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The circumstances under which God incarnates on earth, already exists today. Even astrological charts are very conducive...




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VEDA INCARNATE AND GREAT YOGI SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA CHAPTER 1 - DEAR KNOWLEDGEABLE READERS “He Who is Ram, He Who is Krishna has today incarnated as Shri Ramkrishna.” This is what was said by revered Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans and “He Who is Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans is Shriram Sharma Acharya”, that is what our highly respected Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has to say. “In every era I shall manifest so as to re-instate righteousness in the world.” As per this proclamation in the Bhagwad Geeta by Shri Krishna, He (God) had again incarnated in our midst. (Today man despite reflecting again and again on the principles and precepts mentioned above tends to doubt them and thus errs in his faith in God. As a result he immerses himself in fleeting sense pleasures of the world and behaves like a beast.) Our ancestors too out of spiritual ignorance, due to a materialistic standpoint alongwith other elders of recent generations, forced Lord Jesus Christ to wear a crown of thorns and later hanged him on a cross. Lord Mahavir’s ears were pricked with sharp iron nails. Socrates, Laotse, Meera, Narsinh Mehta were harassed a lot. Only after they left this mortal world did we realize our folly and we thus shed profuse tears of repentance. Such a great incarnation of God, compassionate like Lord Jesus, tolerant like Mahavir Swami and who had incarnated in the past as Saint Kabeer, Samarth Guru Ramdas and Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans, had incarnated in a human body as: Vedmurti Tapnishth Yuga Rishi Shri Shriram Sharma Acharyaji. He declared that by the end of 2000 A.D. he will convert the world into a “Prajna Yuga” via his brilliant divine intellect. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s soul burnt with pain. He had passed many nights crying aloud. Many a times he cried like a small child. Who is aware of all this? People think he was a great saint and seer. Some think him to be a world leader, prolific writer and scholar. But who has the capacity to open his bosom and note its contents? Only if someone could have witnessed it, he would have seen a soul full of painful anguish for world human civilization. In this small human body dwelled a 3

gigantic soul full of pain on seeing the lowly lives of world humanity. It is not correct that we remain inactive when such a great saint has shed tears of pain for us all. These are trying times full of dire situations. Before the innocent Lord takes the terrible form of Mahakal (that can destroy the world) let us rise together and work for world unity, peace and brotherhood. Maharshi H.H. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji who has spread the message of Indian culture and religion all over the world, should be identified, understood by people all over the world. People should reflect over our Yuga Rishi’s saintly nature and then imbibe all these sacred qualities in their lives. This is our aim. A collection of great people / seers of the world has been made that introduces the great prophet of the world in this era. Readers should read all this very carefully with concentration so as to identify this great prophet. Thus they can glorify their lives by spreading the message of this great prophet, (Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji) in every nook and corner of this world.


8) EDUCATION – ACHARYA OF SANSKRIT M.A. IN 2 SUBJECTS 9) TITLE OF VEDA INCARNATE AND GREAT YOGI – BESTOWED A FEW DECADES BACK IN PUNJAB BY PRESIDENT (INDIA) SARVAPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN A religious gathering was organized which was attended by great Pandits, scholars and Vedic Acharyas of India. Our revered Gurudeva (Shrirama Sharma) too was invited. India’s then President, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan eulogoized revered Shriram Sharma Acharyaji for very skillfully laying down the true essence of spirituality as mentioned in the 4 Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, scriptures and all precepts of various religions. Hence Dr. Radhakrishnan gave our revered Gurudeva the title “Veda incarnate and great Yogi.” 10) SPIRITUAL GUIDE Shriram Sharma Acharya’s revered Gurudeva Shri Sarveshwaranandji lives on the Mahendragiri Mountain of the Himalayas at a height of 22,000 feet in the Parashuram cave for the past 651 years (maybe more). This Mahayogi lives naked in this cave even today and this area has heavy snowfall all the year round. As long as Shriram Sharma Acharya was alive, he was guided by this Mahayogi. 11) MANTRA INITIATION GURU : Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya initiated child Shriram Sharma at the age of 7 when he was given Yajnopaveet (sacred thread ceremony). 12) At a very young age, Gurudeva Shriram Sharma surrendered his entire being at the feet of his own Gurudeva – Sarveshwaranandji Maharaj. Ordinarily a child is full of fun, and laughter during childhood but Shriram Sharma Acharya as a child was very steadfast towards his spiritual practices. He would tell everybody “My home is in the Himalayan mountains.” Not only this but at the tender age of 8 years, without informing anyone, this divine child left his home. After intense search his relatives found him. Shriram very innocently but firmly said, “Of what use is it to me that I come home with you? My home is in the Himalayas and I wish to reside there.” At that time neither his family members, parents or village men even imagined that this jewel who was separated from the Himalayas will one day go there and come in contact with his spiritual guide( Gurudeva).


13) In Samvat 1983 when Shriram Sharmaji was meditating, a divine aura of light surrounded him. This light then took up a solid human form which was that of his spiritual guide H.H. Shri Sarveshwaranandji. He instructed young Shriram to worship Gayatri for the next 24 years and after saying this he disappeared. 14) At the age of 15 years he started a series of Gayatri Purascharanas. For the following 24 years, without pause, he executed 24 Purascharanas of 24 lakh Gayatri Mantras. Along with this he lit a flame lamp and Yajna fire continuously. He would feed cows with jowar seeds and he would collect the seeds excreted by cows with their stools. With these seeds he would make Indian rotis (bread) and eat it. He would eat nothing else. 15) In the year 1959 A.D. revered Shriram Sharmaji left for the Himalayas all alone. There he performed intense austerities in the various snow clad regions. In the year 1962 A.D. he again resided all alone in a very thick forest area of the Himalayas for 3 months. Over there, there were many herbivorous and carnivorous animals. In the presence of our revered Gurudeva, these carnivorous animals stopped eating flesh and danced about with other herbivorous animals. This indeed was a great divine episode. 16) Between the years 1970-72 he decided to go to the Himalayas after renouncing his householder’s way of life. He came in contact with his Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji and lived with him for 1 year. Later Sarveshwanandji commanded his disciple Shriram Sharmaji to spread the divine wisdom he had attained to all human beings of the world. 17) After returning from the Himalayas, Shriram Sharmaji decided he would not reside in Mathura. He instead decided to reside in the area where 7 Rishis of ancient India had performed austerities. ADDRESS : SHANTIKUNJ, GAYATRI TEERTH, SAPTARSHI, HARIDWAR – 249 411 UTTARANCHAL INDIA WEBSITE : 18) In the year 1979 he started establishing Gayatri Shaktipeethas and Prajna Peethas in the entire world. And in the year 1982 – 1985 he established more than 6000 small / big service oriented centers so as to spiritually awaken world humanity. In 84 nations of the 6

world, Shriram Sharma Acharya started scientific and spiritual research centers of the Gayatri Mantra. The research knowledge gained was spread in all corners of the world. 19) SPIRITUAL ATTAINMENTS – A great devotee of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) and Panchagni ( 5 fires) Science. It’s a rare achievement after what Lord Buddha attained. The proof of Gurudeva’s achievement externally is the fact that the hair on his head always rise upwards. Even if with the help of a comb etc. his hair is pressed downwards, it yet remains high and raised. 20) SPIRITUAL PRACTISES OF SUBTILIZATION VEERBHADRA CREATION : Before Gurudeva Shriramji passed away, he performed spiritual austerities of subtilization - or Sookshmeekaran. An atom bomb is made up of very micro units that can destroy the gigantic world. Subtilization means to convert utilization of gross bodily functions like sleeping, eating, drinking etc. for higher goals. The gross body is converted to the subtle body and thus with its help, such a person can attain many subtle bodies. These subtle bodies then create desired movements in the subtle world which in turn execute miraculous tasks. One such task of Shri Gurudeva was to transform the very psyche of world humanity for the better and thus create a new world and a new era. 21) Via this subtilization penance, a bright future for 450 crores of people will be created. The body has 5 Koshas ( 5 sheaths) viz : 1) Food 2) Vital force 3) Mental 4) Intellectual 5) Bliss. From these 5 sheaths, Shriram Sharmaji created 5 Veerbhadras who with their subtle presence will create movements in the gross world. In this manner a positive transformation of the psyche of world humanity will be executed and thus a new radiant era will be ushered in. All creatures of the world with an ethical character, will live a life of purity and that era will be called a Great Era. 22) CREATION, REFLECTION AND PUBLICATION OF SPIRITUAL TEXTS : Gurudeva translated the 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 20 Smritis, 6 Darshans, Yog Vashishtha, 24 Geetas, 18 Puranas, Brahmanas, Aranyaka and Sutra texts into simple Hindi. In Russia, Kolkata and Lucknow Universities, these translated texts have been included in their syllabus. In Switzerland and U.S.A., creative research studies are being conducted on these 4 Vedas.


23) Gurudeva Shriramji published 1976 books that included his writings pertaining to overcoming social problems, importance of uniting religion and culture, Gayatri Super Science, Yogic Mantra chanting, austerities, Pranayam, Kundalini awakening etc. All these topics have been written in a scientific manner. He changed the viewpoint of humanity with the help of books that covered great thinking of Lord Parshuram in ancient times and modern day great men like Karl Marx, Herithesto, Budha, Gandhi etc. In the same way our Gurudeva would write down his deep thoughts everyday. Totally he wrote about 1651 folders. 24) Ordinary men have lost faith because of lowly thinking and unethical actions of vile men. In order to ward off this lack of faith, the philosophy of Ritambhara Mahapragna (divine intellect) and its application can work like a divine weapon. An original creation in the form of a book called “Prajna Purana” helped convince people that a new creation is in the offing. This he did via examples from the past and proof from major religious texts of the world. This Prajna Purana has been published in 3 volumes and in future it will totally cover 18 volumes. H.H. Revered Shri Shriram Sharma Acharya is the confluence of the radiance of all Rishis of ancient India and hence has been given the title Yugadevata and Yuga Rishi. 1)

As a symbol of Lord Parshuram’s axe, Gurudeva ushered in a creative revolution with the creation of a new era. This was aided by his mighty pen and speeches from Shantikunj( Haridwar, India)


Bhagirath in ancient times had manifested the river Ganges on earth via intense austerities. Similarly our Gurudeva manifested the Ganges of divine wisdom (Gayatri) via austerities of 24 Purashcharanas of 24 lakh Gayatri Mantra chanting.


In ancient times Charak had discovered many forest herbs that bestowed good health and a new lease of life. This task is at present being executed in Shantikunj, so as to rejuvenate our ancient medical science called Ayurveda.


Maharshi Vyas had written many Puranas (Indian Mythology) with Lord Ganesha’s blessings. Similarly Gurudeva Shriram Sharma too published the 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, Darshans, Smritis, Geeta, Prajna Purana in 18 volumes alongwith other books on social revolution at the world level.



Maharshi Patanjali had given us the 8-fold method of Yoga called Asthangyoga. Today at Shantikunj, modern doctors are conducting research on Yoga and encouraging every one to practise the same.


Yajnavalkya was well-known for conducting Yajnas (fire sacrifices). Brahmavarchas Research Centre, founded by Gurudeva, uses forest herbs for Yajnas and this in turn cures bodily / mental illnesses, overcomes mental taints, raises our vital force (for Kundalini awakening) and balances our atmosphere by warding off pollution.


Vishwamitra who is the seer of the Gayatri Mantra had created a new universe. Gayatri Teerth, Shantikunj has been built on that very land where Vishwamitraji had realized Adi Shakti (Primordial Divine Power). This land with subtle pious qualities, is gaining more radiance because of Japa, worship and Yajnas executed by thousands of people over here. Research is being conducted on sound power and Savitri Science.


Jamadagni Rishi in the past founded a Gurukul (school), where both children and senior citizens were given apt education. Today at Shantikunj devotees are trained to serve world humanity. Families are inspired to imbibe sacred ideals in life.


Naradji spiritually awakened world humanity by traveling all over the world. Shantikunja’s training institute has trained many devotees who move in the world and spread the message of our revered Gurudeva.


Vashishtha was an adept both in the fields of spirituality and politics. Gurudeva Shriram Sharma fought for India’s independence between the years 1930-1947 A.D. Later via books based on revolutionary thinking, he indirectly tried complementing religion and good governance.


Adi Shankaracharya had established 4 Mathas (hermitages) in 4 corners of India. Under Shantikunja’s guidance, apart from 4,000 Pragna Peethas, Shaktipeethas and 24,000 self-study centers were established.


Rishi Pipplad studied and controlled his mind by eating fruits and leaves. Our Gurudeva partook meals of jowar roti (Indian bread) and buttermilk for 24 long years. Till the day he died he ate only boiled cereals and vegetables.



Kanad an heir of Atharveda tradition put forth the atomic theory and theory of scientific spirituality. At Brahmavarchas Institute, spirituality is being researched in a scientific manner.


Aaryabhatta studied the effect of the planets of the solar system on earth and gave certain mathematical principles for the same. In Shantikunja, astrological research studies are being conducted.


Thousands of Bhikshus (mendicants) traveled all over the world to spread Lord Budha’s message. Similarly thousands of initiated disciples of Shantikunja are spreading the message of divine culture in all corners of the world.


Polar center- Himalays – Gayatri Teerth – A divine atmosphere has been created over here due to the subtle presence of Rishis and demi-gods. Spiritual seekers and members of Gayatri Parivar should spend some time at least once a year at Shantikunja which as a spiritual cultured sanatorium. Thus they can benefit from its sacred vibrations.






1) The first incarnation was in the form of Saint Kabir (1398-1518 A.D.). He lived with his wife in Banaras. All his life Kabirji attacked atrocities carried out in the name of religion. He spoke of spirituality in a straightforward manner. 2) The second incarnation was in the form of Samarth Ramdas (1608-1682 A.D.). With the help of his devotee Shivaji, he untied minor states of Southern India. He created an atmosphere of independence and established body building centers everywhere. He encouraged people to attend spiritual discourses so as to infuse divinity in one’s life. 3) The third incarnation was in the form of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans (1836-1886 A.D.). He lived with his wife Shardamani in Kolkatta. Again by leading a householder’s life, he moulded his great disciple Swami Vivekananda. He made Vivekananda a medium, so as to awaken sacred principles in the minds of world humanity. H.H. SHRIRAM SHARMA ESTABLISHED AND MANAGED MANY INSITUTIONAL CENTRES


1) YUGA NIRMA YOJANA, GAYATRI TAPOBHUMI, MATHURA , U.P. – 281 003, INDIA. This institution was established by our revered Gurudeva after selling all his ancestral property, jewellery etc. Even today this institute has a) Gayatri Temple b) An unbroken lit flame for the past 6 decades. c) Re-instating of holy water and mud from 2,400 pilgrim spots. d) More than 2400 crore hand written Mantras e) Sidha Peeth f) Yuga Nirman School g) Publication of 1636 books in 7 languages h) Books published with an advanced press offset machine i) A monthly magazine with more than 3 lakh subscribers j) A separate post office and bank. k) A central headquarter that gives directions to more than 7000 branches all over the world with respect to educating world humanity l) Prajna Nagar built for visitors and members of Gayatri Parivar. 2) SHANTIKUNJA, 249411, INDIA.




UTTARANCHAL H.H. Shriram Sharma Acharyaji and H.H.Bhagwatidevi Sharma, his consort, resided in this region where the 7 Rishis of yore (Saptarshis) had performed penance. It is near the holy Ganges river and at the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Shantikunja has an unbroken flame lamp, Gayatri Temple, Yajnashala of 9 pyres, auditorium, theatre, free arrangements to give 16 Sanskaras, Ayurvedic clinic, body building center, more than 150 full time workers, residence arrangements for more than 1000 camp participants, school for children, Vedic school for astrology / Panchanga etc., slide shows for self-study, religious discourses, devotional music etc., audio/ video cassettes and 400 Prajna Peethas, Shakti Peethas and over 24,000 self-study associations for spiritual and material advancement of world humanity. Any person (from any country) who wishes to lead a creative life for both material and spiritual advancement of world humanity, can join the “Yuga Shilpi Camp” for 1 month that commences from the 1st date of each month of the year upto the end of that month. Further every month from 1-10, 11-20,21-30, a “Kalpa Sadhana Camp” is organized for 10 days for bodily transformation and 4 days for pilgrimage. 3) BRAHMAVARCHAS RESEARCH INSTITUTE, SAPTARSHI, HARIDWAR – 249411, UTTARANCHAL, INDIA


This institute has 3 floors. The ground floor has 24 idols that represent the 24 energy streams of Gayatri (12 Vaam Margis / Tantrik and 12 Dakshin Margis / Vedic). This institute has proved with necessary proofs that the 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra are the 24 incarnations of God, 24 demi-gods, 24 Rishis, 24 Yogic practices, 24 austerities, 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya, 24 Ridhi-Sidhiss and divine glories. The first floor has a laboratory. It houses various technological apparatus and advanced machines, to monitor man’s psyche and body. This research is carried out by reputed scientists and doctors. Just like Allopathy and Homeopathy, Rishis of yore invented Yajnopathy wherein the sacred smoke of a Yajna fire wards off our illnesses. A patient is asked to sit in a closed of laboratory of glass and is exposed to various types of Yajna fumes. We are glad to inform all readers that this treatment via Yajna fumes has cured thousands of people who suffered from various diseases. Over and above this, Gurudeva vehemently opposed blind beliefs, vile traditions, fundamentalism, dowry, etc. He encouraged an attitude of equality towards all religions. He always spoke of one religion, one action and one goal. He said that there should be only one form of religion in the entire world. Further he spoke of the importance of looking upon the entire world as our Mother (Vishwamata). He designed programs for upliftment of women and healthcare for all. He inspired all his followers to patiently endure all obstacles which he had predicted, that would come their way between the years 1985-2000 A.D. He further predicted that after the year 2000 A.D. slowly but surely an atmosphere of sacredness will envelope the entire world.


