Book Donum (Book One)

June 22, 2016 | Author: seriedonum | Category: Topics, Books - Fiction, Romance
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Synopsis Tchay had his 50 years, but thought he had a rare disease. When in fact it was a gift, a gift that brought him ...


Marlon Gonçalves




t that day at the mansion of Elbys

things were giving everything wrong, Mrs. Merly Elbys longer skirt in the house a few years ago, sometimes had to stand in a strait jacket, because I had hours she was completely mad and said I saw shadows around her and spoke terrible things. The day had been full, very full, Dec Elbys for you, a millionaire was not working on anything, because he had inherited millions from his father. The day was full of it because you Merly was ten thousand times worse than on other days, her daughter and Mrs. Merly was still small, and was only twelve when her mother had these attacks she was well away with the maid Anna Dones that worked for years in the mansion of Elbys. Even in a straitjacket and all he had, Mrs. Merly was still sleeping with her husband on the right side of the bed. It was late at night when Mr. Jan arrived by car from the house of a friend who had invited him to present him his bride. His car was the best

and most current at the time, was black, a very dark black and very shiny. Upon entering, the garage with the car went straight to the front door of the house. Have you encountered a silence never seen in your home. Up the stairs and went into the room to see if his daughter was already asleep, to see that yes, went to his and his wife also saw that he was lying on the right side of the bed. — Hi love, is better? — Asked Dec approaching the bed. Merly was lying on his back and his eyes were wide and did not answer what her husband had to ask. — I asked if you are better, love. — Dec whispered moving closer still, sitting beside her in bed edge. — What is happening to you? Why is that? Why this? — Asked frowning. Listen a moment of silence. — Why do not you hear what I say? — Asked in a soft tone of voice, but had begun to swell — I'm not crazy! — Said getting up from bed and sitting. — If not, show. — Said Mr. Elbys going to lie on your side of the bed

— Get away from here! Go as far as it can go, listen what I say! — Cried Mrs. Elbys with crying face. — You see? — Dec mocked — you just say things without any sense! — If it is going to die! If you stay here they will come to pick you up and carried me too! — Exclaimed Mrs. Merly crying. So how Jan did not move Mrs. Merly began to swing, screaming and kicking it. — You need to get out of here! — Cried again making a new attempt. How not stop moving, Jan stood up and took a bottle filled with a liquid and a cloth, put a little of the liquid on the cloth and held the head of Merly putting it to breathe the liquid, at once fell into a sleep deep that probably only wake up the next day. Jan did not listen to what Merly said and then went to sleep. Midnight when they were asleep, a strong gust caused the windows of the rooms were opened letting in a strong wind and dark shadows, shadows that they were dreadful to those who saw it. Were toward the couple's bed and across the middle, killing them. The next day their death spread throughout the city. Flity Elbys went to a house closer to her aunt,

the money was held by the same. At his thirteen years, was placed in an orphanage because her aunt no longer wanted her in the house, just wanted to get all his inheritance. Thereafter Flity became a young orphan and penniless, his aunt had stolen everything to her.



The bird


chay looked like a normal woman like all

the others, but had some strange things happening with it today, was getting worried about her health, did not know he had, but I knew it was something very serious, never heard of anything like with it, did not know what else to do, seemed already going crazy, lived alone in his house, received a few visits, the neighbors felt very strange. Often gave the appearance that was crazy. From time to time gave crises at home, but always alone, the neighbors did not dare walk into her house, outside of your home could see dark shadows and dark, people who did not live on that street that just

passed by crossing had certain feelings when going through the house, even with some old lady Tchay loved to walk, had no friends, except his daughter, who lived across the city. Walking alone on the square that was near his house every day, needed to be distracted, because of his handicap, his only daughter a widow who lived across the city and his granddaughter always knew of his problem. It was a dark and murky night, listened to the noises of the night, the cat Jamira who lived next door Mrs. Tchay every morning was walking on the roofs of neighboring houses and sometimes some of these tiles dawn broken homes and the owners were wary it. Tchay was at home sitting in a chair the color of honey, but who never saw the chair first to make sure the color is not believed when she said it was the color of honey, brown seemed very comfortable which was located in a narrow corner of the room that had several tiles spider on top, it seemed that he had completed year that the house had been cleaned. With what was happening to him no longer cared if his house was clean or dirty. Was cross—legged over a glass of wine. It was Thursday and since the beginning of the week that you Tchay sat in that chair at dawn dark and obscure that was around him, taking a glass full of wine. The bottle stood upon the table beside the chair for the event

did not kill her will. The wine bottle was already half way, because only drinking wine she would feel safer for your problem. Ms. Tchay first of all that was happening to her, happens, was a very dedicated teacher to work, the students loved him too much he had, but began having hallucinations and nightmares strong with the people he loved. Then could not get out on the street that felt strange pains all the time in various places. Then he retired and left his profession he loved so much away. I even had forgotten what was to be a teacher, she could not control his disease, or something, because he had no knowledge of the disease that has symptoms that Mrs. Tchay had, but his head was rather a disease. Having been filled with wine was sleeping, because I do not care if ill health, her health and had no thought that I would never have, had given up hope when his doctor Dr. William spoke in his first visit that the disease was rare and nonexistent in studies of science and no disease was not detected in their examinations. When the day dawned Tchay have agreed listen wheezing strangers in the street thought it was something or someone that was doing such a hiss, but not to get out of bed by the window and see that there was nothing in the street knew it was inside

his home Moreover, inside your mind. He took a bath in the suite of your room, changed clothes and went out of his room into the kitchen forgetting the towel on the bed. It was ten o'clock in the morning and she would make breakfast, actually did at the time wanted, because she lived alone. Therefore, he prepared his breakfast and ate like a wolf, because he was very hungry, after washing all the dishes that had messed returned to his room to pick up your phone and saw that he had forgotten the towel on the bed, grabbed her by one end and played on top of boxing's bathroom. By putting your feet on the street noticed that the sky lost its blue cover his gray clouds and the sun, was a cloudy, overcast but a different. There was the little square near his home, by far was heard the laughter of children playing in the square toys, running after each other, also saw birds flying over the trees full of energy, but when Tchay set foot in square, the children lost heart, the trees stopped swaying, the birds stopped flying except one, who was flying the two large trees in front of the bank that Tchay sat all day, but still all was quiet in the trees, the children asked their parents to leave when the lady caught sight, not even knowing. Tchay was a good—hearted lady was not hurt with no one away from it, who thought he felt something

come near, it seemed that everyone knew of his problem, even thought I knew well that nature. When he came to the plaza and sat on the bench who was accustomed to white sit all day, looked around and saw that all who were there were gone. She spent most of the time in that square, not most days lunch to stay there, do not feel hungry at noon, until it actually felt a little, but not go home, preferring to stay there, he felt good when was in the small square and everything she needed was to feel good. Mrs. Tchay saw only one bird was flying in the square at that moment, until he was approaching her, was very surprised, he stretched his right arm with his finger pointing also stretched, so the bird could perch on your finger. — You is unlike any bird I know! — Mrs. told Tchay lowering his head and squinting to see him right. — The only one who did not run away from me. The bird began to sing a little song, but stopped in an instant. — Because you're different from other birds and other people? — Asked seem to wait for a response. — Yeah, you do not speak, but today I do not doubt anything anymore! — Whispered, looking up from the bird for a few moments to see

if anyone was watching, because if so, would think it was localized to be talking to a small bird, despite thinking she was crazy, would no longer have doubts. — My life is not easy! — Cried again eyes to the bird. — Nobody talks to me anymore, everyone looks at me with strange looks, I'm going crazy! Until all of the square when I'm out here, even without knowing me to know how I am! — Mrs. Tchay explained in more detail. — The birds also stop flying and singing, except you! The trees stop swaying and the wind hitting the horizon for them! Do not take this anymore! — Spoke in more detail the little animal, with the mere impression that he is understanding something. The bird, which Tchay thought to be different and that was in their hands, simply took wing and flew away without even looking back. — Follow your way! — Shouted Tchay looking up with sadness, because I saw everyone happy and normal but her. Around two o'clock she rose and left the bank square toward your home, almost every time, looking back, saw the children want to return, he saw the bird songs again and heard the wind coming from the horizon steady beat on the trees again and in doing so everyone will be happy without her, it

went to his house more uncomfortable with the situation and the life was taking. In another corner of his house there was another table with several wine-colored candles on the towel that was on the table. Almost every evening she lit all without an exception, and I was praying and asking God to take it that disease, because sooner or later would end up going crazy.





he next day the lady was Tchay in your

bathroom taking a shower with that cold — because I never liked hot water even on a cold morning a lot, so that your bathroom has hot shower — removing the foam that was almost completely covered, to go to the home of his daughter, Rosy. When he began walking down the hall to listen to your home that came into the bathroom, his heart was pounding and terrifying shadows slowly surrounded by the bathroom. — Who's there? — Asked Tchay off the shower to keep quiet, but nobody answered.

