Book and Instructions for Fortune Telling 32cards

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Book and instruction for fortune telling with 32 gypsy cards...


The book and instructions for;

fortune telling 32 cards Learn quick and easy • detailed description of meaning of each card • Instructions for 20 spreads • Examples for combining and interpreting • 55 pages format A4, print ready


Preface Fortune telling cards have a long history and tradition of use, as well as Tarot cards they have been used since ancient times for divination and getting answers for various questions. Today there are many different types of cards and illustrations, as well as methods of their use a.k.a. spreads. This book was written after numerous questions and interest for this type of cards and the lack of quality domestic and foreign literature on the subject. Because of that this book is written mostly from my experience and articles available on the Internet, for all those who are interested and want to learn something new interesting fun and useful in practice. This book is written for destiny/gypsy/fortune telling 32 cards deck. This is second book from my series of books instructions for fortune telling cards and gives short and simple explanation of the origin of Fortune telling cards and interpretation of each card in this deck with most popular spreads all that with examples and illustrations . Other book in these fortune telling card series are written for fortune telling 36 and 52 card deck.

These books are dedicated to all those who choose to read it,

Curiosity is the path to truth, and it makes our life happy

I wish you all luck in the game of cards and the game of life!^^


Table of content Preface …………………………………………………………………….2 1. History, concept and types of cards ……………………………………5 2. Interpretation of cards …………………………………………….…....7 3. Spreads.………………………………………………………………....9 Easiest way - draw 1 card ……………………………………..………….11 Answer with 2 cards ………………………………………………….......11 Answer with 3 or 9 cards........………….………………….......................12 5 cards spread…………………….....………….…………………………13 5 cards spread for love question………..………………………………....14 5 cards spread for money question ……………………………………….15 5 cards spread for health question ……..……….………………………...16 7cards spread………………………………………………..…………….17 9cards spread for troubled relationship ……………….……………….....18 10cards Pyramid - The birthday spread ……….………………………….19 10cards analyze question spread………………………………………….20 11cards Celtic spread …………………………..….……….……………21 12cards spread…………………………………..………………………...22 12 cards comparison spread………………………………………………23 12 months spread...................................…………………….....................24 21 cards spread …..…………………………….………………………...25 Classic 4rows spread ……………………………………..………………26 Wheel of fortune spread …………………………..….………………......27 Ask and answer spread ….………….……………….…………………...28 4. Cards &meaning ……………………..………………………………..29 5. Meaning colors in cards………………………………………………..31 6. Description of each card and meanings …………..….………………..35 HOUSE ………………………….............……………………………….35 GIFT …………………………………………………………....………..36 MONEY …………………………………………………….…………...36 LETTER ………………………………….……….……………………..37 MESSAGE ……………………………….……………………...............37 JOURNEY ……………………………………………….………….…..38 MERRIMENT ……………………………………………………...........38 MARRIAGE ……………………………….………………….................39 FORTUNE ………………………………………………………...........40 UNEXPECTED JOY …………………………………………………....40 MISFORTUNE …………………………………...……………………..41 ANGER ………………………………………………………..………...42 MALADY ……….……………………………………………………….43 DEATH ………………………………………………………….……….43 THOUGHT …………………………………………….………………...44 SADNESS ……………………………………………………………….44 DESIRE ……………………………………………………………….....45 HOPE………… ………………………………………………………....45 3

FIDELITY …………………………….………………………………..46 CONSTANCY ………………………………………….……………....46 FALSENESS …………………………………………………………...47 JEALOUSY …………………………………………………………….47 LOVER .....................…………………………………………………...48 SWEETHEART………. ……………………………………………… 49 BABY……………………………….…………………………………..49 WIDOW ………………………………………………………………...50 WIDOWER ……………………………………………………………..50 ECCLASIASTIC…………………………………………………..........51 JUDGE ……………………………….…………………….…………...51 THIEF …………………………………………………………………..52 ENEMY ………………………………………………………………...52 OFFICER ……………………………………………………………….53 7.Examples for combined card meaning …………….……………….…53


1. History Little is known about when and where first cards are made and why. Supposedly their origin is ancient and from area of Egypt, India and China. They spread into the world and become popular after invention of the printing press 1455th invented by Johannes Gutenberg. Their purpose is also a mystery. From the beginning cards were used for play and foretelling the future. Cards divination is one of the oldest methods of predicting the future. According to legend, today's Fortune telling cards owe its origin to JeanBaptiste Alliette (known as Etteilla) and French Madam Mlle Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand clairvoyant lady born in 1772 year, and famous by predicting the future of the French revolutionaries: Marat, Robespierre and Saint-Just, and the lady Josephine de Beauharn, before she became Napoleon's wife. Starting the trend of development various clairvoyance methods and decks, and all had its base in a deck of playing cards (32cards: kings, queens, knights, tens, nines, eights, sevens and asses), popular in 14centyry whose variations served as a base for various decks suitable for prediction, with different designs and number of cards 32, 34, 36, 48, 52 or 78. In that time unmarked and unnumbered cards with scenes of everyday life are made, based on the so-called Lenormand card published 1843rd in honor of Madame Lenormand after her death. Today we have many sort of decks with different number of cards and design, all can be divided into two basic types of cards; 1. The so-called numbered containing numbers and this are classic playing cards and so-called Tarot cards, and 2. Unnumbered cards that don’t contain any numbers, but represent images and concepts from everyday life, this group of cards is known by various titles; cards for divination, fortune telling cards, oracle, destiny or Gypsy cards. Today we have few variants of these so-called unnumbered cards that differ by the publisher, number of cards in the deck, author, artist, style of images, and time of publishing. 32 cards deck for divination described in this book is one of the oldest unnumbered deck (1904), and most similar to the classic playing cards, its main characteristics are clear and simple illustrations with a lot of detail and naive views of everyday life representing certain terms and therefore are easy to interpret and are used in most countries. First deck is published with aim to offer cards for divination designed for high society, especially for the female population. Cards are the work of an anonymous artist from that era and show pictures of everyday life of Vienna, which do not have much to do with Gypsies after which they are named probably because they spread them throughout the world as traveling salesman’s with a long tradition of the occult. First cards were black and white, and later printed in color. People are always interested in the future, not just out of curiosity, but also for practical reasons, regardless of their age and experience, cards are excellent for entertainment, and their use and interpretation often gives insight into a situation and provide answers to various questions. Because of this they are often referred to as gossip cards because they reveal secrets! 5

Results depends primary on talents and qualities of users, the development of intuition and knowledge of the basic concepts and rules about the cards and cartomancy, astrology, karma and other related disciplines with which you could meet in work with cards e.g. mythology, history of art and symbols, psychology etc. That is the reason why the success in mastering the skills necessary for this art requires openness to new knowledge and experience and a willingness to learn and practice. From my own experience as the best way of learning I suggest that you first get a deck of cards and then carefully look at each card and describe your first impression, what do you think it represent/means? Is it associate you on something? You can also get a small notepad in which you will record your impression on each card and then read its meaning and compare to see if you have a good guess? It is often suggested writing a diary in which you write when you looked at the cards, questions asked, spread you have used, which cards you draw and how you interpret them, and what happened? This can be tricky, so I suggest that you do it only when you do card reading to yourself for questions you prepare for yourself and later track the results so you can gain insight into your own intuition and talent for card reading. While learning by reading this book first do card reading for yourself and after some practice and when you learn enough you can do it for family friends and acquaintances (in my experience as soon as see you with cards follows that famous question "can you read it to me?") Depending on the results probably will follow numerous questions and requests for reading, accept all this as practice and approach every time seriously enough, it is a best way to check your ability to interpret and predict! Fortune telling cards are very popular due to they simple symbolism. Little has been written about their interpretation because it seems that they are simple enough to easy speak for themselves and there is no need for an explanation, because of that meaning and interpretation is free and unrestricted, and is mainly transmitted orally. That’s why each card often has a several meanings, which can be opposite. Accordingly, work with the cards respectfully with appropriate seriousness. They talk a lot more than it seems at first sight. They need to be heard observed and you can learn much from them. For a successful tarot prediction it’s necessary to: 1 knowing the cards (their name, Illustrations, description and meaning of each card and method of opening) 2 practice 3 intuitions! 6

2. Interpretation of cards First of it is important to explain how card divination works! You've probably heard phrase; „Everyone has its own fate" or " destiny is not carved in stone". Theoretically, every situation has an unlimited number of directions/scenarios in which it can develop, depending on the conditions elements required for their realization, and in accordance with that every situation has more possible results, but in practice large number of possible results are rejected as impossible – because for their fulfillment is required to much conditions which need to be fulfilled too. Applying these ideas in practice on life of some person/character exact phrase would be:“ Everyone have his destinies", that is, life of every person has a number of scenarios – possibilities for what could it be, but most likely lives one which require least conditions for realization, (e.g. a man born in poor family, would most likely stay that way, there is a probably scenario in which he is "successful and rich" but its realization requires numerous series of events - conditions that are unlikely, and therefore he probably live his "destiny" as "written in stone.") Regarding the question to which you are searching an answer, goal of card divination is to make you think and activate your intuition, and thus help you assess higher conciseness and in that way help determine which future is most possible to happen, that is which has the most chances to be realized because required minimum conditions for its realization (for example, a girl is asking will she get married? possible answers is : yes, no, illegitimate relationship, but if she ask, will she marry Prince William this possibility-"fate" is excluded because it require too much conditions for its realization.) CONCLUSION: THE FUTURE IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING! DEPENDING ON OUR ACTIONS AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES-IT IS KARMA! THE CIRCLE OF LIFE IN WHICH WE ARE ALL CONNECTED AND INFLUENCING EACH OTHER! THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND HAVE IN MIND THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED AND CIRCULING WHATEWER GOES AROUND COMES AROUND NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OF IT! Cards are GAME and Life is a GAME, maybe it’s easy to accept this idea when everything is ok and „good", but remember it’s a game even when you think it's not fair! Whether you like it or not, you're thrown into the game of life - from moment of your birth-You are player! The aim of this „game" is not “Victory at any price"/or what you consider “best". Goal of each game is fun and happiness! Live your life best you can with given circumstance and rejoice little things because life is made of moments! Don’t think badly because that way you are attracting bad thing in your life and gives destiny new ideas how to test you! Do well when you have a chance, and when you see it’s needed and that way you will be remembered by good! If you do bad expect to be cursed 1000times! And that’s bad for KARMA! 7

When the game of life ends we leave it all! Only thing left after us are consequences of our actions and memories. Therefore, we should play fair and pay particular attention to situation when by chance find in a situation to be able to help someone - at a given time and place – with some small thing, or in some simple way, do good then - and it will make all happy and can bring more happiness in your life and fix karma! The winner is who achieve living a happy and fulfilled life and bring happiness to others! Find a balance between what you want and how to achieve that in the best way regarding to given rules, and you are a winner no matter what anyone say or think. Life is a story/game that is always repeating through the same events, but in different times and places! Only changing elements of this story of life are people/characters living in a given time and place! Cards should be viewed as a universal game which tells a story of circle of life! And every story has its main characters, the roles that these characters are interpreting are universal, i.e. most people throughout their lives interpret one or several of these roles (e.g. card baby, lover, sweetheart, widower, widow, ecclesiastic, officer, judge, thief, enemy, etc.) REMEMBER EVRIONES LIFE IS MADE OF SIMILAR EVENTS! Whatever happens to you, you are NOT ALONE, and it’s NOT only happening to you, but to many people at the same time-PRESENT, it already happened in the PAST and will happen again in the FUTURE! All living things are born and die, build their home and family, life is made of universal events that’s always repeating! (cards marriage, malady, death, journey, merriment, unexpected joy, fortune, misfortune, loss, etc.) All people/characters have feelings (e.g. card, love, jealousy, constancy, loyalty, falseness, thought, desire, sadness, hope,) and are connected (letter, message, visit, gift) and need the same material things (card house and money) Because of all this, every question and request for card reading should be seen as a story that has its: main characters/the person who asks the question-examiner/querent or person regarding reading, for example, girl, woman, child, spouse, mate, etc, action - usually interpreting the situation or event/ related to question, time-question usually relates to the past, present and future, which should be seen as three sisters, which are connected and always go one after another! REMEMBER WHO KNOWS HIS PAST KNOWS HIS FUTURE! Place-It is important to note that the House card is the most important place related to question/ actions-home-jobs/, etc. In addition, a person who interprets cards is a card reader/storyteller and the success of card reading depends on how well you are able to see and read this story of life! 8

These ideas can be described with practical example: If you are ever watching the spider web, you might have noticed that it is hard to see it from a distance, maybe you even unnoticed it because it’s transparent, but if illuminated by rays of sunshine then you will see its threads glowing in iridescent colors of the rainbow and you can clearly notice its shiny lines, network and its structure. The goal of the cards is to "illuminate" and make you visible this commonly invisible strings of life that connect all and allow you to see the complete "picture" - a "network of destiny"/game of life and your place in it, goal where you want to be and allows you in that way to choose best path to your goal like when solving a labyrinth. REMEMBER, goal of cards is illumination of these connections/ strings of destiny making them visible and allowing you in that way to choose your own way future and destiny! CARDS ARE MEDIUM FOR CONNECTING WITH THE INTUITION AND PATHS OF DESTINY IN OREDER TO REVEAL THE ANSWERS YOU NEED! THIS KNOWLEDGE IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE BUT MUST BE LEARNED HOW TO FIND AND USE IT. Lets your game with the cards revel the game of life-and help you discover your destiny! Fortune telling cards can be used in many ways, because of this there are many ways and kinds of spread, but for those who are learning, it is most important to first learn the basic meaning of each card and how to link them (see Chapter 6 and 7!).

