and are dipoles. Such a structure means that the physical vacuum is formed from dipoles and in macroscopic terms is a polarization medium. Thus, we now have the physical nature of the physical vacuum as an electrical and a magnetic medium at the same time; and, the physical vacuum can be represented as a polarization medium using Maxwell and Heaviside vacuum equations for this purpose, with inductions seen as polarizations of the physical vacuum. This, according to Shipov (86), is the absolute physical vacuum (or APV, for short). And now things begin to get interesting.

A Physical Vacuum That Is N OT Homogeneous APV is a mathematical construction described by four vector fields - electrical, magnetic, gravitational, and spin, plus four vector polarizations – inductions of the same type. These physical polarizations make for the possibility of finding magnetic and spin polarizations, and electrical and gravitational polarizations occurring as natural phenomena in Nature. If we look at these as possible relationships, then the physical vacuum is an interesting medium: “the majority of elementary particles simultaneously possess electrical charges and masses, and magnetic moments and spins, and the physical vacuum can be represented as a medium populated by such elementary particles, even if they are quarks, but in the form of dipoles” (84) (p. 22). So we can think of many of the physical polarization phenomena in matter and in the physical vacuum as being of the same kind and nature. This is quite significant to us, from the viewpoint of MPO and human-precipitated VEEOM on demand. The sense of physical vacuum we now have requires that gravitational dipoles have to be represented as linked pairs of elementary positive  and negative masses. Negative mass is a requirement of Shipov’s polarization model of the physical vacuum. In 1893, in a prestigious publication of the Royal Society, Oliver Heaviside publishes "On the Forces, Stresses, and Fluxes of  Energy in the Electromagnetic Field," ( Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society - London) 183A, 423-480, 1893. In it, he discusses the Faraday-Maxwell ether medium, outlines his vector algebra for analysis of vectors without quaternions , discusses magnetism, gives the EM equations in a


moving medium, and gives the EM flux of energy in a stationary medium. Heaviside’s equations describe gravity in an infinite universe, for which then negative mass is necessary, which brings up the issue of infinite potential of any gravitational object (or gravity paradox). In accepting negative mass, one must therefore accept the quadrigue (group of four) of particles of Terletskiy (88), which is neatly buttressed by Dirac’s quadrupling of states in his quantum theory. It is also a remarkable turn of events in the modeling of the physical vacuum as a polarizing medium. Terletskiy’s quadrigue is actually four particles (or, actually, four electrical charges, masses, magnetic moments and spin moments), the sum of which equal zero – from which, interestingly enough, one can derive any two pairs of particles in which their electrical charges, masses, magnetic and spin moments equal zero! This allows theorists to build a basic model of cella (or distinguishable compartments) of  the physical vacuum as a whole-cloth neutral polarizing medium, from which then three kinds of  physical vacuums can manifest: (a) an absolute physical vacuum, represented by the quadrigues; (b) a physical vacuum of matter, which is made up of particles, one of which is an ordinary one; and (c) a physical vacuum of antimatter, which is made up of particle pairs, one of which is an antiparticle. What is most remarkable is that the absolute physical vacuum is described quite well by Maxwell and Heaviside equations, and thus in the absolute physical vacuum, the polarization model breaks down into two independent models: the Maxwell theory of electromagnetism, and the Heaviside theory of  gravitational spin. But in physical reality, the relationships of electrical and gravitational polarizations and of magnetic and spin polarization in the absolute- as well as in the physical matter vacuums come out as quite a unified system of equations that become the basis of a combined electrogravitodynamic model of matter electrogravitogeneration (via electrical charges and magnetic polarizations) and continuum dynamics (via masses and moments of the quantity of movement set by way of the Heaviside equations). In the model discussed here, the physical vacuum is a heterogenous medium, an aspect of  which is a homogenous, isotropic polarization medium (which is regarded as the absolute physical vacuum). This vacuum is found in all material conformations. Matter is that which possesses positive mass and is located in the same space as the absolute physical vacuum. At the same time, there is also another aspect of the heterogeneous medium present in the same space: distributed negative mass as well as the vacuum domains of physical vacuums of matter and antimatter, which are polarization media. These two latter physical vacuums interact with the absolute physical vacuum, which weaken the electrical and gravitational relationships within the vacuum domains. This nonhomogenous vacuum then becomes a physical vacuum of multiple types. But even hydrodynamic models of the ether, however, fail to make possible a deep and convincing explanation for the effects in question. A considerably more substantial model of the physical vacuum, possibly based on the idea of the existence of diffuse vacuum domains, is necessary for this purpose. It is this then that we pursue with what we have termed Working Model. As the subtitle of this essay aimed to indicate, pilot-wave theories, subquantum mechanics and subquantum information are not enough. The concept of the basic object of the non-homogeneous physical vacuum – makes it possible to define in explicit and concrete form one of the fundamental and extremely timely problems of physics now and in the future: the perception of the physical vacuum as a polarization medium possessing a very wide, very rich spectrum of states and manifestations of those states. Akimov’s schematic conception of the polarization states of the physical vacuum (89) is of  great importance to the development of macroscopic models of it. Akimov represented it as a structured medium, the elementary cell of which – the fiton – contains a particle-antiparticle pair. The fact that particles-antiparticles simultaneously possess electrical charges and masses, and magnetic moments and moments of the quantity of motion – spins – drew our attention. This indicated that the physical vacuum could appear simultaneously as electrical, magnetic, gravitational and spin polarization media. What was significant about Akimov’s theory was that it takes modeling back to the idea of the physical vacuum as an ether medium – a polarization ether medium. Its significance to 29

science and to us is that it has relationships to both electrodynamics and gravitodynamics, and offer polarizations as measurable variables – something that can happen only in a macroscopic model of the physical vacuum. So we took Dyatlov’s lead (84) and put Akimov’s fiton together with Terletskiy’s quadrigues to get a unified symmetrical system of electrical, gravitational, magnetic and spin polarization. On the basis that the particle-antiparticle pairs simultaneously possess positive and negative charges and masses, as well as magnetic moments and spins, one can then expect connections of the electrical and gravitational polarization and the magnetic and spin polarizations. In dielectric and magnetic polarization media, polarizations characterize the state of matter itself, while the fields are factors of the change in these states. The polarization values in dielectrics and magnetics are actually related to the configurations of the electrical dipoles and magnetic moments, while the fields are related to the forces that cause variations in these configurations. Hence the fields prove to be the cause, while the polarization is the effect of this cause. One can then say in this connection that the polarization-field idea has been confirmed in the polarization matter theories as a combination of representations of the interactions of various fields with dielectrics and magnetics. Our work with MPO and human-precipitated VEEOM on demand has shown us that polarizations of matter do not differ from polarizations of physical vacuum. The approach to one or the other remains the same: thus, it is quite elegant to find out a total similarity of the polarization-field conception in electrodynamics, and, consequently, in electrogravidynamics as well, and the conception of generalized coordinates and generalized forces in mechanics. This, in our point of view, helps in the understanding of how MPO and VEEOM on demand work: obviously the generalized coordinates correspond to polarizations, while the generalized forces correspond to fields. And this took us to further realizations: that applications of vector-intention by a human COBE with an appropriate increase in selfinduced cellular electrical capacitance and the application of  specific sound sequences upon the thought of an object can and does produce that object eventually; that this effect can be produced by a human operator or by a carefully modulated apparatus; and that this same approach is useful in the reconfiguration of diseased tissue of a human COBE. Figure 2 is a representation of the mathematical model of our Texas 2-step, or the particleantiparticle pair in the matter physical vacuum, the particle-antiparticle pair in the antimatter physical vacuum, both of which are generated from the absolute physical vacuum. This model, however, does not take into consideration the electrodynamic and electrogravitodynamic problems that arise when the vacuum bleeds into regular spacetime in a variety of forms – or what Dyatlov and others refer to as the VD. The general equation of electrogravitodynamics - or when the absolute physical vacuum or the 30

matter- or antimatter physical vacuum and matter are considered, the vacuum-matter equations of  combined electrogravidynamics with a non-homogeneous physical vacuum – are beyond the scope of  this essay.

Biogeosystemics of  Vacuum-Plenum Information Physics & Subquantum Bio-information Dynamics C.

