Blackjack sets out Illuminati Plan

January 4, 2018 | Author: Jeremy James | Category: New World Order (Conspiracy Theory), The United States, North America, United Kingdom, Mexico
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Descripción: The UK newspaper, The Telegraph, ran a very disturbing artwork series in January 2009 which claimed that si...


This comic strip was published in the Culture Section of the UK ‘Telegraph’ newspaper in January 2009, as well as online in the form of a Slide Show. No accompanying narrative was supplied, nor any explanation as to why it was being published, who was responsible for its creation, or what it was meant to signify. Many people found it very offensive. Surprisingly, despite its highly controversial content, it is not the subject of a Wikipedia article. Full of Illuminati symbolism, the strip depicts an apocalyptic series of events in which the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK are thrown into chaos by the explosion of nuclear devices in seven major cities. [Note: While every effort has been taken to ensure the completeness of the Blackjack script and images, there may be some omissions.]

Anyone who has studied the philosophy behind the proposed New World Order (NWO) will recognise the significance of this Blackjack comic strip. It faithfully sets out the strategy that many former NWO insiders have said would be employed to completely destabilize the US and create pandemonium on the world stage. If such a strip appeared in a fringe publication, instead of one of the most staid establishment newspapers, it should still give rise to concern. But that the Telegraph should publish it, and do so without comment of any kind, is quite extraordinary.


The Global Elite, who have for many years have proclaimed their determination to create a New World Order, are directed by an inner corps known as the Illuminati. These people worship Lucifer, practise the ‘old religion’ (witchcraft), and despise Christianity. Supremely arrogant, they like to advertise their intentions, seemingly in accordance with an occult principle which requires that they let their victims know in advance what they plan to do to them. If the victims fail to heed the warning, then they deserve what they get. The Blackjack strip is seen as such a warning. In fact, in the view of many who have long studied the Illuminati and their ways, this strip is regarded as very possibly the final warning before a carefully planned programme of terror is unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

There are many precedents for what the Illuminati plan to do. They created and financed the First World War, with its appalling savagery, to break up the empires of Europe, Russia and the Middle East. From this they created – again with great savagery – the former Soviet Union. They use monumental social chaos to break up old political structures and institutions. They employed the same sadistic methodology in creating communist China. Over a hundred million died in Europe and Asia to bring about these changes. These wars didn’t simply ‘happen’ – they were carefully planned events.


This coming catastrophe is part of the same strategy. The US is the only powerful, independent state on the planet. It must be broken up and its population demoralised before a New World Order can be created. For some reason London is included in the Blackjack scenario. Presumably this is to ensure the complete collapse of the world financial system. It may also be intended to ‘break’ a country which has not experienced a major calamity on its soil for several hundred years.

The strategy hinges on widespread public belief in the threat posed by ‘terrorism’ – a threat deliberately manufactured by the Ruling Elite to facilitate largescale international change. Note the reference in one of the earlier slides to “Christian doomsday cultists”. The Illuminati want to draw Biblebelieving Christians into their broad definition of terrorism. This will allow them to round up the segment of the population that is most likely to oppose their plans. Note that these slides depict the MI5 logo. The motto Regnum Defende means ‘defend the realm’. (MI5 is the British secret service and counter-intelligence agency.)


It is interesting that the Telegraph allowed for the possibility that David Cameron would become the UK Prime Minister in 2010. They seem determined to depict these sinister events in ‘real time’. Why was June 22 chosen as the critical day? It happened to be the same date that Hitler invaded Russia in 1941 and initiated the greatest military confrontation in history. The summer solstice (21-22 June) is a major date in the occult calendar, representing the sun in its most triumphant aspect. Since Lucifer is regarded by occultists as the solar deity, the astral light of the universe, the summer solstice marks his ascendancy over all his adversaries.

MISSING SLIDE: Home Office raises threat level to ‘Critical’


Here we see the solar motif in its clearest form.

MISSING SLIDE: Exodus from London The homes of known militants are raided by the police. This is intended to reinforce in the public mind the belief that the coming nuclear blast was planned and executed by a group of, presumably Islamic, extremists.