3. Spreads There are numerous ways of opening cards a.k.a. spreads. In this book, I described 20spreads that I consider best and most popular. Most people have their own way and Internet is full of information so that everyone can find best way that will help answer your questions. The basic rule is; shuffle the deck/face down, concentrate on the question and draw one or more cards from the top of the deck, then spread it in specific way, most often spreads are geometric forms i.e. rows (1,2,3 ,etc ), the square ( 3x3, 4x4 ), circle, pyramid, or more complex ( e.g. see page 24) After shuffling cards are after often "cut" on 2 or 3 piles, while cards on intersection best describe the issue and show what most interests querent. If after this cards are returning back to deck it goes in reverse order, i.e. always goes from last to the first pile/bottom on the upper. Additionally often is first determined one card/signifier that represents a querent, it is commonly „sweetheart"(if the querent is a woman) or a "lover" if it's a man, unless it’s a widow or widower, then use these card. (See page 30). In interpretation greatest importance and influence have cards close to signifier, and further cards have less impact or will happen later, similar is with reversed card which meaning can be minor, reversed, opposite or negative. 9

Usually the interpretation is done in relation to a central – signifier card, so that the card to her; - right side refer to the future, - left side past - Below the fundamental root, - Above the head ceiling or top. When interpreting the cards you should observe images and what they represent? If contains characters and persons pay attention to way they are looking, observe characters elements and side they are, in general rule is that the right is future, the left past, if head down - sadness, or up - optimism, hands position if they are too loose - weakness, hidden or fist - person hiding something or angry, if standing- strength, sitting - possible surprise, if lying weakness, and other objects, animals, background, colors, green - progress, flowers and colors happiness, etc. Cards interpretation is possible in various ways, for example, one by one or in pairs by 2 or by 4 in a row (for example, in 4x4spread), or every 7. card, etc. Often, after placing cards in a certain spread (e.g. 3x3) remain certain number of cards from which examiner can draw 1 or more cards which usually provide information about the nearest future events. Improvisation is allowed for determination the column/row that indicates i.e. home, work, love, health, friends, enemies, and usually contain three or five cards. Other cards can be put aside and eventually interpreted as what is "on the side", and has no major impact on current events or will happen later. There is a superstition that when placing the deck lowest card should be fortune as a good luck card. Considering the deck you decide if you will be only one to use it, or you will give the examiner to shuffle cut or draw cards. My opinion is that anyone who wants to get good results from the cards does not need too complicate, but must prepare well and learn the basics and concentrate to get the best insight into the question and answer, and choose the method that consider best. Cards images are sufficiently picturesque and with clear meaning but often should not be taken too literally, and keep in mind that they gives an overview of the current situation and circumstance that are always changing! That’s why the forecast is generally short term for a few days to a few months or a year! Following is a description of the most common ways of cards spread, and interpretation of meaning each card in this deck with examples of the interpretation of certain combinations of cards.


Easiest way - draw 1 card The simplest spread is this 1.shuffle the deck, 2.ask the questions and draw 1 card from the top of the deck for each question, which is then interpreted and gives answer to question. Note; before each draw prepare and concentrate on question/wish to get best answer! Questions should be simple to answer its best to formulate it in a way so you can get simple yes or no answer, detailed interpretation is allowed! But the rule is draw 1card for 1question, if necessary, you can draw a few more cards to explain the situation or ask the question in a different way. All drawn cards are placed next to the deck face down, and at the end returned to the deck and shuffled. This way is most suitable for exercise, when opening the cards for yourself, or for a large company, when all gathers around and can ask questions and you draws the card from the top and give the answer. In this way you will best determine how much you are familiar with the meaning of cards, how they work and how developed is your intuition. In the same way you can draw only 1card so-called card of a day, and interpret it as a message of the day. Once you learn the basics, you can do more complex spread. Some of these are explained in the following chapters.

Answer with 2 cards

Shuffle, think about the question/wish and draw 2cards from the top of the deck, interpret it as an answer to your question or message. This method is similar to the previous one, but draw 2cards, and is used when you want to get a quick answer to the 1question or clarify a situation, and any additional questions or wish is considered a new "opening" and require repeating the same process. In the same way one can draw 2cards as so-called daily opening which is interpreted as a message of the day. 11

Answer with 3 or 9 cards

Shuffle the deck, cut, then draw 1 or 3cards from the top for past present and future and set them face up, from right to left, then interpret from left to right past (top row), present (middle row) and future (bottom row) as shown;

Example Answer with 3 or 9 cards Example Answer with 3 or 9 cards The meaning is determined on the basis of cards symbolic. Response is more favorable if more cards with a positive meaning for the present and future. Pay attention on appearance of cards that represent feelings they indicate the period of suspicion, insecurity and uncertainty, or characters they can indicate to someone who is interfering in person's life, or whom querent can rely on.


5cards spread

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish, draw cards and set face up as shown then interpret: card 1: Present or general topic card 2: past influences that are still present card 3: Future card 4: the fundamental reason behind the question-this explain card2 card 5: potential situation/outcome This method is best when you need to decide what kind of action to take. Card 4 often reveals subconscious impulse - or blockade that prevents you to achieve the desired result. Card 5 shows a possible result of possible action. The best results are achieved if when drawing the card focus on one aspect of the decision, rather than a question. In addition to the above there are many different variations of 5cards spreads for various types of questions, here are few examples ; 13

5 cards spread for love question

This spread is best if querent isn’t sure in which direction relationship goes:

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answers, draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and set face up as shown above, then interpret: 1 querent position in relationship 2 querents partner position in relationship 3 relationship basis -past 4 what is currently in-between the present 5 relationship future


5 cards spread for money question

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: 1 querent current financial situation and the main cause of problems if any, 2 will money soon enter querent life? 3 chance/ positive impacts and opportunities for money to be consideredwhat querent can do to improve his situation? 4 plans and business that can bring more money 5 result


5 cards spread for health question

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: 1 What querent needs to know about the cause of the problem/disease, 2 concrete material causes and other adverse physical impacts 3 other causes, emotional psychological, etc. 4 advice how to prevent the problem in the future 5 possible long-term outcome


7cards spread

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: card 1: past influences still having an impact on the present situation card 2: Present-current influence card 3: important future influence card 4: What to do? card 5: significant external influence card 6: hopes and fears card 7: The final result of the situation This method can be used for all questions and is best for analysis of any situation!


9cards spread for troubled relationship This spread is a great for analyze of troubled relationship/love problems, because it helps determine the specific causes of the problem, and can be useful if the querent really want to gain insight into the situation and is willing to review all the circumstances and causes of the problems and disagreements on both partner sides.

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: 1 What is the problem? 2 What or where is the conflict? 3 Is querent causing the problem? 4 is querent refusing to see his role in the problem? 5 quitrent’s current and past experience with a partner. 6 are they bad influence 1on another or together? 7 Is there someone else involved in their problem? 8 are there some financial reasons affecting the relationship? 9 Will this relationship end? 18

10cards Pyramid - The birthday spread

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: 1 your/querent current position in the world 2 your plans and goals for the next year 3 what favors-benefits you and positive circumstances 4 things you need to fix-improve-negative impacts 5 your current financial situation 6 your current emotional situation 7 your current spiritual situation 8 obstacles you might need to overcome or lessons to learn 9 What you should do to achieve your dreams 10 result 19

10cards analyze question spread

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to get accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: card 1: distant past. card 2: recent past. card 3: Present. card 4: future influence. card 5: External influence. card 6: querent attitude card 7: Useful energy. card 8: Obstacles to overcome. card 9: Hopes and fears. card 10: The final result. This spread is most suitable for the analysis of some specific situations, for example, relationships, work, health, etc. 20

11cards Celtic spread

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: 1: significator-present-center of the issue/question 2: what cover you -protect-favors, 3: current challenges and obstacles that must to overcome 4: the foundation, the root of issues, distant past, 5: the best result regarding question 6: recent history and current events 7: near future, the next few days or weeks 8: querent and feelings that influence situation, see card1-if this two are in conflict means that querent is going in the wrong direction! 9: house and external influence, people power and the events that have an impact on the outcome of the matter and which querent cant control 10: hopes and fears regarding the situation, 11: The final outcome In the conclusion pay special attention to cards 1 8 and11! 21

12cards spread

This spread is a great way to analyze relationship and partner’s compatibility, or always when you need something to decide or compare. Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: 1 you/querent 2 your/querent past 3 your/querent present 4 your/querent future 5 partner 6 partners past 7 partners present 8 partners future 9 your/querent expectations 10 partners expectations 11 how compatible are querent and partner? 12 result 22

12 cards comparison spread This spread analyze needs and wishes of both partners and helps determine what each of them needs to do to in order to improve their relationship. Also reviews external influences plus and cons of each person, and gives final prognosis.

Shuffle the deck, think on the question/wish in order to obtain accurate answer, then draw the cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown above, then interpret: 1 how querent see himself? 2 how partner see querent? 3 how querent see relationship? 4 how partner see relationship 5 what querent want? 6 what partner want? 7 what querent need? 8 what partner need? 9 Strength in relationship-advantages 10 obstacles in relationship-cons and flaws 11 other influences 12 most probable result Like previous, this spread is best for existing relationships, but can be used always when comparison and evaluation is needed. Often reveals a mismatch between positions - for example, if cards 2 and 3 are contradictory-opposing, it is necessary to re-evaluate and adjust the point of view with regard to what we know about the other person. NOTE; Pay attention to cards representing obstacles even when they are positive cards- carefully examine its meaning and try to see below the surface! 23

12 months spread

Shuffle the deck, cut and draw cards 1by1 from top of the deck and lay face up from left to right 12 cards; 1for every month, as shown, and then interpret:

12month spread

This spread gives general preview of next 12month. Each card represent 1 month in next year of querent life, and card for specific month represent prevailing atmosphere in that month or events querent will deal with. Note next 3spreads are explained in instruction booklet you got with Piatnik cards. It's important to remember that even apparently inappropriate cards reveal as much meaning as those that are obviously connected with the problem. The significance of each card should not be taken too literally. The most revealing aspect of the spread is in the combination of cards.


21 cards spread 21 card spread is best for general use and when there is no specific issue or question. Shuffle the deck, draw cards 1by1 from the top of the deck and lay face up as shown, 7cards in 3rows then interpret:

Interpret 7card-row 1 row /cards 1 to 7/ represent past 2nd row /cards 8th to 14/ represent present 3rd row /cards 15 to 21/ represent future then interpret the column-pillars of 3cards; 1 column (cards 1/8/15) – querent, recent past, job and career 2 column (cards 2/9/16) - Family life 3 column (cards 3/10/17) - emotions, hopes, wishes, 4 column (cards 4/11/18) - Friends and support, expectations 5 column (cards 5/12/19) - Love and relationship, unexpected 6 column (cards 6-13-20)–luck, Happiness and misfortune 7 column (cards7-14-21) - Near Future Depending on the deck you are using you will eventually remain a certain number of cards from which you can give the querent to draw 1, 3or 5 cards which provide information about the nearest events and final outcome.


Classic 4rows spread/grand table Shuffle the deck, cut and split on 3piles; 1. represent head - present 2. represent heart – future 3. represent legs - past After interpreting return it to deck in opposite way i.e. 3. on 2. on 1. Shuffle the deck, inquirer cuts the deck, and cards are arranged face up on the table in 4 rows of 8 cards.