The common view of  normal biogeosystemics of living forms on Earth is based upon an entropy of energy, such that syntrophic autotrophism is not possible for complex oscillating biological entities, such as human beings, higher mammals and other living forms on the planet. In 1995, Alexander Frolov shared email with members of the Institute of New Energy about theory and experimentation carried out in Russia. In one of them, he offered some simple definitions of energy (energy is the possibility [read, potential] for producing work), power (process of work per unit of  time), potential (the value of energy that can be used to make the work) and entropy (law of dissipation of energy teaches us that the world is an organism developing in a strictly appointed direction). And he also wrote to his unnamed correspondent, “if entropy is part of work that is lost in heat for ordinary processes, then syntropy is work that is added to energy of system for special processes.” On September 11, the same day he sent email to his friend in the USA, Alex also submitted a copy of a report he penned under the title,  Power from potential . And while not bearing directly upon the kind of  syntropy we are alluding to here, in his article, Alex demonstrated a grasp of experimental dexterity to act upon the vacuum to achieve syntropy. Elsewhere, a definition of biogeosystemics was offered as a stimulation to further thinking (90) that is worth repeating here. The term biogeosystemics is the recognition and approach to the study and consideration of energetics and processes involved in the sustenance of the planet as host of life and of  living forms on its life belt as process beneficiaries and benefactors in a syntropy that runs the gamut from simple energetic exchanges to a profound autotrophism which benefits sufficiently evolved specific life forms on the surface and in the oceans. Entropic evolvement of living forms as well as the life of a living oscillating biological entity is affected by dissipative structures that affect their integrity and sustenance (91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96) on Earth. It is now known that weak, nonionizing and non-thermal electromagnetic (EM) fields produce a wide variety of biological effects at all levels of biological complexity – clinical, cellular and biomolecular. Recent wide attention has also been given to the role of endogenous or internal EM fields in self-integration (89, 90, 91, 92, 94, 95, 97), or their role in the body’s remarkable self-healing capabilities (90, 93, 95, 96, 97). Since the early 1990s (90), we have seen these local electromagnetic fields as part of more fundamental and global bioenergetic fields inside the body and emanating from the body at 90 degrees perpendicular to all of its surfaces (Meissner field). Today, energy medicine, an emerging field of study, these endogenous fields are beginning to be recognized as regulators of  biochemical processes; moreover, it is also being recognized and seriously considered that changes in the bioenergetic field comes before any physical or chemical changes manifesting as disease. Energy medicine then postulates that the early diagnosis and treatment of disease defined in this manner can then be trated by the normalization of a bioenergetic imbalance of a bioenergetic field. In 1975 (98) obtained preliminary evidence that certain biomolecules behaved as superconductors, and bioenergetic fields had a major function at a quantum level. There were others who followed Cope. Frohlich, Popp and Smith in the decade of the 80s and early 90s confirmed the results of (98), who demonstrated that EM fields emanating from the body are coherent in nature. Smith further demonstrated that the EM fields in the body are quantized by demonstrating that 31

biological systems are sensitive to single magnetic flux quanta (99). This finding was consistent with the superconductive properties of biomolecules and indicated that biological systems are capable of  functioning at the quantum level as well as at the classical level. In (90), we have established quite clearly that the body is a quantum system that responds not only to potential fields even in the absence of classical EM force fields, but to the action of potential fields that does take place through quantum fields. Potential fields are associated with magnetic vector potentials (A) and electrostatic scalar   potentials (φ). Classical electromagnetic fields are derived from these potentials, so we considered them as more fundamental. Quantum potential fields, on the other hand, are avenues to subquantum energetics which we now know lie at the basis of all energy and information. Others (97) consider them to be merely a bridge between the “higher order” quantum fields and the more familiar classical EM fields. Information in spacetime is said to be physical (101), as well as the object of a hypothesis postulated as a potential “law” which basically states that if the total information of the universe is conserved, black holes may well be ‘logic gates’ recomputing the ’lost information’ from incoming ‘signals’ from outside their event horizons into outgoing ‘signals’ representing evaporative or radiative decay ’products’ of the reconfiguration process of the black hole quantum logic ‘gate’ (102). Apparently any local imbalances in the information flow can be corrected by including the effects of  the coupling of the vacuum ’reservoir’ of information as part of the total information involved in any evolutionary process. In this way perhaps the ’vacuum’ computes the future of the observable universe. But that’s not where the influence of the vacuum as information source stops. The vacuum can also provide energy and information to a human COBE with full-scale observership capacities. A full-scale observership human COBE is a person with a relatively intact enteric nervous system and an average cellular capacitance between 0.250 and 1.0 volt from multiple sites on the body – upper and lower extremities, thoracic large muscle groups and neck. It is this that has become the basis for what we have baptized as the practice of sonobioelectrogravitic medicine, by way of interventions and applications designed to extract, tap and connect with vacuum infoenergetics for the purpose of restoring functionality and optimal performance of the physical and infoenergetic functions of a human COBE. In this essay, we are going to briefly report on the treatment-application of a noninvasive intervention via the internet with a patient of two of the authors. The application is referred to as biogeosystemic sonobioelectrogravitic restoration (BSR).

BSR Application: Case LPG-C06067394-2009:vms/arb This patient will be referred here as VMS. The intervention team was composed of Drs. Bordon, Solingen, and Maye. The intervention was conducted over the internet by Dr. Bordon. This report, issued on 27 April 2009, serves as a 30-day medical overview of initial findings, treatment, current presentation, and future expectations/treatment. The patient is a 51 year old female. Her medical history is extensive and lengthy . The team's lack of access to 40 + years of clinical notes places us at a disadvantage. VMS is currently uninsured and dependant upon Medicaid for healthcare. She has a primary care physician , orthopedist, podiatrist , as well as a psychiatrist . VMS sees her primary for emergencies, and her psychiatrist bimonthly for medication renewal. VMS has a stated history of PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome). Her exposure to various forms of abuse began during her pre-adolescent years. Her father was a returning Korean War veteran who was abnormally obsessed with survival techniques in a cold war world .This PTSD exposure triggered anxiety and depression in VMS. The patient has a treatment history of 30 + years for diagnoses [VMS offered] of severe unipolar depression, bipolar depression, and schizophrenia - none


of which has been confirmed by report . VMS is currently, however, on Risperdal which is used for both schizophrenia and bipolar disease . VMS has a history of fibromyalgia for which she has been prescribed 100mg Percocet tid and Baclofen 10 mg bid .This patient is also prescribed several medications for hypocholestoremia. Her treatment with Risperdal has predictably triggered diabetes which her doctors are currently treating with non insulin dependant medications . VMS does not appear to be aware of the seriousness of her drug interactions . The patient has been advised to get an appointment this week to go over the interactions with her primary physician. VMS has also been asked to request additional blood, saliva, and urine tests. Here, the team is looking for any change in thyroid, lipid, sugar, blood and liver panels which could be compared to tests [blood/CBC, TSH only] from her hospital admission in March 2009. The neurotransmitter information will be valuable. Her treatment with Risperdal most likely has affected dopamine and serotonin [enteric] levels.VMS has been self medicating with up to 300mgs of  5htp in order to fall asleep.This most assuredly will have an effect upon her treatment with Risperdal which is a dopamine antagonist. CT/MRI /PET scans of the brain and adrenals are important to rule out lesion causing inbalances. The triggering episode for our perusal of VMS's case came in early March 2009 .The patient was hospitalized due to erratic behavior [hallucinatory]. She had a minor URI complaint. Her calcium was slightly high as was her sugar.Her MPV was slightly low, as was her TSH. The patient had recently been prescribed Lyrica for her neuropathy. There is an argument to be made that the drug interactions[prescribed] along with 5HTP [self-medicated], diabetes, and dysfunctional thyroid set up an electrolytic imbalance. Another scenario would have been a septic uri which had been caught within its 48 hr window and treated with success. Even with this extensive history, the senior author chose to offer and provide a protocolar intervention using "Cell Talk Healing Template" (or CTHT), a distance healing template application. (LPG-C members, please refer to  LPG-C VIRTUAL LIBRARY DOCUMENT 06067392 2009:vms/arb). A review of her history, available to Dr. Bordon then, made a consultation with Project Locus science officer, Dr. Solingen, possible, and a determination was made to include her in project offerings and long term care. On 6 March, 2009, Drs. Bordon (Ph.D.) and Solingen (M.D., Ph.D) were present as Dr. Bordon conducted a gtalk conference in which VMS’s husband served as conduit and voice-extension for Dr. Bordon. The intervention lasted nearly two hours. On 4 April, some 14 days later VMS described her pain as moderately to greatly reduced. Her insomnia had also improved .Her blood sugar readings have gradually declined. VMS felt a sense of  well being and has increased her physical activity. During a subsequent gtalk conference on 25 april 2009, approximately 30 days after the restorative treatment [CTHT - Cell Talk Healing Template], VMS related the following: She remains excited regarding her progress although she worries about the cyclical aspect of her illness. She continues to take Percocet 100mg tid . Her Risperdal has been lowered and she has noticed a corresponding lowering of her sugar levels as her Risperdal dosage has been lowered .She has discontinued the Baclofen without negative response. She continues to self medicate with 5 htp but agrees to discuss this issue as well as the aforementioned labs with her primary. VMS is a pleasant and compliant patient in my experience. Our group’s intervention was timely and of great assistance to this patient. We must continue to follow her closely as well as evolve our approach to this individual case and continue interventions as needed.VMS provided us with an opportunity to gradually power up her protocol while monitoring her overall presentation and subsequent labs. Ideally we will see continued reductions in pain, reduction in medications [primary care suggested], and alleviation of symptoms both psychological and physical. We recommended increased biogeosystemic intervention to the patient, as well as the issuance of additional 30 day progress reports to track the evolution of the patient’s organismic response and adjustment(s) to the applications. Treatment continues to date. 33