THE SACRED DAWN OF THE GOLDEN ERA – COMMENCEMENT OF A NEW ERA “Today the problems of the world have become so complicated that they cannot be solved with a human intellect or strength. There are signs which say that God has incarnated on earth and with the help of His aides, He is steadfastly working on the program of neo-creation.”




“That God for Whom the citizens of Israel are waiting, has already incarnated on earth. When the hardships of Israelis will end, that of the world too will end.” -


“India’s dawn is in the offing. India will again get the credit for spreading the message of righteousness and sacred culture in the entire world.” -


“A conjunctional period of a new era has commenced from 26 December 1924 A.D. i.e. Samvat 1981 Posh Vad Amaas, Friday.” -


“A Messenger of God will arrive who will change the entire face of the world by inducing valour in all laymen.” - BORISCO All scholars, astrologers and great seers of the world opine that the time has come for Era Transformation. Today, the world has been engulfed by unrighteousness, lack of peace, mismanagement, injustice and illegal practices. Thus people lose hope and say, “Where is God?” The Almighty Lord will no longer allow His beautiful world to remain in a hell like condition. Since time immemorial, the Lord has again and again incarnated on earth, so as to overcome unrighteousness in the world. Hence why will He not incarnate again today under such trying times? All futurists of the world have said in one voice that the time for world / Era Transformation has arrived. The Creator (God) of neo creation has already manifested amidst us all and has commenced this gigantic task. Many conservative scholars say that one era is equivalent to 4 lakh, 32 thousand years. Its one leg (one fourth part) is equivalent to 1 lakh, 8 thousand years. Thus according to these Pundits the current era is in the first leg of Kaliyuga (Dark Age). Hence they say that we will have to wait for 3 lakh, 24 thousand years more for a new era to set in. This deluded viewpoint has induced a downfall in world humanity from the mental standpoint. These Pundits’ deluded stand, forces innocent Indian devotees to think wrongly. These Pundits instill fear in the minds of those Indians who believe in hard work and enterprise and like intoxicating drugs, such innocent men are converted to intellectual slaves. Scriptural precepts always have special meanings based on time and circumstances. These 13

precepts were given wrong interpretations by dry scholars (Pundits) and thus blind beliefs prevail in India. We must realize that the original scriptural injunctions are not wrong but that they were terribly misinterpreted by so called scholars. These scriptural injunctions must be studied deeply and interpreted appropriately. The time span of any era (Satyuga, Dwaparayuga etc.) varies in tandem with the different movements of stars, planets etc. and its influence on earth. In the Vajas Samhita, a very clear cut demarcation has been made between a Human Era and Demi-God Era (12/111). An era has been defined even in the Taitariya Samhita. In the Rigveda’s astrological chapter, Prajapati’s Brahma’s era has been described as Samvatsar as follows – “When Brihaspati (Jupiter) passes through 12 Zodiac Signs, one era is completed. One Zodiac Sign is equivalent to 1 year. Thus the era of 12 Zodiac Signs is equal to 12 years. Thus if an era is measured on the basis of the sun or moon’s movement, the calculation will vary a great deal. Modern scientists have discovered the fact that in 11 years the inner state of the sun changes. These 11 years correspond to 1 era of the sun. The calculation of one era corresponding to 4 lakh, 32 thousand years has been wrongly made on the basis of the sun’s circumbalution of its universe which takes 2 crore years. These 2 crore years have been classified into 4 parts i.e. 4 eras and each era thus corresponds to 4 lakh, 32 thousand years. In order to keep pace with the prevalent era calculation, smaller eras are called Antardashas. Thus people get deluded while trying to study them. Manu Smriti (1/68-70) very clearly says – “The eras that correspond to Brahmaji creating the world in 1 day and destroying it in 1 night is as follows : 4 thousand years and 4 thousand centuries meaning 400 years of Poorva Sandhya and 400 years of Uttar Sandhya which is equal to 4800 years of Satyuga. In the same way 3600 years of Tretayuga, 2400 years of Dwaparyuga and 1200 years of Kaliyuga can be calculated. In the Bhavishya Khand of Harivanshpurana, these eras have too been calculated as 4800, 3600, 2400 and 1200 years. Alongwith this the conjunctional period of all these 4 eras have been given as 800, 600, 400 and 200 years. The era time span calculation of Lingapurana and Shrimad Bhagwat are very much similar to that given in Manu Smriti. On the basis of the above calculation and keeping in mind the measure of Samvatsaras and Kalpas, the present time (2005 A.D.) is that dawn 14

wherein Kaliyuga (Dark Age) will transform into Satyuga (Golden Age). In our ancient texts our history has been partitioned into 5 Kalpas 1) Mahat Kalpa – 109800 years before Vikram Samvat to 85800 years before Vikram Samvat 2) Hiranyagarbha Kalpa – 85800 years before Vikram Samvat to 61 8000 years before Vikram Samvat. 3) Bahya Kalpa – 618000 years before Vikram Samvat to 37800 years before Vikram Samvat 4) Padma Kalpa –37800 years before Vikram Samvat to 138000 years before Vikram Samvat 5) Varah Kalpa – 13800 years before Vikram Samvat it had started and is continuing even now. Uptil now the Manvantaras (rule of Manus) of Svambhu Manu, Svarochish Manu, Uttam Manu, Tamas Manu, Raivat Manu, Chakhush Manu and Vaivaswat Manu of the Varah Kalpa have already passed by. Today the Antardasha of Vaivaswat and Savarni Manus is going on. Kalki Purana says that after the Manvantaras of the Savarni Manus viz. Daksha, Brahya, Dharma, Rudradeva and Indra, Savarnis of the Varah Kalpa pass by, Kalki incarnation of God will manifest on earth. After the Kalki dusk passes by, the dawn of Satyuga will manifest. Savarni Manu appeared 5737 years before Vikram Samvat commenced. It is only after Indra Svarni’s Manvantara passes by that Kalki will manifest. Thus Kalki Samvat will prevail. It will commence with Kalki’s birth one earth that is said to be around Vikram Samvat 1970. In order to know more about Kalki Samvat, King Pulakeshin asked his reputed astrologers to calculate it. From the etchings carved on rocks in a region called Ahol of South India, Kalki Samvat is said to be between 1969-1970. This proves that Kalki has already incarnated between Samvat 1969-70 for overcoming India’s Budhist influence. With reference to this, Mathura’s historical research institute (Puratan Itihas Shodh Sansthan) is very important. Its research director has accepted the facts given above and in his appeal chapter, while talking about astrological calculations, has accepted that “Today’s time i.e. about 2000 A.D. is the dark conjunctional period of Brahya’s night.” In this manner Divine Power or Powers of Neo Creation generally manifest in the conjunctional period, because due to an envelope of darkness at such times, an intense natural turbulence occurs. Examples are earthquakes, intense cold waves, famines, storms, floods, lack of food, over population etc. Thus man’s soul experiences pain and sorrow. In order to overcome sorrow by establishing righteousness, Brahya manifests during the conjunctional period. Thus again a new management, new discipline and new thoughts are established in the world. The Lord reincarnates alongwith his divine aides in this world. At such times on the one hand there prevails unrighteousness, injustice, oppression, etc. and on the other hand they establish righteousness, culture, sacred actions, good character and good will in world humanity. Thus world peace ushers in.


In the Vana Parva of Mahabharat, this state was described thousands of years back – “When one era ends, a new intense agitation and turbulence is seen in the world. When Moon, Sun, Posh (3rd Month of Vikram Samvat) and Jupiter will enter one particular Zodiac Sign, Satyuga or Golden Era will dawn. After that sacred galaxies shower their grace. An increase in material comforts induces joy in everybody. People regain good health and happiness. This astrological confluence (Graha Yoga) has just taken place in the very recent past. Two books called “Alkshak Valktmafi Marfat” and “Malabud Kablut Kayamat” found in the Hamidiya Library of Mecca says that a widespread revolution, turbulence and Era Transformation will take place in the 14th century (A.D.) In one verse of his, Surdasji with his Extra Sensory Potential writes – “ After Samvat 1900, changes will occur in this world. After this Super Revolution the creeper of righteousness will grow in the world and for thousands of years Satyuga (Golden Era) will exist.” “In the conjunctional period of Era Transformation, people adhering to sacred ideals will lead an exalted life and the Lord will once again establish peace, joy etc. in the world.” The well-known Emperor of Bundelkhand, Chatrasal’s Guru, Mahatma Premanathji in his poetry says that in this era, a transformation will occur and the Lord will incarnate one earth. In an Odiya book called “Malika”, the Greta Yogi Achyutanand talks of a Golden Era manifesting – “As soon as the prevalent Balmukund Samvat in Orissas ends, Kaliyuga too will end. All devotees will realize this on their own.” All these calculations prove that Satyuga has already manifested and that none can obstruct it. Editor of “Healing Life”, Father John Melard has also agreed that Era Transformation will take place – “Today problems of the world have become so complicated that the frail human intellect cannot solve them. World peace is beyond the ken and power of human beings. Despite this none should despair because there are signs that the Lord Almighty has already incarnated on earth and 16

alongwith His aides, is about to establish a new era of peace on earth. His intellectual prowess and soul force will prove that He indeed is an incarnation of God i.e. Avatar. This Uplifter of the world will not hide behind a veil for long.” W.B. Orchard too agrees with this – “That Lord for whom Israelis are waiting to descend on earth, has already done so. Thus not only will sorrow of Israelis be warded off, but that world peace will set in. The Lord never allows ill fate, injustice and oppression to exist in His creation. Today negativities have reached their peak and hence the Lord will perforce incarnate on earth.”

Swami Aseemanand says – “At present I clearly experience the Lord’s presence everywhere. That day is not far off when love, equality and brotherhood in the entire world will bloom. Kaliyuga (Dark Age) will end and a new era of radiance will manifest.” We must understand that Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kaliyuga do not have an independent form of existence. All this is man’s mental calculation of time. When righteousness, spirituality, fruits of actions, the other world, re-birth, faith, devotion, self-glory, love, compassion, generosity, cooperation etc and sacred human qualities intensity in our psyche, that era is called Satyuga(Golden Age). When Rajo Guna manifests in the psyche as discipline, love for justice etc. it is called Tretayuga. When Rajoguna with a little bit of Tamo Guna (spiritual darkness) engulfs the psyche it is called Dwaparyuga. When the psyche of world humanity overflows with Tamoguna as vile activities, spiritual ignorance, sinning, unrighteousness, injustice etc. it is called Kaliyuga. All these Yugas (eras) are dependent on what qualities predominate in the psyche of world humanity. Else even the Golden Age had many demonic men (Asuras). In fact it is during great eras like Satyuga and Tretayuga that terrible demons like Shumbha, Nishumbha, Sahasrabahu, Kirat, Ravana, Banasura, Kansa, Aghasura, Duryodhan, Dushasan, Tripurasura etc. were born. Hence why were these eras called Satyuga etc. instead of Kaliyuga (Dark Age)? The answer is simple that although these demons did exist, these eras predominated with sacred qualities in world humanity. Hence if we all agree that we are in the Dark Age, it can surely be converted into a Golden Age if the psyche of world humanity no more harbours vile qualities and instead replaces the same with sacred ideals, 17

pious thoughts, good will etc. In fact the Aitereya Brahman fully agrees with this belief – “Kaliyuga means man alongwith the entire world steeped in spiritual ignorance or “Sleep”. When he starts yawning it is Dwaparayuga. When he sits up in bed it is Tretayuga. When he gets up from his bed and starts walking i.e. when he becomes active, starts thinking aptly, and executes tasks of welfare for world humanity, it is Satyuga or Golden Age. The above observations prove that Yugas (eras) are not bound by time. Thus when people fanatically believe that Kaliyuga has a time span of 4 lakh, 32 thousand years, it is a wrong belief. One era can be converted to another era at any time, if the mental qualities are transformed. The Lord hence incarnates in this world to transform an entire era. God establishes a Golden Age by inducing the psyche of world humanity to imbibe righteousness, sacred ideals, purity etc. The Great Yogi of India, who for his entire life lit the flame of spirituality, i.e. Maharshi Aurobindo, was a great seer. He always maintained that miracles in the form of predicting future events were detrimental as far as spiritual advancement was concerned. Hence he never made unnecessary predictions and instead he talked about only those future events, that instilled faith and patience in all devotees. Such predictions of Shri Aurobindo came cent percent true. In 1938 A.D. he predicted that in about 8 years, India would gain political freedom. He further predicted that after that immediately, India would be partitioned. His predictions about Era Transformation are very important – “My heart sways with divine inspirations. A bright near. Many people will try to westernize India, movement will start in India which will destroy its direction to spirituality. This movement will usher peace and bliss in the entire world.”

future for India is very yet I am sure that a taints and give a new in a Golden Era full of

Saint Vishwaranjan Brahmachari who while predicting that Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri will become the next Prime Minister of India had also sorrowfully said – “Shastriji will become Prime Minister for a short time and that he will die in a foreign country. After him a female will become Prime Minister. In the near future India will face many ups and downs and in its midst, a Great Spiritual revolution will take place. Although this revolution will be centred in Central India, it will influence all corners of India. The director of this revolution will be given credit for joining North and South India culturally. In a few years India will accept new ideals and they will be imbibed by the 18

rest of the world too. People will give up vile habits, vile thinking etc. voluntarily and replace them with good character. In future men will not vie for money, status etc. but will compete with one another to imbibe sacred ideals, pious actions and high thinking.” Readers must remember that Shri Brahmachari had predicted that Pakistan would face great floods. His other predictions are – “India too might face floods and earthquakes. India might have to fight in a war with both China and Pakistan. Despite all this India will progress and after 1992 A.D. India will gain more glory than both U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. India will be responsible for saving the world from an imminent world war.” A great scholar cum astrologer of Baran viz. Shri Jyotishbhushan Shastri Chuletey, one day with his divine eye saw, that the director of a new era has already manifested on earth and that Era Transformation will take place very soon. Shastriji’s father, a great scholar of Shrimad Bhagwat, too heard this divine voice. Both father and son wrote a letter to one another simultaneously regarding this divine vision. They were amazed that their divine visions matched perfectly. Shri Shastriji’s prediction that India would gain independence between the years 1945 A.D. to 1950 A.D. was proved correct. Ten years before Gandhiji passed away, Shastriji had predicted this event. He had also said that in 1970 A.D. a man from America will head for the moon. In the Kalimvarjya chapter he criticized those who opined that none should circumambulate the earth. Shastriji said that since ancient times, Indian celestial vehicles circumambulated not only our earth but other planets too. When in 1970 A.D. an American will land on moon, people will agree with my above observations. Hence we Indians too should take part in research studies of interstellar space. He had also predicted that China will attack India. He made a horoscope dated 5/9/1926 at 12.00 p.m. which is as follows – 1) LAGNA (1st house) – Libra – Saturn 2) 2nd house – Scorpio 3) 3rd house – Sagittarius – Ketu 4) 4th house – Capricon – Jupiter 5) 5th house – Aquarius 6) 6th house – Pisces 7) 7th house – Aries – Mars 8) 8th house – Taurus 9) 9th house – Rahu 10) 10th house – Moon-Venus 11) 11th house – Leo – Sun – Mercury 12) 12th house – Virgo 19

The first house Libra had an exalted Saturn. The third house of enterprise has an exalted Ketu or Dragon’s tail. The fourth house of happiness had Jupiter. The 7th house had mars in its own Zodiac Sign. The 9th house had an exalted Rahu or Dragon’s head. The 10th house of actions had Moon in its own Sign and Venus. This indicated that science and a new religion will be established in the world. In the 11th house of benefits, there was Sun in its own Sign alongwith Mercury. This indicated that India’s wealth and glory would enhance greatly. This horoscope matched that of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. This indicated that the Divine Power had already incarnated on earth and that people would recognize Him only later. As soon as this thought dawned in his mind, Shastriji wrote a book called ”Era Transformation” in Akola (Maharashtra – India). On the basis of astrological calculations, he said that Kaliyuga (Dark Age) will end in Posh Vad Amas Samvat 1981. Today we are in the era junctional period and later Era Transformation will set in. Thus the dark gloomy days of the past will end and a bright future will manifest. This period of era junction will create turbulence in the world initially but after India attains glory, the rest of the world too will exist peacefully as one family. In the near future India will lead the world as far as science and spirituality is concerned. The above book was eulogoized by all leading astrologers, since eras were calculated aptly via astrological principles. This book on the one hand destroys blind astrological beliefs and on the other hand throws light on an imminent wisdom revolution that will sweep the entire world. India will see a gigantic thought revolution. As a result – 1) Educational methods will change for the better. Today people are studying so as to get a job. In future educated people will not require jobs but employees. 2) Devotion to God will not be limited to superficial Mantra chanting. Devotees hence forth will also take up the holy service of world creatures. 3) People will no longer aim for salvation but will pray for service to God and his creatures. 4) People will dislike lawyers and solicitors. India will lead in the fields of Geology, Chemistry, Yantra Science, Mining, Magnetic Forces etc. and Modern Science. 5) People will take deep interest in Religion and Spiritual Science.


6) Today world humanity has been partitioned brutally into sects and sub-sects. In future there will be only 4 classes, based on mental qualities and corresponding activities. Narrow minded communalism will be destroyed and thus it will transform our eating, sleeping, beliefs, habits etc. for the better. 7) Vedic wisdom will spread in the entire world. 8) The Manu and Yajnavalkya Smritis will be the basis of future governance. 9) Widow re-marriage will no longer be looked upon as anti-religion. 10)

People will lay emphasis on congregational power.

