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GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

B. Chapter 1 – Introduction

1.1Background of the Project Computers nowadays play major and vital roles in our daily lives. They don’t just simply store and process simple data; they also automate daily activities and systems that utilize daily living. They are used in transportation, medical practices, financial transactions, security transactions and many more. One of the important functions of a computer is to be able to store and operate a certain system. Systems vary from payroll, information systems, to inventory, accounting and many more. These systems make storing and data processing faster, accurate and easy. That is why many of present establishments, may it be public offices, business establishments and/or organizations use computerized systems to keep and utilize their files to avoid errors thus produce accurate computations and speed up production of data. One of these systems is a Payroll system. This type of system can compute for payroll and generate reports, may it be computations on benefits and deduction and as well as the monthly payroll. They can also possess some features that are available to other system like number processing and calculations, increase security and many more. Business establishments keep records about their employee like their benefits and rate to have their payroll every month. These information’s take too much time and manual records take up so much office space. Furthermore, manual payroll systems may encounter many errors possess the possibility that some records may be lost and this system lacks password protection that leads to unauthorized access on essential


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City information and personal use. Even though these manual systems pose these disadvantages, many business and even government establishments use these kinds of payroll systems because they are cheap. Santol Computer World Plus uses a manual type of data filing and payroll and because of these, they are experiencing problems such as difficulty in finding certain records, errors on payroll and income, and there is no password protection that would make the process secured thus is essential on their payroll. The manual data filing, manual computations and unsecured process are the main problem of this research. These reasons made the proponents decide to make a computerized payroll system and includes employee information system for Santol Computer World Plus which makes the system more secured, makes it easier to find employee files and manipulate records for the administrator used and produced accurate computations and payroll reports. The Santol Computer World Plus Computerized Payroll System or SCWPCPS is the best way to solve all the problems relating on manual based processed of the establishment and will provide end-users easier access to employee records, payroll management and more secured process than before.

1.1.1 Company Profile The company is Santol Computer World Plus and it is located at # 05 First St. Corner Fendler, New Asinan, Olongapo City. Santol Computer World Plus has started its operation on November of the year 2005 and now on its 3rd year of service. It is a computer reseller company, offering computer sales and service. It is a sole proprietor, owned and managed by Mr. Norman SD. Paguia


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City with his wife Mrs. Joanne Paguia with twelve employees serving the entire City of Olongapo and near provinces and cities like Zambales and Bataan. The company uses a computerized inventory system, while in their payroll, they used computer but using an excel program, there are difficulty in storing the information because they just saved it as a file and they don’t have any database. Also it consumes time for finding records. There is no security that there could be anybody manipulate the payroll for personal purpose.

Services Offered: •

Computer parts and accessories reseller

Computer services such as PC troubleshooting, networking, formatting, PC assembly and installation.

1.1.2 Locale of Study

Figure No.1.1 Map of Olongapo City (Gordon College Olongapo to Santol Computer World Plus)


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

1.1.3 Organizational Structure

Figure No. 1.2 Organizational Chart of Santol Computer World Plus


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

1.1.4 I.T Equipment and Facilities Equipment/Facility • Computer Specifications: • Intel Core 2 Duo processor • 1Gigabyte RAM • 160 GB hard disk drive • Operating System: Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Description • •

Sales Department

Technical Department

A power-driven machine that is used to store, retrieve and process data. There are 6 computers available in the whole establishment which is located at sales and technical department. It serves as workstations of the employees. It is where computer parts and accessories selling take place. All the technical work is done here.

Table No. 1 I.T Equipment and Facilities

1.2 Objectives of the Project 1.2.1 General Objective The system aims to develop the Santol Computer World Plus Payroll System that would give easy access to employee information within a short period of time and produce accurate payroll reports.

1.2.2 Specific Objective 1. To be able to create a system that would meet the needs of the computer reseller establishment. 2. To be able to provide easy access to employee data records using database and accurate file storage.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City 3. To replace the manual payroll system of the establishment. 4. To develop a system that allows add, edit, save and delete certain records and, 5. Provide accurate reports on payroll and employee records.