The diagram represents one possible starting point. The inquirer card is always the MERRIMENT card. The ones adjacent to it shed light on it. The ones on the HORIZONTAL AXIS to the LEFT of “merriment” reveals information about the PAST and the ones on the HORIZONTAL AXIS to the RIGHT reveals the FUTURE. On the VERTICAL AXIS, the cards above the “merriment” reveal the inquirer's thoughts and preoccupations (what's in his head) and the ones below represent what is reluctant to accept (tread under foot). The cards located DIAGONALLY to the inquirer's card have a bearing on both the horizontal and vertical axis. If inquirer is a female see where sweetheart card is, or lover if man, and pay special attention to cards beside them or on which they are looking at. Cards closer to them represent stronger influences or what will happen sooner. 26

Wheel of fortune spread

The card at the center of this layout represents the problem or the question about which the inquirer is seeking enlightenment. Note you can select appropriate card to represent question i.e. MALADY, MARRIAGE, FIDELITY, or DESIRE and place it in the center. Then shuffle deck and draw cards 1by1 from top of the deck and lay face up 7 cards in semicircles on either side of the problem card. Then interpret The semicircle on the LEFT deals with events and developments leading up to the problem. The semicircle on the RIGHT presages future events. This spread does not require great expertise, it is important to remember that even the appearance of at first sight inappropriate cards reveal as much as those that seem obviously related to the issue. 27

Ask and answer spread

This is a question-and-answer spread in which the inquirer asks 3 questions. Deck is shuffled, draw cards 1by1 from top of the deck and lay face up as shown above. Starting from the bottom row first set card 1. 2. 3. Then cards in the middle row, and top row, finally place one card on the top , Then interpret; Cards in bottom row relate directly to the question but may also contain hints to a possible solution. Cards on the LEFT deal with the past, and cards on the RIGHT with future. The top row is for present. Note it is best to lay all cards at the same time in all rows, instead of one-byone, since the relationship between the cards across the groups are often extremely revealing. 28

4. Cards &meaning 32 cards deck represent various characters situations and events, these cards don’t have numbers so can be learn by whatever order best suits you, in this book I sorted them by association. Names of the 32 cards in this deck are; House, Letter, Message, Journey, Unexpected joy, Gift, Money, Merriment, Marriage, Fortune, Misfortune, Anger, Death, Malady, Thought, Desire, Sadness, Hope, Constancy, Fidelity, Falseness, Jealousy, Baby, Lover, Sweetheart, Widow, Widower, Ecclesiastic, Judge, Thief, Enemy, Officer. Cards can be divided in various ways by various criteria, for example by meaning 4 group of cards could be: 1 Positive cards for example: Fortune and Unexpected joy, Constancy, Money, Baby, Marriage, House, Fidelity, Hope, Gift, Merriment. 2 Negative cards: Thief, Anger, Enemy, Misfortune, Falseness. 3Neutral cards: Letter, Message, Judge, Journey, Ecclesiastic, Thought, Jealousy, Desire, Sadness, Malady, Death. 4 Descriptive cards: Lover, Sweetheart, Widow, Widower, Officer. In addition, according to what is presented on the card, notable basic card groups are displaying: Persons/Characters, Events, and Emotions. The following is a brief introduction and description of each of the cards in this small and simple deck, which is recommended to anyone who wants to learn to look at this cards which in practice best results gives for questions about love. House – place of story! home, family, emotional ties, security, stability, withdrawal, may be workplace, real estate Characters/persons in the cards are: Baby - something little, depend on others, signifier for child if questions about it, meaning children, news, something new, a new beginning or a job, pregnancy, naivety, immaturity, inexperience, play, fun. Lover - "King of Hearts“, a strong ideal man, if man querent represents him, if women querent then her partner man boyfriend or husband. Sweetheart - "Empress of the heart“, a strong ideal woman, if querent woman represents her, if male his partner girl woman or wife. (Appropriate names for these cards are "king and queen of hearts" – a women and man in love / love couple/ represent you and your love partner) Widow - woman who is older, alone, or affected by some misfortune, it can also mean a divorce or termination, more appropriate name for this card is sad women. Widower - free older man or affected by some tragedy or misfortune, it can be relative, past, memory, more appropriate name for this card is grieving man. (When together this two cards/widow and widower/ indicate an elderly couple or a difficult situation) 29

Profession dedicated to preserving your and the common good; Ecclesiastic - soul, faith, religion, the power of prayer, the church or chapel, authorities, father, church, conscience, sin, day Sunday. Judge - justice, judgment, verdict, official, heavy boss, person on position, or whom which depends something. Officer - safety and security, uniformed person in profession or in government, colleagues, competitors in the interpretation if men querent. Dangers/HAZARDS; Thief-risk for property honor and reputation, cheating, loss of something, fraud, corruption, hidden, stealing love or luck-depending on other cards. Enemy- threat to the health and prosperity, intruder, hostility, resistance, weakness, self-doubt, this is a card that says you can be your own enemy. Emotional and mental activity; Fortune- Win, satisfaction and success, good fortune, depend on other cards how possible, way out, woman with long blond hair. Hope - focus on the good future result of anticipation, waiting, in the future, women with lighter medium length hair. Desire - desire for something or someone-focus on future concern, craving, women with shorter darker hair. Sadness- grief for something, focus on the past, unfortunately, unwanted, crying, mood swings, negative, woman with long dark hair. Thought-thinking, wisdom required, planning, indecision, learning, brighter younger man. Jealousy-focus on other, refusing to confront with yourself and admit your mistakes, spying, anger, envy, another woman, concern, worry, others and your jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, suffocation by someone. Fidelity - loyalty, honesty, unconditional friendship, stagnation, selfishness, long duration, stubbornness, attachment to someone or something. Constancy – permanence, persistence, stability, reliability, fixed, eye, warning on something, true, accurate, long life, perseverance. ASSOCIATION AND ACTIVITIES/ good or bad situation, something arrives or leaves,

Merriment - joy, good, good time, creativity, entertainment, public places, group of people, sometimes even funeral. Marriage - the loss of independence, each type of connection and obligation, marriage, steady job, work and partners, a strong attachment to the problem. Journey – going somewhere, travel, time, depending on the other cards-short or long, something quick, urgent, something comes or goes. Unexpected joy- discovery, parking place, recognition, identification, short, falling in love, flirting, way out of a situation. 30

Letter - written news, answer, approval, registration, documents, contracts, invoices, information. Message - voice, oral communication, message, call, phone call, Skype, chat. Gift - contribution, donation, reward, it can be trouble; it can be something as donated, something old, something new. Money - inheritance, luck, abundance, large sum, great love, something big and important to a person, conveniently. Misfortune - loss of luck and happiness, illness, cargo, recovery, difficulties, bad news, inconvenience, barriers, psychic condition, disappointments, physical illness, fire, search way out. Anger - a missed or wasted opportunity, negative emotions, frustration, anger, bad mood, beating, harassment, coercion on something, debt, distress. Falseness - there is no truth, lies, corruption, defensiveness, negative and shady actions, hypocrisy, danger, gossip. Malady - loss of health, illness, mental health, sex. Death - the loss of life or any aspect or areas of life, end, goodbye, NO, blockades, past, someone's death – depending on other cards. Follows a description and interpretation of meaning of all 36card in this deck. Remember given meaning is only basic and your task is to develop it further

5. Meaning of colors in cards Interpretation of cards is done in accordance with all the elements presented in the cards! Name (lat "Nomen est omen"-name is a sign!), color, scene and image. Because they all together convey a message - meaning of the card! Colors have a huge impact on our lives even though we are often not aware, they influence our psyche of the mood and evoke certain psychological and physical reactions, in accordance with that traditionally colors in a different nations and cultures have a particular meaning-symbolic message that certain color is trying to transfer. Fortune teling cards are an excellent example of using color to transfer messages and cards meanings. One can notice the presence of clean and clear a.k.a basic - primary colors; red yellow and blue, their meaning and symbolism is important (because all other colors can be derived by mixing them-the same is true for their meaning). Color symbolism depends primarily on the form in which specific color appears in nature as it accordingly formed its basic meaning. Thus, for example, colors that remind us on fire; red, yellow, orange give a feeling of warmth and comfort and encourage the activity and because of that are so called hot and active colors, and colors that remind us on water; blue and green act cool and soothing, and therefore are so-called cold and passive. In addition important is a purity-the presence of other colors, especially the color-tonality- presence of white or black color. White color is considered to contain all the colors of sunlight-spectrum and usually have a positive meaning, and black vice versa. 31

Accordingly, each color can have a positive or negative connotation, it depends on; -the amount to which a particular color is used -elements emphasized with that color, -presence of other colors -shades, so for example usually it is considered that the meaning of color is favorable if a particular color is used moderately and with other colors-which contribute to balance, and that the lighter shades - presence of white color is more favorable than darker shades-presence of black color, and excessive use of certain color is negative. The most important is complete impression of all the elements and what we want to emphasize with specific color. Primary mining of colors is; RED in nature appears as the color of fire and blood-life and death, warm, energy, active, primary. Taste sweet and spicy. Meaning mainly positive; happiness, joy, optimism, vitality, energy, activity, movement, emotions and strong will, determination, leadership, power, health, courage, protection, lust, longing, desire and love. Negative meaning-if used excessively or darker shades; aggression, anger, rage, hatred, struggle, war, danger, change, sacrifice, (burgundy) represent the devil and the revolution, cruelty, immorality, death. PINK in nature; complexion and fingertips, flowers, taste sweet and mild, meaning similar to red but diluted with White, mostly positive; gentle emotions and kindness, sincere and pure love and friendship, reconciliation and harmony, compassion and relaxation, romance, shyness, tenderness, fidelity, honor. Negative; passivity, indecision, lack of will, physical weakness. ORANGE in nature; fire, flame, light and warm, active, food, sweet or sour. The combination of red and yellow-such is the meaning, mostly positive; action and encouragement, serenity, happiness, joy, energy, brilliance and richness, abundance, optimism, success, ethical and moral principles, courage, justice, pride, determination, strength and endurance, health, fertility, job, career, creativity, communication, sociability, relationships, attraction, patience, generosity, happiness, fragile balance, stabilize emotions, can be calming or disturbing. Negative; ignorance and inferiority, dullness , bad taste, fatigue, ambition, destruction, deceit and mistrust, trauma, dominance, aggression and anxiety. YELLOW nature; sun, light, warm, active, taste sweet or acidic , primary color, meaning mostly positive; optimism, joy, energy, wisdom, intellect, intelligence, intuition, ideas , idealism, virtue, faith, honor and loyalty, enlightenment, travel and movement, transience and spontaneity, spring, and new learning opportunities , awakening psychic abilities and clarity of feelings , self-esteem, healing, glory, charm, creativity, communication, interpersonal relationships, trust, prestige. Negative;laziness and cynicism, jealousy, arrogance, dogmatism, analytical, critical, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, manipulation, dishonor and disgrace, deception, nausea, caution, unfortunately, psychic and mental illness, dark yellow or shade of green is the symbol for envy, jealousy, betrayal,infidelity and cowardice, 32

GOLDEN yellow-gold and gold-sun, bright color like yellow but metal – inedible, cold, meaning usually positive ; the royal color, knowledge, power, wisdom, wealth, respect, achievements , great ambition, money, luxury, positive attitude, long life and learning and traveling, passion, change careers and place of residence, often associated with religion and faith, a feeling of fullness and connectedness with the whole, harmony enlightenment and the power of the subconscious , transformation and awakening. negative; gold rush, robbery, crimes of greed, usury and theft, darker tones , corruption and vices of all kinds, spiritual crisis , dark night of the soul. GREEN is color of nature and plants, most natural and most comfortable for eye, edible, a combination of blue and yellow, meaning usually positive; hope, growth, improvement, restoration, recovery and new beginnings, wealth, youth, immortality, emotions, sensitivity and compassion, self-esteem and confidence, relaxation and refreshment, reflection, purification, healing, vitality and inspiration, harmony, peace, security, tranquility, stability, durability, endurance, responsibility, money, success, honesty. Negative; inexperience, guilt, disgust, poison, rust, greed, jealousy, ambition, and a symbol of rogue and stray. BLUE water and sky, transparent, cold, one of the primary colors. The opposite of yellow, indicates the distance, height, depth, meaning; Positive; hope and longing, psyche, peace, knowledge, comfort, stability, security, patience, confidence, cooperation, awareness, wisdom, intelligence, capabilities, understanding, friendship, trust, sincerity, protection, aristocracy, idealism and heaven, truth, justice, faith, loyalty and strength, firmness, inscrutability and infinity, generosity, acceptance, career, healing, telepathy, imagination and intuition, spirituality, philosophy, beauty, mysticism, piety. Negative; cold, fear, passivity, depression, sadness, loneliness, melancholy, hypersensitivity, indifference, apathy. PURPLE rare in nature, associate with unnatural and artificial, cold, combination of contrast; blue and red, same is the meaning; Positive; the color of kings and nobility, clergy, spirituality, religion, power / rank / position, wealth, luxury, extravagance, sophistication, independence, creativity, art, wisdom, imagination, magic, mysticism, mystery, intuition, quest, patience, gratitude, healing, reflection and balance. Negative; gloomy and sad feelings, sadness, grief, resentment, frustration, depression, penance, repentance, nausea, crucifixion, prohibition, conspiracy ambition, arrogance, shadow, exaggeration, extravagance, wrath, madness, death. 33

