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Description ts/bushTuckerOfTheWetTropics.pdf 0 07_eBook.pdf The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life ret-of-the-flower-of-life-volume-1.pdf RATTLESNAKE FIRE - A MEMOIR OF EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE By Jean Ann Eisenhow er nium.htm y-and-why-they-became.doc MorningSong 12th June 2013, 08:13 I appologize if this has already been posted but I just stumbled on this site wi th lots of free pdf's... many are in english: kanishk 5th July 2013, 11:23 ( / ( ( Here's a listing of the files (mostly pdf files) within each of the above three

zip files. Each file is preceded by its size, in bytes. Armageddon Prepping Survival Filelist ( ing_survival/armageddon_list.html) y To those who don't know about or use bitTorrents it is a relatively simple proce ss but you need free software installed on your computer. On Mac I use Vuze ( and on my old PC (pi ece of cr*p) I use uTorrent (

Into The Fringe by Dr Karla Turner An account of alien abduction describes how Karla Turner and her family uncovere d long-buried memories and actual physical evidence of their encounters with ali ens. Bill Ryan 25th September 2013, 01:56 ------ _.gif1.jpg Bob 25th September 2013, 02:40 ------ Field/uft_index.html _.gif1.jpg ( (must sign up for a newsletter for the PDF, but can then opt out if you like) About the alien intervention into human affairs: The Allies of Humanity, Book 1 (

ty-book1.pdf) (PDF download) Daily spiritual practice used to reclaim your relationship with your Higher Self : Steps to Knowledge ( (PDF d ownload) home/images/bookCover.jpg KiwiElf 3rd October 2013, 05:20 Dr. Karla Turner's book - "Masquerade of Angels" here - direct link/PDF Also "Blue Planet Project" This document is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists cre ating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an Abov e Top Secret government program. Government publications and information obtaine d by the use of public tax monies cannot be subject to copyright. This document is released into the public domain for all citizens of the United States of Amer ica. It is the focus of the first episode of "Unsealed Alien Files" +episo de+1&oq=unsealed+alien+files+season+1&gs_l=youtube.1.2.0l5.70409.72416.0.74773.9 . 6aT0dmwLsw Click on the YouTube link for other episodes in the series ------------------Direct PDF download for "The Great Waves of Change" ers.pdf Bill Ryan 3rd October 2013, 16:06 ------Sugar Blues, by William Dufty: sunflower 3rd October 2013, 16:51 Hi Bill, page five and thereafter are blank. (at least for me:confused: ) Thanks anyway.

Edit by Bill: it works here! I'd suggest re-downloading. If it still fails, I'll

be glad to re-upload. kirolak 5th October 2013, 13:00 Not sure whether anyone has posted this list before: Bill Ryan 7th October 2013, 12:48 ------ (On the window that appears, click on THIS button --> ... and NONE of the others!) pg Davidallany 7th October 2013, 21:03 I am cross posting from this thread ( php?23649-The-scientific-works-of-the-greatest-inventor-of-all-times-mr-Nikola-T esla-AVAILABLE.&p=707413&viewfull=1#post707413) which I had never seen. Also inc luded is instructions for using BitTorrents. Valuable to find free resources. For those new here or missed this i'm bumbing this thread :bump: sharon Wow, thank you Sharon.... I had missed this all together! This is an operating b itTorrent link for the Tesla papers: y spanish LRH library over torrent-files Russian LRH different materials over torrent-files LRH english library 165 Gb available over torrent file (Audio lections, texts an d pictures) Captain Bill Robertson (CBR) library 13,5 Gb over torrent-file (Audio lections, texts and pictures)

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