1.3 Scope and Limitation of the Project The research study entitled “Santol Computer World Plus Computerized Payroll System (SCWPCPS)” aims to provide a computerized payroll system that will suit the needs of the company activities regarding payroll and employee records. The proposed system enables an easy access to employee information. It allows the end users to do task such as adding, editing, saving records and as well as deleting employee information. It shows summary of the employee information including their benefits, deduction etc. It also includes computations essential to a payroll system. It also produces outputs and data reports pertaining to the payroll every pay period. The system could only compute certain amounts that the end-user inputs and basically some of the numbers are fixed for security such as the rate and the deductions. It will also show the total amount of the wages of the employee per pay period. The system can only be access by the administrator or the manager so that the records are protected and secured. It will only allow the user to view, add, edit, save, and delete certain records and print out employee information and payroll summary report. The other features are you can locked the system when you have another appointment to do or some other work to do to avoid other person to hacked the system. To unlock it, you must have the admin password. Also you can add new user for to use the system and if you forgot your password, you can get it but you have the admin password. And the


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City system has its own calculator to compute basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots etc. that could help the user for basic computations.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Chapter 2 Conceptual Framework This chapter discusses the review of related literature and previous studies of payroll system. It states the similarities and differences of the previous studies to the present study which is entitled “Santol Computer World Plus Computerized Payroll System”.

2.1 Review of Related Literature and Studies A. Related Literature 1. Foreign Source Payroll According to, Payroll is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the process of paying employees for services rendered. It does so after processing the various requirements for withholding of money from the employee for payment of payroll taxes insurance premiums, employee benefits, garnishments and other deductions. The term 'payroll' encompasses every employee of a company who receives a regular wage or other compensation. Some employees may be paid a steady salary while others are paid for hours worked or the number of items produced. All of these different payment methods are calculated by a payroll specialist and the appropriate paychecks are issued. Companies often use objective measuring tools such as timecards or timesheets completed by supervisors to determine the total amount of payroll due each pay period.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City For small business owners, keeping enough cash in a payroll account is often one of their highest priorities. Even if the business itself hasn't become profitable, employees must still be compensated for their services. This is why many smaller companies prefer to keep their payroll obligations as low as possible until they've reached a certain level of profitability. It's not unusual for small business owners to forego their own salaries in order to meet their payroll obligations. Setting up an effective payroll system is not especially difficult for trained accountants, but it can be very time consuming. Some smaller businesses rely on user-friendly computer software to set up a simple payroll system complete with check printers and file storage. Larger companies may assign trained accountants to handle payroll issues as part of their overall duties. But many businesses without the means to maintain their own payroll systems choose to farm out this task to outside specialists. Since payroll records are based on objective criteria such as timecards and federal tax forms, outside accountants can perform all of the calculations, store all of the year-to-date data and issue paychecks in a timely fashion. Employers simply need to update these payroll companies with changes in employee pay rates or deductions. Employee Employee means a person who has been employed in agency(s) subject to the executive authority of the Governor for an aggregate twelve (12) months service and who have performed at least 1250 hours of work in such


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City agency(s) during the twelve (12)-month period immediately preceding the need for family-medical leave according to

2. Local Source Payroll/Personnel System According to, The Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) is centrally maintained but operated individually by each campus. PPS is the university's human resources and payroll system and contains a wide variety of employee demographic, employment, and payroll data, both current and historical. The primary purpose of PPS is to ensure that all employees are paid properly and in a timely fashion and to support payrollrelated reporting requirements of both the university and external agencies. A team of programmers at UCOP maintains PPS. This team functions as a software vendor, making changes to the "base" version of PPS and distributing these changes to each location. The campus is responsible for the integration of the changes into its local operational PPS. Campuses are permitted to make local changes to PPS within a set of guidelines that ensures that local changes do not compromise the integrity of the system or jeopardize correct and timely payment to all employees, and that they implement UC Human Resources policy uniformly. Employees are the ultimate customers of PPS, but the users are campus central office personnel (e.g., payroll, human resources, and benefits) as well as departmental personnel assistants and other authorized campus staff.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