BROWN color of the country as well as mud, eternal, permanent and steadiest natural color, a warm and cozy, creating a sense of calmness and firmness of community and tradition. Meaning mostly positive; reality, materialism, this world Time and space, stability, reliability, honesty, friendship, antiques, country and village. Negative; humility, transience, poverty, shabby, boring, gloomy and dull. BLACK darkness, night, absence of light and colors, it absorbs all colors and is their synthesis, meaning similar to white but usually negative; fear of the unknown, uncertainty, danger, mystery, secrets, cargo, terror, chaos, nothingness, negativity, accidents, pessimism, emptiness, banishment, grief, selfishness, sadness, anxiety, regret, loneliness, emotional coldness and ignorance, dependence, existentialism and anarchy, rebellion, evil, disease, death and renewal, formalities. Positive; outer space and the universe, vast distance, depth, start and end, independence, unknown and unexplored frontiers of the past, unconsciousness, authority, absolute acceptance of all people and situations, elegance, sophistication, success and prestige, power. In some cultures; fertility and wisdom, seriousness, loyalty. WHITE in nature; moon, light, snow, winter, cold weather, distance, special colors (often not considered a color), perfectly balanced, representing all colors in one, the result of light waves and mixture of all three natural colors: yellow, red and blue, indicates everything and nothing at the same time. It is the lack of all colors and reflects all colors. Meaning opposite to black, usually positive; freshness, peace and reconciliation, clarity, simplicity, lightness, purity, innocence, honesty, kindness, gentleness, faith, virtue, eternity, perfection, divinity, spirituality, freedom, creativity, potential, new or successful beginning, birth, protection, security, help. Negative opposite the green; the lack of something. cold, fragility, isolation, elite, sterility, infertility, grief, sorrow, misfortune, spiritual crises and the need for purification and healing, paleness, sickness, death. GREY in nature; stone and metal, cold, between white and black neither of that, very neutral and unemotional color, same is the meaning. Positive; balance, compromise and flexibility, initiation, enlightenment, coping, skills, intuition, imagination, resurrection, stealth, invisibility, protection. Negative; containment, caution, sluggishness, concerns, problems, sadness, melancholy, depression, carelessness, apathy, monotony, saturation and frustration, fatigue, inefficiency, lack of interest. SILVER in nature metal, inedible, similar to gold but less intense, and similar to gray but bright; Positive; happiness, dreams, visions, unconsciously, hidden potentials, desires and ambitions beyond the material world, sudden premonitions, intuition, telepathy, understanding, forgiveness and release, purity, refinement, encouragement, generosity, divine wisdom, protection, astral energies, female power and communications, glamour, technology. Negative; as with gold robbery, avarice, betrayal, greed, power and control. 34

6. Description of each card meanings Card "HOUSE" Meaning: house, home, family, good and evil in relation to family, real estate, buildings, private business, safety and security, decency, marriage, success, reasonable decisions, new connections and friendships. House card represent the place of action/story! It’s the symbol for home, family, your property, family atmosphere, private business, water by house means changes and that something will happen in-house, it could represent danger flood or lose of home, varieties of these changes depends on the surrounding cards. If card on left or under House card is bad, and the right or above is good, you should expect a positive outcome of all issues related to the home or family. If card for past is good but card for the future is bad, you should deal with the atmosphere in your home, take the matter into your own hands, and start solving all problems related to the household. It is obvious that you are a pillar of the house, and is expected from you to solve those problems. If card for past is bad, and card for the future is good, your problems could be solved by your resolute attitude. If reversed; card for past is good and bad for the future, situation in the home can suddenly become uncomfortable because of something on what you do not pay attention. Maybe you do not seriously considerate complaints and wishes of your surroundings and are constantly trying to impose your views on them, which can cause problems. If you are planning to move, buy a new apartment, or making some plans relating to real estate, residential or commercial space, you need to be careful if card for the future is bad. If with "officer" card, be careful or posible legal warning for unpaid bills. If "Falseness" card for past or for the future, it may mean that in your home is someone whom you can’t trust and who will tell out everything heard in your house. If you are intending to make any modifications or adaptations in the home, i.e. sell, rent, or buy a new, or have emotional problems in relationships with family, and get a card "Thought" for the future, its not time for any final decision about leaving home, divorce, or beginning conversation with the family on the subject that you know can cause strife. If this card is surrounded by cards that represent mood such as "Hope," "thought" "Desire" "Falseness", you should seek the advice of a family member for the problem you are facing, regardless whether they are related to family or your professional life. If near this card is "Journey“ card, it can indicate moving to another city or country, or you should plan a trip. This card surrounded with cards representing people, posible visit in your home, and if surrounded by cards that symbolize feelings and thoughts, you will be worried about something. Cards that represent something bad indicate problems and concerns. This card, in place for the past and present, pay attention to events in your home and focus your energy on issues related to family. 35

CARD «GIFT» Meaning: gift, talent, respect, generosity, abundance, happiness and joy, a fine, a good opportunity for something, positive change, nice surprise, work success, upcoming engagements, attention, offer, support, you will avoid an accident, the arrival of a loved one. This card image is a table full of all/meaning opulence, and cupid/love, happiness and satisfaction in every aspect. Gift card means a gift in literal sense of the word, and every convenience opportunity that you can see as a "gift", or unexpected positive outcome of some situation, in terms of business opportunities and friendships that can be considered as the finger of fate. A gift is something that you get beyond what you are supposed to expect, some extraordinary convenience, and can mean good opportunities that you should not miss. Better the cards around it, higher the gain will be, if surrounded by cards with negative meanings, be careful or you could be robbed or suffer some kind of damage. If card for the future represents a person, then you can expect a gift from her, or if you know that you owe something to that person/represented by the card, maybe that someone is waiting for you to come and bring that gift, e.g.: a couple just married or had a child or moving etc. For job question; "gift" will be unexpected opportunity and you should take it. For love question; if card representing the past is bad, you should accept the partners offer for reconciliation, if you're in an argument, or you should make some kind of gift that could lead you to reconciliation. In any case, the gift can be a sign of reconciliation on both sides. If cards for past and future are bad, accept the current situation and take maximum advantage of it in every way because it will end soon and you will start a new period in life. If by "Death" card, you should end some kind of a situation. It can also mean an inheritance for which you will have to fight. If this card repeat in a place for past or the future, you can consider yourself "child of luck" and should play games of chance.

CARD «MONEY» Meaning: money, gain, income, finance, wealth, property, assets, shares, new opportunities, sudden wealth, solved life problems, new friends, prosperity, success, health, celebration, luxury, desire fulfillment, patience, generosity, depending on the surrounding cards may mean that you will have to fork out, credit, loans, bills, shopping or to watch on how much you are spending and what you are buying. Caution and balance required or possible los! The image on this card shows a lot of money in various forms, which speaks for itself, but also Libra that is out of balance which indicates excesses uncertainty and caution! Caution and balance required or possible loss! Money card indicate possibility for solving financial problems quickly, positive news regarding the money, especially if card for past is bad. Expect a win, regardless of the surrounding cards, unless if very negative connotation, e.g. card, "thief", etc. in which case you can be robbed. If surrounding cards represent persons, the money comes to you through commercial or emotional relationships. If by "house" card may mean buying Real Estate or gain of a family member, or starting private businesses. With "Baby“card may signify pregnancy and expanding family. With card "Letter" or "message", indicates a positive solution of official authorities. If cards for the past and for the future are bad, its possible that you will quickly get a certain amount of money that will only temporarily solve you some minor problem, but you should pay attention to how you spend money because ahead of you are probably bigger bills and costs which you will had to pay for solving your problems. It would be good if you realistically overview your financial situation and especially if card for past is good and bad for the future, save some money because you will need it. If card for past is bad and for the future is good, the financial situation has a chance to stabilize in the long term. If this card repeat in place for the past or the future your financial situation is safe, and you could even get a considerable amounts of money. 36


« LETTER» Meaning: letter, news from distance, newspapers, books, documents, communications, any written words, sms, mail, greetings, a sudden decision, discovering secrets, love, surprise, the rapid development of the situation. Two pigeons on this card are facing in opposite directions, up and down, it can mean good or bad news depending on the surrounding cards, for example if it is upside down may mean that news will not be as you hoped or expected. Letter can mean a letter in literal sense of the word, or any important document or "paper" that you care and that you need to pay attention. It means you expect some kind of written solution, e.g. inheritance, or in connection with litigation, the workplace, etc. If other cards are good especially for the future /expect good news-solution and vice versa if card for the future is bad, it’s unlikely to be beneficial. If card for the future is good, pay attention to whether it applies to love, work or family life, and in this aspect of life you can expect some gain, progress or something good. If near this card are cards that represent people, they could describe people of whom you will hear important news.

CARD «MESSAGE» Meaning: verbal communication, phone call, Skype, news, messages from your living or working surroundings, sincerely, decisions about work, love secrets, changes in the family, new experiences, long-awaited news. It may indicate opportunity for adventure with a younger man. Seize the opportunity; use your contacts, communication, information, features, speed, enthusiasm, liveliness, sociability, interestingly, education and learning. Asklepian-stick with 2 snakes is symbol of healing, snake- long disease-or problem, but cant harm a stick, probably good news- or healing. Meaning of this card is very clear, you've got or you'll get a message, whether it is good for you or not will show card for the present. In any case, this message is of great importance in relation to the question that you asked. Remember message you last received relating to your question. If surrounded by bad cards news will be unfavorable, and if you get the card; "Judge" or “Ecclesiastic“ expect an official solution. Note; remember to distinguish cards "Letter" and "Message" its about written and oral form of communication, card "Message" is all about an oral statement, which you can get orally or via telephone or Skype/ or any face to face way, it could be a gossip, in any case, is far shorter than the letter, and contain very important information. If by "Thief" card it can indicate lies which should not be believed. Could also mean that someone will prevent you to find out what you should or you are denied message you should get, and if you get a bad card for the future e.g. "Anger" it may indicate that something what you are supposed to hear or learn and you didn’t can be reason for trouble you can get into. If you get good cards for the present and future situation may change for the better, even if you have recently received a message that was bad for you. If this card shows again in place for the present or the future, it is obvious that you will receive the controversial news about what interests you, reformulate question, and consult cards again. 37

CARD «JOURNEY» Meaning: travel, going to the city or the countryside, change of residence, moving, someone or something is coming / leaving, parting or meeting, transportation, rush, news, money concern, inner journey, radical changes in life, termination or conclusion of the engagement, business development, progress, discovery, or change, a pleasant experience, holidays, new acquaintances, and transition. This card shows keywords for its meaning; chariot and horses in the race-speed, rush, clouds-worries and problems, there is a woman traveling somewhere in a hurry, but not navigating carriage-suspense. Card journey can mean that you dream about journey / traveling, or a person who live somewhere in another country or city, or need somewhere to go to meet him/her. Perhaps the person who is living abroad or away from you is someone who could help you solve the problems. Whatever your question is the answer is elsewhere. The solution to your problem can be found in contact with people who are not from your birth-place or place where you live, and are probably from abroad. You should have as much as possible contacts with strangers, and people from other countries, because this could be your way to solve the problem concerning your question. With positive cards tells a happy outcome travel or positive changes, and with negative about potential problems along the way, and delaying. If card for the future is extremely bad it may indicate that you should cancel the trip. For health question; you should seek the advice of foreign experts. For love question; it is possible that the person you like/love will be connected with strangers or will be a stranger. If this card repeat in place for the past or the future, your life is probably related to a distant land, frequent travel and possible life in a distant land.