— Who's there? — Asked again pretending to have answer, but at the same time reminded not receive any reply, it was only one of his hallucinations crazy, after all could not be anyone, because I knew nobody would go into his house, actually no one came even unless his daughter and granddaughter. Tchay made the turn on the shower to remove the foam from his body, which by the way it was getting dry wind that soon turned off the shower when they got to know who was in his house to remember that there would be none. Mrs. Tchay often had hallucinations when I was weak as was the bathroom, heard voices in the street when passing by the more people spent more voices heard. You Tchay also sometimes did not speak anything with anything, sometimes when I was in the midst of people who never saw it said that something would happen to such a person there and happened in an instant, sometimes even causing death to those who do not believe what said. This problem has exploded Tchay lady in his head since he retired. Upon leaving the bathroom dressed in a simple outfit and left his house locking the door and putting the key into the side pocket of her black handbag that had won one of his former student, when he was a teacher. The day was blazing sun, no clouds in the sky, but Tchay had the impression that

it would rain enough in the afternoon, until she herself did not know why, but I thought it would rain later and no one could change their opinions. A couple of feet from the wall where he found the door had a small wall with bars, then a few steps near the gate when they arrived. — I'll scare you! — Shouted in a voice maliciously, intending to frighten the lady Tchay was a blonde girl with a horrible mask covering his face, but realized that it was a girl because of the voice and because of his hair fulfilled, which was the color of gold and shone in the sunlight. Mrs. Tchay got scared and gave an impetus behind almost fell. — Are you crazy girl? — Tchay asked to hand over her left breast, very scared. — Sorry! I did not want to scare her! — Said taking the mask, looking monster of your face. — I did not want to offend her. — Said already fully recovered from the fright he had. The little girl who seemed to Tchay who lived nearby by, thinking to have seen her a few times in the square will be gone. — Want to go get an ice cream? — Asked the lady Tchay excited looking at ice cream shop at the corner nearest you had.

There was a sign that said FERSTINY ice cream, it was a great ice cream, was that Mrs. Tchay time had come to make a cone, the front was painted blue and pale that far gave the impression that he was white, but in really was white. — Why did not you go with me? — Asked the child innocently. — No. — Tchay said, looking at the ice cream parlor for a moment. — Not small, I prefer not to go. Will you take. — Spoke Tchay taking some coins from her purse and handing in the hands of the evil girl who said 'thanks' and immediately ran out to the ice cream parlor, Tchay knew it was going to be stopped at the door because the owner would not let go. When I was down the street where he lived, became a taxi empty, waved his hand, but the driver did not stop and then reached down quickly. There was only one that went straight as if no one there, all the taxis that you call Tchay drivers would not stop calling and when one that stood they linked the car and leave. The same happened with the bus, when he was at one point the driver never stopped, so when he wanted to leave home to go home to her daughter had to go walking, it took to get there, it was the other side of town where his daughter lived with her daughter Moly.Tchay only leave home for the little square

near your home or the home of his daughter. The fairs of months, was carrying his daughter in his house, had no head for shopping. Then with a cool head, Tchay was walking down the sidewalk that had color until you reach the house of Rosy. Some sidewalks had yellow leaves of the sun, fallen. So to kick for a little fun. He was a simple sandal and also with a simple dress, her dress looked like an immense garden of many flowers that had drawn him. He was passing along the sidewalk of the shopping center, when he spotted a furry thing that was on the side of a tall pole and green. When approaching a little longer and saw a tail after he saw it was a white kitten who seemed to be sick, but incredible as it seemed he had not escaped her. — My God! What more beautiful thing! — Exclaimed opening a smile on his face, which was not long ago. She took the kitten seemed to be asleep, but when he got up with him in his arms he saw his little eyes open. — What do you have? To be so in no mood for anything? — Asked dropping the beautiful smile that was on his face.

Unintentionally stumbled in his little leg left and he took a few screams of pain. — His leg is broken! — Wide—eyed amazement said. A red—haired woman, tall and short hair and accompanied by a scrawny kid and crying, came towards Tchay, but she was not paying much attention that they were right in their direction. — What are you doing with Dery? — The woman asked Tchay with arrogance. — Dery? Who is Dery? — Asked naively Tchay raising her head and looking at that horrible woman. — Simply the most elegant cat of this universe! — Replied making silly gestures with his hands. — And by chance, Dery cat's name? — Asked laughing. — Yes! He has to have the name of people, in fact, he's my cat and have everything I want! — Said the woman with more arrogance. — But I found it here with a broken leg! I just wanted to help you! — Tchay explained. — With a broken leg! — Muttered the woman giving the impression that he did not know. She just released her son's hand and took the cat from the arms of Tchay.

— You broke his leg! — Exclaimed with a horrible face of amazement and immediately pulled the cat, which was about a three year old for her thin arms. — I did not break anything! — Argued Tchay safe and clear conscience, not seeming to care that that skinny had said. — So who was it? — Asked shaking a leg. — Let's ... just tell me that almost killed the cat of my son! — Grunted heavily. — Ah! Go find what to do, I'm not going to hurry and take over this discussion forward. — Said taking a step forward and getting the right side of the skinny woman — Want to solve the case of your cat? — Asked ironically. — Yes! — Answered your nose bucking again. — Well then go find a vet — said Tchay and rushing out the steps, not to lose the time that was lost with that "thing" that is said to be people. I was halfway home when her daughter was going through a sidewalk with a bunch of people to cross the street in the range of pedestrians suddenly penetrated Tchay a look at a girl and felt her stomach churning, I knew something would happen to she crossed the street. When the signal crossing closed and people have been released, Tchay

grabbed the arm of a small woman, full of makeup on his face that seemed to be going to work because he was wearing a uniform and white blouse embroidered logo had a red line SHOPS DERFLINS saying. — Do not cross now! — Out of the mouth of Tchay of nowhere and that impulse firmly held the left arm of the girl. — Drop me your mad! — She shouted pulling his arm — Will not ... do not cross ... — Tchay whispered, but it was too late, because I was in the middle of the street. The other people who were crossing to the other side came when the woman who had taken Tchay arm was in a couple of steps after the street parade. He had flown a paper from his pocket and landed on the floor, bent down to pick up the paper which had fallen when he got up and looked away to a runaway bus with the driver who seemed very irresponsible and drunk, because the signal was not opened. Passed over it and beyond the stop signal by crushing whole, it was impossible to be alive, indeed, it be with an organ in your entire body. You could not even to recognize it, his face was half and almost all bloody. All those people were shocked by what they saw. You Tchay once again was right in

that he had spoken, began to cry and get your hand on the head when he saw the woman in the street hit. Stunned by what had happened went into the house of his daughter crying, arrived there was still crying when pressed the doorbell of the house of his daughter with trembling hands. Moly opening the door of the house he saw his grandmother crying in agony and trembling all over. — Mother! Mother! Come slight! — Moly screamed terrified to see his grandmother. He helped his grandmother into the house and took her to sit on the large sofa and color of a plum and purple. Rosy ran from the kitchen to see what was happening. Rosy is house was a modest house had three spacious bedrooms, one was Moly, another of Rosy still had a double bed, but slept alone after her husband passed away two shots with two unknowns. And the other had no one, but it was all furnished. — Mother! What happened? — Asked Rosy terrified of the situation. — Take a glass of water to her grandmother. — Ordered Moly Rosy with her daughter, who was standing in front of your grandma and Rosy was sitting on the side of the mother holding in her trembling hands.

— Okay, Mom. — Moly said turning his back for two and going toward the kitchen to get water from her grandmother. — What happened to my mother, for you being so nervous? — Rosy asked handing the glass of water that had brought her granddaughter, drank half and handed back again to Moly giving a deep breath. — When I was coming, had some people waiting to cross the signal close and I sensed that a thin woman with short hair would be crushed and then grabbed her arm, was neat and seemed to be going to work. And then I told her not to cross at that time that the signal has closed, but she gave me ears, pulled his arm and crossed, but when I was a little more than halfway, a paper fall from his bag and stood on the floor, she bent down to pick up and when a runaway bus ran over her and killed her. — Said the lady giving Tchay sobs of crying and breathing quickly. — My God! — Rosy said rubbing his head and Moly covering her mouth with both hands together. — So you knew what happened would happen! — Said his granddaughter Moly — I can not stand this life, this disease! — Exclaimed head down with the air of impatience.

— But grandma, this is not a disease. — Moly whispered softly near her. — You know I do, my daughter. — So ... so let's forget all that and ball forward, we will not die because of the death of a girl, right? — Rosy cheered up off the couch and went into the kitchen. — Yeah, this is not a disease, is a gift.





lthough the head was per Tchay

troubled, his face not pass disturbance, moreover, was always troubled, always did something, but of course not, a hit like that, always in the first moments and until a few hours of what happened She foresaw, was thus depressed, as if guilty, Tchay not to blame for being born with "that" he had. After a few hours not even remember the accident, was missing one hour for lunch. — I'm doing a great food today! — Ex—cried a voice from the kitchen for what seemed like Rosy. — Okay, daughter. — Tchay said with a voice that entered the house through the right side window.

You Tchay was watering the beautiful flowers that her daughter had in her small garden on the right side of the house has always been fanatical by flowers and garden. When I went to there was always the most time in the garden looking at flowers. What I liked most was the one that the late Guto, had planted. Rosy did not know her name or how Guto arranged to plant. He planted a few days before he died. So Tchay loved a flower unknown, its color was purple and smell very good. Guto had died because of the organs stopped working. When it was ten minutes to go to lunch, came home took a bit of grass that had been in his shoes, went to the room Moly and knocked on the door that had a plaque that said ROOM MOLY, with a lot of colorful butterflies. Moly had asked his mother to take off that, it was childish, but no use. Rosy never took. Toc—toc. — Moly? Is your grandmother, dear. Open the door. No sound came from the room except the annoying little sound the mouse. Tchay was opening the door slowly. — It had to be why you were not listening to me. — Whispered Mrs. Tchay.

