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August 9, 2017 | Author: rblim1 | Category: Blood Donation, Nursing, Wellness, Health Sciences
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Nursing Society Jose Rizal University #80 Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City Tel. No. 531-8031-35

Date: August 8, 2010, Sunday Title: Bloodletting Activity Objectives: 1. To be able to render assistance to the blood donors, volunteers, NSTP administrators, and students while undergoing bloodletting activity through blood pressure and vital signs monitoring. 2. To be able to promote life-saving activities such as donating blood. 3. To be able to foster good relations with other organizations in and out of the university. 4. To be able to practice learned knowledge through application in the area such as BP taking and Vital Signs supervision. Narrative: This project was participated by various organizations within Jose Rizal University like the NSTP department, College of Nursing, and Nursing Society with the sponsorship of Philippine National Red Cross and its different chapters within the City of Mandaluyong not to mention the embracing support of the Office of the Mayor. The said activity started at around 7 AM at the C building occupying the rooms in the second floor. The registration booth was in place at the first floor. The NSTP instructors documented the names of the students, volunteers, donors, and student assistants who participated. The initial screening was also done in the second floor by taking the age and weight. Then, they are forwarded to the second floor where the donors are further screened and assessed. The donors are also divided according to place of residence and history of bloodletting. The left wing caters to all first-time donors as well as non-Mandaluyong residents while the right wing gives services to experienced donors and residents of Mandaluyong City. The screening process constituted of filling out of the form and answering pertinent questions, taking the vital signs including the temperature, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure, weighing, interview with a registered nurse, and physician, and finally getting the blood type. After the screening, the donor is asked to drink and eat before the bloodletting procedure. Then the donor goes to the two rooms in the left wing where they are finally inspected by another physician for final instructions regarding the bloodletting. Around 400-500 ml of blood is taken which lasts for about 30 minutes. After the bloodletting, the donor proceeds to the certification booth to get an official copy of their recognized participation. The activity was very successful because of the active involvement of the NSTP students with their respective donors as well as the help and support of the different organizations. The Nursing Society is also very thankful with the complements extended by the Nursing Department’s clinical instructors and the society’s adviser, Ms. Abad.

Prepared by: ______________________________ Rizza Marie Lim NurSoc Secretary

_______________________________ Darlene Grace Mendoza NurSoc President

Noted by: _____________________________ Ms. Nieves Abad RN MAN NurSoc Adviser

_______________________________ Ms. Wendy Acebedo RN MAN Dean, College of Nursing

______________________________ Mr. Marcelo Mendoza CSC Adviser Approved by: ______________________________ Ms. Luisa Saba Dean of Student Affairs

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