CARD «MERRIMENT» Meaning: joy, play, dance, music, sing, entertainment, celebrations, happiness, harmony, pleasure, positive developments, success in work, happy surprises, healing, gain, invitation to a party, good company, hanging out with friends, unexpected meeting, love meeting, good meeting. Image on this card shows 2persons playing and singing, prevailing colors are yellow red and pink meaning love and passion. You will have a reason to rejoice, so don’t panic even if this card is surrounded by very bad cards, unless it is a card" Thief" which means that someone "steals“ your joy. In a figurative sense, it may indicate that something will happen and you will have to deal with more serious problems than you expect. It may also mean that it is time to consider how to amuse yourself or take dance classes or other activity that could benefit your mood and help rest and relax If you get this card for the future, expect positive outcome of the situation related to your question, regardless cards for the past and present. Ahead of you is joy and happiness, and how much joy would it be depends on the q uestion you asked, and is it related to some long term decision, whether it is up to you or depend on others, but in any case gives hope for a better future


CARD«MARRIAGE» Meaning: wedding, marriage, recent marriage, emotional connection, joy, good company, loss of independence, any type of connections and obligations and promises, contract, commitment, partnership, work crowned with success, steady job, work with partner, divorce, friction in the marriage, a strong attachment to the problem. This card shows a couple kneeling and holding hands in front of the priest, who read the book with the cross and candles in background classic symbols of fidelity and faith, indicating a lifetime commitment vows and promises. For those who are in a relationship and would like to marry, this card means just that: you're thinking about marriage, and marriage is possible. Those who are in a longer relationship or married, promise improvement in relations or some kind of prosperity, if you are single this card indicate opportunity to meet someone who could be your longer term partner. If this card repeat in a place for the past and present, it is obvious that you put marriage on the first place, and relationships with others play a big role in your life, whether it is business or love relationships. It may also mean that you are not happy about something because you are somehow forced into marriage, or some obligation, or trying to stay in a marriage if facing divorce. If surrounding cards are favorable, the situation will continue to be favorable and your marriage/relationship connections are stable. It can mean a visit by some couple. If card for past is bad and good for the future, your situation will get better, no matter whether you are single, or married/in relationship. If card for the past or present is "journey" it may mean that you could meet the person who is going to be your partner or for whom you will be married in the future on a journey or will have more contact with foreigners. If cards for past and future represent people, it is obvious that your marital status, is something to talk about, if you are married, indicates intrigues, or someone wish to divorce you, and if you are single indicate that you probably have the opportunity to have a partner but you have high criteria or like to chose carefully or you are undecided. If cards for past and future are bad, you are surrounded by enemies, and envied persons who would gladly mingled in your life. For job question this card refers to the partnership or working relationship that should be maintained and not cut. If you wish to change a job or looking for work, you have all the chances to find it, and it could be a workplace where you could stay longer, and will suits you in many ways. For work question; if cards for the past and future are bad, don’t make any plans for changing the job and open eyes when cooperates or colleagues are concerned, you may have serious problems in cooperation with them. For health question; this card can have different meanings depending on the surrounding cards. For example, it may mean that you are too „tied" for disease, or that you're conceited ill, or suffer from chronic problems that need to take care more seriously or suffer because of lack of love. It may also mean that you should bound for someone or something to improve the situation, especially if card for the future is good, (e.g. for a particular doctor, institution, treatment, or diet) or you need to fix your emotional life to be whole, and should be persistent in something that could lead to healing. If you got card „Death " for the past and the future, you've probably endured a lot in the past and want to put an end to the situation - marriage - relationship. It may also mean that you are after relationship or marriage which ended with the death of a person or painful termination or divorce, quickly entered into a new one that can also end badly, if you are not willing to show partner the extent to which you are attached to it/him/her, and what do you expect in return. If cards for past and present are bad, or at least one of these, the situation will be resolved favorably for you, because someone who will help you resolve problem or will try to make you happy. If you have a numerous problems, and you get this card, it is obvious that you can’t solve it all by yourself because you did not created them alone; the community is something that can give you safety, and spouse or business partner could get you out of the crisis. 39

CARD «FORTUNE» Meaning: Happiness, happy conditions and events, rise above all, achieving goals, satisfaction and success, favor, victory, fulfillment, optimism, health, growth, exit, money gain in the business, the arrival of a loved one, marital harmony, joyous celebration of the event, good deeds, good luck, depending on other cards as feasible, woman with long blond hair, balance. In this image prevailing colors are red yellow and blue, figure with reveling breasts, long golden hair with a crown, looking up, standing on the dome above the clouds and fog, carrying a so-called legendary cornucopia- horn of abundance, from they sip the flowers and money, it clearly represent rise above all. Card Happiness is great when drawn for the future, regardless the cards for past and present, expect good period in the future and happy twist of fate, so you can enjoy your happiness. Whatever the question-the answer is positive. If surrounding cards symbolize negative people, they can not harm you, although they may try, and if cards symbolize positive people, they can contribute to your feeling of happiness. However watch out, you might be naive in this luck or that may cause envy, but that not concern or affect you personally. It can also mean a young woman who will make you happy. If this card is drawn again in place for the past and present, you can be considered lucky person.

CARD «UNEXPECTED JOY» Meaning: Sudden happiness or discovery, something unexpected will make you happy, solution, expect soon mailman - money - payment or profit in games of chance (if the surrounding cards are bad expect expenditures and accounts), fulfillment of desires, fall in love, success in school or work, happy event, a solution, a positive change and a happy beginning, honor, recognition, protection, security, curiosity, flirting, unexpected news. This card shows a man with outstretched arms and legs, background is serene landscape, in front of him on the road is open box and money, maybe he is accidentally discovered something new, and drop stick out of his hands in surprise- may be little scared because his hand gesture stop, pink shirt can mean a discovery about love or someone's feelings, map/sign maybe need to decide what to do next with this news surprise or discovery. Card unexpected joy mean just that. Most likely you had some joyful event in the recent past which was a very significant for you, and for some reason it have an impact on your question or your current situation. This card has a very positive meaning, although its effect may be limited or short-term. Indicate speed and unexpected turn of events positive for you. If nothing happened, what could be a reason for happiness, it is possible that there was some chance you missed and now see as something should be used. Surrounding cards could indicate reason for happiness; if represent persons, you can expect pleasant news from someone (the official news with card "officer" or "judge" or beloved ones with cards “lover" or "Sweetheart"). If by card that represent money and gains may indicate winning the lottery. If this card repeat in the place for present or future, you are lucky person, it will bring you happiness, and you need to exploit the situation to the maximum, this is your time. If cards for the present and future of bad, or at least one of them, the happiness will not last if you do not make an effort to save it, or someone will spoil it, or at least try to do it, and who is that going to be depends on the cards you get and what they symbolize. 40

CARD «MISFORTUNE» Broader meaning: misfortune, accidents, bad news and circumstances, something sudden and damaging, fire, attention in traffic! Failure at work/ school/love/plans, strife in marriage, unstable love, trouble, obstacles, disappointments, the state of the psyche, a challenge, a burden, shock, searching way out, urgency and unpredictability of the situation, can mean that you will sweat because of something, physical illness, fever, or that the problem needs to be urgently solved. This cards shows a woman with 2 kids running out of the house in fire, outstretched hands/asking for help, above them is falling part of the roof in flames/eminent danger, and behind them is a firefighter trying to extinguish the fire/ trying to solve the problem, the prevailing colors are orange and red/flame danger, and neutral gray-indicate its not all lost. Card Misfortune means that in a literal sense, it can be some accident, or bad period full of a variety of negative turns that could make you feel unhappy. If you had some accident, a car accident or some unfortunate event in the family, and get this card in place for the present, that still have an impact on your current state of mind. If you are currently going through a difficult period of crisis in the family, love, marriage or business relationships, you are threatens by job loss or you are sick, the surrounding cards shows how the situation will resolve. This card has big influence on surrounding cards, and if they are characters, people they represent may be the cause of an accident or you could see them responsible for your situation. It is possible that you had an accident in the family or loss someone beloved, or other unfortunate event i.e. the end of love/marriage/job loss/illness, etc, what may be the real cause of your feeling of misfortune, but if this card repeat in all three places past/present/future it means that you experience it all much worse than you should because in that way you jeopardize your health. If cards for the past and present are good, it is possible that you are in a period where you do not feel happy without some real objective reasons for that. If cards for past represent a person, maybe what they represent is a cause of your unhappiness, or may cause the actual accident. If card for the future also symbolize a person, what it represents is a symbol of the person on whom you can rely on to exit the period of the misfortune. If card for the future is unfavorable, unfavorable period continues, and if there is a "thief" or "Death" card it’s possible to that period ends before you expect. Because it may symbolically mean that a thief/death takes misfortune, unless question regarding the health of the person who is in very serious medical condition, then card "Death" may have a literal meaning. If this card is repeated in place for the past or the future, re-ask the question but in a different way to get an answer via cards, what is the cause of your feeling of unhappiness and misfortune. 41

CARD «ANGER» Meaning: anger, conflict, fight, frustration, strife stress, punishment, violence, abuse, trouble, bad mood or news, bad jobs, claims, disputes, dissatisfaction, lost or missed opportunity, sudden evil, accidents on the road, the difficulties in learning/ working/ love/marriage/business. This card meaning is easily deciphered by the image; smashed chair-some damage and 2persons one smaller with a red and yellow colors-symbolizing; passion action childishness, running with covered ears in an attempt to save himself from the beatings and the criticism and probably the consequences of its actions, and older person with a mustache and dark color represents authority and who is obviously yelling and holding hands in an attempt to punch him and show a lesson. The door contain 0 expect a fine for damage or shortage of money. The Anger card is a hint of minor or major problems, depending on whether it is surrounded by good or bad cards. The meaning of this card is multiple, and you should pay attention if it often repeats, because it means that querent could be faced with serious obstacles in life or with serious trouble or he is a troublemaker hotheaded bad tempered or clumsy person prone to accidents conflicts and fights. Regardless the cards for past and present, expect some trouble soon. Worse the card for the present worse it will be/bigger trouble. If with good cards, problem will be solved quickly, and if cards symbolizing persons, relate to home, illness or some other problem. Sort of difficulties with which you will be confronted are indicated by the meaning of the surrounding cards and their symbolism. If surrounded by "officer" or "judge" card, indicate possible problems with the law and other state institutions and persons, or if next to them are some good cards, a positive outcome of a problem with their mediation. If cards names the person, such as "Officer", "Judge", "Ecclesiastic","Lover", "Sweetheart", "Widow", "Widow" you could have a problems because of the relationship with that persons or officials, especially if you got "Officer“ card. If you got similar card for the past or present, be careful in any dialogue with the environment, because you could provoke a fight. If for example you get card "Death" for the past and for the present "Judge" or " Ecclesiastic" it is possible that you will have trouble relating to some kind of inheritance, same applies to the card "House" , etc. If cards for past and the present are e.g. "Lover," "Anger", "Widow", "Widower", etc. maybe you're in a love triangle without even knowing it. If card for past represent a person, especially an unfavorable "Thief", and card for present is "Love", "Lover", or "Sweetheart", and for the future card "Anger" it means that someone is stealing your love, i.e. there is a third party who interferes in your relationship. This card refers mainly on cards for past and present, and within the meaning of these cards, you can expect trouble. 42

CARD «MALADY» Meaning: malady, loss of health, all related to bad health/bed/sex, drowsiness, weakness, intoxication, pain, need for a break or rest, failure, stress, sorrow, depression, helplessness, worries, misery, overwork, late, lack of self-confidence, feeling of less worth, unfortunate event in family, unrequited Love, loss or troubled marriage/relationship, may indicate that you are lazy person or love to sleep, or are not yet ready to do something you need to do. This card shows a person in bed white color/misery disease, table with bottles and medicineillness intoxication or drunkenness, woman with bowed head pessimism. On the wall is a picture but no one looks at it- thinking only of yourselves and your problems. The basic meaning of this card is a disease but it can mean fatigue, moodiness, depression, weakness, or situations that can cause it, or sick atmosphere, for example in the home, at work, psychically problems etc. May indicate that the solution you have in mind in connection with the problem that is bothering you can be wrong or worsen the situation. This card is a warning to pay more attention to your health or a dear person or members of your family. For health question; it is not great, go to your doctor and make the necessary tests. If you are sick or have some health problems, and beside this card are some cards with positive meaning, the outcome will be good. If card for past is bad, what it symbolize led to illness or unhealthy conditions. If cards for past or for the future are good, you will get better quickly. If cards for past and present are good, you might be too loose or have to comfortable life, and don’t take enough care for your health, which may cause you a health problems. If cards for past and present are bad, you should change your behavior toward yourself and to environment the root. For love question, don’t worry too much about your emotional situation because that can cause you health problems. It may also mean that the atmosphere between you and your partner can become "sick" because of overwork, neglect, or loneliness. If you get, card widower, widow, Lover, Sweetheart, officer, judge or Ecclesiastic, you need to consult someone about the problem you are having. For business question; it is possible that this job is not for you, or will not be realized, especially if card for the future is bad. Don’t forget to watch the surrounding cards, to correctly read the meaning and give a precise answer to your specific question.