Moly had a few weeks had completed nineteen. He had an earpiece in the ear connected to the computer, probably was listening to loud music and, by the way, do not listen to anything completely, but when he saw his grandmother into the music off the computer immediately and removed the two ear headphones. — What a shock grandma! Why not knocked on the door? — Asked in face of astonishment, she knew she was wrong. — And you think I did not hit? — Asked putting her hands on hips like a grandmother authoritarian. — Sorry grandma, I heard nothing. — Moly said frowning. — It will not happen again. — Apology accepted. — Said smiling, removing his hands from the hips, what was more than time. — What do you want? — Asked furrowing his brow further. — Ah! His mother is calling for lunch, shall we? Moly looked at the clock. — The day flew by today. It was not? — Was yes, it now or not? — Tchay wanted an answer and it looks as fast as he could. — Go that I'm going to come. While his grandmother shut out all the windows were open on the computer, turned off the monitor with a click on the left side and left out the door

toward the table that was already full of delicious food such as stroganoff, lasagna, roast chicken and other delights more. Rosy was always trying to please the most he could when his mother went to her house, especially nowadays, with all that had happened. After lunch all three ate dessert. To tell the truth Tchay had never been like that, it was always at home and not go nowhere, do not talk much, now she was more animated and realized that when I was in the morning mini garden of his daughter, people passing as they did not leave running, had even talked to some "good morning" to her. When Moly just dessert, went straight to his room and turned on the monitor to end the conversation he was having with Amanda, her best friend. "Friend, then we'll practice tomorrow for handball?" Moly asked by Facebook. "Yes, we are in front of the court tomorrow at tenthirty in the morning, right?" Amanda replied the other side of the computer. "Okay Amanda bye to shut down the computer, my grandma is here at home, came to spend the day here and I want to keep her company" Moly wrote, wrote very fast, it was used to get chatting with Amanda, was almost his only friend, the times were not much to talk about were playing pool online on

the Internet, but Amanda was always the one who won. "Goodbye friend, until tomorrow and will not be late." He closed all the windows were open on the internet, turned off the computer and went to room where his grandmother and his mother were just dessert. — We go to the mall? — Moly immediately asked for input, I thought a good idea to go shopping, because his grandmother was very distracted. — Do what the mall? — Asked his grandmother. — Oh ... we walk, ice cream, buy something ... — She said sitting in green chair that was on the side of the couch. — In fact, if a bit distracted, we need a little leisure, do not you think? — I do not know ... in fact I did not bring clothes to go to the mall. — Tchay was not really worried about the clothes because she was giving her to go. — That's no excuse grandmother. — Moly said, it looked more like Tchay sister Rosy is why mother was very young and fit, the clothes were the same numbers Rosy her clothes then she could not complain. — Let's mom, the lady will be distracted a bit, you never leave. — Spoke to Rosy Tchay, also seemed to have liked the idea.

— Let us then. — She said without even thinking about having those voices in your head and illusions again. — So just go wash the dishes while I take a shower after you go. — Moly said gesturing hands. Moly in the room turned around and went to the master bathroom, closed the door with the key and grabbed his towel hopscotch was washed and folded inside the bathroom cabinet. While throwing water on your skin, I was looking at her image to reflect the floor walls. He soap in all parts of the body, when placed back in the shower took a fright. Toc—toc. Someone had knocked on the bathroom door. — Who is it? — Said losing the scare he had taken. — It's your mother, daughter. — Rosy said the forum side of the bathroom. — Her grandmother is running out to take a bath in my bathroom, we has already washed and dried all the dishes. And you're still there. — I'm running out, go pick out an outfit for Grandma I'm already doing. — Told from inside the bathroom of Boxing. — Okay, daughter, is fast.

Just remove the foam body, curled up in a towel and left the bathroom to his room. Moly had driver's license and a car that his mother had given a gift. Beside it was Rosy and in the back seat Tchay. The mall crowded was probably due to the amount of cars in the parking lot contained. They drove through the parking lot for a long time until they find a parking spot, every Saturday the mall was packed with people. The first that came out of the car was Rosy and Tchay, Moly was touching up her makeup. Tchay and her daughter were out of the car when Tchay had a brief dizziness. — Okay, Mom? — Asked frowning — Yes, it was just dizzy, is already passing. — Said squinting and putting his hand on his head.





hen given by itself, had already entered

the mall, the car was parked in the spot closest to the door, although not very fond of Moly park near the door was the only vacant seat in the parking lot. Entering came face to face with the largest shoe store shopping, the front was a very pale green that far seemed to be blue, and above the entrance was a giant logo that said ALCATREZ. — I need shoes! — Moly whispered bowing his head to look at your feet. — No kidding! — Rosy mocked — You have a lot of shoes.

— But they're all old! I need to buy at least two pairs of shoes. I had a credit card depends on his mother and always comparing what he wanted. Her mother had even thought about cutting her card, but never cut. Rosy was just a housewife when her husband was living a life insurance policy paid for it and when he died Rosy never had to work. — Follow me. — Moly ordered with more or less one meter away from her mother and grandmother. At the end of the two Moly went to the store. — Good afternoon, how may I help them? — Asked the clerk who approached the three. — Yes, I want to take that sandal ... and that ... and that ... — Moly said indicating a lot of sandals. — Collect all with the number thirty—five. — Just a moment, I'll pick them up and come. — Said the girl with thin legs. In the center of the store had some chairs for people experience the shoes selected, three of the seated one beside the other. The attendant came with a stack of boxes in front of her. — Here's all you asked for. They spent about thirty minutes and still choosing Moly ended up taking three pairs of shoes. When they left the ALCATREZ were walking, to and fro.

— I'll buy an ice cream, do you want? — Moly asked frowning and opening a smile. — I want to. — Rosy said. — And you grandma? You'll want a cone? — No. .. I prefer to go to the bathroom, where is it? — Asked Tchay. — Go here straight then turn right and you will see a sign indicating where it is. — Moly explained out of the line of ice cream. — Be right back. — Mrs. told Tchay moving away. Tchay went straight from the time they entered the mall she was listening to some little voices in your head, but still did not give much importance to them and stayed. When turned right a little distant saw a sign that read RESTROOMS MEN AND WOMEN RIGHT and had a little arrow in the lower right of the board pointing to a door that was probably the bathroom. On entering the ladies room the voices of his head gone and realized that there were no women there, she was alone. He walked one and turned the taps, the water was very fast arriving to foam. He joined both hands, grabbed some water and threw in his face, with eyes closed and her face full of water picked up paper and wiped his face leaving the sides a little wet. He

bent a little to throw wet paper in the trash and when he turned took a big scare. — I need help. — Said a young woman with the same physical type of their granddaughter. — Who are you? — Asked Tchay frowning face and with astonishment. — He was orphaned by my colleagues, when I saw you walking to the bathroom. — What do you want from me? — I need help, your help. — How may I help you? — I was a millionaire family. — The girl began. — My name is Flity, my mother was considered crazy and lived in a straitjacket, she said she was not crazy, but my father never believed. — Continued Flity lowering his head. — But I believed my mother, but one night when I was a kid, my parents died and was never yet discovered the cause of their deaths. — Flity raised his head to look toward Tchay. — After the death of them I went to live with my aunt, and she hated me after stealing all the money my parents put me in an orphanage, sometimes my mother tells me the thought and she said I needed your help to stop with that gift from around the world.

— So what I have is not a disease! — Exclaimed the lady Tchay leaning with both arms above the marble sink in front of the mirror. — It's a gift? — Yes! Everyone in the world who suffer have this gift, as my mother suffered, we have to finish him and for this I need your help. — Flity said putting his hand in his pocket and pulling out a piece of paper. — Take this, please think about what I said and look for me. — Said handing the piece of paper to Tchay. Tchay still scared about the situation raised his hand and took the piece of paper that said: Orphanage Fenning Tom Trevier Alfredo Street, No. 234 Phone: (66) 5634—2311 — As you left there to come to the mall with her friends? — Tchay asked furrowing his brow to the fullest. — Once a month we have the freedom to come to the mall. — Flity responded with the face of sadness. Flity turned and left the bathroom so fast that there was not time nor Tchay again what was for her to do, wondered for a moment and suddenly a woman's voice came with a shadow in his direction that said "Adopt—a ... take it home ... "to hear that Tchay watched from one side to the other a shadow

that floated around the bathroom and when the voice stopped speaking that shadow was slammed against the wall making a noise that seemed to have broken the wall the bathroom, but did not leave even a little enamel floor wall. Dazed and paper in hand, Tchay left the bathroom and came face to face with Moly and Rosy, who were already in the middle of the ice cream. — I was beginning to think that the lady had gone out and gotten lost. — Rosy said. — We need to go somewhere. — Said Tchay walked quickly toward the exit. — Where? — Asked her granddaughter walking right behind her with her mother. — Here we have to go there now! — Tchay said he was handing the piece of paper in his hand to his granddaughter. — But this address is in an orphanage. — What do you do in an orphanage Mom? — Asked Rosy very curious. — I have to take a person. — Tchay kneading explained the steps, because missing a couple of meters to reach the car. — You want to adopt a child this age? — Moly said unlocking the car and entering your driver's seat. Tchay spoke after everyone got into the car.

— There is a child, she is the age you Moly. — Pointed his chin toward the Moly. — I'm glad I have another friend! — Moly exclaimed liked the idea. — Nothing against it, but ... because he had this idea sudden? — Rosy asked once more curious. — She needs my help to do away with this gift. — So said the expected response from her daughter. — What gift? — Moly asked frowning and turning to see his grandmother in the back seat. — I and my people who have a gift like mine. — Answered. — Before you said it was now disease—acre dictates that it is Sun — Granddaughter whispered shaking his head. — The gift that I have is not a gift of any kind: the gift of cooking, gift of painting, etc. .. — Tchay said — I have to embrace it, together we can end this gift forever.


5 Orphanage


he sun was hot that afternoon and did not

care Moly engine as soon as possible and leave the car so he could get air, they would die of heat, but there were several clouds approaching and it seemed that it would rain. In the full three hours later they left the mall parking lot and took the path that the car GPS Moly shown to arrive at the orphanage.