B. Related Studies 1. Foreign Studies EzWagez Payroll System According to EzWagez Payroll System was designed to be a small business payroll system developed with Microsoft VB.NET technology. Designed for the small business owner who has simple payroll needs, saving hundreds of dollars in payroll administration costs. Automatically calculates net paycheck amounts using the latest Federal income tax tables as provided by the IRS. You can use EzWagez even if your employees earn tips or Advance Earned Income Credit. Computes totals for the quarterly form 941 return as well as state unemployment returns. Provides payment history reports per employee and for the Company. Combines sophistication and ease of use. Here are some key features of 'EzWagez Payroll System':Contacts are grouped under categories and subcategories of your own design.Several properties can be assigned to every contact. Displays detailed property information like asking price, listing, rental status and more.Photos, videos and document can be associate with every property.Separate notes per contact and property.An unlimited number of alerts and reminders.Mail merge capability for any contacts that you select.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City Similarities: Both systems store information about employees and staffs on any organization. Both systems also have the same principle of keeping and automating payroll process on small businesses and companies. Difference: EZWages Payroll System is copyrighted, although users are welcome to use materials freely for non-commercial purposes, providing acknowledgement of the EZWages source while Santol Computer World Plus Computerized Payroll System (SCWPCPS) is non-copyrighted and is only design to be used Santol Computer World Plus. Also EZWages is now used globally because it is freely downloadable while SCWPCPS is only to be used at Santol Computers.

Mamut Payroll According to Mamut Payroll is a user-friendly, HMRC accredited payroll system developed specifically for small and mid-sized UK businesses.This feature-rich software allows you to professionally manage your company’s payroll in-house, and is affordably priced for even the smallest business. It gives you better control of this important process with an up-to-the-minute overview of all payroll related information , cost savings by performing payroll yourself, eliminating the costs of outsourcing, and peace of mind


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City knowing your staff are paid correctly and on time, and that you are HMRC compliant. Similarities: Both systems aim to give efficiency to generating payroll and to eliminate unnecessary errors in creating records and computations on payroll. Both systems also aim to keep records for easy access and use. And they promote cost-savings by performing payroll by the administrator or the manager. Differences: Mamut Payroll is an international system that is distributed on the internet and DVD installers that is used globally. Mamut Payroll is copyrighted on United Kingdom, while SCWPCPS is design only to fit the needs and daily tasks of Santol Computer World Plus. The Mamut Payroll has its elimination of outsourcing and it is HMRC compliant.

2. Local Studies JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2006 JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2006 is a Client-Server based Integrated Personnel and Complete Payroll System specifically designed for Philippine use. It is composed of THREE major modules namely the TIME ATTEANDANCE SYSTEM, PAYROLL SYSTEM AND HRIS SYSTEM all rolled into one complete system. The system automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City records fast and easy. To ensure the security maintenance of JeonSoft Payroll System, it is bundled with JADE (Jeonsoft Administrative Enforcer) programmed to protect the security transactions of your system. Users will be asked to enter their login name and password to confirm if they are entitled to access the system. Using JADE, Administrators can also assign a specific module for employees to access since they are only entitled to access modules that are related to their work according to Similarities: Both systems aim to automate payroll computation and retrieval and recording of employee records fast and easy. Both systems also aim to provide outputs for its end-users and generate data reports, and they promote password secured systems. Differences: The JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2006 is a client-server based that is all information are through the administrator while SCWPCPS is a client based system that is accessed and manipulated only by one person. Also Jeonsoft has three modules attendance system, payroll system and HRIS system while SCWPCPS is mainly concerned on payroll computation and doesn’t need time system and HRIS system. Basically Jeonsoft is for big organization because it has general capabilities while SCWPCPS has only specific capabilities that is needed by the beneficiary.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City Cleantouch Payroll System The software is written for big size business & mills to control records of employees & their salaries. It allows you to record leaves of employees along with leave application and leave cashment features. Employees divided into two categories (General / Worker) to maintain records properly. Daily based attendance system can be utilized for both type of employees along with overtime and badli (another worker / staff worked in case of absent of regular staff / worker). There is an option to track record of loan and advances to staff / worker. Salary system comprises on Basic Amount, Attendance Allowance, C.L.A., Index, Badli, Conveyance, House Rent, Medical, and Other salaries along with deduction like Advance, Loan, and Income Tax by percentage, Canteen, F.P.Shop & Excess. Extra Work Payment Sheet are separately available for both type of employees containing daily extra work detail in hours, total overtime hours, salary rate and overtime amount. There is an option to generate full and final sheet incase of employees willing to resign from job. Inputs: Shifts Master File, Staff Master File, Leaves Master File, Leaves Allotment, Shift wise Staff Transfer, Leave Applications, General Staff Attendance, Workers Attendance, Staff Loan / Advance Payment, Staff Loan / Advance Receipt, Monthly Paysheet for General Staff, Monthly Paysheet for Shifts, Extra Work Payment Sheet (Shift), Extra Work Payment Sheet (General), Leave Cashment, Full & Final. Outputs: Staff List, Leave Allotment Register, Staff Transfer Detail,