Meaning: the end of life or part of life, or some things or situation, transformation, changes, fear, sleep problems, insomnia, blockades, past, releasing, separation, parting, loss of a beloved one, it may indicate a physical death, but only if that is indicated by surrounding cards, in bad time is a good and in a good time bad omen. NO. This is a classic image of death; skeleton in a white robe and scythe over shoulder. Raised hand and index finger shows up at the gray clouds, beside a green wreath and probably monument-the message is clear. Meaning is the end, of life/some part of life or some situation, regardless of whether is it good or not for you or someone close to you. It can mean the end of a period that was quite tedious for you. It can mean the transformation, i.e. the need to start from scratch, or break with previous habits, lifestyle, work, marriage, and make a shift in new life in which everyone will notice a change on you physically, mentally and socially. If by cards "Love", "Lover/Sweetheart", be careful or you cold be a reason for some terminations, can mean that you are trying to finish or forget something. If surrounded by good cards, you have a chance to make a good turn in life, and with bad card; watch your move or you could make yourself a disservice.If cards for the past and present are good, or at least for the present, you can expect a favorable period to end and that something will happen why you will have to turn over a new page in life, relating to your questions. If cards for past and present are bad, this card may mean the end of a bad period and changes that may not initially be comfortable for you, but would mean a complete turnaround in your life, at least in part relating to question. If this card repeat in place for past and the present, you are too depressed and should seek professional advice in order to get out of that situation and ask the same question differently to see what kind of response you will get. 43

CARD "THOUGHT" Meaning: thought, thinking, learning, research, suggestions and concerns indecision, reflection, discussion, problems, excluded emotions, slowness, idea development, planning, worries and debts, seeking wisdom, impermanent love, reluctance to work, visit of a long unseen person, someone is thinking of you, young males, cousin or brother. In this card we see a young man sitting cross- legged, leaning on his elbow, in background is yellow circle of light or window, and two pillars thinner and thicker and the girl statue, colors are yellow red pink-love passion, but also blue-wisdom, brown-stability and grayneutral. Represents thinking muse concerns and worries most possible of romantic nature. This card is a symbol of insecurity in yourselves and those around you. You're pretty insecure, disoriented and don’t know whom to relay for advice or assistance. Meaning of this card is wide and depends on the question you asked and cards for past and present. If surrounding cards are bad, apparently a period of uncertainty regarding the main problem will continue, and if cards for the past and present are good, it is possible that you will success in what you are intend to do. However, the goal will not be so easily achievable as it may seems, on the contrary, you will be in periods when your reluctance and uncertainty will be dominant, which can hinder the realization of your plans. Something will happen what will make you think. If card for the past is bad and for the future is good, your insecurity comes from bad past experiences, situation is reversed, if card for the past is good and bad for the future, it means that you are currently in a crisis, or that your dilemma, should be rejected as unfounded, since it has no place. On the mental and emotional level can mean your indecision or indecisiveness of your partner, feeling of insecurity and need for support. In terms of health also indicates doubt in relation to health; need to go to the doctor and confirm or reject your doubts about health condition. It is possible that you have some ideas which may, if realized bring you money, a new job or acquaintances, but it's pretty unlikely that will happen.

CARD «SADNESS» Meaning: grief or sadness because of something/focus on past, tears, denial, depression, disappointment, sensitivity, self-pity, unfulfilled expectations, material problems, unwanted, negative. Card sadness means just that. Gray over the red color indicates the fail of some hopes/unfulfilled expectations. In the background is pure blue sky and brown color of the material world, which means that there is always a possibility for way out of bad situation but it should be recognized. In real life, it would be a woman recently divorced someone’s disappointed lovers, a woman with problems in interpersonal relationships, after a recent job loss or abortion. The message of this card is that there is always a possibility for out of negative situation we just need to see it and open ourselves to be able to enjoy the beauty of life and share happiness with others. Sometimes indicates passivity and unwillingness to grapple with life and leave black thoughts behind. You should be willing to except challenges and fight difficulties of life vigilantly and face them bravely instead being a victim of circumstances. If card for the present and the future are good it is possible that state of resentment and grief will soon pass, it is probably already behind you, if by cards with a bad meaning indicate that period will last. With cards representing persons they symbolize those who can help you overcome this feelings (if accompanied by a good cards), or they will be the reason for a grudge (if with bad cards or if symbolize bad person/ i.e. Theft.) If card for the present is bad and for the future card "thief" or "Death" that marks the end of a period of mourning as grief goes to the other way, someone will steal it away or bury it/symbolically, which means you will be drawn out from a state of despair and helplessness. If you are happy and satisfied and get this card for the past, it is possible that you hurt someone, and that someone has left in a very bad mood because of you, maybe even suffer because of parting with you, or you owe someone an apology, because this grief may not be yours, but you caused it to someone. It may also mean that you are sharing the sadness with someone because an event that you both were shaken. If this card repeat in a place for the present or the future, you should consult a psychologist, psychiatrist, priest, or any spiritual person, it is possible that you need good advice or help. 44

CARD «DESIRE» Meaning; longing for someone/something or for solution, focus on the future desired result, earthly hopes and concerns, expectations, desires, dreams wishes, fantasy, passivity, separation from beloved one, the efforts in the work and successes, the expectation of healing, anxiety, other woman. This card shows a woman kneeling, looking out the window to a scene of water-hopeclouds worries, green-growth renovation and apparently waiting for something/ expectations, hands on small table with a keyhole form on it maybe expect some key/solution. Behind her is a door/way out, and in front of her overturned picture frame, main colors are brown earthlike worries and blue wisdom, pink for Love, the curtain on the window is red expecting something good but question is what will happen? This card propose a step forward, enter into a new period of life where you have a chance to fulfill some of your wishes. Indicates what you long for/what you don’t have and wish to have, but you're not ready for that step. Means hesitation or second thoughts or you have more options to decide. It may also mean that you are waiting for something to happen or complete. You need to look at yourself and think about what you want and what you expect to happen? What you could do to get what you want, and what blockade or preventing you in that? What are you afraid? Maybe your past? Or consequences of these actions? Passivity and daydreaming are often no help in the search for solutions to your questions? You are afraid to make a mistake? Want to talk to someone? The solution may be quite far, perhaps the subject of your question; maybe you do not know what to do. It may also mean that you are ready for change, but only in words. Think about the past associated with a possible future. This card often indicate an optimistic life attitude. If it is repeated often in a prominent location, it is possible that you are quite unrealistic, or have many unfulfilled desires, and if beside card that represent person you like, feelings are mutual. With cards that represent feelings and thoughts, you should consider that your wishes are perhaps at the level of fantasy, with no real basis. In any case, it would be good to formulate question differently, and to see will it happen, because this is just a hint that you have greater ambitions in relation to love and in relation to a career.

CARD « HOPE» Meaning: hope, expectation, focus on a good future result, out of a difficult situation, positive change, improvement, the progress in the work, the expectation of beloved one, happy love, fear, anticipation, patience, something far away/time or space, may represent geographically distant countries, sea, travel, vacation. Card Hope is good, because no matter how bad the surrounding cards are there is a possibility that things turn in your favor. This means that something will happen that will give you the hope that the situation will get better for you. In any case, you should have more confidence in yourself, because obviously hope is something you lack. If you are by nature optimistic and enthusiastic, continue to behave in that way, no matter what kind of situation you find yourself in the future. Hope suggests you don’t give up a positive attitude in life, no matter what kind of cards you get for the past, especially if bad. If card for past is bad, and a good card for the future, the current crisis should not discourage you. If reversed, the card for the past is good and bad for the future, it is possible that your hopes are unrealistic, and that you need to be more cautious in dealing with the problems related to the question you asked. If cards for past or the future is"Love","Hope","Happiness" or good card or a card that represents a specific person,e.g."Lover","Sweetheart,""judge", "Widow", "Widower" etc. your hopes can be achieved with the help of people they represents. If you are a man and got card "Lover" or you are a woman and get card"Sweetheart", then you are the person who needs to try to realize your ideas, take the matters into your own hands. 45

CARD «FIDELITY» Meaning; faith, fidelity, loyalty, stubbornness, perseverance, reliability, honesty, devotion, a happy marriage, love without a glitch, good friends, tight "grip" for someone or something, long duration of something, promise, the commitment, out of some situation or problem, solution, peace, principles, traditions, calmness, kindness. Meaning of this card is clear: dog is a classic symbol of fidelity and loyalty to the grave, someone is loyal to you or you're loyal to something/someone, it can also mean a given promise, the commitment, main color is green renewal and growth, open door means literally out of a situation or a solution to the problem, cross is classic symbol of faith, loyalty, devotion, and flowers happiness-happy marriage, love without a hitch, good friends, peace, calmness, loyalty, profit and earnings in work. If surrounded by bad cards, or that representing people, it is possible that you are favored more than you think, in emotional or friendly relations. If you do not feel happy and have many problems, and around this card is one that represents you in cards reading, you have someone to rely on; you only need to turn around yourself to see that. It may also mean that you should not doubt in your attitudes and beliefs. This is a good card that promises you the safety of your position in love or work, depending on the questions you asked. In any case, you need to believe in the positive outcome of your situation. If card for past is bad and for the future is good, the bad period is behind you. If this card repeat in place for the past or the future, regardless of whether it is a question for a job or love, there's no reason to worry, the situation is stable. If cards for past and for the future are bad, this card can mean your too rigid stance or attitude or firmly holding your principles which don’t make you good. Perhaps you are too loyal to some obsessive idea, or to someone who doesn’t make you happy, to work that doesn’t bring you a profit, bad habits. In that case you should work on yourself and change something in your attitude toward life.

CARD «CONSTANCY" Meaning of this card is clear; all observing eye under the clouds, surrounded by rays of sun-yellow and pink-love, in the background it is fresh blue sky: constancy, permanence, persistence, perseverance, patience, peace, reliability, balance, moderation, stability, things remain the same, no changes, destiny, intuition, correct, true, maybe it's time to see the truth about something/ someone, look truth into the eye, warning keep eyes wide open, watching and waiting, monitoring, surveillance, someone observe you, pay attention to the surveillance cameras, can mean the profession regarding camera-mediatv-public performance and persons, happy marriage, happy love, a remarkable achievement, expected will be surely accomplished, ambition, diligence, praise and awards, pleasure, progress, steady long-lasting as the fidelity. Card Continuity means that a situation which was so far been variable becomes a constantpermanent. The meaning of this card is very important. It is a kind of a twist of fate. May mean something on which you will not be able to influence on any way, for example, someone’s decision, or unwavering attitude, status at work, emotional situation, strong emotions, etc. In any case, in the past you have been faced with something you could change or wish to / were forced to do so and now it’s steady. With cards symbolizing persons your life is ruled by others, or surrounded by strong people at work and in private life and they authority control you or you are under the strong influence of someone. It is possible that you are fatalist at heart and not a fighter, but live all to destiny. It is very interesting when this card appears in all three places, the past, present and future, because that indicate that you live a life on which you cant influence. Which does not mean that you do not need to try to change the situation if you do not like it and if get good opportunity for that. 46

CARD «FALSENESS» Meaning: lack of truth, dishonesty, deceit, lies, hypocrisy, injustice, scam, fake, fraud, abuse, corruption, inconsistency, gossip, intrigue, a sign that something goes bad, someone or something isn’t what it seems, caution in the work, risk of loosing the honor and money, false friends, stay away from new ones, don’t confide to anyone! Cat on this card is symbol of cunning and creativity-white with black- looks good-but holds a white bird- naive victim danger be careful not to become somebody's prey because of your naivety! Snake-venom! Cunningness can get you out of some dangerous situation. lot of wooden elements represent materialism and means a risk of material exploitation, clouds in background can mean worry, and windows with white rags-a disease or misery that needs to be overcome. Red roof probably happy outcome if behave carefully. Card Falseness means just that. If you were dishonest, then your dishonesty has led you to your current situation, and card for present will show what it is. It can also mean dishonesty of some person to you, for example, for love, question it is possible that the partner was dishonest with you, but if cards for present and future are good, don’t insist on explanation for that behavior. If with cards representing persons, especially;"lover",„Sweetheart", "Widow", "Widower", it is possible that someone is too much interfering in your life, or you live in a love triangle. If you get this card for the past, it is possible that relationship is terminated because of this reason. For job question; you might get the false promises that will not be fulfilled; it all depends on the cards you get for present and future. For health question, it is possible that the diagnosis is wrong, or you'll dealing with a doctor who will not be too open or don’t take seriously your problems. Surrounding cards will tell you to what is referred this card, are you not honest, or should be reserved and not showing emotion or someone behaves towards you in that way. It all depends on your question. Basically with this card you can expect issue from a person you trust. It may mean that you need to be quiet about something and don’t talk about it, and not open yourself to anyone because that could turn against you .