Brief Description of Application. CTHT is a critical cell-talk restorative application that can be used as line-of-sight, distance or internet-based intervention carried out by an LPG-C  protocol guide and assist on site as needed. CTHT engages the patient directly, drawing on her native psychophysiology and cognitive skills, in particular, her imagination. It was designed by LPG-C for use with enteric/cognitive relatively intact individuals, in contact with the environment and people in it, and able to transact verbal meaning through auditive input. Prior to transact session, the LPG-C protocol guide and the patient spend a great deal of time in general education of the latter about the physics of subquantum information and the applied physics of the Priore effect. Patient must learn to imagine and Figure 3 enteromyofascially tune in to the process of  sonobioelectrogravitic running integrity (53) as described on pp. 48-64. Whatever the presenting complaint may be, patient must be able to tune in to the multiple collector set (or cells) in the affected areas. Without this enabling ability, the intervention would not have beneficial effects on the patient. For seamless functioning, patient must have on demand reintegration. The objective here is to teach the patient to generate his/her own Serpa condition (53), page 85. A Serpa condition, as Bordon, Boyd and Klein defined it in (53) is “the 4-spacetime effects of an energetic overunity in a COBE biomind operating at the moment in a single degree of  freedom as the momentary sustenance of an energetic peak or maxima in time at a specific or specifiable 4-spacetime “address.” In other words, it is a potential sonobioelectronic and sonobioelectrogravitic environment” that becomes a “vacuum engine” in which the participant cellular population in the illness may be made to become energetic collector cones, as represented in Figure 3 on this page. In the case of internet interventions, someone must be present with the patient; this person then serves as conduit for all instructions written and sent via internet messenger, which are spoken to the patient laying on a cot, the floor or a bed, relaxed and receptive. What follows is from a verbatim session with the patient on 6 March 2009.

 Dr. Bordon: “Now we begin … (pause)  Dr. Bordon: Raise your imagination so we may both use it … I will ask you to lend me your imagination here during this session together. I’ll do that from time to time. OK? [ Dr. Bordon asks her husband to obtain signal that  she understands; signal is the raising of right index  finger.] [Patient signals she understands.]  Now that you are relaxed, I am asking you to melt into that upon which you are laying there …(pause) … so relaxed that you may even forget that you have a body …(pause)…so relaxed you are there, a bundle of awareness in a cloud of gray, or of  whatever other color it may be. (pause)



 In her own words I thank you from the innermost core of my soul for sharing this experience with me. It is the most profound kindness I've ever experienced. My synapses are slowly sorting themselves out. As they do so, it appears that they are divesting themselves of waste or sludge that has to do with memory, meaning, old outworn physiochemical responses...if I was a refrigerator, I'd say these were rotting leftovers that are being discarded and replaced with wholesome food-- in this case, light and all the creative and healing mental/emotive process that proceed from this new POV.

Aware of your surroundings, of the block on which you live … (pause) … aware of the universe … (pause) aware of  the vacuum source of  energies …(pause)…be there …(pause)… one unto yourself … [Long pause] [Exactly at 12:46 minutes after start of pause, Dr. Bordon now perform a test.] OK … when you hear my voice, move your pinky finger on your right hand … to let me know you hear and understand … OK … now, I am asking you to come to all awareness of you as your body … I am asking you to gain awareness of  all parts of your body …let me guide you in this …start with your lower extremities … both sides, left and right …then move up to your hips and lower abdomen, front and back … [pause] Move further up … your solar plexus … front and back … [pause] Each of the cells up to know are hearing you. You are aware of each of them … make sure each of them know that you are … [pause] Are they? Let me know with your pinky finger again. [pause] Good for them … and good for you … the dance begins … then … [short pause] Now, move further up you chest …and shoulders … and neck … front and back … [let patient focus on each of these parts]* Are these cells too coming alive by their contact with you? Let me know when they when they are with you pinky. [wait for feedback] OK … and now all the cells in your head. Every single one of them … … shake hands with each of them … … shake hands with all the cells in you body… … take your time … no hurry at all … let me know when you are done … yes, pinky finger … ___________________

My husband transcribed the session into what we are calling a healing template. I will refer to this as I go along. I imagine you have the chat saved onto your computer but if you would like, we'll mail you what he typed up. I'm going to do my best to simply tell what happened, as accurately as I can. Of course my experience is subjective, but I won't exaggerate in either direction. The first revelation was where you a sked me to raise up my imagination so we could both use it. The dominant culture uses "It's a figment of  your imagination" as a pejorative term. I hadn't realized how ingrained this notion was in me until you essentially taught me otherwise. What is imagination but the seed of the whole idiomaterial process of creation? This alone was and is so liberating. As we proceeded with the progressive relaxation, I felt peaceful, alert but not alarmed. You said something about being aware of my surroundings and to "be unto yourself". I experienced a sensation of doors opening within my consciousness and of the profound rightness of this. When you got to the part about becoming aware of all parts of my body, especially each and every cell, there was a sense of homecoming and deep appreciation within. I also felt that this is a brand new way of being, and that as tentative as the experience is at first, I can cultivate this coconsciousness and the internal connectivity will only grow stronger over time. I know I took a really long time, but this conscious and deliberate communicating with each precious, dear cell was so new. I felt as if I was waking up from a semicommatose state! It was like telepathy with myself; there were no words as such, but rather a knowing, a gestalt, a "grok" experience. There is tremendous power in the idea to "be here now". Up until now, I had the concept of being here now, thanks to Baba Ram Dass back in the early 70s


These bracketed statements are distinguished by putting them in bold here to indicate they were instructions given by Dr. Bordon to the conduit on site that were not to be voiced to the patient.


[wait for as long as it takes] [after 14.32] Now that you have a handshake with each of  the cells in your body.... we are now going to ask them to work with you and with and now... NOT yesterday.... not tomorrow.... not next year..... here and now.... [pause] I know you and your cells are having a celebration ... Bring them all together to one huge party, a cellular fiesta, and finish shaking hands with them there ... shaking hands is literally feeling them and them feeling you. A kind of resonant harmonics that is unique to you … Now, let me talk to the immortal you, the one I salute as namaste. [VMS] ... now is the time. [short pause] Cells ... each of you turn on the infrared light in your centrioles ... and paint the inside of  your cell membrane in red ... tell each of your cells: Open the gate! [pause] Feel them opening their gates to the source ... ... let them, each of them, have their fill of the energy that is life itself ... … they may satiate themselves with energy, but that is OK... don't stop them... ... when each of them have had their fill, let them build a bubble around themselves with this energy … [pause] … and let them fill that bubble with the same energy they have in themselves... [pause] ... this energy, VM ... is the memory that is each cell ... … tell them that ... remind them of that ...and when they have filled this bubble with it, THEN tell them this: it is time to turn the clock to the beginning... ... ask them if they understand ... ... explain to them as a chorus, [PLAY SOUND NOW] [instruction to conduit to begin the play of sound chosen for VMS to internalize and

but this was the first time I'd brought it from an abstract verbal construct to a physiological attunement with it. Again, it was very subtle, like the first movements of a butterfly casting off the chrysalis membrane that kept it safe while it was Becoming, or a chick emerging from its shell. As we progressed to having each cell open to the energy, and realizing that the Source of All that Is operates within AND without, there was an odd sensation, almost an inside out feeling as if there were tiny portals in each cell and yet the effect was one of unity in diversity, one enormous Portal within/without, indeed a dance of "is-ness", of sheer animal joy in being alive, very gentle and tentative, like baby steps, but still, a definite change of internal perspective. The mind-picture that comes is of  the Bible story of Jacob's Ladder, with the angels ascending and descending--like the Working Model's upward and downward chains of causality. This is a continuity, like a Mobius strip, I don't quite know what words to use. There was a sensation similar to when one is near a car with those enormous bass speakers that you not only hear but also feel in your bones? I felt as if the entirety of the universe including each and every cell of me was not only alive and dancing, but purring as well! Life calling unto Life. There was a pleasant warmth, not to overheating but like laying in the sunshine, coming from within. Billions of tiny candles but one flame among them. This was and is so profoundly beautiful that I'm weeping, such a sense of glorious aliveness, and love from the macroverse, at the same time love responding from within each cell, a profound sense of peace and well being. As we progressed to having each cell open to the energy, and realizing that the Source of All that Is operates within AND without, there was an odd sensation, almost an inside out feeling as if there were tiny portals in each cell and yet the effect was one of unity in diversity, one enormous Portal within/without, indeed a dance of "is-ness", of sheer animal joy in being alive, very gentle and tentative, like baby steps, but