With the air conditioning turned on the car they were unaware of the temperature change which had taken in those few moments. The GPS was directing Moly car to the location when they were near a corner on the right to a strange electronic voice of the GPS said: "Turn right". With a little surprise at the orphanage to be in that place she gave a sign that would turn right, looked in the mirror if a car was next to her, but when he saw that he had been leaning against the car right up to reduce speed and into the corner, that corner was a horrible smell and certainly very strong, as even with the windows fully closed you could feel the stench. When I was in the middle of the corner, the GPS said: "This is the place." Moly pressed on the brakes when the car stopped he pulled the emergency brake and cut the engine. As always Tchay and Rosy came first the car and Moly makeup touched up again and left soon after.

— Are you sure you are here? — Asked Rosy with Moly — The GPS brought up in the place that has been written on paper. — Moly said leaning with his left arm at the bottom of the car in front of his mother and grandmother. — But that sign says "Guinchy Street." — Said Mrs. Tchay looking away for a yellow plate with black letters that hung on the side of a house that was opposite to that corner. — And the street from the orphanage is Fenning Street Tom Trevier Alfredo. — Tchay said looking back at the two. — But who was the GPS guided us. — Moly whispered gesticulating hands. — It may be that the GPS is faulty. — Co— creased Tchay shaking shoulders. — But still we ask someone if it's here. — Moly said passing glances at a couple that was passing next to them, they were both smoking and that place was too weird and they were getting scared of that place, but still Moly wanted to ask someone if they

knew the Orphanage Fenning, because still hoped to not be broken with the GPS. — Good afternoon, you know of any Orphanage Fenning by these surroundings? — Moly asked a girl who was standing about ten feet away. — I know of no orphanage here. – Said the girl who seemed to have sincerity in his voice. — You are right and thank you. — Moly said turning away and approaching the car. — It has no orphanage for this neighborhood. — Let's go home and you look on the internet the path, Moly. — Tchay said. Moly entered the car and started it at about the same time, gave Butch astern and went towards his house, now the clouds dripping water. Missing roughly a ten minute drive to get home when Rosy, who was in the front seat said: — Look! — Pointed to a huge announcement just ahead of them.

— A listing of the Orphanage Fenning! — Moly said. — It has a small arrow pointing right, I'll go. Moly turned right and saw a plaque that tells said: Street Tom Alfredo Trevier Side Neighborhood — It's right here! — Said when he finished reading the nameplate. — It's ... I saw a little sign ... — Said Rosy The rain was getting stronger. — There! — Moly said. The front of the orphanage floor was made of green and small, and had a great logo above the entrance doors that read: Orphanage Fenning The letters were large and difficult to read. Fo— ram right into, because the rain was getting stronger. From the inside of the front desk was a skinny girl, with blond hair and a little short, and

the outside of the orphanage already heard the heavy drops of rain. — Good afternoon, I take a teenage girl who is ... — Tchay began putting his elbows on the counter, which was interrupted by the girl at reception. — Good afternoon, ma'am. — Spoke politely. — This orphanage is especially for teens, are all here. — It's grandma ... you're going to have to recognize it. — Moly said leaning on the counter with his right elbow on the right side of Tchay. — Where is everybody? — Asked Rosy to the left of Tchay. — Oh, they are in the field, are almost all the time there in the morning, arrived a short time ago the mall. — Explained the woman at the desk arranging some papers in a blue folder. — Can I go see them? — Tchay asked, frowning. — Oh yeah, follow me. — Said the girl doing the little door of the bar.

With the teenagers that rain would surely somewhere in the field that was covered, approached more and more of a large door glass and entirely beyond the drops of rain could be heard also the "tap—tap" of the woman who clog took them to the field next to the door were five umbrellas, then took three receptionist and handed them to each one. — Take these umbrellas crossing through the field, they are there on the other side. — Said the girl pointing to the other side of the field where he saw people, but you could not see properly due to rain. — Can we go then? — Asked Moly into the conversation. — Oh yeah, come on. When they reached the other side of the teenagers were all there, including Flity, who came running toward them. — He thought about what you said? — Asked Flity approaching Tchay.

— A yes you go to my house earlier today, go eat! — Exclaimed opening Tchay never seen a smile on your face. After things have settled Tchay and conditions of the orphanage was to guard Flity. Flity air—headed the few things they had in the orphanage and placed in an old suitcase that had since the day that her aunt had placed him there, was also bid farewell to his friends and finally the four were heading towards the exit door. As they crossed the smoked glass door of the orphanage saw that the rain had passed and the sun was setting, was already getting dark. The city lights were already lit, Moly unlocked the car alarm and all went. — How do you call it? — Moly asked Flity looking in the rearview mirror. — My name Flity. — Replied a little embarrassed. — When we get home I want to tell me everything you know. — Said Tchay looking Flity.

— I will tell all about his gift. — Concluded Flity looking away. — I said what you had was not dis—ease did not I? — Moly asked already knowing the answer. — Yes, it was my daughter, but I'm still not quite believing it a gift. — Commented Tchay serious. Moly started the engine of the car and left. The whole sky was already dark. — Ah Flity! Tomorrow I go to training handball with Amanda you want to go with an we? — Moly asked. — Who is Amanda? — Asked curiously. — Amanda is her best friend since the first year while studying in school and how the two have finished doing the school are there without going to college. — Rosy said. — Mother, do you know what I'll do the vestibular ENAD in the middle of the year. — Moly said. — I hope the same.

— And then want to go? — Asked. — But I do not know how to play handball, the orphanage did not practice any kind of sport. — Flity said. — So you're watching us play in the stands of the court and another time you will already know a little. — Moly said doing some hand gestures.— So right, I will. — Pick you up tomorrow at ten o'clock. — Moly said braking the car. They had reached the house Tchay. Tchay Flity and got out and gave a brief goodbye with his hand and Moly went home with his mother.


6 Court Afieper


fter a good night's sleep, they were all

ready for a new day, Tchay was already awake since seven o'clock in the morning, as Flity took a little longer in bed. Flity had stayed more than a quarter were in the house Tchay for their fate was already furnished with almost everything. It was now about eight hours and Tchay was preparing breakfast when she heard footsteps

coming through the house toward the kitchen, was Flity. — Good morning. — Spoke Tchay putting a dirty spoon in the sink. — Did you sleep well? — Good morning. Yes, I slept very well. — Answered. — We have to talk after we take coffee. — Tchay said putting the coffee on the table. — Ah, yes, of course. — Whispered Flity Flity was starving, had not eaten last night, because when he got home he went straight to sleep. The morning was great, the sun was not too hot, the clouds were quiet with no risk of rain and the temperature was tolerable. Flity Tchay and had breakfast and went to the living room couch. After a few minutes of conversation when Flity had told him the whole story, not yet a boring thing. — But ... I still do not understand why people get away from me, because I hear voices and because

there are times when I say something on impulse and it happens? — Asked Tchay wrinkling up his forehead looking for a concrete answer. — My mother was like that too at first, but after a while learned to control her gift, when people are near you, they feel a raid on their minds, which is part of his gift, the voices are people's thoughts whom you are close, and know what will happen is also part of the gift. — Flity explained in detail. — My God! How do I control my gift? — Asked with concern. "They do not want you to get her help, they do not want" — Flity heard in his thoughts, his mother was back. — I do not know. — Spoke Flity concentrated. — I change clothes, Moly is already going to go to court. Flity went to his room and changed his clothes, missing lacked five minutes when it was over ten hours to get ready. The car honked Moly already the second time when Flity left out the door and entered the car.

— I convinced her grandmother. — Whispered Flity by placing the feel of security. — Convinced to what? — Moly asked seeming to remember that his grandmother had to convince his gift. — She now believes that it is a gift. — Said. — Good ... — Moly said pulling away. — It was very difficult to convince her, explain— burn it all about your gift as well ... all I knew. But my mother said that "they" do not want Tchay help me. — How well your mother? — She talks to me sometimes by thinking ... — E. .. "They" who? — Moly asked curiously. — I do not know, she never told me. — Answered. — She said I needed the help of Tchay to end the world of the gift. — World of gift? — Asked Moly think absurd.

— Yes — said. — This is where the donists live, to end all they have to go there. — Then you will wait your mother tell you anything about how to get there, is it? — Asked. — Yes .. but we have to go soon, because my mother told me that "they" do not want to end up with the world the gift. — We are coming to court. — Moly said changing the subject a little. — Amanda should already be waiting for me. Moly gave the signal to the right into the parking lot of the block and parked the car in place of number one hundred and thirty, always liked to park there. As always Moly took over two minutes touching up her makeup and left the car. The two went to the front of the school and there stood a blonde woman and friendly. — All right, Amanda? — Moly asked. — Okay, the training will begin in fifteen minutes. — Amanda said looking at his watch.

— Before I forget, this is the Flity. — Moly said looking Flity. — She is living with my grandmother. — Good! Let's have one more friend, you will also want to play handball? — Amanda asked. — No. I'd rather watch the game in the stands. — So you're right. At the top of the entrance wall of the court had something written in ink blue with black saying Court Afieper. On the court had already trained some students and some girls in the stands dressed in red uniforms with red skirts which also hit in the middle of the thighs. — We wear the uniform and come back already. — Amanda spoke to the girls passing directly in front of them. Flity Moly and Amanda followed with a few inches away behind her.

— They are your teammates? — Asked softly near Flity Moly. — They are yes, we are the red team. We will compete today with the blue team. — Spoke in a tone that it seemed the game would be a breeze. — You are good the red team? — Asked in a normal tone now. — Yes, we are the best in my opinion, not that I do part of the team, but have won five consecutive years the championship trophy that we have all year. — Moly said gesturing hands. Farther had a port wine color and a man standing. — Hi coach. — Moly greeted and Amanda. — This is my new "sister", Radson. — Moly said the coach. Radson reached out his hand opened it, took Flity. — Nice to meet you. — The coach said, then released his hand. — Pleasure. — Flity said.

