Bigu and Its Uses in Health

April 16, 2018 | Author: Martin Eisen | Category: Qigong, Dehydration, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fasting, Medicine
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Health benefits of Chinese Qigong fasting...


Bigu and Its Uses in Health Martin Eisen, Ph.D. 1. What is Bigu?

In Chinese “Bi” means to stop or avoid, and “Gu” means grain and includes corn in that group. Thereore, Bigu means to avoid grain and is oten commonl! ta"en as to stop eating. #ne o the earliest descriptions o Bigu $as ound in sil" scrolls, rom the %estern &an D!nast! '()* BC + ( -D, discovered in tom/s in Changsha, China at Mang$nagdui. The irst scroll had over ort! diagrams and descriptions o Dao 0in e1ercises. Dao 0in $as an earl! orm o 2igong, $hich induced, promoted and conducted 2i or healt h and to cure diseases. The second scroll descr i/ed Bigu as “-/andoning Gu and Ta"ing 2i”. Thus, Bigu is ta"en to mean to rerain rom eating ood and eating 2i instead. In terms o degree o involvement there are t$o "inds o Bigu + ull and partial Bigu. In 3ull Bigu a person ma! drin" a small amount o $ater $ithout an! ood. In Partial Bigu there is a small inta"e o ood li"e ruit, nuts, and hone! + traditionall! called “3u Er Bi Gu” + asting $ith a pill. There are records dating /ac" to anti4uit! in /oth China and India that relate incidences o numerous people $ho have lived in an energ! state $ithout ood or e1tended periods o time. It is currentl! reported that in China toda! there are people have /een living $ell in a Bigu state or !ears. It is important to distinguish %estern asting rom Bigu. 3or one thing, %estern asting can rarel! /e sustained over an e1tended period o time as the /od! eventuall! /rea"s do$n and the “aster” /ecomes de/ilitated. -n important characteristic o Bigu5asting is that the practitioner6s overall condition improves rather than $ea"ens '7. 2. Can Bigu be explained?

%estern /io5medical science cannot e1plain e1tended Bigu, since the Bigu energ! e1perience is out o the realm o the ph!sicall!5/ased lie modalit! o its theories $herein the /od! re4uires at, car/oh!drates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and so on in order to e1ist. 8onetheless, some $estern scientists have /ecome interested in the Bigu e1perience as is evidenced /! the more than 9)) participants at a Bigu conerence at Penn :tate ;niversit! in ())) $here more than 7)) research papers $ere presented on the su/ong 2i is transormed into True '>hen 2i, $hich circulates to the internal organs and nourishes

them '(. Thus, it is theoreticall! possi/le to produce >hen 2i $ithout or $ith ver! little Gu 2i, /! a/sor/ing 2i rom the universe. ;ltimatel!, it is the a/ilit! to a/sor/ ;niversal 2i in a manner $hich supports the ph!sical /od! or an e1tended period o time that creates the Bigu e1perience. :cientiic credence is given to the a/ove theor! /! the results o the e1periments in descri/ed /! 0an, et al. in :tudies on the 3undamental Theor! o Bigu '3ood -/stinence ?Preliminar! E1perimental #/servations o Cellular Bigu, '@. &ere, results indicate that mouse h!/ridoma cells can survive in Dul/eco6s modiied Eagles medium, $ithout serum, or in phosphate5/uered saline /uer, $ithout other nutrient ingredients, ater a 2igong master pro
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