chant along internally, voicelessly. She was instructed to do so before start.] that the sound of the universe is now with them ... in them ... of them ... through them ... and it is each of them now. ... this is the sound of creation ... let it bathe your mind ... [pause] let the sound in your mind reverberate to each of your cells … [pause] tell your cells to remember creation and return to the moment in time now ... now ... now ... now ... ... the bubbles surrounding them become light itself ... ... and light is now ... it is so. AMEN. [pause] [Intruction to conduit.] [Let the experience sink in. Wait.] [continue to play sound.] ... the sound of creation ... [pause] … the sound of perfection ... [pause] ... the sound of forever... [pause] ... this body is your instrument ... [Intruction to conduit.] [sound volume down slowly over several minutes, until it is off] ... and it is now renewed ... … it is in your power to renew it ... ... it is in your power to lay it aside gently and move on to the creator ... when you are ready ... and there is agreement with He who created you ... For this is He in You ... He as You ... He is You ... [pause] Get up, sister ... You are Life! [pause]

still, a definite change of internal perspective. The mind-picture that comes is of  the Bible story of Jacob's Ladder, with the angels ascending and descending--like the Working Model's upward and downward chains of causality. This is a continuity, like a Mobius strip, I don't quite know what words to use. There was a sensation similar to when one is near a car with those enormous bass speakers that you not only hear but also feel in your bones? I felt as if the entirety of the universe including each and every cell of me was not only alive and dancing, but purring as well! Life calling unto Life. There was a pleasant warmth, not to overheating but like laying in the sunshine, coming from within. Billions of tiny candles but one flame among them. This was and is so profoundly beautiful that I'm weeping, such a sense of glorious aliveness, and love from the macroverse, at the same time love responding from within each cell, a profound sense of peace and well being. As of April 4, as I write this, I have been sleeping better and my pain is greatly reduced. My hands and back don't hurt at all beyond a mild cramp if I've been sitting in one position too long. There is some mild discomfort in my feet but not bad at all. There is the understanding that I must be careful and gentle with this body, and a sense that each cell is so happy to be acknowledged and understood. I'm drinking lots of water and, forgive me, I'm sweating a lot--I seem to be flushing toxins (unhealthy ideas as well as chemical debris) out through my pores. Goodbye, toxins. You made great fertilizer! Occasionally I'll get spooked by something or other, like a skittish horse. It is as if there are little knots of fear or apprehension,  just letting go and unraveling. (I'm really sorry if I've ever acted weird because of this! After all, there are a whole lot of exotic and new experiences here for a simple housewife in the suburbs. I'm still in Kansas,, wait! I AM Kansas!) The fruit of all this is a quiet self confidence growing, replacing outworn, inaccurate notions of who I am and why I have just as much right to be here as anyone else. I don't think that I have anything that billions of other folks don't have, but rather I feel like I’m simply beginning

[Intruction to conduit.] OK... to you now... Paraphrase what I write below…Speak it to her as she is there laying down. [Let her know later that she can repeat this procedure, with you as the anchor, as many


to learn a new skill, much like when I learned how to swim or ride a bike. Sometimes the simple things are the most profound.

times as needed ... and that her cells will respond to the message she sends]

Biogeosystemics of Quantum Information Physics & Subquantum Bioinformation Dynamics in Terms of Infinite and Infinitesimal Topologies: As in the Unum, so in Local Space; as in Local Space, so in Planckian and Subplanckian Space III.

We have been having the feeling around here that Kozyrev did not go far enough. Had he and cosmic topologists gotten together, we would today have a far more complete biogeosystemics of  information physics and subquantum bioinformation dynamics. Geometry, as Einstein had been attributed to have said perhaps apocryphally, is everything. We suspect even human experience in our index space/time ratio is governed by a yet undetermined geometry. While we are not as concerned or determined to engage the shape of the universe, as cosmo-topologists like Luminet and others are (102108), there is much debate about its shape, size, finiteness/infiniteness, and the anomalies found when the distribution of temperature fluctuations is not fully isotropic and the fluctuations are distributed differently on different angular scales. All these anomalies contradict the standard picture of the universe, which has led some more conservative cosmologists to claim that they are due to errors in the data analysis. Cosmo-topologists, as an alternative, tried to find a more natural, geometrical explanation for the observed power spectrum. The unusually low amplitudes of the quadrupole and octopole modes found in the second round WMAP (February 2004) data meant that long wavelengths (like temperature fluctuations over large angular scales) are missing. Is it because possibly space is not big enough to sustain them? This can be likened to the scillation of a string fixed at both ends, where the maximum wavelength of an oscillation is twice the string length. The The Poincaré dodecahedral space (above) can be described geometrical explanation of the power spectrum as the interior of a “sphere” made from 12 slightly curved then implies something that runs contrary to what pentagons. However, there is one big difference between this shape and a football because when one goes out from a is expected: we live in a finite, multiply connected pentagonal face, one immediately comes back inside the ball space that is smaller than the observable universe from the opposite face after a 36° rotation. Such a multiply connected space can therefore generate multiple images of (109). the same object, such as a planet or a photon. Other such Jean Pierre Luminet, Jeff Weeks and well-proportioned, spherical spaces that fit the WMAP data are Glenn Starkman then showed in 2003 that not all the tetrahedron and octahedron . FIGURE 4 small-volume universes suppress the large-scale fluctuations. In other words, the long-wavelength modes tend to be relatively lowered only in a special family of finite, multiconnected spaces that are called “well-proportioned spaces” because they have a similar extent in all three dimensions. What specific space fits the bill? It turns out that the Poincare well proportioned dodecahedral space is the 38

best candidate to fit the observed power spectrum. The Poincaré dodecahedral space is essentially a multiply connected variant of a simply connected hypersphere, although its volume is 120 times smaller. Data from the European Figure 5 – Poincare’s Planck Surveyor, which is scheduled for launch the spring of 2009, dodecahedral universe will be able to determine ∧ with a precision of 1%. A value lower than 1.01 will rule out the Poincaré dodecahedron model, since the size of the corresponding dodecahedron would become greater than the observable universe and would not leave any observable imprint on the microwave background. A value greater than 1.01, on the other hand, would strengthen the models’ cosmological pertinence. Whether or not some multiply connected model of space such as the Poincaré dodecahedron is refuted by future astronomical data, cosmic topology will continue to remain at the heart of our understanding about the ultimate structure of our universe. Another active area of cosmic topology is “cosmic crystallography”, which was initially devised by the present author and co-workers in 1996 and is now being pursued by, among others, Germán Gomero of the Universidade Estadual Paulista in Brazil and Marcelo Reboucas of the Brazilian Center for Research in Physics. In cosmic crystallography researchers look for repeating patterns in the 3D distribution of high-redshift sources, such as galaxy clusters and quasars, much like the repeating patterns of atoms observed in crystals. By building so-called pair-separation histograms, cosmologists are in most cases able to detect a multiconnected topology of space in the form of spikes that clearly stand out above the distribution expected for the simply connected case. And then there is Battaner et al’s large scale structure of the universe observed to be characterized by long filaments forming polyhedra with a remarkable 100-200 Mpc periodicity, suggesting a regular network. If filaments constitute a lattice, the primordial magnetic field structures that produced the post-recombination structures of  Figure 6 – Battener’s egg matter, impose several restrictions on the lattice. The simplest lattice carton universe compatible with these restrictions is a network of octahedra contacting at their vertexes, which is indeed identifiable in the observed distribution of superclusters. Battaner, Florido and others from the University of Granada, Spain, have gone as far as suggesting that this network could arise at different scales producing a fractal geometry. In 1998, Battaner showed that indeed this network is compatible with a fractal structure, there being suboctahedra within the octahedral. He and his team deduced that the scale of the fractal structure would range from ≈100 Mpc (in the scale of the deepest surveys), down to about 10 Mpc, as other smaller scale magnetic fields were probably destroyed in the radiation dominated Universe. How would the fractal structure look like? Says Battaner (110), “The size of the large octahedron can be 2, 3, 4, . . . times the size of the octahedral inside it. But let us exclude from this series even ratios 2, 4, 6 . . . because it is impossible to insert octahedra contacting at their vertexes in such a way as to have a sub-octahedron at each corner of the octahedron. The ratio of the sizes of octahedron and suboctahedron is therefore


assumed to be 3, 5, 7 . . . The simplest corresponds to a ratio 3, which is depicted in Fig. 6. In this case, 7 sub-octahedra are contained in the octahedron” (1998, p. 770). In other words, it would look  like the image above and to the right – very much like the structure of an egg carton. Sure enough, Battener and Florido render us all a fractal nature of the large scale structure of the universe that looks very much like the image above (see 111). And, finally, by their own supposition, Battener and Florido recognize that though some of the above ideas seem to be rather speculative, it is very noticeable that the cosmic wave actually matches the theoretical results. Their basic conclusion is that  primordial magnetic fields have played a key, crucial role in establishing the presently observed supercluster network. But what is most interesting, even quite amazing is that, biogeosystemically, matter on Earth (indeed, the entire universe as a human COBE scale, and below up to the local Planck limit) is conformed in polyhedra that constitute fractal structures based on tetrahedral, sub-octahedra, octahedral, and dodecahedra, each of apparent specific functional constitution. Likewise, as in infinite space as in infinitesimal scale, the constitution of life matter and so-called inner matter follows these consistent fractal relationships as well. Subquantum

