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May 2, 2018 | Author: Gandi Sogandi | Category: Travel Visa, Aviation, Immigration, Business
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Boarding Pass Please print entire page and take it to the airport.

Please print your boarding pass onto single sided paper. Date: 09 FEB 17 Flight: 3K210

Seat: 07F

Name: Yeoh/Wei Han

Seq No: 011

Booking Reference: MJ6KVK Fare: StarterĀ  TIA,WCEM Passport Details: Number: A32641593 | Expiry: 27/08/2019 | Nationality: Malaysia

Please don't be late. We can't wait.

Depart: Jakarta 1435 / 2:35pm

Be at the boarding gate before 1355 / 01:55pm ( 40 minutes before departure)

Gate: Refer to airport departure screens Arrive: Singapore 1730 / 5:30pm

Document Check Required You must present this boarding pass, your passport, any required visas and all other documents,that may be necessary for travel, for verification at the document check counter in the check-in hall before proceeding to immigration and security You must have your boarding pass verified even if you are travelling with carry on baggage only. The document check must be completed at least 45 mins before departure.

Not valid without a stamp.

Check-in, bag drop and boarding times

Things you need to know Before you travel Please make sure that you have all of the necessary visas and relevant documents required for travel to your destination(s). Allow plenty of time Please note bag drop and boarding closure times, and allow plenty of time to get through security and to your boarding gate. Checked baggage You have purchased [0 kgs] of checked baggage. Please proceed to a bag drop counter to drop it off. Carry-on baggage Is limited to two items with a combined weight of up to 7 kgs. The main item can measure up to 56 x 23 x 36cm, and the secondary item must fit under the aircraft seat. If you are travelling with carry-on baggage only, please proceed directly to security and immigration on arrival at the airport.

Important: Your carry-on baggage will be checked at the boarding gate. If you exceed the size or weight restrictions we will need to check in your baggage and apply any Your relevant charges.

Unsubscribe from Jetstar Marketing Communicati Communications ons Operated by Jetstar Asia Airways. We cannot guarantee any particular seat as we may need to change it for operational, safety or security reasons, even after you have boarded the aircraft. Travel is subject to the applicable Conditions Conditions of Carriage. From all of us at Jetstar, we hope you enjoy your flight. Name: Yeoh/Wei Han

Seat: 07F

Depart: Jakarta 1435 / 2:35pm

Seq No: 011

Arrive: Singapore 1730 / 5:30pm

Flight:3K210 Flight:3K210

PNR: MJ6KVK Date: 09 FEB 17

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