They entered the room and put on their uniforms when they left the teacher was no longer standing by the door and the girls were already on the court warming up, the other game was over. They opened an iron gate and entered the court except Flity who was in the stands. The blue team was also in court. When they were ready to begin the teacher blew a whistle that hung around his neck and the game began. With plenty of adrenaline the red team with seven minutes of play was marked with five points. The blue team was also all—girl had no boy or the blue team or red. The teacher blew his whistle and the game ended with the red team won. — The game was amazing. — Amanda exciting in the locker room told the court. — It was. — Moly whispered. — We won with nine points of difference. — Until I had never seen a handball game, I liked. — Said Flity sitting on a bench that had long white

in the locker room ahead of Moly and Flity that were just changing clothes. After the clothes they were wearing when they arrived, left the locker room leaving their uniforms there. They went to the parking lot and stopped in a little shade. — They want to go home for dinner today? — Amanda asked excitedly. — Could be. Never ate that stroganoff that does Lady Marta. — Moly said. — And then, want to go with me today dinner at her house? I've just said, the food her mother is magnificent. — Moly said the Flity. — I did. — Flity also spoke saying his head. — So are combined in? At seven—thirty today not arrive late. — Amanda said going towards his car. Amanda got into his car and left the parking, and after left Moly Flity. It was noon and they were very hungry.


7 Restaurant


s they passed two corners after the

court's stomach rumbled Moly, I wanted to have lunch as soon as possible. — I know a great restaurant around these parts. — Moly commented with some purpose. — Amanda and I have lunch right there.

— Good. — Flity spoke sympathetically. — I had an idea. — Moly said opening and a big grin. — Let's have lunch there today. — I have no money, you better have lunch at home. — Do not worry, I brought enough money to pay for lunch for both of us. Moly stopped at a small parking lot that was in front of the restaurant. Moly chose both a table and sat down. Moly raised his arm to call the waiter. — What do you want? — Asked the waiter with a notebook and a pen handy to write down the request. — We want a full breakfast for two people. — Moly said. — The smell here is great. — Commented Flity. — If the smell is good, just wait when the food arrives. — Moly said.

The food usually took a little bit out, but Moly Flity and were no longer holding the hungry. — Look at that cat, that boy of eight table. — Moly said trying to forget some of the food until it arrived. Flity looked furtively to the table eight who was two tables away. — It is. He is even a cat. — Flity said. — I was not lucky enough to find a boyfriend that. — A bit low Moly whispered to no one except Flity listen. — It's been fifteen minutes and no lunch. — Here it takes to damn. It appears that to manufacture the first food. — Moly said already losing patience. — Do not exaggerate. — It is no exaggeration when I saw Amanda and eat here they take much to bring, it seems that already do the purpose. — Moly said with patience almost completely exhausted.

— Did you bring your cell phone? — Asked Flity. — For what? — Asked curiously. — Tchay must have made lunch for us both. And I said I would not eat at home. — I'll call her and talk about myself. — Moly said taking her cell phone pocket. Moly dialed the grandmother who knew coop and put it in your ear. — Hello? — Hi Grandma, I, Moly. — Hi honey, Flity with you? I'm waiting for her to lunch. — Yes she is yes, but she will not be able to have lunch with you. — Why? — I called her for lunch at a restaurant near here that has the court that Amanda and often I'll eat it.

— Ah, yes, you already told me. So I will eat, bye. — Bye. — She was angry? — Asked Flity. — No, wonders if she would be angry about such nonsense. — Moly said smiling. The waiter was bringing a tray of food portions. — Here is the lunch they asked for. — Said the waiter. — I thought I would never bring. — Moly said. — I was thinking about quitting. — Lied. — Something to drink? — Asked after the waiter placed the food on the table and not have called what Moly had spoken. — Yes, a Coca—Cola. I hope it gets faster. The two put food on the plates and began to eat. The waiter gave Coca—Cola and left immediately. When the waiter realized that the two had eaten any lunch approached.

— They want dessert? — No thanks, here's the money. — Moly said giving money to the waiter and rising from the table with Flity. When they entered the car had a brief pause and then left the parking lot of the restaurant. — The food there is great, huh? — Moly asked. — I said the food was good, the only bad point of this restaurant is that it takes a lot. — I'll take home at seven o'clock and go through there to get you. — One. — The food lady Marta is good too. — Moly said. — Who is Martha? — I forgot to tell you, Mars is the mother of Amanda, a very good person, her father is also. It was one o'clock in the afternoon when Flity Moly left at home.

— This morning was wonderful! — Exclaimed Flity to come home, but nobody said anything. — Tchay? Flity looked around the house and no Tchay. — She must have left. — Self thought. Flity showered and put other clothes to spend the afternoon. I was watching television when someone arrived. — Tchay? — Yes I am, dear. — When I arrived, the lady was not. — I was in the square near here, I'm trying to get used to the gift I have — said giving a smile.


8 House of Amanda


lose to seven in the evening Flity was neat

to go home Amanda, Tchay would do more without a meal Flity. — If you should look into? — Spoke Tchay kitchen. — Yes — said Flity, who was sitting on the couch waiting to get Moly.

It was seven o'clock when the car horn beeped Moly. — Always punctual. — Tchay spoke from the kitchen wiping her hands on a cloth that was on his shoulder. — Always. — Bye. — Bye. Flity got in the car. — Hi — Hi — Moly said. Moly started the car and left. Moly parked the car under a tree that was in front of the house and went down with Amanda Flity. Pressed the bell and Mrs. Martha opened the door. — Good night, Mrs. Martha. — Moly said.

— Good night, dear. Amanda told me you were coming and that would bring a new friend. — Marta said with a huge smile on his face. — Was yes, this is Flity. — Moly said placing his hand on the shoulder Flity. — Nice to meet you Flity. — Mrs. Marta said extending his hand. — The pleasure is all mine. — Said taking her hand. — Come on. I made that you love stroganoff, Moly. — That's great. — Spoke with your mouth water. The two climbed to the second floor, where it was Amanda's room, knocked on the door, but at the same time it opened, I was ready for dinner. — Let? — She asked. — Come on.

They went down. On the table was already Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Marta was putting dinner on the table. — Good evening Mr. Emilio. — Greeted Moly. — Good evening. Everyone sat down to dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Martha were the parents of Amanda, Mr. Emilio had gray hair, showing the arrival of old age, worked as an architect, but he was nearing retirement. Since Mrs. Martha was more careful than Mr. Emilio because he had his beauty products, had short hair, wavy and black, did not work with anything, just ran the household, was a little hoe as her husband. When they finished dinner, the girls went to Amanda's room. — Now I wonder, because you Tchay Flity you adopted? — Asked with great curiosity. The three were sitting in bed — I need help Tchay. — Flity said. — But how well the help of Tchay? — Amanda asked again.

— We need to destroy the world the gift, just so all the gifts will end. — Flity explained. — But for this I need somebody's help I have this kind of gift. — And how to destroy this world, moreover, that the world is this? — Moly asked. — Destroy I still do not know how. The world of the gift is a place off the map, but has a way to get there, you still miss out, there is the donists where they live, all there is this gift. — Then you with the help of Tchay can destroy the gift forever? — Amanda asked. — Yes These gifts are a few different gifts, they have power, some more than others. — Flity explained. "The portal, the portal ..." — Flity heard in his thoughts, his mother was back. "They will take it, they'll take it!" — Said the mother in a tone of Flity agony. "They will take Tchay, as they took me, they will take, they will take." — Finished speaking with a

loud hissing thin and the thoughts of Flity, who screamed. — What happened? — Said Moly and Amanda the same time. — Moly! Moly! — Hi! Hi! What is happening?! What is happening?! — Moly asked a little scared about the situation. — They! They! They! — Spoke suddenly. — They will kill Tchay! They'll kill Tchay! — How well kill my grandma? — Moly asked. — I can not explain now, we have to go home right now. — Moly said Flity pulling his arm. Mal waited goodbye to Amanda and her parents were inside the car. — Let's take first his mother and go home for Tchay. Rosy and took off for home Tchay. Even inside the car Moly rested her head on the steering wheel.

— She died. There is more to do. — Moly said of nowhere. — Who killed my daughter? — Rosy asked in anguish. — Grandma is no longer with us, I feel. — You have inherited her gift. — Flity said. Moly had inherited the gift from his grandmother.


9 Wake


oon they entered Tchay seen lying on the

floor, it seemed, was as hard as stone. — I'll call an ambulance. — Spoke Flity nervous. Rosy was kneeling beside his mother crying rivers of tears. — Hello? — Told a guy across the line.

— I need an ambulance. — Flity said. Flity gave the address of the house Tchay and within minutes the ambulance arrived. Two men went down with a stretcher and into the house. — She is dead. — Said one of the guys running into the pulse Tchay. — Her heart stopped beating. — My God! — Exclaimed Rosy melting into tears. — What will we do without Grandma? — Moly asked to eat Flity greatest sorrow of the world. — I do not know. — Answered. — I do not know. The other day, Rosy had bought a coffin, many flowers and candles for the vigil. Flity had moved to the home of Rosy, had been accommodated in a spare room they had. The funeral the next day many people did not, in fact, almost anyone. When buried coffin Rosy Moly and cried rivers of tears, Flity also wept but little.

— My mother! No! — Rosy dying sobbing crying. — She'll be fine. — Moly whispered close to his mother's ear. Flity approached the two and put his arm on the left shoulder of Moly. The three were dressed in black clothes. — If you do not end this, they will take. — Spoke to Flity Moly. Moly glanced at Flity never seen. — Let's get this over with as quickly as possible! — Moly shouted almost in tears. — Calm my daughter calm. — Rosy sobbed over one ear Moly. After several lit candles for Tchay, left disagree with what had happened. — If you want lunch on the table. — Rosy spoke sadly sitting in the chair beside the couch.