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City Leave Application

Register, General Staff Attendance, Workers

Attendance Register, Monthly Paysheet for Workers, Monthly Paysheet for General Staff, Extra Work Payment Sheet (Shift), Extra Work Payment Sheet (General), Staff Leaves Detail, Staff Leaves Summary, Staff Ledger, Staff Receivable Summary, Leave Cashment Printout, Full & Final Slip Printout Similarities: Both systems aim to easily control records of employee their salaries. Also they have leave, overtime and other deductions such as cash advance, loans etc. Differences: Although Cleantouch Payroll is a Payroll system, Cleantouch is a system designed to monitor time attendance and general purposes such as badly, allowances, more deductions while SCWPCPS is only designed for the needs and daily tasks of Santol Computer World Plus. Cleantouch Payroll also is used by different government and nongovernment agencies that needs to a general payroll system for their different needs.

2.2 Operational Definition of Terms Cancel- Cancel is an action where a certain command or action is being terminated or stopped.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City Computer- Technically, a computer is a programmable machine. This means it can execute a programmed list of instructions and respond to new instructions that it is given. Data- Computer data is information processed or stored by a computer. This information may be in the form of text documents, images, audio clips, software programs, or other types of data. Computer data may be processed by the computer's CPU and is stored in files and folders on the computer's hard disk. Data Report- ability to obtain printed or displayed information from your data records. Database- This is a data structure used to store organized information. A database is typically made up of many linked tables of rows and columns. For example, a company might use a database to store information about their products, their employees, and financial information Delete- Delete is computer terminology for remove or erase. You can delete text from a document of delete entire files or folders from your hard drive. End-user- an end user is the person that a software program or hardware device is designed for. The term is based on the idea that the "end goal" of a software or hardware product is to be useful to the consumer File- a file is a collection of data stored in one unit, identified by a filename. It can be a document, picture, audio or video stream, data library, application, or other collection of data Hardware- computer hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer and related devices Input- to input is to enter a record or data


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City Log-out- to exit an account in a computer system so that private accounts and data remain protected until you log in again. Output- data sent out of the computer, as to output device such as a monitor or printer Password- A string of characters used to log in to a computer or network, to access Record- Information put into a temporary or permanent physical medium; Any instance of a physical medium on which information was put for the purpose of preserving it and making it available for future reference Search- To try and find something Software- Encoded computer instructions, usually modifiable; can also be called computer programs Summary- brief, concise or presented in a condensed form System- is an integrated set of set of interoperable elements, each with explicitly specified and bounded capabilities, working synergistically to perform valueadded processing to enable a User to satisfy mission-oriented operational needs in a prescribed operating environment with a specified outcome and probability of success. Update- A change in information, a modification of existing or known data; an addition to existing information; a modification of something to a more recent, up-to-date version User Manual- A user guide, also commonly known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system Username- A person's identification on an individual computer system


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

CHAPTER 3- System analysis 3.1 System overview 3.1.1 Flowchart of the Existing System


Input New Records

Microsoft Excel




EXIT Figure No. 2 Flowchart of the Existing System


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City The flow chart shows how Santol Computer World Plus do their manually payroll procedure. This will start by gathering new records and input it on Microsoft Excel. If all the data are input on MS Excel, they will save it and print thus, if they save it but they did not print the summary of payroll, they will go back to the second process which is inputting data on MS Excel.

