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Human system is a well known as a complex system which is self powered, self repaired, self maintained, self guarded, se...


Bio - Magnetism (Bio Energy) The future of Health

Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D., Bangalore

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Dedicated to our Philosopher, Mentor & Guru Vethathiri Maharishi

Be Blessed by the Divine ! "May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace"


Vethathiri Science Research Academy


Cell Nucleus


A+T, C+G

DNA Helix


Vethathiri Science Research Academy

HEARTY WELCOME Objectives… Maya is so powerful that it wants us to spend time with it always and especially on weekends…at Mount Road, Innovative Multiplex, Forum etc!! “So we certainly appreciate your coming here beating Maya!”

1. What is BioMagnetism? 2. What is Life Force? 3. How our Physical Body is connected with Universe? 4. What is Kundalini?

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Some Food for Thought “ For those who believe , Proof is not required, and For those who do not believe, Proof is not possible” “ God is matter of belief and Science is a matter of Proof”

“ For Science, God is immaterial, and For God, Science is Moral” “ Science seems to have done more damage to Human nature than God. God, whatever it may be, reflect more care & concern to Humans ”

“ When Science meets God, then Peace to Humans, will prevail” Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Science Integrates Scientists Divide?

Life and mind, are they made out of lifeless and mindless substrate physics? Let us Think again!



Particles & Forces




Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Science 2 God  Vethathirian Sciences open up a new vistas of bridging Science and God  Vethathirian Gravity throws new light on “Unified force Principle”  Vethathirian Universal / Bio Magnetism forms the energy network of the Universe (Material energy to Bio energy and back to material energy)  Vethathirian Genetic centre, a new morality factor connecting the issue of pains to pleasure. Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Duality of Matter Universe is made up of two kinds of stuff: “Seen” (Physical) and “Unseen” (Felt as Effects). And both are one and the same. 1. Matter  Body - Particles - Discreteness, reductionism 2. "Energy"  Mind, Spirit, Soul,Vital Force - Electromagnetic/ bioenergetic fields - Continuity, holism

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

The Cosmos

Mass Budget Radiation

0.005 %

Ordinary visible matter

0.5 %

Ordinary nonluminous

3.5 %


Nature of dark matter and

dark energy still unknown.

Exotic dark matter

26 %

It is not “immaterial” as it carry mass.

Even more exotic dark

70 %


Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Energy Fields of Life ". . . energy fields are postulated to constitute the fundamental unit of the living and nonliving.“ [The field is] "a unifying concept and energy signifies the dynamical nature of the field. Energy fields are infinite and Para dimensional; they are in continuous motion." Martha Rogers

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

History… History of BioMagnetism originates from sages of ancient India. ‘Strengthened Physical Body, that Enhances Life Force’ says Siddha Saint Thirumoolar. An agile body means peaceful mind and the vice versa holds the truth. It’s wise to know the basic functional block – ‘The Life Force’ of physical body so that it can be enhanced to live better!

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

History… In about 1766, Galvani began investigating the action of electricity upon the muscles of frogs. By observing the twitching in the muscles of frog legs suspended by copper hooks on an iron rail, Galvani was led to the invention of the metallic arc. Zn


Galvani’s Experimentation on Frog – Early invention of Bio-Electro-Magnetism.

Flow of Paramanus due to ionization of frog tissues’ [Electrolyte] atoms.

The metallic arc was made of two different metals, such that when one metal was placed in contact with a frog’s nerve and the other in contact with a muscle, a contraction would occur.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

History… The tracings of the electric activity of the human heart, the electrocardiogram (ECG), was first measured in 1887 by Augustus Waller using capillary electrometer.

Invention of ECG in 1887 by Waller

Invention of EEG – First Ever Recorded signals in an EEG Equipment [Caton, 1875]

Richard Caton first measured of the electric activity of the brains of rabbits and monkeys. The first report of his experiments, published in 1875 constituted electroencephalogram (EEG) discovery.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

The Play of Atoms in Magnetic field  Atoms are composed of smaller particles - neutrons, protons, and electrons. In a varying magnetic field the particles velocity and orbit will also vary.  The outermost, unpaired (valence) electrons are the ones that are shared to make up molecules, which join to make cells that compose the tissues of our body.  Such electron transfers, are the basic action in all chemical reactions of our body.  This should improve all chemical and electrical body functions – such as: Faster diffusion of ions and gases through cellular membranes (e.g., lungs, circulatory system), Increased lymphocyte production, oxygen carrying capacity, assimilation of nutrients, manufacture of enzymes, metabolic waste removal, reduction of free radicals, tissue regeneration and healing.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