Flity was sitting on the couch, Moly and Amanda, for after the funeral Amanda stayed with Moly, to support it. — We do not want ... — Moly said giving a slight pause. — ... I mean, I do not want. — I do not want lunch, Rosy. — Amanda said. — I'm not an ounce of hunger. — I also am not one bit hungry, my stomach seems to have closed. Rosy is got nothing to cry again. A moment of silence was for a moment except the sound of crying Rosy. "The flower, the flower, the flower" — said the mother in your thoughts with Flity an anguished voice. — A flower? — Asked looking surprised. All the room looked at her.

"You have to think Moly and the flower to pass the portal to the world the gift" — spoke again in the thoughts of Flity. — What flower is this? — Asked Flity concentrated on his mind. "I can not speak ..." — began to speak with the voice of the thoughts of moving away Flity. "They do not want you ending up with the gift" — ended. — The flower. — Flity said. — We need the flower to go through the gate. — Ham? — Asked Rosy lost on the subject. — After you explain mother. — Moly said getting up from the couch. — Come to my room there talk better. — Moly with his back turned to her mother. The three were leaving the bedroom in the living room armchair Rosy dissatisfied crying for the death of his mother, Tchay. — We need to flower, to stop the gift, but what flower? — Asked Flity walking from one side to the other and seeing Amanda Moly sitting up in bed. — The flower will open the portal.

— Wait a minute, I'll turn on the computer and look for something on Google to see if I can find something. After about ten minutes of waiting the computer altogether and called Moly opened a web page that opened directly on the Google site, it was their home. "World of the gift, donists" Moly entered within Google search. Appeared a lot of websites that talk about the world of the gift, Moly opened the first that came. The content of the matter said. World of the gift According to legend, this world is inhabited by the donists, rumors are that it has donists who can come to the normal world and can have children easily leaving heirs of their gifts. Another rumor going around is that those who have this type of gift or who have had family members who may come to this world, but of

course not true because it is a story without really no reason. Below the ad had a lot of comments from different people, one of them said: "No comment ... do not know why I lost my precious time reading it. " Moly read the proclamation aloud and the other two followed the reading. — And we know that they existed yes, the gift. — Commented a little Moly away the face of the monitor. — Now it is confirmed that we need to go through the gate in order to destroy the world the gift. — Flity said. — But I will not be able to go with you, nobody in my family is donist, I can not pass through the portal. — Amanda commented discouraged. — But at least you can help us find a way to open the portal. — Moly said.

— Yes, we need your help. — Agreed Flity. — We have to open the portal as soon as possible.


10 Beach


fter five days after the death of Tchay

things were not normal, but were settling in, only Rosy got to fight for his mother. The day was starting with a scorching sun, Moly opened his eyes and looked at the time on your alarm clock, it was eight hours. He yawned and stretched three times in

a row when he sat on the bed up the courage to stand up. His face needed water to wake up. Moly left the room and went to the bathroom which was next to his room, turned on the faucet and joined the two hands in order to get more water and threw it over his face dries quickly with a white towel that was hanging. Upon leaving the bathroom still in her nightgown, she heard some voices coming from the kitchen, the approach in calm and silent steps were realized Flity Rosy and eating breakfast. — Sit down child, let's have breakfast. Moly pulled a chair and sat down. — I'm not very hungry, but I'll eat anything. — Said grabbing a cup. — I think that television is getting in trouble, was a funny noise yesterday. — Spoke Flity biting the bread and butter. — I also realized. — Moly agreed. — It looked like it would explode.

— So today I will take her to the concert, I took yesterday because I was not hitting things more interesting. — Rosy said taking another sip of coffee. — Like what, for example? — Asked Moly slightly. — I will not have one at home is not without studying? So the two of you enrolled in a preparatory course of law to prepare for college, the two begin this afternoon at two o'clock. — Rosy said. — What boredom. — Moly whispered softly. — What did you say my daughter? — Asked. — Oh no, nothing! — Answered quickly. When they finished eating breakfast went to the bedroom, and Flity Moly. — What did you think of the idea? — Asked Flity sitting in bed. — Terrible, but I have to go to college, because one day I'll need it to make money. — Moly said

sitting on the computer chair. — I'll see if Amanda is online. — Spoke connecting the computer monitor. — Hi Amanda how are things? — Asked by Moly no subject of internet chat to see that she was online. — Great, I'm willing to go to the beach, but my car is faulty gear box and is in the shop. — Amanda replied. — It will be nice when? — Moly asked. — They sent go pick up tomorrow afternoon. — Amanda replied. — I know! Come into my car, a tan is good to take from time to time is not it? — Yes! Going on here what time? — Amanda asked anxiously. — About half past nine. — Moly said. Almost at the same time that Amanda looked at the message was offline.

— And there is game going to the beach? — Asked the Moly Flity who stood beside him watching the conversation. — Only then forgotten for a while we prep this afternoon. — Let us yes, but I'm not a bikini. — Spoke Flity discouraged. — I have two, one will lend. — Moly said turning off the computer and going towards your wardrobe. Moly searched a drawer of the wardrobe in search of bikinis and found them easily. — Here it is, or what? — Moly said gently, putting them in bed to look Flity. — Everyone is equal. — Spoke Flity sitting on the bed near the bikinis. — I take a shower and be right back. — Moly said heading for the door, but stopped near her and turned to Flity. — Ah! Get some tools that we need here in this part. — Moly said pointing to the second part of the wardrobe. — And put them in the red beach bag that hangs on a hanger at the bottom

of that same part. — Moly spoke through the door and closing. Flity was alone in arranging some utensils beach bag when Rosy came as a surprise and opened the door without even hit her, did Flity face of astonishment. — What a shock! — Sorry, I forgot to knock. — Rosy spoke approaching Flity who was packing her bag. — Why is arranging these things there? — Asked by examining the interior of the bag. — Come to the beach. — Do not forget the afternoon saw the prep? — Rosy recalled. — Of course not forget. — Flity said closing the bag, because I had just put everything they were needed. When he finished speaking Moly Rosy opened the door, was in a bathrobe.

— Come to the beach. — Moly told to see his mother. — Flity already told me, have fun. — Rosy said leaving the room. Both wore the bikini with the car and went home with Amanda. She was ahead of his home. — Always punctual in Moly? — Amanda commented on entering the car. Further on the return Moly made, because the beach was on the other side. On the beach had a lot of people, but was not short. Amanda had brought an umbrella, set up near the seashore. The three were lying sunbathing, all had passed were with sunscreen and sunglasses. After a few minutes in the sun felt her face burning. — I'll buy coconut water, do you want? — Asked Flity taking the eyepiece dark. — I want one and cold. — Amanda also said removing the eyepiece and placing on top dark hair.

— I'll go with you Flity. — Moly said rising. — Do not go away, come back already. He had a kiosk nearby, there were some tables around him and a man in serving the people, had three people in front of them, but soon to be met. — What do girls want? — Said the man, who seemed about thirty—five years old. — We want three coconut ice cream. — Spoke Flity putting elbows on the counter of the kiosk. — Here they are. — Said the man putting the nuts on the counter to catch Flity. Flity took money from his pocket and paid the man. Flity took two coconuts and Moly only one who incidentally was his. As they approached they saw a guy standing in front of Amanda. — So that's my number, can call anytime you want. — The guy said it away without even saying hi.

The boy was blonde, but was wearing a cap, was taller than Amanda and wore Hawaiian as almost all the boys to the beach. — Who was that? — Moly asked curious and smiling as he approached Amanda. — It's a kitten I knew almost instantly that he gave me his phone number. — Spoke with joy and smiling. — Only you, is not it? Just give back what you already flirting boys. — Moly said sucking his coconut water. — Who took the initiative? Flity sat across from Amanda and gave her coconut water. — I. — Amanda replied knowing it would get an earful of her friend. — That's why men do not want you, Amanda, you're too easy, the kids do not like easy girls who take initiatives. — Moly said almost angrily. — But I could not stand it will. — Amanda said trying to explain.

— That's no excuse. — So ready, we can not go back in time, let's change the subject. — Flity said. — My mother enrolled me and Flity in a short course of law. — Moly said changing the subject. — She wants me to do the same college. — When they start? — Amanda asked. — This afternoon at two o'clock. — Said Flity Loving began to laugh. The morning flew by and it was time to go, packed their things and color in the car. Amanda took at home and then went home. — Lunch is ready. — Rosy said the kitchen when he heard someone coming up and I was sure they were Flity and Moly. — I have a mother, I take a shower first. Moly bathed the room in the suite of his mother and took a shower in the bathroom Flity center of

the house when they had been put on other clothing and lunch. — I seasoned steak today. — Rosy said putting it on the table. Moly and Flity were already sitting, Rosy has just set the table and sat down too. — How was the beach? — Rosy asked after putting the first bit in the mouth. — It was great. The sun today was wonderful. — Flity spoke gently. — It was the same. — Moly completed. — I had to fix a television? — Not yet, going in the afternoon. — If you want to take him there and then I go to prep school with Flity. — Moly said taking a more seasoned steak. — It seems a good idea and I'll be back by taxi. — Rosy said.


11 Portal


hey were ready to leave, the television was

in the backseat of the car in the lap of Rosy. Flity band was going in the driver's side.

— The location of this refresher course is here. — Rosy said delivering a paper with the address. — No need, I know where is have been there several times. — Moly said going from second to third gear. — You are right. — Rosy said placing the paper in the pocket of his black jeans. Rosy had bought a lot of black clothes, to use during a year of mourning. Rosy left along the way, would have to fix the television. They left and came to prep quickly. When they entered the room and saw Amanda sat beside her. — You here? — Moly asked to sit on your right with a mocking smile on his face. — I told Mom that you came and she forced me to come too. — Amanda said angrily. — No use crying over spilled milk. — Flity said he was in the chair on the left side of Amanda.