3.2 Statement of the Problem General Problem The establishment uses a manual process of keeping the files of their employees. And it consumes a lot of time in inputting and searching for certain records. Also they used basic program to compute for payroll computations. Specific Problem •

They only stored data and information in the MS EXCEL and that is not very efficient in filing and storing large amount of data.

Sometimes certain records are misplaced or even lost.

Difficulty in adding and updating records.

3.3 Proposed Solution Develop a system that will meet the system requirement of the establishment and suit the needs of the company in their daily work activities, a system that allows the user to do the following: • Create a system that allows add, edit and delete records.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City • Allows saving of data regarding employee information • System that generates data reports and produces printed outputs. • Allows only specific users for security and protection of data.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Chapter 4 – System Design

4.1 Overview of the Proposed System 4.1.1 DFD of the Proposed System

Figure No. 3.1 DFD (Data Flow Diagram) of the Proposed System


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City The data flow diagram of the proposed system shows the flow of process inside the system. It starts with the Admin or the user of the system. The admin or the user will enter the valid username and password to the log-in form to access the system. The second form shows SCWP Payroll System main form which contains employees’ information, employees’ summary, pay period entry, employees’ payroll, system lock, system calculator and help form. The 1st form uses to add, edit, save and delete employee information including personal information, rate per day and deductions. It uses two databases (tblposition and tblempinfo) where all the information taken is saved and stored. The 2nd form which is the employee summary views all the information about employees. The 3rd form is the pay period which uses to input the payroll date that will appear on the pay slip/ payroll form. The 4th form is the employees’ payroll which also uses tblempinfo databases where all the payroll information are saved and stored. This is where all the computations are done for making payroll summary report. The 5th and 6th form all both tolls. The 5th form is the system lock which locks the whole system whenever the user leaves the system while the 6th form is a calculator which can be used for other computations. The last form is the help form which can be used by the user for further understanding about the system process.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

4.1.2 Data Dictionary

Figure 3.2 Table of User Account

User Account Table The user account table contains all the information about Log-in Form. This includes username, user’s password and full name and the pay period. Username – indicates the name of the user (e.g. admin and admin2) Password – indicates the pin or password of the user for the system. Name – indicates the full name of the user. This will also appear to the main form to show the name of the current user.

Figure 3.3 Table of Position Position Table This contains the position field. This table is connected to the employee information form. Position – contains the list of employee’s position.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Figure 3.4 Table of Employee Information Employee Information Table This contains all the necessary personal information about each employee. Also includes rate and work per day, deductions, gross and net income, monthly and semi-monthly income. EmpID – indicate the employee’s ID. This ID must not be duplicated. EmpFirstName – indicates the first name of the employee. EmpLastName – indicates the last name of the employee. MI – indicates the middle initial of the employee. Address – indicates the current address of the employee. BirthDate – indicates date of birth of the employee. Age – indicates the current age of the employee. Gender – indicates the gender of the employee. EmpSince – indicates the year the employee was employed. Status – indicates the current status (single or married) of the employee. Landline – indicates the landline number of the employee. Mobile – indicates the mobile number of the employee. Email – indicates the current e-mail address of the employee. Rate Per Day – indicates rate per day of the employee.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City SSS Employer – indicates the amount of SSS benefit that the company needs to deduct to the employer’s salary. SSS – indicates the amount of SSS benefit that the company needs to deduct to the employee’s salary. Philhealth – indicates the amount of PhilHealth benefit that the company needs to deduct to the employee’s / employer’s salary. Others – indicates the amount of other benefit that the company needs to deduct to the employee’s / employer’s salary. OName – indicates the name of other benefit that the company needs to deduct to the employee’s / employer’s salary. Days – indicates the working days of the employee. Leave – indicates all leave with pay of the employee. GrossPay – indicates the total gross pay of the employee. Gross pay is rate multiplied by working days. Payperiod – indicates pay period (month, date and year) of the payroll summary. TotalDed – indicates the total deductions (SSS, Phil Health and other deductions like Pag-ibig, cash advance or loan) from the employee’s gross pay. NetIncome – indicates the total net pay of the employee. Net pay is rate multiplied by working days minus total deductions. Monthly – indicates the monthly gross income of the employee. Semi – indicates the semi-monthly gross income of the employee. Hourly – indicates the hours that the employee works for a day. Late – indicates the late hours that the employee was not able to works for a day.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

4.2 Methodology of the Study The researchers use the object oriented methodology in developing a system that takes the objects as the basis. For this, first the system to be developed is observed and analysed and the requirements are defined as in any other method of system development. Once this is done, the objects in the required system are identified. In simple terms, Object Modelling is based on identifying the objects in a system and their interrelationships. Once this is done, the coding of the system is done. Object Modelling is somewhat similar to the traditional approach of system designing, in that it also follows a sequential process of system designing but with a different approach.