Matter in the Ether

Studies of ether after Maxwell, which showed its characteristics through processes of radiation, reception of EM waves and their propagation have specified wave impedance value Z ~ 377 ohms (see [112]). These included phenomena involving vacuum-processed condenser charges and electrical currents fed into a solenoid; they showed that EM processes have inertia in the ether; such phenomena allowed for inferences to be made about the qualities of the medium, specifically discovering that it is fundamentally different from solid, liquid and gaseous media. The ether is a remarkable medium. Its properties are quite fascinating. Among them are: (1) it does not offer resistance to the uniform motion of a physical object or structure, for example, a soccer ball, as in Figure 7, (2) it has the ability to transfer disturbance only with the displacement vector, which goes along the normal course of the propagation direction, (3) it does not have a density in the same way physical objects possess it, (4) it penetrates into and comes out of all physical matter, including living things, displaying the properties of a superfluid medium, (5) it also supports wave propagation without major attenuation at astronomical scales, (6) it is also capable of generating displacements in dual transformations, such as simultaneously generated electric into magnetic fields, and vice versa, and (7) the exertion of inertial force in the transition of fields, from electric into magnetic and back again.


We found these properties as characteristics of the ether as a medium in both the Russian literature quite consistently (55, 84, 85, 112) and in the work of Calvet (77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82). We took them to task, assigning heuristics to five of the eight neurosensors from May through August of  2005. Three of the authors of this essay participated. We were initially interested to learn how the ether worked, its composition, its span of homogeneity-inhomogeneity, its electromagnetic properties, its interaction with physical substances or matter, its anchors and mooring relative to normal space and matter, and the behavior of waves in the medium. Let us first discuss our findings in juxtaposition to the characteristics of the ether promulgated by one of the accepted models of the ether in the Russian literature (see 112). Extension Neurosensing Evidence of Ether Properties and Characteristics

The gnosive evidence once again depends on the observership vantage point, to use a 4-space/  time metaphor. Our observations have been from multiple relative locations in subquantum de Sitter spaces, subquantum media seeming to be both homogeneous and inhomogeneous electromagnetic makeup, subquantum media that looked grainy as well as manifesting the appearance of a superfluid,



C Figure 8


and spacetime in several parts of the globe, including Wisconsin, Montana, and Texas (in the USA), central and southern Chile (in South America), and in southern Nepal. The images A and B in Figure 8 are representations of what neurosensors experienced in what we have reasons to believe were de Sitter spaces. Figure 8C was induced and is a mosaic of exposures taken with high speed on the same frame of a digital camera in the presence of electrical sparks specifically produced in the presence of  ultraviolet lights. This was image 87 of 179, capturing sparks created by two electrical wires hooked to two car batteries located in the center of a square demarcated by four ultraviolet low powered lamps focusing on the event site. The camera was located overhead, at 75 degrees perpendicular to the location of the sparks. The image was induced by one of the authors in the mountains of western Montana on a moonless night, near the site where vacuum-plenum bleed images had been also captured by members of a small local group assisting us with site digital and video exposures on specific times of the year. Image D is a real sample of what we believe is an inhomogeneous vacuumplenum EM bleed into spacetime in central Wisconsin (USA) taken shortly after the fall equinox. The vacuum-plenum medium seems to be wraithlike in appearance, with matter-like condensates obviously electric in characteristics and nature, due to the energetic sparking apparently created by what would have to be opposite electrical charges. Two of the five neurosensors described it as particle-like, while the others concurred on its appearance as wraithlike waves and ghostly fronts that, on apparent contact would go through each other as if not interacting at all. In a fairly recent gnosive experiment, the same five neurosensors focused on several objects placed on individual portable turntables on each of four workbenches of our main lab room - rubber volleyballs, each filled 41

with helium, oxygen only, and CO 2 respectively, a slab of concrete, a red brick, a piece of  carboniferous stone, a two kilogram red granite stone, and a one kilogram sedimentary piece of  sandstone. Each of them were fastened and secure on their respective turntables. These were targets of  gnosive observation from a room located 22 meter away from the lab room. In the lab room, an environment similar to the one in Montana was re-created; the workbenches formed a square in the center of the room, with all of the objects placed at least one meter away from each other. A sparkler composed of two electrical wires connected to car batteries, controlled by electronic tongs, was set up at the center of the workbenches. The workbenches themselves were ringed by an array of Tesla sparklers located six feet from each other in a circle, through which electrical charges were run to create sustained static connections. Six infrared video cameras, eight ultraviolet video cameras, two standard video cameras, and 18 digital cameras, in three arrays (standard, ultraviolet-sensitive, and infrared-sensitive) were place at ground level, at 45-degree angle to the benches, and overhead. All video feeds were captured in a control room next to the large lab room. We wanted to see if the neurosensors and the camera arrays were seeing the same phenomenon in real time. They did, to a high, quantifiable degree in coordinated measurements in real time. Physical Evidence. The results of this multivariate experiment is the subject of an upcoming report (113). Vacuum-plenun energies manifested as strings, strands as wraithlike, often bundled wavy threads in an endless network. This was visibly evident up to the boundaries of the static electricity field and assumed to extend beyond. Often exhibiting plasma-like behavior, the entire circular boundary established by the Tesla array around the sparkler at the center became a static-like electrical field within which the networks and bundles of filamentous plasma-like fluid moved in bobs and weaves endlessly. What was most amazing was the coming alive of the rocks, brick and concrete slab: the plasma-like fluid went through it all like hot life through butter, in no apparent interaction with the matter of which they were made.

FIGURE 9 The ether as a medium is said to consist of particles of opposite polarity, positive and negative, that are strongly attracted to each other (55, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 112). It is, and they are. These form a medium that can be both homogeneous and inhomogeneous. When homogenous and in the absence of perturbation (or a excited state), these particles form as represented in Figure 9 above, a seeming solid wall of condensate dipoles and quadrapoles one could feel and catch a glimpse of their


sudden luminescence, but strangely enough, the wall was transparent to the feel and sight, both several color digital cameras and at least four of five neurosensors. Digital video/photo and gnosive evidence indicated that the fluid-like medium permeated through the mass of all eight objects placed on the workbenches. But the spacetime solids and gasfilled balls created different effects: one effect when the objects were not moving in spacetime, and another effect when they were all spinning at the lowest velocity (33 rpm) on their individual turntables. When the velocity was increased incrementally, up to 140 rpm, the effect increased commensurately. It is known that physical objects will move without friction in the medium, as it is also known that inertial forces will become evident when the object interacts with the medium on acceleration or deceleration. Both of these were confirmed through all evidentiary media (digital video/photo and gnosive). The perturbation induced by the accelerating object also created fractal-like (jagged and nonuniform) deformation in the medium immediately surrounding each of the objects. These seeming deformations in the medium gave way to wave-like medium motion perpendicular to the surface of the object causing it, in all directions away from it. What our gross physical measures could not capture, much was captured by way of gnosive evidence. Gnosive Evidence. Each of the five neurosensors were given the same heuristic: to get in position inside the room, if possible; if not, then take up position within 10 meters of the phenomenon, using the center sparkler as central point; to observe the phenomena caused by the physical induction process; to inject themselves into medium distortion phenomena and observe; and to attempt an explicatory gnosive framework for the acceptance or rejection of the nature of mutual attraction of  physical bodies in a plenum version of the vacuum-ether. Only one withstood the exigencies of a static electrical field inside the room for the duration of  the experiment (3 hours). The other neurosensors changed positions by their individual reports. To discuss gnosive findings, we are going to define interface (coming in contact with, gathering and decoding information) by individual neurosensors identified as Extension Neurosensor-1 (ENS-1) through ENS-5. We have each of the four gatherers in real time (minute 1 through minute 180) on real time voice report and aftermath written report. The pivot (or ENS exerting avatar in polylocational 1 broad attention presence ) (See Note 1) remained in position throughout the real time duration of the experiment, and continues to this day decipherment of the information cumulus findings of that experiment. The findings were in keeping with current theory. 1. The vacuum-ether-plenum is highly energetic – dipole and quadrapole condensates that make up a net-like, fluid-like medium. Then there are units of condensate massified in a most strange way: they are monopoles, and they are one and two-dimensional. 2. This medium is both homogeneous and inhomogeneous. The medium is stable, undisturbed, constant, unwavering, serene, uninterrupted in what seemed like extensionless expanses which held physical objects. The closer a neurosensor would get to a physical object, the more disturbances would become evident as rivulets, ebbs and bobs, eddies and flows, wavelike and riverlike; and yet, the disturbances witnessed due to the presence of a large physical object, e.g., a planet, like Earth, produced shears as well as walls and riverlike disturbances that followed the spin motion of the object, while at the same time the ENS having a sense that everything (both ether and spacetime) was also in a spinning motion that was much more extensive than the immediate spacetime/ether surrounding the planet or the Sun-Earth system which was the structure being gnosively observed. 3. The vacuum-ether-plenum is co-extensive with space and sets up local conditions of time; local means the immediate locality determined by space coordinates to the observation point of view. 4. Given the relationships between superdomains established in our earlier work (122), the vacuum-ether-plenum and space have a container-inclusion relationship whereby the former contains the latter; furthermore, both are physical media of different make up, characteristics and properties. Each include manifestations which make them display harmonic consonance in respect to each other as templates of one to the other at a macro level relative to a human observer; these manifestations are: 43