CARD «JEALOUSY» Meaning: jealousy, envy, love concern and displeasure, problems obstacles and interference in the relationship, infidelity, insecurity, distrust, doubt, suspicion, possessiveness, obsession, unhappy and unclear situation, the old unsolved problems, difficulties, discontent, impotence, hatred, anger, discontent in the work, lack of confidence, focus on the other, refusing to look at yourself and admit your mistakes. Card Jealousy speaks for itself. It shows us a love couple holding hands unaware that someone watches them hidden behind a tree- leaning-weakness of discovery or sick jealousy! holding a knife-affects-you are not aware of the danger! It is obvious that you are burden by someone's jealousy maybe your partner or the person for whom you are interested. Jealousy can mean envy, a sense of failure, anger and hatred directed toward yourself or others. It can also mean gossip or discovery of some scandal or romance, yours or from your environment it all depends on the surrounding cards. The more cards representing people around this card, it is likely that you are the subject of envy and gossip. If next to "House" card, it is possible that these people are not fond of you. If this card repeat in place for the past or future, you will be too concerned about the negative feelings and it may be that your anger becomes something that could make your life pretty much difficult. If cards for past and present are bad, your situation is much more difficult. If card for past is "Thief" and for present some good card i.e. nice feeling or a specific person, obviously someone in the past upset you so much that you still feel angry or betrayed. If cards for past and present represent people, then that persons will be the reason for your feeling of angry, jealousy or rage. 47

CARD «LOVER» Meaning and appropriate title: perfect ideal man in love "king of heart", qualities: strength, courage, fortitude, maturity, reputation, respect, help, support, lucky and reliable man on whom you can count on, good news, loyalty, admiration, may indicate impending love luck or marriage in the family, card lover represents you if you are a man querent or your partner if you are a woman querent. It can also mean any man who can bring you good luck or help solve the problem. This cards chows a well dressed man with a mustache- maturity reputation respect, in his right hand holding a sword pointed downward-peaceful not against you, relies on the swordpower help support, wooden floor- material stability, stands firmly on the ground, heart in the background -love courage sportsmanship and other good qualities more appropriate name for this card is perfect man in love –knight or king of heart. In the background is a table with yellow tablecloth and vase with red flowers-happiness. If you get this card and you are woman, no matter how bad surrounding cards, you have all the chances to solve problems with the help of a dear person, current partner or someone who you can relay on. If you are single or have love problems, they are likely to be positively solved, or you'll meet someone who will be your match. For question related to the job or finance, the man for whom you are emotionally attached/ someone you know for a long time or will meet him soon, will help you to solve the problem, it may be someone who you used to like, or if you are a man a friend of yours. Means possibility to meet someone at work who will be very significant to you in the emotional sense, and if you are a man, that could be a long friendship. It may also mean that you will get a chance to win a girl or a woman and to enter into a serious relationship with her, and the quality of that relationship will depend on you and your willingness to engage in that way. If you are single and don’t have a partner, then it symbolizes your last significant relationship, i.e. person you were emotionally attached. If you got this card for past, it is obvious that someone left a mark in your life and you still think of him or you cant terminate the connection even if you want to. If card for the present is bad, the problems in love life would continue. If cards for the present and for the future are bad, situation will hardly be fixed anytime soon between the two of you. If cards for the present are good and bad for the future, your relationships will be only temporary fixed and possible problems again. If with cards "Widow", "Widower", "officer" there is a possibility of interference in love life, or love triangle. If this card repeat for the present or the future, if you are a man you are holding the strings of your life in your hands, and if you are women relationship has a chance to survive if cards for the present and future are good, including the card " Sweetheart" which symbolizes you if you are a woman or your partner if you are a man, the relationship is stable, especially if with good cards, e.g. "hope", "love", "fortune", etc. For health question, can mean that emotional problems are the cause of disease or health problems, or that you can relay and trust to your physician and his abilities. If you changed the doctor, maybe the previous one was better, especially if card for the present is not favorable. 48

CARD «SWEETHEART» Meaning and appropriate title: strong sensitive woman in love/Queen of heart, a good female person, good news, loyalty, fidelity, admiration, friendship, love, recent marriage in the family. Women on this card is wearing a long pink ruffled dress-turbulent feelings and love emotions, yellow shirt-passion, white veil on her head with red flowers means she hopes a happy marriage, holding a sheet of paper writing /poetry romance, in the background are 2 golden pillars on the lower and wider pillar is kupid/deity of love, and a heart-classical symbol of love, there are plenty of green/ blooming emotions and affection. Meaningful name for this card is a woman in love/Queen of heart. This card represents woman querent, and means that the development of events in the future in business or love largely depends on you. No matter whether you are single, married or in relationship, if this card is surrounded by cards symbolizing persons, you will be invited to a big company, and if surrounding cards represent feelings its reflects the state of your soul.For man querent this card represents his sweetheart women partner or a dear person, and if single suggests possibility for a new emotional relationship, or if you are happy in a relationship partner fidelity, unless surrounding cards are negative, then it is interpreted in that context. If you get this card for the past or present, you are more powerful and more able to cope with problems than you think. If you are single and cards for the past and present are good, you need to pay more attent ion to your love life and give it some priority. If you are a man this card is a woman who will be very important in your life, whether in work or love. If you get the same card for the past and present you are in a relationship with someone who is "tied" to you karmic connection - regardless to lesson you need to learn from that relationship. CARD «BABY» Meaning: something small/little/new, it is a card of new beginnings in any area of life, dependence on others/someone, immaturity, inexperience, naiveté, frivolous actions, play, fun, childishness, pregnancy, baby, child, sometimes good and sometimes not, changeable situation. Signifier for question about child. This cards shows a little baby small, helpless, dependant on others, in a cradle-swingable/changable sometimes good and sometimes not. Card baby can mean the specific child, your, or some people important to you, or your future child, or a job that is in its infancy, creative idea or something you consider as your "baby." It could also mean that you can become a parent, or have problem with children. For job question this card means that situation is not ripe to make this work came to life and made enough money, or profit that you expect. It can mean that you are not mature enough for the situation, and that you can be too childish when required to show determination. For love question; expect a beautiful relationship, or demanding partner with whom you will have to be quite engaged because he will behave immature/like a baby! In this case, never force a relationship, but give him a chance to"grow up"as it your too authoritarian attitude or excessive requirements put may frighten him. You need to act protectively towards your partner but very delicately so he don’t notice you consider him immature. Card "baby" have no great significance when in place for past, unless you had problems with the children, in that case, pay attention to the cards for present and future. If you have children, this card indicates increased engagement and care about them, and can mean the disease, spoiled, or that they are preparing a pleasant surprise for you. It can also mean someone who is very significant in you life, and acted childishly in a situation that required a lot more maturity and seriousness.It is possible that you were childish in some situation requiring seriousness. If you have a specific problem with the child and cards for the present and future are bad, formulate a question otherwise and think of the child in this case, the cards will relate to it. If cards for present or future are good, the situation regarding your plans, projects or sin relation to some problems related to children have all the chances to get a good finish. 49

CARD «WIDOW » Meaning and appropriate name: grieving woman/widow, or any older woman affected by some misfortune or serious illness, mother, cousin, loneliness, solitude, fidelity, worry, resentment, discord, work without success, can mean divorce breakup or termination, cargo, sadness, sorrow, fidelity, regrets for someone or something from the past, refusing to live in the present, misery, disease, more appropriate namegrieving woman who grieves for someone or something, or hold fast to the past, in the background are houses-normal life, church tower–solitude and faith, and green-recovery option but she is facing to the past and not pay attention on anything else because she is too focused on the past, there are hill-obstacles to be overcome in order to have a normal life again. Card Widow is a symbol of an older woman, probably from the family, mother, aunt, grandmother, mother in law, etc, and can represent you if you are divorced or widow. Represents the feelings of loneliness or solitude, sadness, can indicate a disease to a spouse. The man, who gets this card, can expect a connection with a woman who is divorced or widowed. If the surrounding cards are unfavorable, may mean transient feelings of loneliness and resentment, or the negative impact of some women on you, so it would be good to avoid out company of persons who transfer on you a negative thoughts, moods and pessimistic view on life. It can mean your fear that your partner could be sick, or if it is already the case, that the disease could end badly, or if you're in an argument, fear of terminating the relationship. If you already disconnect from someone, this card indicates the fear of loneliness. It is possible that the relationship broke because of mixing in relationship. If other cards are good the sense of loneliness and resentment that will soon occur is temporary. If repeated this card in place for the past and present indicate a bad mood or situation will continue. For business question posible intrigues and inconvenience from other women.

CARD «WIDOWER» Meaning and appropriate name: grieving-widower, can be any single or elderly man, affected by some misfortune or serious illness, sad, unhappy, old age, memories, past, a man from the past, someone who "lives in the past," the father, cousin, possible deceased person, poverty, misery, strife in the family. On the business plan indicates the possibility of leaving the job-quit and termination. Card Widower represent an older man who is obviously standing beside grave at the cemetery, but does not have to be literally a widower, but may be divorced, or older, so it is more appropriate name is grieving man, mening weakness/disease, sad, still not ready to face the future, lot of green-recovery and renewal, and stone elements-foundation/tradition/ attachment, high stone fence with closed doors -maybe he seclude himself, part of a bluesky/ transience peace. this person is in some way significant for you, on the emotional or professional level, may signifies a sense of obligation toward an older man, or a person which had a great impact on your current situation, especially if with card "Judge" or "Ecclesiastic" then can represent your boss, father/father figure whose influence you wish to get rid of or need to rely on such a person and expect much from him. It can be a symbol of wealthy men toward whom you have some obligations, or complex, or relationship with him burdens you in some way. Indicates a period of solitude. For men querent signifies a new period in life in which you will have to relay on yourselves in many areas, at work and in private life. If you have a serious crisis in the relationship or marriage, breakup is possible. Can mean contact with person who will not bring a lot of happiness, but will burden you with his problems. For women querent this card have better meaning because it means a meeting with a free man, who may not be in the true sense of the word widower, but in some way free, divorced/ abandoned or possible renovation of the former relationship. Maybe cards for the present show more about your relationship with this person. If you had a longer significant relationship which you ended or marriage that ended in divorce, if you are a woman this card can represent your husband, and if you're a man then another man who was dominant or interfered in your relationship or marriage, regardless of whether he was emotionally attached to your wife or was concerned a family member. If cards for present and future are good, relationship which probably was not cleared up to the end with that person will be improved, if you got bad cards, the situation may become even worse for you. This card maybe tells you should let go the bitterness you feel towards someone or something and free from past turn to the future. 50

CARD «ECCLASIASTIC» Meaning and appropriate name: spirituality, spiritual person, a believer, soul, faith, religion, power of prayer, peace, protection, relief, calmness, calmness, support, conscience, conscience, firm convictions, someone who clings to his views and principles, happiness and joy, parenting, progress in life, the appointment (in any position), large decisions, illness at home, sin, ceremonies, may represent authorities, father, teacher, organizations and institutions, the day Sunday. This card symbolizes a spiritual person or a religious person in the literal sense of the word, also psychologist, or a person that you consider very good, moral, or authority in spiritual terms. It can also mean a solemn act, for example, a church wedding or baptism. Your relationships with faith you belong are strong and you should continue to cherish them in some form and listen to what is your soul trying to tell you about the question you ask? For job question, it may represent a person of high rank who is highly respected, and will help you solve a business problem easily, or to consider job related to helping others or not paid much but will make you happy. For love question, if you have a partner and a lot of problems, you should go to church together or seek the advice of professionals, counselors, psychologists, or an older prominent member of the family. This card in place for the future is a message that you need to change your life by becoming more noble, and to deal more with the problems of others than your own, you need to be more focused on faith and spiritual life, regardless of the cards for the past and present, especially if they are bad. In place for past and present, regardless of the question, this card can mean negative energy that can be remedied with the help of prayer, church, etc. In any case, you need to turn to the spiritual life, and focus more on the spiritual rather than material values. Maybe you need to forgive someone even if you are not aware of that.