System Analysis

System Design

Object Design


Figure 3.2 Object Oriented Methodology

System Analysis For the analysis of the system, after the proponents determined the problems and difficulties encountered by the establishment they gathered data and information. After reviewing all the gathered data, the proponents came up of developing a system that will suit the needs of the company and the possible solutions to its problems regarding client service information. System Design This process explains how the proponents started their proposed system, what will be the system design. Building the interface that includes forms, command


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City buttons, the textboxes and labels and instead of using radio buttons for options or selection, combo list can be used to minimize the objects. It also includes the database that will be used by the system in keeping of records. Object Design In this phase the system analysis and system design are implemented. The proponents managed the design of the system defending on the system requirement of the end user. Implementation After the object design, in this phase the proponents constructed the class objects using the Visual Basic 6.0 programming language. The object s responds to certain events defending on the function of each. The database is being made and generated reports.

4.3.1 Hardware Requirement The system will not be executed if there is no hardware. The main requirement is a computer set that has a good quality of different peripherals. The computer set must have the following specification: •

Memory – 224 MB RAM

Hard disk - 40 GB

Speed - 1.5 GHz


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

4.3.2 Software Requirement The system needs a software that is suitable to its functionality in order for it to execute and can be use by the end - user. The software requirements for the system are the following: •

Visual Basic 6.0 Visual Basic is a type of software that can handle a specific program. The unit or the computer must be installed with this software to execute the Payroll System.

Microsoft Access (2003 or 2007) This is the storage medium of the system. The Information that is being inputted and viewed by the system are saved and stored to its Database.

Operating System (Windows XP) To be able for the computer to use properly it is required to have an Operating System. It should be compatible to the system to meet the expected outputs.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

4.4 System Design Specification INPUT


A.) Knowledge Requirement • Employees Administrator / user

• Design • Development • Testing and Revision

B.) Software Requirements • • •


• Santol Computer World Plus Computerized Payroll System

Visual Basic 6.0 Microsoft Access Operating System (windows XP)

C.) Hardware Requirements Figure 3.3 Conceptual Model of the Study • CPU • Monitor The system required to use Visual Basic 6.0 for system execution and also • Keyboard • Mouse need the Microsoft Access as database for storing gathered data. Interface and design is • AVR • Printerin the process of developing a system because the end must agree with the very important design for them to have ease of using the system. To improve the system, testing and revisions are done during the process. The final output of the process will be Santol Computer World Plus Computerized Payroll System.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

4.5 Gantt Chart Figure No. 3.4 Gantt chart of Actual Schedule of Activities

4.6 Division of Labor Member John Kenneth M. Calaguas

Task • He is responsible on the programming, analysis

Medorie B. Torio

and design of the system. • She is responsible for the analysis of the system, data reports, system documentation and presentation and the interface of the system. Table No.2 Division of Labor

The table shows the task of each member during the process of developing the proposed system.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Chapter 5 – Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings Computerized Payroll for Santol Computer World Plus was the proposed system aims to provide the company a better way of payroll procedure. This system is about making an easy and accurate payroll reports and also storing necessary information about each employee. It can produce an output of payroll summary and information sheet for all the employees. Based from the gathered data, the proponents had come up with the following findings: •

Consistency The proposed system is very consistent in terms of system function and process. The developers make sure that the beneficiary / end-user agreed on how the system functions and its output.

Reliability The developers secure that the buttons, forms and system’s process are functioning correctly and has no more debugs to meet the beneficiary’s expectations.

Completeness All the requirements that the beneficiary asked including the information, system’s function, process, outputs and printed reports are completely done by the developers.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City •

Security In terms of security, the system has its own log-in form so that all the accessed being performed in the system is only allowed by the system’s administrator. Only valid username and password can open and accessed the system. In case the admin left the system open, it can be locked and only a valid password of the system admin can unlocked it again.