electric charges; a matter conformation spectrum (from condensate/proto-matter to matter, both living and nonliving or inert), within which there is also a mass formation spectrum; a medium of manifest expression spectrum consisting of wholly interconnected vacuum-ether-plenum to space, in a container-inclusion relationship of former to latter expression; and time as motion, the energetics of  which are also the same medium of manifest expression spectrum for electrical/magnetic charges and fields. And, 5. Description within the medium of manifest expression spectrum of vacuum-ether-plenum to space/local time is and cannot be complete when done from within any one level of manifestation within the spectrum; if done in space/local time anywhere/anywhen in the locality of observation, at least one more dimension of space and at least two dimensions of time must be added to the 3dimensional space and 1-dimension of time locally for the description to be valid and more accurate. We regard these as observership compensations which are necessary when using ENS as the gnosive method of observation. We also submit that these compensations are necessary to obtain accurate observations anywhere/anywhen beyond the local Planck limit. 2 6. The presence or accumulation of  unit masses as shown in Figs. 7 and 9 distorts the configuration of the spatial-netlike structure of the vacuum-ether-plenum medium. As unit masses concentrated mainly in nuclei are bound with each other by particular forces, forming solid, liquid and gases, deformations introduced into the spatial-netlike structure are partially generated from each unit mass, which will then lead to the loosening, or more properly, the lowering the specific density of the vacuum-ether-plenum medium local to the object causing it. The more the total mass of a physical object is, the greater is the lowering of its specific vacuum-ether-plenum specific density. This lowering is great in the vicinity of planets, and even greater around a massive star. We further hypothesize that the loosening of the vacuum-ether-plenum medium generated by spinning galaxies would create even higher rates of warp in their wake.

The potential theory (121) allowed Landau et al in 1967, to determine mutual gravitational forces in planetary and more complicated systems from the given mass distribution. The explanation of  the nature of a mutual attraction of physical bodies, in our opinion is one of the most important results of the non-empty ether concept. Much earlier, I. Newton, MacGullagh, W. Thomson, et al. pointed to the presence of a quasi-solid ether deformed by physical bodies (114, 115, 116, 117, 118). There was experimental data confirming such a condition. For example, the light propagating near a massive body propagates with lower velocity than when it is far from it. During the radiolocation of Mercury and Venus, as they moved behind the disk of the Sun, an additional signal delay stipulated by the gravitational field of our star, was about 2× 10 -4 s (120). Thus, lowering of the rigidity, loosening and deformation of the ether medium near physical bodies was confirmed. The proposed concept of the ethereal medium structure explains the nature of inertial forces, and the reason for identical acceleration of bodies of different mass in a gravitation field. Each physical body at rest occupies certain space in the ethereal medium, displacing a part of the netlike ether and distorting its structure. Without the influence of gravitation masses, the vacuum-etherplenum medium will exert an equilateral pressure on this physical body. If a physical body moves uniformly, the vacuum-ether-plenum medium will flow around it. In the direction of the body's motion, some mass of the ethereal medium will warp in front of it,. Behind the body, the same mass, with the same velocity as in front of the body, will close. The momentum of masses will be equal along the line of motion in front of the body and behind it. As the medium has no ability to absorb or disperse energy, uniform motion of such a physical body can continue forward along its line of motion just about indefinitely. During acceleration of a physical body motion, the momentum of the mass in the ether medium in front and behind it will differ. According to the second Newton's law, to cause the acceleration of a 44

physical body it is necessary to apply force to it. To cause the acceleration of a heavier body, it is necessary to disconnect a much greater number of particles of the vacuum-ether-plenum medium proportional to the mass of the physical body along its line of motion. Thus, the acceleration of a body, whether light or heavy, will be identical in the gravitation field of the Earth. The absence of a vacuumether-plenum medium, actively interacting with an accelerating mass, contravene Newton's third law (action and reaction). And here is something of eminent interest, however historical the information may be. It is regarding the interaction of an accelerating charge with the vacuum-ether-plenum medium; this interaction enabled J. J. Larmor (119) to propose the following hypothesis: since atoms consist of  electron systems, it may be proved that the inertia of ordinary heavy matter could be explained by the excitation of self-inductance currents during acceleration of the heavy body. Every electron, as it accelerates together with the body, excites convection self-inductance currents around itself. In this case, according to the energy conservation law, some work should be done to produce these currents (local magnetic field of self-inductance) and to set the electron in motion (112). But this hypothesis was not supported by the physicis of that time. In our opinion, the idea of J. J. Larmor is fruitful and we should return to its development and further testing. A physical body moving uniformly in the ether medium does not meet resistance. As already stated earlier, the ether medium resembles an ideal liquid by its properties, but at the same time it has some distinctions of a specific solid body. th Now, our 4 gnosive finding allowed us to state that manifestations which make vacuum-etherplenum and space display harmonic consonance in respect to each other as templates of one to the other at a macro level relative to a human observer are: electric charges; a matter conformation spectrum (from condensate/proto-matter to matter, both living and nonliving or inert), within which there is also a mass formation spectrum; a medium of manifest expression spectrum consisting of  wholly interconnected vacuum-ether-plenum to space, in a container-inclusion relationship of former to latter expression; and time as motion, the energetics of which are also the same medium of manifest expression spectrum for electrical/magnetic charges and fields. But what is time, and how does it manifest in our local space?

Taking Control of The Manifestation

of Time

as Subquantum Energy 

The energy of systems in general can be best understood as the sum of electromagnetic and gravitational energy. In other words, gravitation as a property of space can be described as time flow energy, according to the work of Prof. N.Kozyrev. This kind of energy depends on entropy changes , energy density, motion, rotation, frequency of oscillations, temperature, electric and magnetic potential of the system, all of which was experimentally explored by Professor Nikolai Kozyrev . To make the generator produce effect for an extended time, it is necessary to repeat the changes. According to Kozyrev’s Time Rate Control (TRC) theory, the changes should be asymmetrical to create unidirectional chronomal effects . Sinusoidal changes normally used in current equipment are symmetrical processes that produce similar alternate oscillations of time rate and by this reason there are no permanent chronomal energy turned into force in one direction. Practical applications for technology based on this theory are in the aerospace industry, in general energetics, and in medicine. It is the latter that concerns us here. The rate of time as velocity of transformation from cause to effect, worked out by N.Kozyrev and L.S.Shikhobalov is defined by formula υ = c/137


where 1/137 is a fine structure constant, and c is the known speed of light. We can then use Alexander Polyakov’s formula to describe the inner structure of energy for any photon that consist of 137 discrete


aspects, so that we may also understand the structure of a photon in terms of time structure description and time control. By Kozyrev’s TRC there are ways to then control photon velocity up to a zero velocity photon (ZVP) state (55). One-fourth wavelength resonance. The method we used is similar to one developed by Tesla, notably his single-wire resonance – a way of extracting low electric power and resonated to a specific site. Used in wireless equipment technology, a resonance state of 1/4 wave length is generated by using two legs of a capacitor to charge another point in space where the potential of time (energy) changes commensurably. We can use this rather simple technique to power up cells and cell tissue (system), as well as move specific specimen or membership of a system along a time dimension, forward in time or backward in time. Small amount of electrical power is required and this is a viable technology for use in experimental work. Energy pumping into a specific space/time location. In another type of technology, the objective is to generate and place power in a specific point in space for a specific purpose of use. The electrical power is not generated from just one point of space but it is pumped into a single point of space. Technically, it can be made as pulsed magnetic field incoming into center of a system array. Similar experimental arrays were used by Chernobrov in Moscow, in 1994. There is a possibility of using a point pumping wave method to illuminate or irradiate a specific area of  spacetime, as in a gas plasma or magnetostricture and electrostricture effects to compress the ether in a flat system in a flat area system (Fig.10a) or in a volumetric system (Fig.10b). The tetrahedral system of coordinates was originally proposed to Alexander Frolov by Josef  Hasslberger, from Italy. It should be accepted as a basic description of the structure of space, since four axes are a necessary minimum for any volumetrical system. Also his work allows us to understand the physical sense of centripetal motion as a syntropy process that is part of a thermodynamical cycle. 46