The Global Elite want everyone to experience the fear generated by this coming event. The greater the fear, the greater the control they can ultimately exercise during the ensuing chaos.


Note the sun symbol again (This van contains the nuclear device). The words ‘New Dawn Presentations’ appear beneath the sun symbol. This ‘new dawn’ is the envisaged New World Order, the dawn of a new age.


The explosion takes place in the Westminster area of London.

More symbolism. This time it’s the London Eye, a fairly transparent reference (among occultists) to the Eye of Horus, a symbol of Lucifer.


One week later...


This depicts the Battersea Power Station in a state of ruin, but it bears a curious resemblance to the MI5 headquarters which are also on the south bank of the Thames.

The Houses of Parliament are destroyed.




The focus now switches from the UK to North America.


The Eye of Horus makes another appearance. Beside it stands an ancient obelisk, symbol of the phallic god, Lucifer/Osiris/Horus. [This looks like a composite photo.]

The NAU on the van is a reference to the North American Union, which will result from the merger of the US, Canada and Mexico after the catastrophe. The serpent, especially in a striking posture, is an ancient symbol of Satan.


The explosion appears to occur at the southern end of Manhattan, near the Statue of Liberty.


Note that the explosion in Washington DC takes place in the vicinity of the famous Washington Monument, the largest obelisk in the world. It is 555 feet tall, 5 being the occult number for death.

The centre of this photo depicts another prominent Illuminati phallic symbol.


The purpose of setting off a nuclear device in Mexico City is to force Mexico into the North American Union (NAU) and to so terrify the population that they flood over the border into the US in large numbers. This will serve to destabilize the southern states and enable the Mexican drug cartels to establish a range of strongholds inside the border at a time when the US military is stretched to the limit by the pandemonium on the east and west coasts.

It is not immediately clear why Portland (in Oregon) has been selected. Perhaps its relative proximity to both California and Canada is a factor.


The chaos in California will drive millions from their homes and leave countless regions vulnerable to occupation by poor immigrants. Southern California could become an effective extension of Mexico within a few months.

A French channel giving the ‘Latest News’. This slide suggests that communications in North America will be severely disrupted around the time the blasts occur.


PART THREE The British policeman is wearing NAU insignia. This shows that the same people who are behind the NAU are also responsible for the chaos in the UK.


At this point the Blackjack series switches from photographic imagery to standard comic-strip artwork.


This slide shows the terror command centre. The perpetrators, who are clearly not Islamic, are expressing great satisfaction with the success so far of the operation.


The insignia around the American president are those of the NAU (or the Union of North America). It is unclear how the transition took place between the USA and the NAU. The slide seems to suggest that the blasts required the rapid adoption of the NAU structure in order to provide political stability to the three countries concerned – USA, Canada and Mexico.


The NAU convinces the populace that the blasts were caused by America’s foreign enemies and that strong retaliatory measures are required. Note also that the seat of government has now switched from Washington DC to Denver, Colorado.

The three foreign countries blamed for the blasts are Iran, Syria and China. The inclusion of China is a clear sign that the entire Blackjack programme is designed to generate a global, and not just a Middle Eastern, war. The Blackjack strip does not refer to other possible World War III flashpoints – Israel, Korea and Pakistan.


This slide depicts the famous FEMA camps which are located all across the US (Over a thousand camps have been identified by NWO analysts). These camps actually exist – they are not a fictional (Photographic evidence has been posted on the Internet by many concerned citizens). One estimate suggests that they could hold up to 15 million inmates. The lower image shows the secure rail coaches that will be used to transport ‘dissidents’ to the FEMA camps. (Photographic evidence of these secure coaches is also available on the Internet.)


The FEMA camps will also be used to hold many displaced people. The Blackjack strip does not show the thousands of plastic containers that have been photographed in isolated locations across the US. These bath-shaped containers are stacked in hundreds of piles at each location. Analysts believe they will be used to facilitate the disposal of persons killed by the explosions or in the ensuing social unrest. They will also be used to dispose of dissidents executed in the FEMA camps.