11) Instead of building new temples, mosques, churches etc. people will re-build existing ones that are in a very dilapidated condition. Temples, mosques, churches etc. will become centers for awakening world humanity. 12)

Families will love one another a great deal.

13) Indians will invent aircrafts that are smokeless. wind, sun etc. will function as per man’s desire.

Fire, rain,

14) The science of contacting dead beings will gain more importance. 15) In every nook and corner of the world, research institutes and industries will flourish. It is least amazing if Era Transformation comes into existence in this century. Many high statured souls of the world have accepted that a thought revolution is about to take off and that too on the basis of a collective force. Subsequent pages of this book will describe various such predictions which prove that the dawn of such an era is not far off which will usher in love, equality and human values in the entire world.

CHAPTER 4 - DIVINE SEER ROMAIN ROLLAND Romain Rolland says – I am sure that a big portion of White culture (Western) will be destroyed with both its good and bad qualities. Later a new culture will take birth in the world. (He has clearly accepted that this new culture will be an Indian culture. According to him Indian culture and 21

philosophy will be established as a world religion and world culture). new society will be created. I am least worried that life will deteriorate.


Western countries do not accept that our soul is immortal – but I firmly uphold this belief. Those souls born in Western countries and are being influenced by Western culture, will face great hardships. The famous astrolger Prof. Cheiro had predicted that the white race will end and that Muslim culture too will be destroyed. Instead a new culture and a new religion will gain a strong foot hold worldwide. Cheiro writes – When the sun enters Aquarius, many intense effects will be perceived. This is because its planets are Uranus and Saturn. Ancient seers of secret sciences believe it to be a glorious beginning of a new era. Saturn is the cause of destruction. Uranus changes old norms and laws from their very root. When Sun enters Aquarius, intense agitations change and gigantic revolutions are witnessed. The creator of this new era are planets. They influence women to manifest in a new form. All the above observations can be clearly perceived today. Conservative countries like Iran, Turkey, Arabia and Jordan are now allowing Muslim women to live a life of freedom akin to that lived by their male counterparts. Sun has already entered Aquarius. Since apt planetary transitions have occurred, a new era is not far away. The old culture of the world will be replaced by a divine culture. “India’s glory will dawn in the form of a Supreme Power but for that, it will undergo a lot of agitations. On the face of it the situation will be painful, yet a divine messenger of God will be born in India who will congregate laymen. This congregation will valiantly combat hard core materialistic people of the world. It will be proved that mere material comforts can only lead to our downfall. Instead materialism and spiritualism must work hand in hand for the overall progress and peace of the world. After that straightforward and ethical men will predominate in the entire world. Joy and peace will spread in all directions. In the conjunctional period, cunningness, murder, looting etc. will intensify. Thus after intense turbulence, sacred human characteristics will take over the helm of affairs. This progress will be long lasting and in the 21st century, it will be seen with greater clarity. The world will bloom with qualities like love, compassion, honesty, charity and brotherhood.” Hungary’s famous female astrologer, Boriska Silvigar, had made this prediction. Boriska was that person with whom an Englishman had laid a bet that England will not free India politically. Boriska smiled and said, “After 1944 A.D. no power in the world can prevent India from gaining independence. India’s destiny will shine brightly and its religious citizens will pave the way for world peace and brotherhood.” 22

Such observations are there in the bible too. The famous seer and saint, Father Baxter, while writing a commentary on Mathew 24 and Revelation (Chapter 6) says – “The meaning of a horse riding man with a sword in his hands is that such a great man will be born, who will revolutionize the entire world. World humanity will imbibe spiritual values due to the influence of the powerful thought vibrations of this great person. Just prior to this, food will become expensive and people will carry out sinful actions. The god of death will destroy over populated areas via wars, plague, tsunamis etc. Natural calamities will show their ire. The movements of sun, moon and planets will be very dire for world humanity. At that time a Divine Power will incarnate. It will establish peace and human values in the world.” There is virtually no difference as far as today’s circumstances and that given in the Bible is concerned. Hence there is no reason to doubt that a Divine Power has already incarnated on earth in order to create a new era. Today in the midst of agitation and turbulence, the sun of neo-creation is all set to rise. None can obstruct this eternal arrangement of Mahakal (Great Time). Era Transformation is the fundamental need of the hour and is imperative. The ancient era will definitely be destroyed and will be replaced with a bright new era. We have to wait and watch as to who is about to get crushed in its agitative activity and thus become a partner of ill fame. On the other hand let us see who is going to attain good merits by taking part in this gigantic task of neo creation.

CHAPTER 5 - AFTER THE FIRST MAHABHARAT, A NEW MAHABHARAT SETS IN “Twenty four years after India gets freedom, a powerful spiritual organization will come into limelight and it will uplift the entire world both materially and spiritually. This Uplifter will be both the founder and director of this organization. If all his thoughts in his lifetime are published in one book, it will weigh more than 1000 pounds. The entire world will imbibe his behavioural ethics. India will become the crown jewel of earth.” -


In the months of December 1962 A.D. and January 1963 A.D., there was talk of a world war. With reference to the 8-planet Yoga, not only astrologers of India, but those of the entire world proclaimed that a world 23

war will take place in February 1962 A.D. Despite this on the basis of Acharya Varah Mihir’s astrological calculations, in the September 1961 issue of Akhand Jyoti magazine, the above prediction of a world war had been challenged. Our viewpoint was further strengthened by the opinion of Norway’s famous Yogi, Anandacharya. He said that “No doubt the 3rd world war will take place but not before 1995 A.D. Uptil then India will become the 6th Super Power of the world. Just as the Mahabharat war was fought in India, after scientific advancement, wherein all nations of the world were involved who used divine weapons of fire etc., in the same way the future 3rd world war will not only see the use of terrible chemical and atomic weapons but even other newly invented ones which no one is aware of today. It means that with the help of weapons obtained from other divine worlds, this war will be fought. Nuclear weapons of earth will look pale in front of the above mentioned divine weapons. After these divine weapons are used, they will leave no imprint behind for the scientists of earth to conduct research studies. Even women will take part in this war.” “This war will be fought mainly in Asia but its most tainted effects will be seen in Europe and Muslim nations. The role of India will become the ultimate decision. Initially India will try to stop this war but because of China’s stance, people will not agree. Inwardly the fire of war will be kept ablaze by China and yet another country will be blamed for it. The flames of destruction due to this war will spread out so far and wide, that all countries of the world will request India to intervene and ward off destruction. Only then will peace prevail. After this war, human culture will change completely. All this will take place only after 1995 A.D.” That Yogi’s predictions, which have been given in the lines mentioned above and in the following pages, was an Indian born in West Bengal in the year 1883 A.D. He was called Surendranath Baral. As a result of deep study in Calcutta University covering subjects like Indian and Vedic Philosophy, a great spiritual awakening took place in his psyche. For some time he taught certain subjects in Calcutta University. He realized hat materialistic men possessed very few human values. Its ratio was like a mustard seed and a mountain. Mere material pursuits cannot give eternal peace and joy. It is only the Eternal Divine Power within each individual that can usher in eternal peace and joy in the world. It is only when we understand the science of consciousness that pervades all beings of the cosmos, the nature of the controller of the world and self knowledge and knowledge of this world and the next, can man become self-fulfilled. In a state of lack man can never attain joy either in the present or in future too.


Thus attainment of self-fulfillment is the only balanced goal which gives eternal peace. Thinking thus this Yogi started practicing Yoga. He deeply studied Astrological Sciences, Samadhi (meditative trance) etc. Later this Yogi called himself Anandacharya. He was born in India and performed spiritual practices (Sadhana) in Norway. He spread the wisdom of Indian Philosophy in the entire world. Chiefly he was a seer, philosopher, thinker and messenger of a human religion. He thus visited England, America etc. He attained fame as a great person who could predict the future aptly. He was more famous than other leading futurists of the world like Jean Dixon, Cheiro, Clark, Harare etc. Anandacharya’s predictions gained lots of fame in Europe and Africa. He always shied away from name and fame and yet his predictions were so correct that fame followed him like a servant. Books written by Anandacharya like “Brahma Darshanam” and “Tattva Jeevanam” ( published in New York and London) proved to be vaults of Indian Philosophy. Many decades back he had written a book -“KaalChakram” which described India’s social condition at that time. He predicted that a great transformation will take place in India financially, socially etc. Today the fact that India, is becoming a great force to reckon with in the international arena is proof of Anandacharya’s predictions. Anandacharya was the first person who said way back in 1910 – “People must gird up their loins for a 1st world war. In the last week of July, a very minor event will pave the way for a war. Later all those countries who have tense relationships with one another will take part in the war. This war will last till November 1918 A.D. and when it will end, world politics will get centralized at one point. An organization will be formed which will have leading nations of the world as its members. This organization will resort to cunning gamesmanship, instead of truth and honesty and hence world humanity will not accept their directions. At that time people did not pay much heed to Anandacharya’s predictions. In 1914 A.D. a youth of Serbia fired a bullet at Arch Duke Ferdinand, who was the heir of Austrian throne. Despite this none had even an inkling that a world war will set in. Within one month Australia attacked Hungary. Friendly nations on both sides too got involved in this war. These nations were Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Britain, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Japan etc. This was a classic world war. The battles of Mans, Saan and Verdun were so terrifying that people hated every moment of it. Later a League of Nations was formed. Thus both predictions of Anandacharya came true. Now people of Norway and England paid more attention to Anandacharya. A special association of British journalists met him and requested him to put forth his views about the future. Anandacharya replied – “Now get ready for a 2nd world war. In this war Germany’s Hitler and Russia’s Stalin will fight so ferociously, that the war will end even more harshly. In 25

August 1945 A.D. a terrible explosion will occur for the first time in the world and in a flash, millions of people will die. Only then will some sort of peace manifest in the world.” A few years after this prediction in September 1939 A.D., Germany attacked Poland. After this battle its flames were re-lit and one more world war set in. On 6th August Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2 cities of Japan) were attacked with an atom bomb. As a result millions of people died. Anandacharya’s predictions regarding Mussolini’s death, and Eisenhower and Krushchev’s leadership also came true. His prediction about the state of the world after the 2nd world war too came true. After this came the Ashtagrahi Yoga (astrological confluence of 8 planets). All of Aandacharya’s predictions regarding this Yoga have been given in the previous pages of this book. Yet the most important part is regarding what he said in New York. All his quotes were published in New York, Paris, Belgium, England, and Norway etc. He said – “On the one hand scientists of the world will progress so much in Material Sciences that they will land on Moon and mars. Political efforts will be made to obstruct nuclear research, yet smaller nations too will try and produce nuclear weapons. In a short time span even far off lands will produce destructive machines and bombs. Hindus living in other nations will face danger. Many nations will insult Hindus and throw them out of their country. In Sri Lanka and India, women will lead in politics. Fast changes will take place in England’s politics.” His predictions about Kennedy and Martin Luther King’s death too proved to be true.

CHAPTER 6 - AN IMPORTANT PORTION OF ANANDACHARYA’S PREDICTIONS “Twenty four years before the 3rd World War and 24 years after it ends, will be full of turbulence for India. The preceding 24 years will see circumstances akin to those seen after Mahabharat war. The latter 24 years will be like dawn before the sunrise of a New Era. I will give up my body a few days after I see my motherland (India) attaining independence. Other people will see the extraordinary changes taking place in India after it gains political freedom. “ “In my country religion will take up a congregational form so as to get reawakened. It will take birth as soon as freedom is achieved. After 24 years in the year 1971 A.D. it will come into limelight as a powerful organization. On the one hand a lot of changes will take place in world politics. Within it Indian politics will be most active. The above mentioned organization that will take on the onus of religious upliftment, will design a 26

new map of world welfare during these times. The founder and director of this organization will be a householder and will attain fame as the most outstanding thinker of all times. He will design a behavioural ethics regarding an individual’s social responsibilities and how collectively all nations of the world can live peacefully. If all his lifetime thoughts are written in a book, the book will weigh more than 100 pounds. At that time people will ask in amazement as to what need do they have of such idealistic thinking in a material age? But all the hardships faced after 1995 A.D. alongwith the world war, will give a new direction to materialism. At that time these behavioural ethics, will be worshipped just like Bible and an angel. Today people are immersed in achieving material goals but after 1995 A.D. people will think about God, soul, salvation and other spiritual principles. That state of India before the Mahabharat war will progress further after this 3rd world war and it will be controlled by this new spiritual organization.” “At that time wealthy citizens of alien countries will vie with one another to send their children to India for higher studies. The importance given to Europe and America as far as higher studies is concerned will diminish a great deal. An extraordinary rise will be seen, between the years 1975 A.D. to 1995 A.D., in the number of people learning Sanskrit language. India’s Science too will be given utmost importance internationally. India will make weapons with metals that have never been used before. Air and space crafts will be designed without using metals and they will be capable of going far away in interstellar space and gaining important information regarding it. Indian will not only be a leader as far as media coverage is concerned but will also advance leaps and bounds in other industries. Thus India will not only be a world leader as far as spirituality is concerned but will also lead in the economical, industrial, social, political and scientific front, just as it did prior to the Mahabharat war.” Shri Anandacharya left his mortal coil after the 2 nd world war when India gained political freedom. Today his predictions have been proved correct. None should be wonderstruck if the 3rd world war sets in and that his other predictions post 1995 A.D. come true.

CHAPTER 7 - A MESSENGER OF GOD BORN IN A RURAL FAMILY “A great soul has already taken birth in a humble, rural family. He will commence, direct and control a gigantic revolution in the world. He will have the power of his aides too who will be responsible for transforming today’s distorted condition of the world.” 27


A 9-year old American girl called her mother and other family members and asked – “Come on, tell me, what will father carry with him when he comes home?” Since the family members had no answer, they asked this girl to give the correct answer. The girl called Jean Dixon said – “A beautiful white dog.” At that time everyone took this answer as a joke. Who would know what Jean Dixon’s father was buying at a place that was 10,000 miles away? When Jean Dixon’s father returned home, everyone was amazed to see him bring a white dog. At that very time when Jean Dixon spoke about the white dog, precisely at that very hour, 1000 miles away, her father was buying this white dog. Her father agreed with what Jean had said and hence everyone was amazed as to how Jean knew about an incident occurring 1000 miles away. There are so many facts and precepts in this world, which despite being more subtle than the subtle nature of all material objects, which can be so straightforward at the gross level that by evolving it further man can prove himself to be a living miracle. They asked Jean about this. Jean Dixon said – “Yes, they do exist and why not? Our soul is that very principle. It is all pervasive and can “see” and “hear” everything in the world. Since our psyche is tainted we fail to perceive the divine light of our soul. If these taints are destroyed man can see and know himself and the future, just like a mathematical calculation.” This girl called jean Dixon who attained fame in America and the entire world, made other predictions regarding important events that were to occur in the world. By proving her predictions to be true, Jean Dixon also wanted to lay emphasis on the fact that man is just not a body made up of flesh, blood, biochemicals etc. but that he possesses divine glories which are a proof of this spiritual identity. Jean Dixon had amazing skills of predicting future events in a meditative state. A few days later a Gypsy woman gave Jean a crystal ball. Jean Dixon henceforth used this crystal ball for making apt predictions. At a very young age, Jean Dixon attained fame and glory. One day a film actress full of failure and despair, approached Jean Dixon and said – “Should I continue with my acting career or open a school? Which will be of greater benefit to me?” Jean smiled and said – “Sister, man is free to act in the way he wants. Hard work can change the lines of destiny in one’s hands. If you make intense efforts, you can succeed in your acting career.” That actress called Mary Drosup was impressed by Jean’s advice. Hence she worked very hard in her acting career and achieved a lot of success. That day dawned when Mary Drosup became America’s leading actress.