The central point of the system (i.e., the blue circle atop the polygonal forms) in Fig.10b can be pumped by waves of the ether density produced by any known method. The most powerful approach would be to use plasma longitudinal waves. Technically the design can be made of four old fashion vacuum tubes in tetrahedral positioning. Chronomal potential of this central point will be changed and it can be considered as a chronomal charge Q ch. By means of a linear or orbital motion of this chronomal charge Qch, a chronomal field should be generated, and the direction of the field should be determined by the direction of rotation and the sign of the chronomal charge (take, for instance, the system in Figure 12). The system of power generation by 1.1. should produce a negative chronomal charge that in sum with global time rate (increase/decrease of subquantum density at the site) should demonstrate itself as decelerated local time. A system of energy pumping by 1.2. should produce positive chronomal charge that should demonstrate itself as accelerated local time. Proton-electron currents and field generation. In (123), Nassikas mathematically argues and demonstrates that the ether is the quantum space/time, within which all things exist and from which all things are made. Using a mathematical argument for a logic of minimum contradictions applied to space-time as a continuum, he further argues and mathematically demonstrates that spacetime shows that time as energy flows from earlier-to-later (past-to-future), allowing for its quantum properties to lead to discrete space-time entities as particles are. Thus, the direction of time and electrical charge are correlated, wherein in Nature positive electricity would be caused by protons and negative electricity by electrons. Furthermore, the logic of minimum contradictions allows for negative and imaginary magnitudes as well as either positive or negative probability density, thus also allowing space-time to be stochastic matter-ether in which matter can be either mass or charge, both of which allows for the expression of the medium as mass-gravitational ( g) and charge-electromagnetic ( em) space-time. In the mid-90s, Frolov is said to have developed a procedure for generating a proton flow as a current. This led to its use in an experiment which rotated a metal cathode of a simple electrolytic cell saturated by protons. The byproduct of such a current – a magnetogravitic field, theoretically the case in a biological superconductor such as the sol-gel state of human cells – would seem to be an adequate medium for proton currents to flow as Poynting energy interstitially between cells. Since such currents would produce magnetic fields at 90 degrees perpendicular from them, the protoplasmic medium as sol-gel state would be another highly adequate medium for the promotion of what we have come to call intracellular electrogravitic ligand processes initiated by what we believe to be sonoluminescent centriole activity. This activity was grasped by gnosive evidence from all five neurosensors during a fairly recent interface; however, the nature of what was reported to be sonoluminescent activity in the 47

subject scanned by all five in real time was undetermined, as was the causal agent(s) for the activity itself.

Kozyrev’s Time as Subquantum Source of Energy in Biological Systems It won’t hurt to revisit Kozyrev's Time Theory to grasp and understand the next issue in our discussion here. In his discussion of structural analysis of his Time Theory, Kozyrev’s idea of time as a revolving top that revolves around an axis is a useful metaphor to understand certain processes seen by our neurosensors. The revolution is said to be clockwise in cause and counter-clockwise in effect. But this is an abstraction that is better understood when examining the actual gnosive data from physical events interfaced. Instead of cause and effect, let’s substitute them with reduction and near-restoration of space in the immediate medium in which time is affected. When a causal agency or vector causes a reduction or seeming shrinking of space immediately around the site upon which the cause acts, spacetime seems to roll up or shrink and unroll or expand back to seeming previous size. The causal process is one of absoption-expansion or release, all of which involves a decrease of time density in the site and a subsequent expansion or restoration of time density to near previous level. There is motion involved, as stated above: clockwise in absorption and counterclockwise in expansion or restoration. But, in biological systems, what is it that rotates? To answer this question, the five neurosensors were tasked with a single heuristic in late 2004. The results were quite unexpected. Neurosensing data indicated that what revolves is the protoplasm of  cells as they change from gelatinous to soluble. As protons flow across interstitial space between cells, creating an inhomogeneous gravitic medium (not an electromagnetic one), the rotation of  internal cellular structures would become vortex-like. Speed appeared correlated to level of relaxation. Only much later we would learn that there were thresholds also correlated to There were two. One upon completion of cells shifting phase completely to liquid state and protoplasmic cellular capacitance increasing to what we referred to first stage threshold, muscular relaxation levels of large muscles and autonomic striate muscles would enter what we defined as resonance capacitance stage. Organismically, cells at start of  FIGURE 13 resonance capacitance stage would increase Meissner effect and therefore photonic activity in what we call Meissner field. But, counterintuitively, as resonance capacitance increased, instead of peaking outwardly, the photonic field density would become compact and we would see what could well be the antiMeissner field effect of  the Meissner field resonated away from the body. Interestingly, this is the same exact process we have seen in the case of neurosensors “powering up” to achieve merge with an avatar and a visual point-ofview (POV). However, only one of those observed (five subjects performing their own relaxation-cool down procedures) reached Meissner-antiMeissner (MAM) resonance (or third stage), and only one other achieved resonance capacitance stage. The one who did reach MAM resonance did so for less


than five seconds. As to cellular bioelectrogravitic behavior, a fairly discernible pattern emerged as well. Table 3 below presents the processes encountered in some detail.

TABLE 3 Meissner effect, Meissner photonic field, stages of cellular capacitance, and energetic effects by phase and stage .


Phase Events

Cellular Behavior

Field Manifestation

Time Causal Process

1. Baseline





2. Enabling


Stable-to first stage of capacitance

Meissner torsion field outward beyond chaotic

Positive↔negative acceleration

3. Meissner max


Second stage of capacitance to MAM threshold

Meissner torsion field to threshold maximum

Pos-neg to low IR signal readiness

4. Meissner compact

Delta stabilized

MAM threshold

Meissner field collapse to compact

Pos-neg to high IR signal handshake. Bearden vacuum engine formation.

5. Meissner compact

Delta stable

MAM stabilized & solgel cell revolution to threshold

Meissner field compact

Pos-neg bursts in IR cone per each cell – Bearden vacuum engine (see Fig. 3 and 13).

Torsion fields appear off the human COBE bioform at or around Stage 3 in Table 3. To a neurosensor, these fields appear as one coherent one, spreading out from the mid-dorsal section of the bioform. As neurosensors approach the body surface, multiple red points appear on its surface. On or about the Planck limit, neurosensors find miniversions of the single degree of freedom field emanating 3 from the human form. These miniversions, on passing beyond Planck limit, are cone connectors of  each cell to the vacuum-plenum! Now, we know that torsion fields are generated by the classical spin or by the spin angular momentum density at the macroscopic level of any object – but the object has to be spinning to set up polarization in two spatial cones, corresponding to a left torsion field and a right torsion field. At an atomic and particle level, nuclear spin as well as full atomic movements may well be the source of torsion fields as well, which indicates that all objects in nature, whether live or inert, produce their individual torsion fields. What happens within these torsion fields at which levels? What happens can be described and theorized depending upon where the observer (a neurosensor) is located during the event. From below the Planck limit, it is possible to view what we called the handshake between the cellular centriole’s infrared signaling system and the vacuum response with either a positive or 49