Meaning and appropriate title: judgment/evaluation/ watch carefully your move! Lawsuits and litigation, legal issues, business with the court, honesty, justice, balance, logical thinking, decision, control, tax, inspections, inheritance, responsibility, victory, reasonableness, integrity, accountability, objectivity, intolerance, separation, divorce, fateful decisions, the official interviews. Someone in power/function, the dominant person, may represent a husband, a father, lawyer, judge, doctor, or person of higher education. Weighing the good and bad, to understand the problem from all sides. Beware of misjudgment or possible material loss! This card shows an older man sitting in a fine red armchair- luxury, good foundation, looking up-optimism and left-think about something in the past, with pen in his right handwriting or calculating something, left hand gesture stop- needs time to decide something, in the background dominate wooden element and brown- good financial situation and yellowrisk, a statue of Justice rising arm with a sword-action and danger, and in other hand holding a scale that is slightly skewed-out of balance/beware of misjudging or follows a material loss! Card judge is a symbol of justice, the rights and state institutions. Represents a roadmap to solve your problems in the future, i.e. for your problem you need to contact a suitably qualified person, e.g. a lawyer- if it’s necessary to demand your rights on court, doctor- for health question, psychologist or counselor for marriage question, or some influential person for job question etc.If surrounding cards are favorable expect an official solution that will be convenient for you, and vice versa if they are negative situation shall not be favorable anytime soon. If cards for past and present are good and this card is for the future, you can expect something formally or in written form, for example, marriage, new job, inheritance, etc. If this card repeat in a place for the past and present, situation you are facing will not be changed or resolved quickly. Perhaps the question should be set differently. Only for the specific questions you can get precise answers! On the mental and psychological level may mean that you are too hard on yourself and others, or often take the role of a judge what makes you conflict person and that will reflect bad cards for the past or the future around this card. If they are good, it means that now it is the time to make a final decision in connection with problems you have. 51


Meaning and appropriate title: thievery-stealing, someone wants something yours, negative person, loss, abuse, gullibility, deception, thwarted confidence, secrets, cheating, fraud, corrupt, greed, exploitation, embarrassment, worry, awkward sensitive situation, unsafe and dangerous position, the threat to property honor and reputation, beware of potential damage and loss! Card Thief suggests some damage in your home in the near future, sense of loss, or that’s how you will feel about something "stolen" or that you are in immediate danger of something unpleasant happen, for example, that someone steal you, use your idea, or transfer some of your word or lose your trust so that you may be on damage because of that. It may also mean that in your environment is someone who can cause you a problems and damage. If surrounded by bad cards, troubles continue, in some cases can mean that theft is stealing your misery or bad luck i.e. lucky strike considering your question. If you already experienced some unexpected loss expenditure/expense, you will not easily get out of financial trouble. Sometimes this card indicates the loss on the emotional plane, especially if the surrounding cards represent people. If surrounded with cards that represent feelings something will occur that will change your mood, if good to bad and vice versa. If you get the same card for the past or some bad i.e. "falseness", "Anger", and bad card for the future it would be good to change something in your life, starting with less confide to people, to watch who comes to your house, to secure valuables, check the locks in the home, car, etc. If cards for past are good and bad for the future, it may indicate that because of your naivety and simplicity, you can get into trouble of which you can’t even dream of. When you get this card, especially if it repeats again in place for the future this or any other bad card, don’t take credit, loan or give money to anyone on loan or be a guarantor.

CARD «ENEMY» Meaning and appropriate name: hostility, resistance, obstacles, bad moods and negativity, discord in the home, self-doubt, someone or something harmful, enemy, intruder, vices, addiction, illness, intrigue and gossip, machinations of others with your loved one, loss of business, difficulties in working or studying, a danger to the health and prosperity, this is a card that says that you can be your enemy. With Enemy card you must be very careful because you can be faced with something unpleasant, it can be a situation or hostility of a specific person. Maybe you are angry because some obstacle on your way, or you are in hurry and think that someone is obstructing your efforts in terms of career, realizing your plans or love life. You should change either your environment or you attitude toward it. Maybe without you even knowing it you somehow provoke others in someway, to behave that way towards you. Cards that represent the persons represent those who may be hostile towards you.Card enemy is clear, if card for the present symbolize you (i.e. if you are a woman; "Sweetheart" or "widow" if you are widowed or divorced, or if you are a man "lover" or "widower" if you are at a mature age, divorced or widower), it is obvious that this hostility was directed directly towards you and because of something what is contained in the question you asked. If cards for the present or the future are bad, you will be faced with problems in the framework of what they symbolize, relating to question you asked. With cards representing characters such as“Judge", "Ecclesiastic" or "officer" indicates possible troubles with authorities, police, customs, etc. For love question, obviously there are many who do not wish you well and who are jealous of you and your relationship. For health question, it is possible that you are dealing with the wrong doctor or misdiagnosis. If the same card that represents you repeat for the future, can mean bad habits, and that you are an enemy to yourself. In that case pay more attention on your lifestyle and your habits. 52

CARD "OFFICER" Meaning: officer/soldier/policemen, safety and security, uniformed person or job, authority, official or important person, the person who follows the rules or do everything correctly, orderly, strict, perfectionist, true, power, hard, honest, honors, stubborn, domination, office, duty, work, business, boring, tedious, victory over enemies, you will experience the honors, overcome obstacles, enjoyable experience, a new acquaintance, love affairs, flirting, the problems in getting married, good friend or protector, colleagues, competitors if men querent. Card officer in the literal sense can mean any person who wears a uniform, i.e., a military man, police officer, doctor, athlete, or anyone who carries some kind of protective uniforms at work for some reason; this person has some kind of impact on your life. Can represent your father, husband, and you if you were some uniform at work, but it’s always representing a man not a woman, even if they are police officer, working for the military or a doctor, athlete, then it’s your colleague from work. For women querent this card if surrounded by cards with well- meaning can mean love affair or marriage with a uniformed person. If cards for past or the future are good, a person who fits this description may be someone who will help you solve a problem that is bothering you, or who will have a very large impact on the development of the events in your life. If cards for past are good and bad for the future, with this card it requires you a caution in dealing with uniformed people to avoid trouble in life. If reversed, card for the past is bad and card for the future is good over such a person you can solve a problem that is bothering you. If this card repeat in place for the past or the future, pay attention to the first person who call you and fits the description of this card, it may be the key to solving your problem or may be the person you need to contact regarding the question you set.

7. Examples for combined card meaning You can start deciphering card meaning by carefully looking at the image on each card consider each card as a rebus and try to create a picture / term they are referring. Cards images can be seen as letters or words! Because of that they have different meanings depending on how they are lined up; also their meaning depends on the time and circumstances of the querent to whom you are interpreting the cards meaning. In this book are images of each card with a short text beneath that describes its comprehensive meaning/keywords, their combination gives new meaning! Following is an example of combining the basic meaning of two cards/ card house with other 35cards from this deck. To determine the combined meaning put cards together one beside another, and look at them, do you have some association? What you think they are trying to tell you together? In this example set House card with other card from the deck. Then compare ther images and brief text given in this book below each card, e.g. for House card see page 35;" Meaning: house, home, family, good and evil in relation to family, real estate, buildings, private business, safety and security, decency, marriage, success, reasonable decisions, new connections and friendships" so generally card house means a house, home, family, or any building, real estate, buildings, private business, safety and protection, in conjunction with other cards can also mean other places. if you interpret card house in this example with card baby see page 49;"Meaning: something small/little/new, it is a card of new beginnings in any area of life, dependence on others/someone, immaturity, inexperience, naiveté, frivolous actions, play, fun, childishness, pregnancy, baby, child, sometimes good and sometimes not, changeable situation. Signifier for questions about the child."Conclusion combined together can mean; a child in the home, nursery, playroom, maternity, the planned restoration and renovation, new house, good news. In same way we can determine combined meaning with other cards for example; 53

House and Sweetheart - for man house/apartment of your beloved one, for women your house/apartment. House - Lover --- for men - your home, for f – home of your beloved one House-Widower-grave, abandoned houses, flat-solitary bachelor hotel, studio, older male in the house or going on in the house of the elderly male, House - Widow --- grave, house by the cemetery, the old house of your mother or grandmother. The reverse has the same meaning. House - Officer --- building in which you work, colleagues, building firms, police stations, military barracks, the building of a public company House - Enemy --- house around the corner, criminals apartment, armory, basement, cellar, visit of a bad peoples, bad events in the house, House - Thief --- place where is hiding something, or something that will disappear and not be found, prison, hidden structures, the house is not easy to spot, the secret of the building, safe, pantry, larder. House - Judge / courthouse, government buildings and companies, Assembly, embassies, residence of an influential man, important decisions regarding real estate or your family. House - Ecclesiastic - church, monastery, father's house or inherited property. House - Letter -mail, letterbox, airport, bird’s house, nest, cages, tree, House - Message -- stories in the house, or someone’s brings the news, radio and television building and transmitter, shops, sports center. House - Journey - way out the house, the house next to the road or out of town, tent, caravan, cottage, farm, stables, garage, parking lot, gas station, cars saloon, motel, hostel, House/Journey/Death -old houses, country or grandparents houses, House - Gift --- luxury home, sweet home, candy shops, jewelers, richly decorated house, beauty salon, boutique, House -Money big house, money that comes into the house, the bank, Treasury, Hous –merriment fun at home, coffee shop, cafe, concert hall, restaurant, music studio, public buildings, square, guests return to the homeland, House - Wedding --- marriage or wedding in the house some family member, a strong attachment to the family, a wedding hall, ballroom, altar, House – unexpected joy - modern apartment, distribution companies, unusual buildings, skyscrapers, country houses, holiday homes, circus. House - fortune - house in a fertile plain,"the house of plenty", hypermarket, shopping mall, department store, greenhouse, bakers, butchers, progress House - Accident - firehouse , the building in flames, red building, destroyed buildings, low energy, give old things, groundwater, House - Ange r --- battle over property, fighting or violence in the home, gym, fitness boxing , craft workshops, factories, House - falseness - house in a state of decay, failure, you are not welcome, ghetto, p ublic houses, septic tanks, sewage stations, landfills. House - malady - illness in the home, chronic fatigue, hospital, health center, pharmacy. House - Death --- old or demolished houses or buildings, chapel, House - Thought --- educational institutions, schools, college, institute, House - Desire ---house or apartment with lots of windows, cinema, shopping center, a woman who is waiting for you at home your mother or wife. House - Sadness --- hospitals, depression, sad woman in house, House - Hope --- raft house or near see, dock, house abroad, artist's studio , embassies, fish shop, aquarium, swimming pool, water supply stations, fountain, hotel, your sister or a younger woman in your house. House - Hope - gift --- luxury hotel House - Fidelity --- you feel most comfortable at home or this is your house, family house, resort, spa, friends apartment, durable building, veterinary facilities, pet shop, zoo or exhibition hall House-Constancy- honest people and truth in the house, built in a good place, talents, familiar house, buildings in a visible place, or illuminated, museum. House - Jealousy --- house in which you don’t wish to go, worry in the home, the building under surveillance, secret service inspections or police building. In same way you can get combined meaning for all other cards! 54

REMEMBER; Meaning of each card is relatively easily deciphered, although it should not be taken too literally! Reading is result of all cards in the spread! For interpretation of each card it is important to consider meaning of all cards in the spread and other elements considering the question and querent situation. When using this deck it's essential that you should concentrate less on the significance of the individual cards than on their relative positions and the overall meaning suggested by their arrangement in the layout. Cards are explicit enough in their connotations to make a detailed explanation unnecessary, this book gives you basic information’s about cards meanings spreads and examples of combined meaning but kip in mind these are just examples of interpretation and don’t be restricted by it! On YOU is to perfect your skill by LEARNING and PRACTICE with cards AND DISCOVER YOUR INTUITION that when once found will become your strongest ally and guide to successful resolution of every problem and finding answer to ANY question that you might be faced in life! When predicting always be careful and considerate! Your part is to help the examiner to understand its situation and options and choose a future! Don’t give advice if you're not asked! Don’t insist that you are right and don’t persuade others in your opinion! There is a rule 4D never predict, death, disease, disaster and divorce

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