A few days later another actress called Miss Lombard visited Jean Dixon. Jean on seeing this actress said – “Miss Lombard! If you wish to save your life, do not travel in a plane for 7 weeks. If circumstances force you to travel, do so by car or rail.” After 3 weeks, Miss Lombard traveled in a plane. While high up in the air, the plane caught fire and landed with a crash on to the ground. Miss Lombard too died in this plane crash.” Jean Dixon married at the age of 21 years. One day she stopped her husband from traveling in a plane and instead asked him to travel by train. Her husband was well aware of Jean’s skills of predicting future events. Just as a devoted disciple acts as per the sage advice of his preceptor, so too Jean’s husband follower his wife’s advice and thus traveled by train. Later in the evening, news spread like wild fire that the plane in which Jean’s husband was to travel, had an accident. Thus everyone was amazed by Jean’s foresight. Jean’s husband whole heartedly thanked his beloved wife for saving his life. Jean Dixon was once invited to a charity party at Selgrave. President Truman was at that time the Vice President of America. In good humour, Truman asked jean Dixon – “You are a great devotee of God. Can you predict my future?” Jean Dixon with a smile said – “Very shortly you will become President of America.” In a few days Truman did become President of America and he agreed – “There is no other option but to accept that spiritual powers are more potent and capable than material powers.” Entire America was wonderstruck with Jean’s capacity to foresee future events. One day in the year 1944 A.D., President Roosevelt invited Jean Dixon to the White House and said – “Tell me Jean! How long will it take for me to fulfill my tasks?” In a serious tone Jean said – “ Mr. President! I am sorry to say that you will not live for very long.” Roosevelt was amused to hear this reply, yet in a few days he died. As per Jean’s prediction Roosevelt died due to a blood clot rupture in the brain. Jean Dixon firmly believed that spiritually advanced people can not only gain information about an individual, but also that of all world movements, events and activities. Such people never flaunt this power of theirs to anyone and everyone. As days pass by they advance more and more spiritually and they gather so much soul force that all future events become known to them. Apart from this such great men can also change the shape of one’s future and that of world events. All this can be done on the basis of how much spiritual power has been gathered in an individual. The above observations were accepted in a meeting of diplomats. India’s General Agent, Shri Girijashankar Bajpai arranged a lunch party. Col. Nawabzada Sherali too attended this party along with Jean Dixon. Sherali asked Jean Dixon – “Madam! Can you predict my future?” After a moment’s pause Dixon said – “Oh Yes! On 2nd June 1947, India will be 29

partitioned into 2 nations. You will go to that nation in which Muslims will reside.” On 2nd June 1947, early in the morning, Col. Sherali telephoned Jean Dixon and said, “Your prediction was incorrect.” Jean Dixon confidently replied “Sir! An event can occur in a flash of a second. The entire day yet remains to pass by. So please wait.!” Truly on 3rd June 1947, leading American newspapers wrote in capital letters – “India has been partitioned into India and Pakistan”. Alongwith it the armies too were partitioned. This Col. Sherali was transferred into Pakistan. Once in the evening in the year 1947 A.D., there was a discussion on Politics in Jean Dixon’s house. Even Gandhiji’s name was included. Suddenly Jean Dixon warned everybody, “It seems as though Gandhiji will be assassinated within 6 months.” Truly on 30th January 1948 A.D. Gandhiji was assassinated. In the same way Jean Dixon was worried that President John Kennedy would be assassinated in 1963 A.D. One day she visited Kennedy’s friend Heloni and said – “Please convince Kennedy to cancel all his travel plans for the next few days.” Previously her prediction that Kennedy would become President of America in 1956 A.D. had come true. While predicting Kennedy’s death, Jean Dixon also said that the assassinator’s name would begin with “O” and end with “D”. Later everyone saw that Kennedy was assassinated while traveling in Texas and the assassinator’s name was Oswald. Predicting future events means that we are in contact with a Divine Power. God is omnipresent and omniscient. The more an individual’s soul merges into the cosmic soul (God), the more one can see past and future events. Generally people have intense faith in spiritual powers that help attain the capacity of predicting the future. Hence one must realize deeply that if this power is misused, it can create one’s material and spiritual downfall. If anyone uses the power of predicting future events for material name and fame, it will deplete one’s soul force and thus create our downfall. Therefore Indian Yogic scriptures strictly forbid us to flaunt our spiritual powers attained via Yogic or other spiritual practices. Miracles sometimes do genuinely benefit people, yet if it augments our ego, know for sure that our downfall is round the corner. Initially Jean Dixon’s predictions generally came true but in the latter half of her life, her predictions were incorrect. Mrs. Ruth Montgomery, writer of the history of Jean Dixon’s predictions accepts in her book “Gift of Prophecy” that 30% of Dixon’s predictions made later on proved to be false. Despite this, Jean Dixon, by foretelling the future proved that man is not merely a material creature. In fact man is predominantly spiritual and these spiritual powers can be utilized greatly for world welfare. Many predictions made earlier on, like Russia’s space craft without an astronaut 30

reaching interstellar space, Eisenhower wining elections, Khrushchev’s downfall, China becoming a communist country and Shastriji becoming Prime Minister after Nehru, were correct. This proves that truly such a spiritual power exists in all human beings, which is omniscient. Recently events predicted by Jean Dixon previously, like Republican Party wining elections in U.S.A. and China attacking Russia, came true. Jean Dixon has also predicted that changes will take place in the world. Red China will start a Germs War and will create dire situations in the world. Schemes of murdering leading politicians of many nations will be designed. Interstellar journey will prove to be a great success. People will have more faith in religion and God. As a result their material belief will undergo a sea change. Another prediction is – “In a certain country of Asia (may be India), a great soul will be born in a rural family. He will begin, direct and control a Super Spiritual Revolution. He will be helped by his aides who will transform the present distorted state of the world.”

CHAPTER 8 - THE ENTIRE WORLD IN 1999 A.D. WILL BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT “Such an individual has taken birth whose soul force, generated by himself on his own, will be equivalent to the force of a very powerful nation. He will design a behavioural ethic for the world which includes one language, one culture and one religion.” - ANDERSON “Today no one is paying attention to the terrible influence of nuclear weapons but within 3 years henceforth, either China or Russia will experiment with nuclear weapons in Siberia. As a result that land will explode. (One must note that Siberia is that region which emits a lot of radiations). Today the earth is like a globe, but due to explosions its effect in its interstellar path of revolution will be like a torn rubber ball. The sea will rise high, heat will augment in the world and although the earth will not be broken into pieces, widespread earthquakes, storms, floods and epidemics will kill millions of people.” “America’s condition will become dire. Until 1980 A.D. China will attack 2 major cities of U.S.A. with nuclear weapons which will elicit terrible anger in America. Russia and America will unite so as to attack China and destroy it completely. Very few people of China will survive and they will be protected by India. This will be called the 3 rd world war and will be the last war on earth. This war will destroy all terrorist countries, individuals


and forces and thus a world organization will be established something on the lines of UNO.” The above predictions have been made by a great American futurist whose only 3 % predictions were false. The remaining 97% predictions were cent percent true. Mrs. Jean Dixon and Prof. Cheiro are the most well known personalities of America and Europe who could aptly predict the future with the help of their Extra Sensory Power (ESP). The poet Tennyson of the Victorian Era was also a great seer. In that era when no one knew about planes, journey to the Moon and Nuclear Weapons, Tennyson wrote in his poetry – “This world is so widespread that only time can measure it. My eyes are transcending the boundaries of cosmic time and can hence see the far flung future. I can see that the social arena of the world has become widespread and materials are being transported from one place to another via the skies. Man is traveling in interstellar space and has reached other planets. These space crafts are carrying huge circular weapons of fire. These weapons attack earth which results in a blue cloud smoke engulfing the sky. Intense heat from the south manifests like clouds and spreads in the entire world. These flames burn up all the flags of the world to ashes. A truce has been declared permanently and thus world humanity lives in peace and friendship.” Today Tennyson’s predictions are being proved true. We are all traveling in planes. Human beings have already journeyed to the Moon. Man has started researching into interstellar space. One atomic bomb already has been used and its smoke was dark blue in colour. At the time when Tennyson made these predictions there were no such proofs available. Hence immediately people did not believe him. No wonder then that the lives of people at that time were not transformed for the better. Predictions in 2 stanzas before the article, were given by such a farsighted person which were more correct than those given by Jean Dixon, Cheiro and Tennyson. People have been witness to his predictions coming true innumerable times that were made at least 1-2 years in advance. This astrologer was born in Iowa (America) in the year 1910 A.D. He was called Anderson. Actually Anderson was previously well known for his bodily strength and amazing exhibitions of various exercises. Despite this his divine eye was more powerful than his body. Very rarely did his prediction turn wrong. As a result not only Americans but even businessmen, film stars, politicians and industrialists of other nations too questioned Anderson regarding their future. One day at the age of 8 years, Anderson was playing in the drawing room of his house. At that time the 1st world war was on. Anderson’s brother Nelson had joined the Canadian army as a Captain. Nelson’s photo was placed on the wall. Anderson caught his mother’s hand and led her into 32

the drawing room and said – “ See mother, brother Nelson’s face is hurt by a bullet and has fallen down dead on the ground.” Anderson’s mother angrily said – “O foolish child, never again utter such bad things.” Despite this, Anderson continued to say the same thing. Two days later they received a telegram from Canada that said that on 1st November 1918 A.D. Nelson died due to a bullet wound. The entire family were full of grief and yet were amazed at this miraculous fore sight of Anderson. After that Anderson predicted future events in the lives of his neighbours which were absolutely true. From then on people knew him to be a great seer of the future. Anderson’s family sent him to an ore mine so as to take up a job there. His family members did this so that people would not pay much attention to Anderson’s amazing powers of foretelling the future. But this job did not last long. Anderson left the job saying – “I am a liberated soul. I have Yogic qualities. I can never be bound by the lures of materialism, wealth, cash etc.” He later traveled all over the world in a merchant navy ship. At that time he had built his body so powerfully that people said – “Anderson indeed is a great Yogi of a previous life. All the power of Yoga gathered by him in previous lives is being seen in this life.” Anderson did not pay much heed to this awe of people and yet he accepted that each individual has immense spiritual power in his inner being, albeit in a latent state. If man imbibes self-control, hard work, exercises and Yogic practices, amazing powers will manifest in his body. If one purifies one’s Extra Sensory Potential (ESP), gigantic tasks which are miracles for laymen, can be executed in one’s daily life. As a young man, Anderson successfully exhibited his bodily strength. He would placed an iron plank on his broad shoulders and ask 15-20 people to hang on to it without their feet touching the ground. He could lift a heavy car with his hands. Many a times he stopped a fast moving car with his hands and the car would not move even an inch forward. He was a great exponent of the Japanese Martial Arts called Judo. Once he gathered many bulls in his ranch and declared that he would wrestle with these bulls. Thousands of spectators gathered there to see this wrestling bout. Many of them firmly said that Anderson will die. As soon as they saw Anderson throwing mad, angry bulls on the ground with ease, people realized his true bodily might. At the age of 60 years too, he straightened a curved pipe of iron with his bare hands. People wonder as to how Hanumanji (Indian epic Ramayan) carried a huge mountain on his shoulder. Today Anderson has proved that self control, pure eating habits, sexual continence and Yogic practices can awaken all latent forces in one’s body. He always yearned to travel to India and study Yoga and astrology. Since circumstances were not 33

conducive, he could never fulfill this ardent wish of his. Despite this Anderson’s interest in Indian Philosophy and Religion never waned. He fulfilled this desire in many other ways. Regarding the 2nd world war, Anderson declared, “Russia and America will unite in this war but later on enmity will crop up between these 2 nations.” When this prophecy was made, Russia and Germany had already developed a bond of friendship. Hence no one paid heed to Anderson’s prophecy. Yet history tells us that Russia and America unitedly fought the 2nd world war. “President Roosevelt will no longer re-win as President of America. Before the month of May 1945 A.D., he will die.” Truly Roosevelt became ill and died shortly as a result. “After Roosevelt’s death, an Army General of America will become President of America.” Truly Eisenhower who was General of the Allies Army became President of America.” In 1947 A.D., an important nation of Asia will gain freedom from British rule.” Truly India gained independence in 1947 A.D. After youth, Anderson’s fame as a great prophesizer waxed more and more. Once in May 1945 A.D. he himself visited the editor of an American newspaper called “Walker Country Messenger” and said, “On 8th August a terrible incident will occur which will totally change the state of the war waged with Japan. By 18th August the war will be declared as finished.” The editor did note down this prophecy but he did not believe it a great deal. Eighth August was that horrifying day when Hiroshima was attacked with an atomic bomb. As a result thousands of people died and many were handicapped severely. Thus Anderson’s prophecy was absolutely correct. This thunderbolt like attack shattered Japan very nastily. Japan th surrendered and thus on 18 August the war ended. After this, Anderson gave prophecies regarding the Negro leader, Martin Luther King and death of Robert Kennedy. This prophecy also was proved to be true. He gave a golden opportunity to a press reporter called Warren Smith, to write a prophecy regarding Martin Luther King’s murder. In that article the name was withheld and instead the person was described as a Negro leader. This clearly pointed towards Martin Luther. In the same way when later on, Anderson again predicted that one more Negro leader will be murdered, everyone said it was a futile prophecy. Yet when on 22nd July 1969 A.D., Martin Luther King’s brother, Rev. William King’s dead body was found floating in a lake, people realized that the above prophecy was absolutely true. Anderson fully gets credit for advising America to be cautious while dealing with Chinese people. Anderson said – “Chinese citizens will spread their net of cunningness in the entire world. In an underground manner 34

they will conspire against America and when the Central Bureau will investigate, it will be found that the existence of Chinese population in America is not without risk.” A few days later, the American Government appointed an investigational committee since they were tired with the riots taking place within America. Its director was Mr. Hoover and he wrote a report in 1969 A.D. Its observations were very much in line with Anderson’s prophecy. Since a lot of time has elapsed ever since the above incidents took place, it is no longer given too much importance. Now we will throw light on prophecies made regarding events that had occurred upto 2000 A.D. which are worth reading and contemplating upon. In one of his major prophecies Anderson had warned that the years 1970, 1971, 1972 A.D. would prove destructive for the entire world. Asia’s most populated country (China) will create hazards and hence America and Russia will join hands to overcome China. In Muslim oriented nations, including Arab countries, intra revolutions will take place and a lot of blood shed will be witnessed. Such battles will continue upto 1980 A.D. During these times the lives of all political rulers (of all countries) will be in danger and their leadership will dwindle. The common man will give more importance to true, honest and spiritual leaders even if they are very small in material stature. In certain countries there is a possibility of miraculous powers manifesting for the destruction of evil citizens. During these times the religious influence of a person born in a small village of India will not only augment in India but also in the entire world. This person will become the greatest messenger of God in world history. He will possess so much collective power, all of it gathered on his own, which none of the world’s government will possess. He will convert all political constitutions of the world into a world human constitution which will design a single language, one nation, one Supreme Court and one flag in the entire world. This will result in men competiting with one another for self-control, pious behaviour, justice, ethics, sacrifice and generosity. The main pages of all newspapers will print articles on service to all beings, renunciation, daring and generosity. On reading this world humanity will imbibe a life of sacred ideals. Murder, riots, robbery, terrorism, lack of ethics etc. will be warded off from their very roots. By the year 1999 A.D. the entire face of the world will change and for thousands of years thereafter, people will live in peace and harmony.” Anderson further said – “That religion and culture, which cannot even be imagined by denizens of the world today, will in future get established in the entire world. This religion and culture will be that of India and this messenger of God too will be an Indian. At present he is laying the foundation stones of an imminent world revolution. 35

Jean Dixon too has made a similar prophecy which has been elucidated in this book. In this manner the same prophecy made by 3 leading seers of the world tells us that Era Transformation us the Almighty Lord’s holy desire. None can oppose it. This era will definitely transform for the better and none should doubt it.

CHAPTER 9 - A PROPHECY REGARDING INDIA BEING THE LEADER OF NEO CREATION “A light is rising high up. It will purify the atmosphere and destroy the mental taints and sins of world humanity. The world will be united as a single nation and joy and peace will be established eternally in the entire world.” -


“Your interest in flaunting of miracles is waning and you believe that Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and divine energy should be utilized only for world welfare. Hence you can definitely tell us whether any transformation is possible in the materialistic attitude of the world which is spreading dangerously in the entire world? When will political frauds die an eternal death? Is it possible that all nations will agree with the disarmament proposal? Will the world unite as a single nation? Will communism spread in the entire world? Will all these changes take place in a very short time?” A great political leader of Holland once requested a famous seer of his country, Gerard Chrisey, to answer the above questions. In India it is quite common that people believe in prophecies but Holland is may be that rare country of the world which takes help of respected seers / futurists of their country to advise them regarding tasks pertaining to police stations, parliaments and other governmental activities. In our country (India) anyone can attain Extra Sensory Potential (ESP) via high leveled austerities and spiritual practices. This method is not found in any other nation of the world. Despite this, due to God’s grace, such souls embody in various countries whose prophecies generally come true. In this century (20th), not only in Holland but virtually in entire Europe, Gerard Chrisey was said to be the greatest foreteller of the future. Very rarely were his prophecies proved wrong. Gerard Chrisey was born in a Jewish family of Holland.


Once an American professor telephonically questioned Chrisey – “My daughter is suddenly missing. You very well know that children are the apple of their parent’s eyes. My mind is tensed because my daughter is not by my side. Her education too has been affected. Will you please tell me about her whereabouts?” “Many a times our mind becomes wayward and agitated. Thus it is difficult to understand even common situations. Your problem requires that I focus all my sentiments at one point and dive deep into my psyche. It is only then that my soul will contact subtle vibrations. At present I myself am involved in one problematic situation. Tomorrow at this very time I will answer your question.” After replying thus Chrisey disconnected the phone. On the next day at that very hour, the American Professor seated 5,000 miles away from Holland picked up the telephone and he realized that it was Gerard Chrisey ringing him up from Holland. Gerard said – “Your daughter was at a clinic and from there she came to the edge of a stream. This stream must be close to a clinic. She sat in a boat and reached the other end of the stream. There she saw a big red car. Your daughter sat in that car and went away. Do not worry, your daughter is fine and within 6 days she will return to your home.” Even after 6 days the Professor’s daughter did not return. The Professor entered the room where his telephone was placed and thought of phoning Chrisey. As he raised the telephone receiver and simultaneously raised his head, he saw his daughter seated on the sofa in front of him. He asked his daughter as to how she managed to disappear? His daughter’s reply exactly matched the prophetic description given by Chrisey earlier on. The American Professor amazingly wondered as to whether a human being can see and hear things, taking place in any corner of the world without the help of scientific apparatus? If only he had read Indian philosophy, he would have known that each individual has a latent soul force within his being. The Lord has compassionately given us humans, a multifaceted machine i.e. our body which if aptly used, can help us see not only far off objects but also the subtle world. In fact man can become God too, which is the true goal of human life. Chrisey is proof of this fact. Innumerable times he gave prophecies which were proved to be true later on. Once, a certain gentleman’s son was missing. He showed his son’s photograph to Chrisey. Chrisey said – “I see water surrounding this son of yours from all directions. It seems as though your son is drowning in water.” Chrisey was proved right because on the following day the gentleman’s son’s dead body was found floating in a river situated close by.