Speed Computerized Payroll System will be very efficient for the endusers by means of its faster way of doing payroll computations and it can provide immediate output of payroll summary on the end-user.

5.2 Conclusion The proponents choose to develop a system for Santol Computer World Plus to help make their task easy and improve their way of making payroll for all their employees. Their time on computing and doing payroll job monthly will be reduced and the output will be more accurate than doing it manually. Santol Computer World Plus Computerized Payroll System will enhance the manual processed of the said company but not all the processed will be computer based like the DTR of each employee that will be needed for doing the payroll report. Searching employees’ information will be easy for the end-user because the system is also capable of storing all necessary information like personal data and payroll requirements including rate per day and deduction on salary of all company employees.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City This system will be very helpful for the expected beneficiary as well as for the proponents because in doing this project, it helps them acquire more knowledge on how to analyze, design, develop and improve a system.

5.3 Recommendation As the instructor and the beneficiary check the process and functionality of the system, they come out with different suggestions and comments that will improve the system. The suggestions are as follows: 1. Confirmation if the user really wants to save the information after clicking the save button. 2. Logging off must not close the system, instead, log-in form will be shown. 3. Add contact (Landline and Mobile number) and e-mail information. 4. Search form must not have save button. 5. Fields on the information form must be disabled when the system starts. 6. The system must include other adjustments or benefits with amount on the information form to make it flexible. 7. Include holidays and leave on the payroll form.

C. Bibliography A. Books System CCS 223: Systems Analysis and Design Skillbook, p. 3.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City B. Websites Payroll/Personnel Systems



EZWages Payroll System

Mamut Payroll

JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2006

Cleantouch Payroll System


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City


D. Appendices a. User’s Manual

Figure No. 4.1 Log – in Form The Log-in form holds the whole system security. The log in form is where the user gives personal information to be identified by the system and allow access to users. The user inputs the user name and password and clicks the Log - In button to enter the main form. If the user wants to add a new user, just click the New User button and can already add a new user account but before the user can add new one, the Administrator’s password must be enter first because only the Administrator have the


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City right to create new accounts and password. The system also has the Forgot Password to identify the forgotten password of the user. The exit button closes the system.

Figure No. 4.2 Confirm Admin Form The confirm admin form is used to confirm the administrator’s password when adding new user and also when confirming forgotten passwords.

Figure No. 4.3 New User Form This form shows how the user can add new account. They should fill – up this form to make a new user account. The name indicates the name of the system user. It serves as the hint question if the user forgot the password. The new user should enter the username but it should not be the same with the other username. They also need to have password for the security of their account. After entering the information, they need to click the save button to save the new user account. The cancel button cancels the action of the user. The exit button closes the form.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Figure No. 4.4 Forgot Password Form This form indicates the username and name that should be filled – up. The confirm button allows the user to view their password. The close button closes the current form.

Figure No. 4.5 Main Form The system contains four buttons – Employees’ Information, Employees’ Summary, Pay Period Entry and Employees’ Payroll Button. The upper part of the main form has menu bar containing File, Tools and Help. File has log-off button which log-offs


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City the system and shows again the log-in form. Tools contain system’s lock and system’s calculator. Help contains user’s manual that will help the user in understanding the system’s operation and about us button which shows the developers information. The form also displays the current date and time and the current user’s name.

Figure No. 4.6 Employees’ Information Form The form contains personal information, rate per day and all deductions the company have for the employees currently employed in the company. The add button will allow to add new employee information while the edit button will allow editing for further changes. After editing, you can save and update the information. You can also delete it whenever needed. Employees’ information reports can be done by using print info button. The fields that has asterisks (*) must be filled-up with information or else the system will not be able to save the information added.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Figure No. 4.7 View All Form This form is for viewing all the information taken on the employees’ information form and payroll form. You can search by employee ID, last name, employed since and position.