negative stream of what we believe to be charged Bose-Einstein condensates. From above the Planck  limit, things got very interesting. What follows is a sequence of events in the form of a model of what we interpret to be the phenomenon we (neurosensors) all saw. When the handshake phenomenon is looked at closer from a supra-Planck position, the first observation is that the cellular IR handshake is not merely luminescent, but sonoluminescent (sound frequency yet unknown). The solgel protoplasmic medium is in seismic-like revolution, generating a mild torsion field, creating a precesion-like phenomenon of the luminous field emanation but with an interesting twist: the faster the revolution, the more laser-like the centriolic light field. In the revolving medium, changing from soluble to gelatinous in keeping with the rhythmic sonoluminescent precesion, there were some interesting chemical processes going on. At this time, we can only describe a model of how things happened and a theory of what happened. Transition Process and Probable Transition Elements. Our suspicion is that the transition process and transition elements in the phenomenon under consideration and the transition elements involved parallel the process involving inert processes. Both processes involve sodium (the inert as NaOH); consisting of an oxygen and a hydrogen atom bonded by a single (or covalent) bond, we believe that one of the first things to happen is that the hydroxyl bond breaks, the pH rises in the liquid phase, an NA ring forms and the negative-positive transition is made possible, with one necessary condition – the presence of Au-m positive. In other words, a sodium ring thus formed provides the necessary electro-negative field that the electro-positive Au-m BEC 4 (Bose-Einstein condensate) seeks. This may ultimately provide the actual potential charge of the Au-M atom by back engineering it (making it go back in time inside the cone, which is inside the Bearden vacuum-plenum engine) as the opposite to the electro-negative charge inside the cone structure. In this configuration, the monatomic atom rests inside the Figure 14 second (2s) and third (2p) shell boundary of the sodium atom in its bonded radius after valence bonding. This arrangement places the electro-positive monatomic inside 5 the electro-negative field of three over-lapping electron orbitals as seen in Figure 14. Some of us have suspected a hex ring of sodium as opposed to a tri-ring, since both tri-ring and hex-ring postulations are based on a theory of variable quantal field potential in these elements. More than likely both rings may play a role depending on the mass-size differences seen in stable BEC's that started as odd or even numbered proton transition elements, like 47-Silver. As Bose-Einstein condensates become atoms while still either in the feeder cone (see Figure 13) or in the valence cone (see Figure 15), we have noticed instability in the integrity of the elements themselves, in particular silver. The actual potential quasi-bonding field may only be .09nm in radius, similar to the radius of bonded sodium, and why it may be a tri-sodium that nets these elements. 50

The idea that monatomic BEC's are at varying energy or quantal levels might be described as follows:  Upon destabilization and increased separation of the incomplete outer shell nucleons around the completed shells of a nucleus in a transition element, there is a subsequent cascade effect toward positive screening field increase as the strong binding force is over ridden by the electromagnetic forces, Cooper pairing and super deformation with associated accelerated spin of the expanded nucleus. The odd number proton monatomics may exhibit at least one basic sublevel after BEC, before stabilization of the unpaired valence electron. This is an unbalanced state that may flip from BEC back to metal bonds easily. This forms an unfinished lower energy m-state, with one electron, as a positron, looking for a partner to Cooper pair with creating a valence funnel.

Once another monatomic in the same energy sub-level is attracted by the electrostatic force, the valence cones collapse upon nuclei, merging causing positron harmonization and finalized Cooper pairing, thus forming a stable higher energy level configuration. Chemical bonding would not be available in this energy state. Only quantum coupling employing the Coulomb wave is available for connecting BEC's. However, in the odd numbered proton transition elements in transition, this forms atomic quantal materials with unusually high mass values, but of little or no weight, and can be made to lose all their gravitational attraction or increase their weight by 300 percent by heating or cooling respectively. In the case of a human 


being in Stage 5 delta stable and in protoplasmic solgel revolution at or near threshold, relative cooling would be possible. This is now a two dimensional quantum oscillator vibrating near the ZPE as a result of Cooper pairing. The amplified electrostatic forces are driven by the rotating quantal ring with a coulomb wave flowing out along the plane of rotation. The former two unpaired electron fermions are now balanced into a boson and superconduction begins with the associated Meissner field generation. Much has been made of the decrease in weight these elements exhibit after BEC. This might be explained by studies involving spinning and stationary masses in a gravity field. But this is beyond the scope of this essay.

IV. In Conclusion Gnosive evidence, all opinions to the contrary, does not lie. It is who receives it as experience or as information cumulus, how the evidence is received – externally, from someone else, or through personal experience – that shapes one’s acceptance or rejection of it. We accept gnosive evidence as valid, physical information, because we now know (not just believe) that physics begins at the Tboundary itself, and that physical manifestations are all idiomaterial from the T-boundary on down and from local space/time on up to the T-boundary. The meaning of what life is, and what observership becomes as we become integrated human beings, have also changed for each of us in LPG-C who work in gnosive research. Perception is no longer the prime source of data that becomes information; intellect married to enteric prowess enhances human abilities to connect far more, better and wider than reliance on mere cortical interoception ever could. The result is a powerful qualitative description of phenomena such as those offered in this essay. In conjunction with standard experimental arrays, it is a combination of means that has been very useful. For instance, in deciphering time as subquantum source of energy in biological systems, gnosive research has been a key means and a useful framework to obtain descriptions of phenomena difficult to access by standard, instrumentable means.


In Figure 16, we saw a two dimensional quantum oscillator vibrating near the zero point as Planck limit, as a result of Cooper pairing. There is indeed an increase in electrostatic charge at the cellular level, due mostly to the amplification of force set up by the cytoprotoplasmic revolutions of  each of the cell’s protoplasms. This phenomenon seems to generate a distortion of normally isotropic space, the amount of distortion being represented by the reflected internally constrained forces explicitly developed by the protoplasmic rotation. Experimental results may not always involve a gravity gradient, indicating discrete field phenomena. But they may exploit time as subquantum energy. There is also a strange possibility: as there are monoatomic stable BEC (Bose-Einstein condensate) state of elements, specifically 47-silver (and also quite possibly gold), there may also be a detectable weight loss phenomenon similar to that reported in homopolar inertial field phenomena reported by Faraday, Pokletnov, DePalma, and others. It is also possible – and something we are now looking at more closely – that the presence of monoatomic stable BEC of such elements may explain the reason for these BECs flip-flop between element state and BEC state, as well as why the electrons rotate in a plane perpendicular to the spin axis (much like in homopolar inertial field phenomena). Thus, we hypothesize that the relative vector force of electron flow may also follow the left hand rule, allowing us to discern the direction of the flow, its ability to burst flow, and to change polarities. Thus, we now have powerful reasons to suspect that the electrostatic forces are being driven by the friction between the nucleus and the boson quantal field that is vibrating near the zero point and tapping the time/subquantum to bring the cellular structure and its energy capacitance into a kind of  overunity condition that these m-state elements represent and thus steady and/or burst pumping energy 6 into the system. Our feeling is that once the electron Cooper pairs all achieve a more or less identical energy state, they tend to congregate close to the nucleus with distance regulated by spin rate inertial field changes. Double nuclei in the odd proton transition element BEC's have a bigger nucleus, but perhaps not a greater radius of quantal field potential by the addition of the second set of bosons. As massless as photons are, they very well might be under different constraints than the remaining nucleus particles and no longer follow predicted solid matter behavior. It has been hypothesized that electrons lose energy, but restore the loss by slipping into the zero point to tap the time/subquantum (113) (66). BEC's are mostly in space-time with their converted electrons as bosons. The velocity of the radial quantal disk theorized as rotating around the spinning nucleus may play a part in the generating of the gravity excluding Meissner field we see in solgel superconductors and a possible mechanism in its generation. A possible, mild gravitational attenuation in living systems along the spin axis may additionally be involved in the quasi-bonding of the sodium atom rings mentioned above. The tuning of an atom to the Planck constant during Cooper pairing forces it to vibrate near the zero point energy of the time/subquantum, E 0 = hf x ½, or the spectral energy density 'p' of the Zero3 point fluctuation as a function of that frequency, 'w', such that p(w) = kw . Therefore, it would seem as though, under certain conditions, human COBEs on Earth behave like overunity systems.

NOTES 1. Polylocational presence in broad attention is one of the discoveries we made through extension neurosensing. 2. Unit masses are hypothetical structures used in describing the electrical properties of proto-material condensates in the vacuum-ether-plenum medium. Unit masses were offered by Gorbatsevich, in his


seminal book in 2004, to help explain the attraction force mechanisms of physical bodies in the vacuum-ether-plenum medium. See (112), chapter 7. 3. Neurosensors have been able to detect this phenomenon expressed as such under both field conditions (e.g., when a target individual is being examined gnosively while undergoing single degree of freedom compact Meissner at MAM effect moment. 4. Monopolar silver may well be a trace element captured by the human body when connected to the vacuum-plenum. 5. It is worthy of notice that a period 6 atom is .262 nm in radius before BEC. After BEC atoms of this period are mostly nuclei surrounded by bosons, or light and the pseudo-physical boundary, that the electron shells tend to represent, is no longer existent as the positive screen field collapses the bosons into a disc in the plane of rotation. Some researchers have suspected a hex ring of sodium as opposed to a tri-ring. Both tri-ring and hex-ring postulations are based on a theory of variable quantal field potential in these elements. More than likely both rings may play a role depending on the mass-size differences seen in stable BEC's that started as odd or even numbered proton transition elements. 6. Just how does this happen, we have yet to discern patterns by gnosive observation in real time.

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