One day a lady asked Chrisey – “Tell me something about a very distant past event in my life when you were just a small boy.” Chrisey replied – “One day in the past you had gone to the fields with your friends. While walking, you came across a plant that had thorns. One friend of yours pushed you and you fell on this plant. One thorny stem pierced your abdomen. This wound on your abdomen left a mark which can be seen even today.” That lady agreed that the above incident had occurred 27 years back. At that time she was a 12 year old girl. On 13th September 1960 A.D. an important incident took place in Gerard Chrisey’s life. A priest came to meet Chrisey and asked him about a missing boy. There was nothing new about it yet Chrisey said, “This boy is cycling speedily in a jungle.” Immediately after saying this Chrisey kept quiet. It seemed as though he was deep in thought and hence the priest asked – “Why did you stop speaking? Do tell me more about this boy.” After breathing deeply, Chrisey said – “There is nothing more to add. A tall, hefty man is chasing this boy. His hair is black. At a short distance from that area he has murdered the boy and has buried the boy’s dead body there itself.” Chrisey gave an exact description of the location in which the boy was buried. When people visited that place, they saw that Chrisey’s prophecy was true cent percent. Even the post mortem report agreed with Chrisey and said that indeed the boy was murdered. Dr. Tanfay, a researcher in the field of Parapsychology, was in those days studying the causes of Extra Sensory Power (ESP). He called Chrisey one day and led him to a place where a meeting was to take place the following day. The stage had been set up and chairs arranged neatly for the audience to sit on. Dr. Tanfay stood beside one chair and asked – “Chrisey, can you tell me who will be sitting on this chair in tomorrow’s meeting?” Chrisey replied – “A lady will sit on this chair.” Then he described that lady which was simultaneously recorded on a tape recorder. Next day it so happened that a lady did sit on that chair. When the lady was questioned about what Chrisey had earlier said about her, she agreed totally with it. Dr. Tanfay was deeply influenced by this incidence. In reality Dr. Tanfay was largely responsible for the name and fame Chrisey achieved in the entire world. Chrisey now began solving many complicated political, social and educational problems. To the extent that the Archeological Department too asked for Gerard’s help. Dr. Walcot Utecher, a Geologist of Johannesburg University, found a piece of bone in a cave of South Africa called Cannibal. The bone seemed very ancient but none of the scientists 38

could decipher as to which era / age it belonged to. Dr. Tanfay advised these researchers to take Chrisey’s help. Chrisey, after touching that piece of bone described an era and tribal organization of South Africa which sacrificed human beings as an offer of worship to their deity. Chrisey said that this particular bone was that of a dead human being who was sacrificed by his tribe in the past. The name of the tribe given by him matched perfectly with findings of the Archeological Department. Day by day Chrisey achieved more fame and glory. Despite this he realized that by describing the past and future of anybody and everybody, he was loosing his Extra Sensory Power (ESP). Chrisey asked himself as to why he was experiencing discontent after describing someone’s past or future! The answer he got was that Extra Sensory Power should only be used for cosmic welfare and never for selfish gain, name, fame, etc. In the first paragraph of this article, Chrisey was asked a question regarding politics. His reply was – “I clearly see a radiant light emerging from an extremely ancient country of Asia (India), where sages and serpents are worshipped, whose women are very pure and who never divorce their husbands and whose citizens are straightforward, simple and honest. Over here such a great saint has taken birth who will design programs for world peace, prosperity and unity. During these times the world will experience a lot of turbulence, terrible wars will be fought and a few countries will be destroyed totally. So many plane crashes will occur that people will travel less by air. This great saint will have innumerable followers wherein women will predominate. These followers will be residents of various regions of that country. They will light pyres and offer fragrant materials to that scared fire (Yajnas). The smoke emitted as a result will purify and sanctify the atmosphere. World humanity will pay more and more attention to the above followers. When all world political leaders will realize the importance of the sagely advice of this saint, they will have to unite and confer with one another on one dais. The proof of my prophecy will be witnessed at the end of the 20th century. At that time the world will be united as a single nation and only peace and prosperity will reign in the world. There will be no place for violence, terrorism, riots, falsehood etc. Capital punishment will be meted out to vile men and those, who harass women sexually or otherwise. People will drink more milk. The world will beautifully bloom like fragrant flowers.”



“That time has come when discrimination with reference to communities, social status, gender and nations, will come to an end. Entire world humanity will live like brothers and sisters.” -


“If in a particular country, if one or two court cases are fought, people will be amazed as to whether there is any individual who is full of hatred, cunningness and enmity. At that time there will be no racial difference or gender discrimination. A human religion will be established in the entire world. Today all nations have joined hands to establish the United Nations Organization in America. A time will come in the future when a United Planetary Nation will come into existence. Its capital could be any of the planets like Earth, Jupiter, Mercury etc. or another region outside our solar system. After having said this, definitely human values will gain a firm foothold in future. That day is very near when all planets, galaxies etc. of the cosmos will unite as one nation. It is akin to what we see today wherein our earth has more than 100 nations. All these planets, galaxies etc. will live like cooperative, friendly neighbours.” The above quotation is not some imaginary story of Panchtantra or an imaginary incident of the journey of Ashwamedha horses. In fact this prophecy was made by a great prophesizer of America called Arthur Charles Clark, when he received the international award called Kaling Prize. Previously too he had given many prophecies and majority of the time, they were proved cent percent true. The prophecies of Arthur Clark are slightly different from prophecies made by other seers. Clark was a scientist and a writer. Thus his prophecies had a scientific tinge which touched the hearts of his readers. His prophecies were proved so true that later on scientists based their research studies on the prophecies made by Clark. Once in 1959 while attending a dinner party, Clark told his friend – “30 th June 1969 A.D. will be the greatest day in world history. I can clearly see an inhabitant of earth landing on Moon.” Uptil the day when Clark made this prophecy, not even one space craft had been sent into interstellar space. It was only 2 years later in 1961 A.D. that Russia sent one of its astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, in a spacecraft so as to circumbulate our planet Earth. Hence in 1959 A.D. when Clark made the above prophecy, none of his friends believed it. Despite this, world humanity witnessed Clark’s prophecy come true, even if it had a difference of 20 days as far as the timing of the prophecy was concerned. In fact if in 1966 A.D. an Apollo spacecraft had not been burnt to ashes in


Kennedy Space Centre, there would not have been this 20 day delay in the prophecy being proved correct. Even as a small boy, Arthur Clark possessed this strange Extra Sensory Power (ESP) and power to predict future events. He always said – “Man is not merely this physical body. He is that Power which has divine light full of brilliance. All Divine Powers of God are present in each individual albeit in a latent state. At present these Divine Powers are “sleeping” in the human psyche. “I am seeing that in a short time span an intense thought revolution will rise in a country of Asia (India). Uptil 1971 in this country and within 10 years in the entire world, this revolution will be so intense, that the harsh psyche of human beings will have to awaken. That energy will be searched for and experienced by all of world humanity, which today they are virtually ignorant about. Science will take a new turn wherein spiritual principles will predominate. These spiritual attainments and potentials will be the basis on which the world will be united as one family. People argue that life exists on Earth only. Even scientists say that other planets are lifeless. At that time Clark said – “I had said in 1945 A.D. that there is no need to lay down electrical cables /wires in either the ocean or the entire world. If an artificial satellite of the speed of 17000 miles is sent into interstellar space, which revolves around our Earth, it will fulfill all requirements of sending telegraphic messages. At that time people mocked at me. I was proved right when in 1962 A.D., Bell Telephone Company sent a satellite called “Telstar” in interstellar space. Today other satellites like “Early Bird” and “Tolras” too have been invented which can send messages from one place on Earth to another place. In 1 minute these messages of the measure of 17 pages can be sent. Once I had said that man is capable of producing so much energy from a very tiny atom that can destroy the world in a matter of a few minutes. Again no one believed what I said. It was only when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed that people realized I was absolutely right. I have made all these prophecies with steadfastness and confidence. With this same confidence I say that this world has not come into existence without a Creator. There eternally exists a mysterious force which is beyond the ken of human intelligence and prowess. This gigantic world was created as per the wish of this mysterious force. If this force created life on Earth, why would it not create life on other planets? If one day life is discovered on other planets, it is doubtless that populations of various planets will come closer and will design cosmic laws which will solve their problems.”


Just as Arthur Clark’s previous prophecies have come true, so too that day is very near when his above prophecy will also come true cent per cent. Via the mediums of Pulsar and Quasar rays, certain radio messages have been noted which force scientists to believe that life exists on other planets too. Scientists say that civilizations on other planets could be more advanced than those on Earth and that they wish to contact Earth inhabitants. The truth of Clark’s prophecies can be witnessed in the existence of clouds that exist billion of light years away and red coloured planets. Thus even the most conservative scientists have started accepting that life could exist on other planets. A long time back Arthur Clark had said – “For a few days I will land on Moon to spend my holidays.” Obviously people mocked at him. But today it is clear that, that day is not far away when people will book tickets to travel from one planet to another. Dr. Fernand Gabiz, director of France’s “Institute of Higher Defence Studies” says that henceforth when a hydrogen bomb will be invented it will function with the help of lasers. It will be called a Mini-H-Laser Bomb. Its power will be infinitely more than an electric bomb and its price will be not more than a few dollars. This technology will be of great help in minimizing the cost of travel from one planet to another i.e. in interstellar space. Thus readers of this book will definitely travel in space in the near future. Arthur Clark while residing in Colombo (Sri Lanka) with his wife Dod made some prophecies regarding India’s progress. It matches with prophecies given by Jean Dixon, Cheiro, Anderson et al. They all said – “In ancient times India was famous not only spiritually but also as a great scientific nation. I have heard that in the past, India had invented fire and water based weapons and also aircrafts. In future too, India will advance further in these areas and will be topmost in the world. Despite this, India will be predominantly recognized as a great spiritual nation. Indian spirituality and culture will become a World Religion.” Clark had great faith in human progress. He had also made films. His movie “Zool Space Odyssey” gained international recognition. In it Clark tries to say that today’s man is much more advanced than that man of the past, who lived like an ignorant animal in the forest. Today man has intellectually progressed a great deal and with its help, he will not only travel in the entire cosmos but will also dive deep into the recesses of his infinite soul. Man will in future campaign for a life of world brotherhood, oneness of soul and love for one another. This goal will be definitely achieved in the near future. Clark’s prophecies of India’s freedom, China and Pakistan’s friendship, war between China and Russia have come true, although the timing of events may have been a few days in advance or a few days later. Hence none 42

should doubt his prophecy of a thought revolution and Era Transformation taking place in future in the world. This is because today all signs of this prophecy being proved true in future are witnessed in all corners of the world.

CHAPTER 11 - THE YEAR 2000 A.D. AND 30 YEARS PRIOR TO THAT “A divine being has already taken birth. He will induce joy in the minds of all and ward off the hardships of world humanity. He will valiantly combat unethical and vile men.” -


“The first quarter of the night – when I am in deep sleep, I see a divine man in my dream. The forehead of this Yogi seated near a river, has a half moon between his eyebrows. His hair is white, he wears a white robe, his skin is white and he wears footwear either devoid of leather or that made with wood. He is all the time surrounded by other great men and aides. At the center of this gathering burn small flames. These pious people chant something and then add sacred materials to the fire. Its smoke engulfs the sky. Among them, there are many sorrowful, handicapped and poor people. This divine saint is giving a spiritual discourse which wards off the pain experienced by his audience. People are renouncing their hatred for one another and are mixing joyfully. Heavenly bliss is being showered on them. Slowly this light is journeying northwards and starts shining like a divine sun on a mountain. Light rays emerge from this region and like rain water, they pour down on earth. At this very moment, my dream ends.” The above words are those of the world famous prophesizer, Prof. Harare, while speaking at a gathering which covered the topic of “A New Era Will Manifest”. His speech details were published in “Westminister” newspaper. Prof. Harare was born in a very religious Jewish family of Israel. He was as famous as Anderson, Dixon, in Europe and North Africa for his prophecies that came true cent percent. One Shah Mohmad of Arabia was setting off on a journey. His plans were broadcasted well in advance. Despite this Prof. Harare predicted that Shah will not be able to travel. No one believed Harare initially but one day prior to his journey, when Shah fell off from a horse which perforce cancelled his travel plans, 43

people believed Harare’s prophecy. When Shah regained good health, he planned one more journey exactly 1 month later. Again Harare predicted that Shah would have to cancel his journey. On the day Shah was to travel, an earthquake took place which created chaos on all roadways. Thus Shah again cancelled his travel plans. Once again a year later, Shah decided to set off on a journey for the third time. Prof. Harare said that Shah would not be able to fulfill his plan. Shah started the journey but in a very short time his secret agents told him that the neighbouring country was about to attack Shah’s land. Thus Shah had to return to his palace and his travel plans were again cancelled. Shah was greatly influenced by Harare’s prophecies. He respectfully honoured Harare and appointed him as his special advisor. In order to answer questions raised by others, regarding the above mentioned ream, Prof. Harare said – “Those dreams that I see early in the morning come true majority of the times, in a very short time span. Those seen at around midnight come true within 1 year. There are some dreams that I get before midnight which take a few years to come true. The dream that you people want me to talk about is as follows – A divine saint has taken birth in India. Uptil the year 1970 A.D., he will sow the seeds of a spiritual revolution in the entire world, without even an iota of desire for name and fame. Later his glory will spread in Asia and in the entire world. His thoughts will be so human and farsighted, that the entire world perforce will follow in his footsteps. When science will destroy religion and culture in the entire world, this divine saint will begin a spiritual revolution. Hence forth like the era before Christ’s birth, people will realize the importance of worshipping Mother Nature i.e. the elements fire, water etc.” Harares’ above prophecy matches with those made by Dixon, Anderson etc. One week before Gandhiji died, Harare had predicted Gandhiji’s assassination. When Dr. Sukarno was at the peak of his life, Harare said, “Today people tend to ignore the taints of human beings but in a short time span, everyone will see Sukarno’s downfall.” Truly, a year later, Sukarno fell from his lofty status. Harare had predicted the war between Arabs and Israelis well in advance. He had said – “The beginning of this duel will be severe. Due to Saturn’s wrath, Arabs will loose a major portion of their land. Later even when Jordan, Syria, Egypt will unite, they will not regain their lost land. In the first encounter, Israel will win with ease. After that scattered fights will ensue and in the year 1979 A.D. again a major war will take place between them. In this war Arabs will congregate other Muslim nations of the world in the name of religion. Initially Russia will side with the Arabs but later this friendship will decline. In fact later Russia will join hands with Israel, America, Canada, Britain etc. and fight with the Arabs. After this war the Muslim population will decline and will 44

be very less in number when compared to other communities. Even Mother Nature will help Israel by inducing earthquakes, explosion in oil wells etc. in countries like Turkey, Syria, Lebanon etc. Citizens of Muslim nations will hate one another so much that they will not cooperate with one another and thus Muslim culture will come to an end.” “Between the years 1970 A.D. to 2000 A.D. intense political changes will be seen in the entire world. In an unexpected manner, governments will change in Britain, Sri Lanka, Russia, France and India. Astrologically, Israel, Arabia and India will be at one common level and hence their condition too will be very similar. India too will see wars. So called friendly nations will attack India or else if someone else attacks India, the former will maintain a stoic silence. Majority of them will side with India’s enemy. Although India is a democratic country, President’s Rule will take over majority of its states. After 1972 A.D. India will be governed by such leaders which none had imagined previously. These leaders will be valiant, spiritual and righteous. India will lead the world economically, industrially and scientifically.” Majority of Prof. Harare’s prophecies have come true at the appropriate hour. Today the situation which we are facing, proves that Harare’s prophecies of the future will also be proved cent per cent true. According to Prof. Harare, Russia and China will greatly oppose one another on the question of Mongolia and Siberia. In order to escape a 2 fold attack, China will feign friendship with India. In addition China will not only wage a nuclear war against Russia but will also wage a chemical war (in chemical warfare, germs bearing diseases are spread in the enemy nation and thus when people become ill, they cannot fight the war). Despite this, Russia will give a fitting reply to China and will destroy all scientific progress attained by China. At that time Tibet will gain freedom from China’s clutches and will establish a bond of friendship with India. Uptil 1980 A.D. the world will be in a war like situation. As a result majority of small nations will become parts of bigger nations. India will be the leader of all nations. UNO will break away from U.S.A. and will be set up in India. Over here UNO will be rebuilt. For a great length of time India will be the beacon light of UNO. Communal fights will end totally. Although governments will be headed by various people, they will adhere to a single religious organization. India will produce extraordinary weapons. Mysterious wealth and priceless cultural wisdom will be discovered in the Himalayan mountains of India. Population in Himalayas will increase a great deal and will be a great tourist spot. Israel and India will build a strong bond of friendship. India will attain that scientific and space technology which today has been 45

collectively attained by Russia, America, Britain, France and Germany. Between the years 1980 to 2000 A.D., India will progress phenomenally. This will amaze all other nations of the world. They will also be wonderstruck that India’s growth will be achieved by leaders with a spiritual and ethical bent of mind. World humanity will follow in the footsteps of India and will become vegetarians. That language will be in vogue in the entire world (in future), which today is spoken and read very sparingly.” Prof. Harare is looked upon as a great saint. His prophecies have never been wrong. Whatever he has said about the years after 1990 A.D. is more important than the prophecies made regarding decades before that. Quite a few of his prophecies were related to India and hence Indians should read them avidly. Keeping these prophecies in mind, we should tread cautiously in all fields of life.