It is unclear why the Blackjack strip envisages what would appear to be an early resumption of normal commercial activity in the NAU. After all, if China has been attacked by the NAU it is hard to see how this could happen – unless China was subdued within a very short time. This possibility is suggested by the statement “our debts have been forgiven” since China is the main foreign holder of US debt. The coin on the lower righthand side of the slide is the Amero, the proposed NAU currency unit.


This is the NAU flag. Oddly enough, it would not appear to be overtly occult


Citizens will be directed by the Denver government via domestic television.



This slide makes the first direct reference to a world in chaos.

MISSING: 5 previous scenes including an aircraft carrier

The following slides show how the whole chaotic situation arose.

MISSING: Slide with words “ONE YEAR EARLIER”


Here the Global Elite try to portray themselves as patriotic defenders of the state and traditional values. It implies that the enemies of the US were opposed to the “western way of life”.


This slide argues that the US became over-stretched and thus fell prey to its enemies.

MISSING: Several scenes on one slide, including a conspicuous fat man MISSING: Several scenes on one slide, including Kennedy in Dallas MISSING: Terrorist map of strategy for attacking N America


These slides pass the blame for the demise of the US onto the American people. They became lazy and self-indulgent, losing sight of the values which made their country strong. This idea is a recurring theme in Illuminati philosophy, namely that the weak deserve to be destroyed by their enemies.

This slide tries to explain how the foreign terrorists got hold of so many portable nuclear devices. There have been actual reports in the press in recent years which, as intended, lend credence to this explanation.

MISSING: Map of N America showing individual US states MISSING: Criminals in the executive will be arrested... MISSING: Street scenes; protestors saying ‘Give us back our country’



MISSING: Television announcement notice: ‘Attention citizens!’

This segment of the Blackjack strip shows the measures that the Denver government will introduce to address the threat of terrorism, both foreign and domestic. If the year of the Emergency Contingencies Act – 2011 – is meant to refer to an actual date, then the blasts took place in 2010.


All NAU citizens will be required to carry an approved biometric ID card. Presumably other countries will introduce similar measures.

This slide predicts compulsory vaccination. Dissidents will be jailed indefinitely if they refuse to co-operate. The photo suggests the insertion of a microchip device rather than a medical implant. If it is a microchip device, then it will enable the Denver government to track the movements of every citizen using radio frequency technology.


The Denver government will shut down any website that threatens to expose its involvement in the blasts. Such ‘unpatriotic’ sites will be deemed sympathetic to terrorism and hostile to stable government.

In tandem with the suppression of certain websites, the government will censor all journalism to ensure that only state-approved material is desseminated. Any journalist who strays outside the guidelines will be locked up indefinitely.


MISSING: Give Us Back Our Country slide


Many of these protestors and street dissidents will be hauled off without trial to the FEMA camps. Interestingly, the Blackjack strip does not allude to a major feature of the coming upheaval, namely the imposition of martial law. The Congress and Supreme Court will be suspended and the President will assume dictatorial powers on a ‘temporary’ basis.

Any largescale attempt to restore democracy will be brutally suppressed.

MISSING: Slide suggesting revolutionary backlash MISSING: Cities going up in flames MISSING: Trying to rally people to the flag in Boston


This is where the Blackjack strip seems to stray from the standard NWO script. It seems to be saying that verifiable evidence emerges which shows that the Denver government was behind the whole operation.

This discovery leads to a massive popular backlash against the Denver government and a rejection of the legitimacy of the NAU. The result, as shown by the following slides, is civil war in the NAU.


For more information about the appalling events described in the Blackjack comic strip, the proposed destruction of the US, and the Illuminati plans to bring about World War Three, please go to website The site contains an analysis of the coming chaos from a born-again Christian perspective. Christians of America, please wake up! “Seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD’s anger.” - Zephaniah 2:3

Visit: - Compiled and presented by Jeremy James, Ireland – 6 June 2010



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