— Listen you guys. — Said the teacher calling the attention of the three. — Yes professor thousand apologies. — Moly said. They had spent half an hour they were there, but they already had five years they were there. — Can I go to the bathroom a teacher? — Asked Flity. — Yes you can, go straight and turn left, there is the ladies room. — The professor explained. When he entered the bathroom he realized he was alone and his mother began to talk to her. — They are not around now, well talk more with you. — His mother spoke with the calm tone of voice. — Please tell me who "they"? — Flity asked softly that only she could hear. — They are the donists evil in the world the gift that they found a way to cross to our side because it is very difficult to know how to get here, when they

die are circling the earth and haunting kind souls like me. They do not want the gift to the world is destroyed, so do not want me to tell him anything and so they try to kill some donists, as it did with me and Tchay. — Said in a voice still calm. — But ... it is difficult to cross as we can? — Asked Flity looking in the mirror. — To them it is difficult to cross, but not for you and Moly. — Why not? — Why are you a descendant of donist mixed with normal human, making it easy to go back and forth. — Explained. — The Moly also donist it is mixed with human. — Flity spoke seemed to have logic. — Yes, that's why you need her help, because only she can open the portal, it is a donist. — Said the mother of Flity. — Each has its donist different specialty, that of Tchay was read minds, but Moly is not she have to find your specialty. — How do I open the portal? — Asked anxiously.

— You need the lilac that Tchay liked Moly know that this flower is. — And then I have with the flower in hand? What do I do? — Every day at five o'clock in the morning, when no one in the street, you have to pick up three flower petals, have to join once you get a hand with their Moly, put the three petals in the middle of both hands and shake each other hand. In doing so the portal will open, but only those who can see it is you two. With his hands still tight through the portal and you will be in the world of the gift. — Said the mother of Flity detail. — And again you do the same thing, there in the world of the gift is common to have these flowers. — But when you're there, how do I destroy the world? — This will be the task most complicated of all. To destroy the world you have to do the ritual of eight stones. — Ritual of eight stones? What is this?

— The ritual is more difficult to be done, indeed, be found to do it. — Do I need to find to do it? — Moly and you will have to find the eight stones donism, all are the same size, but the color and power, no. — What are the colors and powers? — The yellow has absolute power to fire, blue water, white with time, with the brown earth, green plants, purple is the absolute strength, the rose has the speed and absolute black , which is the most powerful, has all the powers of other stones together. — Said the mother of Flity. — How do I find them? — Are scattered around the world the gift, when you think the rocks will tell you how to do the ritual, I gotta go now, they are coming, good luck. Flity ran from the bathroom, went into the prep room and sat in his chair, remained silent until the end of class.

Moly took Amanda to her house and went home with Flity when he arrived there at five o'clock his mother had come with the television repaired. — Moly, we gotta talk. — Flity spoke hastily. — Let's go to your room. Moly Flity and locked themselves in the bedroom, the bed of Moly seemed farther to the right side. Flity sat on the bed and Moly in the computer chair. — Remember the time I left the prep school to go to the bathroom? — Asked Flity gesticulating hands. — I remember. — The bathroom was empty and my mother spoke to me. Flity said all that her mother had told Moly. — So we have to go tomorrow, tomorrow. — We have to pack up, we need clothes there. — Flity said looking at his clothes.

The two spent the night packing their bags, and Flity Moly told everything that was happening to Rosy, who accepted. They woke at four o'clock in the morning, everything was still dark. Near the five had been clearer, took the two suitcases that were ready for the street and took a small flower garden Rosy. Rosy stood in front of his house to see the departure of the girls. Moly Flity and went into the middle of the street and each one took a suitcase with one hand. Moly started three petals of the flower lilac and played on the floor, put the petals in his right hand and extended his right arm, left arm extended Flity opening the hand. Tightened with great force and moment appeared a huge white light and infinite, Rosy also saw the portal because it was the daughter of a donist. The two walked with bags of light toward the light and when crossed were elsewhere when parted hands, the portal disappeared behind them.


12 World of the gift


hen you look around they realized they

were in an alley. They walked slowly up the street that was later, when they arrived they saw one they were in a different place, a girl about the size of them approached and Moly Flity with a big smile. — I knew you were coming. — Said the girl. — I think you're confusing me with someone. — Moly said looking around. — No, I'm not. I predicted this, my specialty is to predict some things in the future. — Who else knew which we was? — Asked Flity scared. — No one else, only here I have this specialty, no one else here can see the future. — The girl still spoke with a smile. — Ah! My name is Sophia, how are yours? — My Moly is. — Moly said looking at the girl.

— And mine is Flity. — Here, your world is a legend, heard rumors that some donists here could go there, but nobody believes that this world exists. — Sophia spoke. — There also thought that the world did not exist. — Moly already commented with a smile. — Come with me, please, you can stay at my house, there is one quarter left. — Sophia said starting to walk. — Here the people work? — Asked Moly—faced surprise. — Why not work? — Asked Sophia The three were walking slowly. — I do not know why ... that everyone has a gift. — This does not hinder a person from working. — Sophia said staring at Moly. — Here they all work, studied, do everything. — Studying. — Flity said.

— It is studying. — Sophia said calling a taxi. A taxi stopped at the curb and entered the three in the back seat of the taxi. The taxi began to move. — It will not speak to the taxi driver where you want to go? — Asked Flity the right side of Sophia. — Taxi drivers here want to guess the place to go. — Sophia explained. — What an incredible, but back to the subject, what grade are you in college? — Moly asked curiously. — On what? — Sophia asked, frowning. — I do not know what series, but I'm in module fifteen of my college. — What is module? — Asked Flity. — Module is studied each year, to study here all the twenty—fifth module. All persons under twenty—three years is required to study, you will have to study. — It was just what was missing. — Moly said.

— Classes started today, you can enroll, there's still time. — Sophia spoke. — Then I think about it. — Moly said. The taxi stopped in front of a house. — Here is the money. — Sophia said taking the money from his pocket and handed to the driver. — What a beautiful home. — Spoke Flity looking well forward of the house, most of the front wall of the house of Sophia had green and blue tiles. — Let's go? — Asked Sophia. The house inside was magnificent. — Are your parents home? — Moly asked, frowning. — Yes they are still sleeping, it is too early. — Sophia explained. — I am an only child. They ascended a staircase, upstairs were the rooms, Sophia took the girl to a vacant.

— Here is, as I said yesterday with my parents about you two and they agreed to leave you here, I'll be back, I take a bath. Sophia left the room. Moly Flity and packed their things in the closet that had the room, showered and put other clothes. In the room had a bed with help, a large wardrobe and other decorations more. Someone knocked on the door and entered, was Sophia. — Let's have breakfast? — Sophia said holding the door latch. — Yes — spoke both at the same time. They went down and the table was filled with great food, Sophia's parents were already seated in the chairs at the table. — Mother, Father, these are the donists talked to them yesterday. — Sophia said pulling arms and Flity Moly. — I'm Moly. — I'm Flity.

— I'm Carlos, father of Sophia. — And I'm Clara, Sophia's mother. — So you came from another world? — Carlos asked curiously. — Yes, yes come. — And how was ... — Carlos began, but his daughter interrupted. — No more questions is not the father? — Sophia asked glaring at his father. — Yes, yes, come, let's eat. — Mr. Charles said. — Mrs. Mae will work today? — Sophia asked doses after a sip of prune juice. — No, there is now off the job. — Clara replied. — You can enroll and Moly Flity in school? — Sophia asked, frowning. — Of course. — Clara replied gently.

Sir Charles left for employment as soon as just coffee. Moly Flity and wore the uniform of the school, as Sophia had five Astremix school uniforms and left in the car of Mrs. Clara. When they reached the school had no students yet because they had gone earlier so that time to do the registration. After Clara made the registration and Moly Flity received the books from school and went to the classroom, two students had already arrived. When all students enter the teacher came. — Good morning, my young. — Greeted the teacher. — I see we have two new students in the class. — Said looking at Moly and Flity. The other students looked at the two briefly and returned to Dimisom attention to the teacher, he was professor of geography at school Astremix. After three lessons the teacher of the college Dimisom the siren rang, it was recess, the students had half an hour of recreation. Students ate in a large room with several tables.

On a table sat, Moly, Flity, Sophia, Laura, and Ryan Jec. All friends of Sophia. From the first lesson that Moly paid attention to Ryan, I knew that when he looked he felt something different, his heart was faster. — You're beautiful, you know? — Asked the Jec Moly. — Thank you. — Answered. Ryan has not spoken a word since the time that Moly Flity and sat at the table with Sophia. From time to time he looked different. The siren announcing that recess was over played and the students returned to classrooms. Moly, sometimes looking back, where Ryan was sitting and he was always looking at her with a cold stare. Moly did not know what, but I knew something was different about him that attracts. When class was over came walking down the aisle. — Have you seen? — Moly Sophia asked to put his hand in his mouth so as not to laugh.

— See what? — The Jec, he's crazy about you. — Sophia explained. — Until I realized this, Moly — Flity said. — Today the school is completing thirty—seven years of existence, will have a ball birthday today, will you? — Asked Sophia. — All school going. — We did. — Flity spoke to him and Moly.