BM energy  All living cells are electromagnetic by nature.  Being composed largely of charged particles such as atoms, electrons, protons, and ions (e.g., potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.). They perform all vital life functions.  Two natural sources of magnetism are: Our Brain and the Universe / Earth.  Astrocyte cells have the capacity to generate electricity and they compose 80% of our total brain cells.  The Universe / Earth is the other source of electromagnetic energy and it provides a supportive steady-state magnetic energy field, from which the body draws on to enhance molecular reactions.  These two magnetic energy fields work together to accomplish magnetic resonance, which dramatically enhances the chemical reactions of our body.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Magnetic Resonance  Magnetic resonance occurs when our brain's pulsed magnetic frequency matches the frequencies of the various tissues and organs.  This is accomplished primarily during sleep. (Sleep like Meditation / Relaxation / Feel Good factor)  Resonance usually lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes on a given frequency - depending on the urgency of repair or restoration needed by the tissues and organs of body.  Resonance is desired because it helps repair damage done to cells, makes enzymes and enhances our immunity – the essence of health This resonance is affected by Thinking, Talking, Doing, Ageing, Life style, Diet, and by people in contact with besides the environment.  This leaves us in a fatigued state, which extended over time can often allow chronic problems to develop, basically due to lack of restoring resonance

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Bio Magnetism  Living things possess a special, cosmic energy field, which we may call as the bio energy field.  Bio energy is separate from matter, and indeed supersedes matter.  Electromagnetic fields are examples of “Bio energy" and are also identified with the bioenergetic field – Bio Magnetism.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Bio Magnetism…  Mechanistic, reductionist physics is becoming out dated with the modern physics.  Quantum physics shows that the universe is one interconnected whole, of which consciousness is a part, thus allowing the mind to control reality.  Energy is primary and matter is secondary.  Thus BM – Bio Magnetism is primary and Body is secondary.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

The Physics… Energy generation and Exchange in Physical Body takes place in 3 forms. 1.Spinning of vethans in atoms that ejects Yogons. Na and Cl Atoms with vethans spinning and orbiting. H+ + Cl- + Na+ + OH- → NaCl + H2O

NaCl Molecule formation due to one vethan running from Na to Cl.

2. Inside atoms, Vethans spin and rotate in orbits. 3.Vethans run in between atoms and molecules forming newer compounds. Such compounds sometimes release vethans to become as prior atoms.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

BM - What is it? Bio-Magnetism – The Fundamental Building Blocks are Vethans.

In human cells, life force particles spin inside atoms and move in between clusters of atoms that a magnetic field is formed. The magnetic field formed is called

e P N


Bio-Magnetism (BM) which is the energy repository of a human body.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Universal Magnetism Flow Prana Life force - BM

Air Filling Particle

Air Resipiratory System

Fire Transfer Particle

Fire Nervous System

Water Flowing Particle

Water Blood circulation

Earth Massive Particle

Earth Physical Body

Bio Magnetism

Bio Magnetism

Ether Energy Particle

Universal Magnetism Flow

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Kundalini Energy… Intensified BioMagnetism at the vortex region can be lifted through definite techniques like pranayama, touch initiation etc.

Kundalini Source

In such cases it flows through certain nerve knots till the brain cells. The nerve knots are called as Chakras. The intensified magnetic field at ‘Moola Dhara’ is called as Kundalini.

Bio-Magnetic Center and Kundalini of a Human

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Cosmic Waves… Cosmic Waves of different frequencies always pass through earth that humans are in contact with them constantly, exchanging energy.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Definition of Health

Health is a state of complete - Physical, - Mental and - Social Well being. It is not the absence of diseases or disabilities ” - As defined by WHO (World Health Organisation)

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Holistic Health











Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Physical Body Health  Physical Body Health is the basis on which rest of the Holistic Health resides.  Physical Body is essentially a combination of 3 bodies known to our ancestors thousands of years back. Namely,  Sthula Sareera ( Matter )  Sukuma Sarrera and ( Bio Energy )  Karana Sarrera ( Universal Energy )  No therapy can heal unless all these 3 bodies are well understood and cared for.  The dynamics of Matter + Energy ( Bio + Uni ) Magnetism determines the health.

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

The Star of Health


Vital Fluid

Bio Magnetism


Life Energy

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Health – A matter of Energy Transformation  Universal Energy feeds Body system in five ways to become Bio Energy. They are:  Food  Water  Air  Cosmic Rays and  Earth Radiation  Too much or Too less can create problems of Health.  Body system uses up the Bio Energy in five ways. Namely:  Physical Work  Mental Work  Maintenance (Rest) work  Metabolic Work and  Sex Work  Too much or Too less can create problems of Health

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

Thinking - Things will change / Change for the better

Vethathiri Science Research Academy

BM - Health Education/Training Physical - Integrative Exercises - Kayakalpa Exercises Mental - Meditation Exercises - Positive Self Affirmations - Blessings Emotional / Social - Self Analysis - Behavior Correction Practices Spiritual - Understanding of Life - Wisdom for a Happy Living Vethathiri Science Research Academy

The universe shows no evidence of being designed with humanity in mind. But it is the human mind that talks about it. And let us continue to explore. Vethathiri Science Research Academy


Vethathiri Science Research Academy

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