CHAPTER 12 - THE WORLD POST 2000 A.D. “The most powerful person in World History has already taken birth. He will change the entire face of the world very quickly. A knowledge revolution is in the offing and will engulf the entire world.” - JULES BERNE When Russia created a base in Cuba, by establishing nuclear missiles over there, an intense reaction was seen in America in 1962 A.D. There was a time when both countries got ready to wage a war. On the one hand Russia’s army, navy etc. headed for Cuba and at the other end, America was getting ready for a war with the help of destructive weapons, atomic bombs etc. What remained was that the switch of war had to be pressed for the war to commence. At that time French leaders asked the famous French prophesizer Jules Berne – “Who will win this war?” Berne replied – “No one because Russia will pull out and thus no war will ensue.” As usual no one believed Berne at that time but when later a radio station announced that – “Russia has pulled out and that there is no war,” everyone was amazed. Thus they agreed and praised Bernes’ prophecy. Dr. Jules Berne was a famous writer. Despite this he gained fame mainly as a prophesizer. He was given international recognition along with other stalwarts like Dixon, Anderson, Cheiro etc. Some of his prophecies were so correct that it seemed as though he himself had designed those events 46

that came true! Ten years in advance, Jules Berne predicted that a space craft manned by a human being will land on Moon in 1969 A.D. Today we know that his prophecy was cent percent true. He further said that Japan will take over Manchuria and Italy will take over Albania and Ethiopia. No one believed Bernes. When between 1939 and 1942 A.D. all the above events did occur, people were forced to believe him. Once Hitler’s army had taken over Denmark, Belgium and Luxemburg, so people asked Bernes – “Will Hitler defeat France also?” Jules Bernes replied – “On June 20, 1940 A.D., France will accept defeat.” Well Bernes’ Prophecy did come true albeit 2 days later i.e. on June 22, 1940. “China will make an atom bomb. Fiery turbulence will manifest in the Middle East and a greater portion of Arab countries will be taken over by Israel.” This prophecy of Bernes too came true. These prophecies resulted in major leaders of France and Europe not taking any risky decisions until they got astrological guidance from famous astrologers. Lord Mountbatten had accepted that an invisible cosmic power is intelligently working in the cosmos. Man does not understand the plans of this power. Only rare men with subtle intuition can understand God’s design. There are cosmic events that destroy man’s arrogance and guide him to walk towards truth. There is a very interesting chain of Jules Bernes’ prophecies. Many of them came true and many were about to be proved correct. For e.g. Jules Bernes said – “Within the year 1990 A.D., the smoke emanating from factories and urban areas of the entire world will be so intense, that 80% air pollution will be recorded. Man’s body will be tied to an oxygen machine which will weigh a little less than human weight. It is not as though world humanity will die due to air pollution, yet its state will be akin to a half-mad person. Diseases will be on the rise, enterprise will decline, wrath and hatred will be directed at technological culture and races of Europe etc. will turn towards spiritual nations like India for true guidance. People will dress, eat and live like Indians. The white race (Western countries) will be so enchanted by Indian spirituality and culture that by 2000 A.D., major countries of the world will see temples of Hindu Gods and Goddesses being built in their lands. World humanity will visit these temples and experience the joy of worship and singing prayers to God, based on Indian culture. I can see photographs of Indian Gods etc. in the homes of Europeans.” ”Even if China makes an atomic bomb, it will not become the leading nation of Asia. For a long time it will harbour enmity towards India. India will regain a portion of its land form China. Tibet too will become free and it is possible that it will merge with India. A portion of Pakistan will be taken over by Afghanistan and a little bit will be taken by India. ”


“After man lands on moon, he will search other planets too. By 1985 A.D. all information related to the solar system, including Pluto, will be collected. Space crafts carrying human beings will reach either Venus or Mars or both and return safely to earth. Man will master gravity and energy more powerful than nuclear energy will be discovered. Certain materials, books, gold coins etc. will be unearthed from a most ancient mountain of Earth (maybe Himalayas of India) which will change the history of Pre-Christ Era. Not only this, but that this snow clad mountain area will become so powerful that even if Russia, America, Britain etc. unite and confront this mountainous region, they will fail miserably. From a particular area of this region will manifest a mysterious individual. He will become the most powerful person in the annals of eternal world history. All his injunctions will be followed by world humanity. Within the year 2050 A.D. these injunctions will help unite all nations of the world under one flag i.e. a single universal nation will come into being.” “Between the years 1970 to 1980 A.D. great natural calamities will occur like floods, plane crashes, earthquakes, famines etc. A major portion of Turkey will be destroyed due to earthquakes. There will be in fighting amongst Arabs and thus Israel will benefit. Sea storms will be on the rise and an oceanic devastation could occur. Sea shore areas and islands will be destroyed. Some new islands may emerge along with a powerful race. Vaults of jewels will be found on these islands which will augment the finance of that race.” “Uptil 2000 A.D. the world population will be about 640 crores. A major portion of it will reside in America, Asia. Definitely nuclear warfare will not take place yet communal violence may take over. On the one hand there will be agitations and on the other hand, a new spiritual revolution will arise which will unfold new mysteries of God and the soul. Science will prove these mysteries to be true. Thus atheism and the Vaam path will be destroyed. It will be replaced by faith, justice, ethics, discipline and a sense of dutifulness. These changes will become the foundation stones of World Peace. When Jules Berne was asked as to where this transformation will originate and that who will direct it, he replied – “I have a premonition that this spiritual revolution will originate in India and regarding who will direct it, I differ with Jean Dixon. This person has already taken birth i.e. before 1962 A.D. Presently he is involved in a major task in India. He may even participate in the freedom movement in India and his followers are many. His followers will form a powerful organization and in a short time span will influence the entire world. With the help of their soul force they will easily succeed in executing tasks that were otherwise impossible to execute.


Bernes’ above philosophy was published on 4th April in Nav Bharat Times newspaper. He proclaims that the desire to know the future is proof of the immortal nature of the soul. It is a fact because the body never ever thinks that it is immortal. The body is perishable but the soul is immortal. Hence our desire to know the future is manifold compared to our desire to know the past. If man conjoins his intelligence, understanding and effort to these prophecies, he can change not only his own future, but that of the entire world so as to manifest radiance. When these tasks are not executed by ordinary human beings, great souls along with their aides appear on earth and create a world as per God’s wish. Jules Bernes believes that history is about to repeat itself and hence none can obstruct Era Transformation.

CHAPTER 13 - THE TAINTLESS INCARNATION OF GOD – RECREATION OF RELIGION AND CULTURE “Lord Kalki will take birth in Sambhal village in the family of Vishnu Yash Sharma. He will worship Savitri and Lord Parshuram, an inhabitant of Mahendra Mountain will be his preceptor. After handing over the kingdom of Mathura to Suryaketu, he will then live in Haridwar (India) with his wife. After combating with Buddhists, he will re-establish a true religion in the world.” -KALKI PURAN “After Kali Yuga ends, religion will decline, vanity will be on the rise and at that time in order to encourage true Brahminhood, the taintless Incarnation of God will manifest.” -KALKI PURAN “Once again Mathura will get credit for inducing a religious revolution in the world and giving it a new vision.” -PARAMHANS RAJNARYAAN PATSHASTRI “An organization will destroy vile thinking in the entire world and will replace it with a thought revolution.” -


“A power that will give new light to the world, has already embodied in the world.” 49

-GEORGE BABRI “O Arjun! My birth is not an accident.” -LORD KRISHNA “Whenever righteousness declines on earth and unrighteousness rules the roost, I incarnate on earth for the upliftment of righteousness and culture.” -BHAGWAD GEETA Lord Krishna had incarnated on earth when injustice, unrighteousness, terrorism etc. ruled the world. Brothers would kill each other, or a brother killed his own nephew shamelessly etc. Thus there was pain and sorrow everywhere. A few extremely wealthy men lived in pomp and harassed the predominantly downtrodden men of society. People forgot true religion and faith in God. Lord Krishna had incarnated on earth at that time so as to replace this dire world situation with peace and prosperity. Even other incarnations of God before Lord Krishna replaced dire situations with recreation of the soul. They saved world humanity from drowning in the dark gloomy well of materialism and thus uplifted them. All this has been described by Bheeshma of Mahabharat fame. After describing Krishna’s incarnation, Bheeshma said – “At the end of Kaliyuga (Dark Era), when righteousness will decline, when vanity will augment, Krishna will again incarnate on earth so as to re-establish righteousness and true Brahminhood. He will be “Vishnu Yasha” i.e. possess God’s glory. Even demi-gods with their individual powers will manifest on earth with God’s incarnation, as His aides. This has been described in Puranas.” Today’s circumstances are most appropriate for God to incarnate on earth. In the first chapter of Kalki Purana (13-14), it is said that when Krishna entered His abode after finishing His task on earth, righteousness, joy and peace prevailed on earth. Thus one era ended and a new one began. At the fag end of the previous era (end of Kaliyuga), due to mental taints of world humanity, sins were on the rise. Unrighteousness is neither a new or individual name. Instead it connotes sins, bad intentions, unruliness and social chaos. Unrighteous’ wife, Mithiya i.e. satisfying sinful desires is due to falsehood. Unrighteousness and falsehood manifest vanity. Their daughter is egoistic showing off, wrong expenditure, blind fashion trends, net of desires etc. Vanity and delusion sire children called greed and lewdness. If they are obstructed, anger raises its hood. This in turn encourages violence. Thus Kaliyuga is the confluence of falsehood, vanity, greed, lust, violence etc. Men eat things that they should not, their psyche is vile, their speech is false, their body emits a foul odour of alcohol, drugs etc., they gamble a lot, they run after gold and cash greedily and thus 50

they lose their youthful nature. When diseases are on the rise, when Yajna, charity, austerity are ignored, when the caste system gets distorted, when brothers cut each others’ throats, when a son loves his brother-in-law more than his brother, when the preceptor-disciple bond is broken, when so called saints indulge in lust, avarice etc., when men and women get married on their own, when there is no love lost for one’s parents, when only one’s dress mode is given weightage, when a true saints’ feet are not worshipped and when all religious programs of the world become chaotic, it means that Kaliyuga has reached its peak. At that time in the mire of Kaliyuga will bloom a lotus called Nishkalank Avatar or Taintless Incarnation. There is not much of a difference when you compare today’s circumstances and those predicted in the past. If we analyze today’s so called progress, we will wonder as to how great saints of the past like Shukadevaji and Sutaji predicted the evil taints of today’s modern times. All said and done, situations are already being etched for neo creation of true religion. Scriptures maintain that today the Taintless Incarnation will definitely manifest for neo creation purposes, else scriptures and a divine resolve will be proved wrong. That Maharshi (great saint) who has realized God manifests intellectual powers that supercede the intellectual prowess of all scientists of the world put together. Such saints are subtle sighted, scholarly and farsighted seers. Whatever they predict always comes true. Great incarnations of God have manifested in the past on earth and in future they will continue to do so. Even if the world fails to recognize an incarnation of God, he gets recognized by his righteous duties, gigantic tasks and divine power. Certain awakened souls take birth along with an incarnation of God, so as to carry out his world mission. In order that these aides do not drown in the ocean of sins, taints etc. scriptures have well in advance written the history of neo creation. Although the style of scriptural texts is symbolic, even then it can be understood with the help of a subtle sight. They have subtly elaborated on the activities of the Taintless Incarnation and this they have done with the help of symbols, stories etc. If the Kalki Purana is read with a sharp, subtle intellect, we can understand that although this Taintless Incarnation is born as a human being, his class, lineage, actions, thoughts, emotions, profession, nature etc. are totally taintless. Sin can never touch this Incarnation, unrighteousness and falsehood never come in his vicinity, he will be a realized wise saint and as innocent and pure as a child. In the second chapter (7th verse) of Kalki Purana it is said that Kalki Incarnation (Avatar) will manifest in a village. His father will be well51

known (Vishnu Yash) and his mother will possess a sacred intellect. Many demi-gods will be born on earth well in advance so as to help this Taintless Incarnation. They will be born with a resolve of manifesting Satyuga (Golden Age) again on earth. The Taintless Incarnation will remind these aides about their resolve. Thus they will work hard to re-establish righteousness on earth. The river Ganges i.e. river of wisdom washed off Kalki’s bodily identification since the incarnation had taken up a human body. Thus Kalki’s psyche became purer. Savitri washed God’s body i.e. Savitri induced divinity and vital force (Kalki Purana 2/ 16). Before Kalki’s birth, his 3 brothers had already taken birth (verse 31). He had 2 sons (8/36). Seeing his son’s greatness, his father said; “Son, now I will get your thread ceremony (Yajnopaveet) done. I will give you the knowledge of Savitri i.e. Mother Nature. After worshipping Gayatri, you must study the Vedas (verse 35).” In verse 40 a description is given about Kalki’s nature. Further, true Brahminhood has been described. Kalki asked his father – “What are Vedas? What is Savitri? How can man become a true Brahmin?” His father replied – “Son, Vedas are Vishnu’s sayings and it describes God realization. Savitri is the Mother of Vedas. Those who worship Savitri, attain God without any other guidance. Brahman (Cosmic soul) is God’s beginningless, imperishable, eternal and formless nature. When man merges his soul with God, man becomes God which is like a pot of water (man) entering the ocean (God). Until man does not unite his psyche with God, he cannot become a true Brahmin. In order to fulfill this promise, a Brahmin symbolically wears the sacred thread (Yajnopaveet). Thus man escapes the snare of desires, taints, sins etc. and marches ahead towards his spiritual goal. He vows to perform austerities, Mantra chanting, selfstudy, self-control etc. As long as such true Brahmins exist in this world, it will overflow with joy, wealth and bliss. The day such Brahmins’ number declined, man embraced unrighteousness. Son! You must become a true Brahmin and uplift the entire world.” Kalki was very pleased and he was given the sacred thread (Yajnopaveet). He was then sent to study the Vedas. A Brahmin child (who becomes an Incarnation later) gets ready to enter a Gurukul (Preceptor’s school). At that time comes Parshuram, who performs austerities on the Himalayan Mountains called Mahendra. He gives Darshan to Kalki and takes him to Himalayas for God realization based penance. A detailed symbolic description of all this is given in the 3rd chapter (1-11 verses). It is important to understand this story Lord Parshuram by teaching Kalki, Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Samveda, selfrealization etc. bestows on Kalki, a divine bent of mind.


In the war of knowledge, awakened souls under the guidance of Kalki showed alertness of the level of war. In this manner by overcoming the minds of people who had a mere material outlook, they sowed the seeds of true religion and spirituality. They continue to change the world with their love, compassion etc. Further they warded off the hardships of all who were steeped in sorrow. These sorrowful people were given wealth, children, long life and family prosperity. Kalki’s wisdom based Vajpeya Yajnas are carried out for a long time. The direction of the life of world humanity takes a positive turn. At that time he hands over the responsibility of these Yajnas to his Brahmin aides and sets off for intense austerities. After handing over Mathura’s organization to Surya-ketu, he started residing in Haridwar on the Ganges shores with Shukra (Aide) and his wife. (2nd Part, 1st Chapter, verse 46). Over here souls who manifested from Rishis like Vamdev, Atri, Vasishtha, Galav, Bhrigu, Parashar, Narad, Ashwatthama, Kripacharya, Trit, Durvasa, Deval, Kanva, Devpramiti, Angira etc. set off to have the holy vision of God (4 to 7 verse). They returned with a powerful resolve of transforming the world after hearing what Lord Kalki said. The Lord with his wife euologize Gangaji and roam freely in the Himalayan Mountains. In the Urnavish chapter of the 3rd part (33-34 verses) it is said – During Kalki’s rule, none were unrighteous. Poverty, short life span, vanity, wiliness, envy etc. were totally destroyed. Everyone attained joy akin to demi-gods. When in the past, God manifested in every era, He was not recognized as an incarnation (Avatar). It was only when God left earth for His divine abode, that people believed He was indeed an incarnation. It could be that a Divine Power exists in this era too. It could be that it is acting and behaving as mentioned above and that we have failed to recognize Him. The circumstances under which God incarnates on earth, already exists today. Even astrological charts are very conducive for Him to incarnate. Keeping this in mind, in 1939 A.D. a meeting of Yogis, saints, scholars etc. took place in Uttar Pradesh. A detailed discussion about the Taintless Incarnation took place and everyone agreed that Lord Kalki had already incarnated on earth. The problem was that many Yogis, Sages etc. proclaimed that they were Lord Kalki. Thus how can the true Kalki get identified? The meeting proclaimed that only if certain characteristics were present in a person, would he be called Lord Kalki. The saints of this meeting wrote a book “Kalki Avatar” and distributed it in the entire country. Their aim was to overcome the delusion of disciples who believed anyone and everyone to be Lord Kalki. In this manner the appropriate Lord Kalki could be identified and everyone could help Him in His mission of world neo-creation. One part of the book said – “Lord Kalki will be the leader of a powerful organization. He will design a behavioural ethics right from spirituality to social life and it will be followed by the entire world. He 53

will be the Scientist of all scientists and will unfold the inner mysteries of the soul.” “Between the eyebrows of this Divine Saint will exist a Moon (V-shaped). On His throat will be a 2-lined Moon’s sign. He will wear a total Indian dress. His character will be as innocent as a child. He will be as daring as a valiant warrior, as youthful as Ashwini Kumaras and a great Scholar of the Vedas. His father will encourage him to follow Yoga. 24 letters will be very prominent in his life. At the age of 24, he will ascend higher peaks of Yoga. He will chant a Mantra of 24 letters. For 24 years he will perform penance which will include 24 thousand, 24 lakhs, 24 crores Mantra chanting etc. He will perform 2400 Yajnas” According to Kedardatta Joshi- “The material status of India will rise rapidly. A power will manifest which will destroy vile thinking from its very roots. That power will manifest as a small organization and later, it will create a thought revolution in the entire world.” Subtle celestial directions and the above beliefs of Astrological Sciences tells us that powers of world neo creation and a conducive atmosphere has already come into existence. Man’s tiny intellect and strength will fail miserably in obstructing it. Paranhans Shri Rajnarayan Shastri, on the basis of astrological calculations says that – “Again Mathura will get the credit of inducing a spiritual revolution in the world so as to transform the present beliefs with reference to materialism. The horoscope of river Yamunaji shows that between 1970 to 1980A.D. it will be given a more beautiful form between Delhi and Agra. Like Haridwar, Mathura and Vrindavan will become world pilgrim spots. Satyuga’s pilgrim centre will be Yamuna. Like Mahabharat one again Delhi and Mathura will touch the pinnacle of advancement. The great devotee Swami Jagdishanand, while predicting that Mathura will be the centre of neo creation, says – “Mahagauri was in a deep meditative trance (the famous devotee of Bengal). Her soul reached Mathura. There she saw the 10th Incarnation of God i.e. Lord Kalki studying in a very old building in an Indian dress. Many times Mahagauri saw Kalki in her dreams in a sleeping posture. Once George Babri, a great scholar of Egypt’s Secret Sciences, said – “A soul has been born in India who will give the light of a Golden Era to the world. His activities will augment independently around 1930 A.D. 14 th September, 1936 will be the first day of a new era. On that day this soul will give up his garb of a human being and will manifest his divine nature. Despite intense opposition from ignorant people, he will manifest divine powers and thus jolt our age-old beliefs. After 1965 A.D., people will start 54