13 Birthday Ball


hey took a taxi and went home in the

afternoon were planning to go buy special dresses for the prom. Sophia's mother had a delicious lunch, Mr. Carlos was not home for lunch, because your work was heavy that day. — Mother, I buy dresses for the prom tonight. — Sophia spoke on the table where they were having lunch. — Not I remembered more of the ball. — Mrs. Clara said. — What time will you start? — About half past eight. — So surely will end later, a taxi will not want you catching a ride with his colleagues, Sophia Standder you hear me? — Said Clara. Moly Flity and did not speak during lunch. Two o'clock in the afternoon took a taxi and went to the center, there had several dress shops, entered

the DELIENER, a dress shop, Sophia bought most of their dresses in the shop. — Hello Sophia. — Said the clerk who always answered Sophia. — Hello Sandra, I came today to buy three dresses for prom anniversary of the college. — Sophia said to Sandra. — Came some new silk dresses almost that moment, come, I'll show them. — Sandra said taking the girls to a small room reserved. Bought beautiful and elegant dresses to go to the ball and returned again a taxi home. Moly a while and Flity were locked in their room talking. — I swear I thought this was a different world. — Flity said. — It is. Me too. Ryan knows that he sat with us today at recess? — Moly asked. — That cat did not speak even a word with us? — Flity asked smiling.

— Yes, he kept looking at me in class, my heart almost stops so nervous. — Moly said placing his hand on his chest. — Who would ... enjoying it? Not? — Asked Flity sitting in bed. — I? You're seeing something where there is, it gives me chills. — Moly said. — I know what this type of "chills" that he gives. — Flity said with a big smile on his face. — You're crazy, I just found it a bit strange, so I spent almost the whole class staring at him, was only for that reason and no more. — Moly said. At eight o'clock were ready to go to the dance, Mr. Carlos has arrived in time to give a kiss on her daughter before she left for the prom. All were dressed in silk, but with different cuts and colors, Moly was a burgundy and reaching to his knee, Flity and Sophia were not many long dresses, to Flity was navy blue and Sophia was gray.

It took about ten minutes to catch a taxi and a few more to get to the dance hall. It was already packed with people, the hall had several tables around the room, leaving a rounded part without tables in the middle, who wanted to dance. By far Moly saw the table where her friends who sat with her in the schoolyard, Laura and Jec were alone at a table, but Ryan had not yet arrived. — We. — Sophia spoke dragging a chair and sitting in the chair at the table were his friends. Moly Flity and pulled two chairs and sat next to Sophia. — Oh, Sophia! Neither will recognize. — Laura said, because the part where the tables were was dark, had only light in the middle part where they had four or five couples dancing to the music that was being played. — Where's Ryan? — Asked the Jec Sophia and Laura. — He told me he came. — Jec said.

— Yeah, he also told me that was, must have changed his mind or will arrive a little late. — Laura said, frowning. Every minute that I spent more students entered the room, within minutes the ball was full of students and no Ryan. The dance music was extremely romantic. — Want to dance? — Asked Jec reaching for Moly. — Not now, I'm sorry. — Moly said cutting Jec all hopes of dancing with her that night. Laura and Sophia Flity drowned urge to laugh at Jec. — And you, do you? — Asked Jec reaching for Flity. — Could be. — Flity said holding his hand. The two joined the multitude of couples who danced to the music. After the module while a boy twenty invited Laura to dance and she accepted.

— We see the ships. — Sophia spoke. — I'm not eager to dance. — Moly said. Almost at the same time another boy, the module nineteen of them approached the table. — Hello, girls. — Said putting his hands on the table. — Hi — Sophia answered quickly. — Some of you are willing to dance? — Asked the boy smiling. — I want to. — Sophia spoke surrendering the arms of the young. Moly was alone at the table, after a moment arm extended with hand open behind Moly. — Want to dance? — Asked one boy. In the darkness it was difficult to say who it was, but still could find out who that kid was Ryan.

Moly could not say anything, she was paralyzed and his heart pounded in a way that I thought I'd stop at any time. "How so? He never gave a peep at recess yesterday, did not even know me right now and asked me to dance with him? Was he being too easy. "— Thought Moly. — Not today, who knows ... another day. — Moly said. Ryan pushed the chair that was on the Moly and sat. — Why will not you dance with me? — Ryan said. — Why do not you at least spoke a word to me on the playground yesterday and now invites me to dance? You think what? — Moly said roughly. — I'm sorry if I did not speak to you yesterday, because I had many family problems. — Ryan explained. — Apology accepted. — Moly said. — But I do not feel like dancing.

— Please, just one song, please, please. — Ryan pleaded. — Okay, but it's just a song. — Moly said. During traversal of the song they were getting to know more and more, the first song started, the second, third and so on, danced until they get tired and returned to the table.



Seeing the stars


he dance was ending. Jec and Laura went

away as soon as the director Stiler gave his speech congratulating the school. — Can I take you to a place I know? — Asked Ryan to the Moly alone. — Where to take me? For your home? Do not think you're going too fast not? — Moly asked seriously. — No, no. I will not take her to my house, I'll take her to a magnificent place, I bet you will like, trust me. — Ryan said. — Hmm .. do not know. — Come on! After you bring her into the house of Sophia with my car. — Said Ryan insisted.

— Okay, I will, since it is not for your house. — Moly said. Ryan was about twenty, was in a blue suit, he was the man every woman wanted, brown hair, blue eyes and a fit body without much effort. Ryan had left his car outside the hall, then the two went down the stairs he had to get to the salon. Ryan unlocked car that was flashing away. He went to the door on the other side and opened so that Moly could enter and then got in the car too. The car started to run, Moly was still in shock, I felt something different about him that she herself did not want to accept. Moly did not know what his specialty donist. Ryan stopped the car in front of the forest in the world of the gift, there was only one forest in that place and was a huge forest. Moly is not expected that Ryan would open the door and opened quickly. The two left the car and Ryan caught him. — Come with me. — Ryan spoke into the forest.

Every branch that passed through the face of Moly, the more she was afraid of that place, it could be because it was night, but that place was a little scary and heart Moly kept hitting more and more every second. — Do not be afraid, come with me. — Ryan spoke without stopping to walk. The forest was a little clearer, it was full moon day. — The moon is beautiful now is not it? — Ryan said. — Yes it is. — Moly afraid to speak her voice not to leave so I was nervous. They walked some more and came to a part of the forest that had no trees, the moonlight had cleared everything and a little ahead of a lake. — We come, come. — Said Ryan lying in green grass that was in that space. Moly lay on your right side and was embraced him with aa hand over your belly for a moment, then got on his back.

— It is a magnificent picture is not it? — Ryan asked looking at the stars. — It is. — Moly spoke with my heart calmed. — Do you know? I'm seeing stars here almost every day of full moon. — Ryan said. — The stars are beautiful. Did they make various designs in the sky? — Moly said in his blue eyes looking for Ryan. — Yeah, I've also watched it — said Ryan. — That seems to be an elephant, does not it? — Ryan asked pointing to a group of stars in the sky. — It seems so. — Moly said. — Before we ask you to dance the dance with me I was watching you from afar for a while. — Ryan said. — For what? — Moly asked looking at the stars. — Even I do not know when I was coming made me want to be watching you from afar. — Ryan said looking at Moly.

The two were lying on the grass stuck. — I feel something different when you see, when I come near you, why you went to class yesterday all looking at me? — Moly asked. — Do you even wonder why? — Ryan asked, frowning. — But I want to know. — Moly said. — Because I wanted to do this ... — Ryan said putting his hand under the head of Moly. Ryan pressed his cold lips lightly on the lips of Moly and kissed the body heat of Ryan was getting the same body temperature Moly, he sighed and air every second hit in the nose of Moly making her sigh of love. Moly was loving that kiss was loving his body stuck in your. On impulse she took off his shirt and saw his perfect chest, the muscles of her belly made her mad. Ryan Moly increasingly embraced her naked body and the moonlight shone. Moly wanted more, wanted not only feel your body warm, but it was enough, it had come too far, had failed to control. Moly pushed rapidly.

— It was not enough you tell me just what I wanted to do?! — Moly said angrily, rose from the ground and spat on the grass. — Not needed to practice! — Moly said, did not know how he had the courage to say anything to him. Moly started walking the path that Ryan had come and started walking behind her. — Please do not go away, please. — Ryan said wearing the shirt. At about one meter away from Moly. — You had no right to kiss me! You did not! — Moly spoke angrier still. — It was on impulse, that's all, stop a bit, let's talk. — Ryan asked, but not stopped walking Moly. When they left the forest were toward the car. — It will take me home? — Moly asked angrily. — But I take. — Ryan said unlocking the car alarm. — Please do not talk to me. — Moly asked gently.

— Moly Sorry, but ... I feel something for you. — Ryan said when he saw that Moly had calmed down a little more. Ryan's neck was something behind the suit. — What's in the neck? — Moly asked curiously. — A medallion, inside has my photo when I was younger. — Ryan said pulling the medallion out of the suit. — You can take the neck for me to see it? — Moly asked. — I'm sorry, but I can not let you see. — Ryan said. — Okay. — Moly said. — Ever since I saw you on the playground that I feel something for you. — Ryan spoke briefly looking Moly. — I feel something for you. — Moly vented. — I love you.

— I love you too, but do not tell anyone I told you about it, nobody can know. — Ryan said. Ryan stopped the car right in front of the house of Sophia. — Bye, see you tomorrow in class. — Moly said before leaving the car. Ryan came out and when she turned to the door of Ryan, Flity and Sophia stood waiting for her. — How was your night? — Asked Sophia. — It was good. — You were dating? — Flity asked smiling. — Hell no, we're just seeing the stars. — Answered. — Let's sleep? I'm sleepy. — Moly yawning and spoke into the house of Sophia. All came and went to sleep. Moly knew I was completely and irresistibly in love with Ryan, but he knew that his love would have to be very complicated, the more I wanted it to crush your world and if that happened it would be destroyed too. Moly does not know who he was, did not know

what was so precious medallion for that he does not let her see nor touch.

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