Figure No. 4.8 Pay Period Form This form is used to get the pay period date that will appear on the pay slip / payroll form. This will also appear on the payroll print out report.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Figure No. 4.9 Pay Slip / Payroll Form The pay slip / payroll form is used for payroll computation of each employee. It gets the working days of the employee, leave with pay, possible holidays and hours late. It totals the monthly pay, deductions, gross pay and net income. Payroll reports can be made by pressing the payroll summary.

Figure No. 4.10 System’s Calculator Form The system calculator form is used for other computations.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Figure No. 4.11 System Lock Form The form is used to lock the system for added security whenever the user leaves the system open. It will be unlock by typing the correct administrator’s password.

Figure No. 4.12 System Help Form The systems help form consist of user’s manual and about the developers. It will help the end-user understand more the system’s function and process and also get to know the profile of the system developers.


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

b. Source Code c. Screen Shots

Log-in Form

Forgot Password Form

Main Form


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Employees’ Information Form

Employees’ Summary / View All Form

Pay Period Form


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Employees’ Payroll Form

System Calculator Form

User’s Manual Form

System Lock

About Us Form


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

d. Panelist Vitae


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

e. Researchers’ Profile

Personal Information Surname: Calaguas First name: John Kenneth Middle Name: Malupa Residence Address: 1 – C 20th Place, West Bajac-Bajac, Olongapo City Age: 19 years old Birth Date: September 20, 1990 Birth Place: Olongapo City Civil Status: Single Citizenship: Filipino Contact Information Mobile Number: 09294942869 E-mail Address: [email protected] Educational Background: Elementary: School Attended: Old Cabalan Elementary School Year Graduated: 2002-2003 Secondary: School Attended: Olongapo City National High School Year Graduated: 2006-2007 College: School Attended: Gordon College Degree: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Year Attended: Present Work Experience: Present Employer/Name of the Company: Ms. Joanne D. Paguia, Santol Computer World Plus Postion: Part-Time Technician/Sales Clerk Office Address: 1st St. Cor. Fendler St. New Asinan, Olongapo City


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City Seminars and Trainings Title: SAITE ‘08 Venue: Paskuhan Village, Pampanga Date: January 18, 2008 Title: SAITE ‘09 Venue: Olongapo City Convention Center, Olongapo City Date: January 28-29, 2009 Title: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Venue: Gordon College Date: January 5-6, 2008 Title: Macromedia Flash Venue: Gordon College Date: February 24-26, 2008 Title: SQL Connection Venue: Olongapo City Convention Center Date: February 10-11, 2009 Computer Skills: • Web developing • Web Designing • MS Office Application • Adobe Photoshop CS2 Graphics design and creation • Network Cabling • Basic PC Assembly and Troubleshooting Organizations and Positions • SSITE (Vice President) • SSC (CCS Student Coordinator) • Society of Scholars


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City

Personal Information Surname: Torio First name: Medorie Middle Name: Berja Residence Address: #18 – A 5th Street West Tapinac Olongapo City Age: 19 years old Birth Date: April 19, 1990 Birth Place: Olongapo City Civil Status: Single Citizenship: Filipino Contact Information Mobile Number: 09216207065 E-mail Address: [email protected] Educational Background Primary Education: School Attended: Little Angel Study Center Date / Year Graduated: 1997 – 2003 Secondary Education: School Attended: Columban College Date / Year Graduated: 2003 - 2007 Tertiary Education: School Attended: Gordon College Date / Year Graduated: 2007 – Present Seminars Attended Title: Entrepreneurship Development Seminar Venue: Convention Center, Olongapo City


GORDON COLLEGE College of Computer Studies Olongapo City Date: July 20, 2007 Title: Labor, Management, Human Relationships and Productivity Tools Seminar Venue: Convention Center, Olongapo City Date: July 20, 2007 Title: Adobe Photoshop Seminar Venue: Gordon College, Olongapo City Date: January 16, 2008 Title: Adobe Macromedia Flash Seminar Venue: Gordon College, Olongapo City Date: January 17, 2008 Title: Developing Powerful Presentation Skills Venue: Gordon College, Olongapo City Date: October 11, 2008 Title: System Assembly on I.T Education 2009 Venue: SM City Baliuag, Bulacan Date: September 4, 2009 Computer Skills: • MS Office Application • Adobe Photoshop CS2 Graphics design and creation • Adobe Premier Pro 1.5


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