realizing his divine nature and after 1970 A.D. he will fully manifest his identity as an incarnation of God. At these times the threat of a world war will loom large in the world. This terrible war will emit flames of destruction. As a result today’s leading civilization of the world will be destroyed so badly, as though they had never existed before. Later India will manage world activities. It will lead the world towards peace and brotherhood.” In Patna’s Khudabaksha Oriental Library there is a book on Persian poetry written by Bukhara’s great saint Shah Niyamatullah Valli-Sahib. His fame as a great prophesier was even greater than as a great Saint and devotee of God. When one’s mind becomes pure, it is like a cinema screen on which the past and future events can be seen very clearly. This is clearly seen in Shah Valli’s life too, never expressed anger, never hurt any creature and would fast on the day if he even merely saw alcohol, meat etc. He would pray to God – “Lord! Please remove such objects from the world so that people do not fall prey to them.” He lived a life of truth and high ideals. This made his mind extremely pure and as a result he could easily see past and future events. In this book he writes that “Japan and Russia will wage a war (this war actually took place in 1904 A.D.). An intense earth quake will take place in Japan (it took place in 1932 A.D.). In the 1st world war Alfa (England) will fight with Jeen (Germany). England will win yet, 1 crore, 31 lakh people will die in this war.” This death figure was later confirmed by a British Commission Report. “Two Jeens (Germany’s 2 separated halves) will experience a tense relationship.” His prediction of an atomic explosion in the 2nd world war too came true. Thus all prophesies of Shah Valli came true. Regarding India Shah Valli Sahib says- “This land will be taken over by foreigners from Muslim hands. Then Hindu – Muslims will unite and fight these foreigners and the latter will perforce leave. India will be partitioned into 2 nations and these 2 will fight so much that a threat of war will loom large. This will continue until the day Pakistan re-units with India. The Victor of the Muslim half (Pakistan) will be an Indian General of Muslim origin. Later both Hindus and Muslims will live in a peaceful manner” (The above prophesy has been published in Akhand Jyoti magazine well in advance) “The 3rd world war will be horrific. America will be a predominant player in it. After this war, the English nation will be totally wiped off. India will emerge as a Super Power of the World. To achieve this status, India will undergo many trying times. On the face of it, the situation will be painful, yet such a Divine Messenger of God will be born in India who will gather laymen and make them valiant. These valiant laymen will challenge the 55

beliefs of hard-core materialistic men and emerge victorious. Thus sacred, idealistic people will flourish in the world and they will in turn establish eternal peace and bliss in the entire world. Kalki Purana, Mahabharat and other sacred literature have described the circumstances under which Lord Kalki will manifest. These circumstances exist today. American spiritualists have taken interest regarding Lord Kalki’s incarnation. Hence they set up a research committee to study the Kalki Incarnation of God. One American student has made this his topic of research. On the basis of copies of Hindu religious texts found in England, the above committee believes that Lord Kalki has already taken birth. According to the American Reporter 8th October, this committee is carrying out a detailed study on Kalki Incarnation in India. The opinion of South India’s great Saint and Seer, Raman Swami Iyer, on the subject of “The Taintless Incarnation and Divine Messenger of this Era”, is most clear when compared to all other prophecies made so far. He writes – “Kalki will not come on a horse and that he will not carry a sword. In fact these are symbols wherein a horse represents energy. The meaning of Kalki’s riding a horse is that this Divine Incarnation will be so powerful that Cosmic Energy will work as per his will. Lord Rama had killed the terrible demon Ravan with his Divine Power. Lord Krishna too was an Incarnation because his Divine Power created tremors in the psyche of Kauravas and Pandavas. He was so powerful that all wise men of the world put together surrendered at his lotus feet. The horse symbolizes the fact that this great incarnation will be the most powerful being in world history. A sword means an article used for cutting. Over here sword means cutting vile thoughts in the psyche of world humanity and not chopping off their physical heads. Kalki Purana clearly says that Lord Kalki will challenge all those people of the world who may be highly educated, yet who think only material gains to be the be all and end all of life. Materialism can certainly be the means but not the eternal end. He who destroys undesirable thinking of mere materialism, atheism, hoarding etc. will be Lord Kalki.” Shri Iyer further says- “Kalki will be born near Mathura. The word Sambhal means a village on the shores of the Chambal River. Kalki’s work arena will be Mathura. His aides will come from other regions. He will be a great devotee of Gayatri and a knower of Savitri principle. He will skillfully cut vile thoughts with good thoughts. It is only he who will succeed in establishing those thought which are bang opposite to today’s trend of thinking. Many others will call themselves Incarnation of God (Avataras). They may even show some miracles, yet neo creation of the world will be well beyond their reach. Thus they will manifest like earth worms in monsoons and die in a short time. As against this Lord Kalki (in the form of a sint) will not only be the saviour of the Vedas but will also design sacred 56

ethics for one’s day to day activities. Later on people will follow his thinking religiously. This Divine Saint will be a householder. Despite being very wealthy, he will live a life of “simple living and high thinking”. His wealth will be utilized for world welfare. These ideals of his will be imbibed by his followers everywhere and will create such an organization which will spread his priceless message across the globe. Women will be predominant amongst his aides. This extraordinary saint will change residence in the latter half of his life. At that time his Raudra (terrific) form will manifest. When people will tremble due to his terrific thoughts, his saintly wife will take over the reins. Later this saintly wife of his will lovingly bring back his followers who had strayed away from the path of spirituality. India will progress by leaps and bounds and this will influence even Russia and America. Both these nations will pale in front of the radiant aura of India.” “Who will get the glory for being Kalki” Leave this answer to circumstances and time. Many Incarnations of God have been identified while they yet lived in the world. Hence there will be no problem while identifying the true Lord Kalki. The future Kalki may persevere hard to hide his divine identity, yet it will be futile. It is definite that a Divine Power has already incarnated to transform this era. How is it possible that the Lord will not fulfill his promise of “wherever unrighteousness engulfs the world, I will incarnate so as to re-establish righteousness in the world. World humanity will perforce walk on the path of truth whether voluntarily or otherwise.” Great prophecy makers like Celsus, Daniel, Nostradamus, Vegilatin and Father Welter Ben say that Era Transformation will be the ultimate and most extraordinary event of this century. No one can obstruct it. Many prophecies of these great seers are very important.

(1) In 1999 A.D. a great army general of an Eastern nation will land in Europe after traveling in air. At that time a war will be fought. The air craft of this general will be covered with some invisible power and hence even a nuclear missile will not destroy it. At that time Paris will experience a downfall along with other powerful Western countries, who merely give importance to materialism. - NOSTRADAMUS (2) The entire world will be governed by one world government situated in a particular region of the world. One language and one culture will exist. Urban population will diminish a great deal. Communication technology 57

will advance so much that people will send their thoughts to others far away just as a radio does. - DANIEL (3) The Golden Era (Satyuga) will commence with human beings below the age of 25 years. Senior citizens will refuse to give up their age old beliefs. At that time a great saint will be born in India who will revolutionize the entire world with his sacred thinking. He will have innumerable followers. Amongst them certain people who catch on to old beliefs will fail to imbibe this saint’s teachings. Despite this a new generation of world humanity will easily imbibe all that this great saint’s tell them to and will hence work hard for neo creation. People will be full of hope and injustice, cunningness, cheating, fraud etc. will be replaced by universal love, compassion, generosity etc. Righteousness will be established in the world and dishonestly will be uprooted. By the year 2000 A.D. this picture will become clearer.” (4) According to ‘Imamey Akhikajjana” a Divine Messenger will arrive in the 14th century A.D. He will lead people towards the path of truth, righteousness and justice. Thus the entire world will be uplifted. On the basis of Bhrigu Samhita, Shri Swami Aseemandji writes – “Once again, like Lord Ram and Krishna in the past, a Great Incarnation of God will manifest in this world. He will be a devotee of Savitri and like Lord Budha, will be a Mahayogi who will awaken all his Chakras (plexuses). With his power of austerities, he will ward off diseases prevalent in the world. He will uplift the poor and the downtrodden. People will by themselves identify him and will serve him devotionally. His aides will come from all regions of India and he will tie India with the thread of a single sacred culture.” When such a revolution will manifest, world humanity will get attracted to India and a new era will come into being. Until this Golden Era manifests, man will undergo great hardships. There is a possibility of a portion of the world’s population decreasing due to natural calamities, strife, in - fighting etc. In the same way Mexican’s leading prophecy makers, Mr. Aharo Amaya predicts that neo creation will definitely occur. He writes – “The years between 1970 and 2000 A.D. will be full of dire situations in the entire world. During these times circumstances pointing to a 3rd world war might engulf the world. Despite this, since today’s political leaders are well aware of the terrible results of nuclear war a gigantic war may not be fought. Of course! World humanity will have to face dire situations. Uptil 2000 A.D. man will face earthquakes, hunger, famines, floods etc. After


this a Divine Power will manifest in the world and will induce mankind to live a life of sacred ideals.” While warning the President a week in advance, Mr. Amaya advised him not to travel for a few days. This warning was conveyed to President Kennedy but he called it a blind belief. Within a week Kennedy was assassinated while traveling in Texas, U.S.A. In the same way, Amaya had predicted that Johnson would not be re-elected as President. Mr. Amaya’s prediction about India’s progress and leadership too is as mentioned above. All leading seers of the world have predicted in one voice that widespread turbulence will be seen in the entire world. This will revolutionize and transform the world. It will destroy the sinful, unethical attitude of today’s man and will establish a new religion based on sacred ideals. Then world humanity will live like loving brothers. Thus the world should strive hard to usher in world transformation and hence peace. Today illegal activities are at their peak in the world. In order to fulfill political goals, so called educated people do not think twice before using illegal and unethical means. Arrogance is widespread and has shamelessly crossed the boundaries of discipline, which India was well known for in the past. In the past women were looked upon as jewels of motherhood but today they are treated indecently. The Cosmic Power (God) will no longer tolerate this state of affairs. In a certain sense neo creation is God’s sacred desire. One should deeply study as to whether the above predictions are in anyway connected with God’s plans. If even a small portion of it is true, wise people should wholeheartedly join in this sacred endeavour of neo creation.

CHAPTER 14 - AGITATIONS, DESTRUCTION, A GREAT TURBULENCE AND THEN THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA In the 20th Century, Mother Nature will be as wrathful as never before. A destructive state will set in wherein water will enter land and land will enter water. Only then a few pious men of the world will uplift world humanity. “The energy that will transform this era will neither be political or that of any ‘ism’. This energy will be sentimental and will transform man’s psyche”. - NOSTRADAMUS


This is regarding an incident in the city of Milan. In the year 1515 A.D. some priests were traveling in this city. A 12 year old boy approached them. Everyone was bowing down to the leader amongst this group of priests but this 12 year old boy prostrated at the feet of a young priest of this group. Everyone wondered why this boy bowed down to an ordinary young priest. One person asked this boy – “Son! What special quality did you perceive in this young, unknown priest which prompted you to bow down to him and not the other well-known priests?” The boy seriously replied – “You all are unaware that this young priest of today will become the Pope of Vatican Church in future.” Everyone burst out laughing. This was because the young priest did not possess any special qualities that could make him a Pope. When in 1585 A.D. this young priest called Feli Peretti indeed became a Pope, people were amazed and wondered how a 12 year old boy could foresee this event well in advance? But this boy was not an ordinary child. This child was none other than Nostradamus who became a great seer of France. In the 16th Century he made 1000 prophecies related even to the 20th Century. For the past 500 years the entire world has been amazed with his prophecies. Even today after having entered the 21st Century and after passing through the 20 th Century, people are more avidly cogitating over Nostradamus’ prophecies. In the following paragraphs we will-throw light on his Extra Sensory Power (ESP). Nostradamus was born on 13th December, 1503 A.D. in a French region called Saint Remi. No doubt there are certain human beings who carry their spiritual powers of past life into their next birth. Despite this even they have to activate these spiritual powers in their subsequent birth. Nostradamus was a gifted child who could see past and future events. In his childhood he worshipped God and thus purified his mind. He augmented his spiritual powers via austerities, scriptural studies and other spiritual practices. He studied astrology and philosophy. He also studied world events so as to hone his skills. In that century he was said to be a great astrologer and seer saint. Nostradamus had predicted that in the 20th Century, a dictator will take over Germany and terrorize entire Europe. He called this dictator “Hister” which was wrong merely by an alphabet. As predicted Hitler ruled over Germany as a harsh dictator. Another prophecy of Nostradamus was regarding a valiant soldier of France. He said “This soldier will become a great historian of the world. From a soldier, he will become an Emperor at the age of 25 years. His valour will induce terror in the English camp. But alas! One day he will be imprisoned and will thus go into oblivion.” Nostradamus had even predicted the name of this soldier as “Napoleon”. 60

This was proved true later when Napoleon Bonaparte, a soldier rose to great political heights. Nostradamus’ prophecies have been written in a book called “Centuries and Prophecies of Michael D. Nostradamus”. Time and again a newspaper called “News Review” publishes these prophecies as and when they come true. This great seer predominantly predicted events of the 20th Century and he writes – “At the end of the 20th Century, Modern Science will become so advanced, that majority of mankind will become atheists. Social behaviour will get tainted along with man’s character. People from the high strata of society will indulge in fashion and vanity. People will eat more in hotels than their homes. At that time a great soul of the world will be born in a religious nation of East (could be India). This great saint with the help of his aides, will create a great thought turbulence in the world. This historical saint will create such an intense agitation, that inner strife will manifest everywhere. This inner strife will take place between the end portion of the 20th Century and the earlier portion of the 21st Century. Later human values and ethics will be imbibed everywhere. World humanity will shed the cloak of taints and thus will usher in heaven on earth”. The above prophecy of Nostradamus will indeed come true. Its proof is as follows1) Once he had predicted that after 3 months, a terrible plague will spread in France wherein lakhs of people will die. For 3 months no plague was seen. On the 91st day, news of a few cases of plague came from Paris. Later this epidemic of plague became so nasty that entire France was trembling with fear. Hence forth Nostradamus became famous all over the world for his prophecies. 2) When the plague epidemic ended, people asked Nostradamus as to which other important event would take place in future? He said – “Our king will die”. King Louis had ascended the throne only 3 years previously and was in excellent health. Within a month of this prophecy King Louis died due to a sudden attack of diabetes. Not one person had even imagined that their energetic King Louis would suddenly die thus. 3) Later his prediction that France’s Maginot Line will be destroyed, also came true. 4) His prediction that Germany will be partitioned into 2 separate nations, also came true. Nostradamus had well in advance warned about the killings of a few Presidents of America.


Regarding the 20th Century he said – “At the end of the 20th Century Mother Nature will show Her ire as never before. A destructive phase will be seen wherein water will enter land and land will enter water. Some places will experience floods and at other places there will be dire droughts. Many volcanoes will erupt and an army revolution will be seen in many countries. At that time a Divine Power will manifest so as to transform the world. This Power will neither be any nation’s potential clout nor any ‘ism’. This Divine Power will manifest as such a great saint who by the sheer force of his impeccable, pious character will induce World Peace and Unity. Thus the world will experience that kind of bliss which has never been experienced before.” Nostradamus too has given his opinion regarding the above great saint of the world. He says that this saint will have a Moon on his head and a lotus on his feet. He will dress in a very simple manner. He will marry twice and will father 2 sons and 2 daughters. Twice will this saint change residence. Both these times he will move northwards. Once in 1566 (July), this great prophesizer –seer was seated in his room in the evening and thinking deeply. Suddenly when a particular thought manifested in his mind, he called his family members and said – “Tonight is the last night of my life. I will not live to see tomorrow. Hence none of you should shed tears when I die. I am leaving this mortal coil so as to help God in his task. Later I will be reborn on earth. At that time you all may or may not be my relatives, aides etc. yet know for sure that the whole world is God’s home. Since I will be helping God, you must look upon my death as a festival”. When Nostradamus spoke thus, those around him did not believe what he said because health wise he was hale and hearty. As was his practice, Nostradamus went to sleep. How could the prophecy of a person go wrong about himself when prophecies about others always came true? That night when he was fast asleep, he continued sleeping and never woke up. That dawn of a new era visualized by Nostradamus is now in our midst today. We will never know in what capacity, Nostradamus is invisibly working to transform this world.



The Second World War took place. At that time Saturn was moving in Taurus and Gemini Zodiac Signs. Jupiter was in Taurus and Aries. Planets were thus influencing human life. Saturn evokes wars, bloodshed, communism etc. Since Saturn was in Taurus and Gemini, a war in Europe was probable. Jupiter symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Since Saturn was in association with Jupiter, the war would have an intellectual basis. This is exactly what happened in the 2nd World War. Along with war, new technology to fight it too augmented. Communism was favoured by many. So much violence was seen that even today we are all facing its dire repercussions. “At the moment Saturn is moving in Taurus and so too is Jupiter. Despite this Jupiter is moving backwards and hence between 1971 to 1973 A.D. a divine revolution will take place on a war-like footing. Another terrible warlike situation manifest. Destruction could be seen in many regions. For a short time a war that breaks people’s hearts might take place. Since Jupiter is moving backwards this war will not last long. Instead an intellectual war by intellectual men will continue. Jupiter’s retrograde movement will manifest an intellectual revolution in which India will lead”. The above prophecy was published in “Tankaar” magazine (November, 1968 issue) made by the internationally acclaimed Indian astrologer, Mr. Radheyshyam Rawalji. Mr. Rawalji who resided in Saurashtra, India, made prophecies that were published in Kanpur’s magazines called “Dainik Jagran” and “Dainik Vishwamitra”. They were also published in Lucknow’s magazine “Jnan Bharati”. Thus men of sharp intellect were drawn to Mr. Rawalji’s prophecies. In “Jnan Bharti” (February 1963, Vol. 210, page 52) Mr. Rawalji’s prophecy said – “In the coming days governments of other parties will be formed in many countries. By the end of 1965 A.D. an India-Pakistan war will take place. India will hence regain a portion of its land which had previously been taken over by Pakistan. Later a bilateral dialogue will solve this issue”. We all saw this prophecy come true. After the Tashkent Treaty people yearned to know more about the future. Hence Rawalji said in the 1966 issue of Tankaar magazine – “Pakistan will not pay heed to the Tashkent Treaty. Violence will rise in Bengal and communism too will march ahead. A tussle will take place between capitalists and communists and the latter will win. Banks will be nationalized totally, students will plan various movements, Universities will shut down, communal violence will deepen, Congress will be divided into 2 parties and the Finance Minister, Mr. Morarjee Desai will resign”. At that time this prophecy seemed amazing but later it was proved cent percent true.


In those days Mauroos Woodruf’s prophecies too were being published. In 1968 on Television, he had predicted Indira’s downfall. Mr. Rawalji read this prophecy and wrote in Kanpur’s magazine “Tankaar” that – “Indira Gandhi will not experience a downfall and that she will be well supported by her followers.” Rawalji said that Mauroos’ prophecy will not come true. Rawalji was right because in the 1971 A.D. elections, Indira Gandhi won. Other prophecies of Rawalji which have come true are – “East Bengal (East Pakistan) will face natural calamities and internal fights. Thus its citizens will face poverty and strife. In 1970 A.D. Nasser will die and Johnson will not be re-elected as America’s President. Despite Russia’s political maneuver, Israel will not give up the land it has won. Ayub Khan will die and an intense political strife will be seen in Sri Lanka. All these prophecies came true. With reference to planetary influences from 1971 A.D. onwards, Mr. Rawalji writes – “Since revolutions will take place in leading educational institutions, education per se will get transformed. India’s relationship with Nepal and Russia will deteriorate. On the one hand casteism will intensify and on the other hand communal violence will emit venom. Today many political parties have emerged like frogs in monsoon. These small parties will go into oblivion and instead 4 leading political parties will flourish. Despite this many states will remain imbalanced and hence time and again President’s Rule will take over. Naxalites will terrorize people. Reelections in mid term might take place. Ordinary changes will be made in the constitution but nothing major. Privy Purse will end. Total rationing might come into force. Increase in taxes will create problems for citizens and the business class. Urban wealth will be limited and material goods will become costly. People of the service sector will indulge in bribes, adulteration etc. Crimes will augment and India will fear a clash on the northern border. Natural and oceanic calamities will increase in the entire world. When all this will take place, world humanity will be terrified. At that time India will progress greatly as far as agriculture and science is concerned. India will make such scientific discoveries, which will amaze the entire world. India’s defence (arms) power will be a force to reckon with and spirituality will play a great role in politics. Women will get due honour. A world war will be fought which will terrorize world humanity. Then people of all nations will look towards India for both material and spiritual guidance. India’s effort may ward off the war, yet none will have the power to ward off an inner revolution. UNO will fail, yet seeds of human values and brotherhood will be sown all over the world. World humanity will perforce create a single religion, a single culture and a common viewpoint.”


THE DAWN OF AN ETERNAL CULTURE IS VERY NEAR “Western culture is today at its peak. Despite this, it is also its old age. Its destruction is very soon.” - OSWALD SPANGULAR “A new culture is about to rise like the sun which will lead world humanity towards human values of brotherhood, love, oneness etc. Thus people will overlook differences based on religion, nationality, skin colour etc.” - PROF. CHEIRO “I am very sure that India will give light to the entire world”. -


“Very soon a war will be fought and after that a new world culture based on truth, righteousness, ethics and morals will be born”. - FATHER WALTERBEN (On the basis of an Egyptian Carving) “When air will be polluted, natural calamities will show their wrath. Thus a unique world culture will dawn which will purify both, the world’s atmosphere and that of everyone’s psyche”. - G. VELGILATIN The famous German philosopher, Oswald Spangular’s book “The Decline of the West” had created turbulence in Western countries. His prophecy “Western culture is now in its old age. They have set up a stage of such political ethics and war in the world, which is like the shore of a river that can never endure a revolution. The 3rd world war will definitely take place and then western culture will be destroyed from its very root”, is a headache for western diplomats. Spangular has given arguments in favour of his prophecies in the above book and they are absolutely correct. This is what Western thinkers believe. Spangular’s arguments are based on a detailed research of all living beings. At the other end, Romain Roland’s prophecy “I firmly believe that once again India will give wisdom to the entire world – as soon as Western 65

culture ends, Eastern culture will rule in the entire world”, is based on the prior experience of a pure soul. At that time another prophesier made certain prophecies which has greatly influenced the world. This is because they were based on astrological calculations. These prophecies were made by Prof. Cheiro who is called the magician of astrology in Western countries. Prof. Cheiro has made such observations regarding individuals, communities and countries which at that time seemed impossible and false. Despite this, at the appropriate hour, Cheiro’s prophecies were proved true. People were amazed to see Cheiro’s prophecies, like South African war, death of Great Victoria, exact day and month of 7th Edward’s death etc. come true. His other prophecies like assassination of Italy’s ruler Herbert, downfall of Russia’s Czar and assassination of his relatives, exact time of Germany’s first war etc. too came true. At that time initially people doubted Cheiro’s prophecy, but when they came true, everyone agreed that Cheiro possessed great spiritual powers. His prophecy regarding Lord Kitchner too was very important. When in 1887’s army, he was a Colonel, Prof. Cheiro told him that in a massive war of 1914 A.D., he will be given a great responsibility. At the age of 66 yrs. he would die not on the battlefield but in an oceanic accident. This prophecy did come true and when Lord Kitchner was traveling by sea to America for consultations, he was drowned by a German ship. Cheiro had made important predictions for Israelis, Arabs and India. Cheiro had predicted – “European Christians will once again help Israelis reside in Palestine which will anger Arab countries and their Muslim friends. The latter will again and again attack England, America etc. in various ways. The Muslims will fight with Israelis and yet the Israelis will gain more power. The Israelis despite being small in number will kill IsraeliArabs due to God’s grace and will take over a greater portion of Arab land. After 1970 A.D. one more gigantic fight will ensue which will shatter the Arabs. After this destruction, a new eternal culture will be born which will spread in the entire world by 2000 A.D.” No one believed that this prophecy regarding Israel will come true. A few days later all Israelis of the world entered Palestine and they helped Palestine. Thus Israel despite being tiny, manifested an attitude of a pack of lions. With one attack, they shattered Jordan and took over Egypt’s Sinai region. Prof. Cheiro had said – “The Nile river of Arabs will land in the hands of Israel”. This too was proved true. Seeing the sorry state of the Arabs it is clear that if Israel fights with Arabs, the latter will definitely lose badly. If someone wishes to compare whether Cheiro’s prophecies have come true, he should read the Akhand Jyoti magazine’s (1943, January) page 23. 66

There it is written – “England will free India, but because of communal fights, India will be partitioned. Thus Hindus – Muslims – Budhists will be divided”. At the time this prophecy was made, England was at its peak in all walks of life. No one even imagined that India would gain freedom. Despite this Prof. Cheiro said –“India’s Sun is powerful and is in Aquarius sign. No one can obstruct its upward journey both materially and spiritually”. Thus his prediction came true in 1947 when India became free. Again as usual people did not believe Cheiro’s prophecy of India being partitioned. Later the whole world saw India being divided into Pakistan and India. Many Budhists regions too separated at that time. Cheiro had great faith that India had a very bright future. He predicted that a very powerful, spiritual and idealistic person will be born in India. He will awaken the soul of entire India and its spiritual force will be even more potent than the collective material force of the entire world. Since for India, Jupiter will shine, a knowledge revolution is possible. It will later influence every nook and corner of the world. Very similar to Cheiro’s prophecy is another one written on an ancient carving in Egypt. It says that a great destruction will take place (Quyamat) and then a new era will dawn. Truth will be its religion and justice will be its law. The whole world will live like a family and hatred will be destroyed from its very roots. Peace and prosperity will rule over the entire world. But before this ethereal state, the world will have to face natural calamities, wars and death of a major chunk of world humanity. A group of very few individuals will help manifest a new world and a new, transformed era. Such an article was also written by G. Vegelatin in the 1926 issue of a Spanish magazine called “Science Westminister”. It said that after 56 years, the atmosphere will become poisonous and hence Mother Nature will become wrathful. This ire will augment from 1971 to 1981 A.D. Man will never have seen this ferocious face of nature. It will include floods, famines, volcanic eruptions, magnetic storms etc. At certain places, earth will be torn apart. New islands will emerge in the ocean. So called friendly nations will attack one another. A time may come when it will seem as though this world will be destroyed (Pralay). In all probability this will not happen and instead a new civilization and culture will be born. India will be responsible for purification of the atmosphere, warding off of diseases and manifesting world peace and brother hood. The world will live like a happy family because a beautiful, borderless world will manifest”. Like all other prophesizers, Mr. Vegelatin too opines that between 1930 to 2000 A.D., a new uplifter of the world will carry out his gigantic task of neo 67

creation. His thought energy will be so potent that during his lifetime itself, he will destroy the atheistic attitude of a major chunk of the world humanity. His aides will come not only from his own country of birth, but from all over the world. People will ignore their bodily, wealth etc. needs and follow in this great saint’s foot steps. His revolution which will blaze from its very depth, will endure all critical attacks from the intellectual strata of society. Thus his revolution will emerge victorious. The fast changing circumstances of today’s world shows, that the time has come for a great world upheaval initially and then transformation of the world (as predicted by great seers of the world). We must hence gird up our loins for welcoming heartily, a new eternal world culture based on world peace, brotherhood and unity.

CHAPTER 15 - MANIFESTATION OF THAT DIVINE POWER WHICH WILL TRANSFORM THIS ERA In the October 1970 issue of a magazine called “Rashtra Dharma” was printed an article called “A Premonition Regarding the World’s Future”. It included many prophecies like partial destruction of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) (This prophecy was made in the January 1971 issue of Rashtra Dharma magazine) At that time no such signs could be seen in East Pakistan. After 2 months an oceanic storm attacked Bangladesh and 20 lakh people lost their lives. This prediction said that after facing such ghastly incidences, Bangladesh will gain peace and stability. A similar prophecy was made for Bihar (India) too and it was witnessed by all when a great portion of Bihar state was trapped in this oceanic storm. We must note that this prophecy was made 11 months prior to the actual event taking place. This prophecy was made by a well-known Yogi of Shahjahanpur called Saint Ramchandra. He is proof of the fact that via Yogic practices, one can actually “see” future events of the world, 50 years in advance in one’s purified, focused psyche/mind. In fact according to Saint Ramachandra, an adept Yogi can foresee events 50 years in advance in a manner as though they are happening at that very moment. Weather scientists know that those clouds that rain on a particular day actually hover around for 5 days in advance in the sky. Some clouds are formed from steam which is readied few months previously due to summer heat i.e. water from the ocean rises up into the sky as steam so as to form clouds. What we are trying to say is that events of the present moments have already commenced previously albeit subtly. The events of today take a subtle shape well in advance and they manifest grossly at the appointed hour.


This is exactly what happens about the future too. If the Cosmic Power (God) wants to execute an event after 50 years, the subtle shape of that event will be formed immediately. Then after due consultations with its aides (smaller powers), gross transformation are carried out in the external world at the appointed hour. For example when certain governmental schemes are made, they are first discussed thoroughly and then a road map is designed. This road map is at first known only to a few responsible officers and is a top secret as far as laymen are concerned. It is only that when this road map gets translated into action in the form of a scheme (after a few months) that the entire world knows about it. Similarly when the cosmic Divine Power (God) designs a plan for e.g. world transformation, a subtle road map is immediately drawn. This road map is known only to a few pure hearted, saintly men of the world in advance and when based on this wisdom great saints makes prophecies of future events, initially people do not believe them. It is only when months/years etc. later i.e. at the appointed hour when that event mentioned in the prophecy actually does take place that people believe these saints’ prophecies. Thus Yogis, saints etc can “see” future events well in advance on the clear slate of their pure mind. None should ever doubt them. Whenever a Divine Messenger or an Incarnation of God appeared on earth, Mother Nature helped their gigantic task of neo-creation by first creating turbulence in the world via natural calamities, wars etc. By the end of the 20th Century most probably, this phase of turbulence will end and it will be replaced by world/Era Transformation. A Divine Power in a human garb has already descended on earth. He has taken birth in India and has already commenced his divine task. When the world will actually see his gigantic tasks fructifying, they will repent that an Incarnation of God akin to Ram, Krishna, Christ, Budha etc. came in their midst but that not only did they fail to recognize him, they never even thought of helping him in his sacred task”. The above words too were of Saint Ramchandra whose prophecies have been given in this book. This divine saint devoid of desires for fame, wealth etc is immersed in tasks of world welfare like a true Yogi. He spoke thus so that awakened souls of the world recognize the above Incarnation of God and like great devotees of God (Hanumanji etc) help him in his divine endeavour. Some doubting Thomases like Arya Samaj followers asked Ramchandraji – “If you agree that God is all pervasive and is none other than the Cosmic Soul, how can he take up a human form?” He replied that every creature has an unconscious mind and a conscious mind. This conscious mind takes up a human form. The unconscious mind is the substratum of the extra sensory world.


On the one hand Saint Ramchandra predicted that a Cosmic Divine Power (God) will incarnate on earth and he also gave certain characteristics via which people could in future recognize this Incarnation. It is worth reflecting over these words of his – “The Sun’s heat becomes less hot after some time. Scientists wonder as to why the sun is decaying thus? If the Sun’s heat vanishes one day, life on earth will cease to exist. Thus modern scientists are at a loss as to how one can escape this dire situation”. Yogi Ramchandra while talking about solar decay says that this Divine Power in the form of a human being is using up solar heat. Before Mother Nature transforms, the Sun transforms first. This is because the soul of the gross/visible world is the Sun. Solar decay means a transformation is in the offing. Thus in order to enhance the pace of this transformation, God’s incarnation as mentioned above is utilizing solar heat which we perceive as solar decay. As soon as the Divine Incarnation’s mission is accomplished on earth, Mother Nature’s transformation too will be completed fully. Thus the Sun will regain its original heat i.e. solar decay will be reversed. We would like to remind Akhand Jyoti readers that Gayatri devotees are strongly bound to the Sun. Many a times it has been written in Akhand Jyoti that there is no difference as far as a Gayatri devotee (who has realized God as the cosmic soul) and the Sun. Such a Gayatri Saint and the Sun are inwardly merged as a single entity. Thus it is proved beyond doubt that this new Incarnation of God will be a storehouse of Savitri Energy (Gayatri principle or solar energy). This will be a clear characteristic to identify this new incarnation. There are many other important prophecies of Yogi Ramchandraji. He says- “With my Yogic Extra Sensory Power, I have seen that a great inferno will manifest in central London. The southern half of England will submerge into the ocean. England will experience extreme cold. Today Russia, America and Europe are at the peak of material, political and social success. Despite this in future they will face darkness and gloom both materially and spiritually. Today Marxism has spread all over the world, but a day will come when it will buried to nought. America’s wealth will be shattered in future. India will in future will reach the peak of spirituality, culture, economy, industry, wealth etc. and hence will become a leading Super Power of the world. It will lead the rest of the world towards peace, prosperity and brotherhood. Hence for a long time India will remain a world leader”. The famous prophesizer Mr. Ramchandraji agrees that today’s widespread atheism due to high intellectualism, will in future be replaced by faith in God and Spiritual Science. This task will be executed by the above Incarnation of God who will be devoid of the limited, deluded egoistic altitude of “I” and “Mine”. Despite taking up a human body, this Incarnation will actually be an ocean of divine love and sacred sentiments. 70

Meaning his mind will be divine and not inert. He will ward off the sorrow of world humanity and thus will transform this era. His main endeavour will be the direction of a great struggle. For this his thought energy will be working full time. His invisible soul force will induce a thought revolution in the entire world and also a gigantic turbulence in Mother Nature. This Incarnation will manifest his Raudra (terrible) form via calamities like earthquakes, wars, epidemics, famines etc. Although on the face of it all this seems hazardous yet it will uproot all evil elements of the world (It is like cleaning your house with a broom – stick or like a doctor removing a tumor which is very painful initially but is extremely beneficial in the long term). After the destruction of evil elements, pious natured people of the world will experience a new era full of heavenly bliss. At that time Indian spirituality will be imbibed avidly all over the world. People will give up differences like gender, community, nationality, race, culture etc. and will live lives that ooze with sacred ideals and human values. Today that Divine Power is working steadfastly to achieve this goal of Era Transformation. The above prophecy is not meant for mere idle curiosity. We must understand the aim of that Extra Sensory Power and if we agree that a Divine Power exists, we must all resolve steadfastly to help him in this task of World Transformation.




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